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Read about the introduction of our newest blue and yellow macaw and the renovation of their exhibit at www. Photo: Colleen Renshaw

Our mission is to inspire respect for and stewardship of the natural world, while providing a quality visitor experience. 2

2013 Annual Report


A Message From the Board Chair and the CEO Dear Friends, Thanks to you, our loyal members, donors and friends, it was another remarkable fiscal year for Oakland Zoo. Annual attendance continued to increase, as did membership, which surpassed 26,000 households for the second year in a row. Philanthropic support grew as well; an extraordinary unexpected milliondollar gift from an anonymous donor absolutely blew us away! Our unwavering commitment to excellence in all aspects of animal care, conservation, and education has allowed us to further strengthen and expand our role as an institutional leader in these fields.

Joel J. Parrott, President and CEO of Oakland Zoo, and Steven Kane, Chair, Board of Trustees

TABLE OF CONTENTS A Message from the Board Chair and the CEO Animal Care New Arrivals Capital Campaign Update Conservation Education Donor Events Special Events Donor Recognition 2013 Financial Overview

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We were extremely proud to be recognized in the HBO documentary, An Apology to Elephants, which aired in April 2013 and chronicles the history of the unethical treatment of captive elephants in the United States. Oakland Zoo’s groundbreaking elephant care program was featured as among the top in the country and a best practices model for the guardianship of these magnificent creatures. August marked the significant grand opening of Oakland Zoo’s new Biodiversity Center, a breeding, research, and education facility devoted to the conservation of endangered and threatened animals. We also successfully installed the first ever live-streaming California condor webcam in the wild in partnership with Ventana Wildlife Society. We took significant steps in developing innovative and exciting educational experiences that promote awareness of and inspire advancement of wildlife conservation. The creation of the California Biodiversity Classroom, located within the Biodiversity Center, allows us to provide new programs like our Condor Camp experience, where students can assist professional biologists in the conservation efforts of California’s most iconic endangered species. We also can’t forget our 585 passionate and committed volunteers who assisted our staff by contributing a total of 68,803 hours – the equivalent of 33 full-time employees!

Oakland Zoo is honored to be featured in the HBO documentar y An Apology to Elephants as an institution nationallyrecognized for our pro– gressive humane elephant care program. A copy of the DVD can be purchased at

Our achievements in FY 2013 were made possible because so many have recognized the unique role Oakland Zoo plays in wildlife conservation and environmental learning, as well as our important contributions to the quality of life and economy of our community. It has been another phenomenal year and we would not have been able to do it without you. Thank you!

Joel J. Parrott, DVM President and CEO, Oakland Zoo

Steven E. Kane Chair, Board of Trustees

All content and photos copyright 2014 Oakland Zoo unless otherwise noted. All information contained herein is property of Oakland Zoo, East Bay Zoological Society. No permission is granted for reproduction unless specifically granted. Cover photo 2014, Colleen Renshaw. Used by permission.

Oakland Zoo


Animal Care OUR EVER-GROWING ZOO FAMILY Our biggest, if not most adorable animal story this year, involves a troop of hamadryas baboons that joined us from the Emmen Zoo in the Netherlands and completely stole our hearts with not one, but two sweet surprises. As an institution accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), Oakland Zoo plays an active role in Species Survival Plans® (SSPs) for many of our wildlife inhabitants. The SSP program, which involves the coordinated transfer and breeding of animals between AZA approved zoos, was created to ensure the long-term survival of captive populations of species that are threatened or endangered in the wild. This program also helps maintain healthy and genetically diverse animal populations within the zoo community. Currently, the hamadryas baboons in the United States are in need of new bloodlines and the Emmen Zoo had the perfect answer: Martijn, Maya, Maud and Krista. Our Zoological Manager, Margaret Rousser, who currently serves as an advisor on the hamadryas baboon SSP, was instrumental in coordinating the group’s move to Oakland and the carefully monitored introductions to our resident troop, Rafi, and his captivating ladies, Violet and Dink. Baby hamadryas babooons

White-nosed coati

Amid the bustle of it all, it was to everyone’s surprise and delight that we learned Maya was expecting. On April 9, baby Mocha was born without complications. The soft little black bundle that clung to her mother’s belly for the first five weeks quickly became quite the curious adventurer. Eager to climb nearly everything within reach, Mocha was a champion diver and an utterly clumsy lander, much to the entertainment of all who were watching. As if all the excitement wasn’t enough, it was soon apparent that Krista was also ready to have a baby. On October 24 she gave birth to Kodee and impressed everyone with her excellent mothering skills. Eager to help out, six-month old Mocha immediately showed interest in her role as big sister, tending to her halfsibling with gentle attentiveness. Considering that Oakland Zoo has not had a baboon birth in more than 20 years, the series of events that unfolded this year have been thrilling. Oakland Zoo is proud and excited to be playing such an important role in the conservation of hamadryas baboons, an exceptional species that never ceases to amaze us.

River otter pups


2013 Annual Report

Not to be overlooked, our Zoo family was also joined by a number of other significant additions including three hyenas, two dromedary camels, and two female warthogs. The birth of seven meerkat pups and three North American otter pups added to the influx of charming babies this year. We also celebrated the opening of our new “Animales de los Arboles” (Animals of the Trees) exhibit featuring Oakland Zoo’s newest species, white-nosed and brown-nosed coatis, as well as cotton-top tamarins, one of the most endangered primates Cotton-top tamarin in the world.

One of our new meerkat pups and her mother. Photo by Steve Goodall

New Arrivals BIRTHS

Invertebrates 20 Tailless whip scorpions

Amazon milk frog

Reptiles/Amphibians: 10 Spotted turtles 15 Blue spiny lizards 4 Green anolesgrey wolf 18 Golden mantella frogs 50 Amazon milk frogs


Birds: 3 Fischer’s Lovebirds 20 Taveta weavers 1 Superb starling 2 Hadada ibis

Fischer’s lovebirds

Mammals: 7 Meerkats (3 litters) 4 Goats (1 litter) 3 North American river otters grey wolf (1 litter) 2 Hamadryas baboons 2 Wallaroos



Invertebrates 20 Giant thorny walking sticks Reptiles/Amphibians 2 Chuckwallas 80 Golden mantella frogs Birds: 2 Cattle egrets 1 Emu 1 Superb starling 1 Blue and gold macaw Mammals: 4 Hamadryas baboons 2 Camels 3 Goats 2 Warthogs 1 White-handed gibbon 1 Cotton-top tamarin

Oakland Zoo


Capital Campaign Update

Oakland Zoo’s Biodiversity Center, which opened in August 2013, is a new facility devoted to the conservation of endangered animals, incuding the western pond turtle and the mountain yellow-legged frog, through collaborative research initiatives, captive breeding, and education programs.


With the treasure of park land available for use and immediately adjacent to the existing Oakland Zoo site, we have the unique opportunity to break new ground in conservation and education and redefine the Zoo as a wildlife park with national significance. The California Project is a transformational Zoo upgrade and expansion consisting of three distinct phases. Each phase is directly aligned with the three cornerstones of our mission: superior animal care, impactful conservation projects and quality education programs.

Insideyellow-legged the vet hospital Mountain frog

The 2012 opening of Oakland Zoo’s new state-of-the-art Veterinary Hospital completed Phase One of the California Project. The new hospital, equipped with leading edge medical equipment, has increased our ability to provide efficient, non-invasive veterinary care for our growing Zoo population. The hospital also enhances our ability to contribute to the scientific community through research projects and veterinary training. Among those projects is the California Condor Recovery Program; see page 10 to read more about Oakland Zoo’s vital role in this partnership. In 2013, we successfully accomplished Phase Two of the California Project with the opening of Oakland Zoo’s Biodiversity Center. This facility is devoted to the conservation of animals, plants, and habitats through collaborative research initiatives, captive breeding and reintroduction, and education programs. To learn about the important projects already underway at the Biodiversity Center, please see page 8.

State-of-the-art medical equipment allows us to provide fast and efficient medical exams to our animals, like this river otter pup. Photo by David Wakeley. Inside vet pup hospital Riverthe otter

Oakland Zoo’s Veterinary Hospital is enabling the Zoo to lead the way in new strategies for animal care and conservation. Photo by David Wakeley.


2013 Annual Report



We are excited to embark on the final phase of the California Project with the creation of a 56-acre exhibit dedicated to the natural heritage of the State of California, featuring animals and plants native to the state including the grizzly bear, grey wolf, and bald eagle. California Trail will take guests of all ages on an extraordinary journey where they will gain an understanding of the interconnections between humans, animals, and plants in a dynamic and ever-changing ecosystem. Together, the California Trail, new Veterinary Hospital and Biodiversity Center, will firmly establish Oakland Zoo as a leader in conservation education

Grizzly grizzly bear

Grey grey grizzly wolfbear

and stewardship of the natural world, while broadening our collaborative relationships with scientists and environmental and conservation-based organizations working to preserve, protect, and promote our state’s natural history. On page 21 you will find a list of the visionary donors who are helping to build California Trail. If you would like to join the effort, then we want to hear from you! Please contact us at (510) 746-7137. Help us give these extraordinary animals a new home at Your Oakland Zoo.

Inside the vet hospital Mountain mountain grey wolf lion

Inside the vet hospitallion mountain jaguar

Bald bald Black eagle bear

Illustrative site plan for Oakland Zoo’s California Trail exhibit, featuring animals and plants historically native to California. Credit: PJA Architects

Oakland Zoo


Scientific Research One of the biggest challenges facing wildlife conservation today is the issue of human-wildlife conflict. As a keystone species, mountain lions play a critical role in maintaining the health and balance of our local ecosystems. However, as the state’s population continues to grow, pushing into remaining natural lands, encounters with these apex predators continues to increase.


CONSERVING CALIFORNIA’S RICH BIODIVERSITY At Oakland Zoo, conservation is at the heart of our mission; and what a more important place to begin than right here at home. California is one of the 34 most biologically rich places on the earth with 2,124 different native plant species and 70 animal species found nowhere else on the planet. Unfortunately, due to human activity and development, nearly one-third of these species are currently at risk of extinction.

Biodiversity Center Research Labs

Oakland Zoo is committed to preserving our state’s biodiversity by combining conservation programs that focus on native species restoration, scientific research, and habitat protection. These strategies improve the health of our wildlife populations, our ecosystems, and our communities. Species Conservation The completion of our new Biodiversity Center on August 22, 2013, which consists of Research Labs and the California Biodiversity Classroom, enables the Zoo to further advance our leadership role as a valued and highly respected cultural institution dedicated to wildlife conservation and education. The decline of native plant and animal species has been noted from locations all over the world and are perceived as one of the most critical threats to global biodiversity. Several causes including loss of habitat, the introduction of non-native species and, in the case of amphibian populations, a deadly fungal infection epidemic are to blame.

Native grass plugs ready to be planted in Knowland Park

California has seen these effects cause species such as the western pond turtle, the only turtle native to the state, and the mountain yellow-legged frog, to disappear at an alarming pace. Oakland Zoo utilizes our Research Labs and the leading edge expertise of our animal care staff to carry out captive breeding and “head starting” programs for western pond turtles and other endangered species, including mountain yellow-legged frogs and Puerto Rican crested toads.


2013 Annual Report

Volunteers and Zoo staff helping restore Arroyo Viejo Creek

Oakland Zoo partners with the Bay Area Puma Project to foster a healthy co-existence between humans and mountain lions in the region by assisting in data collection on the movements and habits of the local populations, supporting the California Department of Fish and Wildlife in developing safe responses to human/mountain lion encounters, and providing education to our visitors to increase their understanding of this important big cat. Habitat Restoration Stewarding Knowland Park and the plants and wildlife that thrive in its vast 490-acres is an undertaking the East Bay Zoological Society cares deeply about. Knowland Park provides important natural resource, historical, scenic, cultural, recreational, and ecological functions within a densely populated urban environment. The Zoo and our invaluable community volunteer groups have completed a number of significant habitat restoration activities including: propagating and planting 40,000 native grass plugs in a one-acre radius around the Veterinary Hospital and the Arroyo Viejo Creek; removing French broom, thistle and other invasive plant species over an approximately 10-acre area; removing 200 non-native acacia and eucalyptus trees; planting 300 oak trees; and, continuing ongoing creek clean up and restoration efforts. While some projects have been underway for more than a decade and others are just getting started, all are the work of dedicated Oakland Zoo staff working with partners from state and federal governments, universities, conservation organizations, volunteers and other zoos, to ensure that California’s wildlife remains here for generations to come.

WILDLIFE PRESERVATION AND PROTECTION Oakland Zoo has been “headstarting” western pond turtles, California’s only native turtle species, for six years. Hatchlings are hand-raised by keepers at the Zoo in optimal conditions and released back into the wild when too large to be eaten by predators, significantly raising their chances of survival.

With more than 1,000 amphibian species currently critically endangered due to a deadly fungal infection, the earth is facing a worldwide collapse of the amphibian population. Oakland Zoo’s new Biodiversity Center houses captive breeding programs for the critically-endangered Puerto Rican crested toad, and soon, the California native mountain yellow-legged frog.

Oakland Zoo worked in partnership with other groups to pass SB 132, which requires the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) to utilize nonlethal options when responding to a mountain lion incident. The Zoo is leading a multi-organizational task force to support the CDFW in developing safe response to human/mountain lion encounters in the Bay Area, including tranquilizing and relocating cats.

Oakland Zoo



Nancy Filippi, Managing Director of Oakland Zoo, and Steve Walker of CamZone standing by the first-ever live streaming condor cam.

A California Condor soars above Big Sur. Thanks to the work of Ventana Wildlife Society and Oakland Zoo, this is becoming a more common occurrence. Photo by Nancy Filippi

GIVING CALIFORNIA CONDORS A CHANCE Oakland Zoo is excited to announce that this year, not only did we officially become the first facility in Northern California equipped to treat and rehabilitate endangered condors, but we were also instrumental in successfully installing the first ever webcam to capture live streaming video of free-flying condors in the wild. Rescued from the brink of extinction by a ground-breaking captive breeding and release program known as the California Condor Recovery Program, condor numbers have rebounded remarkably from just 22 in the late 1980s, to a wild population of around 230 today. The future of this iconic bird of prey remains jeopardized however by a peril that, despite recent legislation, continues to persist: lead poisoning. As scavengers, condors are susceptible to poisoning when they ingest lead bullet fragments in game carcasses left by hunters. If left untreated, the result is often death, as Recovery Program partner Ventana Wildlife Society (VWS) is keenly aware. VWS began releasing populations of condors on the Big Sur coast in 1997 and has unceasingly monitored those birds on a near daily basis, regularly trapping and testing them for lead toxicity. If found ill, the bird must be transported eight hours away to the Los Angeles Zoo veterinary hospital, which is the only medical facility in the state equipped to treat these one-of-a-kind raptors.


2013 Annual Report

Oakland Zoo, now entering into our second year as a California Condor Recovery Program partner, is proud to announce that we are now the first and only condor treatment and rehabilitation center in Northern California. The undertaking began with the construction of the 900 sq. ft., Steve and Jackie Kane Condor Recovery Center on Zoo grounds. After veterinary staff received the proper training and the necessary permits were in hand, Oakland Zoo officially became ready to accept condor patients, cutting VWS’ transport time to an astounding two and a half hours. To add to the success, Oakland Zoo and VWS were finally able to achieve the first-ever live streaming video of condors in the wild. Biologists working in the research camp, located high in the steep coastal range, are able to move the solar-powered “condor cam” simply with remote access from their office computers, cutting out the three-hour round-trip they typically take to check in on the birds. Funding for this project was generously donated by FedEx, along with a camera powered by CamZone. The webcam is also accessible for public viewing on Oakland Zoo’s website: Oakland Zoo is proud to join California Condor Recovery Program partners including Ventana Wildlife Society, Los Angeles Zoo, and San Diego Zoo to recover and expand the population of the largest land-based bird in North America.

Scan this QR code with your smartphone to see Oakland Zoo’s Condor Cam live!


In addition to supporting projects in the local community, Oakland Zoo also strives to save endangered animal species worldwide. Through onsite programs like Quarters for Conservation and our Conservation Speaker Series, we work to raise awareness as well as funds to support in-situ projects around the globe. In FY 2013, the Zoo was able to send much-needed support to the following conservation initiatives, thanks in large part to our patrons and donors:

Budongo Snare Removal Project (Uganda) The Budongo Snare Removal Project (BSRP) in Uganda was founded to protect endangered chimpanzees from the threat of illegal wire snare traps set by hunters. BSRP staff study the lives of the chimpanzees on a daily basis, mount snare removal patrols, provide conservation education for the local community, and provide ex-hunters with goats for sustenance and income.

ARCAS (Guatemala) ARCAS started in Guatemala in 1989 as a small rehabilitation center for native wildlife confiscated from smugglers and poachers. Today it has grown into one of the largest and most complex rescue organizations in the world with three locations receiving between 300 and 600 animals of more than forty species per year.

Reticulated Giraffe Project (Kenya) The Reticulated Giraffe Project is a partnership between Queen’s University Belfast and the Kenya Wildlife Service that aims to address the recent population decline of reticulated giraffes – just 5,000 exist in the wild today – by conducting dedicated studies of their behavior, ecology and population dynamics.

Project Tamarin (Colombia) The cotton-top tamarin, a tiny monkey found in the tropical forest of northern Colombia, is one of the most endangered primates in the world due to habitat destruction, illegal pet trade, and exportation for biomedical research. Project Tamarin works to study tamarins in their tropical forest habitat and educate local communities about the need to protect the biodiversity of Colombia.

Amboseli Trust for Elephants (Kenya) The Amboseli Trust for Elephants conducts what is now the longest-running study of wild elephants ever undertaken. Their observations of the social organization, behavior, demography, communication, and cognition of the some 1,500 elephants living in Amboseli National Park in Kenya has profoundly altered the way the world thinks about, conserves, and manages elephants.

Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (Malaysia) The Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC) is the only sun bear conservation center in the world.  Founded in Sabah, Malaysia in 2008, BSBCC provides for the care, rehabilitation, and release of orphaned and captive sun bears, as well as addresses the lack of knowledge and awareness of this little-known bear both in Malaysia and internationally.

Additional conservation projects supported include: • Africa Matters in Zimbabwe • Kibale Community Fuel Wood • Animals Asia in China Project in Uganda • Hornbill Nest Adoption Project in • Project Golden Frog in Panama Thailand

Oakland Zoo



East Bay Zoological Society Board of Trustees



All our education programs are based on four core life science and conservation/ environmental education themes: interdependence of all living things; habitat maintenance and restoration; adaptations; and human impacts on living things and systems. Our programs are integrated with and relevant to California’s public education system, providing both formal and informal learning that reinforces key life science concepts and promotes the Next Generation Science Standards and practices.

PROMOTING CONSERVATION THROUGH EDUCATION Each year, Oakland Zoo serves more than 60,000 K-12 students who participate in more than twenty programs including ZooSchool, Wildlife Assembly, ZooKids, ZooMobile, and our Teen Field Biology experiences such as “Condor Camp.” Our Education Department’s mission — “to create awareness about, foster a sense of responsibility for, and take action to further the preservation of plant and animal wildlife and habitats” — is the foundation upon which all programs are built, whether learning about a desert tortoise’s habitat, planting native grasses, creating enrichment for a sun bear, pulling debris from a local creek, or using GPS and telemetry to track wild condors. Opportunities abound for youth of all ages to connect to the natural world and sow the seeds that will give rise to our next generation of conservationists.


2013 Annual Report

Reaching Out to the Community Oakland Zoo is further committed to ensuring that all students have access to our education programs, and are engaged in vital Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) learning and career pathways. Through our Zoo-to-Community (ZTC) initiative, we provide our classes and programs free-of-charge to under-resourced schools and child development centers in the East Bay Area. In 2013, we served more than 9,000 students and their families through ZTC, made possible by the generosity of our individual donors, foundations, and corporate sponsors.* Dedicated Volunteerism Volunteers at Oakland Zoo continue to provide critical support for staff and visitors. In 2013, we were honored to team up with 585 passionate and committed volunteers including Docents, Zoo Ambassadors, and Teen Wild Guides (TWGs), who assisted our staff in delivering the highest quality animal care and conservation education. They contributed a total of 68,803 hours – the equivalent of 33 full-time employees! In addition, our Community Volunteer Program hosted 87 groups, consisting of 2,209 volunteers from corporations and institutions such as AAA, Clif Bar, Clorox, FedEx, Haas Alumni Group, Oracle, Novartis, UC Berkeley, Wells Fargo, and Whole Foods.

Steven E. Kane Chair Meredith Walsh, CPA Vice President William L. Marchant Vice Chair Rodrigo J. Prudencio Secretary Patrick J. Sherwood Treasurer Joel J. Parrott, DVM President & CEO Jon Balousek Thomas J. Bjornson Daniel Boggan, Jr. Lewis E. Byrd Sebastian DiGrande Erik Harris Jonathan M. Harris Cassady M. Hudson Marianne Laouri, Ph.D. Mark A. McClure Alison McDonald Steven Schwimmer B. Reid Settlemier Lora R. Tabor Kirsten M. Vital Jim Wunderman

*If you would like to learn more about how you can support ZooTo-Community or other Education Department programs, please call (510) 632-9525 ext. 158.

East Bay Zoological Society Foundation Board Skip Rhodes President JoAnn Harley Vice President Stacey Barsema Peter Bernhard Kenneth R. Betts Warren A. “Chip” Brown Ginny L. Hair Linda Kay Jason Knight Greg Lassonde, CFRE Jack McAboy Eleanor Moore Gerald D. Overaa Jon Q. Reynolds Charles H. Seaman A. Horton Shapiro Phillip H. Tagami James A. Vohs Fong Wan John Woolard George Zimmer Joel J. Parrott, DVM Ex Officio




With over 660 native and exotic animals and a lush landscape of diverse plants, Oakland Zoo is an exciting, ever-changing living laboratory. The grand opening of our California Biodiversity Classroom, located in the new Biodiversity Center, provides a place where students can be inspired to conserve native wildlife through learning about and engaging in hands-on scientific research and local stewardship practices.

Our ZooCamp Nature Play program has become a favorite, filled with fort-building, nature art, scavenger hunts, and mud-play. Our youth may search for tadpoles in Arroyo Viejo Creek, climb a tree, and come faceto-face with a snake they can touch, all in one exciting day at the Zoo. Campers connect directly with nature through exciting activities like catching and releasing tadpoles in Arroyo Viejo Creek and hiking in Knowland Park to observe wildlife in their natural habitats.

Our Education programs are filled with opportunities to practice conservation, both on- and off-site. Participants may learn the principles of a healthy watershed, and then spend the afternoon planting trees and aiding in creek restoration. Our programs aim to sow conservation seeds that may take root at home, with projects such as bird feeders for backyard citizen’s science study, or for pollinator plants to begin a new home garden for wildlife.

VETERINARY HOSPITAL TOURS Introducing young people to the vast array of career pathways available is extremely important. Oakland Zoo’s Education Department is thrilled to have the opportunity to coordinate student tours of our state-of-the-art Veterinary Hospital, where youth can sometimes catch a glimpse of routine medical procedures in progress. One 7 year-old reported that the tour “was the best time of my whole life. Now I really know what I want to be when I grow up.”

Steven E. Kane Ex Officio

“Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world.” – John Muir Oakland Zoo


Donor Events

Walk in the Wild 1




A YEAR OF TOASTS AND CELEBRATIONS  It was another big year for Oakland Zoo, one filled with exciting grand openings, successful fundraisers and delightful celebrations. We are thrilled that our treasured supporters and friends were there to join in all the fun.    Now in its 21st year, Walk in the Wild was held on June 22, and patrons and sponsors helped make it the most successful fundraising event yet, raising over $230,000. Guests were treated to “An Epicurean Escapade!,” strolling through the Zoo to enjoy live music and sample some of the Bay Area’s finest bakeries, breweries, caterers, restaurants, and wineries. The completion and grand opening of Oakland Zoo’s new Biodiversity Center was a landmark moment that took place on August 22. Donors and community leaders were on hand to help us celebrate the creation of this important facility devoted to the conservation of endangered animals through collaborative research initiatives, captive breeding, and education programs. The annual Friends of the Wild reception is the Zoo’s opportunity to acknowledge our donors that give $1,000 and above to the Annual Fund, ensuring that we continue to provide the highest quality animal care and education and conservation programs. This year we were delighted to welcome our youngest Friends of the Wild ever, Jackson Thornborrow, who generously collected donations to the Zoo in lieu of birthday presents.


2013 Annual Report



Biodiversity Center Grand Opening 7

Friends of the Wild 10

2013 Walk in the Wild 1.


Photo credits this page: Rick Camargo

3. 4. 5. 6.

Dr. Alan Harley, Charles Wallis, East Bay Zoological Society Foundation Board Vice President JoAnn Harley, Liam Mayclem of KPIX 5, and Scott Walton East Bay Zoological Society Board of Trustees member Reid Settlemier with his wife Amy, and Board of Trustees member Secil Watson Barry Joseph, Suzie and Dick Rahl, and Felipe Santiago of the DMARLOU Foundation Foundation Board member, Jon Reynolds, and wife, Ann and a guest at the Patron Party Richard DeAtley, Foundation Board member Hort Shapiro, and Beth DeAtley Foundation Board member George Zimmer, and guest at Walk in the Wild



Biodiversity Center Grand Opening 7.



Oakland Zoo President and CEO, Dr. Joel Parrott, Board of Trustees member Lora Tabor, and Alex Cunningham Carmen Martinez of the California Cultural and Historical Endowment, Dr. Joel Parrott, and Board of Trustees Chair Steve Kane Maggie and Ben Hopkins of the Carmen J. Moore Trust with their sons Oliver and Adam

12 9

Friends of the Wild Reception

10. Linda Clark, Barbara Snow Clark, Brian Grossman, Nancy Clark, and Mark Grossman at dedication of elephant monument to honor Oakland Zoo founder, Sidney Snow. 11. Dr. Joel Parrott with the Zoo’s youngest Friend of the Wild, Jackson Thornborrow and his sister Juliana 12. Claire Nelson, Bonnie Killip, Ernest Chann, and Guest (seated), with Jackie Kane and Foundation Board member Hort Shapiro

Oakland Zoo


Special Events SENSATIONAL SPECIAL EVENTS Each year Oakland Zoo is host to a wide variety of exciting special events and fundraisers that bring more than 60,000 guests through our gates. Beginning with our spring events, our much anticipated bi-annual Feast for the Beasts offers visitors the rare opportunity to donate fresh produce to the animals and watch in delight as elephants chomp whole watermelons. In April, the Zoo celebrates Earth Day with live animal presentations, storytelling, face painting, and more than forty interactive Earth Stations, hosted by local environmental organizations. This year we welcomed more than 5,000 guests to our fun-filled “Party for the Planet.” Celebrating Elephants is a two-day event aimed to spread awareness about elephants in captivity and in the wild. A family-friendly daytime event featured hands on educational activities, a research camp, learning stations, and behindthe-scenes tours to see our elephants up-close and witness how these fascinating animals are cared for by their keepers. A sophisticated evening benefit included a silent auction and an enthralling presentation by Ed Stewart, co-founder of the renowned Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) and leader in animal welfare and rescue.

Earth Day Celebration


Oakland Zoo’s signature annual event, Walk in the Wild, is among the Bay Area’s premier fundraising affairs with 100 restaurants, caterers, bakeries, wineries, and breweries onsite for an “Epicurean Escapade.” We showcase the region’s finest fare to more than 1,500 guests who stroll the Zoo throughout a magical evening. The record-breaking $230,000 raised in just one night provides vital support for animal care, conservation and education activities at the Zoo.







Annual Members Meeting

Animal Amore

Feast for the Beasts

Spring break ZooCamp Earth Day

Mother’s Day Celebrating Elephants Lecture Celebrating Elephants Day

Father’s Day First Day of ZooCamp Walk in the Wild

2013 Annual Report

Boo at the Zoo offers a safe and fun event where families have the opportunity to bring their precious princesses and strapping superheroes to an outdoor adventure filled with spooktackular fun. This year, Oakland Zoo teamed up with Bay Area Science Festival to host a Halloween and science themed weekend featuring trick or treating, a costume parade, up-close animal encounters, creepy interactive stations, and a Wildlife Theater presentation focused on creepy crawly animals. Feast for the Beasts

ZooLights, Oakland Zoo’s holiday festival of lights, is the largest LED holiday light display in the Bay Area. Hundreds of thousands of sparkling lights illuminating the picturesque meadows and trees throughout the Zoo and thrilling nighttime rides create an experience that has become a holiday tradition for thousands of families and their out-of-town guests. Oakland Zoo would like to thank the many generous companies that showed their support for the Zoo through event sponsorship including American Licorice Company, Annabelle Candy Company, Bigge Crane and Rigging Company, Brown and Brown Insurance Company, Chevron Corporation, Clif Bar, Comcast, Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, GoGo Squeez, the Grubb Company, Kaiser Permanente, Merrill Lynch, Pacific Gas and Electric, Plum Organics, Safeway Inc., and Sheppard Mullin Richter and Hampton.

Boo at the Zoo

JULY Healthy Living Festival Feast for the Beasts Family Sundown Safari

AUGUST Family Sundown Safari Biodiversity Center Grand Opening






Grandparents Day Friends of the Wild Reception Primate Wise Benefit for Chimps

Boo at the Zoo

Thanksgiving ZooCamp ZooLights

ZooLights Winter ZooCamp

Oakland Zoo


Thank You! The East Bay Zoological Society would like to thank the following donors for their generous contributions and participation during fiscal year 2013. We make every effort to include all of our donors. Please call the Development Office at (510) 632-9525, ext 154 to report any errors. The following donors have made gifts between October 1, 2012 and September 30, 2013 to support the ongoing needs of the Zoo. These unrestricted gifts to the Annual Fund and Walk in the Wild are essential for the care of the animals, community programs and park operations. Friends of the Wild are individuals who contribute $1,000 or more during the year to the Annual Fund. Friends of the Wild are noted below in bold.

Unrestricted Support Ambassador: $25,000 and above Anonymous Estate of Gloria Goshkin The San Francisco Foundation Lorri and George Zimmer

Director: $10,000 - $24,999

Anonymous (2) Kelly and Carrie Barlow Chevron Corporation Chevron Products Company The Clorox Company Foundation The East Bay Community Foundation Ron Johnson and Lora Tabor Lakeside Foundation Estate of Elfie Larkin Joe Laymon The Men’s Wearhouse Zimmer Family Foundation

Veterinarian: $5,000 - $9,999 Anonymous Jane and Jon Balousek Bigge Crane and Rigging Co. BOS Foundation Brown & Brown Insurance Company Chain Link Fence & Supply, Inc. Steven and Karin Chase Barbara Snow Clark Lois De Domenico The Grubb Company Linda Hart Huber John Karnay Albert and Yvette Koehler


2013 Annual Report

Margaret Lou and Steve McDermott Beverly Morgan LaurieAnn Norwood Lynne Orloff-Jones Tien-Tao and Hsu-Ping Pa Pease Family Fund Carole and Larry Peiros Ann and Jon Reynolds Barbara Roach Schwab Charitable Fund Amy and Reid Settlemier Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP ValueAct Capital Partners, L.P. Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Judith Wilhite

Curator: $2,500 - $4,999

Alaska National Insurance Company Kay and Benjamin Andersen Carla and Kenneth Betts Thomas J. and Sharon Bjornson Drs. Heather Bryant and Doug Jameson Lawrence and Barbara Cahn Mary and Philip Charvet Diane and Robert Coleman Donahue Gallagher Woods LLP Howard Fuchs and Mary Rossi Fuchs Golden State Warriors Jewish Community Endowment Fund Kaiser Permanente Marianne Laouri Local Independent Charities of America McGuire & Hester Construction Company Meyers, Nave, Riback, Silver & Wilson

Dave Moore Eleanor Moore Noll & Tam Architects PG&E Corporation Campaign for the Community Robin and Jake Reynolds Marianne B. Robison William Robison Gaile and Bill Russ Horton Shapiro Patrick and Tracey Sherwood Silicon Valley Community Foundation Jackson Thornborrow Townsend Public Affairs, Inc. Northern California Division Walter Turner UVAS Foundation Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

Zoologist: $1,000 - $2,499

Anonymous (2) American College of Dentists William and Trudy Ausfahl Ayco Charitable Foundation John W. Bacon Shirley Crawford-Balch and Sherman L. Balch Bank of America Foundation Linda Barrett and Jim Faulkner Stacey and Dennis Barsema Bay Alarm Co. Louise and Forrest Booth William L. Bradshaw, Jr. Tom and Shelley Britanik C. Overaa & Company The Donald and Carole Chaiken

Foundation Ernest Chann Tony Cheah Nancy and Donald Colberg Patricia A. Condran Susan Cox and Catharine Keyes Melinda and Peter Darbee Dr. Bo De Long-Cotty and Phil Cotty Nik Dehejia Quinn Delaney and Wayne Jordan Elaine Deutsch Joyce Dobbel and Carrie Binney Dr. Eleanor DuVivier Dunn Lisa Ehrenkranz Four Corners Veterinary Hospital Sudhir Ganti Elaine and Peter Geffen Glenview Woman’s Club Peter Gordon Gene and Elogeanne Grossman JoAnn and Alan Harley Gillian Chambers and Erik Harris Alyssa and Jonathan Harris Ephraim and Kira Heller Glen and Mary Hentges Paul and Kathleen Hirooka Donald Holcomb Kenneth R. Hughes Justin and Suzanne Hurd Susan Ivey and Peter Bernhard The Jewish Community Foundation Ann Louise Johnson Jim and May Johnston Michelle and Cullen Jowitt Steven and Jackie Kane Catharine Keyes and Susan Cox Jonelle King

Matthew and Jill Korpita Frank Lee and Florence Jao Megan and Jon Leuteneker Leslie and Rory MacArthur Maggie and John Maiers Bill and Tracy Manheim Matson Navigation Company Sheila Matz Wendy and Tim McAdam Alison McDonald and Sandra Martyn Robert L. McKeown Loretta McRae Nadine and John Mills Joan and Robert Montgomery Barbara and John Moore Morgan Stanley Jim and Antoinette Mussells Claire Nelson Allan Netick The Oakland Club Oakland Rotary Endowment Susan and David Ogden James, Elizabeth, Bridget, Stasia and Michael O’Neill The Overaa Family Pacific Bay Electric Harlan W. Penn and Peter W. Gordon PETCO Marketing & Merchandising Company Peterson Sheetmetal, Inc. Rodrigo Prudencio Ramsay Family Foundation Catherine and Sheldon Ramsay Susan Rasmussen and Eric Danner Sonjia and Gregory Redmond Reliable Tree Experts Frankie and Skip Rhodes Kenneth Riley Susan L. Russell Dana and Misako Sack Safeway, Inc. Linda and Donald Sande Bill and Joan Schaeffler Eric Schmautz Steven and Taunya Schwimmer Charles and Marisa Seaman Patricia and Mike Selleck Patricia and Alan Silverman Skyline Veterinary Hospital & Clinic Mary Ann Smith Jean Starks J. Stephen and Nancy Thornborrow David Traverso Shaun Tse Verific Design Automation, Inc.

James and Eileen Vohs Meredith and Kevin Walsh Carolyn and Fong Wan Geoff and Secil Watson Linda Lea Weber Wedgewood Village Pharmacy, Inc. Wells Fargo East Bay Commercial Banking Merle L. Whitburn Maryann Whitefield Susan Wichmann Andrew and Billie Wiesenthal Elisa and Richard Zisook

Environmentalist: $500 - $999 Anonymous (5) Elizabeth Ainsworth Aliquot Associates, Inc. Nancy Atkinson Patrick Baldwin Bank of America Foundation Jeffrey W. and Beverly J. Baus David Bayless and Allison Keith Peter and Jennifer Bender Albert and Pamela Bendich Braun Properties Erica Brutocao-Kemp Alonzo Cabell Evangeline Charles Laurel and Stuart Davis Beth and Richard DeAtley Warner de Gooijer Sebastian and Tanja DiGrande Evelyn and John Dilsaver Sandra and Dick Drew Fenton’s Creamery Lauren Field Dorothy Finger Deborah Finney and Joseph Conley Lucy Gerard Ron Gerber Neil, Diane, and Brian Goodhue Bob Gray Great American Insurance Lori Hageman and John Dean Harriet Hamlin Jim Hammond Vernell and Carol Hance Susan and Peter Harvey, Inc. Jody Hoffman Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago Mary Karsant Claire Kilpatrick and Eric Boyd

Colleen Kinzley Susan and Theodore Kirsch Kiryle Foundation Kristen and Christopher Kitts Alexander Kolliopoulos Richard and Alice Kulka Kelly Lack and Joe Pearse Robert Lattuga Mary Ledezma Mari and David Lee Sonya and Bill Lee Lew Edwards Group Stephen and Carla Lieske Deanna and Richard Lyon Elizabeth and Jerry Magee Roger and Joan Mann Amber Marx Cheryl Matthews Jack and Carole McAboy Judith Mears and Bart Lee Robert Miller and Liz Nemeth Montclair Elementary School Gina Mori and James Pine Janet Y. Nakao Summer Nastich and Katherine Kettler Network for Good Michael Orlando Drs. Joel Parrott and Laura Becker Norman and Janet Pease Becca Perata Perata Consulting, LLC Elaine and William Perttula Kelly Pire Prudential California Realty Ransome Company Andrea and David Remeta Cheryl and Vincent Resh Jeanne Robinson Susan Rogers Harry Santi Stacy Schultz Marlene Settlemier Lila Shadloo and Terry Griffith Estate of Frank M. Shotts Nicholas Sorci Sherri Stewart-Bunger and Brian Bunger Patrick and Andrea Sullivan Karen Swaim Kevin Tiemeyer Mary Ellen and Bryant Tong Emma Lee and Gary Twitchell Helene and John Vallerga John and Marie Violet Jon and Joan Wactor

Leslie Walker Michael Walsh Wendel, Rosen, Black & Dean LLP Robin and Peter Winokur Xantrion Reka and Tyson Young

Friend: $100 - $499

Anonymous (13) Theresa Aasen Elizabeth Abram and William King Adelson, Testan, Brundo and Jumenez Alexandra Aiken Chris Allen Dana and John Amongol Hagsgard Anders Lindsey and Jesse Antin Franette Armstrong Sabrina and David Ashleydale Christine Asprey and Aaron Dicks Marsha Badella Rebecca Badger Doug and Melissa Baenen Caeli Baker Thomas Baker Deborah Baldwin and Family Anthony Banjo Bank of America United Way Campaign Kathryn and Jeff Barnes Karen and Stephen Beck Gordon Berg Diana Bitz Tonia Blake Phillip Bland David and Pamela Bluhm Lisa Bonacic Tanya Boysen Marilyn Brackett William Bradshaw Barbara Brennar Erica Brevet-Stott John O. Briggs Lisa and Carl Brodsky Joyce Buhnerkempe Elaine Burke Elizabeth Burkhard Matthew and Katherine Burrows David Burtt and Anna Hertzman Francine Byrne and Charles Sarno Shelly Caldwell Abby and Scot Campbell Bob Campeau Jacqueline Care and Christopher High Kiva Carolan Matthew Cashdollar

Amy and Louis Chan Penny Chan Derek Chau Iris Chavarria and Javier Prospero Greg Chin and Sandra Pham Thomas Chiosso Christine and Simon Chiu Jeanie and Constantine Christopoulos Kathleen Clanon Dian Weatherford Claunch Clean Solar, Inc. Dorothy and Bruce Clingan Alette Coble-Temple John Cochoy Peter and Skylar Cohen Kathleen and Daniel Collins Colleen Conley Brandy Contreras Joshua and Lauren Cook Paul Cortese Leslie and Greg Cover Thomas Cowell Launa Craig Bill and Sandra Cramer Sarah Cramer Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Crandall Beverlee and Robert Cryer Bill and Audrey Curbo Pat and John Curcija Linda Dahl Roseann Dal Bello Kathleen Davisson Dennis DeDomenico and Sandra Brod Ashley DeSelms Carol Diamantine Anita Dickey Nancy and Hugh Ditzler Jeanne Dodge Mary Dodge Noah and Sandy Doyle Turner Duckworth Patricia and Robert Duey Jim DuVal and Patty Coluse Gudrun Dybdal and Jon Gresley Ryan Eagan and Audrey Beaman Debbie and Paul Eden Douglas Eike Grace Enlow Elizabeth Enoch and Tyrel Bernardini Joyce Erickson Gregory and Kerrie Faria Sydney Faria Farley’s Emilene and Jeffrey Fearn Christopher Ferguson

JIM AND HELEN HILL: A Lasting Legacy Jim and Helen Hill were the embodiment of generosity, always willing to extend an open hand to anyone or anything in need. Longtime residents of the West Oakland Dimond district, the couple were highly involved in their community, serving many years on the board of the Dimond Improvement Association. When Jim wasn’t busy working as an Electrical Engineer for the Pacific Gas and Electric Company, he spent time traveling the world with his beloved wife. Jim was a gentle and compassionate man and wholeheartedly supported Helen’s dedication to rescuing animals, which led to the founding of Hopalong Animal Rescue. Jim and Helen Hill were beloved by their family in Canada and extendedfamily and friends in Oakland. Jim and Helen will be terribly missed by the community and all those whose lives they touched throughout the years. Oakland Zoo is deeply humbled by Mr. and Mrs. Hill’s decision to include us in their estate plans. Their significant gift will greatly benefit the Zoo’s animal care, conservation and education programs. To learn how you can include the East Bay Zoological Society in your will or trust, contact Eric Maul at (510) 6329525, ext 157.

Oakland Zoo


Jan Feryus Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Nancy Filippi Luna Finlayson Michael Fischman Elizabeth Fisher Janice Fisher Clint and Leslie Fisher Janice Fletcher and Mark Erickson FM Global Foundation Karen and Jeffrey Fong Ann Marie and Alexander Frasco Louann Fratt Nancy Fredericks Tanya Freund Renata Frey and Erich Stiger Gilbert Frye Tim and Candace Gannon Laurel Garceau Janet Garin Lynn Gerard and Thor Anderson Madeleine and Joseph Gerdes Nancy Gerow Gilbert Associates, Inc. Girl Scout Troop 33178 Michael Goffstein Barbara and Alan Goldenberg Rose Goldhammer Lili Good Deborah Gouailhardou and Julian Allen Mary and Herbert Graw Rachel Gray Arthur and Carolyn Green Cliff and Andrea Greenberg Robert and Geneve Greene Corby Guenther Ginger and Charles Guthrie Margi Haight Tanaiia Hall Paul Hankes Drielsma Eileen Harrington Danielle and Philip Hayes Brian Head Muriel and Vic Hebert Lisa Heckendorn and Amy Heckendorn Wanda Heffernon Shirley A. Heger Glenn Hemanes Eric and Carol Henderson Hannah Hendriks Ron Hendrix Issa and Brent Hennefer Adrian Hern Gerald and Ruby Hertz Anne Herzog


2013 Annual Report

Lowell and Georgie Hickey Nelia Hill Patricia and Carl Hill Barbara Hirst Chris Hoffman Jody Hoffman Tyler Hofinga Patricia Holt Amanda and Hanne Holtan Hopper Creek Winery Helga Hrowal Cassady and Phillip Hudson Mayumi and John Hughes Glynda Hull Jennifer and Barbara Iacullo Illesheim PTA Therese and Robert Inches iStar Financial Inc. Erin Jaeb and Kevin Kelly Steven and Lisa Jeffrey Philip Jensen and Elizabeth Johnson Anne Job Linton Johnson Barbara Jones Jacqueline Jones Kena Jones Thomas and Kathleen Jones Eric and Sylvia Jorgensen Cynthia Jow Roy Kaplan Roland Katz and Kerry Hamill Ken and Susan Kawaichi Esther and Edward Keller Carol Kerbel Candis and Bruce Kerns Eileen Kerr Karen Kiehn Terri Kim and Jerrold Takahashi Cliff King Carol Kirsch Howard Kirsch Mr. and Mrs. Charles Klinedinst Kurt Knipmeyer

Jill Kovacich Patricia Krevey Frank and Sharon Krhoun Patricia Kubo Kimberly Laird William Lane Dawn Lanphere Mary Pat and Gerald Lass Ken Lee John Lemanski Jeffrey Leuchi Kelly Levy Carol and Neil Lewis Howard Lind Linden Street Brewery Dan Lindheim Louise Linford Keith and Wendy Lohkamp Kathie Long and Karyn Beaham James Looney Elizabeth Low Eva Lowe Jason and Susan Loy Larry Lozares Theresa Ludvigson Rodger Lun Wendy and Joe Madden Mr. Malave Tara Mammini Clanon and Daniel Clanon Jean Mangels Eliana Mann Roger and Joan Mann Michael Martak Henry Massie George and Trudie Mathiesen Holly Matthews Eric Maul and Joseph Belpasso Bruce Maximov and Susan Albert Elisa Medina and Chris Hanawalt Melissa McCue Susan and Steven McCue Jennifer and Bradford McCullough

Richard and Patricia McKinley Ginger McKinnon Lori McLoughlin Kristin Mealiffe Shaunte Mears-Watkins Sharon and Patrick Meehan Karen Meltzer Portia Meneau Nancy and David Menne Rick Mestrich Cathy Meuter Cheryl Meuther Colleen Michaelson George Miers and Jennifer Kuenster Laura Miles and Scott Halfwassen Juli Miletich Patrick Mims Zina Mirsky Montclair Woman’s Club John and Margaret Mooney Jennifer Moore Lindsay and Mahiri Moore Ruth and Bobby Moorhatch Jane Moorman Nicky and Dave Mora Marilyn and Mark Morris Sharon and Michael Morris Tina and Damion Mosier-Tidd Rhynell Mouton IV Janet and Dennis Mulshine Kathleen Murphy Kathy Murphy Margo Murray Charles and Anne Murrin George and Claire Nadeau Christine Narvaez Sallie Narvaez Beth and Aaron Needel Barbara and Vernon Neff Christopher Nelson Ricky Nelson Theresa Nelson and Bernard Smits Network for Good

IN MEMORY OF BROCK SETTLEMIER Brock Settlemier, Sr., former Owner and President and CEO of Bigge Crane and Rigging Company, will forever be remembered as a treasured friend of Oakland Zoo. We are thankful to him and his wife, Marlene, as well as the entire Settlemier family for their longtime support of the Zoo. He will be greatly missed.

Dawn Newton and Lang Chen Julie and Rodney Nicholas Cory Nott Signa Nott Willard Nott Oaklandish LLC Stephanie Oana and Joseph Osha Cory and Amy Omand Omniprint, LLC Jeannette and Peter Ornowski Charles and Denise Orr Susan Page Anne Pardee Sanae and Richard Pardoe Patty Parina Jennifer Park Jonathan Partsch Deryl and Jeff Patterson Ellyn Peabody Gregory and Edith Penn Susan D. and Stephen W. Phelps Malcolm Pickett Anita Pilch Kathleen and Joseph Plant Gloria Plummer James Pokorski Graham Porter Chris Porterfield Kara Potter Maria Pracher David Pratt and Marilyn Bailey Jean Quan and Floyd Huen Ehtisham Rabbani Rachelle and Shane Ragan Rose Ramirez Pat and Gil Raposo Marilyn and Wayne Rasmussen Chloe and Zach Rawlins Paul Rein Vickie Renbarger Susan and Karl Rheinfrank Brad and Tamara Rieser Antoine Riffis Robert Roat and Anna Marie Schmidt Rebecca Robb Joanna Roberts Catherine Rongey Julie and Bernard Rose Trudy and Charles Salter Dan and Kim Sanford Robert and Barbara Sawyer Louis Scarpa Jocelyn and Thomas Scheibe Steven Schneider Diane and Steve Schramko

Cathrine Schwartz Julie Scott Louisa Scott Karen and Ross Scroggs Anne Searcy Kerry Seo Gwendolyn Seymore Andrea and Neal Shabashov Albert Shen and Alexandrea RawlingsShen Rajeshwar Shenoy and Asmita Akerkar Eric Shieh Dale Shiozaki Melinda Sievert Kathryn and James Simms Daniel and Laura Simpson Loren and Sidney Simpson Marion and Lorraine Sims Tom and Barbara Skelly Birute Skurdenis Mary Small John Smith Martita Smith and Susan Kirssin Michael Smith Patricia and Robert Smith Ross Smith and Danville Grange Sandy Smith Bill and Karen Smyda Sid Snow Jenelle Soppet Joel Soppet Frank Sparks Una Stephens-Hardy Anthony and Cheryl Steuer Robert and Jayne Stolte Laurel Strand Elizabeth Susman Eloise C. Sutter John and Sally Sutter Steve Taniguchi Yvette Tatmon Yi Teng Michael Tessler Linda Thompson Guy and Nicole Thomsen Leonard and Carolyn Tom Melissa Torok and Ted Greenebaum Larry and Deveney Totten Marshall Trackman Laura and Paul Trinies Lisa Tsuchiya Vikki and Randy Turner Emilana Untalan Andrew Van Horn Melinda Van Roey and David Cohen

Karen Vetterli Alan and Kirsten Vital Erika Vogler Sandy Wada Ron Wagner Cameron Walker and Conny Waltemath Grit and Marco Walther Mrs. Walther’s 5th Grade Class Cindy Ward Holly Ward Bethlehem Assefa and Biruk Weldhana Carrie Wells Wente Vineyards Sloan White Ingrid and Ray Williams Vic and Arlene Willits Debra Wills and Mike Matrigali John and Noel Wilson Rachel Winkler Amy Wisecarver Diana Witonsky Marjorie Wolf and Ruth Long Bridget and Steven Woodard Kesa Yorozu and Robert Miller Sun Yu and Matthew Rogers Julie and Frank Zelinka Dana and Rob Zuber The following donors have made gifts to education programs, special animal funds, scholarships and other restricted funds between October 1, 2012 and September 30, 2013.

Restricted Support Anonymous (2) Dale Adams Adelson, Testan, Brundo and Jumenez Alameda County Resource Conservation District Alameda County Veterinary Medical Association Animals’ Fund Boutique Sallie and Edward Arens Christopher Bailey S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation The Lowell Berry Foundation Dennis and Stacey Barsema Foundation Daniel and Jacqueline Boggan Brown & Brown Insurance Company Adrienne and Kent Brown Erica and Paul Calcagno CALFIRE

The California Endowment Carmen J. Moore Charitable Trust Sara and Timothy Cecchin Seena and John Clark The Clorox Company Foundation Glenn and Diane Colacurci Lauren and Alan Dachs Brenda de la Ossa Debbie Dettmer Dhillon & Smith LLP The East Bay Community Foundation Fenton’s Creamery Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Elaine and Peter Geffen Alyssa and Jonathan Harris Linda Hart Huber Steven and Jackie Kane Lin and Tony Kay Colleen Kinzley La Farine Paul Lash Jennifer and Bill Lavis The Thomas J. Long Foundation William and Anne Marchant McGuire & Hester Construction Company Dave Moore Morgan Stanley Lisa and Kevin O’Dwyer Pacific Gas and Electric Company ProActive Direct Marketing Red Oak Realty Cheryl and Vincent Resh Mariaelena Rodriguez-Sperisen and Matthew Sperisen T. Gary and Kathleen Rogers Family Foundation Susan Schmerein Schultz and Williams Larry and Alice Schultz Trust Sitzmann Morris Lavis, Inc Jimmy Tucker Monica Tyler Jackie Walts Wells Fargo Foundation Wendel, Rosen, Black & Dean LLP Judy Wilkinson and Karen Bullard The following donors have made gifts to the California Project including California Trail and the Veterinary Hospital.

California Project

Anonymous (8) Alameda County Veterinary Medical Association All Creatures Veterinary Hospital Nancy Anderson, DVM Animals’ Fund Boutique Karin Aune Deborah Baldwin and Family Jane and Jon Balousek Bank of America Matching Gifts Kelly and Carrie Barlow Stacey and Dennis Barsema S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation Berkeley Dog & Cat Hospital Carla and Kenneth Betts Thomas J. and Sharon Bjornson Tom and Shelley Britanik Warren and Mary Brown Michael and Carolyn Bruck Lori Bungarz and Tom Nootbaar Chantal and Peter Burnett Lewis E. Byrd Lawrence and Barbara Cahn California Cultural and Historical Endowment Gillian Chambers and Erik Harris Ernest Chann Phillip and Vera Chesnutt Family Chevron Corporation Seena and John Clark The Clorox Company The Clorox Company Foundation Jonah Cochran Patricia A. Condran Contra Costa Veterinary Medical Association Launa Craig Lauren and Alan Dachs Richard and Vicki Davis Beth and Richard DeAtley Suzanne Decker Sebastian and Tanja DiGrande Ann Marie and Gary Ditlefsen DMARLOU Foundation Douglas Parking LLC Elisa Dowd, DVM Sandra and Dick Drew Dr. Eleanor DuVivier Dunn The East Bay Community Foundation Georgia Edlund Noel and Sally Fenton Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Fremont Bank Foundation Elaine and Peter Geffen Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund

Maria and Jim Gonzalez Neil, Diane, and Brian Goodhue Estate of Gloria Goshkin Raymond and Barbara Greenwood Gene and Elogeanne Grossman Lori Hageman and John Dean Dr. Robert A. Hagler (Mt. Diablo Veterinary Medical Center) JoAnn and Alan Harley Alyssa and Jonathan Harris HEDCO Foundation Shirley A. Heger Ephraim and Kira Heller Heyday Books Estate of Christopher Hill Hillbrook School Linda Hart Huber Cassady and Phillip Hudson Justin and Suzanne Hurd Susan Ivey and Peter Bernhard The Jewish Community Foundation Ann Louise Johnson Ron Johnson and Lora Tabor Jim and May Johnston Marilyn Jumper Steven and Jackie Kane Lin and Tony Kay Carol and Gary Kerbel Bonnie McPherson Killip Greg and Angie Klein Jason and Anne Knight Koret Foundation Lake Merritt Breakfast Club Inc. Lakeside Foundation Marianne Laouri Elfie Larkin Greg Lassonde Suzanne and David Lee Mari and David Lee Sonya and Bill Lee Ruth L. Leth Megan and Jon Leuteneker Jackie Levin Carol and Neil Lewis Betty Lin and David Siopack Louise Linford The Joseph & Vera Long Foundation The Thomas J. Long Foundation Eva Lowe Claire Lucas Harold and Jean Mackenzie Betty Mae and Jim Locke William and Anne Marchant Katie Marcussen Jack and Carole McAboy

Oakland Zoo


McCaulou’s, Inc. Robert and Mary Ann McCleary Holly and Mark McClure Alison McDonald and Sandra Martyn Joy B. McMullen Charitable Foundation Loretta McRae Thomas Mein Montclair Veterinary Hospital Joan and Robert Montgomery Dave Moore Eleanor Moore Carolyn and Terryl Moreland Morgan Stanley Dick Nagle Janet Y. Nakao Kathy Neal Beth and Aaron Needel Claire Nelson Oakland Rotary Endowment James, Elizabeth, Bridget, Stasia and Michael O’Neill The Overaa Family Drs. Joel Parrott and Laura Becker PCG Foundation Robert and Marlene Pearson PETCO Marketing & Merchandising Company Qvest, LLC Dick and Suzie Rahl Susan and Gregory Raifman Sonjia and Gregory Redmond Ann and Jon Reynolds Robin and Jake Reynolds Frankie and Skip Rhodes T. Gary and Kathleen Rogers Family Foundation Leona and Dan Rubinoff Trudy and Charles Salter Harry Santi Steven and Taunya Schwimmer Charles and Marisa Seaman Marlo A. Seligman Amy and Reid Settlemier Horton Shapiro Patrick and Tracey Sherwood Silicon Valley Community Foundation Loren and Sidney Simpson Skyline Veterinary Hospital & Clinic Cynthia Slezak John G. Sperling Thomas C. Thatcher Travis M. Thayer, DVM Thelma Doelger Trust for Animals Mary Ellen and Bryant Tong Monica Tyler


2013 Annual Report

United Way of the Bay Area ValueAct Capital Partners, L.P. Valva Realty Company Tracy and Michael Valva Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Alan and Kirsten Vital James and Eileen Vohs Mary A. Wade Helene Walling Meredith and Kevin Walsh Walter and Elise Haas Fund Carolyn and Fong Wan Wayne and Gladys Valley Foundation Michael White and Sally Landis Lanette Williams Susan and Wade Williams Brian and Deborah Wilson John and Sam Woolard Jim Wunderman Susan and Christopher Yahng Lorri and George Zimmer The following gifts were received through the Zoo’s Tribute program.

Gifts in Memorial:

Hagsgard Anders in memory of Elfie E. Larkin Tamar and Judd Antin in memory of Margaret Antin Josh Bloomstein in memory of Lynn Orloff-Jones Trudy Chelmecki in memory of Lynn Orloff-Jones Marie Flanagan in memory of Lynn Orloff-Jones Susan Hill in memory of Betty Shapiro Howard Kirsch in memory of Carol G. Kirsch Deanna Kittrell in memory of Juli K. Snow Cory Nott in memory of Signa Nott Lynn Running in memory of Mr. Teeth the Caiman Sharon Smith in memory of Lynn Orloff-Jones William Sullivan in memory of Bill Clingan Judy Whelan in memory of Bill Clingan Judith Wilhite

in memory of Elfie E. Larkin G. Wilson in memory of Signa Nott Steven Woodard in memory of Lynn Orloff-Jones

Eric M. Wheeler in honor of Jackson Thornborrow Susan Wright in honor of Louisa B. Scott

Gifts in Honor:

Matching Gifts Companies:

Kai Bredemann in honor of Jackson Thornborrow Barbara M. Burkhalter in honor of William Burkhalter Glenn Colacurci in honor of Brenda de la Ossa Jeffrey Daems in honor of Eloise Myers Beth DeAtley in honor of Carole Chaiken Karen Friedman in honor of Phoebe A. Conrad Latonya Hines in honor of Kennedy Johnson Amber Hopfensperger in honor of Phoebe A. Conrad Katie Jozwicki in honor of Sheila Fischer Shachar Kariv in honor of Jackson Thornborrow Lisa Kinoshita in honor of Jackson Thornborrow Garrett Lew in honor of Eric Maul Theresa Ludvigson in honor of Mays Melissa McCue in honor of Scott Olszewski Teoman Mendoza-Ayduk in honor of Jasper Meier Colleen Michaelson in honor of Rascal the Macaw Julie Mikuta in honor of Damiana Harper Jordan Miller in honor of Jackson Thornborrow Helen Potter in honor of Jackson Thornborrow Jennifer Ripley in honor of Nya Ripley Charlie Sullivan in honor of Jackson Thornborrow Barbara Sutter in honor of Louisa B. Scott Andrew Thornborrow in honor of Jackson Thornborrow Sally Wallace in honor of Ryan Freeman

Bank of America Foundation Bank of America Matching Gifts Cambrian Capital, L.P. Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program The Clorox Company Foundation Community Health Charities Dolby Match Program Google Gift Matching Program iStar Financial Inc. Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Moody’s Matching Gift Program PG&E Corporation Campaign for the Community TDC Group Tyco Employee Matching Gift Program UVAS Foundation ValueAct Capital Partners, L.P. Walt Disney Matching Gift Foundation Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign We are pleased to recognize the following contributors as members of the Dr. Joel Parrott Legacy Circle, created in 2010 to honor future commitments to the Oakland Zoo.

Dr. Joel Parrott Legacy Circle: Anonymous (3) Ken and Carla Betts Philip and Mary Charvet Steven and Karin Chase Patricia and Robert Duey Nancy Filippi Charlie and Ginger Guthrie JoAnn and Alan Harley Shirley A. Heger Laura Henderson and Jason Silva Carl H. and Patricia Evridge Hill Linda Hart Huber Marilyn Jumper Steve and Jackie Kane Bonnie McPherson Killip and Sanford Killip Elfie E. Larkin Scott Law

Ruth L. Leth Scott and Ingrid Mealer Irma Mischler Beth and Aaron Needel Drs. Joel Parrott and Laura Becker Cheryl and Vincent Resh William and Goldie Schnitzer Lorri and George Zimmer For more information about the Dr. Joel Parrott Legacy Circle and to learn more about how your future legacy gift can benefit the Zoo, please contact Eric Maul at (510) 632-9525 x157.

In-Kind Donations:

ABC Tree Farms Charlene Antal Bay Area Zap Electric Cars Jean and Eric Braun Linda DuPuis-Rosen Margi Haight Carol and Gary Kerbel Gary Loy Mikis Farm Fresh Market North American Analytics Oakland Museum Women’s Board Pave Fine Jewelry Design So Fine Event Design Southwest Airlines Spa Organica SunPower Corporation Svenhard’s Swedish Bakery Mary A. Wade Wente Vineyards Donor Funds are established for special needs of the Oakland Zoo. Please contact us if you would like to contribute to a current fund or establish a new fund.

Special Donor Funds:

The Elayne and Warren Lash Fund for Staff Scholarships Oakland Zoo Conservation Fund Vickie Kay Memorial Scholarship Fund for ZooCamp The Vincent and Cheryl Resh African Wildlife Fund Zoo-to-Community Education Outreach Fund

Fiscal Year 2013 Zoo Financial Overview Operating Support and Revenue Government Support Education Support and Revenue

The East Bay Zoological Society has had record membership and annual fund numbers.

Operating and Program Expenses

Other Revenue and Interest Income


Fiscal Highlights


< 1%

Facilities, Maintenance and Supplies Fundraising and Membership

Animal Care, Education and Conservation


34% 4%

31% 9%

• Total membership households and annual fund donations hit an all-time record for the fifth consecutive year.




Events and Sponsorships


Membership and Annual Fund*

• The Zoo received a transformational unsolicited gift of $1,000,000 from an anonymous donor, distributed by the San Francisco Foundation, demonstrating that the Zoo is recognized as a fiscally responsible and highly valued organization.


• The Zoo’s signature annual event, Walk in the Wild, continues to grow each year. The “Epicurean Escapade” was even more successful than last year’s record-breaking event. Over $230,000 was raised, providing vital support for animal care, conservation and education activities at the Zoo.

Administration and Marketing Concessions

Park Operations

*Includes bequest

Admissions..................................................................... $5,466,350 Concessions....................................................................... 3,787,766 Membership and Annual Fund*........................................ 3,553,326 Government Support.......................................................... 1,815,356 Education Support and Revenue........................................ 660,458 Events and Sponsorships.................................................... 528,093 Other Revenue and Interest Income.................................. 76,898 0

Animal Care, Education and Conservation..................... $4,314,919 Park Operations................................................................. 3,910,077 Administration and Marketing.......................................... 2,719,837 Facilities, Maintenance and Supplies............................... 1,699,345 Fundraising and Membership........................................... 1,221,028

Total Revenue...............................................................$ 15,888,246

Depreciation................................................................... $ 1,833,582

* Includes bequests and other unrestricted gifts

Total Expenses After Depreciation.............................. $15,698,789

Unrestricted Expenses Prior to Depreciation............... $13,865,207

Oakland Zoo


East Bay Zoological Society

PO Box 5238 | Oakland, CA 94605

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2013 Oakland Zoo Annual Report