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The Oakmont News / August 15, 2015

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18-Hole Tuesday & Thursday Women’s Club

nEileen Beltrano

Hi there ladies. Congratulations to our Tuesday Club Champion Joan Seliga. She played three rounds with a gross score of 287. Joan won $100! Shy Baxter also played three rounds and is the OWGS Net Champion, with a net score of 214. She won $50.

Our Club Champion (Tuesday), with Sallie Wood

Tuesday Net Champion, Shy Baxter, with that new driver of hers!

Thank you to all who participated in this event and a big thank-you to Becky Hulick, our Tournament Chair. Now you can gear up and sign up for our Thursday Club Championship which begins Sept. 2. The “Little Bit O’ Country” is still accepting donations: wine, gift cards. Just let Leslie Clark and/or Kathy Mokricky know and they’ll send out the Posse for pick up! Now here are the results of sweeps for end of July:

THURSDAY, JULY 16, WEST Individual Eclectic, 19 PLAYERS

Low Gross of Field: Linda Paul (85). First flight: first low net, S. Wood; second low net, L. Paul and third low net, P. Buchholz. Second flight: first low net, KC Kote; second low net, K. Sites; third low net, M. Pierce; fourth low net tie, L. Leitner and R. Nicholson. Third flight: first low net, Linda K; second low net, C. Locke; third low net, J. Duport; fourth low net tie, N. DeSousa and K. Wittes.

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Low Gross of Field tie: P. Buchholz, S. Wood and K. Mockricky (80). First flight: first low net, G. Manos; second low net tie, K. Faherty and K. Mokricky; fourth low net, J. Seliga; fifth tie, S. Wood, K. Peters and M. Rossi. Second flight: first low net, M. A. Gibbs; second low net, J. Reed; third low net, D. Kendrick; fourth low net, P. Shultze; and fifth low net, C. Buchold. Third flight: first low net tie, D. James and D. Johnson; third low net, J. Buell; fourth low net, C. Tripaldi; and fifth low net, E. Baciocco. Fourth flight: first low net, R. Lommori; second low net, J. Conklin; third low net, J. O’Toole; fourth low net, V. Eschelbach; and fifth low net, H. Williston.

THURSDAY, JULY 23, WEST 4’s and 5’s, 22 PLAYERS

Low Gross of Field: Sallie Wood (91). First flight: first low net, B. Hulick; second low net, G. Manos; third low net, S. Wood; and fourth low net, K. Mokricky. Second flight: first low net, L. Leitner; second low net, K. Faherty; third low net, Y. Smith; and fourth low net, M. Yterralde. Third flight: first low net, K. Wittes; second low net tie, B. VanVoorhis and N. DeSousa; fourth low net, J. O’Toole.

photo by Robert Couse-Baker

Chartered in 2013 by both the OVA and OGC Boards, the OVA/OGC Joint Task Force is made up of four members each from the two respective organizations. Initially chaired by Jack Abercrombie, our current Chair is Beverly Harris, with Nona Leone as our Vice Chair. In the July meeting of each organization’s board, strong support was expressed to continue the Task Force’s existence and work. The charter continues to be “investigating and studying areas of joint concern and potential benefit to the two organizations and making appropriate recommendations to the governing boards.” There is to be a designated Liaison from each board on the Task Force. As related in our July 23 Task Force meeting, Frank Batchelor, President of the OVA Board, has named himself as the OVA Liaison; while I continue as the Liaison for the OGC Board. Mr. Batchelor stated that the financial viability of the Oakmont Golf Club continues to be his top priority. Frank Giannini, President of the OGC Board, provided Mr. Batchelor and other Task Force meeting attendees an overview of the current financial performance of the Oakmont Golf Club (a great first six months in 2015), as well as the status of the OGC’s attempts to refinance its existing mortgage (not going well due to 2014’s financial performance having been relatively poor). In future OVA Board meetings, Mr. Giannini will be invited to provide current updates on the club’s financial and operational performance. In turn, Mr. Batchelor has committed to attending the monthly OGC Board meetings on a periodic basis. Via the forum provided by the Task Force it was soundly agreed that our two organizations, although fully separate legal and financial entities, have interdependencies and will each benefit from a strong and supportive partnership. The three attending OVA Board Directors (Frank Batchelor, Andie Altman and Herm Herman) were able to provide requested advice to the OGC Board members about how the club should handle watering and mowing of rough areas (especially those that abut neighboring property owners’ yards) during this time of drought and water conservation imperatives. Briefly, that advice is “let some grass areas go brown if you need to, but keep those areas neat—that is, mowed and trimmed.” Those parameters are now included in our golf courses’ maintenance plans. A significant area of cooperation between our two organizations has been associated with the two picnic and concert events put on by the OVA on the OGC’s driving range facility. The most recent, May 31 “Music on the Greens,” was a great success. Each board voiced support for continuing these jointly hosted events for the benefit (and fun) of the greater Oakmont community. Hooray!






Low Gross of Field: Patty Buchholz (83). First flight: first low net, P. Buchholz; second low net, M. Pierce; third low net, A. Miller; fourth low net, J. Seliga; and fifth low net, K. Faherty. Second flight: first low net tie, L. Leitner and R. Nicholson; third low net tie, C. Sharpe and L. Yates; fifth low net, C. Carrol. Third flight: first low net, M. Jobson; second low net tie, L. Davis and P. Edwards; fourth low net, E. Baciocco. Fourth flight: first low net, L. Frediani; second low net, T. Siela; third low net, K. Wittes; fourth low net, J. O’Toole; and fifth low net, J. Banayat.


Low Gross of Field: Leslie Clark (96). First flight: first low net tie, L. Leitner and Y. Smith; third low net tie, L. Clark and M. Yterralde. Second flight: first low net, J. O’Toole; second low net tie, J. Buell, B. VanVoorhis and C. Locke. See you out there ladies, one of these days!

The August 15th Edition of the Oakmont News  

The August 15th Edition of the Oakmont News