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The Real Driving Force People say, behind every successful man there is woman but I want to modify it a bit like behind every successful human being there is a teacher who stood beside. The first person to influence us outside home is always a teacher. We respect all our teachers as they are the one who plant the seed of knowledge in us. But among all the teachers some remain our favorite because they understand the craziness, our ambitions, passions, weaknesses, problem and all. I still remember my first day at school where I was crying as if I am going to be sentenced to death. It was becoming difficult for my mother to control me and suddenly two hands came towards me which had the same warmth of my mother’s hand. Within seconds she made me comfortable with her and the atmosphere. This motherly feeling could be the main reason which makes most of us crazy about our teachers. Not only the love but the way they make us understand complex subjects in simpler manner is magical. It is a very common factor with all of us that if you like a particular teacher you tend to score better in his/her subjects, it’s because of nothing but the method they use to engage us into the class. Particularly in our country the teacher student relationship seems to be much stronger and long lasting and we respect them like our parents. And each parent would want the teachers to be like someone on whom they can trust blindly and ensure the security of their kids. So in a way it is the responsibility of a good school to provide the best teachers in the world. These days there are many international schools in India coming up with proficient teachers who can mold the potential citizens and bring a brighter future. Oakridge International School in Hyderabad is one among them and is considered as India’s largest international school that has branches in Bangalore and Vishakhapatnam. The core strength of the school is their teachers who are well equipped in their domain and the best in the country. They believe in the overall development of each student other than academic betterment. The experiential learning method in the school involves the teachers and kids into the learning process and the output is magnificent and every parent have the same opinion that the future of their kids is secured in the hands of the teachers in Oakridge. Family could be the road to success but unquestionably teachers and school is the driving force behind a successful person. They guide us to meet the hardships of life, teach us the human values and help us see the peak where once we should stand.

the real driving force  

The Real Driving Force People say, behind every successful man there is woman but I want to modify it a bit like behind every successful hum...

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