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Dog Walking Is More Fun These Days

Michael and Jackie Reinhardt’s beagle, Chloe, happily prances around Oakmont’s neighborhoods these days, especially the creek area off Woodley Drive where there are so many places to sniff. But when they got her seven years ago from a breeder in Oregon, she was less than enthused about the whole idea. (Photos by Michael Reinhardt)

nStaff Report

Berger E-mail Still Active

An E-mail account set up to receive public comment about the Berger Center’s needs remains active as the OVA’s ad hoc Berger Center committee continues its work on a recommendation for the auditorium building’s future. The E-mail address for comments is improveberger@ Oakmont Village Association 6575 Oakmont Drive, Suite 7 Santa Rosa, CA 95409-5906

Security Cameras Back, Future In Question

July 15, 2015 • Volume 53, Number 14

OVA Board Reclaims Long-Range Planning

nMarty Thompson

nJim Brewer

The future of security cameras, the ones Oakmont does and doesn’t have, prompted lively discussion at an OVA Board workshop July 7. Cameras were installed three years ago at Oakmont Drive and Stone Bridge Road to watch over the Oakmont Drive entrance to the community. Another set planned for Pythian Road remains on the drawing board because an electricity source couldn’t be secured. The Oakmont Drive cameras went up after a contentious community debate and following a string of residential burglaries, which stopped after a single arrest. The cameras were no help with two business burglaries because they don’t capture license plates and aren’t very effective at night. “The decision I regret most in my previous four years on the board was approving the cameras,” Board Member Herm Hermann declared. Director Bob Giddings declared he was “on the fence” about the camera issue, but would think about it and reach his own decision by the board’s July meeting, when it could act on the cameras’ future. The board could decide to keep the Oakmont Drive cameras, remove them, and then either go ahead with or drop the Pythian Road installation. The latter still would need agreement from the adjoining homeowners association, whose sign would be a source of electricity. Audience members spoke for and against having cameras, some saying they provide a sense of security. Wally Schilpp, a former board member, declared, “It would be ridiculous to go forward with more cameras.” Whatever happens, signs telling motorists Oakmont is protected by security cameras are coming down. Board President Frank Batchelor pointed out the word “protected” opens OVA to potential liability.

While acknowledging the recently completed community survey and long-range plan drafts are useful documents, the OVA Board is ready to take charge of developing a long-range plan for Oakmont. The board is better positioned to work out complicated planning issues and present a plan to the public and to the Long-Range Planning Committee, said Frank Batchelor, OVA board president, at a July 7 workshop. “We need to have a plan for this board: what we’re going to do and when we’re going to do it,” said board member Herm Hermann. “And we should start developing that plan for ourselves soon.” Members agreed to hold open workshops to do that job. The board’s discussion followed a presentation on the research survey project from Jason Wilkenfeld, who chairs the Long-Range Planning Committee. The group had oversight for the survey and drafting of plan elements of a long-range plan over the past several years. Wilkenfeld recommended the board table the committee’s work on a plan and reconstitute the LRPC, which has recently lost five of its nine members. He said his recommendation stemmed in part from disagreement on an approach to planning. Wilkenfeld said much of the committee’s difficulty involved integrating the survey study into elements of the previously drafted plan. “The problem we had was that we never had an agreed upon structure for the long-range plan,” he said. “The other issue with the survey is that it’s just a survey. We could use people’s recommendations but in the end, it’s up to the board to decide.” There were some problems with the survey itself, Wilkenfeld said. “One of the things that was not well connected in the survey was what you (residents) want versus what you’re willing to pay for. It turns out there are relatively few ways of paying for major improvements. As I read the survey data, people are not willing to spend large amounts of money on assessments and they’re only willing to encompass modest increases in their dues. If you make recommendations that are impractical to finance, it’s a waste of time.” There was wide agreement expressed by board members for assuming responsibility for planning, especially in the arenas of finance and facilities. The board has recently directed staff to work on a funding study, including reserve funding, that will accurately reflect the projected costs of keeping Oakmont facilities in top condition. Batchelor commended LRPC members past and present for their extensive work on the survey and long-range plan elements, but noted finance and facilities had never been included among the committee’s responsibilities, which he said could be “the most important elements of the long-range plan.” Hermann said, “It’s vital that we decide for ourselves what we want out of a long-range plan,” adding that the board needs to give the long-range planning committee more specific direction in providing the board with information.


A proposal to buy new computers for the Computer Learning Center was aired, with a decision also due at the monthly board meeting. Carolyn Keller of the Computer Learning Center filled in the board on a proposal to replace 13 outdated Macintosh computers used for instruction. The Macs can be used as either Apple or PC machines to provide hands-on experience for the center’s mission of education. The center offers hands-on experience via inexpensive short-term classes. “It’s really important for us in Oakmont to be continually engaged,” Keller said. She said her most senior student has been a 96-year-old resident of Oakmont Gardens who learned to use E-mail to communicate with her family. “It’s a marvelous thing,” Keller said. The new computers would cost $24,000. OVA provides the computers, and students pay $5 per lesson, paying for software and other needs.


See ova board on page 3


The Oakmont News / July 15, 2015

CALCBS and Sonoma Overhead Doors have teamed up

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“Our enclosed garage is simply great! The work was done in a timely and

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—Tony and Patricia Hughes

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The Oakmont News / July 15, 2015

Oakmont Athletes Medal in Regional Senior Games

nStaff Report

Twenty Oakmont athletes won medals in last month’s Wine Country Senior Games events held around the county. Lawn bowling was played on the Oakmont greens, hosted by the Oakmont Lawn Bowling Club as it marked its 50th anniversary. The names of medalists from the community are listed below in results provided by the sponsors, the Council on Aging. Lawn Bowling: Team Triple Threat—Jim Macalistaire, Linda Rubio and Tom Ternullo, TeamOverall category, Silver. Petanque: Jean-Michel Poulnot, Team-Overall category, Silver. Table Tennis: Greg Gulick, Mixed doubles, 60–64 age division, Bronze. Swimming: Clay Clement, 500-Yard Freestyle Seniors event and 200-Yard Freestyle Seniors event, Men’s 70–74 age division, Gold in both events. Swimming: Jim Stewart, 50-Yard Freestyle Masters event and 100-Yard Freestyle event, Men’s 70–74 age division, Silver in both events.

nMarty Thompson

Car Show Proceeds Help Visual Aids

Organizers of the annual Oakmont Car Show have made a $500 donation to the Oakmont Visual Aids Workshop, a volunteer group that makes books for the visually impaired. “We are thrilled to get the donation,” said Barbara Milan of the workshop. She said the money will be used to buy materials for the books, most of which are for children. The Car Show money comes from $5 entry fees

OVA Board

Swimming: Todd Wilson, 100-Yard IM Masters event and 500-Yard Freestyle Masters event, Men’s 50–54 age division, Gold in both events. Volleyball: Dan Reynolds, Men’s 50–54 age division, Cobra-Part Deux team, Gold. Track and Field: Perry Bingham, 100-meter dash event, Men’s 80–85 age division, Silver. Tennis: Jeffrey Clemence, Men’s Doubles, division 2, 65–69 age division, Gold. Tennis: Dan Pulon, Men’s Doubles, division 1, 60– 64 age division, Silver. Tennis: Corliss Harris, Women’s Doubles, 60–65 age division, Silver. Soccer: Ken Westly, Men’s 50–54 age division, Bay Area Superstars Team, Gold. 5K Walk/Run: Patricia Wilson, Women’s 65–69 age division, Gold. 5K Walk/Run: Raleigh Wilson, Men’s 75–79 age division, Gold 5K Walk/Run: Bob Lemme, Men’s 50–54 age division, Gold.

paid by exhibitors at the yearly event. The fees cover show expenses, and the balance from the past couple of years’ shows was used for the grant. “This is such a positive ‘pay it forward’ for the Oakmont Car Show,” said Bev Leve, one of that group’s volunteers. The Visual Aids Workshop was formed in 1971. Members gather to do their work Monday mornings at the West Recreation Center.

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Board member Bob Giddings, while praising all the work accomplished by previous boards, said he believes the current members are serving at a peak time. “We’re here when the place has turned 50 years old and it needs attention. Let’s not let this board think that it’s re-inventing the wheel or that it even needs to be re-invented.” Board members agreed to begin working on a

strategic plan and priorities in open work sessions with Jackie Ryan acting as facilitator. Ryan was a strategy and planning officer for a large health system. She currently is chairman of the Oakmont Communications Committee. The LRPC survey report and draft plan are available at A video of the workshop meeting can be viewed at

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Volunteer Opportunity

nMarianne Neufeld, Chair


Oakmont is a beautiful and dynamic community and the Oakmont Architectural Committee plays a vital role in assuring that Oakmont residential properties are maintained and improved to the community’s high standards. We are now seeking interested civic-minded Oakmont residents who want to contribute to their community. The major qualification is a sincere desire to be of service to Oakmont. If interested, you may submit your request, with a brief reference of your background, to the Architectural Office, 6575 Oakmont Drive, Suite 9.


League of Oakmont Maintained Area Associations nJohn Renwick


OVA sponsors a Newcomers’ Meeting to introduce new residents to the various organizations and activities in Oakmont. A reoccurring comment from new members has been, “I think I am in a maintained area but I know nothing about it.” The LOMAA representative then attempts to explain our associations. This is not the best way to introduce new residents into the association. LOMAA suggests that the Association Board make a point to greet a new resident and explain the operation of the association. A Welcome Letter, along with other information such as the association’s policies, would be a great help in this matter. The LOMAA Handbook has a sample letter for your use. A friendly reception will also assist in convincing the new resident to serve on the board at a later date. Next board meeting: Monday, August 3, 12 noon, Room B

Letters to the Editor

We welcome letters on community topics from residents or owners. Letters must include writer’s name, Oakmont address and telephone number. Maximum length 250 words and writers are limited to one letter every 90 days. Letters may be edited for length or clarity or to remove comments deemed libelous, inflammatory or personal attacks. Send letters to the Oakmont Village Association, 6575 Oakmont Drive, Suite 7, or by E-mail to

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The Oakmont News / July 15, 2015

The Oakmont News / July 15, 2015

nChuck Wood

Golf News



A reminder, please: our existing Oakmont Golf Club Rules and Regulations prohibit pets on the golf course property. During our June 24th board meeting, the OGC Directors voted unanimously to have the KemperSports’ staff enforce this rule, specifically as it pertains to dogs. This means that dogs are not allowed on either golf course, the driving range facilities or in carts on the golf course areas. While many of us dearly love our canines, they cannot keep us company while golfing or practicing.


On June 18, the KemperSports’ staff put on a great members-only cowboy-themed dinner in the Quail Inn. One-hundred-twenty-nine attendees thoroughly enjoyed the great country western comfort food and inexpensive beverages (including free corkage) at the very member-friendly price of $20 per person. Many, many thanks to Mike Ash, Patrick Odenthal, Heather Pelleriti, John Theilade and our Executive Chef, Santiago Santana. This dinner and the “Member Gras” event in April remind us that there is good value to being an Oakmont Golf Club beyond playing golf. Besides the food and festivities, the opportunities to meet new members and compete in trivia contests are just too good to pass up. So, please be on the lookout for news about the next members-only theme dinner event—and don’t miss out on this great way to enjoy your Oakmont Golf Club membership and support your club.


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18-Hole Tuesday & Thursday Women’s Club

nEileen Beltrano

Hi there ladies. It’s the middle of July and our Tuesday’s Club Championship had its final round yesterday. Congratulations to all the winners. I’ll have photos and results in next issue. On July 20, we host North Bay Team Play. Our course should be in great shape and will give those ladies a run for their money. Captain Linda Paul is chairing this event. Come on down and see these gals hit the ball. If nothing else, come see their team shirts—very colorful! Just a reminder to sign up for the Captain’s Choice Tournament on Thursday, July 23. Sign-up sheet is in clubroom. Here are the results of SWEEPS for end of June.

Ginny Manos shot a 92 and won low net in the first flight! She’s with Carol Sharpe, who is also a winner in her flight.


Low Gross of Field: Sallie Wood (84). First flight: first low net, S. Wood; second low net, E. Beltrano; third low net, P. Buchholz; fourth low net, M. Rossi; and fifth low, J. Seliga. Second flight: first low net, J. DiMaggio; second low net, K. Faherty; third low net tie, A. Miller, Y. Smith and C. Buchold; sixth low net, C. Sharpe. Third flight: first low net, C. Carroll; second low net, J. Early; third low net, P. Schulze; fourth low net, S. Baxter; fifth low net tie, R. Nicholson and B. VanVoorhis. Fourth flight: first low net, C. Rexford; second low net, J. O’Toole; third low net, P. Edwards; fourth low net, P. Schweizer; fifth low net tie, V. Collins and V. Eschelbach.


Low Gross of Field: Linda Paul (76). First flight: first low net, S. Wood; second low net, B. Hulick; third low net, L. Paul; fourth low net tie, P. Buchholz, K. Peters and K. Downey; seventh low net, N. Shaw. Second flight: first low net, L. Kilpatrick; second low net tie, E. Huff and R. Nicholson; fourth low net, J. Duport. Third flight: first low net, E. Mickaelian; second low net, C. Carter; third low net, C. Rexford; and fourth low net, J. O’Toole.


Low Gross of Field: Ann Miller (91). First flight: first low net, A. Miller; second low net, S. Wood; third low net tie, M. Rossi and G. Manos.

Welcome new member Patty Schweizer. Patty also won first place in her flight.

Second flight: first low net tie, C. Sharpe, C. Buchold and D. Kendrick; fourth low net, M. Pierce; fifth low net, B. Goodman. Third flight: first low net, L. Kilpatrick; second low net tie, J. Early and C. Locke; fourth low net tie, C. Carroll and L. Yates. Fourth flight: first low net, C. Tripaldi; second low net tie, E. Baciocco and K. Wittes; fourth low net, S. Kohut; fifth low net tie, L. Frediani and C. Rexford. Fifth flight: first low net tie, T. Siela and P. Schweizer; third low net, R. Lommori.

THURSDAY, JUNE 25, WEst SWEEPS, 22 players

Low Gross of Field: Jerry Moreno (86). First flight: first low net, S. Wood; second low net, P. Wright; third low net, K. Downey; and fourth low net tie, J. Moreno and K. Mokricky. Second flight: first low net, Y. Smith; second low net, M. Pierce; third low net, C. Sharpe; fourth low net, K. Sites. Third flight: first low net, M. Yturralde; second low net, J. Duport; and third low net, L. Weiner.

TUESDAY, JUNE 30, WEST sweeps, 45 players

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6575 Oakmont Drive


Low Gross of Field: Patty Buchholz (87). First flight: first low net, G. Manos; second low net tie, J. Seliga and A. Miller; fourth low net tie, P. Buchholz and K. Faherty. Second flight: first low net, E. Huff; second low net, M. Yturralde; third low net tie, M. Pierce and L. Leitner; fifth low net tie, B. Hulick and C. Sharpe. Third flight: low net, C. Carroll; second low net tie, L. Yates and S. Baxter; fourth low net tie, R. Nicholson and M.A. Gibbs. Fourth flight: first low net, B. VanVoorhis; second low net, V. Collins; third low net, M. Jobson; and fourth low net, E. Baciocco. Fifth flight: first low net, C. Rexford; second low net tie, J. O’Toole and T. Selia; fourth low net, P. Schweizer. See you out there ladies.


The Oakmont News / July 15, 2015


9-Hole Monday Men’s Club


Senior Men’s Club

nTony D’Agosta

nJohn Williston

I had the pleasure of playing in June 29 with our newest member, Tony Apolloni. He made a hole-inone on the 5th hole. We watched the ball travel 169 yards toward the green. I jokingly said, “I’ll have a margarita!” We searched for the ball and then I decided to look in the hole. Sure enough, there it lay at the bottom of the cup. Congratulations Tony! On Thursday, July 23, we will have a mixer with the Lady Niners. Sign up as a single and we will pair you with one of the ladies and make the foursomes. Shotgun start is at 8:30 a.m. with lunch to follow. The game will be two-man best ball. The price is $23 which includes sweeps and lunch. Come join the fun!

The last Seniors’ event of June was a trip to the Contra Costa Country Club in the East Bay. The weather was beautiful and the course conditions were very good, particularly considering that the course had only been open for a few days after a year of reconstruction of greens, bunkers, and realignment of some of the holes. Even the home course players seem to have trouble on the greens, which were new to them too. The food and organization of the event by the home team was more than up to the high standards of the Seniors organization and a fun time was had by all. July will be a home-stand month for Oakmont with clubs visiting on July 13 and 27 for the last hosting duties of the year for our local club.

SWEEPS RESULTS FOR JUNE 22 Individual Low Net, 26 Players

First place: Gary Stone with a 26.5. Second place: Dan Sienes with a 27.5. Third place: Joe DiBenedetto with a 28.5. Fourth place tie: Al Bentham and Phil Sapp, both with a 29.5. Sixth place: Rich Silvas with a 30.5. Seventh place tie: Wendell Freeman and Greg Carpenter, both with a 31. Ninth place tie: Joe Lash and Noel Schween, both with a 31.5. Closest-to-the-pin: Gary Stone, 22’9”.

SWEEPS RESULTS FOR JUNE 29 Two-Man Odd Even Alternate Shots, 12 Teams

First place tie: Tom Massip/John Munkacsy and Gary Stone/Tony D’Agosta, all with a 30.75. Third place: Jim Norem/Bob Thorsen with a 32.25. Fourth place: Joel Goodman/Don Morse with a 33.75. Closest-to-the-pin: Paul Lawler, 32’6 and Dan Levin, 38’2”.

JUNE 24, Oakmont and San Jose at Contra Costa—Best Two Balls

First flight: first place, T. Conway, D. Farwell, G. Brown, and W. Ament, 123; second, D. Morgan, R. Chalmers, and S. Spanier, 125; third, D. Martel, M. Hull, M. Vorr, and T. Consynji, 126. Second flight: first, F. Seely, G. Stone, and T. Lenk; second, D. Wedl, C. Caralli, R. Schlenker and J. Williston, 124; third, T. Kelly, D. Crobbe, D. Goss and J. Barajas, 130. Third flight: first, H. Friend, J. Walker and D. Dybdahl, 114; second, T. Thornton, A. Hastings and L. Caplan, 123; third, D. Gelvin, B. Peterson, G. Dooley and R. Esparza, 125. Closest-to-the-pin: hole #5—Gary Stone, 10’8”

9-Hole Thursday Women’s Club

9 nBarbara Bowman


A new event will be held on Thursday, July 23: The Oakmont Women/Men Niners Tournament. The two clubs are collaborating for a special playday. Teams of four, put together by the Women/Men Niner Captains and Co-captains, will play a two-best-balls game, and then retire to the Quail Inn for lunch, socializing and awards. With a 1950s soda fountain theme, it will be lots of fun and an opportunity to meet our male Niner counterparts. Sign-up for this tournament closed on July 13, but if you’re not signed up and are interested in playing, call Captain Barbara Robinson, 537-7587, to see if there still might be room. On Thursday, August 6, the Ladies T Party happens, otherwise known as our annual Invitational Tournament. This is an 8:30 a.m. shotgun-start scramble with several awards for playing well. And, of course, there will be a no-host bar and luncheon to follow. So, get your invitations out to your golfing friends. Anyone can play, OGC member or not. Sign-up and detailed information is in the East Pro Shop. August 1 is sign-up deadline. Think T! Questions? Call Chair Cindy Carrol.

2015 Oakmont Seniors Remaining Schedule

Monday, July 27: Richmond and Marin at Oakmont Tuesday, August 4: at Windsor Thursday, August 27: at Richmond CC Wednesday, September 24: at Marin CC

Norma Person, Jane Fulkerson and Claudine Hilliard turn in their score cards on the third Eclectic Tournament playday. With three more Eclectic playdays this season, there’s still time to improve our scores.

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#4 South A St., Santa Rosa •


First flight: first, C. Carroll; second, R. Levy; third, D. Johnson; fourth, R. Wellman. Second flight: first, R. Lommori; second, D. Kiddoo; third tie, C. Hilliard, J. Rockwell and C. Cunningham.


First flight: first, C. Rexford; second, M. Mar; third tie, C. Carroll and E. Baciocco; fourth tie, B. Robinson and C. Hilliard. Second flight: first tie, R. Lommori and J. DiBenedetto; second tie, E. La Pointe and J. Fulkerson; third T. Siela. Third flight: first, H. Williston; second, A. Engen; third, B. James; fourth tie, J. Haggerty and C. Cunningham.


Linda Yates, Liisa Karjalainen, Ruth Levy and Elaine Foote attended the Hidden Valley Lake Salad Bowl Invitational on June 25. Even though the temperature hit triple-digits, they had a terrific time. They won so many prizes Ruth’s car was filled up. The club’s raffle brought in $243 to the WRENS Club to supplement the President’s Cup medallions. Thanks to John Theilade for Oakmont’s generous donation to the raffle! Coming up July 22: the Cobb Mountain Playday


The Oakmont News / July 15, 2015


Wednesday Men’s Club

nJim Kaiser

Oakmont Community Church

nLaurie Hartmann

Fellow OWMC members, your humble scribe is back from Italy. I found one golf course, however the three women travel companions were looking for a place to shop, so you tell me who won that discussion. Anyway, even being in Italy I picked up a few Oakmont snippets of information: After a series of disastrous holes, John in an effort to smother his rage laughed hollowly and said to Danny: “This golf is a funny game.” “It’s not supposed to be,” said Danny gravely. Andy is standing on the first tee and looking down the fairway and says that this hole looks good for one long drive and a putt. He swung mightily and hit his ball which landed about a yard from the tee. His partner, Dennis, handed him a club and remarked: “And now for one hell of a putt.”

June 17, East Course Two-Man Best Ball

First, Dick Scott/Frank Smith, 52; second, Tom Massip/Phil Sapp, 55; third tie, Joe Lash/Greg Carpenter, Gary Stone/Tony D’Agosta, 59. Closest-to-the-pin: #8—Frank Smith, 10’1”, Phil Sapp, 21’9”; #16—Keith Wise, 10’9”, Tom Massip, 13’3”.

June 24, WEST COURSE 321 Game

First flight (9.8–15.0): first, Jim Scinto, Bob Baciocco, Frank Giannini and Bob Branstetter, 124; second tie, Bruce Hulick, Dennis Cronin, Andy Frauenhofer and (blind draw), and Shelly Brodsky, Pete Waller, Bill Faherty and Tom Kendrick, 130. Second flight (18.5–27.8): first, Tom Wayne, Bud Simi, Pete Eschelbach and Scott Ricci, 121; second, Bill Smith, Rick Yates, Bob Siela and (blind draw), 127. Closest-to-the-pins: #8—Larry Frediani, 13’10”, Bob Branstetter, 14’2”; #13—Bob Baciocco, 2’4”, Wayne Shomaker, 9’0”; #16—Bob Siela, 3’6”, Danny Morgan, 8’7”. Note: The 5th-hole pot continues to grow as no one hit the green again. This money carries over each week until someone hits the green.

June 24, East Course Individual Low Net

First, Greg Carpenter, 58; second, Tony D’Agosta, 62; third, Frank Smith, 63; fourth tie, Bob Thorsen, Tom Massipp, 64; sixth, Dan Levin, 65; seventh, Rich Silvas, 66. Closest-to-the-pins: #8—Noel Schween, 5’2”; #16— Greg Carpenter, 12’6”, Dan Levin, 56’9”.

Who we are

We are a Christian fellowship assisting and supporting mature adults living out their spiritual faith, being made whole by the Word of God in loving community. You are warmly invited to Sunday Service at 10:30 a.m. in the Berger Center, 6633 Oakmont Drive. The sermon series is: Isaiah 40-66 “Good News Now!“

Sunday, July 19

Rick Hahn will be speaking from Isaiah 45: In our times of trouble God will deliver us in ways we might never expect! Abbie Gabrielson is home for the summer and we are delighted to have her back at the piano.

Sunday, July 26

Rick Hahn will be preaching from Isaiah 46: False gods only become unbearable burdens for us whereas Jehovah, the one true God, becomes our burden-bearer. Bambi Stranz and Erik Fauss will join us in song and Lucas Sherman will be with us at the piano.

Tuesdays, July 7–August 18 1:30–2:30 pm Bible Study on Mark

Bible study meets weekly at Oakmont Gardens, Room 106. We will study the book of Mark for seven weeks. This will be a discussion, not a lecture. All levels of Bible knowledge are welcome and there is no homework. Yea! We will not only discuss the book, we will relate it to our own lives. The book of Mark is dynamic, short and to the point, but full of amazing stories about our Lord Jesus that are meant for each of us. The study is facilitated by Jan Freeman, 800-7563.

Wii Bowling Oakmont Lanes

nTerry Leuthner, President, and Sugar Carlton, Vice President

Remaining bowling date for July: July 21. No bowling July 28—fourth Tuesday.


July 7 we had a BBQ Lunch from 1–2:30 p.m. while celebrating Fourth of July. Hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers and veggie burgers with all the fixings were served to our bowlers/substitutes. Good time as always.


On June 30, we celebrated the Fourth of July with a bowling challenge where a bowler/substitute won a $5 gift certificate to Safeway if he/she bowled a strike in the fourth and seventh frames (hence July 4) on any game. One gift per person. Winners are: 1:30 PM League: Sue Bowman, Sugar Carlton, Peggy Ensley, Mariel Green, Mary Knight, Terry Leuthner, Kathryn Miller, Sandy Osheroff, Ed Schudel, Robin Schudel, Don Shelhart. 3:15 PM League: Mark Attebery, Maurine Bennett, Juan Fuentes, Elisabeth LaPointe, Carolyn Mack, Bruce Price, Pat Stokes.


Oakmont Lanes will provide Wii Bowling experience for the grandkids on Tuesday, July 28 at the West Recreation Center, from 1:30–3 pm. Please sign up your grandkids with the Grandparents’ Club.


Oakmont Lanes would like to thank Hariet for her generous donation of her Nintendo Wii to our club. It gives us the ability to expand our bowling club and also provides needed equipment for our Wii Bowling Charity Bowl-A-Thon held once a year. Thank you, Hariet.

RESULTS AS OF June 30 (Week #7 of Summer League)

1:30 PM League: first place, 4 Tops; second place, Alley Oops; third place, Wii Four; fourth place tie, Strikers and Wild Turkeys; sixth place, Pocket Hits. Men’s High Games: Don Shelhart, 268; Ed Schudel, 257; Juan Fuentes, 235; Terry Leuthner, 223; Christian van den Berghe, 201. Women’s High Games: Robin Schudel, 298; Kathryn Miller, 246; Sandy Osheroff, 236; Vicki Madden, 225; Peggy Ensley, 222; Mariel Green, 206; Sue Bowman, 201; Phyllis Jennings, 200. High Game Sub: Sugar Carlton, 226; Charlie Ensley, 223. 3:15 PM League: first place, Wii Power; second place, High Rollers; third place, Pin Heads; fourth place, Strikes and Spares; fifth place, Strike Outs; sixth place, King Pins. Men’s High Games: Bruce Price, 268; Juan Fuentes, 212; Scott Harris, 203. Women’s High Games: Jan Blackburn, 300; Doris Ruh, 257; Maurine Bennett, 254; Debbie Miller, 247; Carolyn Mack, 239; Diane Price, 234; Pat Stokes, 224; Helen Herbert, 220; Elisabeth LaPointe, 213; Sue Bowman, 209; Judy Lawrence, 205; Nicole Reed, 201. High Game Subs: Terry Leuthner, 230; Virginia Schrock, 206. Our website has team schedules to remind team captains when it’s their week to bring cookies and either help set up or tear down equipment. A total of 48 cookies per team seem to be the magic number. See


The Oakmont News / July 15, 2015

Patricia and Raleigh Wilson, joined in 2011


PINOT? Living at Spring Lake Village, Sonoma County’s most appealing senior living community is the perfect pairing of spacious apartment homes, maintenance-free living, flexible dining options, and a host of expanding amenities. Raleigh and Patricia will be the first to tell you to move here sooner and take advantage of good wine, great people, remarkable lifestyle services, and of course, the local vineyards (having grown their own grapes, they know). Talk to Raleigh and Patricia and see why living here is living better. To learn more, or for your personal visit, please call 707.579.6964.

5555 Montgomery Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95409

A not-for-profit community owned and operated by Episcopal Senior Communities. License No. 490107656 COA #142 EPSL724-01WB 051515


The Oakmont News / July 15, 2015

nMarie Haverson

American Mah Jongg Club

We thank you for your continued support and making this such a fun club!

Attention all Oakmont residents of all ages

If you don’t mind getting out of the house for a few hours on the first and third Monday of every month, if you don’t mind meeting new friends and having a great time in the process, then American Mah Jongg Club is the club for you! Our next Mah Jongg meeting will be on July 20. We meet on the first and the third Monday of every

month. Check-in time is 12:30 p.m., games start at 1 p.m. until approx. 3:30 p.m. at the East Rec. Center. Dues are $1 per meeting. The money is used for club parties and expenses as needed. We still have some openings for experienced players only at this time. For more information please contact me by calling at 539-6666 or E-mail to haversonm@ We have a great bunch of Mah Jongg players. You will have a great time and meet some fun people. So call or E-mail today. Look forward to hearing from you.

Tennis Club

nDiane Linneball and Stephanie Wrightson


Grab a partner and sign up by July 28 for the OTC Women’s Doubles Tournament: contact Tennis Events Director, Sumner Johnson (rumford31@aol. com; 539-3758), with your and your partner’s contact info or register on the “Sign Up” page on the OTC website (https:/ Indicate which competition level in which you wish to compete: the A group or the B/C group. Meet August 1, 8 a.m., West Courts (play at both the East and West Courts). Coffee and a light breakfast will be served at the West Courts. There has been talk of ball boys!


Team Oakmont, Men’s Doubles League: Ron Holladay, Co-captain Neil Linneball, Jim Oswald, Bob Zemore, Tom Kendrick, Jeff Clemence and Captain Bill Wrightson

Let’s Play Tennis! is a free on-court instruction for club members at novice and intermediate levels. It’s as easy as 1-2-3: 1. Contact an instructor of your choice and arrange a time and place. 2. Enjoy a one-hour learning experience. 3. Repeat to improve your skills. Instructors and their phone numbers are posted on the East and West Court bulletin boards as well as on the OTC website (see “OTC Documents” on the website home page). If you’re interested in joining the Tennis Club to enjoy this and other benefits, E-mail Paula Lewis,, who will send you a registration form. Dues are a low $20/year.

Roofing Specialists Lic. #976993

Stephen Curley, Owner We are an Oakmont Preferred Contractor with an impeccable record 3210-C Coffey Lane, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

(707) 546-4778 (707) 486-7426 (cell)

One-hundred-twenty car enthusiasts brought their classic, vintage, modified and pampered vehicles, spanning over 100 years, to the 13th annual Oakmont Car Show May 23 at the Berger Center. The oldest was a 1919 Model T Ford, and the newest, a 2015 Tesla Model S book-ended the parking lot. Interestingly, the same person, Rich Randolph, brought both cars. Several military vehicles proudly displayed their service records. The event, which has grown over the years, was originally spearheaded in 2002 by Oakmonter Bob Reinecker who passed away last year. This year’s show was organized by a committee of six, handling invitations, registration, printing and logistics. Each year the car show brings out car buffs from both Oakmont and surrounding Sonoma County. Participants enjoy the camaraderie of other “gear-heads” and those who seek to preserve automotive history. Attendees outnumber exhibitors probably 4 to 1: men and women were equally represented as well as numerous children (all very well behaved). Several varieties of canines seemed to appreciate the diversity of transportation. The car show is not a judged, competitive event. While many vehicles are Concourse quality, such as the 1923 Paige-Jewett and 1950 Muntz, the “driver” cars, on the road frequently, are reminders that “getting there” may be via high style or low suspension.

Coffee and Cars—Tuesdays, 8 am, CAC Coffee Cart Area

The Oakmont Ukesters

Sumner Johnson, Judith and John Burchard and Barbara Bobkiewicz enjoy Saturday drop-in tennis


Are your tennis skills rusty? Would you like some extra practice? Do you prefer more casual tennis camaraderie? Is your regular tennis partner on vacation or “injured reserve?” Or, is your personal schedule such that you can’t commit to a regular tennis group? Then, drop-in tennis is for you! No sign-up or OTC membership required. Bring your racket, non-scuff tennis shoes, water and sunscreen to the West Courts on the following days where two OTC members are organizing drop-in play: Tuesdays at 11 a.m. and Saturdays at 9 a.m. Drop-in tennis is cancelled on the eight Saturdays when the OTC holds internal tennis tournaments. photo by Robert Couse-Baker

Stephen Curley Roofing inc.

nBob Stinson

Due to the success of the car show, Oakmont car enthusiasts are gathering Tuesday mornings between 8–9:30 a.m. at the Central Activity Center’s Coffee Cart area to informally share stories and perhaps arrange impromptu tours or visits to points of vehicular interest. If you are so inclined, please stop by, or contact one of the Car Show organizers: Ron Leve at jagguy70e@ or Rich Randolph at,


Team Oakmont is competing in a men’s doubles, age 55 and over league. All Oakmont residents are invited to bring their beverage and snack, and cheer on Team Oakmont at their remaining home matches, West Courts, 9:30 a.m. on the following Sundays—it’s great tennis: July 19: Oakmont vs. Wikiup August 16: Oakmont vs. La Cantera August 30: Oakmont vs. Wikiup Away matches: July 25: La Cantera Racquet Club, 1:30 p.m. August 2: Petaluma Valley Athletic Club, 10 a.m. August 9: Wikiup Racquet Club, 12:30 p.m. August 23: Petaluma Valley Athletic Club, 10 a.m.

Car Show Reprised and (drum roll, please) Cars and Coffee

Be sure to designate the

Sonoma Humane Society as your charity of choice.




nLinda Webster

Come play your ukulele with a group of beginner/ intermediate ukulele enthusiasts. Our goal is to practice what we already know, as well as try new songs and learn in the process. Perfection is not the intent here, singing and enjoying this unique, versatile instrument is what we are about. Some of the songs we will play: “Ain’t She Sweet,” “Satin Doll,” “On the Sunny Side of the Street,” “Happy Trails,” Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” “Mr. Bojangles.” Like these songs? Then come join the Oakmont Ukesters!! MEETING TIME: 10:30 a.m. Tuesdays CONTACT: Linda Webster, 978-2790 or E-mail at LOCATION: Linda’s house—address will be given upon call FEE: None


The Oakmont News / July 15, 2015

nElizabeth McDonnell

The Pickleball Corner

Quilting Bee

nTom Kendrick

On June 11 and 12 a few members of the Bee traveled to Cloverdale to visit a fabric shop called “Bolt.” Naturally we spent a bit of time there leaving only after making fabric purchases. After such vigorous activity we retired to Savvy (on Thursday) and Diavola in Geyserville (on Friday) for lunch before heading home. The fabric shop is worth another trip another day!

Priscilla Naworski

Janet Shore, Pam McVey, Priscilla Naworski, Elizabeth McDonnell, Karen Krestensen, Lorene Ritter and Joann Fuller at Bolt.

At our meeting June 24 we discussed a picnic in the courtyard of the CRC to be held August 12 and an all-day appliqué class on August 29, which would include demonstrations of several methods of hand appliqué. Julie Jones followed up with a report on cleaning up our library of books and magazines. A set of books on basic skills will be kept and the remaining books and magazines set out at a future meeting for our members to take for their own. Leftover items will be donated to Santa Rosa Quilt Guild for its fundraising table or to The Legacy in Sebastopol. Janet Shore announced The Pointless Sisters will have contemporary art quilts on display at The Occidental Arts Center from July 12 through July 23. The art center is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m.–4 p.m. Priscilla Naworski showed her color crayon challenge quilt for this year. Normally the challenges are revealed in December, but Priscilla has a friend who will begin chemotherapy and she wanted to give the comfort quilt to her friend now.

Barbara Cortelyou belongs to a group called “The Remnants” which began with the donation of a sewing room full of fabric upon the death of their friend, Martha. The group began making quilts to be donated to the Community Quilt project of the Santa Rosa Quilt Guild and has continued to make quilts for seven years with other fabric donations gathered over time. Barbara displayed a cheerful blue, white and gold quilt that she just finished. Susan MacKenzie showed a clever bag she made from a pattern and fabric art method she found on Pinterest. Mary Ann Allen talked about a Sylvia Pippin appliqué and Sachiko class she took through the Santa Rosa Quilt Guild and displayed a portion of a hand appliqué block she is making from her Nancy Brown class. Barbara Arnold gave an update on the fan quilt she is making. Helen White showed the wool hand appliqué blocks she has been working on while confined to a foot brace. Pam McVey displayed a bright quilt made with a jelly roll of American Jane fabrics. The Quilting Bee meets on the second Wednesday of each month to sew and quilt on our own projects and the fourth Wednesday of each month for our business meeting. We meet in the Arts and Crafts room from 1–4 p.m. both days. For further information please call me at 538-2523.

Genealogy Club

There’s been a strange noise coming from the area near the upper tennis courts at the East Rec. Center lately. It’s constant, almost every morning, and can be quite bothersome. I hear it almost every time I go up there. I mean, really. Does it have to be every day? Can’t something be done? Have they no shame? Talk about inconsiderate! Is there any way to abate that crazy sound? Here I am, just trying to get a little exercise, have some fun with my friends, and there’s this constant bzzzzzzz, bzzzzzzz, bzzzzzzz coming from the hillside. It’s driving me crazy. Yep, you guessed it— it’s those dang weedeaters. I need some earplugs. I need to write a letter. I need some sheep!


Oakmont Pickleball Club will be having a RoundRobin competition on Saturday, August 8. It will be fast-paced, semi-serious, and lots of fun. A blind draw among club members will determine teams, with players rotating after each game. There will also be a “Top-Dog” exhibition game played by some of the “A” players. After the hostilities conclude, we’ll gather on the patio for music, munchies, awards, and acceptance speeches (limited to one hour each). Open to all. Help yourself to free food and observe Oakmont Pickleballers in their natural habitat! Bring a chair and your sun hat. WHAT: Round-Robin Competition WHERE: Temporary Pickleball Courts, East Rec. Center WHEN: Saturday, August 8, 9 a.m.


The new Kiwanis calendar (due out July 9), features various clubs with a different movie theme for each month. For the pickleball club, it was “A Hard Day’s Night.” What an honor for us to be included! Remember, your purchase of a calendar goes toward a great cause.

nMelinda Price

Model Railroad Exhibit

nGary Goodenough

The annual visit of the model railroad display in Oakmont will be Saturday, August 1 and Sunday, August 2. Again this year the Coastal Valley Lines, the Santa Rosa HO scale modular model railroad club, will operate their equipment at the East Rec. Center on Saturday from 10 a.m.–5 p.m. and on Sunday from 10 a.m.–4 p.m. The display is open to the general public, so invite both your Oakmont and non-Oakmont friends and relatives. As usual, there is no charge.

Research Help

On June 23 George McKinney led a planning session with about a dozen members to discuss future plans for the club. We have approximately 175 registered club members now, and ideas were put forward by different people that would make the club more helpful to members in their own genealogy research. Plans are being made to assist individuals working in specific geographic areas or periods of historical interest to them. The next regular Genealogy Club meeting will be on August 24 at 2:30 p.m. in the East Rec. Center. There will be both a general presentation of interest and breakout sessions so participants can focus on a specific area of greatest interest. There have been no meetings since March, so get ready to bring your questions and concerns to the August meeting. The Genealogy Club will resume meeting on the fourth Monday of each month at 2:30 p.m. (except July and December). There are no club dues, and everyone is welcome to attend our meetings, both newbies and experienced researchers. For further information about genealogy or club activities and programs please visit our website at If you have questions or would like to receive our newsletter, send an E-mail to:

WHEN: Open Play, 10 a.m.–12 noon (when you can always get a game); 9–10 a.m. and 12–5 p.m., key required, games need to be arranged; 8–9 a.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays (quiet balls only). Courts available seven days a week WHY: Come join the fun, exercise and meet nice people ATTIRE: Proper court attire requested. Please wear approved court shoes with non-marking soles. We have loaner paddles available. WEBSITE: NEW PLAYER ORIENTATION: Mondays 9–10 a.m. NEW PLAYER CONTACT: PJ Savage, 843-7266; E-mail:


The Oakmont News / July 15, 2015

Oakmont Rainbow Women

nKathy Cirksena and Jeanne DeJoseph


On a clear, breezy day in June, Oakmont Rainbow Women, their neighbors and guests gathered at the West Rec. picnic area to celebrate LGBT pride and diversity. It was great to make new connections with our gay Oakmont brethren, new ORW members, Santa Rosa lesbians not quite ready for Oakmont and guests from near and far. As the Oakie Folkies serenaded the group’s yummy potluck picnic, the welcome table did a big business selling tickets for the Cris Williamson concert, which were on sale for the first time. Ably co-chaired by Pat Olive and Ann Alexander, this was ORW’s third highly successful pride picnic. We especially thank the Oakie Folkies for playing for us through a festive and beautiful afternoon.


If you missed the picnic and want tickets to the Cris Williamson concert on September 26, put a check for $25 per ticket, including your name and E-mail address, in the Rainbow Women folder at the OVA Office. They will also be available at monthly meetings, as long as tickets remain.

research and experience. Meetings are confidential as to assets and plans of each individual. The group doesn’t pick stocks or invest as a group. Plenty of opportunities for risk takers of all sorts! For more information on specific special interest groups, contact ORW or check the SIG list recently circulated.



The SIGs are going strong! Movies, Monthly Lunch, Oceanic Gourmet, Poker, Investing and Field Trips are all very active with ongoing events. For example, the Poker Club reports that it meets every 2-3 weeks at someone’s house usually in the afternoon to play Texas Hold’em and other poker games. We are all beginners so everyone is welcome. The Stock Market and Investments Group discusses various economic and investment factors, trends and strategies, with each person sharing their knowledge,

Thanks to all who turned out for another fun night of Bingo in July. Mark your calendar: on August 13 Financial Advisor, Sheila Cardno, MBA and Certified Investment Management Analyst, will discuss The Retirement Paycheck. Sheila has been a financial advisor for 17 years after working as a teacher and high school principal then at Intel Corporation in finance. We meet Thursday, August 13 at 7 p.m. In September, attorney Naomi Metz returns to reflect on the SCOTUS marriage equality decision in its first few months of implementation, as well as other items of interest in Washington. See you soon!

new listing

in escrow

McBride Realty is Working Hard for You!

8 Oakgreen Poplar, $425,000

353 Singing Brook Circle Sugarloaf, $649,000

in escrow

7 Oakgreen Madrone, $499,000

207 Mountain Vista Lane Sycamore 18, $439,000

2 Oakcrest Place Manzanita, $549,900

6352 Meadowridge Drive St. Helena, $789,000

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354 Oak Leaf Circle A Unit

6597 Meadowridge Drive Madrone

86 Autumn Leaf Drive Manzanita

6317 Meadowridge Drive El Verano

in escrow

in escrow

6592 Meadowridge Drive Sycamore 24

8901 Oak Trail Drive Oakwood

in escrow

441 Singing Woods Lane Sylvan 33

in escrow

444 Meadowgreen Drive A Unit

in escrow

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in escrow

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439 Twin Lakes Circle Aspen

256 Mockingbird Circle Juniper

361 Miramonte Court Sugarloaf

404 Oak Mesa Court Custom

7017 Overlook Drive Sylvan 34

401 Meadowgreen Drive Poplar






7405 Oak Leaf Madrone

7707 Pythian Court Birch

359 Singing Brook Circle Bennett Mountain

406 Crestridge Court St. Helena

327 Stone Creek Aspen

Oakmont’s #1 Real Estate Office in Sales and Service

For more information, or to make an appointment to see any of these beautiful homes, call or stop by. We are open 7 days a week.

707-538-2270 • 6520 Oakmont Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95409

CalBRE #01151843


The Oakmont News / July 15, 2015

July 25 Buddhist Meeting

nPennijean Savage

The Buddhist View of Cause and Effect

“If you want to understand the causes that existed in the past, look at the results as they are manifested in the present. And if you want to understand what results will be manifested in the future, look at the causes that exist in the present.”—The Major Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, Vol. 2, p. 172. You are cordially invited to join us on Saturday, July 25 and learn more about the benefits of this Buddhist practice and life philosophy. WHEN: Saturday, July 25, 2:30–4 p.m. WHERE: 20 Glengreen. Look for SGI sign at entrance of Glengreen Street. Monthly SGI Nichiren Buddhist discussion meetings of chanting, study and dialogue are open to all Oakmonters and are free of charge. Call Judy at 5383369 or Pj at 843-7266 for directions or more information. The meetings are held on the last Saturday of each month, except for holidays. See for additional information on Nichiren Buddhism.

nSusan Ramsey

Single Boomers Social Club

We ended the month of June with two great events: Transcendence Theater opening night Broadway under the Stars on June 19, and then we joined the Boomers to enjoy the music and dancing at the Poyntlyss Sistars event on June 20. We hope to see more of our members during the month of July and August for the following events. Be sure to check your E-mail for updates and evites! July 18—Johnson Beach Day

Transcendence Theater Opening Night at Jack London State Park

August 7—Dining at the Berger August 22—Barbecue at LaMarca Residence If you have any suggestions for upcoming events, please contact me.


If you’re interested in joining us, please Sandy Throne enjoys a picnic fill out the application before the Transcendence event form and drop off your $12 check to the designated SBSC folder located at the OVA Office. Please be sure to include your E-mail address so that you will receive all information of upcoming events.

Single Boomers Social club membership FORM

Please complete this form and return it to the OVA SBSC Folder along with your check to Single Boomers Social Club (SBSC), in the amount of $12. Please print. Joey Cuneo, Broker Associate

Name: ______________________________________________________________________ Date:_____________

Claudine Cuneo, Realtor

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________

707-538-1899 6580 Oakmont Drive Santa Rosa, CA 95409

E-mail: _____________________________________________ Phone: ____________________________________

BRE#01013909 BRE#01265144

Joey, Claudine & Sonja

Real Estate With Heart

Each office is independently owned and operated

By signing below, I agree to review, accept and abide by the SBSC bylaws (copies available in SBSC folder). ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Let’s Talk About Hospice Join Us! Speaking on:

“HOSPICE: Services provided, who receives hospice service, who pays for the program, and more” PRESENTER:

Some of Our Services: n

Nancy Proctor

Healthcare Community Liaison Hospice Services, St. Joseph Health

When: Monday, July 20, 2015 from 10:00 am to 11:30 am

Free Educational Series for Seniors

Location: Oakmont Gardens 301 White Oak Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95409 RSVP (707) 539-0500

n n n n n

Caring Companionship Meal Planning and Preparation Transportation and Errands Light Housekeeping Medication Reminders Assistance with Bathing and Grooming

Providing specialized care in Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Diabetes, Arthritis and Hospice | | Call us today for a free assessment at (707) 539-0500


The Oakmont News / July 15, 2015


nEd Low

Visit our website:


Sign up for the August 13 Oakmont Hiking Club’s annual picnic at Jack Rabbit Park at Spring Lake. Check hikes of the day in for details. RSVP Judy Sannar at jim-judy7137@ or 538-2289 for reservations.


Our hotel is Yosemite View Lodge, 11156 Highway 140, El Portal. Arrive on Tuesday, Sept. 15 and depart Friday. Sept. 18. The cost is $154 plus tax with kitchenette. Phone number for reservations is 1-800321-6291. The Thursday night dinner includes steak, baked tilapia, or mushroom ravioli at $35 per person including tax, gratuity and non-alcoholic beverage. Contact Mary Lou Hicks after you make your hotel reservation and your decision to attend the dinner at 303-7113 Send checks payable to Oakmont Hiking Club for $35 each to Mary Lou Hicks, 7255 Oakmont Dr.


Follow the Tomales Point Trail to the old homestead site for about six miles round trip with around 500’ elevation gain. Expansive ocean views and possible elk sighting. Bring water and lunch. Leave Berger at 9 a.m. Hike leaders are Fred and Lavern Polkinghorn, 538-3738.


Salt Point State Park (photo by Maurice Fliess)

Hike starts at Bear Valley Visitor Center in Point Reyes, the Meadow Trail, Sky Trail to Arch Rock for lunch. Return to Visitor Center via Bear Valley Trail. Hike is 11.1 miles with 1,380’ of elevation gain. Layer clothing, water and lunch. Hike leader is Chuck Chenault, 539 1093. Leave Berger at 8:30 a.m.


This hike is in the Marin Water District and will start at the Bon Tempe dam. We will follow the north shore of the lake to Lake Lagunitas. We will circumvent Lake Lagunitas and return to the parking lot along the southwest shore of Bon Tempe Lake. The distance is approximately six miles with little elevation gain on good trails. We will leave the Berger Center at 9 a.m. Hike leader is Holly Kelley, 843-3155.


Salt Point State Park (photo by Mary Lou Hicks)

This through hike will cover about 8.5 miles in North Sonoma Mountain Regional Park and Jack London

State Historic Park. One group will begin at the Jacob’s Ranch trailhead for the new North Slope Sonoma Mountain Ridge Trail and hike to the trailhead near Jack London’s Beauty Ranch cottage. A second group will hike in the opposite direction. Elevation gain will be about 1,600’ or 1,900’, depending on starting point. Bring poles, water and lunch. Hike leaders are Maurice Fliess and Jim Gale, 536-9382 and 537-1123, respectively. Leave Berger at 8:30 a.m.


It is customary for riders to help drivers with gas costs on hikes away from the local area. A suggested amount is $5/person. Hikes are subject to change due to weather.

Table Tennis

nKay Kim

Table Tennis is an excellent exercise for the body, hand/eye coordination and special brain activity. We have an active Table Tennis Club in Oakmont Village. Come and join us to enjoy yourself. All skill levels are welcome. We play at the newlyinnovated West Recreation Center upstairs as per following schedule: Tuesdays: 10:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. Wednesdays: 12 noon–2:30 p.m. Thursdays: 3–5:30 p.m. Fridays: 3–5:30 p.m. Sundays: 12 noon–4:30 p.m. For Sunday play, you must bring your own partner. If you have any questions, call me at 539-4111 or call Bob Vogenthaler at 537-3040.

Home Care

Top 10 Reasons

to choose the #1 agency* in Oakmont KEEP THIS AD! See below.

Oakmont Law Offices of Edward Bernard Where Your Legal Needs Are As Individual As You Are

• Licensed in California & Nevada • 25 years experience • Trusts & Estates

#1 Quality. WeCare employs only the best caregivers. #2 Security. Employees are screened, bonded, insured. #3 Placement. Caregivers matched to clients’ satisfaction. #4 Supervision. Ongoing oversight of care. #5 Stability. 10 years in business. First agency in Oakmont. #6 Experience. Hundreds of satisfied clients. #7 Family-Owned. Highest standards. Not a franchise. #8 Reputation. Referred by clients and professionals alike. #9 Satisfaction. Guaranteed. #10 WE CARE! Caring for your family as we would our own. Keep this ad for a 10% discount on first month’s services.

• No charge for initial consultation Mon.–Thurs. 9am–5pm, Fri. 9am–12noon 6637 Oakmont Drive Suite B (in Umpqua Bank building)


Call TODAY for a free consultation:


*According to clients, employees, and healthcare professionals.

6528 Oakmont Dr. (next to Oakmont Market)


The Oakmont News / July 15, 2015


nBarbara Powell

The trip to UC Botanical Gardens and Alameda is starting at Berger at 8:15 a.m. on Thursday, July 30, and returning about 5:30 p.m.

OVA Invites You to Adopt a Dog

nMarsha Zolkower


Green Dog Rescue Project will be in Oakmont with adoptable dogs on the Berger Plaza (Patio) Thursday, July 23, 12 noon–4 p.m. Our adoption process is unique in that we spend a great deal of time with each animal, learning about their temperament, energy levels, disposition and social skills. We also learn their quirks and characteristics, taking the responsibility of helping to make great matches very seriously. Consider us the of the dog-to-human world.

2013 & 2014 Centurion Producer 2014 Quality Service Award


Summer is upon us and time again for the Walkers’ Annual Picnic which will be held at the Quail Inn on Thursday, August 20, from 12 noon–3 p.m. An allAmerican barbecue buffet will be served. The cost is $25 per person. The menu will include cheeseburgers, grilled chicken covered in barbecue sauce, Caesar salad, potato salad, baked beans, seasonal fruit salad, dessert, water and iced tea. (Please indicate on your check if you prefer a veggie burger). A no-host bar will be available. Following lunch there will be a rousing game of Bingo. Guests are welcome. Please make your check out to Oakmont Walkers and mail to Dolores Salidivar, 339 Valley Oaks Dr. by August 15. If any questions, please call Dolores at 539-1416. The Walkers Club puts on one event each month: nine bus trips each year to various places in the Bay area, an annual meeting in January, a picnic in August, and a Harvest Dinner in November. Walkers’ dues are $5 per calendar year. There is a one-time fee for a Walkers’ name badge—$6 for a pin-type or $8 for a magnet-type. Our club’s website is oakmontwalkers. com.

E-mail: Web:

Hello, neighbor!

Nancy Shaw 6580 Oakmont Dr., Santa Rosa, CA 95409 Realtor® Share My Enthusiasm! 707.322.2344

Kathy Crim CLU ChFC, Agent Insurance Lic#: 0A54498 4777 Sonoma Highway Santa Rosa, CA 95409 Bus: 707-538-7093

Please stop by and say, “Hi!” I’m looking forward to serving your needs for insurance and financial services. Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there. CALL ME TODAY. ®

Oakmont Cat Care Cooperative

nMary Ellen King, OCCC List Coordinator

Shared care for kitty when you’re away

Cat Care Coop members share care and feeding for kitty when traveling or during other times of need. All arrangements for care are made directly between members. We have members all over Oakmont so it’s easy to fine help near when you need it. Keep our list growing—join today! It’s free! It’s easy! It works! Please contact me for information and listing at 849-1581.

Only Three Days Left Until our fabulous Latin Jazz Concert delights Oakmonters! Featuring:

When: Saturday, July 18 6:00 p.m. Annadel Estate wine tasting, Carlos Herrera’s guitar, and substantial munchies by Oakmont Village Market. 7:00 p.m. Concert begins! Where: Berger Center Tickets: If any are left, they’re only $35. And, $20 is tax-deductible! The OCF is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Easiest: Get ‘em right now at the OVA office! Checks only, please. Also Available: Through these OCF Directors: Pat Amedeo (539-3371), Bob Chapman (538-5220), Pat Clothier (538-2549), or Sue Millar (537-1995). Limited Supply: When they’re gone, they’re gone. Your Donations Sponsor: Worthwhile Oakmont organizations and activities. Bottom Line: Have fun, get a tax deduction, and support Oakmont!

See you there! 1001013.1

State Farm, Home Office, Bloomington, IL

Assisted Living and Memory Care Apartments Now Available!

Learn More At (707) 200-7520

License # 496800996


The Oakmont News / July 15, 2015

Lawn Bowling

nGreg Goodwin


Perhaps I’m old fashioned, but I believe it is important to formally thank people in writing for their time, effort and generosity. The events of our club’s 50th Anniversary were made possible by donations from the following people and businesses: Ms. Dona Frank, CEO of Organicann; Jigar and Stephanie Patel, Jigar Wines, Inc.; Mike Ash, General Manager of Oakmont Golf Club; Laura and Dave Arcado, Oakmont Village Market; the Belmonte Family, VJB Winery; Larry from Oakmont Gardens, our good friends from the Sir Francis Drake Lawn Bowling Club in Plymouth Hoe, U.K.; Pete Matteoli, Figone Olive Oil Co.; and Ed McKee, Wine Barrel Creator. With the help from the following 50th Anniversary Lawn Bowling Club members and spouses, we were able to celebrate in style: Jeff Vanderheyden, Paul Wycoff, Linda Goodwin, Jack and Trish Diviney, Hans Ulrich, Mike and Bev Harris, Tony Lachowicz, Phil Bowman, Kar and Drew Hofmann, and especially the fabulous film editors of Where Were You In 1965? Frank and Dawn Longoria. Last, but not least, the cast of the Sir Francis Drake reenactment who did a splendid job of defeating the Spanish Armada: Colin Pegley, James Chang, George Hasa, Fritzie Amantite and I. All the 50th events were planned and happened due to the fabulous “Zazzle” Martha McKee. Thank all of you who donated, helped and attended the celebrations of our club’s 50th Anniversary. At the Brown Bag on July 2, a check was given to FISH representative, Sue Hattendorf, in memory of Rosemary Toby. The check came from the proceeds of the Sir Francis Drake Tournament and the sinking of the Spanish Armada.

nRay and Marie Haverson

Ray’s Famous Country Western Hoe Down And Bar B Que

WHEN: Saturday, August 29 WHERE: Berger Center WHO: Dry Creek Band with Charlie Baker TIME: Doors open at 4:30 p.m., dinner 5–6 p.m., music 6–9:30 p.m. COST: $30 per member, $33 per member’s guests, $45 per non-member; best deal is $47, includes membership through December 31. So dig out your western ware and come and enjoy our good old-fashioned Hoe Down. Yee Haw!


If you are not a member of Sha-Boom Events Club as yet you need to join now as membership has its privileges. Membership is only $12 per year per person from January 1 to January 1—that is only a $1 per month. This year your membership will end on December 31, so you may pro-rate your membership payment at $1 per month for the remaining months of the year. Please include the month you send it. Feel free to call us at 539-6666 or E-Mail: haversonr@ with any questions.

Membership application form

Please place your application in the Sha-Boom folder inside the OVA Office or you can mail it to Sha-Boom at 7111 Oak Leaf Drive, Santa Rosa, California 95409. Please make all checks payable to Sha-Boom Events Club. Name:________________________________________________________________________________________ Address:______________________________________________________________________________________ Phone:___________________________ Cell:____________________________ E-mail:____________________________________________________________ Name and date of event_________________________________________________________________________ Guests’ names__________________________________________________________________________________

Oakmont Lifelong Learning

nSusi and Paul Heidenreich, Co-Chairs

Spanish Armada before it was sunk by Oakmont Lawn Bowlers.


The group better known as the Four Seasons had a hit song many years ago titled “Let’s Hang On To What We Got.” Which brings us to Lawn Bowling. We will have a rematch with the Leisure Town Lawn Bowling Club later this summer. It’s our turn to host the matches, and we need some practice to hold on to the lawn bowling trophy. Start getting ready because they want the trophy back.


All Oakmont residents are welcome to try their hand at lawn bowling. Stop by the green any Tuesday during July and August from 9:30–11 a.m. Club members will show you the basics and you can try rolling a few bowls. Club bowls will be provided. Please wear flat-soled shoes. Questions? Can’t make Tuesdays? Call Tony Lackowicz at 888-1430 or Bill Livingston at 327-8180 to set up a separate time to play.


Watch it online at Board meetings will be available two or three days after a meeting. Also check out past videos.

Sonoma State University Expresses Thanks to the Oakmont Residents

Dear OVA Board and Community, We would like to thank the OVA board, staff and community for their support as we secured a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Sonoma State University (SSU) and Oakmont. We want to thank all of you for the resources that went into this at Oakmont, both human and financial, and greatly appreciate the collective effort. The partnership between SSU and Oakmont through OLLI has been a mutually-beneficial experience in Lifelong Learning for the past nine years, and we look forward to continuing our important work together. We also look forward to developing more complete connections between Oakmont and SSU, by

nBetsy Smith

integrating the Oakmont community into SSU’s OLLI family more completely. We look forward to seeing all of you at the Fall Open House/Course Preview on September 2, where you will be introduced to our impressive slate of Fall instructors, and also to Robert Eyler, the Interim Dean of the School of Extended and International Education. Carin Jacobs, Director of Lifelong Learning at SSU, will give a sneak peak of the many celebrations that will mark OLLI’s 15th year at Sonoma State. We hope you will join us in wishing OLLI a happy 15th birthday! With much respect and positive feelings for our future alliance, Rovert Eyler, Ph.D., Interim Dean, School of Extended and Intl. Education, SSU Carin Jacobs, Director, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, SSU

Zentangle™ Art Classes

Explore you creative side with the Zentangle™. If you can draw a dot, line, squiggly, circle or square, etc., you can do the Zentangle™ Art Method. You do not have to have attended any other Zentangle™ class to come. Everyone is welcome! Classes are on second and fourth Mondays each month. Check the schedule below for specific dates. Materials are provided. Be sure to call or E-mail me to reserve your space in class. Hope to see you in the next class!


Monday, July 27: Tangling with grids, circles, squares. Lots of fun! TIME: 4:30–6 p.m. Check it out! Time has been extended. We have more time to tangle! WHERE: Central Activity Center Art Room COST: $8 per class INFO: All supplies provided. Be sure to register before class starts to have a space. Call me at 321-2105 (cell), or E-mail


The Oakmont News / July 15, 2015

The Enocureans

nEllen Leznik

Our June 26 Cuban Pig Roast event at MichelSchlumberger winery was hot and fancy. Cubanthemed lunch prepared by Michel-Schlumberger’s Executive Chef Michael Pryor was delicious and beautiful surroundings made for a perfect setting for that very elegant event. Enocureans at the Cuban Pig Roast at Michel-Schlumberger winery

nMarti Hanna

Lit lovers! Have you hesitated to join a book club because you’d have to put down that good novel you’re reading in order to read “the book club book?” We’ve formed a club for those of us who can find the time to enjoy reading two short stories a month. The stories we read are all featured in the book, Best American Short Stories of 2014, edited by Pulitzer Prizewinning novelist Jennifer Egan. We discuss each story in depth, focusing on point of view, use of language, emotional impact, ambiguity, plot and characterization. Once you register, we’ll send you a detailed discussion guide as well as a list of dates and the stories to be read for those dates. Group size is limited to 25. REQUIRED BOOK: Best American Short Stories of 2014, edited by Jennifer Egan. Cost is $14.95. PLACE: In the Conference Room of the East Rec. Center DATES: The first Wednesday of each month from

nSusan Lynn

Michel-Schlumbereger Executive Chef Michael Pryor

Sunday, July 26, 5:30–8 pm Dinner at Himalayan Café and Grill in Santa Rosa

A taste of Himalayas is on the menu for the Enocureans’ July event. Rabin Dhoj Lama, Chef/ Owner of Himalayan Café and Grill, will serve us a real Himalayan feast. A native of Nepal (Northern India), Chef Lama has been working in the Nepali/ Indian culinary industries for over 21 years and will share with us the mystery of divine taste of the Himalayan cuisine.


Appetizers and Soup: Samosa Chaat—Tangy combination of apple and onion with crispy vegetable samosa served with yogurt, mint-cilantro and Tamarind chutney; Dal—Mildly spiced lentil soup; Fried Noodles of Himalayas—Stir-fried noodles gently tossed with flamed onions, bell peppers, cabbage, chicken and spices. Entrees: Vegetable Korma Curry—Fresh mix of vegetables and dry fruit cooked with olive oil and spices in coconut milk; Saag Paneer—Fresh homemade cheese cubes and fresh spinach cooked with spices in mild creamy sauce; Lamb Tandoori— Lamb marinated in lemon juice, olive oil and spices. Sides: White and Brown Rice, Garlic Cilantro Naan—Fresh organic garlic cilantro bread, Garlic Basil Naan—Fresh organic garlic basil bread. Dessert: Kheer—Old-fashioned homemade Himalayan-style rice pudding cooked with raisins, cashews, milk and spices. Beverages: Wine flight (four 3 oz pours)—KendallJackson VR Pinot Gris, Gustafson Family Vineyards Estate Riesling, La Crema Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir, Gustafson Family Vineyards Estate Petite Sirah. Nonalcoholic: choice of Mango Lassi or Iced Chai. The all-inclusive event fee is $48 per person for club members, $53 for non-members. To make your reservations or for any information about this event or joining the Enocureans, please contact me at el888@

Best American Short Stories of 2014 Reading Group Invites New Members 4–5:30 p.m. The remainder of this year’s meetings are scheduled on August 5, September 2, October 7 and November 4. CO-FACILITATORS: Oakmonters Susan Neurnberg, Ph.D., English Professor Emerita, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh and Marti Hanna, M.A., former secondary school English teacher Prior to the August meeting, please read the Foreword, the Introduction and the stories “Kattekoppen” by Will Mackin and “This is Not a Love Song” by Brendan Mathews. Please also read the contributors’ notes on pages 333 and 334. To register for this reading group, please send an E-mail to me at indicating your interest and include your contact information. If you communicate by telephone only, please call me at 595-1801.


“Music is everybody’s possession. It’s only publishers who think that people own it.” —John Lennon On July 16, join your fellow Boomers for Buddy! The Buddy Holly Story at the 6th Street Playhouse. Get a group together for a pre-theater dinner and make a whole night of it. Some Boomers will be meeting at Chevy’s, Jackson’s, The Pullman Kitchen, and Rosso’s Pizzeria (if you haven’t had the pizza with the fried egg, you owe it to yourself to try it). Curtain is at 8 p.m., so plan to meet early so that you have plenty of time to get to your seats. Order your tickets at www.6thstreetplayhouse. com, and remember to ask for the senior rate! WHEN: July 16, 8 p.m. WHERE: 6th Street Playhouse, 52 West 6th Street COST: $25 for seniors Also in July, St. Francis Winery continues its sixth “Stars Under the Stars Outdoor Film Festival.” Pack a blanket and/or a chair and settle in for a pre-show concert on the lawn. 1942’s Casablanca screens on July 16, followed by Back to the Future on July 23. Admission and popcorn are free and wine and food will be available for purchase.

to miss “A Hard Day’s Night” with the Beatles Flashback. Beatles Flashback is Northern California’s premier Beatles tribute band, playing all of your favorite Fab Four hits, and they’ll be returning to Oakmont on August 15. We’ll have food trucks from Velasco Mexican Food, Chicago Hot Dogs, and Palooza, and they will be open to all Oakmont residents, but the show is for Boomers and their guests only. Not a member yet? Become one online for just $10 at Tickets go on sale on July 15 and will sell out quickly. Make your reservations now by visiting, or complete the coupon below and leave it, along with your check (payable to Oakmont Boomers) in the OVA Office. Please be kind to our greeters and check in between 5–6 p.m. so that they can join in the fun. WHEN: August 15, 5–9:30 p.m. WHERE: Berger Center COST: $20 per person for members and their nonmember guests (limit of one guest per member, please) BRING: BYOB and cash for the food trucks

Boomer Trivia

If you thought that our Motown and Poyntlyss Sistars events were terrific, you definitely do not want

What was the name of Perry Mason’s opponent who never won a case? Find the answer on our website

A Hard Day’s Night with the Beatles Flashback RESERVATION COUPON AUGUST 15, Berger Center, 5–9:30 PM

Check-in for this event is from 5–6 p.m. Cost is $20 per member and non-member guest. Limit of one non-member guest per member. The two options you have to register for seating for this event are: 1. Reserved table for eight. Reservation must be accompanied by full payment of $160. The names of all of the people sitting at the table must be listed. Please be sure to include a party name for your table—example, Smith Party. Individual names: _____________________________________________________________________________ Party name: ___________________________________________________ Amount enclosed: _______________ 2. Unreserved seating. There will be several unreserved tables available. If you choose unreserved seating and wish to sit with friends, you should plan to arrive together when the doors open at 5 p.m. Full payment must accompany registration. Name: ________________________________________________________Amount enclosed: _______________ The deadline for reservations is no later than 3 p.m. Monday, August 10, but we usually sell out early, so don’t delay. You may also register and pay online at If you have questions, contact


The Oakmont News / July 15, 2015

nJoan Palma

Grandparents’ Club Summer Activities

The Grandparents’ Club has put together one week of activities that you and your grandchildren can share in. The summer program will run from Sunday, July 26 through Friday, July 31. The fun begins with a Welcome Party/Carnival on Sunday, July 26 from 3–5 p.m. at Oakmont Gardens. Games, prizes, The Balloon Guy, face painting, ice cream, cookies and more! New activities are “Music and Movement” for children ages 2–5 and “Social Time at the Pool” for all ages. If your grandchild is participating in tennis please have him or her wear scuff-free shoes so our tennis courts will not get marked up. We need lots of coins for our Coin Toss, both foreign and home grown. Donated coins can be left in the Grandparents’ Club folder marked to George McKinney’s attention.

Valley of the Moon Rotary Club

nRandy Ruark

Welcome to Bob Jackson, VOM Rotary Club’s incoming president. Bob has great plans for new and old endeavors. We will continue our breakfast meetings at the Quail Inn at 7 a.m. on Friday mornings. Please be our guest and listen to what we On July 1, our are doing and how you can add Rotary Club your time and talents to Rotary in members welcomed Oakmont. Bob Jackson as The Valley of the Moon Rotary their President for Club is searching for new 2015–16. members—men and women who want to contribute to the community and the world at large. Contact our Membership Director Marie Theilade at 575-6338. Our website is

Bocce News

nLynn Wycoff

What a busy summer this has turned out to be. Note that we have needed to make some changes in our calendar. The annual picnic will be held on Saturday, July 18, a week earlier than originally planned. The sign-up sheet is posted on the bulletin board for you to indicate what you plan to bring. There will be no tournament that day. There was a tournament on July 11 and also one on August 8. Also coming up is the annual kids’ day sponsored by the Grandparents’ Club. We will need volunteers to help with this event. It is really lots of fun and might recruit a whole batch of future bocce players. The event starts at 10 a.m. on Friday, July 31. There will be no regular games that day. Calls to reserve courts for family and friends are coming in on a regular basis. Be sure to plan ahead for these days as we cannot accommodate you if the courts are already spoken for. We will not doublebook as it could ruin a special family event. Also please respect reservations that are posted at the courts so that you do not interfere with someone’s special party. We need to remind you again to arrive on game days 15 minutes before starting time. When you arrive after the chips have been drawn and play has begun it causes confusion. If you arrive after 24 tags have been drawn you need to become a spectator or go home. We can only comfortably accommodate 24 players. Thank for your consideration. We look forward to seeing you at the courts soon!

GRANDPARENTS’ CLUB REGISTRATION FORM Grandparents’ name___________________________________________________ Amount included________ E-mail (required for confirmation)_________________________________________ Phone # if E-mail not available_________________________________ Sunday, July 26: Welcome Party at Oakmont Gardens for all ages, 3–5 p.m. # of children________ # of adults________ at $5 per person Monday, July 27, Music and Movement at CAC Art Room, ages 2–5, 10–11 a.m. Only 15 spaces available, others will not be able to participate. # of children________ Ages_______________________ Free Monday, July 27, Coin Toss at Central Pool, ages potty-trained–7, at 1:30 p.m. or ages 8–12 at 2 p.m. Each session will accept 25 children and they must be registered to participate. Ages potty-trained–-7: # of children________ Ages_______________________ Free Age 8–12: # of children________ Ages_______________________ Free Monday, July 27, Family Bingo at Berger Center for all ages, 3:15–4:45 p.m. # of children________ # of adults________ $3 per person Tuesday, July 28, One-Day Introduction to Tennis, West Courts, ages 6 and up, 10–11 a.m. # of children________ Ages_______________________ at $3 per child Tuesday–Friday, July 28–31, Four-Day Tennis Clinic, West Courts (8 and up, tennis experience required), 3:30–5 p.m. # of children________ Ages_______________________ $15 per child for four days Tuesday, July 28, Learn to Quilt at CAC Art Room, ages 7 and up, 11 a.m.–12:30 p.m. Only 12 spaces available, others will not be able to participate. # of children________ Ages_______________________ Free Tuesday, July 28, Wii Bowling at Upper West Rec. Center, ages 6 and up, 1:30–3 p.m. Only 24 spaces available at each session, others will not be able to participate. Two sessions available: Session 1 at 1:30–2:15 p.m. or Session 2 at 2:15–3 p.m. Session 1: # of children________ Ages_______________________ $3 per child Session 2: # of children________ Ages_______________________ $3 per child Wednesday, July 29, Puppet Play at CAC (ages 3 and up, must be accompanied by a grandparent). Only 12 spaces available in each session, others will not be able to participate. Two sessions available: Session 1 at 10–10:45 a.m. or Session 2 at 11–11:45 a.m. All materials provided to make a sock puppet. Session 1: # of children________ at $3 per child Session 2: # of children________ at $3 per child Wednesday, July 29, Table Tennis at Upper West Rec. Center, ages 6–16. Only 16 spaces available per session, others will not be able to participate. Two sessions available: Session 1 at 2:30–3:30 p.m. or Session 2 at 3:30–4:30 p.m. Session 1: #of children________ at $3 per child Session 2: #of children________ at $3 per child Wednesday, Family Fun Night at West BBQ area—pizza and games for all, 5–7 p.m. Only spaces for first 50 children who register with no limit on amount of adults. # of children________ # of adults________ at $7 per person Thursday, July 30, Robotics at Berger Center, ages 6–16, 10–11:30 a.m. # of children________ Ages_______________________ at $3 per child Thursday, July 30, Social Time at the Pool, all ages, 1–3 p.m. No registration required, just show up and have fun! Friday, July 31, Bocce Ball at West Rec. Center Bocce Ball Courts, ages 6 and up, 10–11:30 a.m. Only 24 spaces available, others will not be able to participate. # of children________ at $3 per child Friday, July 31, Making Pasta Noodles at West Rec. Center, ages 7 and up, 12:30–2 p.m. Only 12 spaces available, others will not be able to participate. # of children________ at $3 per child

Your registration is not complete until you receive a confirmation from Grandparents’ Club. Please write your E-mail clearly so it can be read. Last day to register your grandchild is July 21. You can pay in cash or make checks out to Grandparents’ Club and put in Grandparents’ folder in OVA Office along with completed sign-up form. For questions you can call Marianne Neufeld, 528-0161 or E-mail Joan Palma at Sorry, no refunds once registration is confirmed.


The Oakmont News / July 15, 2015

Oakmont Health Initiative Free Fitness Classes

nTeresa Woodrum

Mondays and wednesdays, 9–10 AM Berger Center

Mondays and Wednesdays, 9–10 a.m.: YMCA Healthy Living with JoRene, Tredia, Becky and Nicole form an exciting rotation of instructors from YMCA’s Healthy Living. Aerobic and mat work. Good balance and lateral movement are needed to safely participate in the Monday and Wednesday classes. Our Friday class is in transition. Your patience is appreciated. The Friday chair class format is attracting less than our desired 40 residents and will be cancelled. July 17 will be the last chair class. There will be no classes on July 24 and 31.

New plan! Beginning in August, our Friday format will be aerobic similar to the Monday and Wednesday classes. Equipment: Non-skid yoga mats, resistance bands (available in class), athletic shoes that are supportive but not too grippy, water bottle, knee cushion, cervical support. For more details on classes and instructors, please visit the Oakmont Health Initiative website: https://

nRichard Duncan

Fitness Club

EQUIPMENT: the new Teeter-Hangups Inversion Table What causes back pain?

Gravity is the culprit for many kinds of back pain. Due to its compressive force, the discs in the back lose moisture (like squeezing water out of a sponge) the discs dehydrate and allow the vertebra to move closer to each other. This increases the chance of pinching nerves, decreases flexibility, allows for misalignment and restricts the disc’s ability to absorb nutrients. You don’t just feel this compression, it actually can be seen. In fact, the force of gravity is so powerful that it can result in two inches of height loss by the time one reaches 70. What can be done to resist the long-term effects of gravity? One option is inversion therapy. Using a Teeter at just the gentle angle of 20 degrees or as much as 90 for just a few minutes encourages the spine and weight bearing joints to decompress and rejuvenate. One of our recent equipment acquisitions is a new Inversion Table manufactured by Teeter Hangups, to replace the original table which had become rickety. Initial reactions were mostly favorable, but a few were ambivalent: one of the early users, Robert Starkey, was not entirely happy with the new machine, complaining that it was uncomfortable and difficult to adjust. After several weeks of use however, he has changed his mind! Recently the OFC had the opportunity to sit down with Rob to discuss his experience with body inversion.

Oakmont HEARS

nJohn Taylor, HEARS Vice President

An Oakmont group to help you hear better

I regret to report that HEARS President Lynn Seng has resigned due to the demands of her many other activities. As our first prez she ably led the group through its first year. • OVA has procured a portable hearing loop. It is being tested for its potential usefulness in our small meeting rooms (the ones with lousy acoustics), so individuals with T-coil equipped hearing aids can get some help in deciphering the proceedings. • New sound equipment has been approved by OVA Board of Directors for the West Rec. Center which has staggered along with an interim low cost sound system. The upgrade will provide substantially improved hearing there. • A new microphone mixer was procured for Berger which now allows the hearing loop to be actuated during those meetings utilizing multiple mikes. • My own recent hearing at both the East Rec. Center and Berger is much improved due to the repaired and new microphones and the better techniques in holding those mikes by the various speakers. I am dismayed to report that the latest Costco Signature 6 hearing aids do not have T coils. They have blue tooth capability and can be controlled by a Smart Phone. However, without T coils a user cannot take advantage of the significant benefits of the hearing loops or avoid the feedback whistle on other telephones. Watch for a HEARS announcement this fall of an interesting program on “Hearing, Health, and Brain Fitness: the Proper Care and Feeding of the Brain.” Are there Oakmont residents who have procured any of the lower cost hearing aids/helpers available from the internet? If so, I would appreciate receiving information about their experience. Please contact me if you have done so.

it he got stuck upside down! But now that Rob has become accustomed to the new table, not a day goes by when he does not use it to stretch his lower back. He has even restored a couple of inches to his height measurement. If you are new to body inversion, please seek assistance from our trainer John Phillips or other experienced user.

Save the Date: Wednesday, Aug. 5, 1-2 PM Berger Center American Heart Association Presentation “Heart Disease in Men and Women: Is There a Difference?” Guest Speaker: Dr. Emily Conway, MD

The Fitness Club is hosting a presentation by Dr. Emily Conway, Cardiologist at Heart Institute in Santa Rosa. Dr. Conway is a dynamic speaker who will share information on heart disease and stroke. She will give heart healthy tips, discuss the signs of heart attack and stroke as well as how they manifest themselves differently in men and women and demonstrate hands-only CPR. Emily Conway, MD, practices general cardiology at Heart Institute. She is board-certified in internal medicine, cardiology, echocardiography and nuclear cardiology. Originally from North Carolina, she completed her undergraduate and medical degrees at Brown University. She performed her internal medicine residency at Thomas Jefferson University and cardiology fellowship at Lankenau Hospital in Philadelphia where she served as Chief Fellow. No charge for Fitness Club members, $5 donation requested for non-members.


nJanet Seaforth, Instructor

It turns out that Rob had originally experienced the benefits of body inversion when, as a younger man, he practiced yoga on the Island of Crete—using yoga ropes! Fast forward to recent months: Rob suffered a medical event for which a pharmaceutical solution was prescribed. This turned out to be a disaster and caused much pain, resulting in a long-endured bentover posture that caused a reduction in Rob’s height from 5’11” to 5’7”! After visits to chiropractors, stopping the medication and counteracting the effects of antibiotics with probiotics, Rob embarked on a program of twice-daily workouts on the fitness center’s old inversion table. His first experience was one of great surprise, as it was for bystanders, when loud popping noises could be heard coming from his spine. This phenomenon, known as “cavitation,” is caused by the formation of gas bubbles in the synovial fluid due to a decrease in pressure. It’s responsible for the sound of cracking knuckles and other joints Rob immediately felt better and that he was doing the right thing toward putting his vertebrae back in their correct position. The new Teeter Hang-ups machine presented a bit of a challenge because getting the right adjustments was a little tricky and, indeed, the first time he used

Qigong is the energy of the universe. It is the energy that makes up everything. As qi coalesces it becomes matter in all its variety of forms, until it disintegrates, in the constant process of change. It is the play of yin and yang. Nothing is permanent. All is change. Qigong is the energy work or practice, whether in movement or in stillness, that celebrates how energy in its various forms, channels, and forces move naturally to cleanse and harmonize the systems of our organic wholeness. We bring in fresh air into a relaxed body, and move our body in relaxed ways to maximize the body’s ability to absorb the oxygen that every cell in the body needs. We move our body to bring in the fresh energy and nutrients we need, and to take out the used energy and matter that are the waste products that we need to get rid of to maintain good health. We move our muscles, joints and organs to refresh the body in a relaxed and easy way. Come refresh your body on Friday morning at 8:30 a.m. at the lower West Rec. Center. Fee is $15/drop-in or $40/month. DVD is available for your home use. I have over 30 years experience. Website:


The Oakmont News / July 15, 2015

Tai Chi for Beginners nDr. Kate Ha, Faculty, Sonoma State University

With summer well on its way, now is the time to delve into this ancient Chinese exercise that will gently stretch your muscles and improve your balance as well as deepen your breathing and reduce stress. This class is designed for the senior who is not ready to embark upon aerobics or tennis. Come take a five-week workshop with us in the Upper West Rec. on Thursdays from 9–10 a.m. Tuition is $75 for the five-class workshop. Thursdays do not have to be consecutive in case you have a vacation or appointment coming up. Start any time. Pre-registration is required so call me at 318-5284. I am looking forward to talking to you.

nBetsy Smith

Cardio Fitness Aerobics Class

WHEN: Tuesdays and Thursdays, ongoing. Join any time. First class is free. No class on Tuesday, July 21 or Thursday, July 30 TIME: Tuesdays 5:30–6:30 p.m., Thursdays 4:30– 5:30 p.m. WHERE: Class is held at West Rec. Center COST: $6 per class or $40 for eight classes INFO: Please bring a mat, weights, and water if you have them. We have equipment if you do not have any, so come on down! INSTRUCTOR: Betsy Smith, 321-2105 (cell), bsmith@ Fun, aerobics and friendship are what you can expect by coming to the late afternoon aerobics class. The class is ongoing and you can join at any time. The aerobic format uses moderate aerobic moves designed to get your heart rate up and work your body! We finish the class with core and balance work. The music is fun and catchy and the class is designed for all levels. Call me for more information. Bring your friends! See you in class!

Balance and Strength Class

WHEN: Wednesdays. Join any time. First class is free! No class on July 29 TIME: 4:30–5:30 p.m. WHERE: Class is held at the West Rec. Center COST: $6 per class or four classes for $20 INFO: Please bring water, mat, weights and balls if you have them. We have equipment to share, so come on by! INSTRUCTOR: Betsy Smith, 538-8304 (home) or 321-2105 (cell) Better balance and strength are the goals of this class. Start to reach these goals by joining Balance and Strength (All the Toys) class. You can join at any time! Using equipment such as weights, bands, small and large balls and simple moves, we emphasize balance and work on strength. Any fitness level is welcome. You work from your base of strength. Catchy music and meeting new friends are some of the features of this class. Bring yourself, water, mat, weights and a ball if you have them. We do have equipment to share if you do not have any of your own, so please come and exercise with us!

Holistic Yoga

nDonna Connell (IYT)!

Come join this friendly, supportive, noncompetitive yoga class. We have been practicing yoga for everybody, at every level, since 2001! We use weights (in some of the classes) to promote upper body strength, which has proven to be very effective in promoting a strong upper body, core and improve the quality of the poses. This class focuses on strength, flexibility, a quiet mind, inner perspective and wellbeing. There are three classes to choose from for your specific needs. Gentle Yoga is on Monday at 8:45 a.m. All levels on Wednesday and Friday at 9 a.m. All classes are being held at the West Rec. Center. First class is free with the purchase of a pass, $75 for eight classes. This class focuses on the individual, at whatever level that happens to be. I enjoy helping students find their edge without injury. I emphasize the proper use of the breath on and off the mat. My goal is to have each student take the benefits they experience on the mat into their lives. I teach with compassion, understanding, intuition, a little humor and a clinical knowledge of the body and yoga philosophy, combining the physical, emotional and inner perspective. For more information E-mail donnapc21@gmail. com or call me at 799-3099. Website:

Water Fitness

SIR Robert Ripley Branch #53

nAl Haggerty


The upcoming Sons in Retirement (SIR) luncheon on July 22 will feature guest speaker Commander Charley Taylor, USN (Ret.). He will speak about the Pacific Coast Air Museum and his military experiences, including flying combat in Vietnam. The Pacific Coast Air Museum is located at the Charles M. Schulz-Sonoma County Airport. Founded in 1989, it is a non-profit organization whose mission is to educate and inspire both young and old about our aviation heritage and space technology, to preserve historic aircraft and artifacts, and to honor veterans. Charley will talk about the museum’s history, collection, plans, the Wings Over Wine Country annual air show and the impact of new TSA rules. Charley Taylor received his Navy wings in 1969. He flew the Grumman A-6 intruder during two combat cruises to Vietnam. Charley served 25 years, retiring in 1993 as a Commander. His tours also included A-6 instructor pilot; catapult and arresting gear officer on the USS Enterprise; in Washington D.C. during the Reagan administration; Naval Ocean Systems Center, including assignment to Desert Storm, and two tours at Commander Naval Air Forces-Pacific. He is currently writing two books about his military experiences. Over the past 22 years Charley has been very active in the public sector. SIR Branch #53 meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month at the East Recreation Center, 7902 Oakmont Drive. Our social starts at 11 a.m. with lunch at noon. Any Oakmont men interested in attending this presentation and/or membership should contract Vic Grail at 539-9574 or Don Green at 539-2046.

nCathy Rapp

Are there any rules? This question comes up in regard to water aerobics classes at Oakmont. There are really only three rules: 1. No unrelated conversations during class. 2. If it hurts, don’t do it! 3. Have fun! Please join us for a good time and a good workout. Water aerobics classes are being held at the Central Pool for the next few months while the West Pool is being renovated. To add your name to the water aerobics email list and receive news about classes, cancellations in case of rain (really?) or pool closures and our return to the West Pool, contact me at 5379281 or

summer 2015 water aerobics schedule Central Pool until west pool reopens in late july—we hope!

Equipment: Noodles and buoys are not provided, however, a limited selection of donated equipment is available to use and return. Free Classes through SRJC: Note: these classes run on the college calendar with breaks between sessions. Participants may decide to continue the classes during the break on a fee basis. Monday: 10 a.m.—Instructor Mary Tuesday: 9 a.m.—Instructor Mary Wednesday: 10 a.m.—Instructor Mary Thursday: 9 a.m.—Instructor Mary Friday: 9:45 a.m.—Instructor Julie Classes with a fee or free using a CD/boom box: Monday: 9 a.m.—Instructor Mary ($5) Wednesday: 9 a.m.—Instructor Mary ($5) Friday: 8:30 a.m.—Boom box (no fee)

nJerry Thompson

Our Next Meeting will be in August!

WHEN: Saturday, August 15 TIME: 1:30 p.m. Social, 2 p.m. meeting PLACE: We are meeting at the East Rec.


Dues are $10 per household. Three ways to join: 1) at any meeting; 2) a check made payable to OakMUG and sent to Justine Haugen, Treasurer, 8926 Acorn Lane, Santa Rosa, CA 95409; 3) or you may put your check into our file in the OVA Office. Members receive a discount on the entire catalog of O’Reilly and Peachpit books.


If you need technical assistance with your Mac or accessories, call Ronnie Roche, 573-9649 and Stephen Henry, 542-4668. Both are Certified Apple Consultants. General questions please call me at 539-3079, or E-mail

A free service to our membership

Send your Mac questions by E-mail to the following E-mail address: An OakMUG Mac expert will either get you an answer or will recommend someone who can.


WHEN: Tuesday, July 28 at 2 p.m. WHERE: Berger Center CIRCLE LEADER: Pam More


The Oakmont News / July 15, 2015

nTina Lewis

Current Events Discussion Group

The Current Events Group consists of lively discussions of current events, from local to international. Informed comments are voiced from across the political spectrum, from liberals to conservatives. Some prefer to just listen and learn, others offer to moderate. Whatever your comfort level, you will be welcomed when you join us. The discussions are moderated by volunteers within the group, and microphones are passed around to

nBarbara Bowman

enable everyone to hear. A $1 donation is requested.


• July 17: Don Valachi • July 24: Mike Flint • July 31: John Sebastian Join us on Fridays, 1–2:30 p.m. at the East Rec. and bring ideas of what you’d like us to discuss. For more information call 539-5546 or send an E-mail to

Movies At Oakmont

WHERE: Berger Center SCREENING DAY AND TIME: Sundays at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. HOSTS: Holly Blue, Barbara Bowman, Chris Decker, Ernie Erler, Al Haggerty, Carol Haggerty and Alexis Paradisoff-Melteff NOTE: All films are shown with English subtitles when possible

Sunday, July 19, 2 pm STILL ALICE


nJackie McDonald

On July 20 and 27, Bob Sorensen will bring The Rabbit Hole by David Lindsey-Abaire to Playreaders. Rabbit Hole won the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and was originally produced in 2005 by South Coast Repertory. The play had its New York opening in 2006 and also had a Spanish language production in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2010. Rabbit Hole deals with the way a family handles a major loss. Four-year-old Danny, son of Becca and Howie, is killed at age four when he runs into the street after his dog, Taz. Other characters include Izzy, Becca’s pregnant, unmarried sister; Nat, Becca and Izzy’s mother and Jason Willette, the 17-year-old boy who accidentally hit Danny with his car. Cynthia Nixon won the 2006 Tony Award for her role as Becca. Though dealing with a serious subject, Rabbit Hole has its comic moments as well. Readers are Jane Borr, Bernie Cheriff, Jerry Gow, Joyce O’Connor, Ginny Smith and Bob Sorensen.

When 50-year-old linguistics professor Alice Howland (Julianne Moore) begins having trouble remembering words, her symptoms ultimately lead to a diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer’s—which forces Alice, her husband (Alec Baldwin) and children to make radical changes in their lives. Moore, whose brilliant performance earned her an Academy Award and a Golden Globe, makes this an insightful and touching film. Kristen Stewart also stars. (2014), PG-13, 101 minutes.

Sunday, July 19, 7 pm THE GIRL FROM PARIS

Fed-up with city life, Sandrine decides to flee Paris and live out her dream of becoming a farmer. It’s love at first sight when she comes across a farmstead in the Rhone Alps, which she takes over from the cantankerous farmer Adrian. Sandrine is as confident she can run the farm by herself as Adrian is skeptical. The trials of the oncoming winter will prove them both wrong. A beautifully filmed and well-acted drama, the movie was nominated for two French Cesar Awards. (2001), NR, 103 minutes. (In French)


Readers of What We do for Love

Sunday, August 2, 2 pm MR. TURNER

In concert with the Oakmont Art Association, Movies At Oakmont screens this incandescent portrait of famed 19th century painter, J.M.W. Turner. The film spotlights his artistic genius, along with the eccentric and frequently insensitive behavior he exhibited in his private life. Timothy Spall’s masterful performance as Turner is complimented by beautiful cinematography, costume design and musical score, all of which were nominated for Academy Awards. (2014), R, 150 minutes.

Sunday, August 2, 7 pm THE JUDGE

Big city lawyer Hank Palmer (Robert Downey, Jr.) returns to his childhood home to defend his father (Robert Duvall), the town’s judge, who is suspected of murder. Hank sets out to discover the truth and, along the way, reconnects with his estranged family. Vera Farminga and Billy Bob Thornton also star. Fine performances by Downey and Duvall, with Duvall garnering several award nominations, including an Oscar nomination. (2014), R (for language), 141 minutes.

Sunday, August 9, 2 m AMAZING GRACE

Based on actual events, this historical drama tells the story of William Wilberforce, an 18th century English politician who launched an aggressive campaign to abolish British slavery, despite staunch opposition. A fascinating look at a time—and a man—worth remembering. Inspirational and moving, the film showcases strong performances from an impressive cast, including Albert Finney, Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Gambon. (2006), PG, 111 minutes.

Sunday, August 9, 7 pm BLACK SEA

After a former submarine captain is recruited for a deep-sea mission in search of lost treasure, the vessel’s hard-bitten crew begins to quarrel with one another, leading to dire and perilous consequences. Jude Law received high praise for his gripping performance as the captain in this suspenseful drama. Stunning underwater cinematography enhances the tension in this edge-of-your-seat action and adventure story. (2015), R, 114 minutes.

For Your Refrigerator/Wallet

Sunday, July 19, 2 p.m.: Still Alice, (2014), PG-13, 103 minutes. Sunday, July 19, 7 p.m.: The Girl From Paris, (2001), NR, 103 minutes. (In French) Sunday, July 26: No films shown, Grandparents’ Weekend Sunday, August 2, 2 p.m.: Mr. Turner, (2014), R, 150 minutes. Sunday, August 2, 7 p.m.: The Judge, (2014), R (for language), 141 minutes. Sunday, August 9, 2 p.m.: Amazing Grace, (2006), PG, 111 minutes. Sunday, August 9, 7 p.m.: Black Sea, (2015), R, 114 minutes.

Garden Club

nPeggy Dombeck


“The lesson I have thoroughly learnt, and wish to pass on to others, is to know the enduring happiness that the love of a garden gives. For the love of gardening is a seed that once sown never dies, but always grows to an enduring and ever increasing source of happiness.” —Gertrude Jekyll There is no Garden Club meeting in July.


• Apple, peach, pear and plum trees may be laden with fruit this month. To prevent limb breakage, use wooden supports to brace sagging branches. Also, regularly clean up and discard fallen fruit, since it might harbor diseases and pests. • When the first bloom flush starts to fade, trim back dahlias and fertilize them to encourage new growth. • Cut spent berry canes to the ground. Fertilize new canes. • Control powdery mildew, a fungus that likes dry summer conditions. Spray susceptible plants with a horticultural oil or biological fungicide. • Drain standing water from container saucers to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds. • Feed citrus. • Before the end of July, plant seeds or transplants of bush or pole beans sweet corn, green onions, cucumbers and summer squash.


The Oakmont News / July 15, 2015


Best prices on Gutter Guard installation! Careful, professional, quality work. Call Alex, 707-291-0429


Specializing in residential re-roofing. Top quality workmanship. Honest and reliable. Oakmont references. Free estimates. Lic. #673839. 539-4498.


Professional, experienced locksmith for all your security needs. Senior discount. Call today! 539-6268. Wayne Carrington, LCO #2411.


All trades, little fix-its and prickly puzzles. Plumbing, electrical, assemblies, gardening and pruning too! $40/hr. Helping Oakmont since 1988. Lic. #560098. Jay Williamson, 539-5217.


Welcoming new residents since 1975. Have valuable local community information given on every visit. If you are new to Oakmont and have not had a home visit, please call Charlotte at 538-9050.


Plumbing, electrical, appliance, heating and air conditioning, general handyman (I can fix just about anything). 30 yrs. experience. Honest and reliable. Lic. #B32925. Call 5369529, emergency—328-6635.


A to Z home maintenance and repair. Kitchen and bath remodel. Carpentry, tile, plumbing, electric, painting and gardening. No job too small. All phase construction. Lic. #966203. Call Lee Moen, 318-5591.



View profiles and direct hire your own caregiver in Sonoma County at www.

Oakmont preferred vendor. Interior/ exterior, power washing, decks, wallpaper removed. Will not be undersold. 575-5581. Lic. #834588.



Residential re-roofing, roof repairs, seamless gutters and downspouts. Quality for less. Bonded and insured, free estimates. Lic. #934256. Call 8375030 (office) or 569-4912 (cell).

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Speedy Service, Friendly Tutoring, complete support for PC’s, Apples and Mac’s, 300+ Oakmont customers served. John Bradford. 578-6305. $40/hour.


We have daily discounts for seniors and limited delivery. Located at 2425 Cleveland Ave. in Santa Rosa. Call 526-2800.

Oakmont News Classified Rates • Classified ads of 150 spaces or less, (payment to accompany this form) $25 per insert • Pre-paid standing ads of 150 spaces or less, for a period of 3 months (6 issues) $120 • Pre-paid standing ads of 150 spaces or less, for a period of 6 months (12 issues) $216 • Pre-paid standing ads of 150 spaces or less, for a period of 1 year (24 issues) $384

Reliable, caring, mature and affordable. Call 539-1286 (home) or 480-1224 (cell).

Macular Degeneration?

Pre-owned, low cost, low vision CCTV SYS can help. For sale, or rent with option to purchase program. For more information or a no-obligation demonstration call Jack Donnellan, 595-3790.


I am an avid walker and have started a dog walking, pet sitting business. I have a license with this city and am insured. References available. Please call Dan Lennox, 526-9154.


Caring for your pets as you would. Over 25 yrs. experience. Dog and cat care. Daily schedules and routines. Day OR overnight companionship. House sitting available. Insured and bonded. Call Alix, 637-6267, Sonoma.



Specializing in doors, screens, Hunter Douglas shutters and blinds, finish carpentry. Supply and installation. Free estimates. Oakmont references. Lic. #527924. 539-3196.


For all your plumbing and heating needs. Local plumbers in business since the late 20th century, licensed, bonded and insured. Same day service is often available. Money-saving coupons! CA Lic. #659920. Please call (707) 996-8683 or go to


Remodels, additions, efficiency and accessibility updates. Helping clients live comfortably in their homes since 1979. Call Craig Lawson, Oakmont Resident, 579-9088. Lic. #377330. Free estimates.


Heating season is here. Furnace check and service, $99. Expert repair, maintenance and unit replacement at low rates. 20 yrs. Experience. Call Bill, 230-0564.


Repairs done onsite or close location (24 Elaine Dr.) 15 yrs. experience. City lic. #303691. Call Ernie, owner, 573-0655.


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When quality and reliability count, call Trees, hedges and shrubs done with an on us! The Valley’s Premier Painting emphasis upon a natural look. Small Contractor, 38 yrs. experience. Interior jobs OK. Richard Garety, 833-1806. and exterior painting specialist, drywall repairs and textures. Licensed and insured. Call us for your Free Estimate today! 707-833-2890.



Huge selection of value-priced, new, used and re-conditioned golf carts for sale. Professional repairs, service. Many years servicing our friends in Oakmont. 584-5488.


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If you could buy Nuclear, Coal or Solar Power at the same price, which would you buy? Call me and let’s save the environment one home at a time. No cost out of pocket, free consultation, maintenance and warranty. Now is the time, 547-7661,



Oakmont Onsite Personal Computer Services. Call Chuck for all things computer. VOM Rotary member, computer instructor. References available, many satisfied Oakmont customers. $45/hr. 293-8011.


Home repairman in Sonoma Co. for 30 years. Focus on small jobs, projects and “honey-do” lists. Free estimates, very reasonable rates. Please contact me at or 533-7741. Thank you.


General Contractor. Residential, commercial remodel and repairs, winterization, complete drywall, tile, cement work. Fences, decks, ADA upgrades. Free estimates. Small jobs OK. Call Frank, 707-396-6901. Lic. #875552.

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Have your house cleaned by “Queen of Clean.” Specializing in Oakmont area. Excellent service and references. Valerie, 573-9842.


Available for Oakmont residents anytime. Commercially licensed, PVC #32055, and insured. Airports, cruise lines, wine tours and restaurants. Eight years professional driving experience. Call Chris at 206-5018.

A VERY SPECIAL KITTY Over 25 years experience and an eight- LOOKING FOR A LOVING HOME year Oakmont resident. Call anytime, 703-2926.

Her name is Cranberry. She is a 14-yearold beautiful calico who has some arthritis treated by a daily medication. Needs a quiet home with no cats. We’d love to see her have some good happy few years! Call Sonoma Humane Society at 542-0882.


ADDRESS CITY, ZIP $_____________



A space is a letter (including those in the heading), punctuation mark, and a space between the words in the ad. Additional $4 for the next 40 or less spaces. Whenever applicable, CA state license or certification number must be included. DEADLINE: 10 days prior to publication. Mail to: CJM Productions, 2105 Longhorn Circle, Santa Rosa, CA 95401 Tel (707) 575-7200 •

Oakmont News

…is owned by the Oakmont Village Association which, through its board, sets editorial policy. The OVA has contracted with CJM Productions to handle typesetting, layout, printing and free distribution of the Oakmont News, the latter by U.S. mail, to each home via 3rd class mail. CJM Productions also handles advertising for the Oakmont News. CJM Productions and the Oakmont Village Association assume no responsibility for the content of any ads that appear in the Oakmont News nor do we endorse or recommend any product or service advertised herein. CA law requires all CA licensed contractors to list their license number in their service advertisements. CA law also requires contractors performing work totaling $500+ (incl. materials & labor) must be licensed by the Contractor State License Board (CSLB) to work in California. For information contact the Contractor’s State License Board at


The Oakmont News / July 15, 2015

Oakmont Village Association oakmont village association

Hours: M–F 9 AM–5 PM / Tel 707-539-1611 / 6575 Oakmont Dr., Ste. 7 OVA E-mail: / Info E-mail: Website: OVA Members-Only Page: Go to the members only page to view the monthly calendar, Board Meeting Minutes, criminal activity information and more.

Available in OVA Office Gas Shut-off Wrench.....................................$7 Tennis COurt Key.............................................$2 Vials for Life...............................................FREE resident access card..............................$25 EA replacements......................................$50 ea Guest access card..................................$25 ea Emergency Contacts for Residents This form is confidential and used only in case of an emergency to notify your named contacts.

Blood Pressure clinic

Wed 10:30 AM–12 PM, Berger Center, Room D. Contact: Del Baker 539-1657.

Bulletin Boards

ova event notices There are three OVA bulletin boards, one at each recreation center, where OVA events can be posted. Please bring in notices to the Events Coordinator at the OVA Office. Size is limited to 8.5"x5.5". for sale, for rent and want to buy board Items “For Sale”, “For Rent” or “Want to Buy” can be put on a 3"x5" card and left at the OVA Office. Cards are posted on Thursdays and must be received by noon. The bulletin board for these items is located outside the Central (Berger) Auditorium. “For Sale” and “Want to Buy” items are posted for 30 days. “For Rent” cards are posted for 60 days. Please notify the OVA office at 539-1611 if you would like your card removed before the posting term ends.


Please contact OVA resident Bev Schilpp by phone 538-4293 or by E-mail wallyschilpp1@ if you would like to have published in the Oakmont News the name and date of death of your loved one.


The following are OVA Guest Pass types and duration: 1) Guest from outside Sonoma County— up to 90 days; 2) House sitters—up to 90 days (OVA host must present written request to OVA Office for approval prior to visit); 3) Guests living in Sonoma County—2 days per card, and no more than 3 cards per month. Guest cards are available during regular hours in the OVA Office for a $25 refundable deposit. Guests accompanied by their Oakmont host are not required to have a Guest Pass.

maintenance Office

oakmont News

Hours: Daily 6 AM–10 PM Tel 539-6720 Maintenance Building (next to Central Auditorium)

Tel 575-7200 E-mail:

Condominium Financial management (cfM)

Hours: M– Th 9 AM–Noon, 1–5 PM Tel 539-0701 / Fax 539-6537 6575 Oakmont Dr., Ste. 9 E-mail:

architectural office

OVA Accounting Tel 800-585-4297

Need a ride? give a ride! oakmont volunteer helpers We provide the following services to Oakmont Residents: n Transportation to medical/ dental appointments in Santa Rosa only n Grocery shopping to Safeway (at Calistoga Center only) n

COORDINATOR July 16–31 Lois Kelly 538-3278 August 1–15 Barbara Lowell 538-0333

Meals on Wheels, 525-0383

If you would like to be a volunteer, please call 528-0161. Donations to Oakmont Volunteer Helpers are appreciated and tax deductible. Mail your check payable to Oakmont Volunteer Helpers, 6575 Oakmont Dr., Ste. 7, Santa Rosa, CA 95409. Thank you.

Please call the Volunteer Coordinator listed here, 9 AM–5 PM, Mon.–Fri. Rides before 9 AM or after 4 PM are subject to limited volunteer driver availability. No service on weekends or holidays. Please call at least three full working days prior to appointment. We regret that we are unable to provide either wheelchair or emergency service.

Lost & found

Located in the OVA office. Unclaimed items will be discarded after 30 days.

Hours: M–F 9 AM–Noon, and 1–4 PM Tel 539-5810 6572 Oakmont Dr., Ste. A (for Association Maintained Homes)

2015-2016 OVA board of Directors E-mail: Frank Batchelor, President Andie Altman, Vice President Elke Strunka, Treasurer John R Felton, Secretary Bob Giddings, Director Alan Scott, Director L. G. “Herm” Hermann, Director


SUMMER SCHEDULE: Access to OVA pools is by magnetic card. Call OVA Office, 539-1611 if you need a permanent new member pool access card or to register for a temporary guest pool access card. West: 7 AM–9 PM (Closes 7 PM Wednesdays for cleaning) East: 8 AM–9 PM (Closes 7 PM Mondays for cleaning) Central: 7 AM–9 PM (Closes 7 PM Tuesdays for cleaning) JACUZZI HOURS: Same as facility. No one under 18 years in West and East pools and Jacuzzis. Central Pool Children’s Hours: 11 AM–2 PM (Exception: 12 Noon –4 PM Memorial Day Weekend thru Labor Day.) Children must be accompanied by an OVA member or an adult with a valid pool access card. NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY AT ANY OVA POOL. ALL FACILITIES CLOSED CHRISTMAS DAY.


Central Activity Center, 310 White Oak Dr. Daily 5 AM–9 PM. Closed at 7 PM on Tues. for cleaning. Closed Christmas day.

Goodwill Donation Truck

First Saturday of each month, Berger Parking Lot, 9 AM–1 PM.

Loaner equipment

The OVA office has a form listing Oakmont residents who lend out items such as baby furniture and sick room equipment (wheelchairs, walkers, etc.).

oakmont community garden on stonebridge

For more info on signing up contact OVA at 539-1611 or email Oakmontcommunitygarden@


Call Oak Creek RV & Storage, P.O. Box 2246, Santa Rosa, CA 95405. 707-538-3230


(Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program) Helps seniors with Medicare-related questions. By appointment only. 1-800-434-0222. Berger Center, Room D, on the 2nd and 4th Fridays, 1–4 PM.


Central Activity Center, 310 White Oak Dr. Hours: Daily 6 AM–9 PM. Closed Christmas Day. It is run by volunteers. All donations are gladly accepted. Materials we cannot use will be passed on to others.

OAS Management Company

Public Transportation Available in Oakmont CityBus #16 bus takes residents to n Sonoma County Transit #30 bus goes to 5 different shopping centers weekday Memorial and Kaiser Hospitals and downtown mornings and around Oakmont afternoons. Santa Rosa. Returns via Oakmont to Sonoma. n


Schedules available at OVA office.

Association Manager Cassie Turner

OVA Board Meeting 3rd Tuesday of the month—1 pm* in the Berger Center *All residents of Oakmont are welcome.

The Board of Directors of Oakmont Village Association reserves the right to select those articles submitted for publication that seem appropriate to the purpose of this association.

E-mail List Do you want to stay updated on what is going on in Oakmont? Join the OVA E-mail list. You will receive Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes, Oakmont Notices, Meeting Announcements and the weekly Manager's Newsletter. To join, go the Member’s Only webpage and click on the link to join the E-mail list.


The Oakmont News / July 15, 2015

nKathy Rueve

Creative Writing Class

Summer Vacation

The words take on a different meaning as we age. No longer is summer an extended break from school, more time spent with family and friends. Remember the delicious feeling of languid days with no end? Summertime is a great season to travel, a time to visit unfamiliar climes and locales, to do something out of the ordinary. Here at Oakmont, you might take up bocce ball or share long walks in the cool of the evening. You might play more and work less or simply enjoy the way the light lingers long after eight. Consider all the things you’ve wanted to do and see how many of them you can try. Have you thought about writing your family history to share with your grandkids? Or what about that great story when Uncle Al broke his leg climbing the Matterhorn and had to be transported down the mountain by a St. Bernard who refused to share a drop from the barrel of whiskey tied around its neck? You’ve got stories to tell, we all do. Try writing them down. If you’d like some help in a friendly atmosphere, you can check out our Creative Writing class. We’re here every Tuesday morning at 10 a.m. in the Berger Center, Room D, except for the month of September—that is when we’ll be gone for summer vacation. For more information call me at 829-1682 or E-mail: Hope you’re having a great summer.

Hi! My name is EDITH!

Oakmont Art Association

nCarol Decker


On Thursday, August 6, the Oakmont Art Association is planning a trip to the de Young Museum of Art in San Francisco to see the fabulous exhibit “J.M.W. Turner: Painting Set Free.” All Oakmont residents and their guests are welcome. The trip will cost $40 for bus and museum tickets. Add $6 if you want the audio tour. Buy your own lunch. Please enclose with your check your E-mail address or telephone number and the name and telephone number of a friend in case of emergency. If you are a member of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, your cost will be $25, if you enclose your membership number with your check. Add the $6 for the audio tour if you want it. Make your check out to Oakmont Art Association and send it to Sylvia Davis, 414 Crestridge Court, Santa Rosa, CA, 95409. July 20 is the last day for reservations. Be at the Berger Center parking lot by 8:40 a.m., returning by 4:30 p.m. The exhibition also will provide the rare opportunity to see firsthand some of the masterpieces featured in Mike Leigh’s critically acclaimed film Mr. Turner (Sony Pictures Classics, 2014). Mr. Turner will be shown at the Berger Center on August 2 at 2 p.m. Those going on the museum tour should be sure to see this film.


Mary Baum will be taking over Elizabeth Wonnacott’s oil painting class, which normally meets the second and fourth Mondays of the month. Please E-mail Mary for more information on summer dates:

Sufi Meditation Circle


A new exhibition was hung on July 11, and features the work of Kathy Byrne, Valerie Gardiner, and Beverly Rodman. Valerie Gardiner’s art education has been through daily practice, workshops, TV and video and art books. An avid and longtime member of the Monday Morning Painters group, she feels painting with artist friends has been particularly formative and instructive. She recently won a blue ribbon at the 2015 Gravenstein Apple Festival with her painting Back to School.

On the Russian River by Valerie Gardiner

Beverly Rodman started honing her artistic skills in oils as a teen in Baltimore, then went on to acrylics. For the past several years she has taken on the challenge of watercolor. In her early years, she studied at the Baltimore Art Institute, later taking courses at a Maryland junior college, and studying with noted watercolorists. She has completed commissions and displayed her work in many local shows, professional offices and outdoor events.

nJoAnn Halima Haymaker

Rumi, Meditation and Music

Come and find a respite from your busy life in the Circle of Peace. The Women’s Meditation Circle will meet on Wednesday, August 5, at 11 a.m. at my home, 147 White Oak Drive. There will be music, Rumi’s poetry, meditation and Sufi wisdom. Open to all women. It is helpful if you can let me know if you are coming: 537-1275 or

Painting by Beverly Rodman

petite & packed with personality!

dream job: tap dancer! AGE: 11 years


Kathy Byrne began her fascination with watercolor teaching pre-school children, watching them explore a variety of materials and colors. That encouraged and inspired her to explore the medium herself. She has shown in galleries and outdoor shows and received many awards. She won first place in the watercolor division for her painting Pots for Sale in the Art Workshop of Western Sonoma County’s Apple Blossom Fair show that was held on April 17–19.

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Painting by Kathy Byrne


The Oakmont News / July 15, 2015


July 15th, 2015 Oakmont News  

The July 15th edition of the Oakmont News

July 15th, 2015 Oakmont News  

The July 15th edition of the Oakmont News