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Be Their Role Model – International schools in india “I am scared to go in front of my dad, My mom never listens to me, I love to be with my Grandpa than my parents, I miss my dad every time when I see my friends with their parents”. May be in our busy schedule these words do not mean anything because we have neither time nor patients to listen to it. And at the end of the day we end up saying that all these sacrifice is for my children’s brighter future. But before proceeding, just pause for while turn around and see; you can see the spoiled childhood of your kid. In the fast moving, commercialized world we are missing out many things like human and social values. Home is considered as the small form of society where the future is getting molded and parents are the strong pillars on which the future is being constructed. The concerns which we discussed in the beginning are normally from those kids who have strict atmosphere at home, 365days busy parents or sometimes single parent etc. If we see it from an outer perspective, these are normal avoidable things but it is deep rooted from inside the minds of a child who go through this stigma. So what could be done? The crucial concern has to be the way one behaves with their children. The young ones always learn from their parents and if we could illustrate them the basic behavioral manners and follow them all in our own life it becomes easy for the kids to understand and follow. If we make them comfortable by friendly approach and curious attitude to listen to them, it calms down the anxiety in the mind of the child regarding the complexities outside. Some parents have the friendly approach even though they lack the flair of dealing with the kid. Because not all of us are born with these talents but we can enhance them from outside. Luckily at present there are many schools especially International schools in India, who provide counseling and classes to parents through various workshops concerning these affairs. Teachers can help out parents easily as they are spending more time with the kids. The metropolitan cities in our country majorly go through this stigma due to its fast life, may be as a result there aroused many international schools in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai etc with outstanding academics to children and excellent coaching to parents to deal with them.

Be Their Role Model – International schools in india