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Walk For a Cure

Three Oakmont Boomers, Susan Wurtzel, Susan Lynn and Cindi Clemence, walked 39.2 miles in the 12th annual Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in San Francisco. They raised $16,277 toward the total of $4 million raised in the July 12–13 event. They raised $5,000 of their total in a silent auction April 25 at the Berger Center. The trio walked 26.2 miles the first day, spent the night in tents in the Corte Madera Town Park, and the next day completed the 13.1 miles to a ceremony at Fort Mason. (Photo by Tony Lachowicz)

Meadows Moves Ahead; Trees Being Relocated (Updated July 15)

nJim Brewer

Construction on the first five of 36 planned homes in the Meadows development could begin sometime in August, as work winds down on a left turn lane that required the removal of eight newly-planted trees in the median near Stone Bridge Road and Oakmont Drive. Ken Blackman, consultant to the developer, the Hunter Group, told a meeting of the Oakmont Community Development Committee on July 10 that the project was on pace to finish the initial construction by the end of the year. Blackman said as many as 15 additional building permits may be filed with the City of Santa Rosa in late fall or early winter “as quickly as the market seems to be there” for additional homes. About a third of the 15-acre Meadows site at the corner of Oakmont Drive and Highway 12, the last large plot of buildable land in Oakmont, is being developed by Hunter. The project may take up to three years to complete. Meanwhile, work was proceeding to complete a left turn lane required by the city for the Stone Bridge entrance to the Meadows. That project got off See meadows on page 11 Oakmont Village Association 6575 Oakmont Drive, Suite 7 Santa Rosa, CA 95409-5906

OVA Drops Plans for its Own Office Building

August 1, 2014 • Volume 52, Number 15

Action Delayed on CC&R Violation Fines

nAl Haggerty

nAl Haggerty

The OVA Board has dropped plans to buy or build its own office building for the foreseeable future to pursue a lease extension on its present Oakmont Drive office space. The board voted unanimously July 15 to end its contingency agreement to buy a vacant beauty salon building on Stone Bridge Road from the Berger Foundation for $300,000. While no specific figure was mentioned for the cost of remodeling the building, board president John Taylor suggested a cost of a million dollars. The board voted to drop all pending negotiations for development of Association-owned administration offices and cancel a contract for phase three design and development of a central building complex. “This takes a new office building off the table,” Taylor said. The proposal for an office building near the Central Pool was abandoned earlier over costs and community opposition. Taylor noted that Oakmont Village Association is facing undetermined costs for upgrading the West Recreation Center, the Berger Center and other facilities. A price tag for the West Rec. work won’t be known for another month or two, pending city approval of plans and a bidding process. Even then, planned removal of the exterior stucco could reveal unexpected damage. Taylor said, “It’s time to put away this amiable discussion since 2004 to have our own office building. To perpetuate the myth that we can have our own office building is a crime.” OVA’s lease in the Oakmont Drive medical building, which is up next May, could be extended for one three-year term, renewable for another three years, Taylor said. He said Manager Cassie Turner has some ideas for changes in the space to better meet the association’s needs. Much of the rest of the building is vacant. The OVA is expected to receive approximately $540,000 in development fees from the Hunter Group in connection with the sale of 36 new homes on the property now being developed at the corner of Highway 12 and Oakmont Drive. Taylor said the professional investigation of the beauty salon building revealed “some expensive ramifications to remodeling this 35-year-old building for OVA offices, including accessibility and installation of a sprinkler system for fire protection.” He said the report also included further assessment of what office location would provide the most benefit for both new and existing residents and “we are concluding that further investment of OVA director and management time along with association finances would be a mistake.”

A proposal for fines of up to $500 for violations of Oakmont Village Association CC&Rs was delayed indefinitely at a July 15 board meeting when questions were raised about administering the policy. The issue was scheduled for further discussion at the board’s Aug. 5 workshop at the East Recreation Center. One of the issues is whether the board can reconsider a violation that the Architectural Committee (AC) has forwarded for imposing a penalty. An ad hoc committee has recommended fines ranging from $100 for a first violation to $500 for a third violation with an “absolute zero tolerance policy.” See cc&r on page 11

OVA Goals: West Rec., Office Space, Activities Center nAl Haggerty

Remodeling the West Recreation Center, developing a new activities site and the future of OVA office space are major goals adopted by the Oakmont Village Association Board for the coming year. Upgrading the Berger Center fell to a second level of goals with a decision to put off a start of work until next year. Board President John Taylor, noting that Berger is a very large project, told a July 7 goalsetting meeting, “We’re skittish about going ahead. It’s not something we’re going ahead with this year.” The goals were adopted at the board’s July 15 meeting. One major goal, deciding on a future OVA office location, was resolved at that meeting when the board decided to pursue renewing its existing office lease.

Director Alan Scott takes notes as President John Taylor leads discussion. (Photo by Cassie Turner)

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