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OVA Moves on Two Fronts to Determine Berger Future nAl Haggerty

OVA’s Board of Directors has moved on two fronts to determine the future of Berger Center, including whether the present building can structurally withstand major renovations or if a new center is needed. “We need to know what we can and cannot do with Berger,” President Frank Batchelor said at the Jan. 19 board meeting. To answer this question, the board approved spending up to $12,500 for engineers to study the structural components of the Berger to determine what renovations are possible and how much life they would add to a 52-year-old building. Director Alan Scott said the city would demand such a study before approving any remodel. The board then approved Director Herm Hermann’s proposal to name a new committee to study whether a new Berger is needed, the space needs in the central activities area, and long-range capital expenditures. Convinced by several members that a new committee would need added skills and should be formed as soon as possible, the board approved motions to name a new committee with Hermann as chairman. The ad hoc committee was then disbanded with the expectation that some of its members would

be named to the new committee. The Berger Improvement Committee made its recommendations in December, with solutions ranging from modernizing and expanding the building to its replacement near the existing site. Cost estimates range from $2.6 million to $4.6 million. While considering five options, committee chair Bob Giddings said the committee concluded the minimum to meet the community’s future needs was to reconfigure the interior space and add more square footage. It presented two conceptual designs. Both would add a lobby with one design emphasizing greater storage and the other more meeting rooms.

nStaff Report

A public forum to meet the candidates for the OVA Board of Directors will be held Tuesday, Feb. 16 at 6 p.m. at the Berger Center. The annual Candidates’ Night also allows Oakmont members to ask questions of the people who are on the slate. Refreshments will be served afterwards, and Oakmont residents will have the opportunity to talk informally with the candidates. The Nominating Committee is presenting that slate of a least five candidates to the board today (Feb. 1) to run for three positions on the board. Ballots are mailed March 1 to members, and every household can cast votes for three candidates on the slate. Ballots may be returned to the OVA Office and at the Annual Meeting. The Oakmont News will print candidate biographies, photos, and the candidates’ answers to three general questions about serving on the board. They will appear in the Feb. 15 and March 1 editions. The Annual Meeting will be held Monday, April 4, and ballots will be counted the morning of April 5 prior to an organization meeting of the board.

Jewelry Stolen in New Year’s Burglary nJim Golway

She urged Oakmont women to “be part of our huge photo which will go to the American Heart Association. Our goal is to have more people in our photo than any other photo.”

Proposed Code of Conduct Dropped for Lack of Support nAl Haggerty

A proposed code of conduct for Oakmont residents was dropped for lack of support when board president Frank Batchelor, its main backer, withdrew his support. Batchelor, who called for the code following what he called an ugly incident at the Central Activities Center involving supporters and opponents of pickleball courts, told the OVA Board Jan. 19 that he was having second thoughts and believed the code “might be overreaching.” Batchelor had said earlier he was convinced of the need for a new policy when he examined the OVA governing documents following the CAC incident

OVA Candidates’ Night is February 16 nStaff Report

Women: Wear Red February 5 and Show Up for Photo Oakmont women are being challenged to join the American Heart Association’s “Go Red for Women” event on Friday, Feb. 5. All you need to do is wear red and show up for a photo shoot at the Berger Center at 2 p.m. that day—National Wear Red Day. “Let’s unite to prevent heart disease and stroke. Wear red to raise awareness and help save women’s lives,” said Marsha Zollkower, OVA’s activities and community relations director.

February 1, 2016 • Volume 54, Number 3

and found “I didn’t have any authority.” He noted, however, at the Jan. 19 meeting that the policy had very little support. The board did unanimously ratify an employee abuse policy to ensure that all OVA employees, contractors, staff, directors and committee members are treated with respect at all times by all OVA members, residents, guests and invitees. It was approved with the caveat that it may be revised to address some criticism that it should include reciprocity so that it addresses the behavior of employees and others toward residents. See proposal dropped on page 3 PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID SANTA ROSA, CA PERMIT NO. 323

Irreplaceable jewelry belonging to an Oakmont woman was stolen in a home burglary that occurred in the early evening of January 1. “Some of the jewelry was family heirlooms,” said Sammie Ellis who was out of town at the time of the robbery. “It breaks my heart but I am fortunate that more wasn’t taken.” Over the holiday Ellis’ granddaughter and her sixmonth-old infant were staying at the Oakmont Drive home. According to Ellis, her granddaughter had left to go to the store. When she and her child returned after 6:30 p.m. the burglary was in progress. “The man had jimmied the lock on my sliding glass door and somehow dislodged the rod at the foot of the door,” explained Ellis. The granddaughter parked in the driveway and entered the front door carrying shopping bags and a pizza. The house was dark but she immediately sensed that something was inside. “She told me she smelled a strong odor—something wild, like an animal. She thought a raccoon had gotten in.” The burglar fled through the sliding glass door rattling the window blinds. Hearing the sound, the woman rushed outside and came face-to-face with the thief. “He had come through the side gate and reached the front of the house about the same time my granddaughter did. So she got a real good look at him,” said Ellis. With her baby safe, the woman watched the man run down the sidewalk toward Wild Oak Drive. She immediately called police who swiftly responded. With guns drawn, officers entered the house and made sure it was secure before escorting them back inside. As a sheriff’s helicopter searched the polo grounds area, a See burglary on page 3


The Oakmont News / February 1, 2016

I, along with Team Devoto, appreciate all of Oakmont’s support over the past 31 years! Below are our closed escrows for 2015. We represented either the Buyer, Seller or both in the following transactions:

59 Aspen Meadows Circle Buyer & Seller

116 Oak Island Place Seller

187 White Oak Drive Seller

188 Mountain Vista Circle Seller

192 Oak Shadow Drive Buyer

207 Mountain Vista Lane Seller

255 Mockingbird Circle Buyer

259 Oak Shadow Drive Seller

349 Pythian Drive Seller & Buyer

349 Singing Brook Circle Seller

353 Singing Brook Circle Seller

401 Meadowgreen Drive Buyer & Seller

404 Oak Mesa Court Seller

435 Singing Woods Place Buyer & Seller

440 Deerfield Circle Seller

444 Meadowgreen Drive Seller

444 Twin Lakes Circle Seller

451 Meadowgreen Place Seller

6317 Meadowridge Drive Seller

6359 Meadowridge Drive Seller

6378 Stone Bridge Road Buyer

6751 Avenida Cala, Rohnert Park Seller

7017 Overlook Drive Buyer & Seller

7019 Fairfield Drive Seller

7301 Oakmont Drive Seller

7302 Oakmont Drive Seller

7309 Oakmont Drive Seller

7403 Oakmont Drive Seller

7409 Oakmont Drive Seller

7577 Oak Leaf Drive Seller

7707 Pythian Court Buyer

8822 Hood Mountain Circle Seller

8014 Hansen Court, Sebastopol Seller

8250 Oakmont Drive Buyer

8515 Oakmont Drive Seller

Sincerest Thanks —Team Devoto Nancy,Debbie & Vanessa 707-539-1530 CalBRE#’s 01893275, 0771931, 01976215

8901 Oak Trail Drive Buyer

The Professional Team That Delivers


The Oakmont News / February 1, 2016


Regular Oakmont Association Committee Meetings

League of Maintained Area Associations

nCarol Callahan

nOVA Administration


The listed Oakmont Village Association meetings are open sessions. Any interested Oakmont residents are invited and encouraged to participate in these important meetings. MEETINGS Architectural (No participation) / Oakmont Village Association (OVA) Board OVA Board Workshop

DATE TIME PLACE* 2nd Tues. Monthly 1:30 PM Ste. 6 3rd Tues. Monthly 1–3 PM Berger Center 1st Tues. Monthly 3–5 PM East Rec.

COMMITTEES Communications (CC) / Community Development (OCDC) / Finance (FC) / Landscape Improvement Committee (LIC) League of Maintained Area Associations (LOMAA) Regular Meetings Quarterly Meetings LOMAA Workshop Emergency Preparedness Committee (OEPC) OEPC Board OEPC Community Meeting

DATE TIME PLACE* 2nd Mon. Monthly 9–11 AM Rm. B 2nd Thurs. Monthly 11:30 AM–1:30 PM Rm. B 2nd Thurs. Monthly 2–3:30 PM Rm. B 1st Tues. Monthly 10 AM–12 Noon Rm. G 1st Mon. Monthly 1st Wed. (March, Sept., Dec.) 2nd Thurs. (June)

12 Noon 7 PM 9 AM

Rm. B West Rec. West Rec.

1st Thurs. Monthly 3rd Thurs. (Jan., May, Sept.)

2 PM 2 PM

Rm. B Berger Center

A quorum of OVA Board of Directors may be present at these meetings. *It is sometimes necessary to change meeting locations and/or dates and times. Please check the Rec. Center bulletin boards for written notice of change or call the OVA office prior to scheduled meetings for confirmation.

proposal dropped

Locations Room B is in the Central Activity Center, 310 White Oak Drive. Room D is in the Central (Berger) Auditorium, 6633 Oakmont Drive, right side of stage. Room G is in the Central (Berger) Auditorium, 6633 Oakmont Drive, lobby across from rest rooms.

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Another proposal dropped was the idea of OVA purchasing a speed radar trailer which posts the speed of passing vehicles. Director John Felton, who originally supported the idea, said he was “just going to back off and forget about it” in the wake of opposition from other board members. Director Herm Hermann said he doesn’t think OVA should try to control vehicle speed and Alan Scott said he doesn’t think OVA should get involved. They were backed by directors Bob Giddings and Elke Strunka. The board unanimously approved a $4,160-a-month landscaping contract with True North Landscaping. Rick Aubert, facilities maintenance manager, said the contract for landscaping all OVA grounds will save $23,000 a year from what is paid the present landscaper and will provide added services.


Manager Cassie Turner said negotiations were under way for expanded office space in the building OVA now occupies. She said that OVA would

Deborah Hunter, M.D. Medical Second Opinion Kenwood (707) 386-4200

expand into the space formerly occupied by Quest Diagnostics and a new entrance would be via the main lobby. She said this would add a 700 to 800 square-foot conference room for board meetings and residents use, space to sit down with new residents and familiarize them with Oakmont and its facilities and activities and a larger employee lunch room. Turner reported that an architectural and engineering study found that the now closed East Rec. Center balcony has outlived its useful life. The next step, she said, is to get a rough estimate of the replacement cost and then ask the Santa Rosa Building Department what is required to comply with the ADA. Sue Millar, chair of the Oakmont Community Development Committee, said developer Oakmont Senior Living had presented yet another vision for the Elnoka development just east of Oakmont. She said the latest plan envisions 778 units, which she described as “too many” and would cause “terrible traffic problems,” but that it is expected it will be revised.

The LOMAA Board is looking for help in taking notes at our monthly meetings. We’re looking for a volunteer who can join us on the first Monday of every month to take notes of the meeting and send them to our president for distribution to the other board members. We are a very informal group, so the notetaking should not be onerous. If anyone is interested, please contact Janet Dove at lomaaatoakmont@ At the January meeting, we began a discussion on the City of Santa Rosa’s new smoking ordinance that affects all multiple-unit housing, which went into effect on October 6, 2015. For Oakmont, this means duplexes, triplexes and four-plexes. LOMAA has invited a speaker from the city to speak about this at the March 22 quarterly meeting to be held in the West Rec. Center from 7–8:30 p.m. All HOAs need to be aware of the posted signage needed for compliance with this new ordinance. LOMAA’s Annual Survey of 2015 activity has been sent to all HOAs either in an E-mail or as a hard copy. We ask that HOAs complete the surveys and return them to us by the end of February. If you received an E-mail copy, but would prefer a hard copy, please contact Carol Callahan at 293-9381. Hope to see you at the February 1 meeting in the CAC, Room B at 12 noon.


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K-9 unit attempted to track the suspect described as a 45-50-year-old Latino, approximately 5-foot-8 and wearing a red, parka-type jacket. The following day police thought they had apprehended the suspect. Ellis said police took her granddaughter to the Village Market parking lot where they had a man in custody. “She knew right away it wasn’t him. That guy was way too young.” According to Ellis, police believe that since it was a holiday, early evening and no light was on, the burglar may have thought the house unoccupied. “The detective said it was likely a crime of opportunity,” Ellis said. “Well, I’ve lived in Oakmont for five years and know we’re a very trusting community. But you have to stay vigilant. I refuse to live in fear or become paranoid but I do plan to take precautions to be certain they don’t get another opportunity.”

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Chinese New Year Lion Dance on Tuesday, Feb 9 at 4pm. Everyone Welcome!


The Oakmont News / February 1, 2016


The Oakmont News / February 1, 2016

Tennis Club

nStephanie Wrightson


George Hasa and Doug Smith (Tennis Events CoDirectors), Cinda Gough (Social Director) and the OTC Board, are pleased to announce the 2016 club events schedule: March 11: Spring Membership Meeting April 9: Getting to Know You Tennis May 14: Round Robin Tennis June 11: Hatfields and McCoys Team Tennis and Picnic June 25: Wimbledon Woods and Whites Breakfast and Tennis August 6: Rio Olympics Team Tennis (AKA USA vs. the World) and Picnic August 19: OTC Potluck and Barbecue August 27: Women’s Doubles Tournament September 10: Men’s Doubles Tournament October 8: Mixed Doubles Tournament October 12: Fall Annual Meeting November 5: Veterans Day Army vs. Navy Team Tennis and Picnic November 12: OTC “Supper Club” and Awards Program

will include detailed information about the March 11 Spring Membership Meeting (4:30 p.m., East Rec.) which includes a business meeting and a no-cost food fair with flavors from the Italian, French and US Opens. And, we’ve heard talk of an April Fools Comedy Night on April 1 open to all residents. Stay tuned!


In the January 1 issue, a most important new OTC Board Member was inadvertently omitted: Jim Oswald, Vice President (no, you’re not done yet). Thanks for volunteering Jim!


Oakmont entered a team in the USTA mixed double league and promptly won their first match against La Cantera. Last year, Team Oakmont came in first place in this age 40 and over league! Bring your beverage and snack and cheer on the home team at the remaining home games (west courts).

And more…

Tennis events, meetings and most social events are open to dues-paying members only. Join OTC now! Event sign-up will be announced in the Oakmont News and on the OTC website. Plus, as the weather improves, we are looking forward to spontaneous tennis fun announced through E-mail or on the OTC website:


The OTC website and the next newspaper issue

Sherry Kohut and Jeff Clemence with Team Oakmont’s winning 2015 mixed doubles team.

Court fun: Fritz Spotleson, Eva McGinn, Jill Gossard and Rey Frimmersdorf.

Sat., Feb. 13, 2 p.m., vs. La Cantera Racquet Club Sat., Feb. 27, 2 p.m., vs. Petaluma Valley Athletic Club Sat., Mar. 12, 2 p.m., vs. Airport Athletic Club


February is Black History Month. Arthur Ashe is remembered as a great athlete who had many firsts. Arthur was the first African American to play on the US Davis Cup team and the first African American man to win at the US Open and Wimbledon (it was a woman, Althea Gibson, who was the first African American to win). Arthur had a remarkable tennis career in the 1960’s and 70’s, and was elected to the Tennis Hall of Fame in 1985. Arthur Ashe Stadium, the main court of the National Tennis Center (US Open), is named after him. He wrote a three-volume history of African American athletes, A Hard Road to Glory.

Helping Senior Buyers and Sellers


Deposit this coupon and a check for $20/person in the Tennis Club folder in the OVA Office. (Re)join by February 29 to be listed in the 2016 OTC Roster. Providing your E-mail implies permission to include your E-mail address in the printed roster. It is not shared elsewhere. Questions? Contact Membership Chairman Paula Lewis, Name(s): ______________________________________________________________________________________ E-mail address: _______________________________________ Phone number: ___________________________ Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________

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The Oakmont News / February 1, 2016


OVA Board Sessions Now Being Videotaped

nJackie McDonald

nStaff Report

On February 1 and 8, Cynthia Corn will bring The Good German by David Wiltse to Playreaders. The play is set in Nazi Germany where Dr. Karl Vogel is persuaded by his wife, Gretel, to take in Wilhelm Braun, a fugitive Jew whose family has been killed by the Nazis, even though Karl is a confirmed anti-Semite. His friend Siemi also has anti-Semitic feelings but doesn’t agree with the German government’s campaign to eliminate Jews and comes to like Braun. However, when Gretel is killed trying to rescue other victims, Dr. Vogel must decide whether to continue to protect Braun or turn him over to the Nazi regime. Readers are Bernie Cheriff, Cynthia Corn, Morgan Lambert and Jeffrey Sheff.

Video recording of OVA Board meetings is resuming with the January monthly meeting, held on Tuesday, Jan. 19. Taping was suspended last year after the death of the founder of Oakmont Videos, Dutch Lichliter, and when the former technician on the project moved from Oakmont. The OVA’s Communications Committee recommended ending the taping. Although the videos did not achieve a high viewership, residents unable to attend the meetings

Talk with Board Members: Fireside Chats Resuming nStaff Report

Fireside chats with OVA board members are coming back. The first will be Friday, Feb. 26, from 3–4:30 p.m. by the Berger Center fireplace, with Board President Frank Batchelor and Vice President Andie Altman. Batchelor said the fireside chats are “open and candid discussions, meant to dispel any misconception that board members are hiding something and not being transparent with OVA members, and, hopefully, help

nJim Knapp, Little Sir Readers of Alive and Kicking.


protested their suspension, saying they valued the ability to watch them online. The meeting recordings will be posted on the OVA website by the end of the week after each meeting. They will be made by Cat Cajarski, OVA’s staff communications and technology coordinator. In addition to the monthly meetings, special events, including board candidates’ night, also will be videotaped.

promote a more positive political climate in Oakmont.” Altman called the sessions as “an opportunity to engage in dialect with board members.” The chats will be held on the last Friday of each month. In an exception, a scheduling conflict will shift the session to the third Friday, May 20. The sessions were held during 2015, but were suspended late in the year.

SIR Branch #92

At our February 12 meeting of SIR Branch #92 in Oakmont we will have the pleasure of an exciting address by Steven Campbell, aka “The Brain Whisperer” as he describes the latest research on how the brain actually learns new material, and how we can better control it.

We meet on the second Tuesday of each month at the Berger Center in Oakmont, beginning with a social hour at about 11:15 a.m., followed by a delicious luncheon and historically an interesting speaker. For more information about Sons In Retirement, Branch #92, or our meetings, contact me at (415) 336-8844.

Certificate of Deposit Specials For Oakmont Residents Only

(707) 527-6216


The Oakmont News / February 1, 2016

Valley of the Moon Association nAnita and Ralph King

Dentist Moving to Stone Bridge Site nMarty Thompson

The long vacant former beauty salon building on Stone Bridge Road has a new owner: Dr. Tony Sanchez, who is moving his Oakmont Dental practice there from its former suite in a building off White Oak Drive. He expected to be in the new space Feb. 1. The 2,400 square foot building, between McBride Realty and the Oakmont fire station, is being remodeled to include four operatories, three for dental use and one for hygiene, an expansion from its former offices. Dr. Sanchez is adding equipment that will allow him to do dental implants and make crowns. “With a new 3D digital cone beam scanner image of a patient’s head, I can do an implant more precisely in under five minutes, without surgery,” Sanchez said. He is buying the property from the Berger Foundation. Interior walls are being retained, but all the old cabinetry was torn out and the rooms redecorated. Doors were widened and other changes made to make the building more accessible. Kenwood Hearing Centers is leasing a 200-squarefoot space, which expects to have a representative there one day a week. Sanchez bought the practice a year ago from Dr. Richard Davis, who retired. Sanchez and his wife, Care Recine, live in Skyhawk. His wife owns the Arthur Murray dance studio in Railroad Square. Sanchez, who has been in Santa Rosa for five years, worked with his wife to start her business while doing contract dental work in San Francisco, and then buying the Oakmont practice.

We wish to re-introduce Oakmonters to the Valley of the Moon Association (VOTMA) in Kenwood. VOTMA attempts to influence land and water use in the Sonoma Valley, particularly county approval of new wineries, tasting rooms and allowable events. As we are all aware, traffic has increased on Hwy. 12, and allowing more winery events will only exacerbate the situation. VOTMA is a small organization with limited funds, so that more participation by interested Oakmonters would be helpful. Large numbers of us voicing our concerns could influence decisions by county planners. VOTMA has quarterly meetings in Kenwood open to the public. Their website is , and you can ask them to place you on their E-mail list.

Big Turnout for Terrorism Talk

A talk by Oakmont resident Mark Randol, pictured at the right above, on “The Terrorism Threat During the Rise of the Islamic State” drew what’s believed to be a record turnout of 154 people for the Jan. 11 Sunday Symposium. Before retiring, Randol was the senior specialist in domestic intelligence and counter-terrorism at the Congressional Research Service in Washington, D.C. Earlier, he was director of counter-terrorism policy at the Department of Homeland Security. Pictured with Randol is Symposium board member Phil Wigen. (Photo by Julie Kiil)

nSusan Millar, Chair, OCF

The Oakmont Community Foundation is very gratified to see how generously Oakmont residents support our activities. So many people work very hard to bring to us programs such as Music at Oakmont, Osher Lifelong Learning, Oakmont Health Initiative, Oakmont Volunteers, Computer Learning Center and many other worthwhile lectures and activities. Your neighbors and friends are volunteering their time and talent so you can partake in continuing education here in Oakmont. Bob Chapman, our treasurer, detailed the number of grants that were given in 2015 in the January 1 edition of the Oakmont News. So here’s a question: What if you don’t have a favorite activity or club to donate money to? The answer is simple: make your donation to our General Fund. The OCF can direct non-designated funds to worthy groups in Oakmont who apply for grants for special projects. And there is one other use for nondesignated funds. The OCF is trying to add more money to our Endowment Fund. One day earnings from investments in the Endowment Fund could pay for our mailing and printing expenses, and even assure the continuance of what we consider a great opportunity for Oakmonters to support activities and get a tax deduction at the same time. April 15 is going to be here soon. If you did not make your donation to the OCF at the end of December it’s too late to get a deduction for 2015, but it is not too late to be thinking about donations for the 2016 tax year. While you’re thinking, consider our Endowment Fund.

Kenzie: The reviews are in “adorable! spirited! fun!” -Kenzie’s foster mom. “a star performance! her recovery from a fractured pelvis deserves a standing ovation!” –Kenzie’s veterinarian. “brava! an undeniably cute pom/ papallion mix!” –Kenzie’s fan club. I’m blush-

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SONOMA H U MANE SO C IET Y | 707-542-0882 serving Santa Rosa & Healdsburg


The Oakmont News / February 1, 2016

Golf News OGC

nChuck Wood


On January 6 the newly constituted Board of Directors met to elect the board’s officers and committee chairs for 2016. The officers are: Debbie Kiddoo, President; Chuck Wood, Vice President; Barbara Robinson, Secretary; and Russ Adamson, Treasurer. The Standing Committee Chairs are: Russ Adamson, Finance; John Weston, Golf; Pete Waller, House and Green; Barbara Robinson, Membership; Chuck Wood, Communications; Frank Giannini, Social; and Debbie Kiddoo, Long-Range Planning. Additionally, Chuck Wood is the OGC Board’s Liaison to the OVA/OGC Joint Task Force, and serves as its Chair.


The third annual Oakmont picnic and concert, held on the Oakmont Golf Club’s driving range facilities, is now scheduled: Sunday, May 22. Jointly presented by the Oakmont Village Association and the Oakmont Golf Club, this happening will build upon the great success of last year’s “Music on the Greens” event. Marsha Zolkower, the OVA’s event planning expert is already working with our Heather Peterson (nee Pelleriti) to create this sure-to-be-lots-of-fun gathering. Our new Director of Food & Beverage, Rich Treglia, is included in the planning. You’ll recall that the Quail Inn staff provided food and drink last year. This year we hope for less frigid late afternoon weather so that the hot food is indeed hot and that the attendees spent lots of money on our offerings. This picnic and concert event highlights the fact that our driving range and practice facilities really are assets of the greater Oakmont community. OGC members, non-member Oakmont residents and the general public can enjoy our high quality instruction and practice facilities. The “far end” of the driving range was greatly enhanced via a large bequeath from Don Butcher. It allows practice and instruction on natural grass and in a quiet, pretty setting. If only the serenity felt there could keep me company when I attempt a real-world golf shot on one of our two great courses—oh well. The hopeful news is that I have upcoming lessons with Jessica Quayle in her new East Clubhouse Golf Lab! Hope you all read Jim Golway’s excellent article in the January 15th Oakmont News about Jessica’s new instruction facility and technologies.


9-Hole Monday Men’s Club

nTony D’Agosta

nRick Warfel

At last the much needed rain has arrived. This is good but it will temporarily interfere with our golf. During the last few weeks (this was written on January 15) we were able to get in one Niner round on January 11 with the results shown below. When we are gathering for our rounds, say hi to our newest member, Larry Perkins. Welcome aboard Larry. Happy golfing!

Sweeps results for January 11 Two-Man Combined Net Scores 9 teams

First place: Keith Wise and Noel Schween with a net 62. Second place: Neil Huber and Don Morse with a net 63.5. Third place: John Munkacsy and Wayne Mickaelian with a net 66.



Wednesday Men’s Club

9-Hole Thursday Women’s Club

nRebecca Wellman, Captain

Over the course of these interesting off and on cold and rainy January days, the Lady Niners find ourselves not having at this point much to report sweeps-wise. However never fear as it won’t be long until those bright sunny days appear with our Golf Courses ready to welcome everyone back. Since there is little golfing news at this point, I thought I’d take this time to introduce the Oakmont Niner ladies who will stand alongside me in this 2016 season. My sister officers are, Joanne Finnerty filling the slot of Co-Captain, Tammy Siela will take on the job of Secretary and the very busy Barbara Robinson has graciously jumped in as this year’s Treasurer. I am so lucky to have such a terrific team. I would also like to take time and space to thank Barbara Bowman for her three solid years writing wonderful Oakmont News articles and producing photos when necessary. Thank you Barbara for all your hard work and dedication. It was and is deeply appreciated by all your Oakmont Lady Niner friends.

Star of the Valley Valentine Bingo

nPete Hardy

WHEN: Wednesday, February 17 TIME: 4 p.m. WHERE: 495 White Oak Dr. COST: Bingo cards $2 each; soup, corn bread, Italian bread, dessert $7 All are welcome. If you don’t play bingo, come for soup at approx. 5:15 p.m.

December 23, west INDIVIDUAL LOW NET

First flight (6–17): first, Sal Cesario, 70; second, John Cook, 72; third, Mike Isola, 73; fourth, Danny Morgan, 73. Second flight (18–23): first, Frank Zelko, 72; second, Wayne Shomaker, 73; third, Gary Novak, 74; fourth, Gil Moreno, 74. Third flight (24–32): first, Larry Frediani, 69; second, A. Frauenhofer, 71; third, John Garcia, 74; fourth, Ted Mokricky, 75. Closest-to-the-pins: #8—Gil Moreno, 4’8”, Bob Thompson, 6’2”; #13—Larry Frediani, 16’1”, Danny Morgan, 25’3”; #16—John Weston, 18’11”, Sal Cesario, 21’4”; hole #5—Bob Hartsock, 12’9”.


First flight (6–17): first, Mike Hull, 32; second, Bill Hainke, 33; third, Danny Morgan, 35; fourth, Bucky Peterson, 35. Second flight (18–23): first, Wayne Shomaker, 32; second, John Williston, 34; third, Danny Crobbe, 34; fourth, Alan McLintock, 34. Third flight (24–up): first, Pete Eschelbach, 31; second, Andy Frauenhofer, 34; third, Tommy Yturralde, 34; fourth, Ed Pierson, 34. Closest-to-the-pins: #8—Gil Moreno, 12’8”, Andy Frauenhofer, 19’1”; #13—Phil Sapp, 59’10”, Gil Moreno, 74’0”; #16—Bucky Peterson, 0’4”, Bill Hainke, 7’6”.


• We now have two flights for closest-to-the-pin (CTP), but only one place per hole. All CTPs pay $4. • If an OWMC member gets a hole-in-one during an official club event, the payout is $500; any other time, a hole-in-one pays $100 if there is an OWMC member witness. • If you qualify for the yellow tees, read the instructions in the club room and sign up on the sheet. • The Twilighter Crab Feed was a delicious success and raffle tickets included an annual driving range membership. • The OWMC plans to donate to local youth golf, ideas being contemplated include a direct donation of money or equipment, or a membership at Oakmont.


“To break 90, mentally remove every pin and instead concentrate on hitting greens. Take dead aim at the center of each green. Do this from every distance outside 50 yards.”—Jim McLean As a couple approaches the altar, the groom tells his wife-to-be, “Honey, I’ve got something to confess: I’m a golf nut, and every chance I get, I’ll be playing golf!” “Since we’re being honest,” replies the bride, “I have to tell you that I’m a hooker.” The groom replies, “That’s okay, honey. You just need to learn to keep your head down and your left arm straight!”


The Oakmont News / February 1, 2016

18 nKathy Faherty

18-Hole Tuesday & Thursday Women’s Club

I know we’re all happy to see the rain and it’s great for the golf course too! Sweeps were canceled due to the weather on January 5, 7, and 14. However, 19 intrepid (or stir-crazy!) ladies showed up on Tuesday, January 12. While there’s not much roll on the fairways, the greens are in good shape and running true. Linda Paul still managed to shoot an 87 and was the Low Gross Winner of the Field! Here are the results of the three flights: First flight: first, Linda Paul; second, Patty Buchholz; third tie, Joan Seliga and Mary Rossi. Second flight: first, Linda Kilpatrick; second, Linda Yates; third, MaryAnn Gibbs. Third flight: first, Carol Locke; second, Christy Rexford; third tie, Dawn Burns and Vanita Collins. Undaunted by the cold and rain, 11 of our 2015 North Bay Team Play members donned winter gear and accepted a challenge to play golf in the Himalayas! This event was hosted by Jerry Moreno and those attending were Linda Paul, Sallie Wood, Kathy Mokricky, Kris Peters, Marie Pierce, Kelly Downey, Penny Wright, Leslie Clark, K.C. Coté and Kathy Faherty. A good time was had by all as we celebrated the 2015 season and look forward to representing Oakmont in the North Bay Area in 2016.

How will K.C. handle this lie?

Marie, Kelly, Penny, Leslie and Sallie wonder how K.C. will do it.

Duplicate Bridge

Letter to the Editor

The column provides an avenue where residents can submit letters to express opinion, criticism or praise. Dear Editor Something has to be done about the neglect of driving regulations in Oakmont. The accident injuring two ladies who were in the sidewalk on January 21 has prompted me to write. One of the ladies is in critical condition after being bounced on a car hood and landing in the street island. Rumor has it the driver coming out of Oakmont Market was drunk and/or on medications. She was taken away in handcuffs! Here are some of the things my husband and I have experienced: • Drivers are not making complete stops at the stop signs. • Many drivers exceed the 25 MPH, driving more like 35–40. • Workers coming into Oakmont should be alerted by owners where they are working that speed limit of 25 MPH applies to trucks as well. • An acquaintance told me a story that might apply to just more than one: a gentlemen commented that his driver’s license was taken away, but it was OKAY because he would still drive in Oakmont. • Pedestrians should be alert to the cars around, looking both ways and back again before stepping off the curb or across drive-ways. • In other areas signs say Slow Down Children at Play 25 MPH. We should have signs saying Slow Down Elders Walking. Carol Smith Letters to the Editor Writer Guidelines Author must be an Oakmont resident or owner. Letter must include topic title, author’s signature and Oakmont address, email address and/or phone number (not published). Maximum length 250 words. Letters not previously printed elsewhere may be given publishing priority. Writers will be limited to one letter per 90 days. Letters may be subject to editing for length or clarity. Personal attacks and inflammatory comments will not be printed. Communications Committee retains its right of refusal to publish. Send letter to OVA Office at 6575 Oakmont Drive, Ste 7 or by email to

Visit us at Phone: 538-5115 License # 00560683

nBob Stinson

Come join us for duplicate bridge

The Duplicate Bridge Club plays twice a week in the Central Activities Center card room, Tuesday evening at 6:45 PM and Friday afternoon at 12:30 PM. Our Duplicate Bridge Club is a friendly, low-key group who enjoy a more challenging way of playing bridge. There is a small fee, currently $3, which pays for a professional club director who organizes and officiates the game. The fee also pays for our club membership with the American Contract Bridge League. We enjoy coaching newcomers to our ranks. Firsttime players may play for free, but you need to remind the recorder if you are a first-timer. What is Duplicate? In social bridge, a new hand is dealt every time and a player’s score often reflects quite a bit of luck. In duplicate bridge the hands are dealt only once, and then played by nearly everyone. Your overall score is based on how well you do, compared to everyone else who played those hands. Another significant difference is that bidding is silent and uses colored bid cards from a bid box. If you enjoy bridge and want a fun, friendly and competitive way to improve your skills, bring your partner and try us out. General information and partnerships: Marilyn Hillendahl, 833-1032.

Stephen Curley Roofing inc. Roofing Specialists Lic. #976993

Stephen Curley, Owner We are an Oakmont Preferred Contractor with an impeccable record 3210-C Coffey Lane, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

(707) 546-4778 (707) 486-7426 (cell)

Duplex in Rincon Valley 4453-4455 Yukon Drive, Santa Rosa

• $595,000 • Each unit has 3 bedrooms / 1.5 baths • MLS #21528630

Contact Agent K.G. Phillips

(707) 538-5115 or (707) 974-6244

Sallie, Jerry, Linda, and Kris share a laugh. Gil Moreno provided tech support.

From condos to country estates. Rental property management as well as sales.


The Oakmont News / February 1, 2016

Fitness Club nJohn Phillips

Exercises we should not be doing?

photo by Robert Couse-Baker

The issue of what exercises we should and should not be doing seems to be very circular, and even though many exercises have been on the list for years, even decades, we still see them being performed. The reason I bring this up is because the board received an E-mail from a member with an attachment of an article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal, “Why You Can Stop Doing Sit-Ups.” The idea that sit-ups can be hard on the Lumbar spine has been around for quite some time. That’s why the crunch was invented, and then because people would pull on their necks the crunch became not such a great exercise. The core exercises, which are exercises like palates and yoga have been around for decades, and keep coming back because they are, for the most part, good exercises for building a good and strong mid-section. The argument that I hear the most is, “I’ve done situps for years and I’m perfectly fine.” Great, let us take a look at a sit-up. Usually you either have your legs bent or straight, and you bring up your entire upper body into a sit-up position. So if you have your hands behind you neck you are more than likely pulling on your neck, then you bring your entire upper body weight up flexing the spine into an almost upright position supported solely by the lumbar spine. Sounds a little painful, and this may be okay when you’re younger but what happens as we grow older. Thanks to gravity our spine becomes compressed, there is less space between the vertebrae, the discs begin to break down and not as much fluid is maintained. That really does sound painful. Now, with that said, my philosophy on the sit-up is that if you started doing them when you were 12 or so and haven’t had any back issue, you have probably built your back up into a great strong fixture and probably won’t have any back issue. However, if you decide to start working out in your 50’s I don’t think a sit-up is one of the exercises you want to perform. It puts too much pressure on the low back. You should start by building your core muscles first by performing some bridging or planking and then maybe move into an easy crunch, making sure that you are not pulling on your neck as you raise your shoulders off the floor. If you have any questions on how to perform a plank or bridge or a basic crunch, please stop by the Fitness Center and I will be more than happy to show you, or maybe even show something that I didn’t even mention here that would be even more beneficial for you. You can also call me at 494-9086 or E-mail me at

Be sure to designate the

Sonoma Humane Society as your charity of choice.





Realtor®, Real Estate Broker Home Listing Specialist, Real Estate Investments, Promissory Notes Secured by Real Estate

707-849-8995 6570 Oakmont Dr., Ste.110, Santa Rosa, CA 95409 CalBRE #00669675 / NMLS #355855

Knowledgeable, Competent, Reliable Service

nLynn Seng, Instructor

Zumba Gold will be on recess from February 11 through March 18. So, February 2, 4, and 9 are your last chances, respectively, to try out my “exercise in disguise” (see Débutant and Avancé schedules below) before the recess. If you miss those, I will be teaching again as of March 22 and will be delighted to see you. Check it out—what do you have to lose? All classes are held in the dance studio, lower West Recreation Center. The first two classes are free— just bring your shoes, water and a smile. Classes are discounted at 10 weeks for $60, five weeks for $40, or $10 per week, with no expiration. Feel free to E-mail or call me with questions: or 707-800-7470. Hope to see you soon! Avancé, Tuesdays 8:30–9:45 a.m. and Thursdays 2:30–3:45 p.m.: For the experienced exercise dancer who has been taking the class, or has recently done similar dance exercise elsewhere, or has been doing aerobic exercise on a regular basis. Débutant, Thursdays 1–2:15 p.m.: For the beginner or the person who is returning to exercise after an injury or illness, or who wants to learn dance steps and routines more slowly, or who wants to carefully build up stamina, muscle strength, and balance, or all of the above!

Lap Swim Club nMelissa Bowers

Good to the Last Lap!

On a serious note: Usually this article’s subject strives to encourage and promote lap swimming as a workout, sport, and lifestyle, but not this time. Lately our pools have been invaded by outside users coming in the night, early morning. Due to this happening again, plus the possibility of a sudden medical situation, please memorize the police number 565-2121. Unlike 911, this number 565-2121 alerts the police your location. Therefore, quicker response time. Your safety comes first. Try getting details if can but again your safety comes first. Call 565-2121 and also call OVA cell phone whose number is located by the pool phones. Now did you memorize the number?

Flip Turn News

Back to basics: Now that you know the number 565-2121, let’s get back to your swim routine. Today is February 1. Only 34 more days to Daylight Savings and 50 to spring! Longer days mean longer swims. Body sculpting, healthy living, aqua meditation (yes, underwater silence is golden!), physical therapy— choose your reason and commit. Happy lapping!

Tai Chi for Beginners nDr. Katy Ha, Faculty Sonoma State University

Do join us for a chance to study Tai Chi and improve your balance. We meet at the Upper West Rec. on Thursdays for a five-class workshop from 9–10 a.m. (classes do not need to be consecutive in case you have other appointments). Tuition is $75 and pre-registration is required. Please call me at 318-5284. I will answer all your questions and encourage you to join this small, delightful group of Oakmont seniors. I am beginning my 29th year of teaching Tai Chi at Oakmont and Sonoma State University and my 45th year of practicing Tai Chi in California and China.

New Forrest Yoga Classes nCarol King, RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher)

WHEN: Thursdays 9–10 a.m. WHERE: West Rec. Center—Lower Level COST: $50 for six classes, first class is free with the purchase of a class series

Slow down so you can breathe, feel, strengthen, and heal

Explore yoga poses safely in a supportive and compassionate environment. I enjoy giving hands-on adjustments and can modify poses as needed. My classes integrate breath and core strengthening with a focus on alignment. Let your stress level decrease while you increase your energy level, strength, flexibility and focus. Perfect for new students, senior students and advanced students who need a more restful practice. People with injuries or conditions are encouraged to attend. Classes cover breath work (pranayama), postures (asana) and strengthening core work. Ease your back and relax your neck! Feel stronger on and off the mat. My classes are appropriate for all levels. Equipment: Bring your mat, water and any props you need—like blocks, straps and yoga blankets. A beach towel can be used in place of a yoga blanket so please bring one. I supply a limited amount of props to share. I am a certified Forrest yoga instructor. I am passionate about helping others feel better in their bodies. I also teach Chair classes and Stretch and Balance classes. Feel free to contact me at carolking1234@yahoo. com, 696-5464. Please see for more information about me, Forrest Yoga, local classes near Oakmont and Saturday workshops.

Late Afternoon Exercise Class nBetsy Smith

WHEN: Tuesdays—Aerobics, Thursdays—Balance and Strength. No class February 11. TIME: 4:30–5:30 p.m. WHERE: Class is held at West Rec. Center downstairs COST: $7 per class, four classes for $24 or eight classes for $48 INFO: Please bring water, mat, weights and balls if you have them. We have equipment to share, so come on by! INSTRUCTOR: Betsy Smith, 321-2105 (cell), bsmith@ Keep your fitness going in the new year! Join the classes for an all-around exercise routine. Tuesday is an aerobic class with a small session for balance and strength work at the end. Better balance and strength are the goals of the Thursday class. You can join at any time! Catchy music and meeting new friends are some of the features of both classes. The aerobic format uses moderate aerobic moves designed to get your heart rate up and work your body. Using equipment such as weights, bands, small and large balls and simple moves is what the Balance and Strength class offers. Any fitness level is welcome. You work from your base of aerobic and fitness strength. Bring yourself, water, mat, weights, and a ball if you have them. We do have equipment to share if you do not have any of your own so please come and exercise with us!

The Oakmont News / February 1, 2016

r Fitness e t a W

Oakmont Health Initiative nTeresa Woodrum

Free Fitness Classes

ymca healthy living Mondays, wednesdays and fridays free classes by JoRene 9–10 AM, Berger Center

It’s true! JoRene will lead classes three days a week. Being healthy means more than simply being physically active. It’s about maintaining a balanced spirit, mind and body. This Y class is a place where you can work toward that balance by challenging yourself, fostering connections with friends, and inviting loved ones closer. In this class, it’s not about your fitness level as much as it is about the benefits of living healthier on the inside as well as the outside. Equipment: Non-skid yoga mats, resistance bands (available in class), a towel that can be folded to serve as a knee cushion and cervical support, athletic shoes that are supportive but not too grippy, and water bottle—hydration revitalizes. Bring hand weights on Mon., Feb.1, Wed., Feb. 17 and Fri., Feb. 26. Thank you for your generous contributions to Oakmont Community foundation, supporting the health of our community through physical education. The fine print: Welcome to Free Fitness. For your safety, good balance and lateral movement are needed in these quick aerobic classes. A fall may cause serious injury. Please check with your doctor prior to beginning this or any exercise regimen. All free fitness classes are too large to accommodate those who need special supervision. If you have shoulder, back, knee problems, anything that is painful, it is advisable to join a smaller, wellsupervised class first, and consult a personal trainer

or medical professional to learn modifications that are suitable to your condition. Participants need to use their judgment and body awareness, altering each exercise to prevent injury. Be careful dear ones.

Game Night Thursday, March 31, 5 pm berger center

“Fabulous Feud!” All the fun and excitement of your favorite network game show. Compete for a few rounds; laugh, cheer and console. Professional MC. Exciting stage design and gaming consoles.

Fun Photoshop permissions from: (left side) Laurel, Glenna, Sherri, Fritzie, Connie, Bruce, Becky and Susan; (right side) Olivia, Mark, Heidi, Pete, Cathy, Tom, Lynn, Zlatica, Teresa, Susan and John.

Join the fun! Summerfield Cinema’s popcorn will be on each table. Please bring your favorite beverage. Paypal is easy on the OHI website: https://sites.

SIGN-up form

You may leave your check for $10, payable to Oakmont Health Initiative in the OHI folder in the OVA Office, or mail them to Oakmont Health Initiative, c/o Tom Woodrum, 12 Valley Green, Santa Rosa, Ca 95409. Name of attendees:______________________________________________________________________________ E-mail (to confirm receipt of payment) ____________________________________________________________ Proceeds will support the continuation of Free Fitness Classes; providing healthy opportunities for you and your community. We look forward to welcoming you. Thank you for your support!

nJanet Seaforth, Instructor


Qigong and Tai Chi exercises are often associated with the Yin Yang symbol of two fish, one dark one light always moving, ever changing, one becoming the other just as day turns into night. So it is with good health. We must keep our bodies moving. If we just sit like couch potatoes we are more likely to get sick. Our blood needs to circulate to bring nutrition from the air we breathe and the food we eat to feed every cell, tissue, organ and system of the body. If the heart can’t push the blood around we stagnate. Qigong is an ancient system of movement based on relaxation. When the body is relaxed the blood flows, the pathways of the body are open and necessary exchanges can happen. Nice deep breathing means more oxygen is getting to the cells, gentle movement provides stimulation to the digestive system so you can get more nutrients from you food and supplements and medications. Gentle stretches keep the body flexible and help prevent falls. Most qigong exercises are done from a standing position, this helps by providing the weight

bearing that the bones need to stay strong. It also means you don’t need any equipment, so no mat. You can do qigong inside or outside. It doesn’t take a lot of room. And you can wear whatever clothes you want. These days more doctors and hospitals are advocating Qigong and Tai Chi for improved health. We are pro active about our health. We are making better choices for our good health. Taking responsibility for our own body and giving our bodies the loving care that we deserve to promote the health we need to get all the other things in our life done! A healthy body is the center piece of a purposeful life. A healthy body includes a healthy mind, making good choices create a happier life. A useful life makes the whole world a better place for life itself. Be good to yourself and join us Friday 8:30 a.m. at the West Rec. Center for an hour of simple standing gentle movements. Cost is $40 month or $15 drop in. Join us Friday 8:30 a.m. at the West Rec. Center for an hour of simple standing and gentle movements. The cost is $40 month or $15 drop-in. I have over 35 years of experience. Call me at 894-7345. See the website at


nCathy Rapp

Give yourself a treat of heart health for Valentine’s Day. Exercise provides body and brain fitness— and water aerobics provides exercise in a low-to-no impact environment. The water aerobics classes are in full swing once again. The water is a toasty 86 degrees—so jump in! To add your name to the water aerobics E-mail list and receive news about classes, cancellations in case of rain or pool closures, contact Catmehy Rapp at 5379281 or

winter water aerobics schedule west pool

Equipment: Noodles and buoys are not provided, however, a limited selection of donated equipment is available to use and return. **Free Classes through SRJC: Monday: 10 a.m.—Instructor Mary Tuesday: 9 a.m.—Instructor Mary Wednesday: 10 a.m.—Instructor Mary Thursday: 9 a.m.—Instructor Mary **Note: the free SRJC classes run on the college calendar with breaks between sessions. Classes with a fee or free using a CD/boom box: Monday: 9 a.m.—Instructor Mary ($5) Wednesday: 9 a.m.—Instructor Mary ($5) Friday: 8:30 a.m.—Boom box (no fee) Friday: 9:45 a.m.—On winter hiatus



The Oakmont News / February 1, 2016

nSusan Lynn

Wii Bowling Oakmont Lanes nTerry Leuthner, President, and Carolyn Mack, Vice President

Oakmont Lanes Bowling Club is a Bowling League consisting of four-person teams that utilize Nintendo Wii to simulate the experience of bowling without the weight of a bowling ball. Any resident who has the ability of holding a small remote control in their hand while swinging their arm as if they were throwing a bowling ball will be able to join. Anyone interested in joining our club, either as a team bowler or substitute, please call Terry at 5389177 or Carolyn at 537-7347 or stop by the West Recreation Center on Tuesdays from 1:30–4:30 p.m. to see us in action. No bowling fourth Tuesdays. See for club information and Winter 2016 League Schedule. Dates for February: Feb. 2, 9 and 16. No bowling Feb. 23, fourth Tuesday.


Our Oakmont Lanes Sixth Annual Charity Bow-AThon Fund-Raiser will be held on Saturday, Feb. 20, at Austin Creek Elementary School, 1480 Snowy Egret Dr., Santa Rosa, to be split 50/50 for the benefit of Rincon Valley Union School District and the Oakmont Kiwanis. Save the date! The fee is $25 minimum per bowler/$100 for team of four, and includes one hour of bowling and a delicious lunch plus lots of raffle ticket opportunities for family outings, gift certificates to local restaurants, wine and more! One-hour sessions, five sessions from 10 a.m.–4 p.m. Donate $100 or more per bowler and be entered in a raffle to win either an iPad or a oneweek stay at the Five-Star Welk Resort in San Diego. Don’t have time to bowl, donations are welcome or just come by for a $10 delicious lunch. Register online at, www., or get mailing form from our website.

RESULTS AS OF Jan. 12 (second week of Winter League)


“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”—Charles M. Schulz It’s almost Mardi Gras time, and by now you know that this event sold out in just a few days! Almost 70% of attendees registered online, so if you were shut out, remember to visit our website (www. for our next big event, or you might miss that one, too. We’ll provide the Hurricane Punch (but bring your own rum if you want to kick it up a notch). There will also be traditional King Cakes and coffee. You provide appetizers, etc., to share with your table of eight, or have pizza delivered to the Berger Center (6633 Oakmont Drive) from Mary’s Pizza Shack, Union Hotel Restaurant, or Round Table Pizza. Please be sure to give your cell number so the delivery person can find you. Of course, there’s always takeout Chinese food from our own Mei-Don. Thank you in advance to our team of volunteers, who come early and/or stay late to decorate, set tables, or clean up. Help them out by clearing your table before you leave. Recycle empty bottles and clear all plates and cups before you leave. This lets everyone enjoy the evening and allows the volunteers to get home quickly, before the party glow dims. Check-in begins at 5:30 p.m., but please be checked in by 6 p.m. so that our welcome staff can get in on the fun. WHEN: Saturday, February 6, 5:30–10 p.m. (check-in starts at 5:30 p.m.) WHERE: Berger Center

Please print.

Coming up

In March we’ll celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on our regular social night, Thursday, March 17. We’re planning something special so watch this space for details. In the meanwhile, start polishing your shillelagh and begin thinking about something green to wear. Costumes, while not mandatory, are always encouraged. WHEN: Thursday, March 17 WHERE: Berger Center COST: Free (members only) Of course, if you don’t renew your membership, you’ll miss out on these and other fabulous events throughout the year. Now is the time to join/renew for 2016. Here’s how it’s done:


If we have your valid E-mail address, you should have received an E-mail notice about renewing your membership. Please contact us at info@oakmontboomers. org if you did not receive a notice to renew, or simply go to and renew online. If paying by check, just deposit your $10 check, payable to Oakmont Boomers, in the Boomers folder in the OVA Office. Please indicate “dues renewal” on your check. NOTE: You do not need a PayPal Account to use PayPal. On the screen that says, “Choose a way to pay,” select “Pay with a bank account, debit or credit card, or PayPal Credit.” Members without an E-mail address must renew by check. Please indicate “dues renewal” on your check and deposit it in the “dues” folder in the OVA Office. It is still only $10 per person per calendar year to be a part of Oakmont’s most dynamic club. Happy Valentine’s Day to all you lovers out there!


Name_________________________________________________________________________________________ Address_______________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone _____________________________ E-mail _________________________________________________ Dues paid ($10/yr/pp) __________ Please make check payable to Oakmont Boomers and place in the Boomers Dues folder at the OVA Office. You may also join/renew and pay online at Thank you.

1:30 PM League: first place, Strikers and Wild Turkeys; third place, Pocket Hits; fourth place, Alley Oops; fifth place, 4 Tops; sixth place, Wii Four. Men’s High Games: Don Shelhart, 266; Juan Fuentes, 214; Terry Leuthner, 214. Women’s High Games: Sandy Osheroff, 254; Mariel Green, 248; Peggy Ensley, 236; Sandy Wald, 235; Vicki Robinson, 223; Robin Schudel, 210; Kathryn Miller, 209; Sue Bowman, 204; Beverly Shelhart, 201. 3:15 PM League: first place , Strike Outs; second place, Strikes and Spares and Pin Heads; fourth place, High Rollers; fifth place, King Pins and Wii Power. Men’s High Games: Bruce Price, 248; Mark Attebery, 228. Women’s High Games: Jan Blackburn, 258; Betsy Smith, 255; Elisabeth LaPointe, 243; Debbie Miller, 236; Valerie Hulsey, 228; Diane Price, 220; Pat Stokes, 213; Carolyn Mack, 210; Nicole Reed, 205; Maurine Bennett, 203; Shirley Jamison, 203. High Game Subs: Sue Bowman, 235; Sandy Osheroff, 223; Terry Leuthner, 206.

Live more independently! Professional and courteous emergency assistance at the press of a button 24 hours a day! For an added layer of protection, choose Lifeline with AutoAlert©–the first help button that can automatically place a call for help if a fall is detected and the user is unable to press their button. • Local and personal service • Waterproof help buttons • No long-term contracts • FDA approved A service of the Petaluma Health Care District Serving 6 counties

• The leading personal medical response service since 1974

(707) 778-7883 or (800) 949-2434 WWW.LIFELINENORTHBAY.COM


The Oakmont News / February 1, 2016

nDavid Dearden

Oakmont Lifelong Learning Celebrates its 10th Year!

A brief history of Oakmont Lifelong Learning

A Reverse Mortgage can

Change Your Life! Interested but just not sure? Then Let THE EXPERT Help You by addressing your Questions & Concerns with a FREE One-on-One Consultation by phone or in person with NO Obligation. Ronald W. Seaman

NMLS #252168 CA BRE # 00473454 Reverse Mortgage Specialist—19 Years Sonoma County Mortgage Lender—40 Years

Originated and Closed Over 5,600 Mortgage Loans

Cypress Financial Mortgage & Investment 144 South E. Street # 205, Santa Rosa, CA 95404 Office: 707.544.6200 E-Mail: Web Site:

Licensed by the California Bureau of Real Estate #01220904 NMLS #309569

at universities and colleges across the U.S. In July of 2005, the OVA Long-Range Planning Committee appointed a subcommittee to bring lifelong Oakmont Lifelong Learning is our community’s learning to Oakmont with Carol Cotton as Chair. The higher education program, which includes our status as OLLI at SSU-Oakmont. Fall Preview on Nov. 2, 2006 In 2001, Sonoma State drew a full house in pouring University (SSU) became rain and the first session the second in the nation began on Jan. 17, 2007 with lifelong learning program 292 enrolled. During the last 10 years funded by the Bernard OLLI at SSU-Oakmont Osher Foundation. In has enrolled thousands recognition of the founding of Oakmont residents in donor, the program is 78 classes. The program’s called the Osher Lifelong success can be directly Learning Institute (OLLI). attributed to the hard work of In 2006, Oakmont became many dedicated volunteers a satellite program: OLLI and the exceptional at SSU-Oakmont. leadership of nine Oakmont Lifelong learning serves stars who served as Chair the interests of older adults during the following terms: by offering the joy of Oakmont Lifelong Learning volunteers and chairs gather in learning without exams or 2008. Standing from left: Kathy Sowers, Kathleen Connelly, 2005–2007, Carol Cotton; grades. OLLI at SSU and Troy Sowers, Gerry Carleton, Jackie MacDonald, Bob Wessel, 2008–2009, Anne Cobb and the first OLLI program Joan Schulman, Nancy Dill, Penny Gotzmer, Helen Herbert, Sally Risberg; 2010–2011, (also founded in 2001), at Carol Babcock, Joan Hodge, Caroline Keller, Janet Thompson, Troy and Kathy Sowers; the University of Southern and John Hodge. Seated from left: Anne Cobb, Carol Cotton, 2012–2013, Anne and Jay and Sally Risberg. (Photo by Kathy Sowers) Cobb; 2014–2015, Susi and Maine, were an immediate success. As a result, in 2002 the Osher Foundation Paul Heidenreich; 2016, Fradel Been. began a nationwide implementation of lifelong Oakmont Lifelong Learning looks forward to many learning programs, and there are now 119 OLLI sites more years of the joy of learning in our community.


A Tradition of Trust Florence McBride

For all of your real estate needs, call the experts at McBride Realty—serving the Oakmont community for over 30 years.

Marie McBride

Peter Schmidt

Fran Berger

India Williams

Larry Pearson

Ululani McBride

Eileen Heavey

Ron Albright

Charmaine Beltrami

Barbara Lynch

Alan Scott

Denise Scott

Vanessa Devoto

Nancy Devoto

Debbie Devoto

Karen Sites

Mary & Bill Carretta

707-538-2270 • 6520 Oakmont Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95409

CalBRE #01151843

February, 2016 SUN


This calendar does not reflect all events scheduled. Changes made on or after the 15th may not be reflected.






1 2 3 4 5 6 8:45 AM Yoga Holistic LW 9:00 AM Pickle Orient E Tennis Ct #4 9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 9:00 AM Free Fitness Class BC 9:00 AM AARP Tax Aid D 9:00 AM Visual Aids UW 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:00 AM Yoga Women’s LW 10:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:00 AM Great Decisions E 11:15 AM Line Dancing LW 12:00 PM Canasta CR 12:00 PM LOMAA Board B 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Bocce 2:00 PM Bridge Practice CR B 2:00 PM Push Your Potential LW 2:00 PM Playreaders B 3:00 PM Genealogy Club UW 3:00 PM Circulo Español Ste 6 3:00 PM OLLI BC 6:15 PM Line Dancing BC 7:00 PM Mon Night Contract Bridge CR


10:30 AM Community Church BC 10:30 AM Sunday Symposium E 12:00 PM Table Tennis UW 2:00 PM Movies at Oakmont BC


10:30 AM Community Church BC 10:30 AM Sunday Symposium E 12:00 PM Table Tennis UW 2:00 PM Movies at Oakmont BC 7:00 PM Movies at Oakmont BC


10:30 AM Community Church BC 10:30 AM Sunday Symposium E 12:00 PM Table Tennis UW 3:00 PM CA Redwood Chorale BC 7:00 PM Movies at Oakmont BC


10:30 AM Sunday Symposium E 10:30 AM Community Church BC 12:00 PM Table Tennis UW 2:00 PM Movies at Oakmont BC 7:00 PM Movies at Oakmont BC


8:45 AM Yoga Holistic LW 9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 9:00 AM Free Fitness Class BC 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Comm Committee B 9:00 AM Visual Aids UW 9:00 AM AARP Tax Aid D 10:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:00 AM Yoga Women’s LW 11:15 AM Line Dancing LW 12:00 PM Canasta CR 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 12:30 PM Instructed Oil Painting AR 1:00 PM Craft Guild E 1:00 PM Bocce 2:00 PM Bridge Practice CR B 2:00 PM Playreaders B 2:00 PM Push Your Potential LW 3:00 PM Circulo Español Ste 6 3:00 PM OLLI BC 4:30 PM Zentangle Art Class AR 6:15 PM Line Dancing BC 7:00 PM Bunco Ladies Night CR 7:00 PM Single Malt Scotch Club B


8:45 AM Yoga Holistic LW 9:00 AM Visual Aids UW 9:00 AM AARP Tax Aid D 9:00 AM Free Fitness Class BC 9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 9:00 AM Pickle Orientation E Tennis Ct #4 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:00 AM Yoga Women’s LW 10:00 AM Great Decisions E 10:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:30 AM Bridge to Nowhere CR B 11:15 AM Line Dancing LW 12:00 PM Fitness Club Board B 12:00 PM Canasta CR 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Bocce 1:00 PM Oakmont Art Critique AR 2:00 PM OVA Board EC 2:00 PM Bridge Practice CR B 2:00 PM Playreaders B 2:00 PM Push Your Potential LW 3:00 PM Circulo Español Ste 6 3:00 PM OLLI BC 6:15 PM Line Dancing BC 7:00 PM Mon Night Contract Bridge CR


8:45 AM Yoga Holistic LW 9:00 AM Free Fitness Class BC 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Visual Aids UW 9:00 AM AARP Tax Aid D 9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:00 AM Yoga Women’s LW 11:15 AM Line Dancing LW 12:00 PM Canasta CR 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 12:30 PM Instructed Oil Painting AR 1:00 PM Bocce 2:00 PM Push Your Potential LW 2:00 PM Playreaders B 2:00 PM Bridge Practice CR B 2:30 PM Genealogy Club UW 3:00 PM OLLI BC 3:00 PM Circulo Español Ste 6 4:30 PM Zentangle Art Class AR 6:15 PM Line Dancing BC 7:00 PM Bunco Ladies Night CR

7:15 AM Kiwanis E 9:00 AM Pinochle Daytime CR 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Forrest Yoga LW 9:00 AM Tai Chi for Beginners UW 9:30 AM Painter’s Open Studio AR 10:00 AM Domino Club CR B 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:15 AM Spanish Class Inter B 10:30 AM Men’s Bible Study Ste 6 11:30 AM A Course In Miracles UW 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 12:30 PM Chess CR 1:00 PM Bocce 1:00 PM Zumba Gold Intro LW 2:30 PM ZUMBA Gold Inter LW 3:00 PM Table Tennis UW 3:00 PM Oakmont Lanes G 3:00 PM OLLI E 4:30 PM Strength & Balance LW 6:00 PM VOM Wine Club E 7:00 PM Bridge Mixed CR

8:00 AM Oakmont Car Club CR B 8:30 AM ZUMBA Gold Inter LW 8:30 AM Pilates UW 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:30 AM Women of Faith Bible B 10:00 AM Tap Class Adv LW 10:00 AM Creative Writing Class D 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:00 AM Card Making AR 10:00 AM Landscape Imp Comm G 10:30 AM Renegade Readers CR 10:30 AM Table Tennis UW 10:30 AM Oakmont Music Lovers E 11:00 AM Drop-In Tennis WT 11:15 AM Tap Class Inter LW 12:30 PM Forrest Yoga LW 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Cribbage CR 1:00 PM Sleep Apnea G 1:00 PM Bocce 1:00 PM Chess Drop-In CR B 1:30 PM Oakmont Lanes UW 1:30 PM Needles & Hooks AR 2:00 PM Parliamo Italiano EC 3:00 PM Septuagenarian Group B 3:00 PM OVA Board Workshop E 3:30 PM Le Cercle Français G 4:00 PM Meditation AR 04:00 PM Short Story Book Club EC 4:30 PM Aerobics LW 6:45 PM Bridge Duplicate CR

9:00 AM Yoga Holistic LW 9:00 AM Free Fitness Class BC 9:00 AM AARP Tax Aid G 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:45 AM Petanque 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:00 AM Tai Chi Chuen UW 10:30 AM Yoga Men & Women’s LW 10:30 AM Blood Pressure D 12:00 PM Canasta CR 12:00 PM Table Tennis UW 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 12:30 PM Bridge CR B 1:00 PM Bocce 2:00 PM Push Your Potential LW 3:00 PM OLLI BC 3:00 PM Café Mortel B 4:30 PM CAL Alumni E 6:15 PM Line Dancing BC

8:00 AM Oakmont Car Club CR B 8:30 AM ZUMBA Gold Inter LW 8:30 AM Pilates UW 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:30 AM Women of Faith Bible B 10:00 AM Garden Club Board Ste 6 10:00 AM Tap Class Adv LW 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:00 AM Creative Writing Class D 10:30 AM Table Tennis UW 10:30 AM Renegade Readers CR 11:00 AM Drop-In Tennis WT 11:00 AM SIR 92 Luncheon BC 11:15 AM Tap Class Inter LW 12:30 PM Forrest Yoga LW 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Bocce 1:00 PM Chess Drop-In CR 1:00 PM Cribbage CR 1:30 PM Oakmont Lanes UW 1:30 PM Needles & Hooks AR 2:00 PM Parliamo Italiano EC 2:00 PM OLLI Committee B 3:30 PM Le Cercle Français G 4:00 PM Meditation AR 4:30 PM Aerobics LW 6:45 PM Bridge Duplicate CR

9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Yoga Holistic LW 9:00 AM AARP Tax Aid G 9:00 AM Free Fitness Class BC 9:45 AM Petanque 10:00 AM Card Making AR 10:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:00 AM Tai Chi Chuen UW 10:30 AM Caregiver Support Group B 10:30 AM Yoga Men & Women’s LW 10:30 AM Blood Pressure D 12:00 PM Table Tennis UW 12:00 PM Canasta CR 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 12:30 PM Bridge CR B 1:00 PM Bocce 1:00 PM Quilting Bee AR 2:00 PM Photography Club B 2:00 PM Push Your Potential LW 3:00 PM OLLI BC 3:00 PM Oakmont Lanes Ste 6 6:15 PM Line Dancing BC 7:00 PM Oakie Folkies UW 7:00 PM VOM Wine Club CR

8:00 AM Oakmont Car Club CR B 8:30 AM Pilates UW 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:30 AM Women of Faith Bible B 9:30 AM Garden Club BC 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:00 AM Tap Class Adv LW 10:00 AM Creative Writing Class D 10:30 AM Table Tennis UW 10:30 AM Volunteer Helpers+C4 Ste 6 10:30 AM Renegade Readers CR 11:00 AM Drop-In Tennis WT 11:15 AM Tap Class Inter LW 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 12:30 PM Forrest Yoga LW 1:00 PM Bocce 1:00 PM OVA BoD Monthly Mtg BC 1:00 PM Chess Drop-In CR B 1:00 PM Cribbage CR 1:30 PM Oakmont Lanes UW 1:30 PM Needles & Hooks AR 2:00 PM Parliamo Italiano EC 3:00 PM Septuagenarian Group B 3:30 PM Le Cercle Français G 4:00 PM Meditation AR 4:30 PM Aerobics LW 6:00 PM OVA Candidate’s Forum BC 6:45 PM Bridge Duplicate CR

9:00 AM Free Fitness Class BC 9:00 AM AARP Tax Aid G 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Yoga Holistic LW 9:45 AM Petanque 10:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:00 AM Tai Chi Chuen UW 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:30 AM Yoga Men & Women’s LW 10:30 AM Blood Pressure D 12:00 PM Canasta CR 12:00 PM Table Tennis UW 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 12:30 PM Bridge CR B 1:00 PM Bocce 2:00 PM Push Your Potential LW 3:00 PM Café Mortel B 3:00 PM Lawn Bowling Board Ste 6 3:00 PM OLLI BC 6:15 PM Line Dancing BC 7:00 PM Oakmont Book Group B 7:00 PM VOM Wine Club CR

7:15 AM Kiwanis E 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Forrest Yoga LW 9:00 AM Pinochle Daytime CR 9:00 AM Tai Chi for Beginners UW 9:30 AM Painter’s Open Studio AR 10:00 AM Domino Club CR B 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:15 AM Spanish Class Inter B 10:30 AM Men’s Bible Study Ste 6 11:30 AM A Course In Miracles UW 12:30 PM Chess CR 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Bocce 3:00 PM Oakmont Lanes G 3:00 PM Table Tennis UW 3:00 PM OLLI E 4:30 PM Strength & Balance LW 7:00 PM Documentary Films E 7:00 PM Boomers BC 7:00 PM Bridge Mixed CR

8:00 AM Oakmont Car Club CR B 8:30 AM Pilates UW 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:30 AM Women of Faith Bible B 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:00 AM Tap Class Adv LW 10:00 AM Creative Writing Class D 10:30 AM Table Tennis UW 10:30 AM Renegade Readers CR 11:00 AM Drop-In Tennis WT 11:15 AM Tap Class Inter LW 12:30 PM Forrest Yoga LW 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Cribbage CR 1:00 PM Bocce 1:00 PM Woodgreen #1 HOA B 1:00 PM Chess Drop In CR B 1:30 PM Needles & Hooks AR 2:00 PM Parliamo Italiano EC 2:00 PM iPad Sig D 3:30 PM Le Cercle Français G 4:00 PM Meditation AR 4:00 PM Grandparents Club Ste 6 4:30 PM Aerobics LW 6:45 PM Bridge Duplicate CR

9:00 AM AARP Tax Aid G 9:00 AM Yoga Holistic LW 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Free Fitness Class BC 9:45 AM Petanque 10:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:00 AM Tai Chi Chuen UW 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:30 AM Blood Pressure D 10:30 AM Caregiver Support Group B 10:30 AM Yoga Men & Women’s LW 11:00 AM SIR 53 E 12:00 PM Canasta CR 12:00 PM Table Tennis UW 12:30 PM Bridge CR B 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Quilting Bee AR 1:00 PM Bocce 2:00 PM Push Your Potential LW 3:00 PM OLLI BC 6:15 PM Line Dancing BC 7:00 PM VOM Wine Club CR 7:00 PM Oakie Folkies UW









7:15 AM Kiwanis E 9:00 AM Tai Chi for Beginners UW 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Pinochle Daytime CR 9:00 AM Forrest Yoga LW 9:30 AM Painter’s Open Studio AR 10:00 AM Domino Club CR B 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:15 AM Spanish Class Inter B 10:30 AM Men’s Bible Study Ste 6 11:30 AM A Course In Miracles UW 11:30 AM OCDC B 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 12:30 PM Chess CR 1:00 PM Bocce 1:00 PM Oakmont Boomers Bd Ste 6 1:30 PM Music at Oakmont BC 2:00 PM Finance Committee B 3:00 PM OLLI E 3:00 PM Table Tennis UW+E10 4:30 PM Strength & Balance LW 6:30 PM Pinochle CR 6:30 PM Rainbow Women E


7:15 AM Kiwanis E 9:00 AM Tai Chi for Beginners UW 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Forrest Yoga LW 9:00 AM Pinochle Daytime CR 9:30 AM Painter’s Open Studio AR 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:00 AM Domino Club CR B 10:15 AM Spanish Class Inter B 10:30 AM Men’s Bible Study Ste 6 11:30 AM A Course In Miracles UW 12:30 PM Chess CR 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Craft Guild AR 1:00 PM Bocce 3:00 PM Table Tennis UW 3:00 PM OLLI E 4:30 PM Strength & Balance LW 6:30 PM Pinochle CR 6:30 PM Church Choir Practice D 7:00 PM Rainbow Women B

8:30 AM Water Fitness West Pool 8:30 AM Qigong LW 9:00 AM Yoga Holistic UW 9:00 AM Free Fitness Class BC 9:30 AM Bridge Class CR 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:00 AM Ikebana AR 10:00 AM Yoga Women’s LW 10:15 AM Ladies Friend Bible Ste 6 11:30 AM Tap Practice Inter LW 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 12:30 PM Bridge Duplicate CR 1:00 PM Bocce 1:00 PM Current Events E 2:00 PM Push Your Potential LW 2:00 PM Wear Red Day BC 3:00 PM Table Tennis UW


8:30 AM Water Fitness West Pool 8:30 AM Art Association Board G 8:30 AM Qigong LW 9:00 AM Yoga Holistic UW 9:30 AM Bridge Class CR 10:00 AM Yoga Women’s LW 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:00 AM Art Association BC 10:15 AM Ladies Friend Bible Ste 6 11:30 AM Tap Practice Inter LW 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 12:30 PM Bridge Duplicate CR 1:00 PM Current Events E 1:00 PM Bocce 2:00 PM Push Your Potential LW 3:00 PM Table Tennis UW 6:30 PM Single Boomers E


8:30 AM Water Fitness West Pool 8:30 AM Qigong LW 9:00 AM Yoga Holistic UW 9:00 AM Free Fitness Class BC 9:30 AM Bridge Class CR 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:00 AM Yoga Women’s LW 10:15 AM Ladies Friend Bible Ste 6 11:30 AM Tap Practice Inter LW 12:30 PM Bridge Duplicate CR 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Bocce 1:00 PM Current Events E 2:00 PM Push Your Potential LW 3:00 PM Table Tennis UW


8:30 AM Qigong LW 8:30 AM Water Fitness West Pool 9:00 AM Yoga Holistic UW 9:00 AM Free Fitness Class BC 9:30 AM Bridge Class CR 10:00 AM Yoga Women’s LW 10:00 AM Ikebana AR 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:15 AM Ladies Friend Bible Ste 6 11:30 AM Tap Practice Inter LW 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 12:30 PM Bridge Duplicate CR 1:00 PM Bocce 1:00 PM Current Events E 2:00 PM Push Your Potential LW 3:00 PM Table Tennis UW 3:00 PM OVA Board Fireside Chats FS 7:00 PM Comedy Dan St. Paul BC


8:45 AM Yoga Holistic LW 9:00 AM AARP Tax Aid D 9:00 AM Free Fitness Class BC 9:00 AM Visual Aids UW 9:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 9:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:00 AM Yoga Women’s LW 10:00 AM Water Fitness West Pool 10:00 AM Great Decisions E 11:15 AM Line Dancing LW 12:00 PM Canasta CR 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM Bocce 2:00 PM Bridge Practice CR B 2:00 PM Push Your Potential LW 2:00 PM Playreaders B 3:00 PM Circulo Español Ste 6 6:15 PM Line Dancing BC

Monthly Event Calendars are also available online at

AR Art Room (new building complex) E East Recreation Center B Meeting Room (new building complex) EC East Conference Room BC Berger Center G Berger Center (old library) BCFS Berger Center Fireside Room LW Lower West Recreation Center CR Card Room (new building complex) Ste 6 In OVA Administration Building D Adjacent to stage in Berger Center UW Upper West Recreation Center

7:30 AM Pilates UW 9:00 AM Drop-In Tennis WT 9:00 AM Oakmont Educators Club E 9:00 AM Pilates UW 9:30 AM Tap Practice Adv LW 9:30 AM Bridge CR 9:45 AM Petanque 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:30 AM Meditation B 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM American Mah Jongg CR 1:00 PM Bocce 5:00 PM Meadowstone HOA UW 5:00 PM Boomers BC


7:30 AM Pilates UW 9:00 AM Pilates UW 9:00 AM Drop-In Tennis WT 9:30 AM Bridge CR 9:30 AM Tap Practice Adv LW 9:45 AM Petanque 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:30 AM Meditation B 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM American Mah Jongg CR 1:00 PM Bocce 4:30 PM Dance Club BC


7:30 AM Pilates UW 9:00 AM Drop-In Tennis WT 9:00 AM Pilates UW 9:30 AM Bridge CR 9:30 AM Tap Practice Adv LW 9:45 AM Petanque 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:30 AM Meditation B 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM American Mah Jongg CR 1:00 PM Bocce 1:00 PM Parkinson’s Support Group B 1:30 PM OakMUG UW 7:00 PM Rainbow Women Concert BC


7:30 AM Pilates UW 9:00 AM Drop-In Tennis WT 9:00 AM Pilates UW 9:30 AM Tap Practice Adv LW 9:30 AM Bridge CR 9:45 AM Petanque 10:00 AM Pickle Open Play E Tennis Ct #4 10:30 AM Meditation B 12:30 PM Lawn Bowling 1:00 PM American Mah Jongg CR 1:00 PM Bocce


The Oakmont News / February 1, 2016

Lawn Bowling nGreg Goodwin

Experts agree that leg exercises are a vital part of senior fitness. Strengthening the lower body is one of the most effective methods to reduce disease and improve your quality of life. Following are three exercises that will help you get in shape for the 2016 Lawn Bowling season. Hip marching, knee extensions and lunges. Remember to check with your doctor before starting these exercises and stop by the Fitness Center to learn proper technique. Lawn Bowling awaits!


Yesterday, I was a lead and Linda was my counterpart. I didn’t bowl very well and our team lost the triples match. Linda noticed that I was very quiet and since being new to Oakmont invited me to meet with her friends for coffee the next morning. I told her, “well, maybe” and “thanks.” Bev, Linda and Lissa arrived at VJB for coffee at 9:30 a.m. They were meeting to discuss creating a fundraising calendar featuring women of the Oakmont Lawn Bowling Club. I walked in the cafe just as they were sitting down. Linda saw me and said, “Hi, come join us.” The ladies were very nice and wanted to get to know me. Soon it was the usual chit chat, “How long have you been in Oakmont?” “Where are you from?” “What job did you have?” and then “How long have you been married?” With that said, my eyes started to fill up with tears. Bev quickly noticed and said, “Are you alright?” I blurted out, “Nowah is always lawn bowling and comes home late.” I then whispered, “I think he’s seeing someone.” To be continued...


Writing on behalf of our club, Martha McKee penned a letter of friendship and gratitude along with thank-you “goodies” sent to the Sir Francis Drake Lawn Bowling Club, Plymouth Hoe, U.K. The letter recapped our 50th Anniversary 2015 season and included an open invitation to our overseas friends

to join us for international competition if/when they visit Northern California. Perhaps we’ll see them on our green.


I recently asked lawn bowlers what they have been doing since the rains have halted play. Some comments were, “Gone to the movies, playing cards/reading books and working out at the fitness room.” The more adventurous said, “Sky diving, rock climbing, surfing with the sharks at Tomales Bay, bungee jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge and attending heavy metal rock concerts.” What have you been up to?

Greg, Martha, Mike “Hands Across the Sea.”

SNAP ON DENTURES The revolutionary way to attach your dentures — using dental implants — that requires no messy pastes or adhesives. Dentures snap out, they snap in, they stay put. Dr. Paul Yeager has been placing dental implants and attaching them to dentures for over 15 yrs.

Please call to schedule a consultation


Ask about our senior discount.

Marie McBride


Private Line 6520 Oakmont Drive

CalBRE #01169355

If you are thinking of selling this Spring, now is the time to start planning. Please call me for a complimentary market analysis of your home’s value.


The Oakmont News / February 1, 2016

Cal Alumni Club of Oakmont nBill Anderson

Saddle Club February Monthly Dinner

The club’s February monthly dinner at the Saddle Club is on Thursday, February 18, beginning with cocktail hour at 5 p.m. The dinner, starting at 6 p.m., features Roasted Herb Chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy, seasonal vegetables with a green salad and brownie sundae. The cost is $29.50 for Saddle Club members and $32 for non-members. The dinner price includes cocktails before dinner, tax and gratuity. Reservations must be made in advance and are due by Monday, February 15. To make your reservation call Ed Low at 538-7785. The Saddle Club is located at 550 White Oak Drive. These dinners are scheduled for the third Thursday of each month except April, September and October. Come join us for dinner, conversation and conviviality. To keep current on the club’s activities check out our website at

nLaurie Hartmann

Who we are

We are a Christian fellowship assisting and supporting mature adults living out their spiritual faith, being made whole by the Word of God in loving community. You are warmly invited to Sunday Service at 10:30 a.m. in the Berger Center, 6633 Oakmont Drive. The great privilege of the Christian life is to participate in the soul’s development. The sermon series “Soulcraft” is an examination of that thing we call discipleship.

February 7

Dan Melligan will be opening up Corinthians 2:6– 16. Michael Sakir will be at the piano.

February 14

Dick Meyer will be speaking from 2 Corinthians 2:7–17. Lucas Sherman will be at the piano.

nRosemary Waller


On February 11 at 1:30 p.m. in Berger Center, Music at Oakmont is delighted to present Joel Fan in a most appealing program of 19th and 20th century classics. His recital will feature a creative mix of works by the Argentinian Alberto Ginastera, the Hungarian Franz Liszt, and two Chinese composers, Peixun Chen and Jianzhong Wang. Program notes for the Liszt Piano Sonata in B Minor follow. Notes for the complete program, including Ginastera’s Piano Sonata No. 1, Chen’s Autumn Moon Over the Still Lake, and Wang’s Liuyang River, can be found on our website www. Franz Liszt: Piano Sonata in B Minor, S.178: The great Canadian pianist Angela Hewitt, in liner notes for her recording of this piece, states that “the B Minor Sonata is quite simply one of the greatest works ever written for solo piano by any composer. I am as moved performing it as I am when playing Bach’s Goldberg Variations …” The sonata, however, was controversial when first performed by Liszt in 1853, and underappreciated as is much “new” music today. Brahms reportedly fell asleep and the eminent contemporary critic Edward Hanslick declared, “Anyone who has heard it and finds it beautiful is beyond help.” Wagner, on the other hand, expressed

Oakmont Cat Care Cooperative

nMary Ellen King, OCCC List Coordinator

Shared care for kitty when you’re away

Cat Care Coop members share care and feeding for kitty when traveling or during other times of need. All arrangements for care are made directly between members. We have members all over Oakmont so it’s easy to fine help near when you need it. Keep our list growing—join today! It’s free! It’s easy! It works! Please contact me for information and listing at 849-1581.

Free Tax Prep Services nAl Thomas, Local Coordinator of the AARP Program

Drop-In Chess nRichard Duncan

The Drop-In Chess players meet on Tuesday afternoons between 1–4:30 p.m. in the Card Room at the Central Activity Center, 310 White Oak Drive. Beginners are welcome and there are no fees or cost—just your time as you see fit. Bring a board and chess set if you have one. The atmosphere is casual and players of varying proficiency, both men and women, take part in these games. If you have not played chess in a while, are new to our Oakmont community, or are just curious and would like to know more about the “Game of Kings,” drop in and check us out. If you have any questions or would like to know more, feel free to contact us at richardgduncan@ or at 225-0661.

Once again the AARP Tax-Aide Program will provide free tax assistance at the Berger Center for seniors and other taxpayers to prepare their 2015 Federal and State income tax returns. Sessions will begin Monday, February 1 and end on Wednesday, April 13. Each session begins at 9 a.m. AARP Volunteer Tax Counselors, certified by the IRS, will be available in Room D on Mondays and Room G on Wednesdays. Tax payers may stop in on any one of the scheduled days to sign up in advance for a time slot. Time slots will be 9–11 a.m., 11 a.m.– 12:30 p.m. and 12:30–3 p.m. The sites must close no later than 2 p.m. Taxpayers should bring their 2014 tax returns along with their 2015 W-2s, Social Security SSA 1099s and all other 1099s, as well as detail of estimated tax payments made during 2015 and any other documents necessary to prepare their returns. If you have any questions about the program, please call the OVA Office at 539-1611. This service is provided for Oakmont residents and their invited guests.

immediate enthusiasm. By the start of the 20th century the work had become recognized as “arguably one of the greatest keyboard works of the 19th century” (words of Liszt biographer Alan Walker). At the age of 35, six years before composing the sonata, the Hungarian-born Liszt had abruptly given up a spectacular career as concert pianist (he was considered the greatest Beethoven interpreter of the 19th century). He was no doubt exhausted by a grueling schedule that, without air travel, included more concerts over a wider area than many soloists can manage today. In Weimar, Germany he was offered the unusual title “Kapellmeister extraordinaire” which allowed him to conduct and compose, as well as teach masterclasses that drew pupils from all over Europe as well as the US and Canada. But Weimar was provincial and conservative, and Liszt was regarded suspiciously, the more so as he lived openly with a married woman, Princess Carolyne zu Sayn-Wittgenstein. This offense was punishable by imprisonment, but the couple benefitted from the blind eye of Liszt’s Weimar court connections. The B Minor Sonata is an unusual composition, consisting of just one movement. Though there are no pauses, and the complete work is actually written in traditional sonata form, there are also four discernible movements within this framework, each one in sonata form as well. It is thus an early example of “doublefunction form,” in which two classical constructs occur simultaneously, one enclosed by the other. WHAT: Music at Oakmont WHEN: Thursday, Feb. 11, 1:30 p.m. WHERE: Berger Center ADMISSION: $15 at the door or your season pass


The Oakmont News / February 1, 2016

Pinochle nSue Rowlands

Thursday Evening Pinochle

Join us at the Activities Center in the card room on the second, fourth and fifth Thursdays of each month. Arrive by 6:15 .m. We draw for partners just before 6:30 p.m. and play starts promptly after that. We change partners after each game of four hands. Need to brush up? Come at 6 p.m. for practice play. Singles and couples are welcome. There are no membership dues. Cost for the evening is $1 and money is awarded to the top scores for the evening.

Looking for daytime pinochle?

We also meet every Thursday morning at 9 a.m. in the Activities Center card room. This is a wonderful way to learn pinochle or brush up on your game, as well as for experienced players. Arrive shortly before 9 a.m. We draw for partners, so singles or couples are welcome. Cost is 25¢ per game, paid to the winners. For information or questions call Chuck or me at 537-7498.

nLinda Webster


Give yourself a gift in 2016: sign up for beginning basics of the ukulele and learn to play this great instrument! The Oakmont Ukesters Club is pleased to announce an introductory, hands-on tutorial for individuals brand new to playing the ukulele. A series of five sessions is being planned to introduce you to the beginning basics of playing the ukulele. The goal of this series is to introduce individuals to skills needed to begin playing this unique instrument. Topics will include getting to know your instrument (what are all those parts called?), beginning chords (no, you do not need to know how to read music!), strumming

Current Events Discussion Group nTina Lewis

The Current Events Group consists of lively discussions of current events, from local to international. Informed comments are voiced from across the political spectrum, from liberals to conservatives. Some prefer to just listen and learn, others offer to moderate. Whatever your comfort level, you will be welcomed when you join us. The discussions are moderated by volunteers within the group, and microphones are passed around to enable everyone to hear. A $1 donation is requested.


February 5: Harriet Palk February 12: Malcolm Rodman Join us on Fridays, 1–2:30 p.m. at the East Rec. and bring ideas of what you’d like us to discuss. For more information call 539-5546 or send an E-mail to

Make a difference in your community Train as a Patient Care Volunteer Support Hospice by the Bay’s terminally-ill patients and their families

Apply by February 5 30-hour training starts February 17 Complete our online Volunteer Inquiry Form or call the Volunteer Coordinator

(707) 935.7504

Ukesters Club patterns, and tuning your ukulele. Songs using the beginning chords will be introduced so that by the time the series ends, you will be playing your ukulele! From then, you can start attending the regular meetings of the Oakmont Ukesters Club (Tuesdays, 10:30 a.m.–noon, Oakmont Gardens) to practice what you have learned! What do you need? You will need a ukulele, tuner, and if possible, a music stand. These will be explained when you call to register for the series. Are there prerequisites? No! Just a willingness to prove to yourself that if others can play, so can you! Remember, you do not have to read music in order to play the ukulele. You learn chords (e.g., C, G, A, D) and play them when you see them in songs. When, where and how? The location and time of the five meetings is to be determined but applications are being accepted now. Please call me at 978-2790 as soon as you can so that the tutorial can begin! Costs? You will be asked to contribute a minimal fee ($3) to cover the cost of printed handouts.

An Evening of Dining and Dancing Sponsored by the Dance Club nDonna Kaiser


Romance is in the air, so take your darling’s hand and celebrate Valentine’s Day at our Sweetheart Dance. You will be infatuated by Oakmont Village Market’s romantic dinner, and your heart will be dancing to the music of Showcase The Band. Singles and couples, boomers or not, are all welcome. DATE: Saturday, February 13 PLACE: Berger Center TIME: 5:30–6:30 p.m. Hors d’oeuvres, (BYOB) setups provided; 6:30 p.m. dinner by Oakmont Village Market; 7–10 p.m. dancing. COST: $45 for members, $50 for non-members Appetizers: Fig and Olive Tapenade, Caprese Bites, Mini Quiche Lorraine, Little Shrimp Cocktails, Baked Brie in puff pastry with raspberry jam. Baby Spinach Salad with Gorgonzola cheese, candied walnuts, dried cranberries, red onion and a special balsamic dressing/ Entrée #1: Chicken Piccata with capers, artichoke hearts or Entrée #2: Surf and Turf, BBQ Tri-Tip & Prawns in a butter garlic sauce. Vegetarian entrée is available upon request. Creamy mashed potatoes, broccoli florets, assorted breads and butter, coffee/hot tea, and chocolate surprise!


All reservations must be received no later than 3 p.m. on the Friday, before the week of the dance. Make your check payable to the Oakmont Dance Club and place it, along with the completed form, in the Dance Club folder in the OVA Office, or mail with enough time to: Oakmont Dance Club, c/o Norm and Doris Pelton, 320 Singing Brook Circle, Santa Rosa, CA 95409, phone: 538-3574.


Membership dues for 2016, $10 each or $20 per couple, are payable now and may be included with your reservation or dropped in the Dance Club folder in the OVA Office. Dues are for the calendar year, January through December.


• All reservations must be paid for at the time they are submitted. • If you want to reserve a table for eight, please submit the amount due and forms for the entire table in one envelope, along with the name of a contact person. • If you want to sit with a specific group of fewer than eight, please designate a table name, but first coordinate with others at that table to be certain there is room for you. • If you don’t designate a specific table, we will randomly assign you to one.

Valentine’s Dance Reservation Saturday, February 13

Reservation must be received by 3 p.m., Friday, February 5

Name:__________________________________________________________ Phone:________________________ E-mail:___________________________________________________________________ Dance Club Dues for 2015: $10 each or $20 per couple. Dance Club Member Dinner: $45. Non-Dance Club Member Dinners: $50. How many of Entrée #1 _____ How many of Entrée #2 ______ How many of Vegetarian_____ Dues for 2015__________ Check enclosed for $ __________ Table name request: ____________________________________________________________________________ Entrée choices may not be changed after they are submitted. This especially includes a change of entrée during the event.


The Oakmont News / February 1, 2016

Saturday Morning Meditation After five years of leading the Saturday Morning Meditation Group, Sheila Madden’s last Saturday meditation at Oakmont was on January 23. Sheila is moving from Oakmont Gardens to be closer to her daughter. We wish her peace and happiness in her new surroundings. The Saturday Mediation Group will continue with rotating meditation leaders who are also long-term meditators. These meditation leaders will follow

the same format as Sheila, namely they will bring up a salient topic (loosely Buddhist in orientation) and give a brief talk prior to the usual 40 minutes of meditation. We believe that Saturday Morning Meditation for Oakmonters, ongoing since 2005, will be able to weather the change and continue to flourish. For more information please contact: Barbara Kanowick, 539-2733, E-mail:

Ladies’ Friendship Bible Study

Women’s Meditation with Poetry and Music nSheikha Halima JoAnn Haymaker

The Women’s Meditation Circle will meet on Wednesday, February 3, at 11 a.m. at my home, 147 White Oak Drive. Open to all women. Come and join us for music, poetry by Rumi and others, meditation, and Sufi wisdom. No fee. It is helpful if you can let me know if you are coming by calling 537-1275 or E-mail jhay@pacbell. net. There will be a place for you in the circle of peace. International Association of Sufism:

nNancy Crosby


Whether a novice to Bible study or a seasoned veteran, join our welcoming and friendly group to explore the third member of the Trinity. This Stonecroft study has six lessons, but we progress at our own speed, taking time for sharing and discussion. Since September we’ve covered four of the six lessons, so there’s still plenty of time to join us for

this study. Come and learn what peace there can be in your life when it’s led by the Holy Spirit. Please call me for more information or just jump in anytime! DATE: Fridays TIME: 10:15–11:50 a.m. PLACE: 6575 Oakmont Drive, Suite 6 (room is directly across the hall from the OVA office) LEADER/CONTACT: Nancy Crosby, 480-0566

Oakmont PC Users Group

E-mail address: Questions for Experts: BobMandel@ (Bob Mandelstam) Free PC help: Phil Kenny, 538-2075; Dan Gaffney, (916) 878-9538 and Al Medeiros, 843-4447.

Oakmont Computer Learning Center (OCLC) winter Session january • february • march

Register for a class today. Just call 538-1485.

nBette Shutt


The question of security and what are the best passwords is always relevant! Do you want to know how to keep your personal files as safe as possible from guests, grandchildren and anyone visiting who might want to use your Mac? Who best to keep us informed—Ronnie Roche! Remember there is always time for your questions. Plan to come early at 1:30 p.m. for coffee/tea, refreshments and fellowship. The meeting begins at 2 p.m. followed by the program in the West Recreation Center. We look forward to seeing you. Website:


Dues are $10 per household. Three ways to join: at any meeting; a check made payable to OakMUG and sent to Justine Haugen, Treasurer, 8926 Acorn Lane, Santa Rosa, CA 95409; or you may put your check into our file in the OVA Office. Members receive a discount on the entire catalog of O’Reilly and Peachpit books.


If you need technical assistance with your Mac or accessories, call Ronnie Roche, 573-9649 and Stephen Henry, 542-4668, Certified Apple Consultants. General questions please call me at 539-1598 or E-mail


WHEN: Tuesday, February 23 WHERE: Berger Center, Room D TIME: 2 p.m.


The Oakmont News / February 1, 2016

Buddhist Meeting nPennijean Savage

February 27: What does Buddhism say about astrology, tarot cards, numerology, psychics, mediums and such?

“Buddhism in essence teaches that all people equally have a far greater power within themselves to establish lives of absolute happiness. Nichiren Buddhism teaches that true happiness and fulfillment are achieved through our own inner transformation and our efforts to help others.”—Living Buddhims, February 2016, p. 8. You are cordially invited to join us on Saturday, February 27 and learn more about the benefits of this Buddhist practice and life philosophy. WHEN: Saturday, February 27 2:30–4 p.m. WHERE: 20 Glengreen. Look for SGI sign at entrance of Glengreen Street. Monthly SGI Nichiren Buddhist discussion meetings of chanting, study and dialogue are open to all Oakmonters and are free of charge. Call Judy at 548-0225 or Pj at 843-7266 for directions or more information. The meetings are held on the last Saturday of each month, except for holidays. See for additional information on Nichiren Buddhism.

Let’s Dance Together! nTerry Whitten

Are you interested in learning the basic steps of social partner dancing? Imagine being able to dance the basic steps and moves in Social Foxtrot, Waltz, Cha Cha, Rumba, Tango, Swing, Nightclub 2-Step, Salsa and other dances. As an avid dancer and Oakmont resident, I would like to teach partner dance classes that would meet twice monthly on either a Saturday or possibly Monday or Wednesday afternoon. The particular dance would change each month. The time frame would likely be after 2:30 p.m. and before 4 p.m. A nominal fee would be charged depending on the length of the class. There could also be a possibility of having practice sessions and a periodic dance party. Aside from being fun and a great way to get exercise, a number of studies have shown that dancing on a regular basis may reduce the possibility of cognitive decline and may actually increase mental acuity. Many of you have seen me doing partner, freestyle and line dancing at a lot of our Oakmont dances. I started Ballroom, Latin and Swing dancing about 25 years ago and competed as an amateur with professional dance partners for about seven years. Most recently, I have been teaching both partner and line dancing at The Ballroom dance studio in Rohnert Park. I also was a co-organizer and performer in the 2015 Dance Showcase here in Oakmont that was a benefit for the Oakmont Health Initiative. If you have a partner, that’s great. However, I do know we are short on male leaders here in Oakmont. I’d like to invite any ladies who are interested to come and learn how to lead some basic steps. Once you learn, you will never be without someone to dance with here in Oakmont. Leading can be as much fun as following! If you are interested and/or want more information, please E-mail me at or call me at 539-6265 (home) or (415) 265-7590 (cell.) Please let me know if a Saturday or weekday afternoon is preferable and whether there are particular dances you would like to learn. Once we see the interest level, we can set up the time and place. I hope to see you on the dance floor!

Photography Club nRay and Marie Haverson

ReCap of 2015 Events

We have had a very active past year here at the ShaBoom Events Club. Let us take a look back at 2015. 1. January: It all started with our New Year’s After New Year’s Party featuring crab and tri tip dinner with all the fixings. Our music was by Charlie Baker and Company. A ball was had by all. 2. March: Pasta dinner/dance featuring fantastic Italian food by The Pasta King himself. Music was by Honey B and the Pollinators. The music and dancing was non-stop and you could feel Jazz and Blues mood atmosphere throughout the Berger Center. 3. May: Cinco De Meyo Celebration. We had a serve-yourself taco stand, tamales, enchiladas, beans, salsa, chips and more. We gave out well over 100 prizes (this is the only event with prizes). We all left with the feeling of Fiesta in our hearts. Music was provided by The Billy Mac Band. A great time was had by all. 4. July 4: Western Ho-Down Bar B Q Featuring chicken, tri-tip, BBQ veggies, salad, garlic bread and dessert. Music was by The Great Dry Creek Band. We had a lot of Boot Scooting gone on. Yee Haw! 5. October: We had our Free Member Appreciation Dance featuring The Hot Rod Band. Everyone danced all night long. The dance floor was never empty. The food was great as it was a bring-yourown-food event. 6. December: We had the Rat Pack show featuring Sammy Davis, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Joey Bishop and Marilyn Monroe. What a great job they did—all the old favorites and some Christmas songs too. All the impersonators did a fantastic job especially the Joey Bishop Impersonator—he was so funny. We all left feeling a little nostalgic and a lot in the Christmas spirit and ready for the holiday season. Happy New Year! Now we will start another year and Marie and I are working on our new parties for 2016. We’ll keep you posted. Thanks for a great 2015!

nBob Crosby

The Photography Club will have a special guest speaker at its next meeting on Wednesday, February 10 at 2 p.m. in Room B at the Central Activities Center. Note that this is a different location than usual, and will be our new venue from now on. Although Kent Porter was originally scheduled to speak to the club last November, he had to cancel due to illness and we rescheduled for our February meeting. If you read the Press Democrat you’ve seen Kent Porter’s photos many times capturing Sonoma County’s beautiful scenery, vivid vineyards, dramatic stormy weather and memorable photos of the Lake County Valley fire. He has been called the Press Democrat’s “master of disaster” photography since he has photographed floods, mudslides, earthquakes and innumerable fires. He has been a professional photographer for 28 years and has been published in many magazines including Time, Newsweek, Life, US News & World Report as well as over 200 newspapers and websites all over the world. Mark your calendars for Wednesday, February 10 for an interesting presentation by one of the best photographers in our area. If you are not a Photo Club member, you are welcome to come to your first meeting as a guest. Otherwise, dues are $10 per year per family and will be collected at this meeting. Our members range from beginners to advanced photographers and our meetings and field trips are enjoyable and instructive whatever one’s photography background. For more information contact me at 539-4507 or

Women of Faith Bible Study nGayle Miller

STUDY David: Seeking a Heart Like His by Beth Moore

Presentation on large-screen TV with titles for hearing impaired. Class has workbooks. This is your personal invitation to join with us in Bible study. These presentations are not to be missed! Beth’s presentation of the Bible just brings it to life and her engaging style of speaking keeps you interested and enthralled to the very last word! This is a weekly, non-denominational study. Our class is small and informal—a very comfortable setting to meet new people and gain new knowledge of the Bible. You may start at any time. Beth Moore is a Christian speaker and Bible Study author. She enjoys getting to serve women of every age and denomination and she is passionate about women knowing and loving the Word of God. David: Seeking a Heart Like His by Beth Moore is a compelling women’s Bible study of David. In this examination of the “man after God’s own heart,” David will delight and disappoint you. If you’ve ever experienced doubt, temptation, loss, family problems, or personal knowledge of the Bible. You may start at any time. Please call me for additional information. DATE: Tuesday TIME: 9:30–11:30 a.m. PLACE: Meeting Room B, Central Activity Center CONTACT: Gayle Miller, 537-9309


The Oakmont News / February 1, 2016

Pickleball Corner nTom Kendrick

Greetings from sunny and warm Palm Springs— land of old retirees who want to play golf, tennis, bocce ball, pickleball, swim, hike, party and loaf. Sound familiar? We’re hangin’ at Outdoor Resorts, a deluxe RV park with two golf courses, 12 tennis courts, four pickleball courts, six pools, six spas—you get the idea. I’m renaming this place Oakmont South! Our plan is to enjoy the warm sun while it rains like hell at home until we return next month. So far it seems to be working. I’ve been talking it up with local residents here— they pay $328 in monthly dues. Desert Princess, down the road, is over $500 and Palm Desert Country Club is $400. And where we live? Beautiful northern California, land of premiere wines, spectacular beaches, world-class entertainment (not to mention about 1% of the vehicular traffic than SoCal). What do we pay? $63 a month—are you kidding? And people complain? Don’t get me started.

Profile: Martin and Brenda Johns

Martin and Brenda (both 60-something) have been in Oakmont for nearly one year after living in Ohio for over 30 years. Brenda is originally from Michigan and was a special-education teacher. Martin grew up in England (hence his funny way of talking). He was an engineer for Goodyear and General Motors. They have one daughter in San Francisco and one in England.

Martin and Brenda Johns.

The two of them are active in the hiking club, car club, Boomers, local concerts, symposiums, and hope to get serious about golf this year (I approve!). Their main athletic outlet though is pickleball, which for them has replaced volleyball. And boy, are they avid! Rarely does a day go by when the two of them are not out there participating in our joyful noise. (Did I say noise? I meant to say … spirited sound!). In their own words: “We really appreciate the ease with which people of different levels of athleticism can enjoy pickleball, and particularly the friendly welcoming group who play here, which is typical of what we have found in Oakmont in general.” So there you have it, Brenda and Martin Johns— both happy, energetic people who are quick with a smile, a laugh, and a game of pickleball! WHO: All Oakmont residents welcome. WHERE: East Rec. Tennis Court #4 WHEN: Winter hours, 10 a.m.–4 p.m. WHY: Come join the fun, exercise and meet nice people. Want a personal orientation session? Call PJ, 843-7266 or Tom, 888-6334. ATTIRE: Proper court attire requested. Please wear approved court shoes with non-marking soles. We have loaner paddles available. WEBSITE: https://oakmontpickleball.shutterfly. com NEW PLAYER CONTACT: PJ Savage, 843-7266; E-mail:

Oakmont Rainbow Women: A Big Start to 2016 nKathy Cirksena and Jeanne DeJoseph

ORW’s Community Benefit Fund-raising

A large turnout for our first meeting of 2016 (61 women) came to choose one of several local nonprofits to benefit from ORW’s fund-raising this year. Thanks to everyone’s attentive engagement with presentations and voting, “10,000 Degrees” ( is our designated non-profit. Targeting disadvantaged young people with directed scholarship funds, including for LGBT students, it also supports students from the seventh grade on to prepare for and succeed in college. Based on members’ voting, “10,000 Degrees” receives 80% of fund-raising proceeds and will present at our May 14 fund-raising concert; 10% will go to each of the other two organizations, Positive Images ( and Senior Advocacy Services ( Thanks to our members for your great big hearts and especially study group members Carroll, Carole and Joyce who made it possible.

Music, Music, Music

The 2016 fund-raising effort will begin with a very special concert on May 14 featuring Holly Near and Barbara Higbie. Details of additional fund-raising activities are forthcoming, but be sure to bring your checkbook and your friends on May 14. And it turns out that we have a musical event in each of the first three months of 2016 too. Cris Williamson returns on Saturday, February 20 to serenade us in a concert entitled “Love Songs”—Cris requested this specifically since she enjoyed performing for us so much last Fall. Yet another special event will occur at the March ORW meeting. Why? It’s St. Patrick’s Day and Oakmont Rainbow Productions SIG presents a free concert by HoneyBee, an eclectic duo who play a variety of instruments and sing Celtic, folk, rock, jazz, and blues music. The Benton twins, Deby and Pamela, will perform on the third Thursday, March 17, at 7 p.m. in the West Rec. Center. Note the date and place change for this concert. In January we sold out the Berger Center for Kathryn Lounsbery—a dazzling and humorous display of talent. Now, tickets for upcoming concerts are selling fast! Tickets for Cris’s Love Songs performance ($25), as well as the Holly Near and Barbara Higbie concert ($25), are available at ORW meetings or by leaving a check for the appropriate amount in the ORW folder in the OVA Office.

Caring for Each Other

ORW’s February meeting will address another prominent concern from the survey: how can we take care of each other when needs arise? A second study group will report out their findings and lead a discussion on February 11 at 7 p.m. in the East Rec. If you ever think you might need some help in the future (and who won’t?), come and explore together how we can mutually build the community that will be there for us. Don’t forget that 2016 dues, for the modest sum of $10, are now payable to Sue Lebow either in cash or a check made out to ORW. With a song in our hearts, a new year awaits.


East Recreation Center, 7902 Oakmont Dr. Sunday, 10:30 a.m.–12 noon $3 donation

nJim Brewer

February 7: Robin Gates Dancing with the Dark: Befriending the Shadow

Why don’t I do what I want to do, but I do what I hate instead? Individuation is a term Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung used to refer to the lifelong process of becoming the complete human beings we were meant to be. It is awakening to our total selves, which includes the conscious personality being in communication with the unconscious. Becoming conscious of the shadow involves recognizing the rejected aspects of one’s personality and bringing them to consciousness. In this presentation, Robin Gates, well-known Bay Area educator, writer and retreat leader, will discuss Jung’s map of the psyche and the role of the personal and collective shadow in the individuation process.

February 14: Elaine Stanley The Power of StoryTelling

Bay Area professional story teller Elaine Stanley will talk about the oral tradition, why stories are important, and how they make up our daily lives. She will bring her enthusiasm and energy, which come from a pure pleasure and love of sharing stories and poems, to create a connection between audience and teller through stories from around the world and across the ages.

Rovers RV Club nJulie Cade Bon

“Wagons, Ho!” Is it possible that in this era of selfdriving cars and Teslas wagon trains still exist? Well, in a way, yes! The Oakmont Rovers RV Club members, in their modern-day versions of covered wagons (aka trailers, campers, and motor homes), head off each year to beautiful locations for a few days of camping camaraderie. If you have a recreational vehicle and want to meet and camp with some really fun people, this is the group for you. We have so much fun that some members, who’ve given up their rigs, still travel with us, staying in nearby motels or cabins, just so they can socialize with Rovers over dinners, drinks, sight-seeing, walks, card or board games! Does this give you an idea about the good times this group has? Yearly dues are only $10. You are welcome to join us for an outing before you sign up. The club usually plans 4–6 camping outings plus 4 social events in Oakmont each year. Contact Jim Ritter for more information and sign up: 537-8215 or E-mail Our website is roversclub/home. Here’s our list of planned trips for 2016. We hope you can join us! Feb. 22–26: Death Valley, Furnace Creek RV Park Mar 29–Apr. 1: Amador County 49er RV Park in Plymouth May 16–19: Fort Bragg RV Aug. 22–27: Santa Barbara RV October–November: Tentative, Rancho Sedona RV Park, Sedona, AZ


The Oakmont News / February 1, 2016

Oakmont Garden Club

Bocce Club

nPeggy Dombeck

St. Francis Flooring Inc. Free In-Home Flooring Design Consultation Within Sonoma County • Excellent Customer Service • Competitive Pricing • In-House Licensed Installers • All Work Done In a Timely Manner • Check Out Flooring Samples From Our Large Showroom • Serving Sonoma County For Over 30 Years

Cheryl & Kerry Brown, Owners & Operators

• Hardwood • Carpet • Vinyl • Laminate • Cork Floors • Duraceramic

• Hunter Douglas Window Coverings & Shutters

707-539-4790 FREE ESTIMATES

(Behind St. Francis Shopping Center)

Calistoga Road


Tire Store


Discounts to Oakmont Residents Mon–Fri 9AM–5PM, Sat by appointment only 116 Calistoga Road, Santa Rosa

Pa rk


• If you didn’t prune your roses in January, do it now as soon as possible and follow up with dormant oil sprayed on the pruned plants. • Citrus trees need plenty of nitrogen, so start feeding them this month with a specially formulated citrus fertilizer. Spread the fertilizer out to the dripline of the tree; water soil before and after.


Are you ready for some fun? Join your Bocce Buddies—and sweethearts—for the first tournament of 2016, the Valentine’s Day Tournament, Saturday, February 13, 1 p.m. You could be one of the winners of a Valentine candy. The Rain Gods won’t dare to spoil our outing. It is dues time: deposit your check for $15 in the Bocce envelope at the OVA Office. Don’t miss out, be part of one of the fastest growing clubs at Oakmont. Your new reporter will have a challenge filling Lynn Wycoff’s shoes, but Lynn assured me there’s nothing to it. With all Fritz Spotleson takes advantage the rain, it seemed there of a sunny day for a relaxing game of bocce. would be little to report about bocce, but the only rainless day in a week found players on the court. Not many—but it won’t be long until all four courts will be filled with happy bowlers.

St Sh . Fra op nc Ce pin is nte g r


Carlyss Van Ness, Master Gardener, shares her passion for hydrangeas in a talk covering watersaving techniques, fertilization, pruning, propagating and drying blooms. WHEN AND WHERE: Tuesday, February 16 at the Berger Center TIME: Coffee, tea and socializing at 9:30 a.m., followed by the meeting from 10–11:15 am.

• To stimulate lush new growth on artemisia, butterfly bush, fuchsia, and Mexican bush sage, cut back woody stems to within a few inches of the ground. If left unpruned, plants become leggy and scraggly-looking. To revitalize overgrown or leggy hedges of boxwood, holly, pittosporum, santolina, and sarcococca, cut plants back hard this month just before the flush of new spring growth. • Trim damaged wood from fruit trees. • Prune passion vines and clematis in late winter. • Plant spring annuals like pansy, primrose, calendula, Iceland Poppy and snapdragons. • Plant spring-blooming perennials like catmint and heuchera. Plant deer resistant perennials like candytuft, foxglove, catmint, Lenten rose, lavender, purple coneflower and yarrow. Add aged compost to the soil before planting. Divide overgrown clumping perennials. • Plant summer blooming bulbs like calla lilies, montbretia, tuberous begonia, caladium, dahlia, gladiolus, tigridia, and tuberose.

Hwy 12


“I kept no records of my failures, for I had many. The main thing was to assure some success by trying many things and holding onto those plants which have learned that life is worth holding onto even at its bitterest.”—Fred Reichel

nBarbara Bowman

St. Francis Flooring

Construction License #879688



The Oakmont News / February 1, 2016

Valley of the Moon Rotary Club


nEd Low

Visit our website:

nBob Jackson and Caroline Keller


15th Annual Crab Feed results and upcoming speakers

A moderately strenuous hike of 9.5 miles with an elevation gain of approximately 1,000’. Grand views of the Napa Valley at a private park. Lunch, plenty of liquids, and weather appropriate clothing recommended. Leave Berger Center at 8:30 a.m. Hike leader is Dave Chalk, 539-8847.


This hike is approximately five miles and around 600’ elevation gain. We start at the upper parking lot, take the Lake Trail to the Lake, proceed on the Quarry Trail to the Fallen Bridge Trail to the Lower Fallen Bridge. Lunch at Camp Via. We return via the Vineyard Trail, the Ancient Redwood and continue on to the Lake and back to the parking lot. Bring park passes, lunch and water. Leave Berger Center at 9 a.m. Hike leader is Alex Bautista, 538-1190.

Annadel State Park. (Photo by Maurice Fliess)


The Half-a-Canoe Loop Trail is a circular path that follows a rolling ridge between two arms of Lake Sonoma. This is a strenuous “undulating” view hike between two arms of the lake. Hiking poles are recommended. We will hike the trail in a counter-clockwise direction to put as much elevation as possible behind us before lunch. Distance is 5.12 miles, elevation gains to 1,000’. Rain might require a change of location. Leave Berger Center at 9 a.m. Hike leader is Jason Wilkenfeld, 978-2385.


This is approximately a 10-mile round trip hike summiting at 4,343’. Total elevation gain is 2,000’. Napa, Sonoma and Lake Counties all meet at the summit providing outstanding views of the San Francisco Bay Area on a clear day. It is located in the Robert Louis Stevenson State Park, where the author spent his honeymoon in 1880! The park is seven miles north of Calistoga on Hwy. 29. Leave Berger center at 8:30 a.m. with poles, water, and lunch. Hike leader is Mary Lou Hicks, 303-7113.

Sonoma Valley Regional Park, Sutton Lake. (Photo by Zlatica Hasa)


Subject to trail conditions, the hike begins on Lower Bald Mountain Trail to Vista Trail, descends on Gray Pine Trail and across the creek to Meadow Trail. Hikers should be prepared for some steep parts and a wet stream crossing. Approximately five miles with 900’ of elevation gain. Bring lunch, water and poles. Leave Berger Center 9 a.m. Hike leader is Becky Brown, 595-1724.


To find out whether a hike has been cancelled because of rain, call the hike leader by 8 a.m. on the morning of the hike.


It is customary for riders to help drivers with gas costs on hikes more than 30 miles roundtrip, away from the local area. A suggested amount is $5/person. Check with your hike leader. Hikes are subject to change due to weather.

•New patients welcome •Insurance accepted •Highly trained staff using the latest in dental technology to provide the best for your dental needs

707-539-8956 • 6575 Oakmont Drive, Santa Rosa

The VOM Rotary held its 15th annual crab feed Saturday night, January 30 and it was a fun evening and successful fund-raiser. Fresh Oregon crab was featured to the delight of the crab-deprived attendees. The event raises money to support our donations to local community service and youth charities, scholarships for high school and SRJC students, international projects and a “Fund-ANeed” which was Polio Plus (the Rotary initiative to eradicate polio). VOM Rotary wants to thank each and every person who attended the crab feed for their friendship and financial support. Rotary hosts a speaker each Friday morning and Oakmont residents are always welcome to join us for a program of interest to you. Come at 7 a.m., have breakfast and learn a bit about Rotary, followed by the program that begins at 8 a.m. You’ll have time for the rest of your day because we close about 8:30 a.m. On Feb. 5, Jeff Dunbar will speak about the Telemedicine Vocational Training Project. This project provides training for medical personnel in Africa via the internet, featuring doctors from the U.S. who present a topic followed by a real-time Q&A with the African participants. On Feb. l9, Alex and Ann Peters will provide a behind-the-scenes look at running the small-town newspaper, the Kenwood Press. We will learn about their challenges and successes. On Feb. 26, we will learn about how the local Family, Youth and Children’s Services provides community support. Our presenter will be Nick Honey, Director of the Sonoma County Family, Youth and Children’s Division since 2007. He has been working in Child Welfare in Sonoma County since 1996 but also has experience working with children and families in different capacities since 1981 including eight years in residential treatment with children and teens.


The Oakmont News / February 1, 2016

Zentangle™ Art Classes

nBetsy Smith

Explore you creative side with the Zentangle™. If you can draw a dot, line, squiggly, circle or square, etc., you can do the Zentangle™ Art Method. You do not have to have attended any other Zentangle™ class to come. Everyone is welcome! Classes are on second and fourth Mondays each month. Check the schedule below for specific dates. Materials are provided. Be sure to call or E-mail me to reserve your space in class. Hope to see you in the next class!

Oakmont HEARS

Coming up

Monday, February 8: Valentine Hearts Monday, February 22: Zendalas—tangle on round white Zendala tiles and discover a wonderful art piece! TIME: 4:30–6 p.m. WHERE: Central Activity Center Art Room COST: $10 per class INFO: All supplies provided. Be sure to register before class starts to have a space. Call me at 321-2105 (cell), or E-mail

Oakmont Music Lovers

nHarriet Palk


classic book What to Listen for in Music. Whether we’re listening to a Beatles’ song or a Beethoven symphony, lurking under “Almost anyone can more readily the surface is some organizing principle, a distinguish melodies and rhythms, or even framework if you will, that holds it all together. harmonies, than the structural background Marc will delve into this often neglected topic of a lengthy piece of music. That is why our as he talks about and plays musical examples main emphasis, from here on, must be put to assist us in listening more consciously on structure in music; for the reader should realize that one of the principal things to Marc Helfman. when we are in the presence of great pieces of music. listen for, when listening more consciously, is the planned design that binds an entire composition WHEN: February 2, 10:30 a.m. together.” Thus starts a chapter in Aaron Copland’s WHERE: East Recreation Center COST: Free

nBarbara Bowman

Movies At Oakmont WHERE: Berger Center SCREENING DAY AND TIME: Sundays at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. HOSTS: Holly Blue, Barbara Bowman, Chris Decker, Ernie Erler, Al Haggerty, Carol Haggerty, Priscilla Naworski and Alexis Paradisoff-Melteff NOTE: All films are shown with English subtitles when possible

Sunday, February 7 NO FILMS SHOWN, SUPER BOWL SUNDAY Sunday, February 14, 2 pm THE DINNER GAME

This clever comedy shadows a group of French intellectuals who gather each Wednesday night for a dinner game, in which the challenge is to bring along the most idiotic guest. Pierre thinks he’s found a “gem” in Francois, a civil servant whose passion is making architectural models out of matchsticks. But Pierre gets more than he bargains for when Francois becomes his guest. The film won two Cesar Awards and was a favorite at film festivals. (1998), PG-13, 81 minutes. (In French.)

Hearing, Education, Advocacy, Research and Support nJohn Taylor, HEARS President


On January 12 an excellent presentation and demonstration of ALDs (Assistive Listening Devices) by audiologist Dr Peter Marincovich was attended by more than 50 Oakmonters. He reviewed the workings of the ear, the inner ear, the brain and the benefits of binaural hearing. On display were examples of various ALDs listed here: • CTAP caption phone (displays the incoming conversation on a screen) • Roger Pen (a special portable microphone) • Streamer pro and TV box (TV sound directly to hearing aids or buds) • Sennheiser TV listening device • Pocket talker for one-on-one, great for healthcare providers • Univox small tabletop hearing loop system for counter help (requires Tcoil) • Flashing light alert systems (for telephone, doorbells, etc.) • CTAP app for smart phones to get all calls captioned on cell phones • Companion portable mic that streams to the listeners hearing devices CTAP stands for California Telephone Access Program. Their equipment is free to hearing impaired users. These ALDs and the advanced capabilities of today’s hearing aids are available to improve the hearing and understanding of conversation for all hearing impaired listeners. Your HEARS organization is planning programs for the coming year. Topics under consideration are: the exchange of information on hearing related issues, especially experiences of hearing aid purchasing and wearing; can uncorrected hearing impairment lead to cognitive decline; does that “tuning out” most of us do at times lead to brain decline; what can be done to reduce that result? Send your thoughts on possible programs, questions, and comments directly to HEARS by E-mail to Carol at or me at jctmkt@

Sunday, February 14, 7 pm TESTAMENT OF YOUTH

In this adaptation of her World War I memoir, smart and ambitious Vera Brittain (Alicia Viklander) breaks free of her conservative home life to attend Oxford University but news of war soon brings her studies and a blossoming romance to a halt. After seeing young men close to her leave one-by-one for the war, Vera becomes a battlefield nurse and we experience the war’s moving and powerful story through her eyes. Vikander’s outstanding performance has earned her rave reviews. (2015), PG-13, 130 minutes.

Sunday, February 21, 2 pm NO FILM SHOWN, OVA EVENT AT BERGER Sunday, February 21, 7 pm ALL IS LOST

In this harrowing drama—which has no dialogue—Robert Redford portrays a man stranded alone at sea, courageously battling a ferocious storm as he struggles to survive in a damaged sailboat with just a sextant and maritime maps to guide him. This pulse-racing, riveting adventure at sea is bolstered by extraordinary cinematography. Nominated for a Golden Globe, Redford’s virtuoso performance is mesmerizing and totally convincing. A unique viewer experience. (2013), PG-13, 106 minutes.

For Your Refrigerator/Wallet

Sunday, February 7: No films shown, Super Bowl Sunday. Sunday, February 14, 2 p.m.: The Dinner Game, (1998), PG-13, 81 minutes. (In French). Sunday, February 14, 7 p.m.: Testament of Youth, (2015), PG-13, 130 minutes. Sunday, February 21, 2 p.m.: No film shown, OVA Event at Berger. Sunday, February 21, 7 p.m.: All Is Lost, (2013), PG-13, 106 minutes.

“Hilliard String Theory” Adult Orchestra Now Enrolling for Spring! Press release

Please join us if you play Violin, Viola, Cello, or Bass. AGES: Adults and Teens (15 and up) LEVEL: Advanced-Beginner and BeginningIntermediate CONDUCTED BY: Jeanette Isenberg and Karen Zimmerman WHEN: Wednesday rehearsals from Feb. 3–May 25. Concert on Thursday, May 26 in Santa Rosa. WEBSITE: Please tell your friends—5% off the season for referrals who register! For more information call 583-3344 or E-mail


The Oakmont News / February 1, 2016


Macular Degeneration?


Best prices on Gutter Guard installation! Careful, professional, quality work. Call Alex, 707-291-0429


Specializing in residential re-roofing. Top quality workmanship. Honest and reliable. Oakmont references. Free estimates. Lic. #673839. 539-4498.


Residential re-roofing, roof repairs, seamless gutters and downspouts. Quality for less. Bonded and insured, free estimates. Lic. #934256. Call 8375030 (office) or 569-4912 (cell).

Pre-owned, low cost, low vision CCTV SYS can help. For sale, or rent with option to purchase program. For more information or a no-obligation demonstration call Jack Donnellan, 595-3790.



George’s furniture repair and refinishing, antiques and caning. Oakmont references. 30 years experience. Free estimates. Call George at 987-3059.

Professional, experienced locksmith for all your security needs. Senior discount. ZAPA TILE INSTALLATIONS Call today! 539-6268. Wayne Carrington, Great customer service. 12 years experience, free estimates, Oakmont LCO #2411. references. I’ll work with your budget. HANDYPERSON Lic. #954364. Call Angel, All trades, little fix-its and prickly 707-239-1241. puzzles. Plumbing, electrical, ONE WAY PLUMBING, INC. assemblies, gardening and pruning Dependable, experts serving you and too! $40/hr. Helping Oakmont since your neighbors with excellence and 1988. Lic. #560098. Jay Williamson, integrity for over 20 years. Licensed, 539-5217. bonded and insured. Senior discounts COMMUNITY AMBASSADOR available. CA Lic. #854537. Find us on the web at www.onewayplumb. HOME GREETING SERVICE net or call us at 537-1308 for all your Welcoming new residents since 1975. Have valuable local community plumbing needs. information given on every visit. If you are new to Oakmont and have not had THE COMPUTER TROUBLESHOOTER a home visit, please call Charlotte at Speedy Service, Friendly Tutoring, 538-9050. complete support for PC’s, Apples MIKE’S REPAIR and Mac’s, 300+ Oakmont customers Plumbing, electrical, appliance, served. John Bradford. 578-6305. heating and air conditioning, general $40/hour. handyman (I can fix just about AC BURNS PAINT CO. anything). 30 yrs. experience. Honest Oakmont preferred vendor. Interior/ and reliable. Lic. #B32925. Call 536exterior, power washing, decks, 9529, emergency—328-6635. wallpaper removed. Will not be LEE MOEN CONSTRUCTION undersold. 575-5581. Lic. #834588.


A to Z home maintenance and repair. Kitchen and bath remodel. Carpentry, tile, plumbing, electric, painting and gardening. No job too small. All phase construction. Lic. #966203. Call Lee Moen, 318-5591.


Reliable, caring, mature and affordable. Call 539-1286 (home) or 480-1224 (cell).


Reasonable rates, free estimates, Oakmont references. Lic. #573530. Gary Luurs, 528-8489.


Want to spruce up your home? Guests this fall? One room at a time or your whole house. Interior and exterior painting. Licensed and insured. Lic. #873519. Call 707-996-4050 for a free estimate.

I am an avid walker and have started a dog walking, pet sitting business. I have a license with this city and am insured. References available. Please call Dan Lennox, 526-9154.


A personal transportation service for airports, cruises and vacations. Call for reservations. Plus Babe is on the road again for local doctor visits, shopping, etc. Call Jacque at 545-2850.


Warming Trends has been cleaning, servicing and installing fireplaces, stoves and inserts for 30 years. Call 578-9276 for any fireplace needs.


Oakmont Onsite Personal Computer Services. Call Chuck for all things Caring for your pets as you would. computer. VOM Rotary member, Over 25 yrs. experience. Dog and cat computer instructor. References care. Daily schedules and routines. Day available, many satisfied Oakmont OR overnight companionship. House customers. $45/hr. 293-8011. sitting available. Insured and bonded. BRAD CHIARAVALLE Call Alix, 637-6267, Sonoma.


Remodels, additions, efficiency and accessibility updates. Helping clients live comfortably in their homes since 1979. Call Craig Lawson, Oakmont Resident, 579-9088. Lic. #377330. Free estimates.


Repairs done onsite or close location (24 Elaine Dr.) 15 yrs. experience. City lic. #303691. Call Ernie, owner, 573-0655.


Home repairman in Sonoma Co. for 30 years. Focus on small jobs, projects and “honey-do” lists. Pressure washing, gutter cleaning. Free estimates, very reasonable rates. Please contact me at 533-7741. Thank you.



New Tv’s DVD’s, Stereos and Streamers are complicated. I will help you. 35 years experience. $40/hr. Jason Baldwin, 479-1364.



Professional and commercially licensed transportation for Oakmont residents. Wine tours, cruise lines, airports and hotels. Always available and reliable too! Oakmont homeowner. Call Chris at (707) 206-5018.



Remodeling, kitchens and baths. Reasonable rates. Small jobs OK. Free estimates. Lic. #428073. Call 996-1454.


Customized personal training for individuals or small groups of 2–4. Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and Certified Personal Trainer/Holistic Health Coach. Improved health and well-being for 2016. Affordable and competitive rates. Call Rhonda Lee at 758-7681.




Complete home renovations, kitchen and bathroom design, remodeling and repair. Door and window upgrades, decks, fences and concrete. 30 years local experience, timely and detail oriented. Lic. #669482. Call (707) 328-3555.


Entry doors, patio and French doors, screen doors, barn doors, interior doors. Oakmont references. Free estimates. Lic. #527924 since 1988. 539-3196.


Emergency services, regular service, water heaters, clogs, remodels, repair. Local business, owner-operated. Call (707) 933-7801 or (707) 800-2043.

Excellent local references. Call Norma at 707-318-5503.


Honest, loving, compassionate, reliable care. Serving Sonoma-Oakmont Done with an emphasis upon a natural residents for almost 20 yrs. Assist with dementia, Alzheimer’s. Companionship look. Also available for yard leaf and meal prep, medication reminders, vacuuming. Richard, 833-1806. incontinence care, housekeeping, etc. SELL ME YOUR DUSTY CAR Finger printed by Council on Aging, Unused car taking up your garage? IHSS and through the state. CNA, Sell it to me. I am not a dealer. Call Joe, HHA. Affordable, exc. refs. 24-hr. care 545-4311. available! Call Martha L. at 236-5487.

Gavin Anderson, local Sonoma resident. 13 years experience. Senior pricing. Free estimates. Call 935-6334.

For all your plumbing and heating needs. Local plumbers in business since the late 20th century, licensed, bonded and insured. Same day service is often available. Money-saving coupons! CA Lic. #659920. Please call (707) 996-8683 or go to

Ruth Hansell, 24 years organizing experience. Home office/filing system, garages, closets. Oakmont references available. Call 799-0097 or E-mail to


Since 1983 I have been teaching in the US and Europe. Professional musician, Oakmont resident. Francesca, 546-7987.


Many yrs. of experience working with elders, women and men alike. Companionship, outings and appointments, exercise and walking, live-in care. Currently work as a private caregiver and activity coordinator for a well known residential care facility in Sonoma County. Excellent refs. Call James today at 318-7021.


2-bedroom, 2-bath condo with beautiful view on Pinehurst Lake available for rent April 1–15 or all of May and June. The Pinehurst Resort Southern Pines area is a golfer’s paradise with more than 40 courses in a 10-mile area. Fully furnished 2 queen beds, flat screen TVs. The rate stars at $700 for first week and comes way down from there. For more info and pics call Connie, (415) 509-1945 or E-mail


Personal assistance, driving, light housekeeping. Ten years experience. Certified Medical Assistant, excellent DMV record. $17 per hr., 3-hr. minimum. Call Paula at 703-6231.

Classified Order Form

Oakmont News Classified Rates • Classified ads of 150 spaces or less, (payment to accompany this form) $25 per insert • Pre-paid standing ads of 150 spaces or less, for a period of 3 months (6 issues) $120 • Pre-paid standing ads of 150 spaces or less, for a period of 6 months (12 issues) $216 • Pre-paid standing ads of 150 spaces or less, for a period of 1 year (24 issues) $384


NAME ADDRESS CITY, ZIP $_____________



A space is a letter (including those in the heading), punctuation mark, and a space between the words in the ad. Additional $4 for the next 40 or less spaces. Whenever applicable, CA state license or certification number must be included. DEADLINE: 10 days prior to publication. Mail to: CJM Productions, 2105 Longhorn Circle, Santa Rosa, CA 95401 Tel (707) 575-7200 •

Oakmont News …is owned by the Oakmont Village Association which, through its board, sets editorial policy. The OVA has contracted with CJM Productions to handle typesetting, layout, printing and free distribution of the Oakmont News, the latter by U.S. mail, to each home via 3rd class mail. CJM Productions also handles advertising for the Oakmont News. CJM Productions and the Oakmont Village Association assume no responsibility for the content of any ads that appear in the Oakmont News nor do we endorse or recommend any product or service advertised herein. CA law requires all CA licensed contractors to list their license number in their service advertisements. CA law also requires contractors performing work totaling $500+ (incl. materials & labor) must be licensed by the Contractor State License Board (CSLB) to work in California. For information contact the Contractor’s State License Board at


The Oakmont News / February 1, 2016

Oakmont Village Association oakmont village association

Hours: M–F 9 AM–5 PM / Tel 707-539-1611 / 6575 Oakmont Dr., Ste. 7 OVA E-mail: Website: Go to the members only page to view the monthly calendar, Board Meeting Minutes, criminal activity information and more.

maintenance Office

oakmont News

Hours: Daily 6 AM–10 PM Tel 539-6720 Maintenance Building (next to Central Auditorium)

Tel 575-7200 E-mail:

Condominium Financial management (cfM)

Hours: M– Th 9 AM–Noon, 1–5 PM Tel 539-0701 / Fax 539-6537 6575 Oakmont Dr., Ste. 9 E-mail:

architectural office

OVA Accounting Tel 800-585-4297

Available in OVA Office Gas Shut-off Wrench.....................................$7 Tennis COurt Key.............................................$2 Vials for Life...............................................FREE resident access card..............................$25 EA replacements......................................$50 ea Guest access card..................................$25 ea Emergency Contacts for Residents This form is confidential and used only in case of an emergency to notify your named contacts.

Blood Pressure clinic

Wed 10:30 AM–12 PM, Berger Center, Room D. Contact: Del Baker 539-1657.

Bulletin Boards

ova event notices There are three OVA bulletin boards, one at each recreation center, where OVA events can be posted. Please bring in notices to the Events Coordinator at the OVA Office. Size is limited to 8.5"x5.5". for sale, for rent and want to buy board Items “For Sale”, “For Rent” or “Want to Buy” can be put on a 3"x5" card and left at the OVA Office. Cards are posted on Thursdays and must be received by noon. The bulletin board for these items is located outside the Central (Berger) Auditorium. “For Sale” and “Want to Buy” items are posted for 30 days. “For Rent” cards are posted for 60 days. Please notify the OVA office at 539-1611 if you would like your card removed before the posting term ends.


Please contact OVA resident Bev Schilpp by phone 538-4293 or by E-mail wallyschilpp1@ if you would like to have published in the Oakmont News the name and date of death of your loved one.


The following are OVA Guest Pass types and duration: 1) Guest from outside Sonoma County— up to 90 days; 2) House sitters—up to 90 days (OVA host must present written request to OVA Office for approval prior to visit); 3) Guests living in Sonoma County—2 days per card, and no more than 3 cards per month. Guest cards are available during regular hours in the OVA Office for a $25 refundable deposit. Guests accompanied by their Oakmont host are not required to have a Guest Pass.

Need a ride? give a ride! oakmont volunteer helpers We provide the following services to Oakmont Residents: n Transportation to medical/ dental appointments in Santa Rosa only n Grocery shopping to Safeway (at Calistoga Center only) n

COORDINATOR February 1–15 Matt Zwerling 539-8996 February 16 – 29 Marianne Neufeld 528-0161

Meals on Wheels, 525-0383

If you would like to be a volunteer, please call 539-8996. Donations to Oakmont Volunteer Helpers are appreciated and tax deductible. Mail your check payable to Oakmont Volunteer Helpers, 6575 Oakmont Dr., Ste. 7, Santa Rosa, CA 95409. Thank you.

Please call the Volunteer Coordinator listed here, 9 AM–5 PM, Mon.–Fri. Rides before 9 AM or after 4 PM are subject to limited volunteer driver availability. No service on weekends or holidays. Please call at least three full working days prior to appointment. We regret that we are unable to provide either wheelchair or emergency service.

Hours: M–F 9 AM–Noon, and 1–4 PM Tel 539-5810 6572 Oakmont Dr., Ste. A (for Association Maintained Homes)

2015-2016 OVA board of Directors E-mail: Frank Batchelor, President Andie Altman, Vice President Elke Strunka, Treasurer John R Felton, Secretary Bob Giddings, Director Alan Scott, Director L. G. “Herm” Hermann, Director


WINTER SCHEDULE Access to OVA pools is by magnetic card. Call OVA Office, 539-1611 if you need a permanent new member pool access card or to register for a temporary guest pool access card. West: 7 AM–9 PM (Sat & Sun) (Closes 7 PM Wednesdays for cleaning) East: 6:30 AM–9 PM (Closes 7 PM Mondays for cleaning) Central: 5:45 AM–9 PM (Closes 7 PM Tuesdays for cleaning) Thanksgiving to first Saturday in April: No one under 18 years in WEST and EAST or CENTRAL pools or Jacuzzis. NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY AT ANY OVA POOL. ALL FACILITIES CLOSED CHRISTMAS DAY.

Goodwill Donation Truck

First Saturday of each month, Berger Parking Lot, 9 AM–1 PM.

Loaner equipment

The OVA office has a form listing Oakmont residents who lend out items such as baby furniture and sick room equipment (wheelchairs, walkers, etc.).

For more info on signing up contact OVA at 539-1611 or email Oakmontcommunitygarden@



Call Oak Creek RV & Storage, P.O. Box 2246, Santa Rosa, CA 95405. 707-538-3230

Lost & found

(Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program) Helps seniors with Medicare-related questions. By appointment only. 1-800-434-0222. Berger Center, Room D, on the 2nd and 4th Fridays, 1–4 PM.

Central Activity Center, 310 White Oak Dr. Daily 5 AM–9 PM. Closed at 7 PM on Tues. for cleaning. Closed Christmas day. Located in the OVA office. Unclaimed items will be discarded after 30 days.

OVA Board Meeting 3rd Tuesday of the month—1 pm* in the Berger Center *All residents of Oakmont are welcome.

The Board of Directors of Oakmont Village Association reserves the right to select those articles submitted for publication that seem appropriate to the purpose of this association.


Public Transportation Available in Oakmont CityBus #16 bus takes residents to n Sonoma County Transit #30 bus goes to 5 different shopping centers weekday Memorial and Kaiser Hospitals and downtown mornings and around Oakmont afternoons. Santa Rosa. Returns via Oakmont to Sonoma. n


Association Manager Cassie Turner

oakmont community garden on stonebridge


Central Activity Center, 310 White Oak Dr. Hours: Daily 6 AM–9 PM. Closed Christmas Day. It is run by volunteers. All donations are gladly accepted. Materials we cannot use will be passed on to others.

OAS Management Company

Schedules available at OVA office.

E-mail List Do you want to stay updated on what is going on in Oakmont? Join the OVA E-mail list. You will receive Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes, Oakmont Notices, Meeting Announcements and the weekly Manager's Newsletter. To join, go to the OVA office and fill out a sign-up form, or visit www. and click the “join our E-Blast email list” link.


The Oakmont News / February 1, 2016

Partners Contract Bridge

OVA-Sponsored Events

nHelen Hargrave

The OVA Comedy Club Presents Dan St. Paul nMarsha Zolkower

Friday, February 26, 7 pm Berger Center

California Redwood Chorale Sings for Oakmont nMarsha Zolkower

A Free Concert on Sunday, February 21 Presented by OVA

Ever on the go performing around the world, the California Redwood Chorale performs in the Berger Center from 3–4 p.m. on Sunday, February 21. Whether they are in Hungary, Austria, Italy, Puerto Rico or Oakmont, you can count on this to be a beautiful afternoon of chorale music and fun as 30 voices fill the air! The Sunday afternoon program will be a repertoire with origins from well-known films. Some of the movie music you will recognize come from films such as Skyfall, An American Tale and Slumdog Millionaire. The concert will also be peppered with a touch of international music as well. This is a free event with open seating. No ticket is required. Please just come by the Berger beginning at 2:30 p.m. when the doors open. Snacks will be sold by the California Redwood Chorale as a fund-raiser for their Scholarship Fund.

more — hours for —

better care.

Come join in the laughs at this cabaret event, not to be missed! BYOB, snacks and your sense of humor. Prepare for an evening of laughter and nonsense with one very funny comic. No reserved seats, just mix and mingle! It is rare that a comedian as successful as Dan St. Paul can walk down the street unrecognized. But Dan St. Paul isn’t successful from television or movies—he’s the rare comedian that hit it big on the radio. Even if you don’t know the name, you probably still know the bit: St. Paul’s religious satire classic “First Baseball Game” is a favorite on Bob and Tom’s uber-syndicated morning show, and is also wildly popular on the internet. The Los Angeles Theater and Entertainment Review said about Dan, “Combining a sharp, clean wit with an outstanding talent for creating characters, Dan’s show appeals to audiences of all ages...what sets Dan apart is that he doesn’t just tell jokes, but rather creates a series of comedic events.” Stop by the OVA Office to purchase these highly coveted tickets which are only $15. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

The Partners Contract Bridge group will be playing in the Card Room at the CAC on Monday evenings February 1 and 15 from 6:45–9 p.m. We keep the same partner throughout the evening and rotate through each table keeping a running score. If you have not played with us, please give me a call at 539-5511 or Jeff Hickman at 282-9350, and we will include you and your partner in the group. We are always happy to meet new folks who enjoy bridge!

Our After Hours Care serves adult, senior and pediatric patients on a walk-in basis, and offers a convenient means of treating most minor ailments, injuries and illnesses. Annadel Medical Group accepts most major insurance plans including Medicare, Western Health Advantage and select Covered California plans. For more information, including our current hours of operation at each location, please visit

Adele Dr.

52 Mission Circle Suite 121 Santa Rosa, CA 95409 (707) 303-1712

652 Petaluma Ave Suite B Sebastopol, CA 95472 (707) 823-7616

8911 Lakewood Dr. Suite 13 Windsor, CA 95492 (707) 387-3910

Walk-ins welcome. No appointment necessary. AMG_AfterHoursAd_Oakmont_Aug2015.indd 1

7/28/2015 8:58:34 AM


The Oakmont News / February 1, 2016

Retirement & Investments: It’s not too late! Join Us!

Speaking on: Retirement and Investments: A seminar on what you can do to secure your financial future.

Free Educational Series for Seniors

Some of Our Services: Caring Companionship Meal Planning and Preparation Transportation and Errands Light Housekeeping Medication Reminders Assistance with Bathing and Grooming


When: Tuesday, February 9, 2016 from 10:00 am to 11:00 am


n n

Location: Sequoia Senior Solutions: Oakmont 6572 Oakmont Drive, Suite E, Santa Rosa RSVP (707) 539-0500

Barrett R. Huls, and Thomas Casey with New York Life

n n n

Providing specialized care in Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Diabetes, Arthritis and Hospice | | Call us today for a free assessment at (707) 539-0500

Century 21 Valley of the Moon Locally Owned—Internationally Known

Linda Frediani Broker/Owner, 322-4519

Mike & Leila O’Callaghan 888-6583

Thank you for making our Holiday Food Drive a success!! Congratulations to Maryann Noble, our $100 winner!

Jolene Cortright 477-6529

Kay Nelson 538-8777

new price Paula Lewis 332-0433

Joey & Claudine Cuneo 694-2634

153 Oak Shadow Drive $739,000

8825 Hood Mountain Court $797,000

741 Leo Drive $399,000

in escrow



114 Mountain Vista Circle

6712 Fairfield Drive

Randy Ruark 322-2482

Nancy Shaw 322-2344

7802 Oakmont Drive

707• 539 • 3200

Sue Senk 318-9595

Laura Ruark Kenig 303-3579

6580 Oakmont Drive Santa Rosa 95409 BRE#01523620

Jeannie Perez 805-0300

Gail Johnson 292-9798

Peter & Roberta Lommori 539-3200

Febuary 1 finished pages