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International Schools in Bangalore – Top International Schools Oakridge is one of the finest International schools in the country. The visionary Mr. Shomie Das’s dream of international standard education to our students came true with the establishment of the Oakridge International School in June 2001. The school is spread in the 2 major IT hubs of the country that is Hyderabad and Bangalore. Apart from these major cities Vishakhapattanam also got the privilege to have a branch of OIS as a residential School. Oakridge International Schools in Bangalore present international standard education and follow the syllabus of International Baccalaureate (IB), Cambridge Syllabus (CIE) and offers an enriched curriculum of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). From nursery to 12 th grade they facilitate to create diverse academic streams for the students. With well equipped infrastructure amenities OIS help its students to nurture in their campus. Oakridge International Schools give significance to their educational values as well as the cultural values. They believe in the fundamental code of an educational institution where children arrive and raise mentally with immense potentials to build up the nation. Oakridge always maintain their core values of unity, integrity, accountability, enthusiasm and compassion to build up a fresh generation with high aptitude and larger possibility of nation building keeping the heritage of our country. The availability of opportunity for extracurricular activities in the schools crafts it different from others and it helps to develop the personal skills of the child. The accurate meaning of education is followed in OIS and they believe that education should not only create an intellectual generation but also construct a compassionate, advanced in all sphere generation who can turn out to be the back bone of the future based on the immense diversity and culture of the land. Course curriculum A curriculum in uncomplicated word is nothing but the courses presented in an educational institution. But if we go in detail the word means much more and often wider than the alleged meaning. These wide ranges of curriculum constantly happen to the parameter for a student or may be a parent to opt certain schools who put forward internationally recommended syllabus.

Curriculum is the approved course studies which a student is supposed to accomplish to acquire certain degree of education. When we talk specifically about International Schools, most of them offer the Cambridge syllabus (CIE), even the syllabus of International Baccalaureate (IB). If we take the example of Oakridge International School, they have provided the children with well flourished curriculum which includes the mentioned syllabus along with the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) curriculum.

International Schools in Bangalore – Top International Schools