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CC&R Violation Notices Rise; Board To Get Advice on Fines

July 1, 2014 • Volume 52, Number 13

Kiwanians Serve Breakfast

McBride Realty Picnic

Servers and early-morning diners line up at Oakmont Gardens for the annual Oakmont Kiwanis Club pancake breakfast on June 14. (Photo by Star Power) More photos online at

McBride picnickers, left to right, Marie Haverson, Caroline Bettencourt, Larry Souza and Ray Haverson. (Photo by John Williston) More photos online at

nAl Haggerty

In a sign of stepped-up efforts to spot violations of Oakmont’s CC&Rs, 55 residents have received letters regarding landscape violations and been told they must attend a hearing if the violation is not fixed. The Oakmont Village Association Board is studying a recommendation from an ad hoc committee for fines ranging from $100 for the first violation to $500 for the third violation. The committee has called for an “absolute zero tolerance policy,” and noted all other adult communities it surveyed have fine policies. Responding to the complications involved in adopting and enforcing a violations policy, OVA Manager Cassie Turner told a June 17 board meeting, “You have to start somewhere.” She said most violations are so obvious you’d have to be “blind, deaf and dumb” not to notice them. Herm Hermann, a former board member who served five years on the Architectural Committee, said that while he agrees with the need for a new policy, he is seriously concerned about implementation. “It’s the most difficult thing the AC is going to face, and it will require a lot of work and thought. Don’t rush into it,” he told the board. Director Bob Giddings said he couldn’t agree more and called the transition critical. Director Alan Scott said we need more time. The issue will be discussed at a July 1 board workshop at the East Recreation Center. A suggestion that the board take a straw vote to gauge the level of support for a fines policy before paying for legal advice had little support. A motion to obtain legal advice passed with five yes votes and two abstentions.


Frank Giannini, president of the Oakmont Golf Club (OGC), said the club has a new general manager, John Ash, who has 25 years of experience in golf course management and is interested in bringing the Oakmont courses to a new level. Speaking about changes to save water, he said OGC grounds personnel will mow and maintain native grasses that have been planted adjacent to homes bordering the golf course. Giannini said the golf club is looking into digging a new well to replace city water, which will not be available after this year. He said the estimated cost of sinking a 700-foot well and the necessary pump is from $120,000 to $125,000 with no guarantee of success. However, he said tests conducted for the city indicated that the aquifer is adequate at the proposed site of the well.

Upgrades for OVA Website and Oakmont News Online

nMarty Thompson

New features have been added to Oakmont’s website and online newspaper, and more enhancements are being planned as part of revamping the site for residents as well as people looking for a place to live. “We are not only trying to put up good content, but also are working to make the website easier to use,” said Dutch Lichliter, Chairman of the Communications Committee. The online presentation of the Oakmont News also received a major update, providing residents with full page views of the entire newspaper, including club news, event schedules, the Oakmont Golf Club pages, and print edition advertisements. The Oakmont News section of the site first lists stories new since the latest print edition. Below the updates, the front page of the current edition is the gateway to full contents of the newspaper. Clicking on that page takes a user to a larger view, and residents can use a mouse to navigate the page. Another click returns the view to its original size. Arrows allow a reader to move through the paper, page by page. Archives of past editions appear at the bottom of the website page.

County Approval Sought For Nearby Bottling Plant

nJim Brewer

Another big addition to the OVA home page allows users to view architecture information and download forms, saving a trip to the office to pick them up. The website’s Architecture tab now also makes architectural policies and Oakmont Village Association (OVA) architectural guidelines and standards a click away for residents’ convenience.

Steve Ledson has filed a revised plan to begin building his long-sought Cunningham Winery project, rekindling fears of clogged traffic on Highway 12 next to Oakmont. The initial phase of the project now calls for construction of two production barns housing bottling and crushing facilities on eight acres of Ledson’s former walnut orchard between Frey and Lawndale roads about a half-mile south of Pythian Road. The plan is scaled back about 25% from the one submitted to the county’s Permit and Resources Management Department two years ago. It eliminates Frey Road as the main entrance in favor of a new turn lane and driveway in the middle of the property.

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A crowd lines up for lunch on the McBride Realty parking lot at the annual McBride picnic on June 12. Construction at the Meadows housing site is in the background on a sunny day. (Photo by John Williston)


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