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The Oakmont News / August 15, 2015 CAN’T ATTEND A BOARD MEETING? Watch it online at www. Board meetings will be available two or three days after a meeting. Also check out past videos.

Regular Oakmont Association Committee Meetings

Letter to the Editor

nOVA Administration

The listed Oakmont Village Association meetings are open sessions. Any interested Oakmont residents are invited and encouraged to participate in these important meetings.

MEETINGS Architectural (No participation) / Oakmont Village Association (OVA) Board OVA Board Workshop

DATE TIME PLACE* 2nd Tues. Monthly 2 PM Ste. 6 3rd Tues. Monthly 1–3 PM Berger Center 1st Tues. Monthly 3–5 PM East Rec.

COMMITTEES Communications (CC) / Community Development (OCDC) / Finance (FC) / Landscape Improvement Committee (LIC) League of Maintained Area Associations (LOMAA) Regular Meetings Quarterly Meetings LOMAA Workshop Long-Range Planning (LRP) / Emergency Preparedness Committee (OEPC) OEPC Board OEPC Community Meeting

DATE TIME PLACE* 2nd Mon. Monthly 9–11 AM Rm. B 2nd Thurs. Monthly 11:30 AM–1:30 PM Rm. B 4th Thurs. Monthly 2–3:30 PM Rm. B 1st Tues. Monthly 10 AM–12 Noon Rm. G 1st Mon. Monthly 1st Wed. (March, Sept., Dec.) 2nd Thurs. (June) 4th Tues. Monthly

12 Noon 7 PM 9 AM 10 AM–12 Noon

Rm. B West Rec. West Rec. East Conf. Rm.

1st Thurs. Monthly 3rd Thurs. (Jan., May, Sept.)

2 PM 2 PM

Rm. B Berger Center

A quorum of OVA Board of Directors may be present at these meetings. *It is sometimes necessary to change meeting locations and/or dates and times. Please check the Rec. Center bulletin boards for written notice of change or call the OVA office prior to scheduled meetings for confirmation.

Locations Room B is in the Central Activity Center, 310 White Oak Drive. Room D is in the Central (Berger) Auditorium, 6633 Oakmont Drive, right side of stage. Room G is in the Central (Berger) Auditorium, 6633 Oakmont Drive, lobby across from rest rooms.

Letters to the Editor

We welcome letters on community topics from residents or owners. Letters must include writer’s name, Oakmont address and telephone number. Maximum length 250 words and writers are limited to one letter every 90 days. Letters may be edited for length or clarity or to remove comments deemed libelous, inflammatory or personal attacks. Send letters to the Oakmont Village Association, 6575 Oakmont Drive, Suite 7, or by E-mail to

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6575 Oakmont Drive


League of Oakmont Maintained Area Associations nJohn Renwick


To help prevent entrance of unwanted animals into your home and yard, here are a few things everybody can do. • Repair damaged building ventilation screens. • Screen or close openings under overlapping roof lines. • Weather-strip front and side garage doors so they close tightly. • Seal all openings around pipes, cables and wires that enter the foundation. • Check garage shelves and storage lofts for rat evidence. • Stack firewood off the ground and away from buildings and fences. • Outside, feed your pet only the amount of food it will eat and do not leave food and water outside over night. • Store food in vermin-proof containers. • Restrict feeding of birds to an area that can be cleaned. • Pick up dog droppings. • Thin or remove ivy and dense vegetation. • Do not leave food out for wild animals. Wild turkeys continue to visit. One or two may be fine, but some Northern California Associations have found that the turkeys will start to make your home their home! This may result in turkeys on the roof and major roof damage along the expense that goes with a new roof. August Board Meeting: Monday, August 31, 12 noon, Room B Quarterly General Meeting: Wednesday, September 2, 7 p.m., West Recreation Center

The column provides an avenue where residents can submit letters to express opinion, criticism or praise. To the Editor: At long last, the West Pool remodel has been completed and the pool is open. On behalf of the Water Fitness Classes, I want to thank the long-time Central Pool users for sharing the pond during the remodel. It’s been cozy, to say the least, but we’ve tried to provide swimming lanes during class and we appreciate the flexibility of those who changed their swimming schedule to accommodate the classes. Thank you for your understanding. Cathy Rapp

Volunteer Opportunity

nMarianne Neufeld, Chair


Oakmont is a beautiful and dynamic community and the Oakmont Architectural Committee plays a vital role in assuring that Oakmont residential properties are maintained and improved to the community’s high standards. We are now seeking interested civic-minded Oakmont residents who want to contribute to their community. The major qualification is a sincere desire to be of service to Oakmont. If interested, you may submit your request, with a brief reference of your background, to the Architectural Office, 6575 Oakmont Drive, Suite 9.

Board Focusing On Future Needs

nStaff Report

The OVA Board of Directors has begun a planning process focused on facilities, services and finance. Over the next few months they will identify strategic areas for Oakmont. The first session was conducted with a facilitator during a workshop on Aug. 4. Chairman Frank Batchelor said the process will help directors better communicate with members about important issues and short-term directions. The directors will be using a variety of data to determine priorities for both facilities and member services and the finances needed to meet those priorities. In the first session directors discussed sets of assumptions about the current and future state of Oakmont. Coming sessions will focus on goals and action steps. The Aug. 4 meeting is posted online for viewing at

The August 15th Edition of the Oakmont News  

The August 15th Edition of the Oakmont News

The August 15th Edition of the Oakmont News  

The August 15th Edition of the Oakmont News