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Felton Named OVA President, Batchelor Joins Board

Well-Wishers Say Goodbye Bea Thomas Gets Service Recognition Award nLeanne Smith

nAl Haggerty

John Felton became acting president and Frank Batchelor was elected to fill the open spot on the Oakmont Village Association Board of Directors in the wake of John Taylor’s resignation. The changes took effect at the board’s Sept. 16 meeting. Felton was expected to be elected president at an organizational meeting of the new board on September 22. “He was truly the right person at the right time,” the board said in a tribute to Taylor’s one-and-a-half years as board president. The board expressed its “heartfelt appreciation to our good friend and venerable John Felton president in recognition of his distinguished service to the Oakmont community.” The Taylors are leaving Oakmont to accommodate his wife’s health. “Thank you for all you’ve done,” Association Manager Cassie Turner said in an emotional goodbye to Taylor. “You’ve been a great president.” Felton was elected to the board and named vice president in 2013. His service as a director has included overseeing the extensive remodeling of the East Recreation Center locker rooms and the replacement of the transformer and electrical switch gear in the Berger Center parking lot. Batchelor, who moved to Oakmont with his wife, Carolyn, in 2008, practiced law in Southern California for 33 years, first as a public defender and then as a personal injury attorney. While practicing law, he owned and operated a sporting goods store. He has been on Oakmont’s LongRange Planning Committee Frank Batchelor for the past year and served on the Signage ad hoc committee charged with eliminating unneeded signs in Oakmont. He’s also been active in the French Conversation group, the Genealogical Club and the Oakmont Hiking Club. Batchelor said he looks forward to working as a director on many issues, including: Oakmont’s aging infrastructure, maintaining property values, continued access to Annadel and securing the financial viability of the Oakmont Golf Club. While the golf club is privately owned, he said, it is an integral part of the picturesque beauty of Oakmont. Oakmont Village Association 6575 Oakmont Drive, Suite 7 Santa Rosa, CA 95409-5906

October 1, 2014 • Volume 52, Number 19

Ben La Plante, John Day and Don Green enjoy a glass of wine at a farewell reception for retiring OVA Board President John Taylor following his final meeting September 16. (Photo by Ed Behen)

OVA OKs Spending $136,000; $700,000 for West Rec. Delayed

nAl Haggerty

The Oakmont Village Association approved spending more than $136,000 on a variety of projects, but put off considering the expected expenditure of $700,000 on remodeling the West Recreation Center at its September 16 board meeting. While eventual approval of the West Rec. money appears certain, the issue was delayed until the cost of making the locker rooms and kitchen ADA-compliant is known. Paying for the West Rec. remodel could come out of the Capital Improvement Fund, which totaled $1.3 million at the end of August. The OVA will spend more than $59,000 to replace the switch gear and transformer now housed in the Berger Center parking lot. Up to $44,000 was approved to replace lighting at the East Rec. Center with energy-saving and cost-reducing LED lights. Also approved were up to $14,000 for painting the exterior of the East Rec. Center; up to $10,000 for community research; up to $6,000 to rebuild the lawn bowling shed; and up to $2,500 for asbestos remediation in the West Rec. locker rooms. Paint colors for the East Rec. are light green with coffeecolored trim. The sports facility, encompassing five pickleball courts, two picnic areas, covered bleachers and basketball and petanque courts, moved a step closer See ova on page 8 PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID SANTA ROSA, CA PERMIT NO. 323

She doesn’t like drawing attention to herself and freely admits she’s not much of a joiner, but Bea Levit Thomas is a strong believer in community service. In 1982 Bea agreed to serve as both secretary and treasurer of the Oakmont Emergency Preparedness Association (now a standing committee known as the OEPC). And although someone else eventually took over as secretary, Bea was the treasurer for more than three decades. She didn’t leave by choice. As Bea explains, “There used to be 15 people on the board but the new John Taylor, in one of his person cut the number last duties as OVA President, down to five or six presents Bea Levit Thomas with people and my position a service recognition award at the September 16 board meeting. was eliminated.” (Photo by Ed Behen) The new person is Pat Barclay who currently works alongside Bea’s husband, Al Thomas, as OEPC co-chair. Bea is OK with the decision saying, “There wasn’t much for me to do anymore.” “We used to sell gas shut-off wrenches so we could purchase emergency medical supplies,” explained Al. “But we stopped doing that when the price was bumped up and the profit margin was too slim.” Bea did not know she would be recognized by the OVA Board for 32 years of community service. In fact, her husband told her they needed to be at the September 16 board meeting because Dr. Les Holve, OEPC’s medical director, was getting an award. “Bea was so surprised and so thrilled to be recognized,” said Al, “and she is very proud of it.”

New in Oakmont? This Is For You

nMarty Thompson

A reception for people new to Oakmont since May will be held Tuesday, Oct. 7 from 10 a.m. until noon at the Berger Center. People who have never been to a new residents’ reception also are welcome to the fall edition of the twice-yearly event. OVA Manager Cassie Turner will make a presentation, and volunteers from 51 clubs, groups and organizations will be there to offer information about their activities. There will be door prizes, and light refreshments will be served.

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