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Architecture Office Moves

<Marty Thompson

The Oakmont Architecture Office has moved from inside the OVA Office to its own space next door. It’s now just inside the parking lot door in the blueroofed medical building on Oakmont Drive. The move allows reorganization of the OVA Office and provides better space and access for residents who have business with Architecture Committee Administrator Mary Patricia. The new location was formerly known as Suite 9, and was configured for small group meetings. OVA Manager Cassie Turner said the change means people with architecture business will no longer have to line up at the OVA Office counter with people who have other business with OVA. The new office allows Patricia to meet one-on-one with residents, and space to go over plans and paint color books. In the OVA Office, receptionist Ofelia Roman has moved to a desk nearest the front door. Social Director Marsha Zolkover moved to the space formerly occupied by Patricia.

New HOA is Born in The Orchard

<Marty Thompson

Oakmont’s newest homeowner association, The Orchard, came into being on Nov. 1. It is the village’s 36th HOA, and at 55 homes is among the largest. Homeowners have elected a board and president, and will hold an organizational meeting Dec. 9, looking ahead to budgeting and other plans for 2015. The association embraces duplex and triplex homes on the perimeter of The Orchard development backing to Highway 12 and on Pythian Road. Singlefamily homes in the center of the neighborhood are owner-maintained and not in the HOA. The developer had maintained the area until all homes were sold, and turned responsibility for them over to the HOA on Nov. 1. The Orchard’s responsibilities include outside maintenance of the homes, exterior and common area insurance and See new hoa on page 3 Oakmont Village Association 6575 Oakmont Drive, Suite 7 Santa Rosa, CA 95409-5906

Board Approves $3.49M Budget, Including $5 Dues Increase

November 15, 2014 • Volume 52, Number 22

OEPC Earthquake Drill

<Al Haggerty

The Oakmont Village Association Board adopted a 2015 budget of just under $3.5 million and approved a $5 dues increase per person at a special Nov. 5 business meeting. Both the dues increase and the budget passed by a 4-2 vote with directors Bob Giddings and Fran Dias opposed. Director Alan Scott was absent. The action means monthly dues will increase next year from $58 to $63. For a two-person household the increase is from $116 to $126 a month. A preliminary budget approved by the Finance Committee and outlined at the meeting by Treasurer Chuck Chenault included a dues increase of $3.73 per person. Giddings suggested using the budget surplus, which was $66,000 at the end of September, to bring the dues increase below $3. Dias supported Giddings. President John Felton moved in the opposite direction, suggesting a $5 dues increase. “What we pay is a good deal,” he said, noting that $5 is less than the cost of a hamburger at the Quail Inn. He also noted that development fees, a key source of income for the OVA over the years, will end once the 36 homes under construction at the Meadows are completed and the fees paid. “I don’t think $5 will kill anybody,” he added. See board on page 11

OVA: Update Your Club’s Info

<Jim Brewer

All Oakmont clubs and organizations are being asked to help update their information for the new OVA website. E-mails have gone out to more than 85 groups asking them to review and update their contact and other information. “With this latest addition to our electronic media, the residents of Oakmont ... will be kept current on important topics from administration news to village happenings,” said Kelly Moody, IT administrator for the OVA. Updated club information should be E-mailed to Moody is requesting a maximum of 150 words including name and brief club description, contact name with phone and E-mail address, meeting location and times, plus website and logo (in jpeg format) if applicable.  The updated club information will be included in an overhaul of the OVA website that will be completed early next year. The Oakmont Communications Committee is overseeing the massive project. PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID SANTA ROSA, CA PERMIT NO. 323

Tony Lukes, Zone Communicator Coordinator, Kyle Keel, SRJC student volunteer and Honora Clemens, Zone Communicator Scribe, collecting information from neighborhoods and relaying it to the emergency center, during the recent OEPC Earthquake Drill. For more information, see OEPC Earthquake Drill, page 9. (Photo by Suzanne Cassell)

Second-Generation Oakmonters

<Leanne Smith

When Patty Ouimette met Joan Ferrero at the Oakmont Farmers Market, she remembered her mom was in the same bridge group as Joan’s mom. Later, Ouimette wondered how many people are living in their parents’ old home or living here because their parents moved here first. Although a total number is not available, there seems to be quite a few secondgeneration Oakmonters, including newly-chosen OVA President John Felton. In 1986 Felton’s dad and his second wife moved into a newly-built home southwest of Stone Bridge Road. The house was passed down to the two sons and Felton worked out a deal with his brother to become sole owner. In 2001 Felton moved into his dad’s home with his late wife, Nobuko. “It’s a wellbuilt Gallagher house and, besides a new roof, has only needed minor repairs,” said Felton. Lynnette Bourne, an artist and Santa Rosa native, and her husband, Jerry, a baseball enthusiast who grew up in San Luis Obispo, were drawn to Oakmont by good home values, a beautiful setting and sense of community. The moved here in 2006 and now live in a home once owned by Lynnette’s parents. John and Lenore Reeve live in an Albuquerque, New Mexico, suburb, but one of the first homes built in Oakmont serves as their vacation home. “Mom and dad moved here when the house was finished in 1965, and dad ran a furniture store where McBride Realty is now located. Dad provided the carpeting and draperies for the model homes at (H.N.) Berger’s request,” said John, who inherited the home in 2006. He and Lenore recently celebrated their 50th wedding See second-generation on page 3

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