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Healthy Concerns for Growing Kids The world today is driving into a health conscious environment and to catch up with the trend we need to know or at least find out the basics of this phenomenon. How do we stay healthy in this where junk food is taking over every human existence? What are the alternate ways of staying healthy without starving oneself? There are so many questions that encircle our thoughts and we crave to look for answers for them. Kids however are naïve and do not debate much over food habits, especially when they are very small or a toddler. But as they grow up, they prefer to have a McDonald’s burger any day than to have chapatti and home cooked meals. These unhealthy habits are simply deteriorating the immunity levels for many kids and are resulting in several food borne diseases these days. However, the strenuous working schedules of parents also keep them so busy that cooking becomes a task equivalent to climbing Mount Everest. So instead of climbing the mountain i.e. cooking, they decide to order from elsewhere. Now ordering food from restaurant outside is not a bad, but as we know excess of anything is dangerous for our lives. Medical surveys in the recent years have proved that, young children as small as six years old are suffering from problems of gastritis, chronic ulcers, frequent stomach pains, intestinal problems, stomach ulcers, etc. Every day, hospitals in almost every city of our country have one juvenile being admitted to their hospital for food and intestinal related problems. Lack of green vegetables, cereals, pulses, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and other important components, are essential for our body’s development and growth. If our body does not get them on a regular basis, then the immune system and other functional organs of our body start to rebel against the unhealthy junk, but after a while these junk food items, somehow tend to take over on all the systems, making them weak enough to function and thereafter leading to the growth of innumerable diseases in our body. Young children especially should be taken care of in terms of their food habits, and other body related developments. Since they are unable to decide the best for themselves, they are the most vulnerable one’s who fall prey to the most unhealthy eating patterns and have to be looked out for. So parents are advised to ensure a healthy lifestyle for their children to protect them from serious health hazards. Author Bio: Minu Aravind is a self-motivated writer and blogger with an ability to develop unique content, is associated with schools in India. She is a strong advocate of high-grade education, and focuses to develop blogs and articles in the field of education, parenting, child development and so on

Healthy concerns for growing kids  

The world today is driving into a health conscious environment and to catch up with the trend we need to know or at least find out the basic...

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