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OAKS CLUB NEWS Winter, 2011

The President’s Prospective Dear Homeowners, Our Elgin winter season is moving along as quickly as the snow squalls push through our area, almost on a daily basis. The good news is they have been less than two inches (or a slight dusting) since the first week of December 2010. The other good news is our contract with the snow removable people does not require plowing if snow fall is under two inches per occurrence. This saves our driveways, streets and even our lawns in the common areas of Oaks Club. True, we are driving on “hard pack” snow at times, but because we have eliminated salting the streets unless we have severe icing conditions, the driving on snow actually gives us good traction, especially when the temperature drops to the teens. We do have two members of the board and our management company that makes decisions on salting of streets every time we have a snow fall even if it is just a dusting. As you know, less salt preserves our new surface on the streets and the entryway to Oaks Club. But we are ever mindful of safety. As neighbors, we need to be aware that winter requires lower speeds and more careful driving, even if we are experiencing only a dusting of snow or an all out heavy snow storm. Should any owner require special assistance with their driveway or the ice melt buckets, please feel free to contact Dick Kostka or Fred Zimmermann. While we are speaking to the issue of preserving our new streets, parking areas and the entrance driveway, I would like to remind you that come spring, we will be inspecting the street system. If it comes through the winter as expected, the streets will be sealed and the entryway, if necessary, will be cleaned and sealed as well. I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge Anne McGurn Mertz for the outstanding service she has so cheerfully given our community during the past ten years. At the same time, please join me in welcoming back to the board Tess Densmore and Fred Zimmermann who will be serving the community as a board

member for the first time. Both Tess and Fred have served on committees previously, even though they were not officially board members. When you see them, join me in giving them a warm WELCOME ABOARD!

Don Torisky President

2010 Board of Directors Don Torisky Tess Densmore Jan Gabrys Dick Kostka Ted Moravec Pat Sharpe Fred Zimmermann

President (11) Director (12) Asst Sec (12) Secretary (11) Treasurer (11) Vice Pres (12) Director (12)

Property Management Company Northwest Property Management 780 Tek Drive Crystal Lake, IL 60014 (815) 459.9187 Ext. 20 Bob Bergland, President & Property Manager Pam, Assistant

2010 Committees Architectural

By-Laws & Rules

Tess Densmore Don Torisky

Jan Gabrys Tess Densmore

Front Entryway & Gates

Snow Removal

Dick Kostka Dave Dattilo Anne Mertz

Fred Zimmermann Dick Kostka


Police Liaison

Fred Zimmermann Jan Gabrys Chuck Hickman Taffy Hoffer Anne Mertz

Pat Sharpe



Ted Moravec

Dick Kostka

Street & Curbs Fred Zimmermann Dave Dattilo Dale Simonsen Ralph Tiberi

Chuck Hickman John Vandervalk

Social Joan Stevenson Jan Gabrys – Board Liaison Bernice Gromer Donna Hooper Susie Kostka

Anne Mertz Noreen Simonsen Pat Vallely Tess Densmore

Real Estate Pat Sharpe Dave Datillo Jan Gabrys

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BOARD BRIEF Board approved Spraying of insecticides and fungicide on Spruce and Fir trees, Serviceberry & Crabapples, White and Green Ash trees, Mugo Pines and to be determined trees and shrubs during the 2011 season. Streets & Curbs Two coat application of sealer will be applied on the new streets after spring inspection and repair already identified on Tall Oaks Ct is completed. Dates to be determined due to weather. Paint Homeowners scheduled for 2011 painting should receive bids from two pre-approved contractors. Ponds Bubbler contracted to be installed on upper pond in spring. Entry Front entrance due for cleaning and sealing in early spring. FYI

Fire hydrants to be painted in the spring. A higher volume of traffic through the front gates using the secured code has been noticed by a few homeowners. It is imperative that this code is not shared with anyone. If family members need to check on homes, an additional transmitter can be purchased through Northwest Property Management for $30.00. If you are having a large number of guests, please contact Dick Kostka and the gates can be kept open longer on request.

Mark Your Calendars Board of Directors Meeting 7:00am Tuesday

February 8th

Social Corner Book Club 9:00 AM Friday Friday

Feb 25th Mar 25th Girls Night Out 7:00 PM

Monday Monday

February 7th April 4th Men’s Breakfast Club 7:30 AM


Paul’s Knitting Club 1:00 PM


Various Men’s Tee Time TBD

Contact John Vandervalk *The knitting club meets every other Thursday at 1:00 PM. Contact Anne if you are interested in company while you knit or crochet, or would like to learn either craft. The Men’s Tee Time is taking a hiatus until weather permits. If you are a golfer, please keep this activity on your calendars for 2011.

Save the Date

The social committee is on hiatus but will be planning the annual block party for the beginning of summer. The date is to be determined, but it is usually held the last

Saturday in June. Please mark this date on the calendar as it is an event which is enjoyed by all who have attended the previous blockbusters. At summer’s end, the popular Christmas party will be in the works, which is usually held the first Thursday of December. A big thank you is sent to all the members of the social committee who put in a lot of time and effort to make these gatherings fun for all.

EMBED Package Street & Curbs As you are probably aware by now, a new procedure for street salt has been instituted for this winter season. Creekside is salting only on request from the board. If you feel salt is needed, please contact Fred Zimmermann or Dick Kostka and not Creekside or Bob Bergland at NW Property Management. This was recommended by the street committee due to the corrosion salt places on our streets as well as the damage suffered by our ponds and grass. It should also have an impact on the snow removal budget as well. The board felt snow packed roads were actually safer than slush from salting which freezes into ice. The board will review at the end of the winter season to determine if this procedure will be continued in coming years.

Real Estate

If you have a home for sale, your real estate agent has been apprised of the new monthly assessment for $285.00, and sent copies of the approved 2011 budget.

Stepping Down Anne served on the board of The Oaks Club for a decade. She headed many committees and is responsible for the homeowner’s manual we been given for our benefit. Anne also handled most of the front gate issues and took on the many headaches of landscaping. Her responsibilities took up hours of her time, which she contributed without complaint. We appreciate Anne for her dedication and hard work. You are welcome back any time.

Maintenance Painting contracts are maintained on a three year schedule. If your home was last painted prior to 2008, you should have received two bids for the maintenance of your cedar siding, fence and garage door. The two contractors preapproved by the board are AAA Paint Company and Allied Painting Contractors.

If you have received only one contract, please contact Tess Densmore to request an alternate bid. Once a bid is received, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to contact either or both of the companies for additional information or acceptance of a bid. While the board approves the three year plan, every home has different challenges, which may require an open schedule to be worked through with your vendor of choice. If any vendor other than the two preapproved companies is selected, they must use the same technique and paint.

Joining the 21st Century Technology has become a tool, not a wonder anymore. With most homes owning a computer, smart phones, small Internet devices, these have become the main ways to communicate today. Emails have replaced stamped letters and texting is becoming more popular than phone calls. In an effort to market Oaks Club in this new environment, a Facebook page has been created. This is an evolving process where pictures of the ponds and home styles will be displayed. Comments on activities will be posted and we will add more items as we learn how best to use this to promote our unique area. On Facebook, search “Oaks Club,” or copy/paste link below. Let us know what you think. HYPERLINK " v=wall"

Holiday Cheer

Once again the social committee provided a fantastic setting for the annual Christmas party. McGraws received top marks for the ambiance, menu selections and outstanding job of the chefs and servers. The Oaks Club provided their own bartenders. A big thank you to Don, Dale and Scott for offering your time to keep the wine, beer and drinks flowing. A special thanks to Donna, Joan and Noreen for their dedication and hard work to make this party a success once again.

Dog Walkers Please remember we have a leash law and request all dogs be kept off private lawns. All dog waste is required to be picked up and disposed of by the owner or dog walker in their own garbage can.

Recipe Corner

Even though we are pass the holidays, this little treat is delicious anytime. Very easy to prepare, it combines that sweet and salty combination which is hard to resist. Different combinations can be used for various holidays. Kisses Stuffed Pretzels Pretzel rings or squares, to fit on 10 X 13 “ pan Kisses, unwrapped, any kind The hugs look very pretty MnM’s Place parchment paper on a 10 X 13” pan. Place pretzels on parchment paper. Place one kiss in center of ring or square. Bake 275 degrees for 2 to 3 minutes. Remove from oven and press one MnM on each kiss to flatten and fill pretzel. Refrigerate until set, a couple of hours. Enjoy!

Critic’s Corner This month’s selection is in Schaumburg and Carol Stream. Although it is a little farther, The Village Tavern has been a popular choice for families and couples for years. It is a tavern atmosphere with televisions playing all the popular sports programs spread throughout the area. It can get a little noisy, but the food is worth it. They are well known for World Famous Chicken Fingers which are battered and fried, not with bread crumbs. The “I Can’t Get enough of it Chicken Finger Salad” is plenty for two or to save some for the next day and a way to enjoy the chicken fingers but feel you are eating more healthy. The honey mustard dipping sauce/dressing is to die for. The hamburgers, ribs and nachos (huge) are equally popular. The Village Tavern 901 W Wise Schaumburg, IL 60193 (847) 891-8866

Holiday Spirit For several years, Fred Zimmermann had organized a Toys for Tots campaign run by the United States Marine Corp Reserve. Oaks Club has been recognized this year for the generous donations of the homeowners.

Attached is the Certificate of Appreciation for the toys collected in the 2010 campaign. Thank you to all who participated. This certificate is also posted on the Facebook page.


Oaks Club News Winter, 2010  

Winter Newsletter for Oaks Club Community