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Oakmont   College   Ministry

Lawrence Powers - College Ministry Intern -

Who   We   Are: Authentic   -   Be   who   you   are,   wherever      you   are   in   life.   


Exciting   -   Relationships   and   activities   are   fun,   lively   and   meaningful.

Relevant   -   Living   out   the   truth   and   dealing   with   the   issues   of   today.                        

Relational   -   The   best   way   to   grow   in   faith   is   through   relationships,   


both   with   God   and   with   others.   We   were   created   for   relationships!











Worship   With   Us Our   Sunday   9:40   Worship   Service   offers   a   modern    traditional   style   with   a   full   orchestra,   choir,   videos    and   drama,   and   Christ   centered   teaching.

Grow   With   Us

The   Emerge   Worship   Experience   at   11:00   is   a   time   of    interactive   worship   with   a   praise   band,   videos   and    drama,   and   Christ   centered   teaching. Unwind   is   a   monthly   worship   service   we   have   for   college    students   led   by   college   students.   

Fellowship   With   Us Each   Sunday   we   offer   a   free   lunch   for   college    students   called   Indulge.   Join   us   each   week   after    the   Emerge   Worship   Experience   for   good   food   and   a    time   to   meet   and   hang   out   with   other   college    students!

Throughout   every   month   we   have   other   chances   to    fellowship   with   each   other   and   grow   in   Christ    together.   This   includes   Fellowship   dinners,   weekend    retreats,   day   trips   (concerts,   theme   parks,   etc.)    and   much   more   !

Serve   With   Us

Live   With   Us

Every   Sunday   morning   at   10:00   we   meet   in   MU    700   (the   College   Ministry   room)   and   have   a    great   discussion   while   enjoying   free   coffee   and    donuts.    Throughout   the   semester   we   also   have   weekly    small   groups   that   include   book   studies   as   well   as    Bible-specific   studies.   These   groups   are   both   coed    and   non-coed.   

Throughout   the   semester   there   are   lots   of    opportunities   to   serve   Christ   through   helping    others   in   our   community,   nation   and   world.   We    also   spend   Spring   Break   each   year   serving   others    abroad   through   missions.   

The   Intentional   College   Community   at   Oakmont    Square   Apartments   is   a   fellowship   of   Christian    college   students   seeking   to   grow   closer   to   Christ    through   relationships   and   living   together   in    community.   Check   it   out:

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