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November 1, 2015 • Volume 53, Number 21

New Law Allows Artificial Turf Lawns

nStaff Report

You may be seeing artificial turf soon on Oakmont front lawns. A new state law prohibits banning artificial turf in associations, prompting a change in a longtime policy here against using fake grass out front, although it has been allowed in back yards.

nAl Haggerty

The law is part of a package of measures dealing with California’s drought. Oakmont’s Architectural Committee “will follow the law,” Chair Marianne Neufeld said, noting that the committee See artificial turf on page 5

Small OVA 2016 Dues Increase

The Oakmont Village Association board of directors has adopted a budget of just under $3.2 million with a small increase in monthly dues. The budget includes an increase in the monthly dues per resident from

$63 to $63.75 for the large majority of homeowners and from $51 to $53.25 for those who made a lump sum payment to help pay for the new Central Activities Center loan. See dues increase on page 5

OVA Board Split On Pickleball Issue

nAl Haggerty

Artist Charles Gresalfi gestures beside his self-portrait at the Oakmont Art Association’s annual show last month. Art filled the eyes and music filled the air as visitors toured exhibits during the two-day show in the Berger Center. A raffle and silent auction raised more than $4,000 for scholarships awarded to Santa Rosa Junior College art students. (Photo by John Williston. More photos online at

All Are Invited to Oakmont’s Veterans Day Parade, Reception

nStaff Report

The 2015 Veterans Day parade will make its way around the community on Wednesday, Nov. 11, offering miles of opportunities to view the parade and salute veterans of U.S. military service. A map of the parade route is on page 10 of this newspaper. Some residents are organizing block parties to view the parade, an initiative highly encouraged by the parade committee. Grand Marshal of this year’s 11th annual parade is U.S. Air Force Maj. Del Tiedeman, who was a pilot in the 442nd Troop

Carrier Group, commanding World War II missions throughout Europe, including drops during the Normandy Invasion. He is a resident of Oakmont Gardens, which co-sponsors the parade with the Oakmont Village Association. The parade, made up of automobiles, golf carts, bicycles and other entries, will start at 1 p.m. Nov. 11 at the Berger Center. It will conclude back at the Berger, where the public is invited to a reception, with wine, coffee and water. The reception will start at 2 p.m., and will be joined by parade participants when they reach the Berger. Chair for this year’s parade is Marney McKinley.

Oakmont’s governing board appeared split on the issue of building pickleball courts after hearing residents’ opinions, which were about evenly divided on the issue, at an Oct. 20 Oakmont Village Association board meeting. With the final cost likely to exceed $300,000 and new questions regarding access to the site by construction equipment, the board expressed an ambivalence not heard at prior meetings. Plans moved forward for a city planning hearing, now expected in December. While President Frank Batchelor said he was still in favor of pickleball, he noted that his original support was based on spending up to $200,000 and he’s now concerned about the end costs. Director Herm Hermann favored putting the project on hold, but a motion which would have accomplished that failed by a 5-2 vote. Director Elke Strunka said she is “anti-pickleball for now” because the project and expected Berger Center renovations are coming back to back. Director John Felton favored delaying project for “more tweaking”

and Director Alan Scott said he was concerned about finances. Director Andie Altman said her dollar threshold had increased and she’s willing to consider spending “into the 300s.” She said it’s important to keep Oakmont “modern and relevant” and “it’s important the project stay on course.”


The meeting began with an open forum where residents were given one hour to voice their opinions. This gave about half the 50 people who lined up a chance at the microphone. Unlike some previous events focusing on pickleball, participants were courteous and respectful. The first speaker, Lisa Bonomi, held up a petition opposing the new courts, which she said contained more than 1,000 signatures representing “voices of See board on page 3


Lisa Bonomi waves petitions protesting pickleball plan.


The Oakmont News / November 1, 2015

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The Oakmont News / November 1, 2015


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Oakmont.” The petition says the courts would shatter peace and quiet, ruin the view of some properties, cause a drop in values and leave OVA open to lawsuits.

Audience members line up to speak at Open Forum during Oct. 20 board meeting. Empty chairs were vacated by people in line. (Photos by Marty Thompson)

Some speakers challenged the validity of the petition, contending that claims made by petitioners going door-to-door were inaccurate. Noel Lyons, co-chair of the board’s ad hoc pickleball committee, said, “I’d sign the petition if everything on it were true.” He said if the cost of the project were amortized over its expected life, it would represent one-half of one percent of the OVA budget. Anita Easland, the committee co-chair, noted that it had studied the issue for two years and concluded that the proposed site near the central pool would have the least effect on residents. Lyons added that it would probably be appropriate to have acoustical studies done for possible sites near the East and West recreation centers. Lyons said the Pickleball Club would be willing to conduct a pledge drive to help pay for the courts. Following a spate of negative comments saying the project is “unrealistic,” represents “reckless spending” and “makes no sense,” supporters used their turns at the microphone to emphasize the benefits of pickleball. Michael Martin called pickleball “vital to me” and, as a cancer survivor, said it is “critical” to maintaining him. He said his wife signed the petition opposing the new courts when she was told the project would involve construction of a stadium. Original plans calling for seating, not a stadium, were scrapped. Peter Copen said pickleball “has changed my life” and added, “This sport isn’t going away. It will cost more

later.” Diane Naylor, a long-time physical therapist, said pickleball can improve “balance, coordination, strength and endurance.” Ron Levy said complaints about the courts have been “largely mitigated,” that they would be a selling point for homeowners and are “a wonderful activity and fun for everybody,” especially those who can’t play other sports. Reacting to a column in the Kenwood Press saying that the courts would destroy the “tranquility and beauty for all of us” and that the OVA Board ignores residents’ concerns, the Pickleball Club mailed a fact sheet to every Oakmont home. It said the proposed cost is not excessive, Oakmont finances are healthy, the sound will be mitigated and property values enhanced. It said an Oakmont Realtor said prospective buyers often ask if Oakmont has pickleball. Ellen Leznik, previously an outspoken opponent of the courts, said “This has gotten out of hand. How can we stop it? We want to enjoy peace and quiet.” She called for a “reasonable solution,” urging the parties to work together. She called for a committee representing all parties to seek a “workable and reasonable solution.” However, a quick check with several board members indicated no support for a new committee to study pickleball or for Leznik’s suggestion that OVA withdraw its request for a hearing before the City Planning Commission, which is now set for Dec. 10 at the earliest. The board approved spending up to $2,000 to have the project designer, engineer and acoustical engineer present at the OVA hearing. It asked its ad hoc committee to seek from the contractor who provided the cost estimate how the issue of access to the CAC site might affect project cost.


The issue of access to the pickleball court site for construction equipment arose when Batchelor announced that the board voted to terminate a lease it had signed to rent the office building behind Umpqua Bank to house the OVA offices. Manager Cassie Turner said the decision came after neither OVA nor the building owner, Brad Benson, agreed to pay for “very costly and extensive” exterior improvements needed to meet ADA requirements.

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Turner said if the lease had remained in place, access to the pickleball site would have been available through the Benson building parking lot. However, she added, when asked if that access would still be available, Benson said he was “not inclined” to grant it. Turner said the OVA offices will remain in the former medical building on Oakmont Drive. However, she added, OVA was negotiating to give up its current space and rent the other side of the building, which formerly housed medical offices and has about twice the space as the current OVA offices. In a 4-3 vote, the board accepted a recommendation from the Communications Committee to stop videotaping regular board meetings and workshops, while continuing to video annual candidates’ nights and annual meetings. The committee said the taping may inhibit open conversations between board members and make some residents hesitant to speak during the member forum. Giddings said the taping was not worth the cost of from $300 to $400 for each meeting. Video of the meeting can be viewed on the OVA website.

Letter to the Editor Dear Editor, This LTE replies to a piece in the October 15 issue of Kenwood Press by my good friend and fellow OVA resident Kerry Oswald. Kerry states, “Unfortunately, this sport site is close to housing and is one of the most scenic and peaceful spots in Oakmont.” This is extremely erroneous. Only two homes are affected. The closest was sold recently to residents who were aware of the possibility of pickleball courts. As to “scenic and peaceful,” no more scenic than dozens of other locations and only as peaceful as allowed by a swimming pool allowing children in the afternoons, plus the clank of steel on steel horseshoes, the petanque court, and location of the currently unused shuffleboard courts. As it is called, the Central Activities Center, not the central peace and quite center. Our Articles of Incorporation state Oakmont was built to provide recreation and club facilities for our residents, nothing more! And our Guidelines and Standards, on which we all signed off when purchasing a home here, state “no resident is entitled to a view!” To argue that folks go the CAC to enjoy a view is just plain silly. The other two OVA recreational sites at which pickleball could be located contain dozens of residences, not just two, and many of them would be uphill from the courts, where sound cannot be significantly reduced. Since pickleball has become the fastest growing sport Oakmont has ever seen, the problem facing the OVA Board is not one of location, but rather of cost. If it can be done cost-efficiently, it should be done. Wally Schilpp

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The Oakmont News / November 1, 2015


The Oakmont News / November 1, 2015

Valley of the Moon Rotary

nJohn Brodey

Rotoplast—Saving Smiles and Changing Lives

Recently, Valley of the Moon Rotary Club member Barb Spangler gave us a fascinating talk on Rotoplast International, a charitable organization we have supported for many years. Rotoplast is committed to helping children and families worldwide by eliminating the burden of cleft lip and/or palate, burn scarring and other deformities. Working with local professionals, Rotarians and other organizations Rotoplast sends multidisciplinary medical teams to provide free reconstructive surgery and training for the comprehensive care of these children. Rotoplast was founded in 1992 by Dr. Angelo Capozzi in collaboration with the Rotary Club of San

Francisco to facilitate a surgical program in Serena, Chile to treat children with the cleft lip and palate anomaly who would otherwise not receive surgical intervention. In 22 years Rotoplast has worked in 26 countries and has treated 17,000 patients. During her talk, Barb told us about her 2011 mission to Venezuela, an unforgettable experience for her working 12 6 a.m.–11 p.m. days with 240 patients triaged and 115 surgeries performed. There are a number of reasons for the cleft anomaly including a genetic predisposition, diet, life style, lack of adequate vitamins especially folic acid, smoking while pregnant, and pollution. Research has shown that a genetic predisposition can be triggered by any of these factors, thus increasing the chance for the cleft anomaly

Zentangle™ Art Classes

nBetsy Smith

Explore you creative side with the Zentangle™. If you can draw a dot, line, squiggly, circle or square, etc., you can do the Zentangle™ Art Method. You do not have to have attended any other Zentangle™ class to come. Everyone is welcome! Classes are on second and fourth Mondays each month. Check the schedule below for specific dates. Materials are provided. Be sure to call or E-mail me to reserve your space in class.

dues increase

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Monday, November 9: Creating Zentangle™ patterns on a leaf shape for the holidays. No class November 23—Thanksgiving week. TIME: 4:30–6 p.m. WHERE: Central Activity Center Art Room COST: $8 per class INFO: All supplies provided. Be sure to register before class starts to have a space. Call me at 321-2105 (cell), or E-mail

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The $63.75 dues will drop to $53.25 next June when a loan that paid for the CAC is due to be paid off. Approximately $210,000 remains owing on the loan. The budget includes $659,000 in contributions to the asset replacement, capital improvement and catastrophe funds.


Board members were unanimously upbeat about OVA finances in comments at an Oct. 13 budget meeting. President Frank Batchelor said OVA is “in really good financial shape,” and Director Herm Hermann said the facilities are “in much better condition than five years ago.” Board member Alan Scott said OVA is in “great

Visit us at Phone: 538-5115 License # 00560683

shape” and colleague Andie Altman pronounced it in “really strong financial condition.” Turner concurred with a resident who said it would be hard to find a retirement community like Oakmont with as low dues. The budget has net operating expenses of $2,327,620, including $1,141,821 for personnel and $488,156 for administration. Other expenses are $295,000 for utilities and telephone, $148,000 for custodial and maintenance, $132,000 for grounds and maintenance and $129,534 for recreation areas. The remaining $72,000 is for security and fire, committee expenses and contingencies, with $79,700 being deducted from the total expenses.

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to appear more frequently among those who are poor. Rotoplast works nationally and internationally by partnering with Rotary clubs, other organizations, and individuals across the United States and Canada. It provides a vehicle for medical professionals and nonmedical volunteers to actively engage in projects that build international friendships and promote goodwill and understanding among the peoples of the world. Rotoplast International’s goal is to help local professionals build sustainable models for the care of these children, improving their lives and those of their families. The Rotary Club of the Valley of the Moon is looking for people who are interested in taking an active role in programs such as Rotoplast and similar ones we support in third world countries. If you would like to get involved, contact Marie Theilade at mtheilade@

artificial turf

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requires applications to install artificial turf and has strict rules about what types are allowed, how it can be installed, and on maintenance. One resident had submitted an application by mid-October, Neufeld said. “She had told me she was going to put it in her front yard, and she was the first to apply.” One enforcement of the ban was started earlier in the year in an instance where a property owner installed artificial turf, but the action was dropped when the property owner removed the turf, Neufeld said. Criteria for artificial turf specifies use of natural turf color, lead-free polyethylene material with urethane backing. They call for “first quality goods … manufactured in the USA” and for a minimum eight-year warranty. The rules require installation by a licensed contractor and that the turf is maintained in like-new condition. Another new state law requires associations like Oakmont to allow clotheslines in yards.

Photo Credit Photographer credit was omitted from a photo of Richard Duncan in the Oct. 15 newspaper. The photo was taken by Michael Reinhardt.


The Oakmont News / November 1, 2015

New This Year: Join a Club Night nStaff Report

Join a Club Night was a new wrinkle for 2015 in Oakmont’s traditional twice-yearly new residents’ reception. The event was split into two nights in October, with the second on Oct. 13 open to everyone, not just new residents.

Jan Rowley and Steff Brucker learn about exercise groups at Oakmont. Another photo online at oakmont-news. (Photo by Marty Thompson)

Representatives of more than 50 Oakmont groups were ready at tables in the Berger Center to tell all comers about their groups and how to take part. The event provided one-stop shopping for anyone who was interested in getting involved in a new activity. The first half of the program, a week earlier, was focused on telling newcomers about life here and how the Oakmont Village Association works.

Art or Eyesore? Oakmont Weighs In nJim Brewer

Two easily visible roadside attractions just west of Oakmont have been cited for being out of compliance with Sonoma County codes. The owner of the antique farm equipment and large shipping containers at the corner of Highway 12 and Melita Road has been given a 90-day extension to clean up the property, according to a county code enforcement officer with Department of Permit and Resource Management. A seven-foot-high wood fence now shields the containers and some heavyduty machinery. The other property is Conant’s Wine Barrel Creations, which displays artistic wood barrel

items in the yard fronting on 6375 Highway 12. The property is occupied by a tenant who did not obtain permits for a retail business, and the owner has been given 30 days to comply, according to the code officer, who gave no other details. Neither property owner could be reached for comment. Susan Millar, who chairs the Oakmont Community Development Committee, said the OCDC sought information about the properties after an Oakmont resident asked about them. The OCDC is tasked with keeping tabs on developments near Oakmont that affect the community here. “It appears a lot of people have complained,” she said. “Obviously, a lot of people don’t like the scenic disruption.”

Property at the corner of Highway 12 and Melita Road. (Photo by Marty Thompson)

Conant’s Wine Barrel Creations property. (Photo by Jay Jones)

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The Oakmont News / November 1, 2015

Calling All Zone Communicators To Action!

Ladies’ Friendship Bible Study

nSuzanne Cassell, Oakmont Emergency Preparedness Committee (OEPC)

When a major emergency hits Oakmont, don’t count on your phone or the Internet. History tells us that those resources will likely be inaccessible, possibly for days. Anticipating this, the OEPC has established radio networks to maintain contact with the outside world.

The radios will allow them to report problems and request assistance. To make sure that these volunteers will know what to do during a major emergency, a drill is scheduled for the purpose of training the ZC’s and their Alternates. PRE-MEETING: Thursday, November 12, East Rec. Center at 11 a.m. The purpose is to make sure all hands have working radios, know how to operate them, and have full information on the activities taking place in this drill. DRILL: Saturday, November 14, in each Zone Communicator’s zone from 9–11:30 a.m. WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Both active primary Zone Communicators and their Alternates. Alternates will assist primary Zone Communicators and observe the interaction for training purposes. For more information and/or to sign up as a Zone Communicator, please contact Tony Lukes, Zone Communications Coordinator, at 537-9631 or E-mail him at: Your neighbors and your community will thank you!

nNancy Crosby


What does it mean to have the Holy Spirit directing your life? What do you know about the third member of the Trinity? This study will reveal who He is, what He does, and what life is like when He lives within you. Whether a novice to Bible study or a seasoned veteran, join our welcoming and friendly group to explore the answers to these questions. This Stonecroft study has six lessons, but we progress at our own speed, taking time for sharing and discussion. Please call me for more information or just jump in anytime! DATE: Fridays TIME: 10:15–11:50 a.m. PLACE: 6575 Oakmont Drive, Suite 6 (room is directly across the hall from the OVA Office) LEADER/CONTACT: Nancy Crosby, 480-0566



Arlene O’Rourke (a seasoned ZC) is briefing Peggy and Rod Clark, two of the newest ZC’s, also new Oakmont residents, about the usage of the radios during an emergency.

One critical part of our communications starts in Oakmont neighborhoods, with volunteers patrolling our streets with simple-to-use walkietalkie radios and wearing yellow vests to be recognized as Zone Communicators (ZC’s).

The supply lines for the Northern California power grids have been sabotaged resulting in a power outage for the whole area. PG&E estimates that it will be 5-7 days before power is restored. This is exasperated by unseasonable cold weather. There is no water other than those systems that are gravity feed. There is gas, but many homes are cold because furnaces will not work without electricity. Landline phones are in operation but are extremely overloaded. There are no cell phones.

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Golf News OGC


nChuck Wood


As a service and benefit for Oakmont Golf Club members, the OGC and the Golf Shop staffs serve as a bank for monies won by club members in their section and Twilighter play—the “sweeps.” Many of you have accumulated large sums in your sweeps accounts—as much as $1,300—congratulations! An unintended consequence of players’ monetary successes on our courses, however, is that the sweeps funds must be recognized as a Liability on our club’s Balance Sheet. The total in that account has now approached $40,000. That’s way too much. In the past, sweeps monies were only allowed to be used for merchandise purchases in the golf shop. Around two years ago, the OGC Board of Directors approved the use of sweeps account funds to purchase food and beverages in the Quail Inn, as well as individual buckets of range balls. This year, the board voted to further expand the opportunities for members to spend their sweeps wealth by having it applied to the annual golf cart trail fee and the annual range ball fee (range key). If you wish to pay the annual fee to enable using an Oakmont Golf Club cart any time you wish, sweeps money can go toward that, as well. To both reduce the liability amount on our books and encourage club members to enjoy spending their sweeps monies now, the OGC has instituted changes that will take effect early next year. As of the beginning of our next fiscal year on March 1, sweeps funds in each of our accounts will not be allowed to carry forward on the books. They must have been spent by applying them to all the nice things our club has to offer (see above paragraph). There is a buffer, however, in that sweeps monies won in January and February of 2016 can be carried forward on the books beyond March 1. So, go have some fun buying nice things for yourself and dear ones—you’ve earned it. Buy that jacket you’ve always wanted—winter is coming. Have some nice meals at The Quail—the expanded menu is great. Buy drinks for friends—they’ll love you for it. When you sign up for next year’s cart trail fee permit or the annual range ball key, apply your sweeps funds to soften the blow of the one-time cash outlay. I mean, how easy can it get to run those preJanuary 1 sweeps balances down to zero by the end of February?

Deborah Hunter, M.D. Medical Second Opinion Kenwood (707) 386-4200

The Oakmont News / November 1, 2015

18-Hole Tuesday & Thursday Women’s Club

nEileen Beltrano

Hi there ladies. It’s great to be home and just in time for some trick or treat and in time for those November rains? Our combined Tuesday/Thursday Halloween Shotgun Mixer and Luncheon was a big success! Thank you Donna James and Leslie Clark (and their committee) for organizing this event. A lot of fun was had by all who participated in our second TRIFECTA with the Wednesday Men’s Club. It’s always fun to play a different game even on Wednesday! It’s early November and that means our starting times begin at 9 a.m. for both clubs. We have two new members in our Tuesday Club. A big welcome goes out to Peggy Price from S.R. Golf Club and to Haekyung Hong from Bennett Valley Golf Club. Here are the results of sweeps for early October.

Having some fun after a round of golf we have Kay Wittes, Carol Locke, Vanita Collins, Jane O’Toole, Leslie Clark, Kris Peters, Gail Holmes and Christy Rexford.


Low Gross of Field: Patty Buchholz (88). First flight: first low net tie, P. Buchholz and J. Seliga; third low net, A. Miller; fourth low net tie, K. Mokricky and W. Hoerr. Second flight: first low net, B. Hulick; second low net, M. Delagnes; third low net tie, K. Faherty and R. Nicholson; fifth low net tie, L. Davis and Y. Smith. Third flight: first low net, M.A. Gibbs; second low net tie, S. Baxter, L. Kilpatrick and J. Buell; fifth low net tie, L. Yates and L. Vree. Fourth flight: first low net, V. Collins; second low net, K. Wittes; third low net, C. Rexford; fourth low net, J. O’Toole; fifth low net, T. Siela; and sixth low net, D. Johnson.

Congratulations to KC Cote! Our very own Thursday Club member, KC Cote, was honored by NCGA as Rules Official of the Year! Wow!


Low Gross of Field: Sallie Wood (92). First flight: first low net, S. Wood; second low net, L. Clark; and third low net, K. Mokricky. Second flight: first low net, E. Huff; second low net, B. Goodman; and third low net, Y. Smith. Third flight: first low net, L. Wiener; second low net, C. Rexford; and third low net, J. O’Toole.


Low Gross of Field: Kathy Mokricky (95). First flight: first low net, M. Rossi; second low net,

ed dat u p U en M

Mention this ad and get 15% off your To-Go order before 5:30pm Hours: Tue–Sun, 11:30am–8pm 6576 Oakmont Drive, Santa Rosa


Check out our facebook page at

Socializing at an event a few months back, members Becky Hulick, Elly Frauenhofer, Sallie Wood and Tuesday’s Captain, Ellean Huff.

K. Mokricky; third low net, J. DiMaggio; fourth low net, J. Seliga; and fifth low net, C. Carroll. Second flight: first low net, Y. Smith; second low net, B. Goodman; third low net, J. Early; fourth low net, L. Kilpatrick; fifth low net tie, C. Sharpe and E. Huff. Third flight: first low net, C. Locke; second flight low net, M.A. Gibbs; third flight low net, K. Wittes; and fourth low net, E. Baciocco. Fourth flight: first low net, J. O’Toole; second low net, T. Siela; third low net tie, C. Rexford and V. Collins.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 15, west SWEEPS, 22 players

Low Gross of Field: Linda Paul (90). First flight: first low net, L. Clark; second low net, K. Mokricky; third low net, M. Rossi; fourth low net tie, L. Paul and S. Wood. Second flight: first low net tie, R. Nicholoson and C. Carter; third low net, Y. Smith; fourth low net tie, B. Goodman and L. Kilpatrick. Third flight: first low net, L. Wiener; second low net, B. VanVoorhis; third low net, L. Vree; and fourth low net, C. Locke. OK ladies, see you out there!


The Oakmont News / November 1, 2015


9-Hole Thursday Women’s Club

nBarbara Bowman

nRick Yates


After six play days in April through September the Niners have completed this year’s Eclectic tournament. Thirty-nine members competed, trying to improve their scores on each hole of the Back Nine. Six months without rain provided perfect golf days! Jean Rockwell and Jainie Rietow, tourney co-chairs, tallied the scores and reported the following winners:

Second flight: first, Arlene Keenley; second tie, Christy Rexford, Connie Silvas and Josie DiBenedetto; fifth tie, Barbara Robinson and Ada Branstetter; seventh, Jean Rockwell; eighth, Janie Rietow. Third flight: first, Jane Fulkerson; second tie, Elisabeth La Pointe and Tammy Siela; fourth; Cathie Cunningham; fifth tie, Marie Crimaldi, Joan Eiserloh and Henni Williston; eight tie, Gail Del Cielo and Ann Krajci. Fourth flight: first, Audrey Engen; second tie, Barbara Bowman, Barbara James and Debbie Kiddoo; fifth, Jeanine Haggerty; sixth, Sarah Wood; seventh, Jan Rasore. Congratulations and thanks to all participants. It’s always fun to play in the Eclectic.


The annual Boo Halloween tournament and luncheon was held on October 30. Lots of fun and interesting costumes! Details in the November 15 Oakmont News.


Henni Williston and Peggy Lash with their Eclectic score cards. As always, it was an enjoyable Niners Event.

First flight: first, Maria Mar; second, Vanita Collins; third tie, Elaine Foote, Liisa Karjalaien, Rebecca Wellman and Ellie Baciocco; seventh tie, Linda Yates, Cindy Carroll and Peggy Lash; tenth, Ruth Levy.



Wednesday Men’s Club

9-Hole Monday Men’s Club

nTony D’Agosta

The Golf Committee discussed removing the ball with a putter causes damage to the hole. If it is difficult to bend down and remove the ball, retrievers that fit on the end of the putter handle can be purchased at the pro shop. If you have any concerns or issues you would like to bring before the Golf Committee, please contact me or attend a meeting and address the committee. Plans are in the works for our Christmas party on December 14 so mark your calendars. More information to follow. Meanwhile, happy golfing!

SWEEPS RESULTS OCTOBER 5 Two-Man Best Ball, 12 Teams

First place: Bill Wellman/Ray Guerber with a 25. Second place: Neil Huber/Tony Apolloni with a 26. Third place: Keith Wise/Noel Schween with a 27. Fourth place tie: Tony D’Agosta/Gary Stone, Dan Sienes/Don Schulte and Wayne Mickaelian/John Munkacsy, all with a 28. Closest-to-the-pin: Tony Apolloni, 24’10”, Tom Massip, 26’10”, Gary Stone, 28’9”.

SWEEPS RESULTS FOR OCTOBER 12 Individual Low Net, Second Round Fall Eclectic, 27 Players

First place: Tony D’Agosta with a 28.5. Second place: Bob Marotto with a 29.5. Third place tie: Tom Massip, Don Schulte, Noel Schween, all with a 30. Sixth place: Ray Guerber with a 31. Seventh place: Joe Lash with a 31.5. Eighth place tie: Al Bentham, Joel Goodman and Phil Sapp, all with a 32. Closest-to-the-pin: Tom Massip, 18’11”, Paul Lawler, 32’5”.

There are still several opportunities to get involved with the Niners 2016 events. Check out the list on the bulletin board. Do your part to make next year a good one—it takes all of us!


First flight: first, J. Finnerty; second, E. Foote; third, L. Yates. Second flight: first tie; E. LaPointe and J. Fulkerson; third, C. Hilliard; fourth, J. Rockwell. Third flight: first tie, T. Siela and J. Banayat; third, J. McDonnell. Fourth flight: first. B. Bowman; second, C. Cunningham; third tie, D. Kiddoo and J. Rasore. Chip-in: Elisabeth LaPointe, hole #3.


First flight: first, M. Mar; second tie, B. Robinson and J. Rockwell; fourth, E. Baciocco; fifth tie, L. Yates and E. Foote. Second flight: first tie, E. LaPointe and C. Hilliard; third, J. Fulkerson; fourth, M. Crimaldi. Third flight: first, H. Williston; second, J. Rasore; third, A. Engen; fourth, J. Haggerty. Chip-ins: Ellie Baciocco, #16 and Roberta Lommori, #1.

October 7, WEST COURSE CHAMPIONSHIP—second week

First flight (8–15): first tie, Bruce Hulick and John Weston, 69; third, Ross Alzina, 70; fourth, Mike Hull, 71. Second flight (16–23): first tie, Mike Doyle and Bill Roberts, 67; third, Gil Moreno, 69; fourth tie, John Williston and Rick Yates, 73. Third flight (24–up): first, Lou Lari, 71; second, Don Streutker, 73; third, Bud Simi, 74; fourth, Ed Pierson, 76. Closest-to-the-pins: #8—John Williston, 4’9”, Mike Hull, 5’4”; #13—Sal Cesario, 7’10”, John Weston, 15’2”; #16—Ross Alzina, 4’1”, Bill Smith, 8’11”. Hole #5—Mike Doyle picked up a carry-over pot of $22 with a shot of 1½” from the hole and he made the putt!

October 14, WEST COURSE championship—THIRD WEEK

First flight (8–15): first, Pete Waller, 68; second, Bob Branstetter, 71; third, Kevin Buehner, 72; fourth, Charlie Huff, 73. Second flight (16–23): first, Frank Zelko, 65; second, Bill Salmina, 68; third, Dave Goulson, 69; fourth tie, Phil Sapp and Charles Perotti, 72. Third flight (24–up): first, Bob Flores, 66; second tie, Gary Stone, Don Streutker and Suru Subbarao, 73. Closest-to-the-pins: #8—Gary Novak, 5’6”, Mike Hull, 5’9”; #13—Frank Zelko, 18’6”, Mike Isola, 20’7”; #16—Frank Zelko, 2’4”, Lou Lari, 12’5”


Low gross: first, Mike Hull, 78-79-82 = 239; second, Kevin Buehner, 85-87-80 = 252. Low net: first, Bruce Hulick, 69-69-77 = 215; second, Bill Roberts, 77-67-73 = 217. Congratulations to the Low Gross Champion, Mike Hull and the Low Net Champion, Bruce Hulick. Next week is a mixer/shotgun at the East Course. Sign-up sheets are at the West clubroom and the East pro shop. Luncheon at the Quail will follow.

Sufi Meditation Circle nJoAnn Halima Haymaker

Rumi, Meditation and Music

In spite of losing their clubhouse in the devastating Valley fire, the Niners of Adams Springs will be hosting the President’s Cup on November 5. A picnic will be held on the first tee. What resilience and resourcefulness! The Oakmont Niners team will be competing. Contact Linda Yates with questions.

You are invited to bring your light into our Circle of Peace. The Women’s Meditation Circle will meet on Wednesday, November 4, at 11 a.m. at my home, 147 White Oak Drive. Open to all women. There will be music, Rumi’s poetry, meditation, and Sufi wisdom. I am a member of the International Association of Sufism, It is helpful if you can let me know if you are coming: 537-1275 or jhay@pacbell. net. There will be a place for you in the circle.

J’s Grill & Café

Home Owners/Buyers


Now Open for Dinner

Thursday through Sunday 4:30 to 9:00pm No corkage fee on Thursday evenings 15% Oakmont discount during November Serving breakfast & lunch Tuesday–Sunday, 7am to 3:00pm 104 Calistoga Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95409 St. Francis Shopping Center Dinner reservations suggested 707-538-5255

trust • integrity • expertise and associates MLS FULL-SERVICE Brokerage 707-537-1169


The Oakmont News / November 1, 2015

Turn Out November 11 to Honor Vets at Oakmont’s Veteran’s Day Parade

nJeff Davis

Oakmont’s 11th Annual Veteran’s Day Parade in honor of the veterans who have served this nation will roll out from the Berger Center area at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 11. Remember vets, this celebration is about service, not war, and all veterans are encouraged to participate. Please give us the chance to say thank you. Led by Grand Marshal Major Del Tiedeman, the parade will loop around Oakmont, as shown on the accompanying map. Ending back at the Berger Center, there will be a reception that allows us to thank and visit with our veterans one-on-one. How can you be involved? Veterans and Vehicles: Assemble in the Berger Center Parking lot by 12:30 p.m. Vehicles should enter the lot via the east end of the lot (across from Oakmont Gardens) and proceed westward down the lot as directed. Veterans who do not have a vehicle to ride and drivers who have room in their vehicles for more veterans should contact Nancy Giddings,

Santa Rosa Dental Family Dentistry

Dr. Lara Rice • Dr. Michael Rice Dr. Doug Chase •New patients welcome •Insurance accepted •Highly trained staff using the latest in dental technology to provide the best for your dental needs.


6575 Oakmont Drive

539-6158 or, as soon as possible. It is not too late to join the parade. Residents: Turn out to cheer-on the parade and the veterans. Individuals, families, and neighbors, get ready to celebrate. Pick a point along the parade route; the map shows approximate times when the parade should reach points along the route. Be there early with flags and signs thanking our veterans for their service. Everyone will appreciate your involvement! One and all: At 2 p.m., there will be a reception and party in the Berger Center to honor Grand Marshall Tiedeman and all the attending veterans. The ensuing party will be a great place to meet the veterans (and your friends) and enjoy the afternoon with refreshments provided by the staff at Oakmont Gardens. See you there. The Oakmont Village Association, the Kiwanis Club of Oakmont and Oakmont Gardens sponsor this year’s event jointly.

Oakmont Music Lovers nHarriet Palk

A Totally Different Rag: May Aufderheide and the Tradition of American Ragtime

In her fourth visit to the Oakmont Music Lovers series, UC Santa Cruz music professor and pianist Amy Beal offers an entertaining lecture-recital on the all-American tradition of ragtime. Beginning with rhythmic concepts introduced by Scott Joplin, Beal will focus on the talented but lesserknown composer May Aufderheide, who, as a young woman in Indiana, wrote a number of popular piano rags and ragtime songs that were published by her father. Aufderheide’s pieces “Dusty,” “The Thriller!,” and “A Totally Different Rag” will be performed as examples. The cultural context of early 20th-century America provides a framework for why this music was found so thrilling. A few more modern rags might be performed if time allows. As an added bonus this year, Beal will be joined by her UCSC music department colleague, Larry Polansky, who will accompany her on mandolin. Please join us for a toe-tapping morning in November! WHEN: November 10, 10:30 a.m. WHERE: East Recreation Center COST: Free


The Oakmont News / November 1, 2015

Tennis Club

nStephanie Wrightson and Diane Linneball


Enlist no later than November 3 by contacting Commander-in-Chief Sumner Johnson (rumford31@ or 539-3758) with your phone number, E-mail address and rank (skill level A, B or C), or enlist on the OTC website (https://oakmonttennisclub.shutterfly. com). Unless otherwise directed by your general or admiral, report for duty on November 7 at 8 a.m., West Courts, where coffee and light refreshments will be served (play may occur on the West and East Courts). The deadline has passed for the November 7 OTC Awards Dinner and USO Show. For members who registered and their guests, festivities begin at 5:30 p.m., East Rec. Center: dinner, entertainment and recognition of 2015 tennis event winners. BYOB.


Congratulations to the 2016 OTC Board elected at the membership meeting: President, Terri Somers; Vice President, Jim Oswald; Tennis Events Director, Mark Guillory; Social Events Director, Cinda Gough; Secretary, Dorothy Smith; and Treasurer, Paula Lewis. Neil Linneball will serve as Ex-Officio. The new board’s 2016 slate of events and committee chairs will be announced early next year.

2016 OTC Board of Directors: Mark Guillory, Dorothy Smith, Paula Lewis, Terri Somers, Cinda Gough and Jim Oswald. (Photo by S. Wrightson)


Registration for the Friday, December 11 holiday party, 5:30 p.m., Berger Center is open to OTC members and their guests (same member price as last year). Don’t miss this blowout: a scrumptious catered meal and dancing with the fabulous Unauthorized Rolling Stones! BYOB. Sign up now—on November 15 the event will be opened to all Oakmont residents. Event coupons will be accepted through December 4, subject to space availability. In addition to passed appetizers and pastry chefprepared cheesecake topped with a handmade chocolate truffle for dessert, members and guests will be served a pre-selected meal: #1) New York Strip Steak with Black Truffle Vinaigrette, Creamy Soft Polenta with Marscapone and Pecorino or #2) Seared Salmon with Lemon Butter and Sea Salt, Porcini Mushroom Ravioli with Black Truffle Oil and Shaved Parmesan. Both meals include French string beans and mixed field greens with persimmon, pomegranate seeds, goat cheese and shallot vinaigrette. Yum!


Congratulations to all of the teams competing in the OTC Mixed Doubles Tournament! Kathy Erickson and Tom Kendrick were triumphant in the A-level final against Neil Linneball and Maureen Pennal. Olivia Kinzler and Dave Coar overcame George and Zlatica Hasa in the B-level final. In consolation rounds, Terri Somers and Dave Koch (A-level) and John Cullison and Diana Kissil (B-level) were victorious. Later that evening, Italia was in the air. Wine and antipasto were served at the membership meeting. Salute! At the Harvest Moon Dinner-Dance members enjoyed pesto and marinara pasta along with salad, rolls, sausage, peppers and apple crisp. Thanks to Social Director Terri Somers and her crew for a great evening. Molto bene!

OTC HOLIDAY DINNER-DANCE FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11, 5:30–10 PM, BERGER CENTER OTC Member Name(s):__________________________________________________________________________ Guest Name(s):_________________________________________________________________________________ # of members at $38/each:_______ # of guests at $45/each:_______ # of New York Strip meals:_______ # of Seared Salmon meals:_______ Total enclosed $________ Phone number:__________________________________________

Submit the completed coupon and payment to the Oakmont Tennis Club folder in the OVA Administrative Office by December 4. Reservations for tables of eight require all eight attendees’ names and their meal selections and total remittance.

Oakmont Law Offices of Edward Bernard Where Your Legal Needs Are As Individual As You Are

• Licensed in California & Nevada • 25 years experience • Trusts & Estates • No charge for initial consultation

AARP Legal Services Network Participant 537-2222 Mon.–Thurs. 9am–5pm, Fri. 9am–12noon 6637 Oakmont Drive Suite B (in Umpqua Bank building)

Mixed Doubles Finalists: Kathy Erickson, Tom Kendrick, Neil Linneball and Maureen Pennal. (Photo by S. Wrightson)

Walkers nBarbara Powell


It is that time of year again for our Annual Harvest Dinner. Please note time, place, menu and cost of dinner below. WHEN: Friday, November 20 WHERE: Berger Center TIME: 5:30 p.m. cocktails, 6:30 pm. dinner CONTACT: Dolores Salidivar, 539-1416, cell 591-5813 MENU: Appetizers; dinner—BLT salad with bacon, Cherry tomatoes, cheddar cheese and creamy ranch vinaigrette dressing; choice of one entrée—BBQ tri-tip with creamy horseradish sauce or Salmon Filet with a maple orange glaze, with petite green beans, sautéed mushrooms and toasted almonds; twice-baked potato; assorted breads and butter, coffee (decaf), tea, water and dessert. Vegetarian Lasagna or Eggplant Parmesan are available upon request. We hope to see you at this gala affair. Guest and future members are welcome. We would also like you to consider being on the board next year. We will discuss this at the dinner.


The holidays are almost here and the Walkers are getting together to celebrate. The date is Tuesday, December 8 which, we hope, will be before you are too engrossed in preparations. TIME: Bus leaves Berger Center at noon and we will return around 9 p.m. PLACE: San Francisco, Novato and Rohnert Park We will start off spending about two hours in San Francisco’s Union Square, shopping, admiring decorations, watching the ice skaters, or whatever you choose to do. If it is raining we will go to San Francisco’s Stonestown Mall, which is enclosed. We will then head back north, stopping in Novato for dinner at the Wild Fox Restaurant, where you order from a selected menu. After dinner we will go to the very well decorated, both inside and out, house in Novato. This has been a favorite for many years. Then back on the bus and head north again to stop in Rohnert Park to see the house that has won “the best of show” for several years. If everyone is not tired we will continue to admire decorations as we head home, otherwise we will head home after a full day. The price is $60 p.p., which covers all gratuities, transportation and a delightful three-course dinner. Remember, as always, it is first-come, first-served and the trip is limited to 40. Since it is in the evening and in San Francisco you may want to dress warmly. Please eat your lunch before boarding the bus in Oakmont. Notice: There is a change of address for this trip. Please send your checks, made out to “Oakmont Walkers” to Carolyn Mack, 318 Stone Creek Circle. Phone: 537-7347,


The Oakmont News / November 1, 2015

Who we are

We are a Christian fellowship assisting and supporting mature adults living out their spiritual faith, being made whole by the Word of God in loving community. You are warmly invited to Sunday Service at 10:30 a.m. in the Berger Center, 6633 Oakmont Drive. The sermon series is: Isaiah 40-66 “Good News Now!“

Sunday, november 1

Tamara Buchan will be speaking on Isaiah 59 with the topic ”Where is Our Hope?” Lucas Sherman will be at the piano and this will also be a communion Sunday.

nTom Kendrick

Sunday, November 8

Tamara Buchan will be preaching from Isaiah 60 with the title of “The Great Exchange, The God of Just in Time!” Debbie Knapp will be inspiring us at the piano.

Sunday, November 15

Tamara Buchan will be speaking on Isaiah 61 “The Release of our Generational Inheritance.” Lucas Sherman will be with us at the piano.

Choir is happening! Thursdays 6:30–8 pm, Room D, Berger Center

Do you love to sing? Do you like to sing in community? Join us as we prepare for the Christmas concert to be held on December 6. Come as you are, not as you think you should be!

Get into the Holiday Spirit at Oakmont Dance Club’s Holiday Dinner Dance!

nDonna Kaiser


Come kick up your heels at one of the best Dance Club events of the year! We may not have snow to turn Oakmont into a winter wonderland of sleigh bells and snowmen, but we can certainly have holiday spirit! Our Holiday Dance will feature a wonderful meal prepared by Oakmont Village Market and great dancing music provided by The Tom Shader Trio. They are equally at ease with many musical genres that provide for a variety of dance styles such as swing, cha cha, foxtrot, tango, rumba, polka, country, bossa nova, line dance, samba and rock. They firmly believe, “If we’re not having fun, we’re doing it wrong!” Whether you are sitting and watching from the sidelines or lighting up the dance floor, it is sure to be an evening filled with merriment. Singles and couples, boomers or not, are all welcome to come and enjoy a great time during this season of joy. DATE: Saturday, December 5 PLACE: Berger Center TIME: 5:30-6:30 p.m. hors d’oeuvres, BYOB, set-ups

provided, 6:30 p.m. dinner by Oakmont Village Market, 7–10 p.m. dancing to the music of The Tom Shader Trio. COST: $50 for members, $55 for non-members


Appetizers: spinach artichoke dip with baguette slices, black raspberry brie bites, antipasto kabobs, smoked salmon endive boats. Dinner: chopped wedge salad with chunky blue cheese dressing, topped with sweet cherry tomatoes and crumbled bacon; creamy mashed potatoes, mixed sautéed vegetables; beef filet with creamy horseradish sauce or oven-baked salmon with a parmesan herb crust; dinner rolls and butter. Vegetarian entrée is available—eggplant parmesan. Dessert: tiramisu, coffee bar (decaf), tea, water.

New Year’s Eve Dinner Dance

Save the date for the best New Year’s Eve Party around! Be at the Berger Center on December 31 to ring in 2016! Watch for details in the next edition of the Oakmont News.

Holiday Dance Reservation Form Saturday, December 5

Reservation must be received by 3 p.m., Wednesday, November 25.

Name:_____________________________________________________ Phone:_____________________________ E-mail:___________________________________________________________ Dance Club Member Dinner: $50. Non-Dance Club Member Dinners: $55. # of entrée #1 ________ # of entrée #2 ________ # of vegetarian ________ Check enclosed for $ __________ payable to Oakmont Dance Club Table name request: ____________________________________________________________________________

Entrée choices may not be changed after they are submitted. This especially includes a change of entrée during the event. Make your check payable to the Oakmont Dance Club and place it, along with the completed form, in the Dance Club folder in the OVA Office, or mail with enough time to: Oakmont Dance Club, c/o Norm and Doris Pelton, 320 Singing Brook Circle, 538-3574.

Helping Senior Buyers and Sellers CalBRE # 01376399 & 01766149

Call Alan & Denise Scott


Okay, who said that? Winner gets a dollar. Why Joe Friday, of course. Joe, along with his faithful partner, Bill Gannon, patrolled the gritty streets of Los Angeles on the TV show, Dragnet (“This is the city …”). For any of you under 50 who don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, apologies. Wait, never mind, none of you are under 50! “It was a muggy afternoon in the city. My partner and I were working the day—watch outta bunko. We got a call from a senior community—some old geezers were squabbling about a little ball. The Captain told us to roll…” Sorry, I love Dragnet. So, let’s put this under “Just the Facts” category (hey I like it, let’s do this every issue!) You hear a lot of grumbling these days about how new pickleball courts are going to trigger an increase in our dues. Well, grumble away, but here are the facts: since 2005, dues have gone up an average of $2.15 per year. No board member (they are the ones who count) has ever stated that the pickleball project will trigger an increase in dues. The fact is, pickleball or no pickleball, guess what? Dues go up! And guess what else? If you think a couple of dollars per year increase is outrageous, I encourage you to find another senior community with three pools, hot-tubs, gym, golf, tennis, yoga, and about 5,000 other activities for what we pay. You might find one in North Dakota, but I doubt it.


Bownet Sports is a southern California-based sporting goods equipment company. They are an industry leader in “Portable Athletic Nets.” When you’re watching a football game and you see the placekicker kicking into that little net on the sidelines—yep, Bownet Sports. They also provide nets for soccer, Lacrosse, volleyball, baseball, softball, golf and field hockey. Bownet also carries state-ofthe-art ice-wraps called Ice20 that are being marketed to hospitals and sports facilities all across the land. Okay, where am I going with this? Well, two places: first, Bownet has broken into the new market of a sport that is undergoing an explosion, particularly in senior communities. (Gee, what sport could that be?). You guessed it; they are now (drum roll please) providing pickleball nets! I know, I know—that’s so exciting I almost fell out of my Lazyboy and spilled my BonBons—but here’s the kicker! The Executive Vice President of Bownet Sports lives right here! That’s right—Jonathan Hayden, senior executive, is an Oakmont resident! How’s that for a Small World? Bam! (Say, John, ol’ buddy, ol’ pal—how ‘bout a discount?). WHO: All Oakmont residents welcome WHERE: East Rec. Tennis Court #4 WHEN: 9 a.m.–5 p.m. every day WHY: Come join the fun, exercise and meet nice people. WEBSITE: NEW PLAYER ORIENTATION: First and third Mondays from 9–10 a.m. NEW PLAYER CONTACT: PJ Savage, 843-7266, E-mail: photo by Robert Couse-Baker

nLaurie Hartmann

The Pickleball Corner

Oakmont Community Church

Direct: 707-486-8256

6520 Oakmont Drive, Santa Rosa

Be sure to designate the

Sonoma Humane Society as your charity of choice.





The Oakmont News / November 1, 2015

Garden Club nPeggy Dombeck


American-Made Delicious

Pass the See’s, Please

$5 off

a purchase of $25 or more.* Through November 28th. Just bring this coupon into your nearest See’s Candies shop. *Valid only at See’s Candies shops. Requires a minimum purchase of $25. One coupon per purchase. Product price, excluding tax, used to calculate eligibility. Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. Cannot be used to purchase See’s gift cards. No cash value. Coupon valid through 11/28/15.


“If it is true that one of the greatest pleasures of gardening lies in looking forward, then the planning of next year’s beds and borders must be one of the most agreeable occupations in the gardener’s calendar. This should make October and November particularly pleasant months, for then we may begin to clear our borders, to cut down those sodden and untidy stalks, to dig up and increase our plants, and to move them to other positions where they will show up to greater effect…”—Vita Sackville-West

november MEETING

Gaius Robinson, Master Gardener, will speak to us about Floral and Greenery Arrangements for Fall, Winter and the Holidays. WHEN AND WHERE: Tuesday, November 17 at the Berger Center TIME: Coffee, tea and socializing at 9:30 a.m., followed by the meeting from 10–11:15 am.

Coddingtown Mall Bring ad in to receive

20% Off Hand-Carved Meat Plate Valid through November 2015

McBride Realty in conjunction with the Santa Rosa Chapter of Realtors invites you to share the warmth in its annual

2015 Winter Warmth Coat Drive November 1—December 10

Drop-off Box at McBride Realty 6520 Oakmont Drive (at the entrance to Oakmont) Receive one raffle ticket for each coat you donate & enter to win a bottle of wine and a $100 gift basket full of goodies for your holiday party. Drawing will be held December 10. Please go through your closets & donate your extra coats to those in need. Ask your family & friends to help donate too! We will be collecting coats for men, women & children. Donated coats will go to:

• Catholic Charities Homeless Service Center • Redwood Covenant Church Charities • Redwood Gospel Mission

707-538-2270 • 6520 Oakmont Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95409

CalBRE #01151843

November, 2015 SUN


This calendar does not reflect all events scheduled. Changes made on or after the 15th may not be reflected.





1 2 3 4 5 6 7

10:30 AM Community Church A6 BC 10:30 AM Sunday Symposium E 12:00 PM Table Tennis UW 2:00 PM Movies at Oakmont BC 7:00 PM Movies at Oakmont BC


10:00 AM David Lobenberg Class AR 10:30 AM Community Church BC 10:30 AM Sunday Symposium E 12:00 PM Table Tennis UW 2:00 PM Movies at Oakmont BC 7:00 PM Movies at Oakmont BC


10:30 AM Sunday Symposium E 10:30 AM Community Church BC 12:00 PM Table Tennis UW 1:00 PM Single Boomers E+EC 2:00 PM Movies at Oakmont BC 7:00 PM Movies at Oakmont BC


10:30 AM Sunday Symposium E 10:30 AM Community Church A17 BC 12:00 PM Table Tennis UW 2:00 PM Movies at Oakmont BC 7:00 PM Movies at Oakmont BC

8:45 AM Yoga Holistic LW 9:00 AM Visual Aids UW 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 9:00 AM Pickle Orientation E Tennis Ct #4 9:00 AM Free Fitness Class BC 10:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:00 AM Mind Fit E 10:00 AM Yoga Women’s LW 11:15 AM Line Dancing LW 12:00 PM LOMAA Board B 12:00 PM Canasta CR 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 12:30 PM American Mah Jongg E 1:00 PM Bocce 2:00 PM Bridge Practice CR 2:00 PM Playreaders B 2:00 PM Push Your Potential LW 3:00 PM OLLI BC 3:00 PM Circulo Español Ste 6 6:15 PM Line Dancing BC 7:00 PM Mon Night Contract Bridge CR


8:30 AM Pilates UW 8:30 AM ZUMBA Gold Inter LW 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:30 AM Women of Faith Bible B 10:00 AM Tap Class Adv LW 10:00 AM Landscape Imp Comm G 10:00 AM Card Making AR 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:00 AM Creative Writing Class D 10:30 AM Table Tennis UW 10:30 AM Renegade Readers CR 11:00 AM Drop-In Tennis WT 11:15 AM Tap Class Inter LW 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Bocce 1:00 PM Chess Drop-In CR 1:00 PM Cribbage CR 1:30 PM Baker’s Dozen Book Club D 1:30 PM Needles & Hooks AR 1:30 PM Oakmont Lanes UW 2:00 PM Parliamo Italiano EC 3:00 PM OVA Board Workshop E 3:00 PM Septuagenarian Group B 3:30 PM La Cercle Français G 4:00 PM Meditation AR 4:30 PM Aerobics LW 6:45 PM Bridge Duplicate CR


9:00 AM Free Fitness Class BC 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Yoga Holistic LW 9:45 AM Petanque 10:00 AM Tai Chi Chuen UW 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:30 AM Yoga Men & Women’s LW 10:30 AM Blood Pressure D 12:00 PM Canasta CR 12:00 PM Table Tennis UW 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 12:30 PM Bridge CR 1:00 PM Bocce 2:00 PM Photography Club E 2:00 PM Push Your Potential LW 3:00 PM OLLI BC 3:00 PM Café Mortel B 4:00 PM Short Story Book Club EC 6:15 PM Dance Club Class BC


7:15 AM Kiwanis E 9:00 AM Forrest Yoga LW 9:00 AM Pinochle Daytime CR 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Tai Chi for Beginners UW 9:30 AM Painter’s Open Studio AR 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:00 AM Domino Club CR 10:15 AM Spanish Class Inter B 10:30 AM Men’s Bible Study Ste 6 11:30 AM A Course In Miracles UW 12:00 PM Lawn Bowling Annual Mtg. BC 12:00 PM SIR 92 Luncheon E 12:30 PM Chess CR 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Zumba Gold Introductory LW 1:00 PM Bocce 2:00 PM OEPC Board B 2:00 PM Boomer Board Ste 6 2:30 PM ZUMBA Gold Inter LW 3:00 PM Table Tennis UW 3:00 PM OLLI E+EC 3:00 PM OTC G 4:30 PM Strength & Balance LW 6:30 PM Church Choir Practice D 7:00 PM Bridge Mixed CR 7:00 PM Wine School AR

8:30 AM Qigong LW 8:30 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Yoga Holistic UW 9:00 AM Free Fitness Class BC 9:45 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:00 AM Yoga Women’s LW 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:00 AM Craft Guild EC 10:00 AM Ikebana AR 10:15 AM Ladies Friendship Bible Ste 6 11:30 AM Tap Practice Inter LW 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 12:30 PM Bridge Duplicate CR 1:00 PM Bocce 1:00 PM Current Events E 2:00 PM Push Your Potential LW 3:00 PM Table Tennis UW



8:45 AM Yoga Holistic LW 9:00 AM OakMUG Ste 6 9:00 AM Free Fitness Class BC 9:00 AM New Horizons CR 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Comm. Committee B 9:00 AM Visual Aids UW 9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:00 AM Yoga Women’s LW 10:00 AM Mind Fit E 10:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 11:15 AM Line Dancing LW 12:00 PM Canasta CR 12:30 PM Instructed Oil Paint Grp AR 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Bocce 2:00 PM OPCUG E 2:00 PM Bridge Practice CR 2:00 PM Push Your Potential LW 2:00 PM Playreaders B 3:00 PM Circulo Español Ste 6 3:00 PM Hikers Board EC 3:00 PM OLLI BC 4:30 PM Zentangle Art Class AR 6:00 PM C.O.P.E. E 6:15 PM Line Dancing BC 7:00 PM Bunco Ladies Night CR

9:00 AM Free Fitness Class BC 8:30 AM ZUMBA Gold Inter LW 8:30 AM Pilates UW 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Yoga Holistic LW 9:30 AM Women of Faith Bible B 9:45 AM Petanque 10:00 AM Creative Writing Class D 10:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:00 AM SIR 92 Exec Board G 10:00 AM Tai Chi Chuen UW 10:00 AM Tap Class Adv LW 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:00 AM Garden Club Board Ste 6 10:00 AM Card Making AR 10:00 AM Photo Steering Committee EC 10:30 AM Blood Pressure D 10:30 AM Renegade Readers CR 10:30 AM OVH Caregiver Support B 10:30 AM Oakmont Music Lovers E 10:30 AM Table Tennis UW 10:30 AM Yoga Men & Women’s LW 11:00 AM SIR 92 Luncheon B+G+FS 11:30 AM Veterans Day Reception BC 11:00 AM Drop-In Tennis WT 12:00 PM Table Tennis UW 11:15 AM Tap Class Inter LW 12:00 PM Canasta CR 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 12:30 PM Bridge CR 1:00 PM Bocce 1:00 PM Chess Drop-In CR 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Cribbage CR 1:00 PM Bocce 1:30 PM Needles & Hooks AR 1:00 PM Veteran’s Day Parade BC 1:30 PM Oakmont Lanes UW 1:00 PM Quilting Bee AR 2:00 PM Parliamo Italiano EC 2:00 PM Push Your Potential LW 2:00 PM OLLI Committee B 3:30 PM La Cercle Français G 6:15 PM Dance Club Class BC 4:00 PM Meditation AR 7:00 PM Oakie Folkies UW 4:30 PM Aerobics LW 6:45 PM Bridge Duplicate CR

7:15 AM Kiwanis E 9:00 AM Pinochle Daytime CR 9:00 AM Tai Chi for Beginners UW 9:00 AM Forrest Yoga LW 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:30 AM Painter’s Open Studio AR 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:00 AM Domino Club CR 10:15 AM Spanish Class Inter B 10:30 AM Men’s Bible Study Ste 6 11:30 AM A Course In Miracles UW 11:30 AM OCDC B 12:30 PM Chess CR 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Bocce 1:00 PM Zumba Gold Introductory LW 1:00 PM Oakmont Boomers Grp Ste 6 1:30 PM Music at Oakmont BC 2:30 PM ZUMBA Gold Inter LW 3:00 PM OLLI E+EC 3:00 PM Table Tennis UW 3:30 PM Oakmont Educators Club AR 4:00 PM Sunday Symposium Bd Ste 6 4:30 PM Strength & Balance LW 6:30 PM Pinochle CR 6:30 PM Church Choir Practice D 7:00 PM Rainbow Women E

8:30 AM Art Association Board G 8:30 AM Water Fitness West Pool 8:30 AM Qigong LW 9:00 AM Yoga Holistic UW 9:45 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:00 AM Ikebana AR 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:00 AM Yoga Women’s LW 10:00 AM Art Association BC 10:15 AM Ladies Friendship Bible Ste 6 11:30 AM Tap Practice Inter LW 12:30 PM Bridge Duplicate CR 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Bocce 1:00 PM HICAP D 1:00 PM Current Events E 2:00 PM Push Your Potential LW 3:00 PM Table Tennis UW

8:45 AM Yoga Holistic LW 9:00 AM Visual Aids UW 9:00 AM Free Fitness Class BC 9:00 AM Pickle Orientation E Tennis Ct #4 9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:00 AM Mind Fit E 10:00 AM Yoga Women’s LW 10:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:30 AM Bridge to Nowhere CR 11:15 AM Line Dancing LW 12:00 PM Fitness Club Board B 12:00 PM Canasta CR 12:30 PM American Mah Jongg E 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Oakmont Art Critique AR 1:00 PM Bocce 2:00 PM Playreaders B 2:00 PM Push Your Potential LW 2:30 PM Bridge Practice CR 3:00 PM Circulo Español Ste 6 6:15 PM Line Dancing BC 7:00 PM Single Malt Scotch Club B 7:00 PM Mon Night Contract Bridge CR

8:30 AM ZUMBA Gold Inter LW 8:30 AM Pilates UW 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Age Well Drive Smart E 9:30 AM Women of Faith Bible B 9:30 AM Garden Club BC 9:30 AM Volunteer Helpers Ste 6 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:00 AM Tap Class Adv LW 10:00 AM N. Bay Vet Cntr. BC Pkg Lot 10:00 AM Creative Writing Class D 10:30 AM Table Tennis UW 10:30 AM Renegade Readers CR 11:00 AM Drop-In Tennis WT 11:15 AM Tap Class Inter LW 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Bocce 1:00 PM OVA BoD Monthly Mtg BC 1:00 PM Chess Drop-in CR 1:00 PM Cribbage CR 1:30 PM Needles & Hooks AR 1:30 PM Oakmont Lanes UW 2:00 PM Parliamo Italiano EC 3:00 PM Septuagenarian Group B 3:30 PM La Cercle Français G 4:00 PM Cal Alumni Board EC 4:00 PM Meditation AR 4:30 PM Aerobics LW 6:30 PM Orchard Annual Meeting E 6:45 PM Bridge Duplicate CR

9:00 AM Yoga Holistic LW 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Free Fitness Class BC 9:45 AM Petanque 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:00 AM Tai Chi Chuen UW 10:30 AM Blood Pressure D 10:30 AM Yoga Men & Women’s LW 12:00 PM Canasta CR 12:00 PM Table Tennis UW 12:30 PM Bridge CR 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Bocce 2:00 PM Push Your Potential LW 3:00 PM OLLI BC 3:00 PM Café Mortel B 3:00 PM Lawn Bowling Ste 6 6:15 PM Dance Club Class BC 7:00 PM Oakmont Book Group B

7:15 AM Kiwanis E 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Tai Chi for Beginners UW 9:00 AM Pinochle Daytime CR 9:00 AM Forrest Yoga LW 9:30 AM Painter’s Open Studio AR 10:00 AM Domino Club CR 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:15 AM Spanish Class Inter B 10:30 AM Men’s Bible Study Ste 6 11:30 AM A Course In Miracles UW 12:00 PM ECRCO B 12:30 PM Chess CR 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Bocce 1:00 PM Zumba Gold Introductory LW 2:00 PM Finance Committee B 2:30 PM ZUMBA Gold Inter LW 3:00 PM Table Tennis UW 4:30 PM Strength & Balance LW 6:30 PM Church Choir Practice D 7:00 PM Documentary Films E 7:00 PM Bridge Mixed CR 7:00 PM Wine School AR 7:00 PM Boomers BC

8:30 AM Qigong LW 8:30 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Free Fitness Class BC 9:00 AM Yoga Holistic UW 9:45 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:00 AM Yoga Women’s LW 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:15 AM Ladies Friendship Bible Ste 6 11:30 AM Tap Practice Inter LW 12:30 PM Bridge Duplicate CR 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Bocce 1:00 PM Current Events E 2:00 PM Push Your Potential LW 3:00 PM Table Tennis UW

8:45 AM Yoga Holistic LW 9:00 AM Free Fitness Class BC 9:00 AM Visual Aids UW 9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:00 AM Yoga Women’s LW 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 11:15 AM Line Dancing LW 12:00 PM Canasta CR 12:30 PM Instructed Oil Paint Grp AR 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Bocce 1:00 PM Lawn Bowling BCFS 2:00 PM Push Your Potential LW 2:00 PM Playreaders B 2:30 PM Genealogy Club UW 3:00 PM Circulo Español Ste 6 4:30 PM Zentangle Art Class AR 7:00 PM Bunco Ladies Night CR

8:30 AM ZUMBA Gold Inter LW 8:30 AM Pilates UW 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:30 AM Women of Faith Bible B 10:00 AM Tap Class Adv LW 10:00 AM Creative Writing Class D 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:30 AM Renegade Readers CR 10:30 AM Table Tennis UW 11:00 AM Drop-In Tennis WT 11:15 AM Tap Class Inter LW 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Bocce 1:00 PM Cribbage CR 1:00 PM Chess Drop-In CR 1:30 PM Needles & Hooks AR 2:00 PM Parliamo Italiano EC 3:30 PM La Cercle Français G 4:00 PM Meditation AR 4:30 PM Aerobics LW 6:45 PM Bridge Duplicate CR

9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Yoga Holistic LW 9:00 AM Free Fitness Class BC 9:45 AM Petanque 10:00 AM Tai Chi Chuen UW 10:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:30 AM OVH Caregiver Support B 10:30 AM Yoga Men & Women’s LW 10:30 AM Blood Pressure D 11:00 AM SIR 53 E+EC 12:00 PM Canasta CR 12:00 PM Table Tennis UW 12:30 PM Bridge CR 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Quilting Bee AR 1:00 PM Bocce 2:00 PM Push Your Potential LW 6:15 PM Dance Club Class BC 7:00 PM Oakie Folkies UW











8:30 AM Qigong LW 8:30 AM Water Fitness West Pool OVA Buildings CLOSED 9:00 AM Free Fitness Class BC Pools OPEN 9:00 AM Yoga Holistic UW 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 9:45 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 1:00 PM Bocce 10:00 AM Yoga Women’s LW 10:15 AM Ladies Friendship Bible Ste 6 11:30 AM Tap Practice Inter LW 12:30 PM Bridge Duplicate CR 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Current Events E 1:00 PM Bocce 2:00 PM Push Your Potential LW 3:00 PM Table Tennis UW

29 30

10:30 AM Community Church BC 12:00 PM Table Tennis UW 2:00 PM Movies at Oakmont BC 7:00 PM Movies at Oakmont BC

8:45 AM Yoga Holistic LW 9:00 AM Visual Aids UW 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 9:00 AM Free Fitness Class BC 10:00 AM Yoga Women’s LW 10:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 11:15 AM Line Dancing LW 12:00 PM Canasta CR 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Bocce 2:00 PM Push Your Potential LW 2:00 PM Playreaders B 3:00 PM Circulo Español Ste 6 6:15 PM Line Dancing BC

Monthly Event Calendars are also available online at

AR Art Room (new building complex) E East Recreation Center B Meeting Room (new building complex) EC East Conference Room BC Berger Center G Berger Center (old library) BCFS Berger Center Fireside Room LW Lower West Recreation Center CR Card Room (new building complex) Ste 6 In OVA Administration Building D Adjacent to stage in Berger Center UW Upper West Recreation Center


7:30 AM Pilates UW 8:00 AM OTC Tournament West Patio 9:00 AM Pilates UW 9:00 AM Goodwill Donate BC Pkg Lot 9:30 AM Bridge CR 9:30 AM Tap Practice Adv LW 9:45 AM Petanque 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:00 AM David Lobenberg Class AR 10:30 AM Meditation B 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Bocce 1:00 PM New Horizons BC 5:00 PM OTC USO SHOW E


7:30 AM Pilates UW 9:00 AM Pilates UW 9:00 AM Drop-In Tennis WT 9:30 AM Bridge CR 9:30 AM Tap Practice Adv LW 9:45 AM Petanque 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:30 AM Meditation B 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Bocce


7:30 AM Pilates UW 9:00 AM Pilates UW 9:00 AM Drop-In Tennis WT 9:00 AM Cal/Standford Game BC 9:30 AM Bridge CR 9:30 AM Tap Practice Adv LW 9:45 AM Petanque 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:30 AM Meditation B 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Parkinson’s Support Group B 1:00 PM Bocce 1:30 PM OakMUG UW


7:30 AM Pilates UW 9:00 AM Drop-In Tennis WT 9:00 AM Pilates UW 9:30 AM Bridge CR 9:30 AM Tap Practice Adv LW 9:45 AM Petanque 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:30 AM Meditation B 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Bocce


The Oakmont News / November 1, 2015

nLaverne Polkinghorn

Any Interest? Oakmont Craft Guild

Oakmont has many talented residents who possess skills in different craft/artisan areas. Crafts can include just about anything—paper, fiber, metal, etc. Would you like to share your interest? Would you like to start a club where you can enjoy learning from other talented residents? The idea at the moment is to learn various crafts through demonstration on potentially a monthly basis with one person teaching and organizing the meeting.

If this appeals to you, come to an organizational meeting where we can discuss forming a Craft Guild. Please attend. DATE: Friday, November 6 TIME: 10 a.m. PLACE: East Rec. Center Conference Room CONTACT: Pat Vogenthaler, trishes.wishes@comcast. net, 537-3040; Laverne Polkinghorn, lpolkinghorn@, 538-3738

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Playreaders nJackie McDonald

Eric Chappell is an English comedy writer who wrote situation comedies for television from the 1970’s to the 1990’s. He also wrote an occasional play, including Father’s Day, which Jane Borr is bringing to Playreaders on November 9 and 16. On a cold winter evening, Henry, long divorced, is having a drink and enjoying the solitude which he prefers. He is disturbed by his son, Matthew, from whom he is estranged, along with Matthew’s unappealing girlfriend, Christine. If that’s not enough, Sue, Henry’s ex-wife and Matthew’s mother, appears. As the evening progresses, Henry finds he has some very important decisions to make. Readers are Jane Borr, Kay Hardy, Stephen Litzenberger, Jackie McDonald and Jeff Sheff.

Two-life rates available. Rates subject to change.

Call 888-214-8229

The readers of The Complaisant Lover.

Name(s) Address City, State, Zip Age(s) Phone (



E-mail The Salvation Army, Gift Planning Office, 3755 North Freeway Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95834 E-mail: Visit: ©2015 The Salvation Army


315 Twin Lakes Drive Well maintained Redwood plan overlooking the golf course with many nice features including half bathroom off laundry room, plantation shutters, Publication: OAKMONT NEWS tile flooring, updated Ad: ACGA8 bathrooms and inviting Insertion Dates: November 1 & 15, 2015 outdoor area to enjoy the Art Director: JC view. $624,000

Job No: SA-5880 Product: 2-color Ad Size: 6.75” x 6” 10/09/15@4:00 PM NEW MATERIAL - CHANGES OR REVISIONS NOT AUTHORIZED!

Marie McBride


Private Line 6520 Oakmont Drive

CalBRE #01169355

386 Riven Rock Court (310) 322-2210 Fax (310) 322-0617

Bennett Mountain model on quiet cul-de-sac with golf and mountain view. Many nice touches throughout! Fenced patio with planting area. $525,000

Are you thinking of selling, or just curious about your home’s value? Please call me for a confidential and complimentary COMPARATIVE MARKET ANALYSIS.


Charlie Chaplin

Tuxedos have a reputation for being attentive and clever, and these two are no exception. They’re curious and sweet and will appear out of thin air to meet new people, often curling up in the laps of quiet, gentle visitors. While Oona stares deep into your eyes then presses her nose into your shirt, Charlie surveys the perimeter, sniffs around, then nudges up to Oona and solicits pets. At 2-yearsyoung, these siblings are ready to bring you many years of love and laughter. They come as a pair, so if you’re ready for double the Tuxedo magic, they’re 20% senior waiting to meet you. discount!

SONOMA H U MANE SO C IET Y | 707-542-0882 serving Santa Rosa & Healdsburg


The Oakmont News / November 1, 2015

Oakmont Educators Club nMarcia Murray

DATE: November 12 TIME: 3:30–5 p.m. PLACE: Art Room, Central Activities Center CONTACT: Barbara Arnold, 833-2095 All Oakmont educators, retired and active, are welcome to join us. We will be discussing the future direction of our group, so bring your ideas for programs or activities. If you have not yet returned the survey you got through Email or postal mail, please do so. Come have some homemade cookies with us!

Single Boomers Social Club nSusan Ramsey


Friday, November 6: Karaoke Night, Quail Inn. Meet and greet new members. Sunday, November 15: Thanksgiving Dinner, East Rec. Wednesday, December 9: Redwood Food Bank Volunteer Day (date to be confirmed) Thursday, December 17: Holiday Gathering, Berger Thursday, January 7, 2016: Movie Night, Berger Saturday, January 16, 2016: Crab Feast, East Rec.

Center Also watch for spontaneous Shout Outs! Please be sure to open your Evites and E-mails, so that you will know the details about upcoming events, and any changes in the schedule. If you’re interested in joining us, please fill out the attached application form, or pick up one in the OVA Single Boomers Social Club folder. For additional information on membership contact Sal Colombo, 303-7028

Single Boomers Social Club Membership form

Please complete this form and return it to the OVA SBSC folder, along with your check for $12 to: Single Boomers Social Club (SBSC). Name:__________________________________________________________________ Date:__________________ East Recreation Center, 7902 Oakmont Dr. Sunday, 10:30 AM–12 noon / $3 Donation / nJim Brewer

November 1: Susan Nuernberg and Iris Jamahl Dunkle Jack and Charmian London Around Cape Horn on the Dirigo

Jack and Charmian London sought high adventure, inspiration and uninterrupted time together by going to sea. In 1912, they left their turbulent, celebrity lives to sail around Cape Horn from Baltimore to Seattle on board the Dirigo, a 3,000 ton, four-masted ship. From Charmain’s diary and other written works, London authorities Susan Nuernberg and Iris Jamahl Dunkle detail “a story that’s not been told before.” Nuernberg and Dunkle are currently researching and writing a book to be titled The Creative Life of Charmian Kittredge London.

November 8: Joan Price The Five Biggest Myths about Sex and Aging

Senior “sexpert” Joan Price returns to the Sunday Symposium to discuss challenges, the pleasures, and all the questions we didn’t think we could ask out loud that led the media to dub her “senior sexpert.” In this presentation, she hopes to shatter some myths as shares the most common questions that Boomers, seniors and elders ask her. Price is the author of Naked at Our Age: Talking Out Loud about Senior Sex; Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk about Sex After Sixty, and editor of Ageless Erotica.

November 15: George McKinney Stephen Smith and the Bodega Rancho

Captain Stephen Smith, is recognized as one of the most important people in the development of Sonoma County. In this presentation, Oakmont’s George McKinney will cover Smith’s early career as a sea captain, the grant to him of Rancho Bodega (modern Bodega Bay) in 1843, and what happened to him after the discovery of gold changed California. McKinney has been an Oakmont resident since 2002. He has been involved in a wide range of activities in Oakmont, and has lectured to the Sunday Symposium in the past. He has been interested in history and genealogy research for most of his life, and recently earned a Certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University. A weekly series offering informative and enlightening presentations on a wide range of topics. Want E-mail reminders? Tell us at

Address:_______________________________________________________________________________________ E-mail (important, to receive Evites and Shout-outs):_________________________________________________ Phone:____________________________________________

By signing below, I agree to review, accept and abide by the SBSC bylaws (copies available in SBSC folder): Signature:________________________________________________________________________

nRosemary Waller


The award-winning Ensemble Made in Canada will perform works by Mozart, Dohnányi and fellow Canadian John Burge on Thursday, Nov. 12, at 1:30 p.m. in Berger Center. The three works comprise an attractively varied representation of late 18th through early 21st century styles. Mozart: Divertimento in E-flat Major K. 563: Johann Michael Puchberg, the wealthy manager of a large textile company in Vienna, is known to posterity for his many loans to Mozart. Between 1788 and 1791, the year of Mozart’s death, the composer wrote 21 letters to his fellow Freemason, all begging for money. Mozart was hardly poor: his average annual income during this time was around 3,000 Gulden, when that of the typical musician is estimated at 675 Gulden. But Mozart considered it necessary to advance his career by hobnobbing with the rich and powerful elite of Vienna. He and his wife Constanze had become accustomed to a luxurious lifestyle clearly beyond their means, and he had also accumulated a large gambling debt.


Realtor®, Real Estate Broker Home Listing Specialist, Real Estate Investments, Promissory Notes Secured by Real Estate

707-849-8995 6570 Oakmont Dr., Ste.110, Santa Rosa, CA 95409 CalBRE #00669675 / NMLS #355855

Knowledgeable, Competent, Reliable Service

No doubt in furtherance of his requests, and to thank Puchberg for his previous loans, Mozart dedicated the magnificent Divertimento to him in the fall of 1788. The work (for violin, viola and cello) was first performed on April 13, 1789 at a private concert in Dresden. The cellist was the great Anton Kraft, for whom Haydn wrote his Cello Concerto in D Major, and the violist was Mozart. The composer was paid 450 Gulden for this performance, but he remained deeply in debt. When he died a year-and-a-half later he still owed Puchberg 1,000 Gulden. Puchberg became the guardian of Mozart’s two children, but kindly waited several years before asking Constanze for the balance. Sadly, Puchberg himself lost his fortune during the Napoleonic wars, and died a pauper. The Divertimento is recognized not only as the first string trio by a major composer, but also as a masterpiece of the entire canon of chamber music. It is a glorious example of late Mozart, written at the same time as his last three symphonies. For the complete program notes for this concert (including the Dohnányi Serenade and the John Burge Pas de deux), please visit our website www. and click on “Programs.” WHAT: Music at Oakmont WHEN: Thursday, Nov. 12, 1:30 p.m. WHERE: Berger Center ADMISSION: $15 at the door or your season pass

Stephen Curley Roofing inc. Roofing Specialists Lic. #976993

Stephen Curley, Owner We are an Oakmont Preferred Contractor with an impeccable record 3210-C Coffey Lane, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

(707) 546-4778 (707) 486-7426 (cell)


The Oakmont News / November 1, 2015

Oakmont Health Initiative Free Fitness Classes

nTeresa Woodrum

ymca healthy living Mondays, wednesdays and fridays 9–10 AM, Berger Center

Mondays: JoRene Wednesdays: Tredia Fridays: JoRene Class is cancelled Veterans Day, Nov. 11 and Friday, Nov. 13. Equipment: Non-skid yoga mats, resistance bands (available in class), a towel that can be folded to serve as a knee cushion and cervical support, athletic shoes that are supportive but not too grippy, and water bottle—hydration revitalizes. Word to the Wise: Welcome to Free Fitness. For your safety, good balance and lateral movement are needed in these quick aerobic classes. A fall may cause serious injury. Please check with your doctor prior to beginning this or any exercise regimen. All free fitness classes are too large to accommodate those who need special supervision. If you have shoulder, back, knee problems, anything that is painful, it is advisable to join a smaller, well-supervised class first, and consult a personal trainer or medical professional to learn modifications that are suitable to your condition. Participants need to use their judgment and body awareness, altering each exercise to prevent injury. Be careful dear ones.

Your OCF Contribution Is Tax-Deductible nTony Lachowicz

As the year winds down, income tax season is sure to follow. If you want to help Oakmont in some way, please consider making a contribution to the Oakmont Community Foundation. Any such contribution is fully tax-deductible, as the OCF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit California public benefit corporation. That means your gift to OCF would go to assist one of many organizations and activities that make Oakmont such a great place in which to live, while you get a tax deduction. One example of a recent gift is granting a request from the Oakmont Computer Lab Committee. While the OVA is paying for new computers, which item is in the reserve study, the OCL also needed new software programs to complete the update. Some of the other requests we have funded during 2015 include: Oakmont Health Initiative— free exercise programs, three times a week; Music at Oakmont—monthly classical music concerts; Volunteer Helpers—lectures series to help caregiver spouses; and Oakmont Lifelong Learning—semester classes given in Oakmont in cooperation with Sonoma State University. Here’s how to make a contribution: pick up a form at the OVA Office, fill it out and mail it to OCF along with your check. You can also put your check in the OCF file in the office cart. You can even earmark your contribution for a specific Oakmont activity. All funds stay in Oakmont and can only be used to fund and support services to the Oakmont Village Association and its members. If you wish to discuss your tax-deductible contribution, please call one of our OCF members listed on our website. You can find the link to our website on the Oakmont Village Association site.

Qigong nJanet Seaforth, Instructor

Heaven, Earth and Humanity

In Qigong practice we align with the Three Powers. First, we feel the condensing energy of the earth’s gravity, which helps us balance and center. Secondly we tap into the radiant energy of the heavens, our sun and the whole cosmos, which help us to expand. Finally, we feel into our own breath and receive the power of earth and heaven into the third power of our body and our humanity.

I took this photo in the Huang Shan Mountain of China, where there are no roads. The pine tree is a symbol of the people in this area of friendship, because it is reaching out its arms to embrace and welcome.

This alignment of our posture helps us to relax into the natural electro-magnetic energy field of nature. This helps our body naturally open and cleanse, recondition, rejuvenate, heal and prevent illness. The ancient Chinese texts say “The body is the dwelling place for life. The qi is the plentiful strength of life. The spirits are the guide for life.” The translator Elizabeth Rochat de la Vallee goes on to explain, “It is difficult because qi is both everything and the specific, all at the same time. It is the power of life, but human beings always have a need for guidance. If we need guidance as human beings this guidance has to be in the form of a natural guidance: heaven, spirits, or the Way.” Qigong class is held on Friday, 8:30 a.m. at the West Rec. Center. Wear comfortable clothes. No equipment is required. The simple range of motion, massaging exercises, is done from a standing position, except on the fourth Friday, when we do Chair Qigong. All residents are welcome. Cost is $40/month or $15 drop-in. I have over 35 years of teaching experience. Call me at 894-7345.

Photography Club nBob Crosby

The Photography Club will have a special guest speaker at its next meeting on Wednesday, November 4 at 2 p.m. at the East Recreation Center. If you read the Press Democrat you’ve seen Kent Porter’s photos many times capturing Sonoma County’s beautiful scenery, vivid vineyards, dramatic stormy weather and, most recently, memorable photos of the Lake County Valley fire. He has been a professional photo journalist for 25 years and has been published in many magazines including Time, Newsweek, Life, US News & World Report as well as over 200 newspapers and websites all over the world. Mark your calendars for Wednesday, November 4 for an interesting presentation by one of the best photographers in our area. If you are not a Photo Club member, you are welcome to come to your first meeting as a guest. Our members range from beginners to advanced photographers and our meetings and field trips are enjoyable and instructive whatever one’s photography background. For more information contact me at 539-4507 or We hope to see you November 4.

New Forrest Yoga Classes nCarol King, RYT, Instructor

WHEN: Thursdays 9–10 a.m. WHERE: West Rec. Center—Lower Level COST: $50 for six classes, first class is free with the purchase of a class series

Slow down so you can breathe, feel, strengthen, and heal

Explore yoga poses safely in a supportive and compassionate environment. I enjoy giving handson adjustments and can modify poses as needed. My classes integrate breath and core strengthening with a focus on alignment. Let your stress level decrease while you increase your energy level, strength, flexibility and focus. Perfect for new students, senior students and advanced students who need a more restful practice. People with injuries or conditions are encouraged to attend. Classes cover breath work (pranayama), postures (asana) and strengthening core work. Ease your back and relax your neck! Feel stronger on and off the mat. My classes are appropriate for all levels. Equipment: Bring your mat, water and any props you need—like blocks, straps and yoga blankets. A beach towel can be used in place of a yoga blanket so please bring one. I will supply a limited amount of props to share. I am a certified Forrest yoga instructor. I am passionate about helping others feel better in their bodies. I also teach Chair classes and Stretch and Balance classes. Feel free to contact me at, 696-5464. Please see for more information about me, Forrest Yoga, local classes near Oakmont and Saturday workshops.

nLynn Seng, Instructor

Is a knee or hip replacement in your future?

I hope not! But if it is, ask your doctor if you should be strengthening your muscles, increasing your stamina, and improving your overall well-being before surgery. Don’t wait until later to get better! All Zumba classes are back. So please join us in building our muscles and our memories. We move to music and practice good posture, balance, some heavy breathing and having a good time. Come check it out—what do you have to lose? All classes are held in the dance studio, lower West Recreation Center. The first two classes are free— just bring your shoes, water and a smile. Classes are discounted at 10 weeks for $60, five weeks for $40, or $10 per week, with no expiration. Feel free to E-mail or call me with questions: or 707-800-7470. Hope to see you soon! Avancé, Tuesdays 8:30–9:45 a.m. and Thursdays 2:30–3:45 p.m.: For the experienced exercise dancer who has been taking the class, or has recently done similar dance exercise elsewhere, or has been doing aerobic exercise on a regular basis. Débutant, Thursdays 1–2:15 p.m.: For the beginner or the person who is returning to exercise after an injury or illness, or who wants to learn dance steps and routines more slowly, or who wants to carefully build up stamina, muscle strength, and balance, or all of the above!


The Oakmont News / November 1, 2015

Water Fitness

Fitness Club nTom Pugliese

American Heart Association Heart Walk

On Sunday, September 13, the Oakmont Fitness Club joined approximately 2,000 other walkers to participate in the American Heart Association’s 2015 Heart Walk at Howarth Park. Teams from over 60 local businesses and organizations participated and raised $300,252 for the AHA. The event was sponsored by 24 local companies who maintained booths at the event with company information, snacks and handouts. Five enthusiastic members represented the OFC which contributed $600 to the AHA thanks to your donations. We hope to make this an annual event and encourage continued participation from the Oakmont community.

nCathy Rapp

Your brain may think that fall is in the air, but your body won’t notice when you’re in the warm salt water of the West Pool. Join us for some good fun and great exercise. To add your name to the water aerobics email list and receive news about classes, cancellations in case of rain (really?) or pool closures and our return to the West Pool, contact me at 537-9281 or 2cathyrapp@

Save the Date Evening of Friday, December 18 Fitness Club’s Holiday Dinner Dance

This will be a lovely sit-down dinner followed by sensational music. Come join us and dance, sing and sway the night away. DATE: Friday, December 18 TIME: 5 p.m. PLACE: Berger Center MUSIC: Featuring the Jami Jamison Band, http:// Lots of good cheer! Come make merry and celebrate this festive holiday season. Watch for our invitation in the Oakmont News and various locations.

Lap Swim Club nMelissa Bowers

Good to the Last Lap! “Joshua Fought the Battle of Jerico, and the Walls Came Tumbling’ Down”

Oakmont’s grapevine of news reporting has grown into a lively myth. Word is the East Rec. deck has collapsed, fallen like the Walls of Jerico. Well, let Joshua set the spiritual myth and you straight, by reporting the deck is still standing, yet off-limits to traffic. So come on down to the East Pool, escape the boredom and the daily grind at home, and enjoy a lap swim or a Jacuzzi tub soak. Sponsored by: “Just the Facts, Folks.”


And the count goes up and the beat goes on. More and more lap swimmers are arriving in Oakmont. If this is you, join our year round group by sending your name, E-mail address to lap Happy Lapping!

nKathy Cirksena and Jeanne DeJoseph

Entertainer Kathy Sullivan had the East Rec. rockin’ and clappin’ as she led Rainbow Women through a musical nostalgia trip from the early days of rock n’ roll, the folk music and protest era and songs of the 70s, 80s and beyond for our October meeting.

autumn 2015 water aerobics schedule—west pool!

Equipment: Noodles and buoys are not provided, however, a limited selection of donated equipment is available to use and return. Free Classes through SRJC: Note: these classes run on the college calendar with breaks between sessions. Participants may decide to continue the classes during the break on a fee basis. Monday: 10 a.m.—Instructor Mary Tuesday: 9 a.m.—Instructor Mary Wednesday: 10 a.m.—Instructor Mary Thursday: 9 a.m.—Instructor Mary Classes with a fee or free using a CD/boom box: Monday: 9 a.m.—Instructor Mary ($5) Wednesday: 9 a.m.—Instructor Mary ($5) Friday: 8:30 a.m.—Boom box (no fee) Friday: 9:45 a.m.—On winter hiatus

Cardio Fitness The OFC team (left to right): Hanns and Margaret Ulrich, Julie Kiil, Richard Duncan and Tom Pugliese.

Oakmont Rainbow Women

nBetsy Smith

Aerobics Class

WHEN: Tuesdays, ongoing. Join any time. First class is free. TIME: 4:30–5:30 p.m. No class Nov. 24—Thanksgiving week. WHERE: Class is held at West Rec. Center COST: $6 per class or $40 for eight classes INFO: Please bring a mat, weights, and water if you have them. We have equipment if you do not have any, so come on down! INSTRUCTOR: Betsy Smith, 321-2105 (cell), bsmith@ Fun, aerobics and friendship are what you can expect by coming to the late afternoon aerobics class. The class is ongoing and you can join at any time. The aerobic format uses moderate aerobic moves designed to get your heart rate up and work your body! We finish the class with core and balance work. The music is fun and catchy and the class is designed for all levels. Call me for more information. Bring your friends! See you in class!

Balance and Strength Class

WHEN: Thursdays. Join any time. First class is free! TIME: 4:30–5:30 p.m. No class Nov. 26—Thanksgiving. WHERE: Class is held at the West Rec. Center COST: $6 per class or four classes for $20 INFO: Please bring water, mat, weights and balls if you have them. We have equipment to share, so come on by! INSTRUCTOR: Betsy Smith, 321-2105 (cell) Better balance and strength are the goals of this class. Start to reach these goals by joining Balance and Strength (All the Toys) class. You can join at any time! Using equipment such as weights, bands, small and large balls and simple moves, we emphasize balance and work on strength. Any fitness level is welcome. You work from your base of strength. Catchy music and meeting new friends are some of the features of this class. Bring yourself, water, mat, weights and a ball if you have them. We do have equipment to share if you do not have any of your own, so please come and exercise with us!

“…Green alligators, and long necked geese, humpty-backed camels and some chimpanzees...” Kathy recruited an audience back-up group—Dixie, Shirley and Dianne—to lead us in acting out and singing along on that Irish Rovers favorite about the unicorns. The whole show had a large component of audience participation with everyone clearly enjoying singing along on old favorites. Kathy hails from Whitefish Montana, where she both performs and creates astonishing photography of that beautiful area (www.mountainphotography. net). She was for many years one half of the wellknown duo Keel & Sullivan who performed in supper clubs, show lounges and military bases in 30 states and Canada. Visiting an old friend in Oakmont, Kathy graciously provided a full evening of enjoyment. A great time was had by all. Snacks were provided by our new concert production SIG.

Concert News

Our Cris Williamson concert was an unmitigated sold-out success with standing ovations at several points during Cris’ vibrant, energetic and soulful performance. And now we have another great concert coming soon! Kathryn Lounsbery is a classically trained pianist with a wicked sense of humor—think Victor Borgia meets Kate Clinton—and we are lucky to have her performing here in January in another amazing Rainbow Women concert. Tickets are on sale for the January 12, 2016 show at $15 each. They will be available at the next ORW meeting or you can also put an envelope in the ORW folder in the OVA with a check for the number of tickets you would like and they can be picked up at will-call on the night of the performance. Please include an E-mail address so that we can acknowledge receipt of your check.

Special interest groups

A number of SIGs have really caught on and continue to have enthusiastic participation and now there is one more new SIG. They call themselves Oakmont Rainbow Productions and they will be responsible for upcoming ORW concert and comedy offerings for Oakmont residents and our friends. Five ORW members have already signed on to this exciting new venture. If you would like to be part of the production group, please E-mail Sue Dibble to find out more, oakmontrainbowwomen@

November meeting

On November 12, Cassie Turner, the Oakmont Village Association Manager, will be the featured speaker for the ORW meeting beginning at 7 p.m. in the East Rec. She will talk about the past, present, and future of Oakmont. You can bring questions and concerns to that meeting or send them in advance to Pat Olive ( and she will get them to Cassie before the meeting.


The Oakmont News / November 1, 2015

Oakmont Computer Learning Center (OCLC) fall Session­—november

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at SSU—Oakmont nKathy Sowers

Kay Wittes is a student at OLLI classes. She just began serving as a greeter: “It is very simple. I’m thrilled with OLLI; this is a way to give back.” Would you like to help at OLLI events? Do you like to help others? Do you attend Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) classes? Do you like to meet and greet other residents? Do you like to write, or want to tinker with audio/visual tools? If you can answer “yes” to any or all of these questions, you might be just the person for us! You need not have a lot of time to devote. No monthly meeting required. Your schedule can by flexed to meet the time you have! We are looking for volunteers who will work in relatively small groups to help in some of our auxiliary tasks. So find your passion from the list below and contact us! Greeter: Be one of several volunteers in the half hour before class starts to greet students, pass out handouts, and answer general questions. Enhancements/Refreshments: Help with planning and arranging refreshments at classes, planning bus tours or off-site cultural visits, etc. Registration: Help new residents complete registration forms and accept payment at our course Previews or in the first two weeks of new classes. Marketing Committee: Help develop a marketing strategy to enhance class attendance. Prepare or disseminate flyers at various Oakmont locations. Oakmont News: Take photos at some of the Previews or classes and/or be on a team to help prepare articles for the Oakmont News. Audio Visual Tasks: Does the term Audio-Visual frighten you, but leave you curious? Would you like to become fluent in AV while attending OLLI classes? If so, contact Jane Gyorgy at Please let me stress again: we can be flexible about the time. No need to be at every class or every Preview. If you have attended our classes in the past, you have already seen much of what we do. If our classes are new to you, the tasks above are much the same as those you may have done for other organizations. Please contact to Co-Chairs Paul & Susi Heidenreich, at (206) 604-6418 or by E-mail at OakmontLLL@gmail. com for information or to volunteer.

Call 538-1485 to Register.

nBarbara G. Dudley

Oakmont PC Users Group

Q&A SESSION, november 9

The OPCUG presents a Q&A Session at its next members’ meeting on Monday, November 9, at 2 p.m., at the East Recreation Center. Remember to send any questions or concerns that you may have about your computers, peripherals and other electronic devices to the experts through Bob Mandelstam at


Just before the Q&A Session begins, member attendees will have the opportunity to vote for the OPCUG Board of Directors for 2016. The current board will accept nominations for directors through E-mail ( and from the members who are in attendance at the Q&A. (For more information, see our Board page.) Please, note that, if re-elected, all current directors, except our Membership Chair who is relocating, have agreed to remain on the board.


Due to attrition within the group, both on the board and within the Experts and helpers, OPCUG is reducing its presence within Oakmont. Although OPCUG will remain a functioning group under the OVA, this Q&A will be the last regularly scheduled meeting of the group. All future Q&A queries and resolutions will appear on our online site, listed below. Be sure to be on the

lookout at our site, which the board will continue to maintain, and on Nextdoor Oakmont for any future General Meetings. This article also is the last regularly scheduled, full-length article that OPCUG will submit to the Oakmont News. For more information, visit us online at The board, at this time, would like to thank you, the members, for your support throughout the years. The directors would especially like to thank the experts and helpers who have given of their time and expertise so unselfishly over the years. Without these wonderful people, OPCUG would not have been remained in existence for this long a time.


You can find information about the Group on our Home page at our online site (above). In addition, you can read timely articles about Windows-PC issues (including Windows 10 and instructions on recycling computer components) on our Help page, find out about the directors on our board page, and review other useful information.


If you live in Oakmont and want personalized Windows-PC help, group members are happy to assist you, free of charge. Call one of our experts: Phil Kenny at 538-2075 or Dan Gaffney at (916) 878-9538.

nJerry Thompson


WHEN: Saturday, November 21 TIME: 1:30 p.m. Social, 2 p.m. Meeting PLACE: West Recreation Center This is the last meeting of the year and Ronnie is coming to share with us all the news of what Apple has been doing this past year. You won’t want to miss it! This is always a fun program. We look forward to seeing you! Website:


Dues are $10 per household. Three ways to join: 1) at any meeting; 2) a check made payable to OakMUG and sent to Justine Haugen, Treasurer, 8926 Acorn Lane, Santa Rosa, CA 95409; 3) or you may put your check into our file in the OVA Office. Please include your phone number.

Members receive a discount on the entire catalog of O’Reilly and Peachpit books.


If you need technical assistance with your Mac or accessories, call Ronnie Roche, 573-9649 and Stephen Henry, 542-4668. Both are Certified Apple Consultants.

A free service to our membership

Send your Mac questions by E-mail to the following E-mail address: An OakMUG Mac expert will either get you an answer or will recommend someone who can.

iPAD SIG: show up and share

WHEN: Tuesday, November 24 at 2 p.m. WHERE: Berger Center


The Oakmont News / November 1, 2015

Oakmont Art Association nCarol Decker

Lawn Bowling nGreg Goodwin


The 43rd annual art show was a huge success by all accounts. Fifty-five artists participated, showing over 200 artworks, with attendance of over 600 people from Oakmont and the community at large, and the silent auction and raffle generated over $4,000 in support of our ongoing scholarship program.

The changes are coming, the changes are coming! To find out what’s going on with the OLBC, plan to attend the annual meeting on Thursday, November 5 at 1 p.m. at the Berger Center. This is your chance to be heard by voting for the president and other officers of our club for 2016. Other topics will also be covered including dues, membership and E-mail contacts. As his last official duty, 2015 President, Phil Bowman will turn the gavel over to the newly elected president. Thanks Phil for overseeing a very eventful 2015. This past year our club hosted the Senior Games, beat Leisure Town to maintain our trophy and celebrated 50 years of Lawn Bowling.


Time is flying by and so is the 2015 Lawn Bowling season. The annual Thanksgiving Tournament is taking place Monday, November 23. See the sign-up sheet on the bulletin board for specific details.

Rita Kronen, Raffle Chair and Show Chair, and Wendy Lalanne.


Our November 6 fall museum tour is fully booked with a waiting list.


Starting October 16, featured guest artists will be photographer Pat Brownlie and abstract painter, Peggy Halter. Pat Brownlie has been taking photographs for pleasure and as a serious avocation for over 35 years. She actually began as an oil painter, but eventually she shifted to photography because it suited her artistic style better. Her interest and experience in dealing with the effect of light, line and color in photography has steadily increased over this period of time. You can see more of her work at Peggy Halter: Upon relocating to California several years ago Peggy’s artistic imagination was sparked by the area, the ocean, vineyards, rivers and incomparable beauty surrounding her. Although she paints with different media, her current focus is on acrylic abstracts. She says, “The influences of color and texture are a never ending adventure for me.” Her technique involves creating the texture, building layer upon layer, then she applies a plethora of colors and “continues until a painting emerges.”


Call Bonnie Crosse if you want to enroll in the first two of these classes, 282-9076. Ikebana with Ron Brown continues on Fridays 10 a.m.–12 noon, $15 a session. One can start at any time—it is not just for ongoing members. Also, one can come for free and just observe to see if it is a fit. David Lobenberg will offer a two-day workshop on Six Essential Skill Sets of Drawing on November 7 and 8. Class is limited to 14 and the fee is $160. Enhance the basics of your art with this class. A list of materials will go to those who sign up. The oil painting class Mary Baum took over from Elizabeth Wonnacott needs a few more members. The format will be different, but still the second and fourth Monday of the month, from 12:30–3:30 p.m. Second Monday: lecture/demo and group painting subject $20. Fourth Monday: paint on your own with Mary’s assistance when wanted or needed, $10. It won’t be a plein air painting class, but there will be some plein air work. The current group is advanced beginners/intermediate level. If you need a tune-up, encouragement, or just the chance to paint with a group of people, this class will work for you. Contact Mary Baum, 539-6782 or marydonbaum@

Last Call for “Whites.”


Just two quick reminders: please place your bowling bags under the benches before you begin bowling. This is a safety issue. We don’t want anyone tripping over them. Also, our green is very soft and can easily

be dented by unpacking and tossing your bowles on the playing rink. This can be a problem for long and burnt ends. Thank you for your cooperation.


We will soon be welcoming new club members who attended the “Bring A Buddy Day” event and completed basic trainings. These rookies are said to be pretty good.


Don’t have a dog to walk? Not a fan of putting on the sweats and power walking? Feeling awkward taking a stroll by you lonesome? Here’s the ticket— try lawn bowling. Completing a lawn bowling game gets you approximately 1,700 steps or 1/3 of a mile while you enjoy the company of others and no sweats or doggie pick em ups.


Our Christmas Gala and Awards Presentation is rapidly approaching. Don’t miss out on this fabulous night of celebrating the 2015 Lawn Bowling season. Catering by the Oakmont Village Market includes appetizers, salad, your choice of beef tri-tip or baked salmon, dessert, coffee and tea. BYOB, set-ups and ice will be provided. Jess Petty will entertain us with live music for your listening and dancing pleasure. Jess sings and plays great standards along with wonderful Christmas songs. Check your calendar and get your reservation in now. The price for this terrific event is only $40 per member/partner and $45 per guest. Complete the form below and put it in the OLBC folder at the OVA Office along with your check made payable to OLBC. Reservations must be in by November 27.

OLBC CHRISTMAS GALA and AWARDS DINNER/DANCE Reservation form Name_________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone #________________________________ E-mail_________________________________________________ Number of members/partners a $40 ea.______ Number of guests at $45_______ #of Tri-tip_______ #of Salmon________

nLynn Wycoff

Bocce News

Our October tournament and potluck were attended by a large group who enjoyed a bountiful feast. The annual meeting followed and officers for the following year were elected. Tournament winners will be listed in the next edition. Next on the calendar is the Falling Leaves Tournament to be held on Saturday, November 7 at 1 p.m. (note the time change). No, you don’t need to bring your rake but there may be a few wandering leaves to pick up! Contractors for the courts were back to do a final finish on the surfaces. We think you will be pleased with the results. Final protective coating on the top rails to reduce splitting has also been done. Thanks Membership for 2016 is $15.

Paul and John. Plans are being finalized for our annual Christmas party on Friday, December 11 at 5:30 p.m. at the East Rec. Center. Reservation forms will be available at the courts and also in the November 15 issue of the Oakmont News. Be sure to watch for these and get your reservations in soon. It is always a gala affair with excellent food and friendship. It will get your holiday season off to a great start! Remember: Winter schedule starts November 1. Daily starting time will be 1 p.m. Mark your calendar. Dues for next year are now due. Renewal form is shown below.

Membership renewal form

Name _______________________________________ E-mail ___________________________________________ Phone #______________________ Address _________________________________________________________

Include with your check for $15 and place in the folder at the OVA Office or send to Jeff and Cindi Clemence at 417 Oak Vista Dr.


The Oakmont News / November 1, 2015

Boomers nSusan Lynn

“There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.”—Sophia Loren For this edition of the Oakmont News, I’m leaving the writing to you. See the image below and write your own caption, joke, poem, limerick, or (very) short story. Send your submission to

or deposit it in the Boomers folder at the OVA Office by November 10. Winning entries will be published in the November 15 issue of the Oakmont News. With the holidays coming on fast, it’s time to start thinking about our holiday party. It’s our way to end the year and thank our members for continuing to support our club. More details to come in future Oakmont News issues. WHAT: Annual Member Holiday Appreciation Party (members only) WHEN: December 10 BRING: BYOB Still not a member? Did you know that 139 Oakmont residents became new Boomers this year? With dues still at only $10 per year, can you even afford not to join? Visit our website at now and miss the holiday rush. Boomer Trivia: Who wrote Portnoy’s Complaint? Get extra credit if you can name the actor who played the title role in the film version of the book. For the answer visit

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Discounts to Oakmont Residents Mon–Fri 9AM–5PM, Sat by appointment only 116 Calistoga Road, Santa Rosa

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Tire Store


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The Oakmont News / November 1, 2015


nEd Low

Visit our website:


This is a two-mile hike with a few short spurs to viewpoints. Some open grass lands and some wooded along a creek. Fairly good surface—some rocks. Very minor elevation gain. Leave Berger at 9 a.m. Bring snack and water if you wish. Hike leader Herm Hermann, 539-1647.

Oakmont Ukesters nLinda Webster


Yes, that’s correct. Lots of people who are ukulele enthusiasts do not know how to read music. We play chords which have been mastered so that our fingers know where to go when we see that chord in a song. Also, to make things even easier, there are only four strings on a uke! This is not to say that all songs are simple—they can be intricate and challenging but always fun. Music includes folk, blues, country, Hawaiian, you name it. Interested in this unique instrument? Come and join the Oakmont Ukesters. We are people who enjoy getting together on a weekly basis to sing and practice songs we know or are learning. There are beginners in the group as well as people who are already familiar with playing the ukulele. The first hour focuses on songs with fewer chords. Meetings are Tuesdays, 10:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. at the beautiful Oakmont Gardens (crafts room). Please call me at 978-2790 for additional information or for suggestions about how to get started with your ukulele.

Home Care

Top 10 Reasons

to choose the #1 agency* in Oakmont KEEP THIS AD! See below.

#1 Quality. WeCare employs only the best caregivers. #2 Security. Employees are screened, bonded, insured. #3 Placement. Caregivers matched to clients’ satisfaction. #4 Supervision. Ongoing oversight of care. #5 Stability. 10 years in business. First agency in Oakmont. #6 Experience. Hundreds of satisfied clients. #7 Family-Owned. Highest standards. Not a franchise. #8 Reputation. Referred by clients and professionals alike. #9 Satisfaction. Guaranteed. #10 WE CARE! Caring for your family as we would our own. Keep this ad for a 10% discount on first month’s services.

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*According to clients, employees, and healthcare professionals.

6528 Oakmont Dr. (next to Oakmont Market)


This is a strenuous hike with great views overlooking the lake as well as crossing through the interesting Madrone forest. We will take the Bummer, Crowley’s Lake View, Half Canoe, and Dry Creek Trails. The hike is 8.5 miles with 2,020’ of elevation gain. Dress in layers and take plenty of water. Leave Berger Center at 8:30 a.m. Hike leader is Jim Gale, 537-1123.


Annadel State Park. (Photo by Maurice Fliess)

Shiloh presents a diversity of landscapes from rugged canyons to sweeping vistas, through open and dense woodlands of oak and fir. The hike will cover the Big Leaf, Canyon, Mark West and Pond trails. Distance is five miles with 800’ of continuous elevation gain. Bring poles, water and lunch. We leave Berger at 9 a.m. Hike leader is Holly Kelley, 843-3155.


Start from Park Trail Drive on to Rough Go Trail. This trail is a steep rough path to Lake Ilsanjo. Continue on Lake Trail around the lake. Lunch at picnic area. Return via Spring Creek Trail. Hike distance is 5.6 miles, elevation gain 660’. Leave Berger Center at 9 a.m. Hike leaders are George and Zlatica Hasa, 843-4527.


This is a strenuous hike with several steep portions over both well-traveled and also some narrow

View of Hood Mountain from Richardson Trail. (Photo by Zlatica Hasa)

unnamed trails. It is about 6.5 miles with 1,800’ of elevation gain. We will leave the Los Alamos Regional Park lot, hike to the Santa Rosa Creek and cross into the McCormick Addition taking Quercus and Headwater Trails to the Grandmother Oak, pass by the Oak along unnamed, sometimes very steep trails to Red Hill. Here we will have lunch and enjoy views of the north slopes of Hood and Bald Mountains. We’ll continue downward from Red Hill on narrow, unnamed trails to merge with Maple Glen Trail which undulates and eventually crosses a ridge before continuing past the Grandmother Oak Trail and returning uphill to the parking lot. Bring poles, water and lunch. Hike leader is Jim Gale, 537-1123. Leave Berger at 8:30 a.m.


The Oakmont News / November 1, 2015

nGreg Carpenter

SIR Branch #92

This month’s meeting, on November 10 will be a real treat for all our Oakmont members. We will have the pleasure of hearing from the Manager of the Oakmont Village Association, Cassie Turner. She will be filling us in on what’s happening now and what we can look forward to in the future, in regards to our Oakmont community. Obviously this will prove to be extremely interesting

nPennijean Savage

and informative. The Sons in Retirement (SIR) is a gentlemen’s club designed for good fellowship, entertainment and education. If you are interested in finding out how you can become a member, call me at 539-3686. Our meetings are held at the Berger Center on every second Tuesday of the month.

November 28 Buddhist Meeting

Fundamentals: Excerpt from The Wisdom for Creating Happiness and Peace

“Our health, courage, wisdom, joy, desire to improve, self-discipline and so on, could all be said to depend on our life force. Chanting Nam-myohorenge-kyo enables us to bring forth limitless life force. Those who base themselves on chanting Nam-myohorenge-kyo are therefore never deadlocked.”—Dr. Daisaku Ikeda, Living Buddhism, November 2015, p 5. You are cordially invited to join us on Saturday, November 28 and learn more about the benefits of this Buddhist practice and life philosophy.

nBarbara Bowman

WHEN: Saturday, November 28, 2:30–4 p.m. WHERE: 20 Glengreen. Look for SGI sign at entrance of Glengreen Street. Monthly SGI Nichiren Buddhist discussion meetings of chanting, study and dialogue are open to all Oakmonters and are free of charge. Call Judy at 5480225 or Pj at 843-7266 for directions or more information. The meetings are held on the last Saturday of each month, except for holidays. See for additional information on Nichiren Buddhism.

Movies At Oakmont WHERE: Berger Center SCREENING DAY AND TIME: Sundays at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. HOSTS: Holly Blue, Barbara Bowman, Chris Decker, Ernie Erler, Al Haggerty, Carol Haggerty, Priscilla Naworski and Alexis Paradisoff-Melteff NOTE: All films are shown with English subtitles when possible


In concert with Lifelong Learning’s class The Bomb’s Early Light, Movies At Oakmont screens this Cold War classic. When a fanatical U.S. general launches an air strike against the Soviets, they raise the stakes by threatening to unleash a “doomsday device,” setting the stage for Armageddon in this black comedy that brilliantly skewers the nuclear age. Great performances by Peter Sellers, George C. Scott, Sterling Hayden, Keenan Wynn, Slim Pickens and others. (1964), PG, 95 minutes.

Current Events Discussion Group nTina Lewis

The Current Events group consists of lively discussions of current events, from local to international. Informed comments are voiced from across the political spectrum, from liberals to conservatives. Some prefer to just listen and learn, others offer to moderate. Whatever your comfort level, you will be welcomed when you join us. The discussions are moderated by volunteers within the group, and microphones are passed around to enable everyone to hear. A $1 donation is requested.


November 6: Jim Duport November 13: Malcolm Rodman Join us on Fridays, 1–2:30 p.m. at the East Rec. and bring ideas of what you’d like us to discuss. For more information call 539-5546 or send an E-mail to

Wii Bowling Oakmont Lanes

nTerry Leuthner, President, and Carolyn Mack, Vice President

Anyone interested in joining our club, either as a team bowler or substitute, please call Terry at 538-9177 or Carolyn at 537-7347, or stop by the West Rec. Center on Tuesdays from 1:30–4:30 p.m. to see us in action (no bowling fourth Tuesdays). See for club information and Fall 2015 League schedule. Bowling dates for November: Nov. 10 and 17, Fall League Playoffs. No bowling Nov. 3—Election Day and Nov. 24, fourth Tuesday.


Sunday, November 1, 7 pm THE INSIDER

Our Fall League Playoff in which the top three teams from the 1:30 PM League plays the top three teams from the 3:15 PM League will take place on Nov. 17 at 1:30 p.m. followed by a meeting at 3 p.m. where we will have award presentations, and sign up for Winter 2016 League.

Sunday, November 8, 2 pm I’LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS

This year we will have our Christmas Party on Tuesday, Dec. 1 from 2–4 p.m. at the Berger Center. All bowlers and substitutes are invited. We will celebrate Christmas cheer with pizza, coffee, diet sodas, sparkling apple cider and Juan’s famous egg nog. BYOB. Mark your calendar. We will also present awards to the Fall Team Champions.

When a producer for TV’s 60 Minutes (Al Pacino) coaxes a researcher (Russell Crowe) to speak about his former employer’s knowledge of tobacco dangers, the corporations try to silence the program’s interview. Director Michael Mann has crafted a complex and thoughtprovoking drama which garnered seven Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture, Actor (Crowe) and Director. Based on a true story, the film excels at intelligently absorbing entertainment. (1999), R (for language), 157 minutes.

With her well-ordered life thrown out of balance by the death of her beloved canine companion, aging widow Carol Peterson (Blythe Danner)—who hasn’t dated in 20 years— unexpectedly finds herself involved with two very different men. With the support of her friends, Carol discovers that life can begin anew at any age. This warm, touching and funny story features a stellar performance by Danner, and a great supporting cast, including Sam Elliott and Rhea Perlman. (2015), PG-13, 95 minutes.

Sunday, November 8, 7 pm CHARACTER

Dreverhaven, Rotterdam’s most feared bailiff, is found with a knife through his heart, and a young self-taught lawyer was the last person to see him alive. But what was the lawyer’s connection to the dead man? This suspenseful drama, with its twists and turns, won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language film. Infused with Dickensian-like scenes, the film’s outstanding performances and cinematography make for riveting viewing. (1997), R (some violence), 125 minutes. (In Dutch.)

For Your Refrigerator/Wallet

Sunday, November 1, 2 p.m.: Dr. Strangelove, (1964), PG, 95 minutes. Sunday, November 1, 7 p.m.: The Insider, (1999), R, 156 minutes. Sunday, November 8, 2 p.m.: I’ll See You In My Dreams, (2015), PG-13, 95 minutes. Sunday, November 8, 7 p.m.: Character, (1997), R, 125 minutes. (In Dutch.) Sunday, November 15, 2 p.m.: Far From the Madding Crowd, (2015), PG-13, 125 minutes. Sunday, November 15, 7 p.m.: The Second Best Marigold Hotel, (2015), PG, 123 minutes.


RESULTS AS OF Oct. 13 (Week #8 of Fall League)

1:30 PM League: first place, Wild Turkeys; second place, Alley Oops; third place, Strikers; fourth place, Pocket Hits; fifth place, Wii Four; sixthplace, 4 Tops. Men’s High Games: Don Shelhart, 300 Terry Leuthner, 269; Gordon Freedman, 204. Women’s High Games: Kathryn Miller, 300; Sandy Osheroff, 300; Mary Knight, 238; Sandy Wald, 236; Vicki Robinson, 223; Sue Bowman, 220; Mariel Green, 220; Phyllis Jennings, 203; Vicki Madden, 202. 3:15 PM League: first place, Strikes & Spares; second place, King Pins; third place, Pin Heads; fourth place, High Rollers; fifth place, Wii Power; sixth place, Strike Outs. Men’s High Games: Bruce Price, 268; Mark Attebery, 226; Juan Fuentes, 206. Women’s High Games: Jan Blackburn, 288; Mollie Atkinson, 237; Betsy Smith, 234; Barbara Ford, 233; Pat Stokes, 229; Maureen Schwartz, 223; Diane Price, 222; Nicole Reed, 222; Doris Ruh, 220; Debbie Miller, 217; Carolyn Mack, 202. High Game Subs: Sandy Osheroff, 252; Terry Leuthner, 245; Sue Bowman, 213.


The Oakmont News / November 1, 2015


Macular Degeneration?


Best prices on Gutter Guard installation! Careful, professional, quality work. Call Alex, 707-291-0429


Specializing in residential re-roofing. Top quality workmanship. Honest and reliable. Oakmont references. Free estimates. Lic. #673839. 539-4498.


Residential re-roofing, roof repairs, seamless gutters and downspouts. Quality for less. Bonded and insured, free estimates. Lic. #934256. Call 8375030 (office) or 569-4912 (cell).

Pre-owned, low cost, low vision CCTV SYS can help. For sale, or rent with option to purchase program. For more information or a no-obligation demonstration call Jack Donnellan, 595-3790.



George’s furniture repair and refinishing, antiques and caning. Oakmont references. 30 years experience. Free estimates. Call George at 987-3059.

Professional, experienced locksmith for all your security needs. Senior discount. ZAPA TILE INSTALLATIONS Call today! 539-6268. Wayne Carrington, Great customer service. 12 years experience, free estimates, Oakmont LCO #2411. references. I’ll work with your budget. HANDYPERSON Lic. #954364. Call Angel, All trades, little fix-its and prickly 707-239-1241. puzzles. Plumbing, electrical, ONE WAY PLUMBING, INC. assemblies, gardening and pruning Dependable, experts serving you and too! $40/hr. Helping Oakmont since your neighbors with excellence and 1988. Lic. #560098. Jay Williamson, integrity for over 20 years. Licensed, 539-5217. bonded and insured. Senior discounts COMMUNITY AMBASSADOR available. CA Lic. #854537. Find us on the web at www.onewayplumb. HOME GREETING SERVICE net or call us at 537-1308 for all your Welcoming new residents since 1975. Have valuable local community plumbing needs. information given on every visit. If you are new to Oakmont and have not had THE COMPUTER TROUBLESHOOTER a home visit, please call Charlotte at Speedy Service, Friendly Tutoring, 538-9050. complete support for PC’s, Apples MIKE’S REPAIR and Mac’s, 300+ Oakmont customers Plumbing, electrical, appliance, served. John Bradford. 578-6305. heating and air conditioning, general $40/hour. handyman (I can fix just about AC BURNS PAINT CO. anything). 30 yrs. experience. Honest Oakmont preferred vendor. Interior/ and reliable. Lic. #B32925. Call 536exterior, power washing, decks, 9529, emergency—328-6635. wallpaper removed. Will not be LEE MOEN CONSTRUCTION undersold. 575-5581. Lic. #834588.


A to Z home maintenance and repair. Kitchen and bath remodel. Carpentry, tile, plumbing, electric, painting and gardening. No job too small. All phase construction. Lic. #966203. Call Lee Moen, 318-5591.


Reliable, caring, mature and affordable. Call 539-1286 (home) or 480-1224 (cell).


Reasonable rates, free estimates, Oakmont references. Lic. #573530. Gary Luurs, 528-8489.


Want to spruce up your home? Guests this fall? One room at a time or your whole house. Interior and exterior painting. Licensed and insured. Lic. #873519. Call 707-996-4050 for a free estimate.

Oakmont News Classified Rates • Classified ads of 150 spaces or less, (payment to accompany this form) $25 per insert • Pre-paid standing ads of 150 spaces or less, for a period of 3 months (6 issues) $120 • Pre-paid standing ads of 150 spaces or less, for a period of 6 months (12 issues) $216 • Pre-paid standing ads of 150 spaces or less, for a period of 1 year (24 issues) $384

I am an avid walker and have started a dog walking, pet sitting business. I have a license with this city and am insured. References available. Please call Dan Lennox, 526-9154.


Caring for your pets as you would. Over 25 yrs. experience. Dog and cat care. Daily schedules and routines. Day OR overnight companionship. House sitting available. Insured and bonded. Call Alix, 637-6267, Sonoma.


Huge selection of value-priced, new, used and re-conditioned golf carts for sale. Professional repairs, service. Many years servicing our friends in Oakmont. 584-5488.


WeCare Home Assistants is looking to fill part-time and full-time shifts, weekends and evenings. Living in Oakmont a plus. Must be experienced. Call us today at 843-3838.


Remodeling, kitchens and baths. Reasonable rates. Small jobs OK. Free estimates. Lic. #428073. Call 996-1454.


A personal transportation service for airports, cruises and vacations. Call for reservations. Plus Babe is on the road Trees, hedges and shrubs done with an again for local doctor visits, shopping, emphasis upon a natural look. Small etc. Call Jacque at 545-2850. jobs OK. Richard Garety, 833-1806.



Remodels, additions, efficiency and accessibility updates. Helping clients live comfortably in their homes since 1979. Call Craig Lawson, Oakmont Resident, 579-9088. Lic. #377330. Free estimates.


Repairs done onsite or close location (24 Elaine Dr.) 15 yrs. experience. City lic. #303691. Call Ernie, owner, 573-0655.


Gavin Anderson, local Sonoma resident. 13 years experience. Senior pricing. Free estimates. Call 935-6334.


When quality and reliability count, call on us! The Valley’s Premier Painting Contractor, 38 yrs. experience. Interior and exterior painting specialist, drywall repairs and textures. Licensed and insured. Call us for your Free Estimate today! 707-833-2890.



Warming Trends has been cleaning, servicing and installing fireplaces, stoves and inserts for 30 years. Call 578-9276 for any fireplace needs.


General Contractor. Residential, commercial remodel and repairs, winterization, complete drywall, tile, cement work. Fences, decks, ADA upgrades. Free estimates. Small jobs OK. Call Frank, 707-396-6901. Lic. #875552.


Oakmont Onsite Personal Computer Services. Call Chuck for all things computer. VOM Rotary member, computer instructor. References available, many satisfied Oakmont customers. $45/hr. 293-8011.


Tired of waiting for buses or rides? Ernie can use your car to get you to doctor appts., stores, even outings! Saturdays OK. Call Ernie, 478-4979.


Excellent local references. Call Norma at 707-318-5503.


Wine Country Caterer available for casual rustic to formal sit-down dinners. Chef Lee Ann Geneve specializes in intimate gatherings. (707) 287-1918.


Direct from Sonoma. No stops, small groups, reasonable and fun. Petcare available. sharedadventurestravel@ or call 338-1443.


Home, office, move-outs. Full service cleaning, with more than 19 years of experience. References upon request. Lic. #343515. Call 548-9482 or 542-8720.

BRAD CHIARAVALLE CUSTOM DOOR INSTALLATION Entry doors, patio and French doors, screen doors, barn doors, interior doors. Oakmont references. Free estimates. Lic. #527924 since 1988. 539-3196.


Professional and commercially licensed transportation for Oakmont residents. Wine tours, cruise lines, airports and hotels. Always available and reliable too! Oakmont homeowner. Call Chris at (707) 206-5018.


Free estimate, fast professional turnaround. 30 yrs. exp. Oakmont and local ref. “I love what I do.” Ian Coffelt, (415) 309-6988.


For all your plumbing and heating needs. Local plumbers in business since the late 20th century, licensed, bonded and insured. Same day service is often available. Money-saving coupons! CA Lic. #659920. Please call (707) 996-8683 or go to


Complete home renovations, kitchen and bathroom design, remodeling and repair. Door and window upgrades, decks, fences and concrete. 30 years local experience, timely and detail oriented. Lic. #669482. Call (707) 328-3555.


Home repairman in Sonoma Co. for 30 years. Focus on small jobs, projects and “honey-do” lists. Pressure washing, gutter cleaning. Free estimates, very reasonable rates. Please contact me at 533-7741. Thank you.


Ruth Hansell, 24 years organizing experience. Home office/filing system, garages, closets. Oakmont references available. Call 799-0097 or E-mail to


Dependable, providing excellent service. Valerie, 573-9842.


Since 1983 I have been teaching in the US and Europe. Professional musician, Oakmont resident. Francesca, 546-7987.


Emergency services, regular service, water heaters, clogs, remodels, repair. Local business, owner-operated. Call (707) 933-7801 or (707) 800-2043.


ADDRESS CITY, ZIP $_____________



A space is a letter (including those in the heading), punctuation mark, and a space between the words in the ad. Additional $4 for the next 40 or less spaces. Whenever applicable, CA state license or certification number must be included. DEADLINE: 10 days prior to publication. Mail to: CJM Productions, 2105 Longhorn Circle, Santa Rosa, CA 95401 Tel (707) 575-7200 •

Oakmont News

…is owned by the Oakmont Village Association which, through its board, sets editorial policy. The OVA has contracted with CJM Productions to handle typesetting, layout, printing and free distribution of the Oakmont News, the latter by U.S. mail, to each home via 3rd class mail. CJM Productions also handles advertising for the Oakmont News. CJM Productions and the Oakmont Village Association assume no responsibility for the content of any ads that appear in the Oakmont News nor do we endorse or recommend any product or service advertised herein. CA law requires all CA licensed contractors to list their license number in their service advertisements. CA law also requires contractors performing work totaling $500+ (incl. materials & labor) must be licensed by the Contractor State License Board (CSLB) to work in California. For information contact the Contractor’s State License Board at


The Oakmont News / November 1, 2015

Oakmont Village Association oakmont village association

Hours: M–F 9 AM–5 PM / Tel 707-539-1611 / 6575 Oakmont Dr., Ste. 7 OVA E-mail: / Info E-mail: Website: OVA Members-Only Page: Go to the members only page to view the monthly calendar, Board Meeting Minutes, criminal activity information and more.

Available in OVA Office Gas Shut-off Wrench.....................................$7 Tennis COurt Key.............................................$2 Vials for Life...............................................FREE resident access card..............................$25 EA replacements......................................$50 ea Guest access card..................................$25 ea Emergency Contacts for Residents This form is confidential and used only in case of an emergency to notify your named contacts.

Blood Pressure clinic

Wed 10:30 AM–12 PM, Berger Center, Room D. Contact: Del Baker 539-1657.

Bulletin Boards

ova event notices There are three OVA bulletin boards, one at each recreation center, where OVA events can be posted. Please bring in notices to the Events Coordinator at the OVA Office. Size is limited to 8.5"x5.5". for sale, for rent and want to buy board Items “For Sale”, “For Rent” or “Want to Buy” can be put on a 3"x5" card and left at the OVA Office. Cards are posted on Thursdays and must be received by noon. The bulletin board for these items is located outside the Central (Berger) Auditorium. “For Sale” and “Want to Buy” items are posted for 30 days. “For Rent” cards are posted for 60 days. Please notify the OVA office at 539-1611 if you would like your card removed before the posting term ends.


Please contact OVA resident Bev Schilpp by phone 538-4293 or by E-mail wallyschilpp1@ if you would like to have published in the Oakmont News the name and date of death of your loved one.


The following are OVA Guest Pass types and duration: 1) Guest from outside Sonoma County— up to 90 days; 2) House sitters—up to 90 days (OVA host must present written request to OVA Office for approval prior to visit); 3) Guests living in Sonoma County—2 days per card, and no more than 3 cards per month. Guest cards are available during regular hours in the OVA Office for a $25 refundable deposit. Guests accompanied by their Oakmont host are not required to have a Guest Pass.

maintenance Office

oakmont News

Hours: Daily 6 AM–10 PM Tel 539-6720 Maintenance Building (next to Central Auditorium)

Tel 575-7200 E-mail:

Condominium Financial management (cfM)

Hours: M– Th 9 AM–Noon, 1–5 PM Tel 539-0701 / Fax 539-6537 6575 Oakmont Dr., Ste. 9 E-mail:

architectural office

OVA Accounting Tel 800-585-4297

Need a ride? give a ride! oakmont volunteer helpers We provide the following services to Oakmont Residents: n Transportation to medical/ dental appointments in Santa Rosa only n Grocery shopping to Safeway (at Calistoga Center only) n

COORDINATOR November 1–15 Leanne Smith 539-6795 November 16–30 Lois Kelly 538-3278

Meals on Wheels, 525-0383

If you would like to be a volunteer, please call 528-0161. Donations to Oakmont Volunteer Helpers are appreciated and tax deductible. Mail your check payable to Oakmont Volunteer Helpers, 6575 Oakmont Dr., Ste. 7, Santa Rosa, CA 95409. Thank you.

Please call the Volunteer Coordinator listed here, 9 AM–5 PM, Mon.–Fri. Rides before 9 AM or after 4 PM are subject to limited volunteer driver availability. No service on weekends or holidays. Please call at least three full working days prior to appointment. We regret that we are unable to provide either wheelchair or emergency service.

Lost & found

Located in the OVA office. Unclaimed items will be discarded after 30 days.

Hours: M–F 9 AM–Noon, and 1–4 PM Tel 539-5810 6572 Oakmont Dr., Ste. A (for Association Maintained Homes)

2015-2016 OVA board of Directors E-mail: Frank Batchelor, President Andie Altman, Vice President Elke Strunka, Treasurer John R Felton, Secretary Bob Giddings, Director Alan Scott, Director L. G. “Herm” Hermann, Director


SUMMER SCHEDULE: Access to OVA pools is by magnetic card. Call OVA Office, 539-1611 if you need a permanent new member pool access card or to register for a temporary guest pool access card. West: 7 AM–9 PM (Closes 7 PM Wednesdays for cleaning) East: 6:30 AM–9 PM (Closes 7 PM Mondays for cleaning) Central: 5:45 AM–9 PM (Closes 7 PM Tuesdays for cleaning) JACUZZI HOURS: Same as facility. No one under 18 years in West and East pools and Jacuzzis. Central Pool Children’s Hours: 11 AM–2 PM (Exception: 12 Noon –4 PM Memorial Day Weekend thru Labor Day.) Children must be accompanied by an OVA member or an adult with a valid pool access card. NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY AT ANY OVA POOL. ALL FACILITIES CLOSED CHRISTMAS DAY.


Central Activity Center, 310 White Oak Dr. Daily 5 AM–9 PM. Closed at 7 PM on Tues. for cleaning. Closed Christmas day.

Goodwill Donation Truck

First Saturday of each month, Berger Parking Lot, 9 AM–1 PM.

Loaner equipment

The OVA office has a form listing Oakmont residents who lend out items such as baby furniture and sick room equipment (wheelchairs, walkers, etc.).

oakmont community garden on stonebridge

For more info on signing up contact OVA at 539-1611 or email Oakmontcommunitygarden@


Call Oak Creek RV & Storage, P.O. Box 2246, Santa Rosa, CA 95405. 707-538-3230


(Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program) Helps seniors with Medicare-related questions. By appointment only. 1-800-434-0222. Berger Center, Room D, on the 2nd and 4th Fridays, 1–4 PM.


Central Activity Center, 310 White Oak Dr. Hours: Daily 6 AM–9 PM. Closed Christmas Day. It is run by volunteers. All donations are gladly accepted. Materials we cannot use will be passed on to others.

OAS Management Company

Public Transportation Available in Oakmont CityBus #16 bus takes residents to n Sonoma County Transit #30 bus goes to 5 different shopping centers weekday Memorial and Kaiser Hospitals and downtown mornings and around Oakmont afternoons. Santa Rosa. Returns via Oakmont to Sonoma. n


Schedules available at OVA office.

Association Manager Cassie Turner

OVA Board Meeting 3rd Tuesday of the month—1 pm* in the Berger Center *All residents of Oakmont are welcome.

The Board of Directors of Oakmont Village Association reserves the right to select those articles submitted for publication that seem appropriate to the purpose of this association.

E-mail List Do you want to stay updated on what is going on in Oakmont? Join the OVA E-mail list. You will receive Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes, Oakmont Notices, Meeting Announcements and the weekly Manager's Newsletter. To join, go the Member’s Only webpage and click on the link to join the E-mail list.


The Oakmont News / November 1, 2015

OVA-Sponsored Events nHelen Hargrave

The New Horizons Concert Band at the Berger Center

nMarsha Zolkower

OVA has teamed with the California Highway Patrol and the Department of Motor Vehicles to bring you the Age Well, Drive Smart program providing the keys to driving safer and driving longer. The CHP’s mission is to reduce motor vehicle collision and pedestrian deaths and injuries experienced by older Californians and to increase seniors’ alternate transportation options when driving is no longer an option. You are a good driver, but, as you age you may begin to experience functional changes or medical conditions that can affect your ability to drive safely. The good news is that by careful monitoring any changes, such as your vision or reflexes, and by working with your doctor, you have the ability to change your driving habits or take other corrective steps that allow you to stay safe on the road. Join us for this three-and-a-half hour presentation in the East Rec. Center on Tuesday, November 17, at 9 a.m. This is a no-cost event and upon completion you will receive a certificate of completion, which you may submit to your auto insurance carrier. Enrollment is limited to 40, so sign up early. Phone OVA at 539-1611 and we will add you to the list of participants.

Saturday, November 7 at 2 PM

The New Horizons Concert Band of Sonoma County will return to the Berger Center on Saturday, November 7 at 2 p.m. for another entertaining and rousing concert! This has become an annual event popular with Oakmont residents. The local band is a member of a nationwide senior citizens activity started by an experienced musical educator, Dr. Roy Ernst of the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, N.Y. Dr. Ernst realized that there were many people who had played in high school and college bands that had a lingering desire to play again. The concept was a good one, and there are now over 150 such bands all over the United States and in Europe. The local unit in Santa Rosa was the second organization in California and began in 1998 with 12

players. The band has grown to 80 members, several whom live in Oakmont. They are Sugar Carlton, percussion; Dan Derham, trumpet; Jud Goodrich, French horn; Helen Hargrave, oboe; Gene Isaeff, euphonium; Elmer Swanton, tuba; Roger Morcomb, percussion; John Ray, trombone; and Rose West, flute. The band is under the direction of Lew Sbrana, Director, from Healdsburg. Associate directors are Ray Walker from Santa Rosa, Sid Gordon from Redwood High School in Marin County, and Lew Bishop, also a bassoon player. So mark your calendars for Saturday, November 7 at 2 p.m. at the Berger Center for an afternoon of delightful and entertaining music by accomplished musicians. The band will be playing familiar show tunes, marches and other numerous arrangements. The concert is free, but there will be a free-will offering for those who wish to participate.

Oakmont Community Toxic Waste Collection North Bay Veterans Resource Center

nMarsha Zolkower

Learn About Resources Available to US Veterans November 17, Berger Parking Lot

All veterans living in Oakmont are invited to visit with Robert A. Fisher, Outreach Coordinator from the North Bay Vet Center the Berger Parking lot on Tuesday, November, 17, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Don’t be surprised if you still aren’t aware of all of the resources available to you! North Bay Vet Center provides readjustment counseling to combat veterans and their families. North Bay Vet Center also provides outreach and referral services to eligible veterans.

Call 795-2025, Mon.–Fri., 7:30 a.m.–2:30 p.m. or leave a message anytime. E-mail: toxicsdisposal@ This is a free service. COLLECTION DATE: Tuesday, November 17 PLACE: West Rec., 6470 Meadowridge Dr. TIME: 3-8 p.m. Please do not show up without an appointment. LIMITS: 15 gallons of liquid (with a maximum of five gallons per container) or 125 pounds of solid material. Never mix chemicals. Place in sealed containers in the trunk, packed to prevent spills. Syringes/needles in sealed, approved Sharps containers. NOT ACCEPTED: explosives or ammunition, radioactive materials, biological waste (except syringes), TVs, computer monitors and other electronics, business waste.

54 Years Serving Sonoma County!

JACK SMITH GLASS SAYS “NOW IS THE TIME!!” We furnish and install many types of energy-saving windows. Our in-house professional installers are among the best in the business.

Cascade • Simonton • Milgard • Andersen Daphne Smith Oakmont Resident

Lic. #432558

Joy Smith & daughter Maile


1050 N. Dutton, Santa Rosa •

Open M–F 8am–4:30pm Or by Appointment College


101 

Glass & Sash, Inc.

Tuesday, november 17 BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!

n. dutton


nMarsha Zolkower



The Oakmont News / November 1, 2015


Our After Hours Care serves adult, senior and pediatric patients on a walk-in basis, and offers a convenient means of treating most minor ailments, injuries and illnesses.

— hours for —

Annadel Medical Group accepts most major insurance plans including Medicare, Western Health Advantage and select Covered California plans.

better care.

For more information, including our current hours of operation at each location, please visit

Adele Dr.

52 Mission Circle Suite 121 Santa Rosa, CA 95409 (707) 303-1712

8911 Lakewood Dr. Suite 13 Windsor, CA 95492 (707) 387-3910

652 Petaluma Ave Suite B Sebastopol, CA 95472 (707) 823-7616

Walk-ins welcome. No appointment necessary. AMG_AfterHoursAd_Oakmont_Aug2015.indd 1

7/28/2015 8:58:34 AM

Century 21 Valley of the Moon haPPy VeteRan’S Day

Mike & Leila O’Callaghan 888-6583

Linda Frediani Broker/Owner, 322-4519

Please join us in honoring our Vets

Jolene Cortright 477-6529

new price

new price

14 Oak Forest Lane, $515,000

7802 Oakmont Drive, $849,900

311 Miramonte Place, $799,000

Paula Lewis 332-0433

in escrow

6670 Oakmont Drive

708 Coney Court, $849,000

Randy Ruark 322-2482

sold 122 Valley Oaks Drive

Starting November 1st please donate to our ANNUAL FOOD DRIVE

Joey & Claudine Cuneo 694-2634

Kay Nelson 538-8777

Nancy Shaw 322-2344

707• 539 • 3200

Sue Senk 318-9595

Molly Stokeld 583-6997

Laura Ruark Kenig 303-3579

6580 Oakmont Drive Santa Rosa 95409 BRE#01523620

Jeannie Perez 805-0300

Gail Johnson 292-9798

Peter & Roberta Lommori 539-3200

November 1 finished pages  
November 1 finished pages