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The Oakmont News / June 15, 2014


9-Hole Thursday Women’s Club

nBarbara Bowman

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The May 15 fun started with 60 guys, gals and pals playing in a Shamble on the East front and back courses, and continued on to the Quail Inn with cocktails and lunch. After the delicious meal, Shamble winners were awarded prizes—and we’re talking cash here, folks! First flight (back): first, Bob and Ellie Baciocco, Connie Dominguez and Dennis Desousa; second, Joe and Josie DiBenedetto, and John and Henni Williston; third, Vern and Claire Bowen, and Ted and Kathy Mokricky. Second flight (front): first, Barbara and Jack Robinson, Cindy Carrell and Collette Johanson; second, Elisabeth LaPointe, Anita Tucker, Cathy Cunningham and Sal Cesario; third, Arlene Keenley, Claudine Hilliard, Peggy Lash and Tom Massip. The success of this event is due to the hard work of Luncheon Chairs Connie Dominguez and Audrey Larkin, and Tournament Chairs Gail Dalcielo and Barbara James. Thanks very much! Thanks, also, to the Men’s Niners and other men’s golf groups for supporting our event.


First flight: first, J. Rockwell; second, E. Foote; third, P. Lash. Second flight: first tie, E. Baciocco and J. Rietow; third, A. Tucker. Third flight: first tie, H. Williston; second tie, J. DiBenedetto and C. Cunningham. Fourth flight: first, N. Young; second tie, B. Bowman and J. Haggerty. Chip-in: #4—Barbara Robinson.


First flight: first, M. Mar; second, M. Bowers; third, L. Karjalainen. Second flight: first, A. Keenley; second, E. LaPointe; third, S. Thomason. Third flight: first J. Howell; second, J. DiBenedetto; third tie, B. Robinson, C. Rexford and H. Williston. Fourth flight: first, C. Bowen; second, D. Wallace; third, B. James. Fifth flight: first, B. Bowman; second tie, S. Dinwiddie and V. Boot; fourth, A. Engen. Chip-in: #8—Audrey Engen.


Luncheon co-chair Connie Dominguez welcomes Guys, Gals and Pals at the Quail Inn. Well done, Connie.


Wednesday Men’s Club

“And the winners are…” Luncheon co-chair Audrey Larkin awards Shamble prizes. Thanks, Audrey.

WRENS General Meeting was held April 24 after 9-holes of golf at Hidden Valley Lakes. Two clubs (Ukiah and Foxtail) are considering discontinuing WRENS membership after 2014 due to long drives and poor attendance. Five Oakmont WRENS had a fun Flower Power Invitational day at Buckingham Golf course. They are a very welcoming club and our ladies said the drive wasn’t too bad. Rumor has it that Valerie Boot won a new putter!

SAVE THE DATE: Wednesday, August 6

Our friends from Adam Springs Golf Club have invited us to a Western-themed golf and lunch.

Santa Rosa Dental Family Dentistry

“Check-in here,” say tournament co-chairs Gail Dalcielo and Barbara James. Good job ladies.

We had a great Mixer of both East and West Teams— good golf, good weather, good food and good fun!

May 21: Mixer with EAST and West Teams on the East

Four-man scramble: first, Charlie Huff, Don Streutker, Frank James and Charlie Avery, 57; second, Jim Scinto, Rick Yates, Gary Stone and Scott Ricci, 58; third, Bruce Hulick, Bill Smith, Bud Simi and (alt. shot ), 60; fourth tie, Danny Morgan, Dennis Cronin, Ed Pierson and Chuck Mendenhall, Nick Beltrano, Gary Novak, Tony D’Agosta and Mike LaForge, 61. Closest-to-the-pins (HDCP 0–19): #8—Mike Isola, 2’5”, Noel Schween, 4’11”; #11—Gary Novak, 5’8”, Nick Beltrano, 14’10”; #16—Bill Roberts, 11’8”, Greg Carpenter, 16’8”. Closest-to-the-pins (HDCP 20–Out): #8—Charlie Avery, 20’0”, Scott Ricci, 24’1”; #11—nobody on the green; #16—Gary Stone, 7’1”, Bill Smith, 8’9”.

May 28, East Course TWO-MAN BEST BALL

First, Dan Sienes/El DeLagnes, 54; second, Greg Carpenter/Vic Fryling, 55; third, Noel Schween/ Keith Wise, 56. Closest-to-the-pin (HCP 0–19): #8—Noel Schween, 1’11”. Closest-to-the-pins (HCP 20–Up): #8—Tony D’Agosta, 22’7”, Keith Wise, 26’5”; #16—Dan Sienes, 25’5”.

May 28, West Course Two-Man Better Ball

First flight (6.0–16.5): first, Peter Waller/Clyde Handford, 59; second, Bruce Hulick/Jim Kaiser, 60; third tie, Jim Scinto/Frank Giannini and Doug Ewer/ Mike Doyle, 61. Second flight (16.6–20.5): first, Bob Hartsock/John Greig, 59; second tie, Mike Isola/Jack Haggerty, Paul Corbitt/Frank James and Ed Pierson/Wayne Shomaker, 63. Third flight (22.0–Out): first, Jeff Thomson/Rodi Martinelli, 60; second, Bill Wellman/Larry Frediani, 62; third tie, Tom Wayne/Pete Eschelbach and Joe DiBenedetto/Blind draw, 63. Closest-to-the-pins (HDCP 0–19): #8—Shelly Brodsky, 7’8”, Wayne Shomaker, 8’8”; #13—Danny Morgan, 2’8”, Bob Giddings, 11’9”; #16—Phil Sapp, 4’6”, Bob Hartsock, 9’ 10”. Closest-to-the-pins (HDCP 20–Out): #8—John Greig, 15’3”, (no second); #13—John Greig, 21’3”, Bill Roberts, 24’4”; #16—Dennis DeSousa, 15’9”, John Greig, 16’8”.

Table Tennis

nTom Woodrum

LOCATION: Upper West Rec. Facility, 6470 Meadowridge Drive

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June 15th Edition  

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