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New Berger Committee Approved by OVA Board

November 1, 2016 • Volume 54, Number 21

Funky Fridays Planning for 2017 Season nMarty Thompson

nJackie Reinhardt

A new Berger Remodel Committee composed of people from construction and project management fields is being charged with moving ahead on the future of Oakmont’s oldest multi-use building. The committee, unanimously approved at the October OVA board meeting, will begin its work within 30 days, according to OVA President Andie Altman. Its primary focus will be to get cost estimates and identify financing for options put forth by the old Berger Improvement Committee. That committee chaired by former Board Member Bob Giddings, recommended securing reliable costs for reconfiguring the existing building with additional storage and/or a new lobby. Several board members, including Treasurer Elke Strunka, favored comparing a remodel with the costs of razing the existing Berger and building a new structure. Director Ellen Leznik sought to limit the committee’s focus to remodeling and improving the building’s life safety aspects and earthquake resistance. “It’s time to move forward and make a decision on how to proceed,” said Director Frank Batchelor. “If we don’t go forward, it’s not going to get done in my lifetime.” Altman said the new Berger Committee is expected to submit a proposed budget to the board for consulting with architects, engineers and other advisors. The Central Project Committee under Director Herm Herman will continue its work assessing the utilization of other OVA facilities and outside areas and ways to expand community feedback on future space needs. He reported there were “no surprises” in the results of month-long project requiring facility users to complete sign-in sheets. Hermann asked the board to direct staff to develop minimum standards for room usage as a guideline for groups and clubs using OVA facilities.

Oktoberfest in Oakmont

More than 100 people enjoyed German bratwurst or brockwursrt, sauerkraut or cabbage, pretzels, German chocolate cake and more (did we say beer?) at an OVA-sponsored Oktoberfest in the Berger Center Saturday, Oct. 8. Music and dancing to “Big Lou’s Polka Casserole.” (Photo by Anita Roraus)

Funky Fridays concert-goers on the Hood Mountain lawn. (Photo by Lynda Wilson)

Funky Fridays concerts raised over $50,000 for Sonoma County Parks during its first season at Hood Mansion, across Highway 12 from Oakmont, the Regional Parks Foundation reported. Money earned is earmarked for what the foundation termed high priority opportunities at Hood Mansion, the surrounding regional park and other Sonoma Valley parks. Founders Bill Myers and Linda Pavlak of Kenwood are “deep into planning” for next season, Myers said Oct. 18. Funky Fridays relocated from Sugarloaf Ridge State Park due to space concerns. It drew 6,000 people to this year’s 15 concerts, with the season-ending appearance by “A Case of the Willys” attracting 611 people—and that’s just people over 18, Myers noted. Melissa Kelley, executive director of the parks foundation, said Funky Fridays was brought to Hood

Mansion “to support our parks through live music, and this year’s series lived up to that mission.” Kelley cited contributions of Funky Fridays volunteers, parks foundation board members and staff, Rotary Club of Glen Ellen-Kenwood and the Santa Rosa United Soccer Club, along with food and drink vendors. “We’re very grateful to Linda and Bill and to all the great bands and to everyone who came out to the concerts,” Kelley said in a statement. She said the series also provided a bump in sales of Regional Parks memberships, which allowed free event parking. Myers said there is a wish list of improvements for next season as money allows, with a goal of “making it a better experience for the audience.” Myers and Pavlak, while pleased with this year’s lineup of bands, are checking out groups that might be worked into the 2017 schedule.

Residents Facing Crackdown On Landscaping Violations nAl Haggerty

Oakmont residents are facing a crackdown on homes which violate the policy restricting the use of rock in landscaping to no more than 15% in what Board President Andie Altman called a “new culture” of enforcing a policy as old as Oakmont itself. “Use it or lose it,” OVA attorney Sandra Gottlieb told the Oct. 18 board meeting. She said the board must “draw a line in the sand,” adding that “you can’t say this one can do it and this one can’t.” The board unanimously approved a motion to direct Gottlieb to draft a letter outlining the new policy. The letter will be published in the Nov. 15 edition of the Oakmont News. Director Gloria Young was absent. The sensitive issue arose when the Architectural Committee, which enforces landscaping policy, began surveying all Oakmont homes for landscaping violations, including too much use of rocks and seriously neglected properties. A recent survey by the AC indicated that hundreds of homes are violating the 15% rule, which applies to PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID SANTA ROSA, CA PERMIT NO. 323

property visible from the street, but does not include driveways and sidewalks. While details of the new policy are not clear, violators would be given a deadline to comply with the rule as set out in Oakmont’s Protective Restrictions. When a property changes hands, ownership would pass with a recorded covenant requiring the buyer to correct the violation. It was suggested that if complying with the policy results in “extreme hardship,” the owner might be given up to 12 months to comply or have the covenant come into play. Gottlieb emphasized the need to avoid “disparate treatment.” See board on page 3

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The Oakmont News / November 1, 2016

You are invited to an Educational


Brain Hearing and Technology Expo

will be provided

Please join us on Thursday, November 3rd, 2016 for a Brain Hearing and Technology Expo that includes a FREE LUNCH. Locally and nationally respected Audiologist, Bill Diles, M.A., will be discussing the latest and most innovative advances in hearing healthcare and answer any questions you may have about hearing loss. • We’ll clear up all the confusion about hearing devices.

Quail Inn Restaurant

• What is the relationship between aging, hearing loss & dementia?

7025 Oakmont Drive Santa Rosa, CA 95409

• Learn how to try different hearing aids before you buy them.

RSVP: 707-789-9191

• If you or a loved one are experiencing symptoms of hearing loss don’t miss this opportunity!

Thursday, November 3rd, 2016 Time: 11:30am We look forward to meeting you! Leave your checkbook at home. Nothing will be sold during this educational seminar.

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Owners, Gabriella Ambrosi, CEO and Stanton Lawson, CFO

Providing specialized care in Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Diabetes, Arthritis and Hospice | | Call us today for a free assessment at (707) 539-0500


The Oakmont News / November 1, 2016

OVA Proposed Revisions

Combined Swimming Pools Use Policy and Swimming Pool Rules Members, please provide your written comments, by Monday, November 7, addressed to: OVA—Pool and Spa Information and Rules, 6575 Oakmont Dr., #7, Santa Rosa, CA 95409. Thank you, OVA Board of Directors.

Pool and Spa Information and Rules

All pools, pool areas and spas are for the exclusive use and enjoyment of Oakmont residents and their guests. Pool and Spa Access and Rules: • Access to all pools and spas is controlled by the Electronic Access Card System. Cards are available to each resident in the OVA Office during regular business hours. (Electronic Access Card System Policy, Board approved Apr. 19, 2016) • Guest cards are available to members for guests 18 years of age and over in OVA Office. • Members and guests must use their access cards for each visit to a pool or spa. • Each household is limited to four (4) guests at one time and all guests must be accompanied by an Oakmont resident unless the guest holds his or her own Guest Card. Exceptions to the guest limit of four (4) may be approved by the OVA Manager on a caseby-case basis. • All persons are required to shower before entering the pool or the spa. Persons using oils or lotions mush shower after each application and before reentering the pool. • For safety reasons, no diving or jumping into the pools or spas. • No running in the pool areas. • Persons with bandages or with open wounds are not permitted in the pools or spas. • No food, beverage, glass, metal or other type of container in pool areas. Plastic water bottles are excepted. • Pets are not allowed in pool area except for leashed assistance dogs. • Proper swimming attire is to be worn while swimming. • Large flotation devices and large toys are not allowed in the pools, spas, or pool areas. • Children and adults not toilet trained are not permitted in the pools or spas.


• Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult in locker rooms or bathrooms. • Discourtesy or failure to observe pool rules may cause discipline of resident and may result in suspension of privileges.

General Information

Reserving Pools: Generally, pools or spas may not be reserved for private use or use that excludes other Oakmont residents. However, so me activities may limit general access temporarily. Examples of these are recognized fitness groups and grandparent’s week activities. • Requests for adding similar activities to any pool or shifting some or all of existing activities to another pool shall be made to the OVA Manager. Any changes made will be noticed in the Oakmont News and the weekly e-blast. • Recognized groups (Recognized Groups must be open to any Oakmont resident—Board approved Facility Use Group Matrix Jan. 15, 2013) may sponsor OVA approved events at any pool provided they are open to all residents. Requests for event approval must be made through the OVA Office. The Association Manager has the authority to grant or deny them. Children’s Hours: Children under the age of 18 may only use the Central Pool. The hours are described on signs at the Central Pool and in the Oakmont News and may be shifted with notice. Hours of Operation —Closures: Normal hours of operation of each pool and spa facility vary by location and season. The hours are published, bi-monthly, on the inside back page of the Oakmont News. The Central pool may be unheated in the winter for energy saving purposes. For emergency or maintenance related closures, members will be given as much notice on pool gates and in the Oakmont News as is reasonable under the circumstances.

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A proposal to add a fourth, fifth and possibly sixth row to the Oakmont Community Garden appeared headed for approval when the board expressed its intent to OK the expansion pending receipt of a cost estimate from Rick Aubert, facility manager. Manager Cassie Turner said if the estimate is under $10,000, bids would not be required. The proposal will be on the agenda for the Nov. 15 board meeting. Shirley Phillips, secretary of the OCG, said there are 11 on the waiting list for a garden, one of them since last February. Pat Olive, OCG president, had said that the addition of at least 24 new garden spaces would not only meet current needs but provide for the foreseeable future. The proposal calls for relocating the north fencing, posts and vole (field mice) barrier, which will require about 100 feet of side fencing. The OCG asks that the 150 feet of additional plastic water pipe be buried a foot deep for freeze protection. While the OGC asked for a fourth and fifth row, director John Felton said a sixth row might be added if it doesn’t involve significant additional cost.


The board continued to wrestle with a draft of new OVA Election and Voting Rules. Director Ellen Leznik said the 11-page document is “almost impossible to read,” but Altman said it was “far less confusing” than the current rules. After lengthy discussion of several sections of the rules, including the security of the

ballot box and the responsibilities of the nominating committee, Gottlieb was asked to revise the rules to reflect necessary changes. The revised document will be on the agenda for the Nov. 15 board meeting. A request from the Oakmont Fitness Club to charge a $15 fee for orientation for new members was rejected by a 4-2 vote when questions were raised concerning legal implications. Turner was directed to refer the matter to an OVA attorney to determine how the fee would affect the OVA. Virginia Katz, president of the OFC, stressed the need for the orientation. “Our orientation class is to protect the user,” she said. “There are inherent safety issues in a gym. The equipment use is not fully intuitive. In fact, we have a machine that clearly states that the user is to contact the trainer prior to using. There is no doubt that an orientation to the Fitness Center is needed.” The only question, she added, is who pays for it. The club now pays its trainer to conduct orientations for all new gym users regardless of whether they join the club, which is voluntary. The board appeared in general agreement with the need for the orientation and finding a way to provide it, including the possibility of making the club’s fitness trainer an OVA employee if necessary. The board unanimously rejected a request for recognition of an essential oils class, which would familiarize class members with the benefits of the oils. Directors expressed concerns that the class would promote the use of the oils and be profit-oriented and so would set a precedent.

Temperature Settings: The intended temperature settings vary for each pool as follows: Central 81–84°, East 80–83°, West 84-87° (Board approved facility pool and spa temperatures Sept. 15, 2015). All spas are set between 99–102°, but may vary in normal operation by a degree or so.


League of Oakmont Maintained Area Associations nCarol Callahan

We’d like to remind HOAs with rentals that it is the rental owner’s responsibility to notify their tenants about the Santa Rosa No Smoking ordinance and to post appropriate signage on any rented multi-family unit (duplexes, B and C units of triplexes and fourplexes). If the tenant has a lease for the unit, the owner must amend the language of the lease when it is due to be signed. The County of Sonoma has a very helpful website called Breathe Easy Sonoma County,, where you can find signage, FAQs, sample letters to tenants, and sample new leases available to download. You can also call their hotline, 565-6680. Sue Dibble on the LOMAA Board has been leading our effort to help HOAs manage this issue. She can be contacted at Our next monthly LOMAA meeting is Monday, November 7 at noon in Room B of the CAC.

Public Notice

Oakmont Village Association (OVA) Members Draft Election Rules The OVA Board of Directors is reviewing draft election rules for adoption this year. A hardcopy of these rules has been posted on the centrally-located bulletin board outside the Berger Auditorium as of September 21, in accordance with State law and OVA governing documents. The board requests any written comments be sent to Association Manager, Cassie Turner no later than Friday, October 21. Comments may be E-mailed to or mailed to the OVA Office at 6575 Oakmont Dr., #7, Santa Rosa, CA 95409. Thank you, OVA Board of Directors

Happy Hour 2–5PM, Tue–Sun $2 beer / $4 wine by the glass Catering and private banquet room available Hours: Tue–Sun, 11:30am–8pm 6576 Oakmont Drive, Santa Rosa



The Oakmont News / November 1, 2016


The Oakmont News / November 1, 2016

Oakmont HEARS

Hearing, Education, Advocacy, Research and Support nJohn Taylor, HEARS President

Lip Reading and Listening were presented by Dr. Peter Marincovich of Audiology Associates at the October HEARS meeting. The 35 attendees had a chance to practice a bit discovering that lip reading isn’t easy and requires learning and practice. Many of our English language consonants and vowels have unique lip positions which can be read to gain greater understanding. Roughly 25% to 30% comprehension can be achieved through interpreting facial and lip expressions. Listening is to hearing as understanding is to reading. Six listening skills were discussed.

Some local hearing news

• Audiology Associates had an open house on “Protect Your Hearing” on Oct. 27. • Kenwood Hearing’s new Oakmont office (in the old beauty shop on Stonebridge Rd.) is now open Tuesdays and Wednesdays. • Costco announced their new Signature 7 Rexton Hearing aids (now with T coils!) and controlled by iPhone for $1,699/pair. (Costco fits about 10% of all Hearing aids in the US). • The Veteran’s Administration continues to provide excellent hearing care and aids. The VA facility is off Airport Road. Veterans can sign up on-line. The VA dispenses about 20% of US hearing aids.

nPhillip Herzog

Just For Fun Game Club

We gather to play games of all sorts and have fun. We meet twice a month in the Card Room in the CAC: the second Thursday at 6:30 p.m. and the fourth Saturday at 1 p.m. You don’t need to bring any games. All you need to do is be there. You name it, we’ll play it! Games of all sorts: board games, card games, tile games, dice games, etc., easy games, strategy games, complicated games, luck games, whatever. We have the following games on hand: a poker set, several decks of cards, double 6 and double 12 dominoes, Bananagrams, Uno, Skip-Bo, Phase 10, Sequence, Rack-O, Cribbage, Monopoly, Sonopoly, Parcheesi, Clue, Thryme, Splendor, Indigo, Settlers of Catan, The Pillars of the Earth, Pictionary and someone usually brings Rummy Cube and Scrabble,

nTony Lachowicz


Visit our website:

Starting from the Berger Center at 8:30 a.m., we’ll hike into Annadel and to Lake Ilsanjo for a short break. From there we’ll climb to Henry’s Knob for lunch and awesome views. The return route will be via various trails. This is a moderately-strenuous hike of 10.5 miles with an elevation gain of 1,300 feet. Bring lunch and water. Hiking poles are recommended. Hike leader is Dave Chalk, 539-8847.

Roofing Specialists Lic. #976993

Stephen Curley, Owner We are an Oakmont Preferred Contractor with an impeccable record 3210-C Coffey Lane, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

(707) 546-4778 (707) 486-7426 (cell)


Hood Mt. Intermediate Hike view of Mt. St. Helena.

We’ll hike the Sonoma Bike Trail from General Vallejo’s home to Bartholomew Park Winery, where we’ll eat our lunch and then return. There are lovely views on this virtually flat hike. There is no charge to park at the Vallejo home. This is about five miles on a paved surface so it won’t matter if there is a light mist. Figure about four hours of duration. Bring water and lunch, sticks not needed. We’ll leave Berger at 9 a.m. Hike leader is Jean Reed, 538-3874.


Steep Ravine, Mount Tamalpais State Park.


A creekside hike of about two miles or slightly over with minor elevation gain. Good trails. One 0.4-mile spur that can be taken if group wishes. Regional Park Pass required. Leave Berger 9 a.m. We will hike with photo by Robert Couse-Baker

Stephen Curley Roofing inc.

showers but not with a downpour. Hike leader is Herm Hermann, 539-1657.


My Personal Experience

My adventures with hearing aids (HA) might be of interest. Back in the early 90s I procured my first pair called “computer” which were expensive but not very good. For the next 20 years I went to Costco and bought new models every four or five years. They were quite good and the service was excellent but when Costco went to a Signature model without T coils, I activated (after 65 years) my veteran’s benefits and now have Resound HAs with T coils. In the various meetings and classes in ERC, Berger and WRC I find the T coils are a great advantage. My hearing is very poor above 2,000 Hertz (cycles per second) which means that, even with excellent hearing aids, I have trouble deciphering the f, s, t, th consonants, whose sounds are in that higher frequency range, requiring lots of continuous rapid brain guesswork for me to decipher conversations. Especially useful is the wireless connection between my iPhone and the hearing aids which puts the telephone calls directly into both ears (much better than holding a receiver or even using a speakerphone). The APP on the iPhone lets me control the HA volume, bass, and treble and select defined programs for noisy restaurant, music, TV streamer connection, the T coil and use the microphone on the iPhone for remote voice input. Streaming music and audiobooks from the iPhone (and TV programs with a special streamer) directly to my ears is a great pleasure and when on the treadmill or trike I can turn off the HA microphones and reduce the ambient noise to hear the program better. Oakmont HEARS exists to improve hearing for our residents. Please make known your suggestions for meeting subjects and information desired, attend the HEARS meetings, and get on the HEARS E-mail list,

Splendor and Indigo. If you have any games that you would like to donate to the club temporarily or permanently, just let me know. We are always looking for more games to add to our collection. Play games that you already know or learn a new game. If we don’t have what you want to play, bring it with you. Those who are present decide which games to play or gamers can schedule ahead of time for certain games to play. The more the merrier! Our objective is to have fun. For more information E-mail me at stoetz@yahoo. com or call me at 843-3053. If you would like to join us, but our days and/or times don’t work for you, then let me know and we’ll see if we can adjust or add another time that works. We hope to see you soon.



If the hiking trail is more than 30 miles round trip from Oakmont, it is customary to compensate your driver at least $5 for gas.


Realtor®, Real Estate Broker Be sure to designate the

Sonoma Humane Society as your charity of choice.


From Bodega Bay, long and intermediate hikers will go to Mysterious Points south to watch the sunset and do a bit of beachcombing, before we all head back for dinner (Bring Your Own) around the campfire. We’ll watch the rise of the full moon, which will light the way for our post dinner stroll along the shore at low tide. Note the hike is on Sunday. The long hikers will depart Berger at 2 p.m. and the intermediate hikers will depart at 2:30 p.m. Long hike leader is Lynn Pelletier. Intermediate hike leader is Alex Bautista, 538-1190.


Home Listing Specialist, Real Estate Investments, Promissory Notes Secured by Real Estate

707-849-8995 6570 Oakmont Dr., Ste.110, Santa Rosa, CA 95409 CalBRE #00669675 / NMLS #355855

Knowledgeable, Competent, Reliable Service


The Oakmont News / November 1, 2016

OVA Office Work Begins

Garden Club

Art Under the Oaks

nPeggy Dombeck

nStaff Report


“Earth knows no desolation. She smells regeneration in the moist breath of decay.”—George Meredith, Ode to the Spirit of Earth in Autumn


Demolishing the interior of the building that will house the OVA Office began the week of Oct. 17. The building is in the Umpqua Bank complex, and was home to the OVA until five years ago. OVA expects to be in the remodeled quarters by year’s end. Shown here is space that formerly housed the Oakmont Library, and which will be the entry and lobby for the new offices. Blue Mountain Construction Services, Inc. is the contractor. (Photo by Marty Thompson)

Correction Regular maintenance of the West Rec. pool includes testing for chlorine, the pH factor, alkalinity and saturation index as well as backwashing. A story on Oct. 15 described the maintenance required incompletely.

45^fifl¢∞§ Home Care

Top 10 Reasons

to choose the #1 agency* in Oakmont KEEP THIS AD!

Denise Baxter, co-owner of Pricketts Nursery, will speak about forcing bulbs for the holidays, and bulbs for Spring blooming. She will bring bulbs for sale. She will also speak about and bring dormant spray for fruit trees and roses. WHEN AND WHERE: Tuesday, November 15, Berger Center TIME: Coffee, tea and socializing at 9:30 a.m., followed by the meeting from 10–11:15 a.m.

More than 500 people viewed “Art Under the Oaks” exhibits presented by the Oakmont Art Association on Oct. 14 and 15. “The quality of the art has grown exponentially,” said Wendy Lalanne, who has been chairman of the show for four years. “And every year we get more art,” she added. This year’s show drew 198 entries, displayed around the Berger Center. Also on display was work of three Santa Rosa Junior College art students, each of whom the club awarded $2,000 scholarships, funded by a raffle at the show.


• Shut off water as winter rains begin to arrive. With cooler days, you can mow your lawn a little shorter to keep it neat for a longer time. • Trim off spent blooms and remove summer annuals that have completed their job of brightening your yard. This is a good time to think about planting pansies and other winter loving annuals. • Once your deciduous trees have dropped their leaves, look them over for weak branches that can be pruned for overall health and development. Especially watch for wind damage and cross-over branches that should be removed. Dig up and divide grasses and perennials. November is a great time to plant California Native Plants. • If you compost, shred the leaves before composting by running a lawn mower over them or use the hand held machine that vacuums up the leaves and tears them into small pieces you can empty into the compost pile. • Heavy feeders such as roses and fruit trees should get a good dose of organic fertilizer, as the winter rain will allow the nutrients to penetrate into the ground, where they will break down and be ready to feed the plants in the spring.

Wendy Lalanne, art show chair, shows her painting Garden Delights.

Art Under the Oaks visitors look at photos by Jim Oswald, back to camera. (Photos by John Williston)

See below.

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6%^5^ A Tradition of Trust

Calling all Veterans McBride Realty would like to honor you by inviting you to ride aboard Rosie the Trolley in Oakmont’s upcoming Veteran’s Day Parade on November 11th. All veterans welcome. Enjoy music and refreshments along the parade route. We look forward to seeing you there!

Call TODAY for a free consultation:


*According to clients, employees, and healthcare professionals.

6528 Oakmont Dr. (next to Oakmont Market)


CalBRE #01151843 • 6520 Oakmont Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95409


The Oakmont News / November 1, 2016

In the Spotlight

Stinson Answers the Call for Volunteers

nGrace Boyle

Editor’s Note: This is part of a series of profiles of your neighbors, community members with interesting backgrounds who bring vibrancy to Oakmont.

It was difficult getting Bob volunteering. “I enjoy being part Stinson to agree to a Profile story in of the team,” he says of the many the Oakmont News. Stinson doesn’t and diverse activities that keep him toot his own horn nor does he want busy. anyone to toot it for him. But he has He has an important role in deep roots in Oakmont, loves living Oakmont Emergency Preparedness here and came aboard when it was earthquake and power outage pointed out that Oakmont needs drills as an amateur radio operator to hear about people like himself, providing sole communication who devote a lot of time making with the outside world. He’s a our community a better, safer place security volunteer and donor for to live. Broadway Under the Stars, also “It’s worthwhile to give back driving the accessibility cart for the to the community that I enjoy Bob Stinson in his emergency volunteer handicapped, and he’s one of the living in,” he says. “And I realize volunteers OVA relies on to give role. (Photo by Michael Reinhardt) Oakmont depends on volunteers.” informative tours of Oakmont. Be it a request to staff the Trione-Annadel Visitors You may have glimpsed him on a patrol hike at Center or a call from Wildlife Fawn Rescue, Stinson Trione-Annadel State Park or offering safety advice is ready to pitch in when the phone rings. You might at the Visitors Center. He served on the board of the say he’s an easy mark. Stinson admits: “I have a hard Computer Learning Center and he’s on the board of time saying no.” Oakmont’s two sanctioned duplicate bridge games— Stinson is a second generation Oakmonter. His he’s a Bronze Life Master. Stinson was a member of parents moved here in 1975 to live out their lives Grandparents Club until his grandchildren became comfortably with their son two hours away in Folsom. teens. Not yet retired, Stinson moved to Oakmont 14 years Stinson helps produce Oakmont’s Vintage Car ago. He recently moved to The Meadows—where he Show, the largest attended event here with some 3,000 couldn’t refuse becoming treasurer when the HOA to 4,000 viewers in one day. He owns a 1965 AC Shelby needed one. He has three children. Continuation Cobra. Finally, he’s a proud volunteer Stinson received a degree in communications for the Red Cross, staffing shelters in Oakmont and from Michigan State and a Master’s in counseling serving on the Community Development Education psychology from University of Michigan. He had two team that gives presentations in Sonoma and Marin careers, counseling and law enforcement. He was a counties. California State Employment Counselor and Certified Stinson sums it all up: “The measure of a person’s Rehabilitation Counselor, and a deputy sheriff and worth is what they leave behind in terms of what they parole agent. have done for other people. That’s one of the things I Once retired, Stinson transferred his energy to feel strongly about.”

Blues and Beyond Band nEd Kelleher

The recently formed Blues and Beyond Band is seeking additional band members. Member of this group should be able to play a band instrument. Our play list includes a mixture of blues, Dixieland, swing, and Latin jazz standards. With the exception of pianists, you will need your own instrument and a music stand. Music will be provided for you. We play arrangements in preparation for concerts and then jam from lead sheets for fun. Pianists and horn players will be especially welcome. We meet weekly for rehearsals on Tuesday evenings from 7:30–9:30 p.m. at the Berger Center. To join us or for more information, please contact me at 282-9191 or

Alan & Denise Scott, Realtors Experience you can trust CalBRE # 01376399 & 01766149

Direct: 707-486-8256

6520 Oakmont Drive, Santa Rosa

Oodles of Poodles! SONOMA HUMA NE SOC IETY

45^fifl¢∞§45^fifl¢%4 Topin






Read about us at!

so n o ma hu ma ne so ci et y

1931 2016

Santa Rosa 5345 Hwy 12 West 707-542-0882 Healdsburg 555 Westside Road 707-431-3386


Golf News

nChuck Wood



The Oakmont Golf Club and its members are very fortunate to have five great candidates for this year’s election of new members of our Board of Directors. With three vacancies occurring via the completion of the threeyear terms of Debbie Kiddoo, John Weston and Chuck Wood, the 2017 OGC Board will have three new faces.


9-Hole Thursday Women’s Club

The candidates are Tony D’Agosta, Judy Duport, Neil Huber, Gary Novak and Rick Warfel. You can find their complete résumés with photographs displayed in the glass case bulletin board outside of the West Course Pro Shop and taped to a window at the East Course Pro Shop. By going to our Oakmont Golf Club’s website (log in to the Members’ area then click on each candidate’s name) you can also view each résumé. And, finally, each OGC voting member will receive a set of the five résumés with the mailed out ballots by November 1. Please note: via the approval of the updated bylaws for our club, each member within a couples’ membership will now be able to vote individually on the slate of candidates. Each member will receive a ballot package. How about that?


October 6: 27 players, East Back Nine

First flight: first, Betty Van Voorhis; second, Liisa Karjalainen; third, Elaine Foote. Second flight: first, Roberta Lammori; second, Ellie Baciocco; third tie, Dee Johnson and Barbara Robinson; fifth, Elisabeth LaPointe. Third flight: first, Ada Branstetter; second, Marie Crimaldi; third, Cathie Cunningham. Fourth flight: first tie, Henni Wiiliston and Joan Eiserloh; third, Audrey Engen.

First flight: first, Ellie Baciocco; second tie, Barbara Robinson and Roberta Lammori; fourth, Josie DiBenedetto; fifth, Liisa Karjalainen. Second flight: first, Ada Branstetter; second, Joan Eiserloh; third, Henni Williston; fourth, Joan McDonnell; fifth tie, Audrey Engen and Jeanine Haggerty. Congratulations to our 2016 Eclectics overall winner, Elisabeth LaPointe, with a score 22 net. Our Oakmont WRENS Presidents Cup Team of Debbie Jaffe, Elaine Foote, Henni Williston and Linda Yates came in third place on October 5 at Black Rock. The beautiful new trophy and medallions were won by the home team. This has been the second year the home team has won, field advantage. Final WRENS is a November 9 Invitational golf with our luncheon at the Quail Inn. Planning Meeting for 2017 will follow. I think we will be dodging the rain soon. I know we need it but please, not on Thursdays. Upcoming event, the Holiday Luncheon at the Quail, is on December 8.



Wednesday Men’s Club

nRick Warfel

nValerie Boot

October 13: 18 players East Front Nine

Top row, left to right: Neil Huber and Rick Warfel. Bottom row: Gary Novak, Tony D’Agosta and Judy Duport.

The Oakmont News / November 1, 2016

9-Hole Monday Men’s Club

nTony D’Agosta

It’s that time of the year: Niner 2017 dues are due and payable by December 1. Notices will be sent out and dues can be paid by mail or in person delivered to Tony D’Agosta, Gary Stone or Dan Levin. Welcome new member, Otis Brinkley. Glad to have you aboard. We are preparing a revision to the bylaws where each Niner must be an NCGA member. This is to have a consistent handicap system. Currently, all Niners are NCGA members. More on this later. Meanwhile, Happy Golfing!

Sweeps results for October 10 Individual Low Net

First place: Art Boot with a net 31. Second place: Bob Ure with a net 32. Third place: Don Schulte with a net 32.5. Fourth place tie: Dan Levin and Charlie Perotti, both with a net 33. Sixth place: Jack Robinson with a net 33.5. Seventh place: Wayne Mickaelian with a net 34. Eighth place tie: Pat Hart, Paul Lawler, Tom Massip and John Munkacsy, all with a net 34.5. Twelfth Place Tie: Jim Norem and Gary Stone, both with a net 35. Closest-to-the-pin: Phil Sapp, 27’; Neil Huber, 29’7”; Gary Stone, 48’6”.

September 28, EAST 2-MAN SCRAMBLE

First place tie: David Beach/Alan Stewart, Tom Massip/John Munkacsy and Dick Scott/Frank Smith, 54. Closest-to-the-pins: #8 (HCP 24–up)—Frank Smith, 22’1”; #16 (HCP 0–24)—Tom Massip, 21’3”; #16 (HCP 24–up)—Frank Smith, 51’7”.

September 28, WEST 4-MAN SCRAMBLE

First flight (4.9–7.7): first, Andy Frauenhofer, Bob Ayers, Gary Smith and Ross Alzina, 58.3; second, Randy Kephart, Tom Kendrick, Bob Pond and Nick Beltrano, 58.9. Second flight (8.6–13.3): first, Dennis DeSousa, Bob Flores, Frank James and Chuck Mendenhall, 59.8; second, Phil Sapp, Bill Roberts, Gary Novak and Rick Warfel, 60.4. Closest-to-the-pins (HDCP 0–19): #8—Charlie Huff, 3’5”; #13—Bob Thompson, 15’3”; #16—Shelly Brodsky, 1’7”. Closest-to-the-pins (HDCP 20–up): #8—Ray Pierce, 6’5”; #13—Bill Smith, 10’2”; #16—Bob Ayers, 6’3”; #5—Ross Alzina, 12’6”.


First, Keith Wise, 56; second tie, Art Boot and John Munkacsy, 59; fourth, Bob Ure, 60; fifth tie, Gary Stone and Dan Sienes, 61. Closest-to-the-pin: #8—Gary Stone, 42’8”.


First flight (12.5–18.0): first, Jim Scinto, Bob Baciocco, Lou Lari and Bob Branstetter, 207; second, Bill Hainke, Charlie Huff, Bob Peterson and Frank Zelko, 215. Second flight (18.5–up): first, Bob Thompson, Ed Pierson, John Williston and (blind draw), 221; second, Bob Flores, Chuck Mendenhall, Dennis DeSousa and (blind draw), 224. Closest-to-the-pins (HDCP 0–19): #8—Shelly Brodsky, 3’1”; #13—Mike Hull, 12’9”; #16—Danny Morgan, 10’3”. Closest-to-the-pins (HDCP 20–up): #8—Sal Cesario, 15’0”; #13—Chuck Mendenhall, 1’2”; #16— Art Fichtenberg, 7’1”.


Until Winter Rules are declared by the pro shop, we are playing “Preferred Lies” which allow the golfer to lift, clean, and replace the ball within one club length in the fairway only. There are two things you can learn by stopping your backswing at the top and checking the position of your hands: how many hands you have, and which one is wearing the glove. Hazards attract. Fairways repel. You can put “draw” on the ball, you can put “fade” on the ball, but no golfer can put “straight” on the ball. A ball you can see in the rough from 50 yards away is not yours. If there is a ball in the fringe and a ball in the bunker, your ball is the one in the bunker. If both balls are in the bunker, yours is in the footprint. Don’t buy a putter until you’ve had a chance to throw it.


The Oakmont News / November 1, 2016


Senior Men’s Club

nJohn Williston

The 2016 Seniors’ season was finally completed with a trip to Stone Tree Golf Club on October 11. This was a last-minute opportunity to play with five other clubs. Altogether 72 golfers participated in a best twonet-balls-of the foursome format. As is usual on these away events, the breakfast and lunch were excellent and the event was well-organized. The greens were fast and tricky, with Stimpmeter readings in the 11s, (similar to Oakmont’s) and the course features a number of interesting holes. This writer hopes that we can return to Stone Tree next year.


First place: Smith, Keim, Fenz and Thompson, 120; second, Foley, Cuthbert, Mack and Lienart, 120 (cardoff); third, Gray, Godfrey, Greene and Bartlett, 121; fourth, Reuter, Ross, Yamaguchi and Lari, 123; fifth, Hastings, Kinoshita, Leary and Smith, 124. Closestto-the-pin (Oakmont): Bob Thompson, 9’9”. And that’s it for 2016. The 2017 calendar will be announced later in a preview column in this newspaper. In the meantime just remember that the 2017 Seniors season is only about six months away, (after Thanksgiving, Christmas, a Super Bowl, and the Oakmont Golf Club’s trip to Huatulco, Mexico in February).

18 nKathy Faherty

18-Hole Tuesday & Thursday Women’s Club TUESDAY

October 4: Patty Buchholz was low gross of the field of 26 players. First flight: first, Kris Peters; second tie, Leslie Clark and Judy Early; fourth, Mary Rossi. Second flight: first, Yoshi Smith; second, MaryAnn Gibbs; third, Charlene Buchold; fourth tie, Joan DiMaggio, Linda Kilpatrick and Carol Sharpe. Third flight: first, Betty VanVoorhis; second tie, Laurie Vree and Ellie Baciocco; fourth, Carol Locke; fifth, Vicki Eschelbach. October 11: Patty Buchholz was low gross of the field of 29 players. First flight: first tie, Kathy Mocricky; second, Judy Early; third, Patty Buchholz; fourth, Kris Peters. Second flight: first, MaryAnn Gibbs; second, Linda Kilpatrick; third, Yoshi Smith; fourth tie, Joan DiMaggio and Charlene Buchold. Third flight: first, Deborah Jaffe; second tie, Ellie Baciocco and Carol Locke; fourth tie, Jan Buell, Elaine Foote and Tammy Siela. Today’s game was “Beat the Pro.” The following 14 players “beat the pro” with a net score of 78 or less: Patty Buchholz, Kris Peters, Kathy Mokricky, Judy Early, Joan DiMaggio, Yoshi Smith, Charlene Buchold, Linda Kilpatrick, MaryAnn Gibbs, Carol Sharpe, Laurie Vree, Ellie Baciocco, Carol Locke and Deb Jaffe.


October 6: Kathy Mokricky was low gross of the field of 18 players. First flight: first, Kathy Mocricky; second, Kris Peters; third, Laura Bellows; fourth tie, Sallie Wood and Leslie Clark. Second flight: first, Carol Locke; second, Yoshi Smith; third tie, Linda Kilpatrick and Nancy DeSousa. October 13: Sallie Wood was low gross of the field of 15 players. First flight: first, Judy Duport; second tie, Sallie Wood, Kathy Mocricky, Yoshi Smith and Linda Kilpatrick. Second flight: first tie, Ro Nicholson, Leslie Wiener, Christy Rexford and Jane O’Toole.

Playreaders nNorma Doyle

On November 7 and 14 Ginny Smith will present The Odd Couple (the female version) by Neil Simon. The Odd Couple premiered on Broadway in 1965 and closed after 964 performances and two previews. The female version of The Odd Couple opened in 1985, and closed on February 23, 1986, after running for over a year. Simon has written more than 30 plays and nearly the same number of movie screenplays, mostly adaptations of his plays. He has received more combined Oscar and Tony nominations than any other writer and has also won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1991 for Lost in Yonkers. His style ranged from romantic comedy to farce to more serious dramatic comedy. In 1983 he became the only living playwright to have a New York theatre, the Neil Simon Theatre, named in his honor. Critics have noted the depths, complexity and issues of universal interest in his stories, which expressed serious concerns of most average people. His comedies centered on subjects such as marital conflict, infidelity, sibling rivalry, adolescence, and fear of aging. Simon’s facility with dialogue gives his stories a rare blend of realism, humor and seriousness which audiences find easy to identify with. In the female version we meet Florence Unger and Olive Madison in Simon’s hilarious classic. Instead of the poker party that begins the original version, Ms. Madison has invited the girls over for an evening of Trivial Pursuit. The Pidgeon sisters have been replaced by the two Constanzuela brothers. But the hilarity remains the same. Playreaders for The Odd Couple will include Jane Borr, Norma Doyle, Jackie Kokemor, Rebecca Kokemor, Jeffrey Sheff, Ginny Smith, Ron White, Sandy White and Evelyn Zigmont. Playreaders meet every Monday from 2–3 p.m. in the Central Activity Center, Room B. Visitors are always welcome.

Partners Contract Bridge nJeff Hickman

The Partners Contract Bridge group plays in the Card Room at the Central Activity Center on the first and third Mondays of every month. For November this means we will be playing on Nov. 7 and 21. Play begins by 6:45 p.m. and wraps up by 9 p.m. You keep the same partner throughout the evening and play three different opponent pairs. If you wish to play, please call Helen Hargrave at 539-5511 or me at 282-9350, or E-mail me at jeff@ (yes, .cc). If you enjoy bridge but haven’t played with us before, call! We are always happy to meet new people who enjoy bridge. We ask you to call in advance, rather than just show up, so that we can be certain that we have full tables and everyone can play. Even if you are a regular player but you did not attend the previous session, please call one of us so we can keep track of the number of players. It is always a bit of a struggle to ensure that we have full tables for the evening, so when in doubt, please call. While we can best accommodate pairs, we will try to find you a partner if time allows but cannot guarantee that we will be successful. See you at the bridge table.

Playreaders in It’s a Wonderful Life Radio Hour during early October were: (standing) Sandy White, Honora Clemens, Dennis Hall, Ron White, Norma Doyle; (seated) Max Fenson and Ginny Smith.

Playreaders in October for the play Doubt were: (standing) Sandy White, Honora Clemens, Anne Gero; (seated) Susan Baguette and Bob Sorenson.


The Oakmont News / November 1, 2016

Pickleball Corner nReenie Lucker


In accordance with club bylaws, the fall general meeting of the Oakmont Pickleball Club will be held on Friday, Nov. 4 at the East Rec. Center at 3 p.m.


Smiles and music filled the West Rec. Center on Oct. 15 as the harmonies and instruments of the folk music band “More Joy” spread, well, more joy. The charitable fund-raiser for the Sonoma County YWCA’s safe house for women and children victims of domestic violence raised more than $2,500. The money will be used to renovate the facilities at the home. Speaking at the event, YWCA Chief Executive Officer Madeleine K. O’Connell thanked the Oakmont Pickleball Club for sponsoring the event and praised Oakmont resident Katy Carrel for her tireless volunteer work on the project “Make a Room in Your Heart.” Oakmont pickleballers Iris Harrell and Ann Benson, founders and performers in the talented five-piece band, provided the gathered audience an evening of laughter, music, singing and socializing. They were joined by the talented musicians Ginger Walmsley on keyboard, Spike Connor on bass guitar, and Paula Filseth on violin.

Lawn Bowling

nPhil Bowman


Dave Cutler and Tony Foster from Plymouth Bowling Club joined us at our draw on Saturday morning, October 1. Each played the position of Skip on two different ends. Both won! Sometimes Seconds and Leads had some difficulty understanding instructions from their Skips. The Oakmonters didn’t have a dictionary, only Mike Harris could understand some of the lingo. Hand signals saved the day. Aussies, Heather and Allen Price also bowled with us that day. They are visiting the St. Helena region and we may see them again.


Open Singles: The field has been reduced to Tom Ternullo (reigning champion) and Jim MacAlistaire for the championship. Their match is expected to be played soon. The Leisure Town Rematch: The rematch was played Oct. 12 on the OLBC Green. The Vacaville group’s arrival was delayed due to traffic. Each squad had five teams and were to play two tenend games in the morning and another after lunch. Oakmont won four of the first five matches and all five in the second round meaning the traveling cup would stay in Oakmont until the next battle among these friendly Traveling Trophy. rivals. The captains of both squads decided to end the match after lunch. Tournaments for the rest of the year: Halloween— October 31 and Thanksgiving—November 22.


Soon—two days from now, November 3 at 1 p.m. at the Berger Center—is our annual meeting. We will have an election of officers and board members for the coming year. The Nominating Committee has nominated the following slate: President, Jerry Garland; Vice President, Bob Dodd; Treasurer, Tony Lachowicz; Secretary, Marilyn Garland; Directors, Jeannette Breglio and Carlos Curbelo. Additional nominations for these positions may be made from the Jeff Vanderheyden. floor at the meeting. Jeff Vanderheyden was elected to serve the balance of Bob Dodd’s term on the board after Bob was elected to fill the vacant Vice President position. Holiday Pizza Party—December 2 As previously announced, instead of having our regular holiday party this year we are having a giftwrapping party. It’s not too late to sign up. Check the details on the bulletin board. Two days from now, November 3, go to the bowls room and choose a tag for a child from the Christmas tree. Then purchase a gift for the child and bring it to the party to be wrapped. After wrapping the gifts, we’ll enjoy pizza and salad, and the championship trophies will be awarded to the 2016 bowling champions, followed by the presentation of the Dorr Mott Award.


We still need a member to become the Webmail Manager. No experience required. Training is available.


Attach check made out to OLBC—Holiday Party. Place in OLBC Holiday Party Folder in OVA Office. Singer and songwriter Iris Harrell of More Joy! performs with Ann Benson.

Name(s) _______________________________________________________________________________________ Phone ________________________________ E-mail __________________________________________________ Cost: $20 per person

Total Enclosed $_____________

Questions? Call Edie MacAlistaire, (503)313-7655

Musician and Singer Ann Benson with long-time friend Mary Sagehorn and Carol Green.

Wine and light refreshments were donated for the event by Sequoia Senior Solutions. Pickleball Club members and other supporters arrived smiling in spite of the day’s rain. Everyone left singing and feeling uplifted with an extra measure of fun and great music from More Joy!

Oakmont Pickleball Play Information

WHERE: East Rec. Tennis Court #4 WHEN: Courts open daily 9 a.m.–5 p.m.; group dropin play daily 9 a.m.–12 noon; new player orientation Tues. 9–10 a.m.; coached play Tues. 10–11 a.m. ATTIRE: Court shoes with non-marking soles EQUIPMENT: Balls are provided. Loaner paddles are available for orientation. Both paddles and balls are for use only on the Oakmont Pickleball courts. WEBSITE: https://oakmontpickleball.shutterfly. com NEW PLAYER CONTACT: PJ Savage, E-mail, phone 595-5648 Join the fun, exercise, and meet nice people.

We open doors! Phone: 538-5115 Fax: 538-0367 Just minutes from Oakmont at 4908 Sonoma Highway Santa Rosa

Nestled in the Heart of Rincon Valley 5013 Rincon Avenue, Santa Rosa— $1,299,000 Custom-built 3-bedroom/2-bath home on 3-plus acres with a barn, garden, fruit trees and hot house

Contact KG Phillips (707) 538-5115 or (707) 974-6244 BRE Lic.# 00560683

From condos to country estates. Rental property management as well as sales.


The Oakmont News / November 1, 2016

nBarbara Bowman

Bocce Club


Reminder: Winter play-time Monday through Saturday begins at 1 p.m. on November 1. Be there at 12:45 p.m. for the chip draw.


November 5 is the date for the Falling Leaves Tournament, our last tourney of the year. The tournament begins at 1 p.m., be there at 12:45 p.m. to get a spot. On December 10, we’ll gather at the East Rec. Center for our annual Christmas Party and final event of the year. President Sherry says there will be a fun surprise program after dinner! Look for the party reservation coupon in November 15 issue of the Oakmont News.


As is always the case, a large group of Bocce Club members gathered at the West Rec. to enjoy our members’ tasty dishes and get the latest scoop on the club, including voting for the 2017 board. The October 22 get-together was preceded by bocce play. More in the November 15 Oakmont News.


Does everyone keep asking your name when you’re playing bocce? That can be remedied by wearing your name badge. You say you’ve ordered one but don’t have it? Look in the basket in the bocce shed—it’s full of name badges still enclosed in plastic! Haven’t ordered one? Complete the form found in the Bocce Club folder at the OVA Office and attach a check to it. Questions? Contact Paul Wycoff.


It doesn’t seem possible that we can already be talking about paying dues! But, 2017 is just around the calendar corner. So, complete the coupon below, attach your check to it, and deposit it in the Bocce folder in the OVA Office. If you’re currently not a member, but would like to be one, now is the right time to join—your membership is good for the remainder of 2016 and carries over through 2017. It’s only $15 to belong to the Bocce Club—what a deal!


Return this completed form to the OVA Bocce folder, along with your check for $15/person, made payable to the Oakmont Bocce Club. Name(s): _______________________________________________________________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone: _____________________________ E-mail: _________________________________________________

Cal Alumni Association 0f Oakmont nJulie Kiil

CAL/STANFORD Big Game November 19, East Rec. Center

The big game will be seen on November 19 at the East Rec. Center. The time will be announced by the TV carrier about November 14. Please join us to champion our team. Hearty appetizers, sodas, water, coffee and ice will be provided by

the Oakmont Village Market. For spirits it is BYOB. Seating will be at round tables for socializing and viewing. All members and friends of Cal and Stanford are invited to the showing. The traditional passing of the axe will follow the conclusion of the game. Come one, come all! And make this the best Big Game celebration. Please send in your reservation no later than Friday, November 11.


Send check made out to Cal Club of Oakmont, Toni Hower, 7521 Oak Leaf Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95409, tel. 539-2203. Name _________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone _____________________________ E-mail _____________________________________________________ Cost: $20 per person Enclosed $20 x________ = $________ Donation to scholarship fund (optional) $________ Total: $________

Oakmont Law Offices of Edward Bernard

Valley of the Moon Rotary Club nJohn Brodey Have you lost it?

It doesn’t take much to get that feeling. I was driving home at night during the recent rain. I was heading towards Summerfield on Hoen and engrossed in a CNN interview when I realized I had no idea where I was. Nothing looked familiar. It was spooky. I couldn’t think of any logical reason for this kind of mental collapse. I was distracted, it was dark and wet, I was tired. All I could think about how much time it might take until my mind was completely shot. Fortunately, I was able to channel a recent speaker at our VOM Rotary breakfast meeting. Dr. Susan Londerville is a retired gerontologist who is currently serving as the medical director for Alzheimer’s Services for the East Bay. As I recalled her talk some very important facts came to light, facts that we should all keep in mind as we battle our worst fears. Dementia is a general term that encompasses an array of diseases that adversely affect brain function. Alzheimer’s is just one such cause. As it happens, Alzheimer’s accounts for 60–80% of all dementia cases. And while all Alzheimer’s patients have dementia, not all dementia sufferers have the disease. There are over a 100 root causes, including vascular issues, Parkinson’s, Lewy Body Syndrome and physical injury. The chronic and persistent disorder of the mental process due to these factors is characterized by memory problems, personality changes, inability to learn tasks and impaired reasoning. This is well beyond being forgetful, absent-minded, distracted or temporary confusion (whew!). Dementia goes well beyond these age-related mental lapses. When you think about it, like other body parts why shouldn’t the brain show some wear and tear? And what we are talking about here is a dramatic deterioration of cognitive functioning: the inability to form complete sentences, failure to remember basic details of one’s life. To put it plainly, there’s a big difference between forgetting where you left your car keys and not knowing what a key is when you see them lying on a table. The burning question still remains, “what are the warning signs of dementia?” For starters, decisionmaking becomes difficult, emotional changes take place, inability to problem solve, moving things to hide them, being confused as to a well-known place or relationship. As we all know, there isn’t a cure currently although some medications have developed that have shown the ability to slow the progression. So while we wait to see whether the odds will allow us to escape the ravages, what can you do to increase your chances? No surprises here: eat better than you have been, if you are being treated for an illness be a good patient, exercise regularly, and the number one thing you can do is immerse yourself in social interaction. Fortunately, you can’t do much better than live in Oakmont. Unfortunately, we are also warned to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. Hey, one out of two isn’t bad!

Where Your Legal Needs Are As Individual As You Are

• Licensed in California • 25 years experience • Trusts & Estates • No charge for initial consultation

AARP Legal Services Network Participant 537-2222 Mon.–Thurs. 9am–5pm, Fri. 9am–12noon 6637 Oakmont Drive Suite B (in Umpqua Bank building)

Home Owners/Buyers

trust • integrity • expertise and associates MLS FULL-SERVICE Brokerage 707-537-1169


The Oakmont News / November 1, 2016

Zentangle™ Art Classes nBetsy Smith

Explore you creative side with the Zentangle™. If you can draw a dot, line, squiggly, circle or square, etc., you can do the Zentangle™ Art Method. You do not have to have attended any other Zentangle™ class to come. Everyone is welcome! Classes are on second and fourth Mondays each month. Check the schedule below for specific dates. Materials are provided. Be sure to call or E-mail me to reserve your space in class. Hope to see you in the next class!

Coming up

November 14: Fall Leaves November 28: Christmas Tree TIME: 4:30–6 p.m. COST: $10 per class WHERE: Central Activity Center Art Room INFO: All supplies provided. Be sure to register before class starts to have a space. Call me at 321-2105 (cell), or E-mail

Lifelong Learning

nKathie Brix and David Dearden

300 At OLLI Fall Semester

Oakmont Lifelong Learning (OLL) marks a second decade of service to the Oakmont Community this fall with three sensational courses. Over 300 Oakmont residents and guests are enjoying six weeks of college classes, all without homework or tests. While reading is optional, each course includes lots of recommended titles from our instructors, and local Churchillophile, Jim Cotton, even brought books from his home library for others to enjoy. OLL Volunteer Coordinator, Kathie Brix, brought fresh popcorn for the audience in OLLI’s first ever film course and South American Sojourners gathered before class in late October for a special Peruvian lunch. OLL, like all Oakmont clubs, succeeds on the strength of its many committed volunteers. Registration, special seating, chocolates in the bowl, and much, much more are available each semester because our friends and neighbors make it happen.

nTerry Leuthner, President, and Carolyn Mack, Vice President

Oakmont Lanes Bowling Club is a Bowling League consisting of four-person teams that utilize Nintendo Wii to simulate the experience of bowling without the weight of a bowling ball. Any resident who has the ability of holding a small remote control in their hand while swinging their arm as if they were throwing a bowling ball will be able to join. Anyone interested in joining our club, either as a team bowler or substitute, please call Terry at 5389177 or Carolyn at 537-7347 or stop by the West Recreation Center on Tuesdays from 1:30–4:30 p.m. to see us in action. No bowling fourth Tuesdays. See for club information and Fall 2016 League Schedule. Bowling dates for November: Nov. 1 and 15. No bowling Nov. 8 (Election Day) and Nov 22, fourth Tuesday. Nov. 29—Fall League Playoffs.

CHRISTMAS PARTY December 6, 1–3 pm at Berger Center

All bowlers and substitutes are invited. Subs, please let me know if you can attend.

RESULTS AS OF October 18 (ninth week of Fall League)

1:30 PM League: first place, 4 Tops; second place, Strikers; third place, Pocket Hits; fourth place, Alley Oops; fifth place, Wild Turkeys; sixth place, Wii Four. Men’s High Games: Don Shelhart, 279; Terry Leuthner, 220; Juan Fuentes, 209; Al Thomas, 209; Charlie Ensley, 206. Women’s High Games: Kathryn Miller, 278; Robin Schudel, 267; Peggy Ensley, 266; Sandy Osheroff, 258; Mariel Green, 224; Elisabeth LaPointe, 213; Phyllis Jennings, 211; Mary Knight, 209. Subs High Game: Joanne Abrams, 224. 3:15 PM League: first place tie, High Rollers and Wii Power; third place tie, Pin Heads and Strike Outs; fifth place, Strikes & Spares; sixth place, King Pins. Men’s High Games: Mark Attebery, 235; Bruce Price, 235; Scott Harris, 228. Women’s High Games: Jan Blackburn, 269; Shirley Jamison, 269; Maurine Bennett,266; Valerie Hulsey, 256; Diane Price, 255; Vicki Jackanich, 234; Debbie Miller,234; Helen Herbert, 225; Nicole Reed, 214; Pat Stokes, 213. Subs High Games: Terry Leuthner, 235.

Thank you, one and all for 18 great classes this fall! Want to do some good work? OLL is welcoming new volunteers. If you are interested, please contact Volunteer Coordinator, Kathie Brix, at OLLI instructors are distinguished scholars in their field and this semester we had three of the best: Bob Kirk presented Man of the Century: The Life and Times of Winston Churchill; Tyra Benoit presented South American Sojourns: Travels through Tahuantinsuyu; and Barbara Spear presented Screwball: Hollywood’s Madcap Romantic Comedies.

Oakmont Art Association nCarol Decker

Oakmont Lanes

Bob Kirk, Tyra Benoit and Barbara Spear.


The trip is full with a waiting list.


There were 71 responses to the mini-survey recently sent to our members, asking questions about classes and workshops. Results showed that a little more than two thirds would be interested in taking a workshop or attending a recurring class. Concerning workshops, the preference was for one or two days. Two thirds preferred watercolor as the medium, with oil, acrylic, pastel and collage each about half as popular as watercolor. Landscape was the preferred subject, with cityscapes and still life also mentioned. The median preferred price per day was $100, although some would pay more. With regard to recurring classes, again watercolor was the preferred medium by nearly two thirds of the respondents. Oil, acrylic, and collage were each preferred by about one third. (You could choose more than one medium). Twice a month was the preferred

frequency, with the median price $20 a session, but a third would pay $30 a session. Lastly, the choice of subject was varied but landscapes had a clear majority. The board will use this information as input to planning classes and workshops for the new year.


Susan Ball is going to teach the ongoing oil painting classes every second and fourth Mondays from 12:30 to 3:30 in the art room at the Central Activities Center. Susan likes to paint landscapes and still lifes, lives in West Sonoma County, and her works are represented in several galleries, including Graton Gallery. She takes part in Art at the Source each year. Those wanting to join the class can contact her at


Classes with Ron Brown, Ikebana master, are held in the Art Room at the CAC, from 10 a.m.–12 noon on the second and fourth Fridays of the month. Cost is $15 per session.

Warming Trends Oakmont Special

FREE INSTALLATION of clean-burning gas, wood or electric inserts, and gas logs • High-Efficiency Inserts • Decorative Gas Log Sets • Clean Burning & Clean House • Push Button Fire • No More Spare-the-Air Alerts We provide a complete line of high-efficiency, clean-burning gas inserts, stoves, fireplaces, and decorative log sets, as well as all EPA certified wood-burning units. Our installers are our own employees and are factory-trained specifically on our products. NO CHARGE installation labor for Oakmont residents on fireplace changeouts. So, whether you prefer the traditional warmth and feeling of a wood fire or choose the more convenient option of gas, Warming Trends, Inc. is your clear choice.


#4 South A St., Santa Rosa •


The Oakmont News / November 1, 2016

Senior Social Club Benefit Concert! nTom Kendrick

Thanks to the untiring efforts of CARE (Oakmont Care and Resources for Elders) and the OVA, the Senior Social Club program is almost here!

On the evening of December 1, a benefit concert, Bob Dylan—The Early Years, will be held at the Berger Center. You will hear more about this in the coming weeks, but for now, mark your calendar!

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(Behind St. Francis Shopping Center)

nPennijean Savage

November 26: What does it mean to have a seeking spirit?

“Just as a person with a strong desire to make money puts lots of effort into doing so, a deep desire to attain enlightenment motivates us to make many efforts in faith through our practice and study of Buddhism.”—Living Buddhism, Oct. 2016, pg. 8. You are cordially invited to join us on Saturday, November 26 and learn more about the benefits of this Buddhist practice and life philosophy. WHEN: Saturday, November 26, 2:30–3:30 p.m. WHERE: 20 Glengreen. Look for SGI sign at entrance of Glengreen Street. Monthly SGI Nichiren Buddhist discussion meetings of chanting, study and dialogue are open to all Oakmonters and are free of charge. Call Judy at 548-0225 or Pj at 595-5648 for directions or more information. The meetings are held on the last Saturday of each month, except for holidays. See for additional information on Nichiren Buddhism.


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Tire Store


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Calistoga Road Hwy 12

Discounts to Oakmont Residents Mon–Fri 9AM–5PM, Sat by appointment only 116 Calistoga Road, Santa Rosa

November Buddhist Meeting

St. Francis Flooring

Construction License #879688


McBride Realty in conjunction with the Santa Rosa Chapter of Realtors invites you to share the warmth in its annual

2016 Winter Warmth Coat Drive November 1—December 9

Drop-off Box at McBride Realty 6520 Oakmont Drive (at the entrance to Oakmont) Receive one raffle ticket for each coat you donate & enter to win a bottle of wine and a $100 gift basket full of goodies for your holiday party. Drawing will be held December 10. Please go through your closets & donate your extra coats to those in need. Ask your family & friends to help donate too! We will be collecting coats for men, women & children. Donated coats will go to:

• Vets Connect • Catholic Charities Homeless Service Center • Redwood Covenant Church Charities • Redwood Gospel Mission

707-538-2270 • 6520 Oakmont Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95409

CalBRE #01151843

november, 2016



This calendar does not reflect all events scheduled. Changes made on or after the 15th may not be reflected.






1 2 3 4 5


9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:30 AM Community Church BC 10:30 AM Sunday Symposium E 12:00 PM Table Tennis UW 2:00 PM Movies at Oakmont BC 7:00 PM Movies at Oakmont BC


8:45 AM Yoga Holistic LW 9:00 AM Visual Aids UW 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Free Fitness Class BC 9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:00 AM Yoga Women’s LW 10:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 11:15 AM Line Dancing LW 12:00 PM Canasta CR 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 12:30 PM American Mah Jongg E 1:00 PM Bocce 2:00 PM Interval Training LW 2:00 PM Bridge Practice CR 2:00 PM Playreaders B 3:00 PM Circulo Español Ste 6 6:15 PM Line Dancing BC 6:45 PM Mon Night Contract Bridge CR

8:00 AM Oakmont Car Club CR 8:30 AM Pilates UW 9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 9:00 AM Pickle Orient E Tennis Ct #4 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:30 AM Women of Faith Bible B 10:00 AM Pickle Beginner E Tennis Ct #4 10:00 AM SIR 92 Luncheon BC 10:00 AM Landscape Imp Comm G 10:00 AM Tap Class Adv LW 10:00 AM Card Making AR 10:15 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:30 AM Table Tennis UW 10:30 AM Oakmont Music Lovers E 11:15 AM Tap Class Inter LW 12:30 PM Cribbage CR 12:30 PM Forrest Yoga LW 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Bocce 1:00 PM Chess Drop-In CR 1:30 PM Needles & Hooks AR 1:30 PM Oakmont Lanes UW 3:00 PM Septuagenarian Group B 3:00 PM OVA Board Workshop E 3:30 PM Le Cercle Français G 4:00 PM Meditation AR 4:30 PM Aerobics LW 6:30 PM Oakmont Travel & Adv Club E 6:45 PM Bridge Duplicate CR 7:00 PM Blues and Beyond BC

9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Free Fitness Class BC 9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 9:00 AM Yoga Holistic LW 9:30 AM Bridge Practice CR 9:45 AM Petanque 10:00 AM Tai Chi Chuen UW 10:00 AM Fitness Water West Pool 10:30 AM Blood Pressure D 10:30 AM Yoga Men & Women’s LW 12:00 PM Canasta CR 12:00 PM Table Tennis UW 12:30 PM Bridge CR 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Bocce 2:00 PM Interval Training LW 3:00 PM OLLI BC 3:00 PM Cafe Mortel B 3:45 PM Let’s Dance—Together LW 6:15 PM Line Dancing BC

8:30 AM Kiwanis E 9:00 AM Pinochle Daytime CR 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Tai Chi for Beginners UW 9:00 AM Forrest Yoga LW 9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 9:30 AM Painter’s Open Studio AR 10:00 AM Domino Club CR 10:00 AM Spanish Class Inter B 10:15 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:30 AM Men’s Bible Study EC 10:30 AM Chair Stretch Class LW 11:30 AM A Course In Miracles UW 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 12:30 PM Chess CR 1:00 PM Bocce 2:00 PM OLLI E 3:00 PM Table Tennis UW 4:30 PM Strength & Balance LW 7:00 PM Church Choir Practice D 7:00 PM Bridge Mixed CR

8:30 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 9:00 AM Yoga Holistic UW 9:00 AM Free Fitness Class BC 9:30 AM Bridge Class CR 9:30 AM Balance and Strength E 10:00 AM Ikebana AR 10:00 AM Yoga Women’s LW 10:15 AM Ladies Friendship Bible EC 11:30 AM Tap Practice Inter LW 12:30 PM Bridge Duplicate CR 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Bocce 1:00 PM Medicare Seminar BC 1:00 PM Current Events E 1:00 PM Painter’s Open Studio AR 2:00 PM Interval Training LW 3:00 PM Table Tennis UW 3:00 PM Pickle E

6:00 AM Elections Government E 6:00 AM Elections Government UW 8:00 AM Oakmont Car Club CR 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 9:00 AM Pickle Orient E Tennis Ct #4 9:30 AM Women of Faith Bible B 10:00 AM Pickle Beginner E Tennis Ct #4 10:00 AM Tap Class Adv LW 10:00 AM Photo Steering Committee EC 10:15 AM Water Fitness West Pool 11:15 AM Tap Class Inter LW 12:30 PM Cribbage CR 12:30 PM Forrest Yoga LW 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Chess Drop- In CR 1:00 PM Bocce 1:30 PM Needles & Hooks AR 2:00 PM Parliamo Italiano EC 3:30 PM Le Cercle Français G 4:00 PM Meditation AR 4:30 PM Aerobics LW 6:45 PM Bridge Duplicate CR 7:00 PM Blues and Beyond BC

9:00 AM Yoga Holistic LW 9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Free Fitness Class BC 9:30 AM Bridge Practice CR 9:45 AM Petanque 10:00 AM Tai Chi Chuen UW 10:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:30 AM Caregiver Support Group B 10:30 AM Blood Pressure D 10:30 AM Yoga Men & Women’s LW 12:00 PM Table Tennis UW 12:00 PM Canasta CR 12:30 PM Bridge CR 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Quilting Bee AR 1:00 PM Bocce 2:00 PM Interval Training LW 2:00 PM Photography Club B 3:00 PM OLLI BC 3:45 PM Let’s Dance—Together LW 6:15 PM Line Dancing BC 7:00 PM Oakie Folkies UW





8:30 AM Kiwanis E 9:00 AM Tai Chi for Beginners UW 9:00 AM Forrest Yoga LW 9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Pinochle Daytime CR 9:30 AM Painter’s Open Studio AR 10:00 AM Spanish Class Inter B 10:00 AM Domino Club CR 10:15 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:30 AM Men’s Bible Study EC 10:30 AM Chair Stretch Class LW 11:15 AM OCDC B 11:30 AM A Course In Miracles UW 12:30 PM Chess CR 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Dialogue on Homeless E 1:00 PM Bocce 1:30 PM Music at Oakmont BC 2:00 PM Finance Committee B 3:00 PM Table Tennis UW 4:30 PM Strength & Balance LW 6:30 PM Rainbow Women E 6:30 PM Pinochle CR 6:30 PM Just for Fun Game Club CR 7:00 PM Church Choir Practice D

8:30 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Yoga Holistic UW 9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 9:30 AM Bridge Class CR 10:00 AM Yoga Women’s LW 10:15 AM Ladies Friendship Bible EC 10:30 AM Art Association Board B 11:30 AM Tap Practice Inter LW 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 12:30 PM Bridge Duplicate CR 1:00 PM Painter’s Open Studio AR 1:00 PM Veteran’s Day Parade BC 1:00 PM Current Events E 1:00 PM Bocce 2:00 PM Interval Training LW 3:00 PM Table Tennis UW

8:30 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 9:00 AM Yoga Holistic UW 9:00 AM Free Fitness Class BC 9:30 AM Bridge Class CR 9:30 AM Balance and Strength E 10:00 AM Yoga Women’s LW 10:15 AM Ladies Friendship Bible EC 11:30 AM Tap Practice Inter LW 12:30 PM Bridge Duplicate CR 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Bocce 1:00 PM Current Events E 1:00 PM Painter’s Open Studio AR 2:00 PM Interval Training LW 3:00 PM Table Tennis UW

7:30 AM Pilates UW 8:45 AM Pilates UW 9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 9:30 AM Tap Practice Adv LW 9:30 AM Bridge CR 9:45 AM Petanque 10:30 AM Meditation B 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Bocce


7:30 AM Pilates UW 8:45 AM Pilates UW 9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 9:00 AM Drop-In Tennis WT 9:30 AM Bridge CR 9:30 AM Tap Practice Adv LW 9:45 AM Petanque 10:30 AM Meditation B 11:30 AM SIR Golf Luncheon E 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Bocce 1:00 PM OTC Awards Banquet BC

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9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:30 AM Community Church BC 10:30 AM Sunday Symposium E 12:00 PM Table Tennis UW 2:00 PM Movies at Oakmont BC 3:00 PM Single Boomers E 7:00 PM Movies at Oakmont BC


9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:30 AM Community Church BC 10:30 AM Sunday Symposium E 12:00 PM Table Tennis UW 2:00 PM Movies at Oakmont BC 7:00 PM Movies at Oakmont BC


9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:30 AM Sunday Symposium E 10:30 AM Community Church BC 12:00 PM Table Tennis UW 2:00 PM Movies at Oakmont BC 7:00 PM Movies at Oakmont BC

8:45 AM Yoga Holistic LW 9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 9:00 AM Visual Aids UW 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Free Fitness Class BC 10:00 AM Yoga Women’s LW 10:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:00 AM OakMUG Board Ste 6 11:15 AM Line Dancing LW 12:00 PM Canasta CR 12:30 PM Instructed Oil Painting AR 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Craft Guild E 1:00 PM Bocce 2:00 PM Interval Training LW 2:00 PM Playreaders B 2:00 PM Bridge Practice CR 3:00 PM Circulo Español Ste 6 4:30 PM Zentangle Art Class AR 6:00 PM Oakmont Progressives E 6:15 PM Line Dancing BC 7:00 PM Bunco Ladies Night CR 7:00 PM Single Malt Scotch Club B


8:45 AM Yoga Holistic LW 9:00 AM Free Fitness Class BC 9:00 AM Visual Aids UW 9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:00 AM Yoga Women’s LW 10:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:30 AM Bridge to Nowhere CR 11:15 AM Line Dancing LW 12:00 PM Canasta CR 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 12:30 PM American Mah Jongg E 1:00 PM Bocce 1:00 PM Oakmont Art Critique AR 2:00 PM Interval Training LW 2:00 PM Bridge Practice CR 2:00 PM Playreaders B 3:00 PM Circulo Español Ste 6 6:45 PM Mon Night Contract Bridge CR


8:45 AM Yoga Holistic LW 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Free Fitness Class BC 9:00 AM Visual Aids UW 9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:00 AM Yoga Women’s LW 11:15 AM Line Dancing LW 12:00 PM Canasta CR 12:30 PM Instructed Oil Painting AR 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Bocce 1:00 PM Genealogy Club UW 2:00 PM Playreaders B 2:00 PM Interval Training LW 2:00 PM Bridge Practice CR 3:00 PM Circulo Español Ste 6 4:30 PM Zentangle Art Class AR 6:15 PM Line Dancing BC 7:00 PM Bunco Ladies Night CR

8:00 AM Oakmont Car Club CR 8:30 AM Pilates UW 9:00 AM Pickle Orient E Tennis Ct #4 9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:30 AM Garden Club BC 9:30 AM Women of Faith Bible B 10:00 AM Pickle Beginner E Tennis Ct #4 10:00 AM Tap Class Adv LW 10:15 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:30 AM Table Tennis UW 11:15 AM Tap Class Inter LW 12:30 PM Cribbage CR 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 12:30 PM Forrest Yoga LW 1:00 PM OVA BoD Monthly Mtg BC 1:00 PM Chess Drop In CR 1:00 PM Bocce 1:30 PM Oakmont Lanes UW 1:30 PM Needles & Hooks AR 2:00 PM Parliamo Italiano EC 3:00 PM Septuagenarian Group B 3:30 PM Le Cercle Français G 4:00 PM Meditation AR 4:30 PM Aerobics LW 6:45 PM Bridge Duplicate CR\ 7:00 PM Blues and Beyond BC

9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 9:00 AM Yoga Holistic LW 9:00 AM Free Fitness Class BC 9:30 AM Bridge Practice CR 9:45 AM Petanque 10:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:00 AM Tai Chi Chuen UW 10:30 AM Blood Pressure D 10:30 AM Yoga Men & Women’s LW 12:00 PM Canasta CR 12:00 PM Table Tennis UW 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 12:30 PM Bridge CR 1:00 PM Bocce 2:00 PM Interval Training LW 3:45 PM Let’s Dance Together LW 6:15 PM Line Dancing BC 7:00 PM Oakmont Book Group B

8:30 AM Kiwanis E 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Tai Chi for Beginners UW 9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 9:00 AM Pinochle Daytime CR 9:00 AM Forrest Yoga LW 9:30 AM Painter’s Open Studio AR 10:00 AM Domino Club CR 10:00 AM Spanish Class Inter B 10:15 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:30 AM Men’s Bible Study EC 10:30 AM Chair Stretch Class LW 11:30 AM A Course In Miracles UW 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 12:30 PM Chess CR 1:00 PM Bocce 3:00 PM Table Tennis UW 4:30 PM Strength & Balance LW 6:00 PM Boomers BC 7:00 PM Documentary Films E 7:00 PM Church Choir Practice D 7:00 PM Bridge Mixed CR

8:00 AM Oakmont Car Club CR 8:30 AM Pilates UW 9:00 AM Pickle Orient E Tennis Ct #4 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 9:30 AM Women of Faith Bible B 10:00 AM Tap Class Adv LW 10:00 AM Pickle Beginner E Tennis Ct #4 10:15 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:30 AM Table Tennis UW 11:15 AM Tap Class Inter LW 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 12:30 PM Cribbage CR 12:30 PM Forrest Yoga LW 1:00 PM Chess Drop-In CR 1:00 PM Bocce 1:30 PM Needles & Hooks AR 2:00 PM Parliamo Italiano EC 2:00 PM iPad Sig D 3:30 PM Le Cercle Français G 4:00 PM Meditation AR 4:30 PM Aerobics LW 6:45 PM Bridge Duplicate CR 7:00 PM Blues and Beyond BC

9:00 AM Free Fitness Class BC 9:00 AM Yoga Holistic LW 9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:30 AM Bridge Practice CR 9:45 AM Petanque 10:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:00 AM Tai Chi Chuen UW 10:30 AM Caregiver Support Group B 10:30 AM Yoga Men & Women’s LW 11:00 AM SIR 53 E 12:00 PM Canasta CR 12:00 PM Table Tennis UW 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 12:30 PM Bridge CR 1:00 PM Bocce 1:00 PM Quilting Bee AR 2:00 PM Interval Training LW 6:15 PM Line Dancing BC 7:00 PM Oakie Folkies UW






8:00 AM Oakmont Car Club CR 8:30 AM Pilates UW 9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 9:00 AM Pickle Orient E Tennis Ct #4 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:30 AM Women of Faith Bible B 10:00 AM Tap Class Adv LW 10:00 AM Pickle Beginner E Tennis Ct #4 10:15 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:30 AM Table Tennis UW 11:15 AM Tap Class Inter LW 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 12:30 PM Forrest Yoga LW 12:30 PM Cribbage CR 1:00 PM Chess Drop-In CR 1:00 PM Bocce 1:30 PM Needles & Hooks AR 1:30 PM Oakmont Lanes UW 2:00 PM Parliamo Italiano EC 3:30 PM Le Cercle Français G 4:00 PM Meditation AR 4:30 PM Aerobics LW 6:45 PM Bridge Duplicate CR 7:00 PM Blues and Beyond BC

9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Yoga Holistic LW 9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 9:00 AM Free Fitness Class BC 9:30 AM Bridge Practice CR 9:45 AM Petanque 10:00 AM Tai Chi Chuen UW 10:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:30 AM Blood Pressure D 10:30 AM Yoga Men & Women’s LW 12:00 PM Canasta CR 12:00 PM Table Tennis UW 12:30 PM Bridge CR 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Bocce 2:00 PM Interval Training LW 6:15 PM Line Dancing BC



8:30 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Free Fitness Class BC 9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 9:00 AM Yoga Holistic UW 9:30 AM Balance and Strength E 9:30 AM Bridge Class CR 10:00 AM Yoga Women’s LW 11:30 AM Tap Practice Inter LW 12:30 PM Bridge Duplicate CR 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Painter’s Open Studio AR 1:00 PM Bocce 2:00 PM Interval Training LW 3:00 PM Table Tennis UW

7:30 AM Pilates UW 8:45 AM Pilates UW Time TBD Cal/Stanford Game E 9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 9:00 AM Drop-In Tennis WT 9:30 AM Tap Practice Adv LW 9:30 AM Bridge CR 9:45 AM Petanque 10:30 AM Meditation B 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Bocce 1:30 PM OakMUG UW


7:30 AM Pilates UW 8:45 AM Pilates UW 9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 9:00 AM Drop-In Tennis WT 9:30 AM Bridge 9:30 AM Tap Practice Adv LW 9:45 AM Petanque 10:30 AM Meditation B 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Just for Fun Game Club CR 1:00 PM Bocce

Monthly Event Calendar is also available online at

AR Art Room (new building complex) E East Recreation Center B Meeting Room (new building complex) EC East Conference Room BC Berger Center G Berger Center (old library) BCFS Berger Center Fireside Room LW Lower West Recreation Center CR Card Room (new building complex) Ste 6 In OVA Administration Building D Adjacent to stage in Berger Center UW Upper West Recreation Center


The Oakmont News / November 1, 2016

Star of the Valley Church

Photography Club

nPete Hardy

nBob Crosby


nTina Lewis

The Current Events Group consists of lively discussions of current events, from local to international. Informed comments are voiced from across the political spectrum, from liberals to conservatives. Some prefer to just listen and learn, others offer to moderate. Whatever your comfort level, you will be welcomed when you join us. The discussions are moderated by volunteers within the group, and microphones are passed around to enable everyone to hear. A $1 donation is requested.

WHEN: Sunday, November 13, 8 a.m.–12 p.m. BREAKFAST: Pancakes, eggs, ham, sausage, juice, champagne and coffee COST: $10 adults, $6 children This event is supporting Nick’s Pantry which provides: food and Safeway cards for 60 families, two rooms at the Catholic Charities Homeless Shelter, Christmas Food Baskets and Present Program—food and presents for over 200 families, Kids Street School Lunch Program—nutritious lunches to 95 children on a weekly basis.


November 4: David Dearden November 11: Ellen Butterman Join us on Fridays, 1–2:30 p.m. at the East Rec. and bring ideas of what you’d like us to discuss. For more information call 539-5546 or send an E-mail to


WHEN: Wednesday November 16 TIME: 4 p.m. WHERE: Star of the Valley Parish Center, 495 White Oak Dr. COST: Bingo Cards $2 each; Baked Potato Bar with all the fixings and dessert $7 All are welcome. If you don’t play bingo, come for dinner at approx. 5:15 p.m.

45^fifl¢∞§ Open Thanksgiving 12 –7pm

The next meeting of the Oakmont Photography Club will be Wednesday, November 9 at 2 p.m. at the Central Activity Center, Room B. This is our venue for meetings from now on. We will be discussing “Composition, a Tool for Better, More Impactful Photos,” a topic of interest to all photographers from beginners to advanced. We will also be looking at other ideas for field trips. Non-members are welcome to attend their first meeting as a guest. We hope to see you on November 9 for some valuable tips on how to take better photos. We will also be looking at members’ work so if you have images you would like to show, please send them to me via E-mail at by November 5. We are looking forward to seeing you on November 9.

45^fifl¢∞§ Opening the Finest Doors in Oakmont in escrow 9 Oakgreen — Sweet little Sycamore 1 plan, $365,000

Marie McBride


Private Line 6520 Oakmont Drive

273 Belgreen Place — Manzanita model on the golf course with stunning garden

in escrow


14 Oakgreen — Owner has spared no expense in updating this home from top to bottom

420 Trail Ridge Place — St. Helena model with Hood Mountain views

sold CalBRE #01169355

Current Events Discussion Group

5997 Stone Bridge — Glen Ellen plan with park-like backyard

Are you thinking of selling this fall, or just curious about your home’s value? Please call me for a confidential and complimentary COMPARATIVE MARKET ANALYSIS.

Memory Care can be Care Memory different... can be Care Memory different... can be Care Memory different... can be Care Memory different... can be Memory Care We’re bringing an innovative different... new concept for Memory Care can be We’re bringing innovative to the Santa an Rosa area. new concept for Memory Care different...

We’re bringing innovative to the Santa an Rosa area. new concept for Memory Care We’re bringing innovative to the Santa an Rosa area. newIt can concept for Memory Care be different, let us show With our committed Pathways program, a Montessori-based philosophy We are to delivering a quality ofyou carehow! that meets We’re bringing an innovative towethe Santa Rosa area. for care, create a specialized, life-enriching environment the resident’s physical, social, spiritual and emotional needs. new concept for Memory Care that affords each individual maximum self-expression. Visit our Sales Office located at It can be different, let us show you how! With our committed program, a Montessori-based philosophy WeMendocino are to delivering a quality of care that meets toPathways Santa Rosa area. 490 Avenue, Suite 109, in Santa Rosa for care, wethe create a specialized, life-enriching environment We’re bringing an innovative the resident’s physical, social, spiritual and emotional needs. With our Pathways program, a Montessori-based philosophy for care, we create a specialized, life-enriching environment that affords each individual maximum self-expression. With our Pathways program, a Montessori-based philosophy We are committed delivering a life-enriching quality of careenvironment that meets for care, we create to a specialized, the that resident’s social, spiritual and emotional needs. affordsphysical, each individual maximum self-expression.

707-544-4909 for information about orthatcall affords each individual maximum self-expression. Visit ourprogram, Sales aOffice located atphilosophy With our Pathways It can beour different, letMontessori-based us show you how! new concept for Memory Care ‘Pioneer’ program! We are committed to delivering a quality of care that meets 490 Mendocino Avenue, Suite 109, in Santa Rosa for care, we create a specialized, life-enriching environment theor resident’s physical, social, spiritual and emotional needs. 707-544-4909 for information about call that affords eachSanta individual maximum self-expression. to the Rosa area. Visit our Sales Office located atthat meets It can beour different, let us show Reserve Now We are committed to‘Pioneer’ delivering aprogram! quality ofyou carehow! 490 Mendocino Avenue, Suite 109, in Santa Rosa With our Pathways program, a Montessori-based philosophy the resident’s physical, social, spiritual and emotional needs. fororcare, create a specialized, environment Opening Spring 2017! 707-544-4909 forlife-enriching information about callwe Visit our Saleslet Office located can beeach different, usNow show you at how! thatIt affords individual self-expression. Reserve our ‘Pioneer’maximum program! 490 Mendocino Avenue, Suite 109, in Santa Rosa We are committed to delivering a quality2017! of care that meets Spring 707-544-4909 for information callOpening theorresident’s physical, social,Office spiritual and emotional needs. Visit our Sales located at about Reserve Now our ‘Pioneer’ program! 490 Mendocino Avenue, 109,you in Santa It can be different, letSuite us show how! Rosa 707-544-4909 for information or callOpening Spring 2017!about ‘Pioneer’ program! Reserve Now Visit our our Sales Office located at

490 Mendocino Avenue, Suite 109, in Santa Rosa Opening Spring 2017! 200 FOUNTAINGROVE PARKWAY for information about or call 707-544-4909 Reserve Now SANTA ROSA, CA 95403 our ‘Pioneer’ program! RCFE License Pending VINEYARDATFOUNTAINGROVE.COM Opening Spring 2017! Quality senior living for those who have reached the age of sixty-two.

Quality senior living for those who have reached the age of sixty-two.


Reserve Now Opening Spring 2017!

RCFE License Pending

Quality senior living for those who have reached the age of sixty-two.

RCFE License Pending Quality senior living for those who have reached the age of sixty-two.

RCFE License Pending Quality senior living for those who have reached the age of sixty-two.

RCFE License Pending

Quality senior living for those who have reached the age of sixty-two.

RCFE License Pending





The Oakmont News / November 1, 2016

Oakmont Zen Sitting nElihu Smith

nRosemary Waller

OAKMONT ZEN SITTING Beginning November 16


Music at Oakmont proudly hosts the return of Musica Pacifica on Thursday, November 10, at Berger Center at 1:30 p.m. Since its founding in 1990, Musica Pacifica has become widely recognized as one of America’s premier Baroque ensembles, lauded internationally for both the dazzling virtuosity and warm expressiveness of its performances. The group has been praised as “some of the finest Baroque musicians in America” (American Record Guide) and as “among the best in the world” (Alte Musik Aktuell). Musica Pacifica’s eight CD releases have won national and international awards. Gramophone magazine hailed Dancing in the Isles as “one of the zestiest recordings of recent vintage.” Fire Beneath My Fingers was touted as “one of the most exciting Baroque recordings I’ve heard” by Audiophile Audition.


Each of the members of San Francisco-based Musica Pacifica is an acclaimed artist in his/her own right. Judith Linsenberg, recorder, has performed extensively throughout the US and Europe, including solo appearances at the Hollywood Bowl, Lincoln Center, and the Montreal Recorder Festival. She is a summa cum laude graduate of Princeton and holds a doctorate in early music from Stanford. Baroque violinist Elizabeth Blumenstock is a frequent soloist, concertmaster, and leader with the Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra, American Bach Soloists, and the Italian ensemble Il Complesso Barocco. William Skeen performs as Principal Cellist with Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra, American Bach Soloists, and Musica Angelica (Los Angeles). He has soloed on the viola da gamba with groups such as the Dallas Symphony and the Los Angeles Master Chorale, and appeared as continuo cellist with the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the San Diego Opera. John Lenti’s playing of the wondrous theorbo (a large lute with two sets of strings, both plucked) has been praised for its “nuanced beauty and character”

You are invited to a weekly Wednesday evening period of Zen Sitting (Zazen), 5:30–6 p.m. Cushions or chairs available. Please be prepared to remove shoes. For details, questions and Oakmont location please E-mail or call (217) 721-9888.

(Gramophone magazine). He has appeared with groups such as Apollo’s Fire, the LA Philharmonic, Musica Angelica, and Seraphic Fire. Charles Sherman is one of the leading harpsichord soloists in the country, praised by the Los Angeles Times as a “fluent virtuoso.” Previously a member of the Aulos Ensemble (New York), he joined Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra and Musica Pacifica in 1997. Special guest Ryland Angel, British countertenor, has built an international career on both the opera and concert stage, in repertoire ranging from the Baroque to new operatic commissions at major opera houses, concert halls, and festivals throughout Europe and the US. He has sung on over 70 recordings and film tracks.


Musica Pacifica’s Oakmont program is entitled “Chiesa and Camera: Virtuoso Vocal and Instrumental Chamber Music from Italy, 1650–1700.” Included will be works by major composers Corelli, Scarlatti, and Handel, as well as lesser-known gems from this particularly rich period in Italian musical history. WHAT: Music at Oakmont WHEN: Thursday, Nov. 10 at 1:30 p.m. WHERE: Berger Center ADMISSION: $20, at the door, or your season pass. Cash or check made payable to Music at Oakmont.

Fire in Trione-Annadel State Park! What Should You Do? nPat Barclay, Chair, Oakmont Emergency Preparedness Committee (OEPC)

The recent fires in Annadel and in the hills between Oakmont and Napa Valley have understandably heightened residents’ concern for their safety. So what should you do when fires occur? To answer that question we contacted Mr. Neil Bregman, head of the Santa Rosa Fire Department’s Emergency Preparedness organization. Here is what Mr. Bregman advises: If a resident sees a fire and does not see fire vehicles, emergency personnel, or aircraft responding to the fire, they should call 911 to report it. If fire services are visibly responding, do not call 911—it clogs up the communication lines. All residents should sign up for SoCoAlert, Sonoma County’s reverse 911 system. When an alert is issued, residents will be given instructions on how to respond. Depending on what communication method you sign up for, you will receive a voice message, text and/or E-mail with instructions on what to do (e.g. evacuate, shelter in place, etc.) To sign up, do an online Google search for “SoCoAlert” or call (866) 939-0911. If residents need to take immediate action and/ or if the SoCoAlert system is unavailable for any reason, personnel from SRFD and/or SRPD will drive the affected neighborhoods and use their vehicle bullhorns to broadcast instructions. If residents are

concerned but do not feel in immediate danger, they should monitor TV and radio for updates. Residents can also check the CalFire internet website and local news sites (e.g. The Press Democrat and local TV stations.) You can also call 211, the Sonoma County information line, that may be able to provide updates. Depending on the location and nature of the fire, residents may find themselves at risk before an alert can be issued. If a resident sees heavy smoke or a fire headed their direction, they should get in their car and leave. Per Mr. Bregman: “Load your pets and leave—do not wait for an alert or waste time packing personal items. And leave Oakmont—do not go to the golf course.” (The golf course offers no protection from wind-driven burning embers and the course’s trees and vegetation are a fire risk). If a mass evacuation is ordered, the CHP, SRPD, and/or SRFD will manage traffic control both within Oakmont and on Highway 12 if needed to ensure the safety of residents and to allow emergency vehicles to respond rapidly. What residents should not do is to drive toward the location of the fire or smoke. Not only are you potentially interfering with the ability of emergency vehicles to respond, but you may be placing yourselves in harm’s way!

nLaurie Hartmann

Who we are

We are a Christian fellowship assisting and supporting mature adults living out their spiritual faith; being made whole by the Word of God in loving community. You are warmly invited to Sunday Service at 10:30 a.m. in the Berger Center, 6633 Oakmont Drive. Pastor Brinda Peterson has begun a Sermon Series entitled, “10 Steps Closer to God.” As a community we will together move closer to the one who knows us best and loves us the most.

Midweek Bible Study

Join Allan Linton in our study of John. No homework required. We’ll read through Scripture, ask questions and apply the truths we discover to our lives. All are welcome at any time. WHERE: Oakmont Gardens, Room 106 WHEN: Tuesdays, 1:30–2:30 p.m.


Rehearsals for the December 11 am Christmas Concert are starting on Thursday evenings in November in Room D from 7:15–8:30 p.m. Science says that singing together releases the friendship, trusting or empathy chemical: oxytocin. No wonder we feel so good after choir rehearsal! Call me at 829-0158 for more information.

“Reflection” by Vickie Jackenich

In a recent church service, Pastor Brinda talked about the threads that God weaves around us, in us and through us, by our actions and how these threads weave among our Oakmont Community Church. What she is talking about is her ideas of finding opportunities to serve one another at church level and in our own community. The Love Connection Ministry and Visitation Ministry are just the beginning of new happenings at our church. I feel that this Visitation Ministry is what “living in the now” is all about: helping one another in many small ways. I have a love for seniors, and that has been very rewarding in so many ways. While listening to that Sermon, I heard the message that I, too, am able to serve my own church community. I feel I have been led to bring comfort to those that need comforting, to offer a ride to those who need it, send a note card, or calling just to say, “Hi, how are you doing?” I feel that God is showing me that I have a calling, and it’s right here in my own community where I can serve the Lord by ministering to my church family. And you can too. By partnering up together, between us, we can make a real difference. It’s by the Grace of God that I can experience the workings of Jesus Christ through me, it’s His desire for me to help others. It’s that thread of connection that He and I share, that personal bond. I hope you can feel the threads of love we at Oakmont Church long to share with you. I look forward to saying a warm “Hello” and welcoming you at church on Sundays.



The Oakmont News / November 1, 2016

Forrest Yoga—Chair Stretch and Balance nCarol King, RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) nTeresa Woodrum

ymca healthy living Mondays, wednesdays and fridays free classes by JoRene 9–10 AM, Berger Center

Being healthy means more than simply being physically active. It’s about maintaining a balanced spirit, mind and body. This Y class is a place where you can work toward that balance by challenging yourself and fostering connections with friends. In this class, it’s not about your fitness level as much as it is about the benefits of living healthier on the inside as well as the outside. Equipment: Non-skid yoga mats, resistance bands (available in class), a towel that can be folded to serve as a knee cushion and cervical support, athletic shoes that are supportive but not too grippy, and water bottle—hydration revitalizes. Fragrance-free please. Share the floor with kindness. Thank you for your generous contributions to Oakmont Community Foundation, supporting the health of our community through Physical Education. Whenever you go to the movies, please thank Summerfield Cinema for donating popcorn to all our events. Thank you for your support! The fine print: Welcome to Free Fitness. For your safety, good balance and lateral movement are needed in these quick aerobic classes. A fall may cause serious injury. Please check with your doctor prior to beginning this or any exercise regimen. All free fitness classes are too large to accommodate those who need special supervision. If you have shoulder, back, knee problems, anything that is painful, it is advisable to join a smaller, wellsupervised class first, and consult a personal trainer or medical professional to learn modifications that are suitable to your condition. Participants need to use their judgment and body awareness, altering each exercise to prevent injury. Be careful dear ones.

Prickett’s Nursery is proud to promote “Daffodils in Bloom: Planting Pride in Oakmont”

Gardening is a health-restoring exercise that builds a welcoming and vibrant place to live, work, and play. OHI is working in conjunction with Prickets nursery to offer OHI members and Oakmonters a free daffodil gift bag, containing five bulbs. Stop by Prickett’s Nursery. The new Prickett’s Nursery site is in the nearby Valley of the Moon Plaza on Highway 12 just outside Oakmont, 5875 Sonoma Hwy. Prickett’s is open every day from 9 a.m.–5:30 p.m., 539-3030. Not sure how many residents will want bulbs, but they have ordered all their supplier could ship. Supply is limited. Good gardening dear ones!


WHEN: Thursdays 10:30–11:30 a.m. WHERE: West Rec. Center–Lower Level COST: $50 for six classes. First class is free with the purchase of a class series

Feel Better in Your Body

This class is designed to get your blood and oxygen moving! Move with attention to your breath and alignment. Connect to your core and strengthen it while seated. Students have the option to get out of the chair and work with balance. Students may remain seated for the entire class. The class combines gentle movements and at times lively movements for the cardio benefit (yes—seated cardio). Then we use small free weights to strengthen and tone the upper body. Equipment: Bring a set of free weights—your choice of 1, 2 or more pounds—the weight you want to work with. Please bring water to class.

Ongoing Forrest Yoga Classes

WHEN: Tuesdays 12:30–1:30 p.m., Thursdays 9–10 a.m.

WHERE: West Rec. Center—Lower Level COST: $50 for six classes. First class is free with the purchase of a class series Support yourself and commit to your practice. Enjoy the benefits of deep breath, gentle stretching and challenging core work. Allow your neck to relax. Increase your strength, balance and flexibility. Feel stronger and more centered on and off the mat. My classes are appropriate for all levels. People with injuries or conditions are encouraged to attend. Connect with yourself and others in a safe and supportive setting. Equipment: Bring your mat, water and props you have—like blocks, straps and yoga blankets. A beach towel can be used in place of a yoga blanket so please bring one. I supply a limited amount of props to share. I am a certified Forrest yoga instructor. I am passionate about helping others feel better in their bodies. I have several years of experience teaching Chair classes. Feel free to contact me carolking1234@ or 696-5464. Please see for more information about me, Forrest Yoga, local classes near Oakmont and Saturday workshops.

Fitness Club nFitness Club Board


WHEN: Friday, December 16 WHERE: Berger Center TIME: 5–6 p.m. Social Hour/appetizers; dinner to follow COST: $45 per person MUSIC: Jami Jamison Band MENU: Appetizers—Antipasti platter with provolone cheese, salami, olives and baguettes, assorted cheese platter with fig tapenade and smoked almonds. Salad—Romaine with gorgonzola cheese, dried cranberries, green apples, red onion and pecans in a tangy balsamic salad dressing. Entrée choices (served with petite green beans with toasted almonds, wild rice pilaf, including cranberry walnut bread and butter): 1. Baked Bodega Bay salmon filet with orange citrus glaze; 2. Stuffed chicken breast with apples,

brie and herb reduction sauce; 3. Eggplant Parmesan or Vegetarian Lasagna. Dessert—Italian dessert, coffee/tea—regular and decaffeinated. BYOB—we will provide soft drinks and ice. Reservations accepted through Dec. 9. Make check payable to the Oakmont Fitness Club and place it with the form below in the OFC Fitness Folder at the OVA or drop it in the OFC mail slot outside the trainer’s office. Questions? Call Julie Kiil, 570-7994, Peggy Clark, (650) 274-4137 or Claire Fugate, 521-9153.

Notice of Fitness Club Dues Increase

Beginning in 2017, dues will increase to $30, irrespective of the month in which you sign up, and the membership will run through the end of December 2017. Therefore, future memberships will be on a calendar-year basis. Those joining or renewing in November or December, will be credited with 14 or 13 months membership respectively. Those who have already paid $20 dues in October will need to pay an additional $10 for the full 2017 membership.

OAKMONT FITNESS CLUB HOLIDAY DINNER/DANCE reservation form Berger Center, Friday, December 16, 5 pm, $45 per person Name_________________________________________________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________ Phone(s): Home_____________________________________ Cell_______________________________________ E-mail: ______________________________________________________________ # of entrées: Salmon_______ Chicken_______ Eggplant Parmesan_______ Vegetarian Lasagna_______ Total amount of entrées x $45: $ _____________ Please indicate name(s) of persons with whom you wish to be seated or seating will be assigned at random (8 per table). If you want to guarantee your table of eight please submit your reservation for the full table and enclose the total amount of $360. List the total eight entrées above and the names and entrée choices below for all persons at your table. I wish to be seated with the following guests: Name(s) _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________

The Oakmont News / November 1, 2016

Tai Chi for Beginners nDr. Kate Ha, Faculty at Sonoma State University

Let me introduce you to Tai Chi and the basics of this ancient meditative exercise from China that focuses on breathing, balance and gentle movement. Class meets on Thursdays from 9–10 a.m. in the Upper West Rec. Center. However, Thursdays do not have to be consecutive in case you have other appointments. Tuition is $75 for a five-class workshop. Pre-registration is required so please call me at 3185284. I will be delighted to answer your questions. I have been practicing Tai Chi for 45 years and have studied with many of the well known teachers in China and California. I would love to pass this knowledge on to you, to improve your health and relax your mind and body.

Afternoon Exercise Class nBetsy Smith

WHEN: Tuesdays—Aerobics, Thursdays—Balance and Strength. TIME: 4:30–5:30 p.m. WHERE: Class is held at West Rec. Center downstairs COST: $7 per class, four classes for $24 or eight classes for $48 INFO: Bring water, mat, weights and balls if you have them. We have equipment to share, so come on by! INSTRUCTOR: Betsy Smith, 321-2105 (cell), bsmith@ Keep fit with aerobics, strength and balance classes. You can join at any time! Catchy music and meeting new friends are some of the features of both classes. Any fitness level is welcome. You work from your base of aerobic and fitness strength. Bring yourself, water, mat, weights, and a ball if you have them. We do have equipment to share if you do not have any of your own, so, please come and exercise with us! The Aerobic Class format uses moderate aerobic moves designed to get your heart rate up and work your body! Using equipment such as weights, bands, small and large balls and simple moves is what the Balance and Strength class offers.


nSteve Spanier

Our Halloween Spooktacular Ghostly Gala with the Joe Sharino Band, winner of 17 Bay Area “Best Band” awards was held on October 22. As I write this, it’s still in the future, but we hope you had a great time celebrating Halloween with one of the very best bands in the entire Bay Area.

Coming in November

Have a lot of extraneous information stuck in your head? Need to get it out? Are you constantly amazing your friends with your command of the obscure? We’ve got the perfect event for you! It’s another Trivia night, this time at the Berger Center rather than the Quail Inn. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and play goes from 6–8 p.m. Form a team of six to a maximum of eight people or just come and enjoy the evening. Questions will be relevant to Boomers! Prizes will be awarded! BYOB and any food you’d like to eat while you play. WHEN: Thursday, November 17, doors open at 5:30 p.m., play goes from 6–8 p.m. WHERE: Berger Center COST: Free trivia game Mark your calendars for the annual Holiday Member Appreciation Party. This is our chance to thank you for all the fun we’ve had this year and for helping us to keep the Boomers Club the most dynamic in Oakmont. Music and holiday socializing is the perfect way to end a great year. And it’s free to our members! We’ll provide sandwiches and, as ever, BYOB. WHEN: Thursday, December 8 WHERE: Where else? Berger Center


r Fitness e t a W nCathy Rapp

Earmuffs in November? Not in Oakmont! Join your friends in the heated West Pool for low-impact exercise and high-five laughs at water aerobics classes. In order to keep the free SRJC classes going throughout the cooler months, participants are needed. Invite a friend and jump in! To add your name to the water aerobics email list and receive news about classes, cancellations in case of rain or pool closures, contact Mme at 537-9281 or

fall water aerobics schedule west pool

Equipment: Noodles and buoys are not provided, however, a limited selection of donated equipment is available to use and return. **Free Classes through SRJC: Monday: 10 a.m.—Instructor Mary Tuesday: 9 a.m.—Instructor Mary Tuesday: 10 a.m.—Instructor Mary Wednesday: 10 a.m.—Instructor Mary Thursday: 9 a.m.—Instructor Mary Thursday: 10 a.m.—Instructor Mary **Note: the free SRJC classes run on the college calendar with breaks between sessions. Classes with a fee or free using a CD/boom box: Monday: 9 a.m.—Instructor Mary ($6) Wednesday: 9 a.m.—Instructor Mary ($6) Friday: 8:30 a.m.—CD (no fee) Friday: 9:45 a.m.—class on winter hiatus

Travel and Adventure Club nCarolita Carr

Dec. 6, 6:30–8 PM, East Rec. Center

Come join us as we discuss traveling and share our adventures. We are Oakmonters who want to be on the move, experience and learn. September Holstad has created this group, and has lots of great ideas about future meetings. Our meeting in October featured a guest speaker, Arthur Shostak, on the topic of “Touring Tomorrow Today.” Arthur explained that futurist travel is looking at what is new or forward thinking vs. looking at what was (castles, old cathedrals, ruins). He asked if anyone had been to four or five different places (ones in Arizona and London, others in Asia). A few people knew of some of the places, but most did not. Arthur explained each example, and why he had included it as futuristic. The audience picked up on this theme and provided examples of where they had experienced future-oriented travel. Arthur also urged us, as we travel, to have discussions with local citizens centered on challenges they face, rather than problems. Needless to say, we had a lively conversation and plenty of food for thought. Arthur’s website is If you are interested in hearing more about travel and travel ideas, just drop in to our meetings, held at the East Rec. Center on the first Tuesday of each month.

Art Shostak explains futuristic travel.

nPat Clothier

A Fond Farewell

On Friday, October 7, Berger Center was filled with the family and friends of William Anderson, who passed away on July 13. We were gathered together to celebrate the life of this very special person. As was made clear by those who spoke during the event and by conversations with other attendees, we all felt that our lives and our community have been enriched by knowing and working with him. He was extremely generous with his time and leadership. It is without question that he left our community a better place than he found it. Bill was one of the original founders of the Oakmont Community Foundation—helping to develop the idea of what eventually became our Foundation, to write the Mission Statement, wrestling to get the bylaws just right and going through all the necessary red tape to get the papers filed with the various branches of State and Federal government to make our dream a reality. He encouraged us to dream big, just as he did. He was our first Treasurer and set a very high standard for accuracy and clarity in our financial statements. We counted on him for wise and measured counsel and for a collegial approach to problem-solving—and we were always grateful for it. He was unfailingly patient, generous and gracious, a true gentleman. His son Tom told us during the service that it was one of his father’s greatest wishes to make certain that the OCF will continue to benefit Oakmont for many years in the future. The OCF Board will continue to make every effort to insure that result. Bill’s example will guide us. You will be missed, friend.

Let’s Dance—Together! nTerry Whitten

WHAT: Beginning Jitterbug Swing and Nightclub 2-Step Review classes WHEN: Wednesday, Nov. 2 Jitterbug Swing Review; Wednesday, Nov. 9 Nightclub 2-Step Review TIME: 4–5:15 p.m. WHERE: Lower West Rec. COST: $9/pp for single class. $7/pp for two or more classes purchased in advance at beginning of any class. Thank you to all who have attended the partner dance classes over the past 3–4 months. It’s been a lot of fun getting to teach you all and getting to know you. For November, I want to hold two review classes to go over some of the material taught previously and reinforce what you have learned. Most of us only retain about 10% of what we hear, see or read. Periodic repetition of the same material is key to both brain and muscle memory! The pre-requisite for these review classes is to have attended at least two of my Jitterbug Swing classes and two of Nightclub 2-Step or have the equivalent experience. If you did not attend any of the classes taught recently but have some experience with these dances, please contact me first if you are interested in joining us ( or 415-265-7590.) As before, no partners or experience are required. We will rotate partners during the classes. Thank you to the five ladies who did learn to lead the steps in the Jitterbug Swing classes in July and August and the two who learned to lead Nightclub 2-Step in September. Please let me know if you have any questions. You can E-mail me (Terry Whitten) at twhitten@pacbell. net or call me at (415) 265-7590 (cell) or 539-6265 (home.) I hope to see you on the dance floor!


The Oakmont News / November 1, 2016

Single Boomers Social Club

nCarolita Carr

November 13, 4 PM, East Rec. Center Annual Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner

We’ll have a social hour from 4–5 p.m., and then a turkey dinner with all the trimmings. This is always a well-attended event, so sign up via E-mail by November 8. The club will provide turkey and gravy (prepared by volunteers), rolls and butter, and a pumpkin pie. Our members will each bring a side dish to share. Suggestions for dishes and the amounts needed have been E-mailed, but if you still haven’t committed, please do so now! And as always, bring the beverage of your choice. So far, our fall events have been a blast. Our photographers were having so much fun, that not one documented the occasion! In September, we had our Oktoberfest, complete with brats, sauerkraut and red cabbage, even pretzels on the table. We were really busy in October with a Happy Hour at Mei Don, the Boomer Halloween party, attendance at the Three Penny Opera at 6th Street Theater, and finally our own Anniversary Party. Wow! Do we look good when we dress up! Thank you to all our attendees who make these events special. This edition, we welcome our newest member, Cat. We know that as you attend our functions, you will meet new people and make friends. This club is about making friendships and forging bonds with other like-minded singles, and there are plenty of us in Oakmont. Our dues are $12 per calendar year, but anyone who joins us as a brand new member between now and January will have their 2017 dues included in their payment. So if you have been thinking of joining, now is the time! Members, remember to check your E-mail inboxes for special invitations and email Shout Outs regarding new events. Other than this column, this is our only method of communication. Join us by filling out the attached application form, or pick up one in the Single Boomers Social Club folder at the OVA Office.

SIR Branch #92 nJim Knapp, Little SIR

Meeting notice

Oakmont Sons In Retirement Branch 92 is pleased to announce that our speaker for the November 8 meeting will be Oakmont’s own Tom Kendrick speaking on “Diving with Sea Monsters—22 Years of a California Sea Urchin Diver!” His diving career originated from his search for secret surf spots at the Channel Islands, and took him from Santa Barbara to Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, northern California, and the shark-infested Farallon Islands. His book, Bluewater Gold Rush, has been featured in California Diving News, The Surfer’s Journal, National Fisherman, Historical Diving Magazine, and the PBS television show, Huell Howser’s California’s Gold. Story rights were optioned for a motion picture in 2014. He has recently made a film about Oakmont called Our Town which can be seen on YouTube by searching “Our Town” plus Kendrick. SIR is a social club for retired gentlemen and is part of a statewide network of over 150 clubs, first organized in San Mateo in the early 50s. We meet monthly on the second Tuesday of the month at the Berger Center, starting with a felicitous hour, followed by a nice catered luncheon, and an invariably interesting speaker. Annual dues are $25 and monthly meetings are $20 for the luncheon. We host our ladies twice a year for a Ladies’ Day Luncheon in June, and a Holiday Dinner Dance in December. We are actively recruiting members in the Oakmont area. For info please contact me at (415) 336-8844.


Please complete this form and return it to the OVA SBSC folder, along with your check for $ 12 to: SBSC Name______________________________________________________________________ Date______________ Address______________________________________________________________________________________ E-mail (important to receive Evites and Shout-outs)_________________________________________________ Phone________________________________ By signing below, I agree to review, accept and abide by the SBSC bylaws (copies available in SBSC folder). Signature:____________________________________________________________________

nStephanie Wrightson

Tennis Club


It’s Army vs. Navy—the annual Mel Ruiz memorial team tennis event. We’re looking for more than a few good OTC men and good women. Enlist by November 1 on the OTC website (http://oakmonttennisclub. or contact Commanders-in-Chief Doug Smith ( or 303-949-3239) or George Hasa ( or 843-4527), and provide your contact information and rank (A, B or C). Troops will be led by General Smith and Admiral Lewis. Battle commences on November 5 at 8 a.m., West Courts, where java and light rations will be served (contact George if you want to donate refreshment). Ready, aim, fire! The surrender ceremony and troop picnic will follow tennis. The club provides the chow; you bring your beverage of choice (alcoholic or not). No need to sign up for the picnic—all OTC members are invited to the fun. Let’s raise one to Mel!

A Tournament Winners Maureen and Tony. (Photo by Tina Lewis)


On Saturday, November 12, 5:30 p.m., jazz up your life at the OTC Supper Club—the gala event of the OTC season: an elegant sit-down meal, dancing the night away to The Michael Brandeburg Trio (with vocalist) and presentation of our MVP award at the Berger Center. Choice of entrée: 1) beef filet with creamy horseradish sauce, 2) apple and brie stuffed chicken breast with white wine gravy or 3) a vegetarian option—eggplant Parmesan. The meal includes yummy appetizers, mixed greens with gorgonzola, grapes, pecans and balsamic dressing, sautéed vegetables, roasted potatoes with onions and, for dessert, tiramisu. BYOB. Use the coupon to RSVP by November 7. Cocktail attire (jackets and ties please; feel free to tux-itup). Former members are welcome to sign up at the guest price. We would love to see you again! Questions? Contact Social Director, Cinda Gough, 537-9763.

B Tournament Winners Pete and Denise. (Photo by Tina Lewis)


A Tournament: winners, Maureen Pennal/Tony Agocs; second place, Fran Randol/Terry Brown; consolation round, Angela Merola/Peter Merola. B Tournament: winners, Denise McCambridge/ Pete Hogan; second place, Barbara Kanowick/ Jose Valencia; consolation round, Olivia Kinsler/ Dave Coar. Thanks to all the participants, those who donated yummy treats and our tournament directors.


(Re)join the Oakmont Tennis Club (remaining a low $20/year)—forms are on the OTC website, on court bulletin boards and in the OVA office Tennis Club folder. Questions? Contact Membership Chair, Paula Lewis, or 332-0433.

OTC SUPPER CLUB AND AWARDS DINNER reservation form NOVEMBER 12, 5:30–9 PM, BERGER CENTER OTC member name(s): __________________________________________________________________________ Guest name(s): _________________________________________________________________________________ # of members at $42/each: __________ # of guests at $47/each: __________ # of Beef Filet __________ # of Stuffed Chicken Breast: __________ # of Eggplant Parmesan: __________ Total Enclosed $__________ Phone number: _________________________________________

Submit the completed coupon and payment to the Tennis Club folder in the OVA Office by 4 p.m. November 7. Reservations for tables of eight require all eight attendees’ names, their meal selections and total remittance. BYOB.


The Oakmont News / November 1, 2016

Women of Faith Bible Study

nGayle Miller


Presentation on large screen TV (titles for hearing impaired). Class has workbooks. Beth Moore is a Christian speaker and Bible Study author. She enjoys getting to serve women of every age and denomination and she is passionate about women knowing and loving the Word of God. This in-depth women’s Bible study draws parallels between the captive Israelites of the Old Testament and New Testament believers in Jesus as the Promised Messiah. Beth looks at the Book of Isaiah through the lives of the kings who ruled during the prophet’s ministry. These kings exemplify many of the obstacles to freedom with which we must deal. Using Scripture to help identify spiritual strongholds in your life, no


Oakmont Macintosh Users Group nBette Shutt


WHEN: Saturday, November 19 TIME: 1:30 p.m. Social, 2 p.m. meeting WHERE: West Recreation Center! This is the last meeting of the year and Ronnie is coming to share with us all the news of what Apple has been doing this past year. You won’t want to miss it! This is always a fun program! We look forward to seeing you! Website:


Dues are $10 per household. Three ways to join: at any meeting; a check made payable to OakMUG and sent to Justine Haugen, Treasurer, 8926 Acorn Lane, Santa Rosa, CA 95409; or you may put your check into our file in the OVA Office. Please include your telephone number. Members receive a discount on the entire catalog of O’Reilly and Peachpit books.


If you need technical assistance with your Mac or accessories, call Ronnie Roche, 573-9649, a Certified Apple Consultant. A free service to our membership: send your Mac questions by E-mail to the following E-mail address: An OakMUG Mac expert will either get you an answer or will recommend someone who can.

iPAD SIG: SHOW UP AND SHARE WHEN: Tuesday, November 22, 2 p.m. WHERE: Berger Center CIRCLE LEADER: Bev Leve

Windows Computer Information nPhil Kenny

As members of the former Oakmont PC Users Group, we continue to offer our free help to all Oakmont residents. Call Phil Kenny, 538-2075 or Al Medeiros, 843-4447. Although the Oakmont PC Users Group has closed its doors, its Web Master continues to update and maintain its online presence ( This site will remain active through February 2017.

matter how big or small, Beth explains that anything that hinders us from the benefits of knowing God is bondage. Join us on a Bible journey unlike any other. This is your personal invitation to join with us in this exciting new Bible study. These presentations are not to be missed! Beth’s presentation of the Bible just brings it to life and her engaging style of speaking keeps you interested and enthralled to the very last word!

This is a weekly, non-denominational study, we meet each Tuesday. Our class is small and informal; a very comfortable setting to meet new people and gain new knowledge of the Bible. Please call me for additional information. DATE: Tuesdays TIME: 9:30–11:30 a.m. PLACE: Meeting Room B, Central Activity Center GUIDE: Karen Vail CONTACT: Gayle Miller, 537-9309

What’s Growin’ On in the Community Garden nStephanie Wrightson


In Sonoma County, we can grow food year-round. Fall and winter vegetables are highly nutritious, and many crops can tolerate a light frost. Plus a fall/ winter garden requires less hand irrigation and has fewer pests. To re-nourish the soil for cool weather crops, add one to two inches of high quality organic compost to the top of your soil. If you choose not to grow cool season crops, there are other ways to protect your garden and prepare it for spring planting. One is to plant a legume cover crop, such as fava beans, which will not only protect the soil from erosion during wind and rain, they will fix nitrogen in your soil. When chopped and dropped (or lightly turned into the soil), cover crops serve as a green manure. If you choose to let your bed go fallow during the winter, you need to protect your rich top soil from washing or blowing away. An organic mulch (fallen leaves, rice straw, grass clippings, hulls, etc.) will protect your soil and, if thick enough (3”), reduce weeds. Make sure that pesticides were not used on the original material. Keep mulch 1” away from the stems of living crops. Mulch has an additional benefit: it reduces splash (and fungal diseases) on cool weather crops. As long as you did not experience any root disease in your garden, chop off your spent crops and leave their roots in the soil as a stabilizer. The roots will rot over the winter adding nutrients to feed beneficial soil organisms and creating channels to capture and retain moisture in the active root zone next spring. Any plants that are diseased or harboring pests should be thrown in your green bin (the heatgenerating process of the county compost facility will kill those baddies). If you are not growing fall/winter crops, nourish

“Copenhagen”’ Cabbage.

Fava beans and rye cover crops.

your soil for spring planting: before laying down mulch, add a layer of compost, manure or other organic matter. No need to dig it in—decomposition and Mother Nature will take care of that. If you would like to sign up for the garden, contact OVA at 539-1611 or E-mail: Oakmontcommunitygarden@

Oakmont Computer Learning Center (OCLC) fall Session — november

Registration: 538-1485


The Oakmont News / November 1, 2016

Turn Out November 11 to Honor Vets at Oakmont’s Veterans Day Parade nJeff Davis

Oakmont’s 12th Annual Veterans Day Parade in honor of the veterans who have served this nation will roll out from the Berger Center area at 1 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 11. (Remember vets, this celebration is about service, not war, and all veterans are encouraged to participate. Please give us the chance to say thank you.) Led by Grand Marshal Lt. Colonel Margaret “Lee” Marabito, the parade will loop around Oakmont, as shown on the accompanying map. Ending back at the Berger Center, there will be a reception that allows us to thank and visit with our veterans one-on-one. How can you be involved?

Veterans and Vehicles: Veterans who would like to ride in the parade should call Oakmont Automotive at 539-5800 and ask for Robin. Residents who would like to drive vehicles should fill out the form below and put it in the Parade folder in the OVA Office. The day of the parade, assemble in the Berger Center Parking lot by 12:30 p.m. Vehicles should enter the lot via the east end of the lot (across from Oakmont Gardens) and proceed westward down the lot as directed. It is not too late to join the parade. If there are still loose connections, stop by the organizing table in the parking lot near the Berger Center before the parade begins.

Residents: Turn out to cheer-on the parade and the veterans. Individuals, families, and neighbors, get ready to celebrate. Pick a point along the parade route; the map shows approximate times when the parade should reach points along the route. Be there early with flags and signs thanking our veterans for their service. Everyone will appreciate your involvement! One and all: At 2 p.m., there will be a reception and party in the Berger Center to honor Grand Marshall Marabito and all the attending veterans. The ensuing party will be a great place to meet the veterans (and your friends) and enjoy the afternoon with refreshments provided by the staff at Oakmont Gardens. See you there. The Oakmont Village Association, the Kiwanis Club of Oakmont and Oakmont Gardens sponsor this year’s event jointly.


Parade to be held on Friday, November 11, 1 p.m.

Name: ________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone: _______________________________ E-mail: _________________________________________________ Vehicle (golf cart, convertible, antique car, car, make and year): ______________________________________ ______________________________________________________ Room for a veteran? 1________ or 2________ Please place this form in the Veterans Day Parade folder in the OVA Office by Nov. 8. For questions regarding entries, please call Pat Veuve at 843-3290.

•Now offering same day crowns! •New patients welcome •Insurance accepted •Highly trained staff using the latest in dental technology to provide the best for your dental needs

707-539-8956 • 6575 Oakmont Drive, Santa Rosa


The Oakmont News / November 1, 2016

Would Your Dog Like a Job? nDon and Donna Forst

Have you noticed how many really nice dogs live in Oakmont? Residents here care about their dogs; they are leashed, friendly and (mostly) quite polite. Have you ever thought that your nice, friendly, polite dog could make an amazing contribution to the local community? And spend more quality time with you? Paws For Healing is a non-profit canine-assisted therapy organization based in the North Bay area. It is run entirely by volunteers and has over 200 active teams visiting veterans’ homes, hospitals, hospice, assisted living facilities, schools, libraries and more. Their motto is “Mending Hearts with Gentle Paws and Guiding Hands” and they bring smiles to everyone they meet. In order to be a canine assistance team, dogs must have basic obedience skills and like people (liking other

dogs is a plus too)! Instruction, dog evaluation and mentoring are provided. After completing the training, we ask you to choose a facility to visit four hours a month that has requested a canine therapy team.

Oakmont Progressives nVince Taylor

Progressives Voting Guide

If you haven’t yet voted, Oakmont Progressives can help inform you about the 17 state propositions, five local measures, City Council and School Board elections. Our national politics are a mess. Reform must start at the local and state level. Do your part. Vote smart. View and print our voting guide at

Beat the Post-Election Blues

Most dogs love having something special to do. Would you like to give your dog (and yourself) an important new way to bring smiles to others in our community? Come find out more. We (and our Golden Retriever, Cabo) will be hosting an orientation with coffee and sweet rolls at our Oakmont home on Saturday, November 12 at 10:30 a.m. Come (no dogs, please) and find out more about this wonderful program and how you and your dog as a team can find personal satisfaction and bring joy to many! Please RSVP at 978-2511 for our home address.

nChris Sork

Café Mortel

Café Mortel appointed new facilitator, Tess Lorraine from Death Café Sonoma. After an outstanding talk in our October meeting, Tess brings her ideas and energy to our group. Please bring yours to our next meeting! PLACE: Classroom B in the OAC TIME: 3 p.m. DATE: November 2 Call me at 523-2536 or Marte Turner at 537-9645 for information. All mortal Oakmonters and their guests are welcome!

After the election, help yourself recover from all the election drama. Come to the next meeting of the Oakmont Progressives. We will be showing Happy, an inspiring and uplifting documentary that takes you on a journey around the world including the bayous of Louisiana, the deserts of Namibia, the beaches of Brazil, a village in Okinawa, and other places.

The filmmaker, Roko Belic, wanted to find what makes people happy. Is it money, kids and family, work? You’ll be surprised at some of the answers. Combining real life stories and scientific interviews with psychology experts, the film explores the secrets behind our most valued emotion. Happy has won numerous film-festival awards. You will leave the showing smiling. As the film is relatively short, 1 hour and 15 minutes, we also will show some entertaining shorts and, of course, compare election results with our recommendations. If you attend, you also will get a sneak preview of an exciting, important initiative we will be undertaking next year. Save the date: Monday, November 14 at 7 p.m. at the East Recreation Center. Come at 6:30 p.m. for social time. BYOB. Munchies will be provided. For a name tag and to help us plan, sign up at www. oakmont The Oakmont Progressives is an educational and social club inspired by the vision of Bernie Sanders. We also support other candidates for office who share a similar vision. Our meetings are a great way to meet other Oakmonters who share a progressive perspective on domestic politics and world affairs.

“In my years at her school, Ms. Fong heard and understood my story, but also saw my future, and refused to see me fail. I thank her from the bottom of my heart.” —Danny Elias, Class of 2010

LauriE Fong for the Santa rosa City School Board


The Oakmont News / November 1, 2016

Oakmont Rainbow Women

nKathy Cirksena and Jeanne DeJoseph

“Getting to know you, getting to know more about you”

Our October meeting started with us telling stories about ourselves. Women were randomly assigned to sit at numbered tables. There were five questions and each woman could pick any one to talk about. Those questions included: What in your career gave you the most pleasure; what do you enjoy most at this stage in life; what is the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done; what is your favorite memory of places you grew up in; and what is your favorite holiday memory. Although the idea was initially received with some grumpiness, there was a lot of laughter and we all agreed that it was fun. Our featured speaker for the evening was Sue Carrell. She told tales about how she decided on the spur of the moment to purchase the Daisy MacCallum House in Mendocino in 1973. It had not been occupied for 25 years when they bought it. It was 5,000 square feet filled with furniture, dishes, and 3,000–4,000 hard cover books. Of course there were some things missing like appliances and light fixtures! Sue shared “humorous stories of how I managed from the time I heard about this lovely derelict house in Mendocino until I sold it in 1985.” We learned about the 250 rolls of wallpaper that she used to update the house to its former glory. And just what do you do when a semi pulls up with a truck full of embossed

nBarbara Bowman

personalized matchbooks? And then another one comes the next month and the month after that? She told stories about drilling the well, and what happened when staff set the house on fire. It was an amazing tale about just putting one foot in front of the other until the job got done. Several women in the room had visited Mendocino during the 70’s and added some of their recollections as well. We have rich histories/herstories as well as many shared experiences. And we get to hang out in Oakmont and share some of those stories with each other. Great times! At our next ORW meeting on November 10 Dianne Armer will help us understand how to make charitable donations from our IRAs. And Cassie Turner will update us about Oakmont. This is becoming an annual not-to-be-missed opportunity to ask questions as well as to hear about the “state of Oakmont Village.” Remember that we don’t have a regular meeting in December. Instead, we have our annual holiday party. It’s going to be Dec. 3 from 6–9 p.m. at the East Rec. There will be a DJ so we’ll have a chance to dance as well as visit and celebrate the holiday season. As we have in the past, this will also be an opportunity for Rainbow Women to support our larger community. Plan to bring canned goods and put them in the bin for distribution to Santa Rosa families in need.

Movies At Oakmont WHERE: Berger Center SCREENING DAY AND TIME: Sundays at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. HOSTS: Holly Blue, Barbara Bowman, Chris Decker, Ernie Erler, Al Haggerty, Carol Haggerty and Alexis Paradisoff-Melteff NOTE: All films are shown with English subtitles when possible, free of charge—compliments of the OVA

nRay and Marie Haverson


WHAT: A Salute to Johnny Cash WHEN: Saturday, December 3 WHERE: Berger Center COST: $25 TIME: 7–9 p.m. Doors open at 6 p.m. We now have only 75 seats left for this show, so you must hurry if you want to go! We have been working on this show for six months. James Garner puts on a fabulous Johnny Cash show. James claims to not be an impersonator—he is only doing a tribute to Johnny Cash. Well, let me tell you this: you will think you are watching and listening to Johnny Cash himself. This show will blow you away! What a great way to start your Christmas season! We will have table seating for this show so get your table together and get your payment in as you will not want to miss this show. This is a reserved seating event, seats are based on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are bringing guests, have all names and payments in one envelope as the seats are sold as the payments come in. You may not be able to add anyone to your table later as the empty seats at that table will be filled with people who sent in their payments. Yes, you can reserve a table for eight with full payment. For the best seats get your reservations in early. Please feel free to bring whatever food and drink for yourselves or your table as you see fit. Sha-Boom will supply lemon water, coffee and cookies at no charge. You may mail your checks made out to Sha-Boom to: Ray Haverson, 7111 Oak Leaf Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95409. You may put your payment in our ShaBoom folder at the OVA Office or you may simply drop your check into my mail box at the right hand side of my garage door.

Sunday, November 6, 2 pm—THE DUCHESS

Keira Knightly stars as Geogiana Spencer, a young 18th-century duchess who indulges in extravagant vices and a scandalous affair to compensate for her unhappy marriage to the duke of Devonshire (Ralph Fiennes). Like her direct descendent, Princess Diana, she was glamorous and adored by everyone. Based on true events, this handsome film about an extraordinary woman received many awards, including an Oscar for Costume Design, and acting nominations for Knightly and Fiennes. (2008), PG-13, 109 minutes.

Sunday, November 6, 7 pm—DEEP IMPACT

A seven-mile-wide space rock is hurtling toward Earth, threatening to obliterate the planet. To save the world, the U.S. president (Morgan Freeman) appoints a steely veteran astronaut, Spurgeon Tanner (Robert Duvall), the last man to walk on the moon, to a joint American-Russian astronaut crew to destroy the comet before impact. As the space mission progresses, many individuals must deal with their fears and ponder their futures. A fast-paced tale, with exciting special effects. (1998), PG-13, 121 minutes.

Sunday, November 13, 2 PM—BUCK

Master Horseman Buck Brannaman, inspiration for Robert Redford’s The Horse Whisperer, reveals details of his troubled childhood and how our communication with our animal companions can teach us lessens about our relationships to fellow human beings. Watching Brannaman is both mesmerizing and inspiring. This entertaining and emotionally-engaging biographical documentary, with its outstanding camera work, won a Sundance Film Festival audience award. (2011), PG, 99 minutes.

Sunday, November 13, 7 pm—THE GRASS HARP

Following the death of his mother, young Collin goes to live with his two eccentric aunts, Verona (Sissy Spacek) and Dolly (Piper Laurie), whose double-crossing antics provide a lively upbringing for Collin as he grows up in the Deep South of the 1940s. This witty coming-of-age drama, based on a Truman Capote novella, celebrates freespiritedness and individuality. The star-packed supporting cast includes Jack Lemmon, Walter Mathau, Roddy McDowell, Cicely Tyson and Nell Carter. (1996), PG, 107 minutes.

For Your Refrigerator/Wallet

Sunday, November 6, 2 p.m.: The Duchess, (2008), PG-13, 109 minutes. Sunday, November 6, 7 p.m.: Deep Impact, (1998), PG-13, 121 minutes. Sunday, November 13, 2 p.m.: Buck, (2011), PG, 99 minutes. Sunday, November 13, 7 p.m.: The Grass Harp, (1996), PG, 107 minutes. Sunday, November 20, 2 p.m.: Big Eyes, (2014), PG-13, 105 minutes. Sunday, November 20, 7 p.m.: Local Hero, (1983), PG, 107 minutes.

East Recreation Center, 7902 Oakmont Dr. Sunday, 10:30 a.m.–12 noon $2 donation

nJim Brewer

November 6: Richard Heinberg Our Renewable Future

In this lecture, Richard Heinberg, staff scientist of the energy analysis program at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, explores the future of clean energy and how the characteristics of 100% renewable energy supply will shape our lives and economy. Heinberg examines changes to energy consuming sectors including food systems, manufacturing, buildings, transportation, and communications, showing how each will be transformed as we adopt clean energy. He will also outline a roadmap for environmental groups, thought leaders, media, activists, and allies to help shape the future.

November 13: Marsha Connell Painting the Spirit of Place: Exploring Pepperwood Preserve

Come with all your senses tuned in for a lecture and visual tour of the Pepperwood Preserve’s landscape with artist Marsha Connell. Pepperwood protects 3,117 acres of stunning landscape and rich biodiversity, across from Mt. St. Helena, between Napa Valley and the Santa Rosa Plain. Introduced to Pepperwood as a faculty member of Santa Rosa Junior College’s Institute for Environmental Education, Connell received a grant from the Pepperwood Foundation as an artist in residence. This talk documents her painting and drawing journey of observation and interpretation through the Preserve.


The Oakmont News / November 1, 2016



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Oakmont News Classified Rates • Classified ads of 150 spaces or less, (payment to accompany this form) $25 per insert • Pre-paid standing ads of 150 spaces or less, for a period of 3 months (6 issues) $120 • Pre-paid standing ads of 150 spaces or less, for a period of 6 months (12 issues) $216 • Pre-paid standing ads of 150 spaces or less, for a period of 1 year (24 issues) $384


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The Oakmont News / November 1, 2016

Oakmont Village Association oakmont village association

Hours: M–F 9 AM–5 PM / Tel 707-539-1611 / 6575 Oakmont Dr., Ste. 7 OVA E-mail: Website: Go to the members only page to view the monthly calendar, Board Meeting Minutes, criminal activity information and more.

maintenance Office

oakmont News

Hours: Daily 6 AM–10 PM Tel 539-6720 Maintenance Building (next to Central Auditorium)

Tel 575-7200 E-mail:

Condominium Financial management (cfM)

Hours: M– Th 9 AM–Noon, 1–5 PM Tel 539-0701 / Fax 539-6537 6575 Oakmont Dr., Ste. 9 E-mail:

architectural office

OVA Accounting Tel 800-585-4297

Available in OVA Office Gas Shut-off Wrench.....................................$7 Tennis COurt Key.............................................$2 Vials for Life...............................................FREE resident access card..............................$25 EA replacements......................................$25 ea Guest access card..................................$25 ea Emergency Contacts for Residents This form is confidential and used only in case of an emergency to notify your named contacts.

Bulletin Boards

There are three OVA bulletin boards, one at each recreation center, where OVA events can be posted. Please bring in notices to the Events Coordinator at the OVA Office. Size is limited to 8.5"x5.5". Items “For Sale”, “For Rent” or “Want to Buy” can be put on a 3"x5" card and left at the OVA Office.

locker rentals

Annual Locker Fee $60 (January 1–December 31). If you wish to rent a locker, come to the OVA office and give us a check, your information and the number of the locker you want to rent. You provide the lock. We can prorate the annual fee. Daily use lockers are free. NOTICE: Weekly locker inspections are done by OVA Maintenance. Locks could be sawed off with no prior notice and locker contents removed on all unpaid lockers. Items will be held in OVA Maintenance office for 30 days. If you have any questions, please contact the OVA Office M-F 539-1611


Quarterly pickups. First Saturday in April, July and October. 9 AM–1 PM.


The following are OVA Guest Pass types and duration: 1) Guest from outside Sonoma County— up to 90 days; 2) House sitters—up to 90 days (OVA host must present written request to OVA Office for approval prior to visit); 3) Guests living in Sonoma County—2 days per card, and no more than 3 cards per month. Guest cards are available during regular hours in the OVA Office for a $25 refundable deposit. Guests accompanied by their Oakmont host are not required to have a Guest Pass.

Call Oak Creek RV & Storage, P.O. Box 2246, Santa Rosa, CA 95405. 707-538-3230

oakmont community garden on stonebridge

For more info on signing up contact OVA at 539-1611 or email Oakmontcommunitygarden@

2016-2017 OVA board of Directors

COORDINATOR Call 9AM–5PM November 1–15 Beverly Rodman 539-2658 November 16–30 Vickie Jackanich 595-3054 Rides Within Oakmont Marianne Neufeld 528-0161

Andie Altman, President

Meals on Wheels, 525-0383

If you would like to be a volunteer, please call 539-8996. Donations to Oakmont Volunteer Helpers are appreciated and tax deductible. Mail your check payable to Oakmont Volunteer Helpers, 6575 Oakmont Dr., Ste. 7, Santa Rosa, CA 95409. Thank you.

Mon.–Fri. medical rides before 9 AM or after 4 PM are subject to limited volunteer driver availability. No service on weekends or holidays. Please call at least three full working days prior to appointment. We regret that we are unable to provide either wheelchair or emergency service.

Blood Pressure clinic

Wed 10:30 AM–12 PM, Berger Center, Room D. Contact: Del Baker 539-1657.


SUMMER SCHEDULE Access to OVA pools is by magnetic card. Call OVA Office, 539-1611 if you need a permanent new member pool access card or to register for a temporary guest pool access card. West: 7 AM–9 PM (Closes 7 PM Wednesdays for cleaning) East: 6:30 AM–9 PM (Closes 7 PM Mondays for cleaning) Central: 5:45 AM–9 PM (Closes 7 PM Tuesdays for cleaning) JACUZZI HOURS: Same as facility. No one under 18 years in West and East pools and Jacuzzis. Central Pool Children’s Hours: 11 AM–2 PM (Exception: 12 Noon –4 PM Memorial Day Weekend thru Labor Day.) Children must be accompanied by an OVA member or adult with a valid pool access card. NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY AT ANY OVA POOL. ALL FACILITIES CLOSED CHRISTMAS DAY.


Central Activity Center, 310 White Oak Dr. Da ily 5 AM–9 PM. Closed at 7 PM on Tues. for cleaning. Closed Christmas day.


Hours: M–F 9 AM–Noon, and 1–4 PM Tel 539-5810 6572 Oakmont Dr., Ste. A (for Association Maintained Homes)

Need a ride? give a ride! oakmont volunteer helpers We provide the following services to Oakmont Residents: n Transportation to medical/ dental appointments in Santa Rosa only n Grocery shopping to Safeway (at Calistoga Center only) n

OAS Management Company


Central Activity Center, 310 White Oak Dr. Hours: Daily 6 AM–9 PM. Closed Christmas Day. It is run by volunteers. All donations are gladly accepted. Materials we cannot use will be passed on to others.

John Felton, Vice President Frank Batchelor, Secretary Elke Strunka, Treasurer Herm Hermann, Director Gloria Young, Director Ellen Leznik, Director Association Manager Cassie Turner

OVA Board Meeting 3rd Tuesday of the month—1 pm* in the Berger Center *All residents of Oakmont are welcome.


Please contact OVA resident Bev Schilpp by phone 538-4293 or by E-mail wallyschilpp1@ if you would like to have published in the Oakmont News the name and date of death of your loved one.

Letters to the Editor Writer Guidelines

Author must be an Oakmont resident or owner. Letter must include topic title, author’s signature and Oakmont address, email address and/ or phone number (not published). Maximum length 250 words. Letters not previously printed elsewhere may be given publishing priority. Writers will be limited to one letter per 90 days. Letters may be subject to editing for length or clarity. Personal attacks and inflammatory comments will not be printed. Communications Committee retains its right of refusal to publish. Send letter to OVA Office at 6575 Oakmont Drive, Ste 7 or by email to

Public Transportation Available in Oakmont CityBus #16 bus takes residents to n Sonoma County Transit #30 bus goes to 5 different shopping centers weekday Memorial and Kaiser Hospitals and downtown mornings and around Oakmont afternoons. Santa Rosa. Returns via Oakmont to Sonoma. n



Schedules available at OVA office.

The Board of Directors of Oakmont Village Association reserves the right to select those articles submitted for publication that seem appropriate to the purpose of this association.

E-mail List Do you want to stay updated on what is going on in Oakmont? Join the OVA E-mail list. You will receive Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes, Oakmont Notices, Meeting Announcements and the weekly Manager's Newsletter. To join, go to the OVA office and fill out a sign-up form, or visit www. To receive E-Blast by E-mail, click the "join our E-Blast email list" link. If you would like a hardcopy, please come to​the OVA Activities​office. They are located on the front counter.


The Oakmont News / November 1, 2016

OVA-Sponsored Events Toxic Waste Collection nMarsha Zolkower

Tuesday, november 15 west rec. parking lot

Band Concert at Berger Center

nHelen Hargrave

The New Horizons Concert Band of Sonoma County (NHB) returns to Berger Center on Saturday, November 19 at 2 p.m. to delight the Oakmont audience with a variety of musical genres. The annual Fall Concert will feature light classical selections including a “Salute to American Jazz,” highlights from Guys and Dolls, and A Charlie Brown Christmas.

The NHB has grown to 84 members, all of whom are seniors. Several live in Oakmont: Dan Durham, Jud Goodrich, Helen Hargrave, Gene Isaeff, Roger Morcomb, John Ray, Rose West and Ed Kelleher. So mark Saturday, November 19 at 2 p.m. at Berger Center on your calendars and plan to attend an hour or so of easy listening band music. The concert is free, but donations are gratefully accepted.

Four times a year Oakmont has a Community Toxic Collection at the West Rec. parking lot, 6470 Meadowridge Drive, from 2–7 p.m. LIMITS: 15 gallons of liquid (with a maximum of five gallons per container) or 125 pounds of solid material. Never mix chemicals. Place in sealed containers in the trunk, packed to prevent spills. Syringes/ needles in sealed, approved Sharps containers. NOT ACCEPTED: explosives or ammunition, radioactive materials, biological waste (except syringes), TVs, computer monitors and other electronics, business waste. Please call 795-2025 to schedule an appointment or ask your questions,

OVA Brings You a Presentation on Medicare


nMarsha Zolkower


Join us for: Navigating the Medicare Landscape. You may be entitled to additional savings and greater healthcare benefits! Learn about the changes

impacting health insurance options in your area. Attend this informative seminar to learn more about how you can: reduce your prescription drug costs, save money on your healthcare and dental expenses and access quality healthcare providers and facilities. And more! SPEAKERS: Stephanie J Curry and Rey Frimmersdorf RSVP:

Community “Homeless Talk”

nMarsha Zolkower

Thursday, November 10 1–2:30 pm, East Rec.

Why are so many people homeless in the Santa Rosa area? Do you know someone who is homeless? Are you aware of what is being done in the Santa Rosa area for our homeless population? What more could be done to help homeless by the community, governmental agencies and by the homeless themselves? “Homeless Talk” is a series of group discussions scheduled this fall throughout Santa Rosa, organized by a coalition of local social service agencies, community and neighborhood groups, schools, businesses, religious congregations, and representatives from the City of Santa Rosa and the County of Sonoma, along with members of Santa Rosa Together and Homeless

Action! organizations. Oakmonters are invited to attend a group discussion on area homelessness on Thursday, November 10. The meeting will be facilitated by trained professionals who will guide discussion, seek input and questions, and welcome commentary without judgment. Results from all community meetings will be collated and a public report prepared to help guide future community response to homeless issues. Light refreshments will be served. More information is available on the “Homeless Talk Santa Rosa” Facebook page or call Oakmont meeting coordinator Carolyn Greene at 791-7497.

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The Oakmont News / November 1, 2016

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