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West Rec. On Schedule, Rain Is the Wild Card

nAl Haggerty

A hard hat tour of the West Recreation Center remodeling project reveals mostly half-finished walls, torn up floors, roughed out plumbing and tangled wires, but the project is on schedule for completion, weather permitting, in mid-January. While occasional rain could push back the completion a bit, periods of heavy rain in December and the first part of January could put a serious crimp in the schedule, according to Greg Tormey, project supervisor. While the current price tag is $700,000, association Manager Cassie Turner said this is likely to increase. During the tour for the Oakmont News, Tormey and Turner discussed a number of relatively minor changes, which they said taken together will undoubtedly increase the price. The finished building will include remodeled and modernized men’s and ladies’ lower-floor locker rooms, a new kitchen and remodeled upstairs bathrooms. All will conform to requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. New exterior stucco will be painted turtle, a dark green, matching the Central Activities Center and East Rec . While an unexpectedly heavy rainy season will have little or no effect on the indoor remodeling, Tormey said, it could delay the outdoor work. For example, heavy rain could play havoc with replacing the exterior stucco, which involves three separate coats over a period of eight weeks in good weather. Building scaffolding for the stucco work could be delayed by wet soil conditions. He expected the stucco work to begin at the end of November or early December.

December 1, 2014 • Volume 52, Number 23

Thank You For Your Service New Election Process OK’d For OVA Board Candidates nAl Haggerty

The Oakmont Village Association Board has adopted a new election process aimed at providing board candidates more venues to express their positions on issues important to Oakmont residents. Candidates will be able to respond to questions prepared by experienced journalists in writing and/ or in videotaped interviews. Written answers will be published in the Oakmont News and video responses will be posted on the OVA website. The expanded election plan was adopted by the board at its regular meeting Nov. 18, and will be in effect for the 2015 election. Previously, candidate profiles have been published in the Oakmont News prior to the elections and candidates answered questions at a public forum. The candidates’ forum and publishing of profiles will continue. Dutch Lichliter, chair of the Communications Committee, told the board that the old process provided limited opportunity for candidates to make their views known and for residents to become familiar with the candidates. The new election plan was developed by a subcommittee headed by Palk Harriet Palk. See election process on page 11 Photos by John Williston, Kathy Sowers and Keith Sauer

Veterans in golf carts, convertibles and other vehicles rode in a sea of red, white and blue in Oakmont’s 10th annual Veterans Day parade Nov. 10. Other residents lined the route under sunny skies to wave back to the smiling vets, representing all branches of the military. See board on page 15

OVA Board Halts Citizens’ Emergency Response

Health Initiative Gets Oakmonters Moving

nJackie Ryan

At first glance, the Oakmont Health Initiative (OHI) classes look like a gathering of exercisers just having a whole lot of fun, but there are loftier goals behind the year-old program. The Oakmont Health Initiative is aimed at getting residents involved in improving their own health and quality of life.

nAl Haggerty

A gutted locker room at the West Rec. (Photo by Cassie Turner)

Asked how a delay in the project would affect the temporary rescheduling of West Rec. events, Turner said there would be no problems. She said all the temporary venues would be available for extended periods. See west rec. on page 3 Oakmont Village Association 6575 Oakmont Drive, Suite 7 Santa Rosa, CA 95409-5906

Concerned about financial and legal liability, the Oakmont Village Association Board has directed the Oakmont Emergency Preparedness Committee to cease all activities, including emergency response efforts, pending a review of the issues involved. OVA President John Felton told the Oakmont News that it is a temporary hold which “we hope to resolve in a very short time.“ He said the issue arose when OEPC asked OVA in September for $18,200 for new equipment, training and publications to improve Oakmont’s response to an emergency or disaster.

OVA Board Chairman John Felton presents Teresa and Tom Woodrum an award for their work in developing the Oakmont Health Initiative. (Photo by Jackie Ryan)

See emergency response on page 11 PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID SANTA ROSA, CA PERMIT NO. 323

See health initiative on page 11

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