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Adult Activities Yoga

Gentle Yoga Learn the basics of yoga, improve your balance, strengthen your core AND increase your overall body strength! Leave class feeling relaxed and focused. No need to be intimidated, yoga is for everyBODY! This is a fun, multilevel yoga class that’s suitable for all ages. Yoga mats and blocks available. Register for both Monday and Wednesday sessions and pay $8 per class. Instructor: Tanya Roberts

Bedtime Yoga Ease tension, release stress, and calm the mind with gentle postures and relaxing breathing practices. This class will help prepare the body, mind and spirit for a restful sleep. Yoga mats and blocks available. Instructor: Tanya Roberts Oaklands Community Centre 12/$108 or Drop-in $11 54535 M Sep 18–Dec 18 7:45–9 pm 54879 M Jan 15–Apr 16 7:45–9 pm *No Class Oct 9, Nov 13, Feb 12, and Apr 2

Oaklands Community Centre 12/$108 or Drop-in $11 54492 M Sep 11–Dec 18 12:15–1:30 pm

Rejuvenation Yogalates A Hatha practice blended with Pilates that offers mind, body and spiritual instruction to inspire and rejuvenate. This class will offer a few twists to the classical style. Join in this fresh and fun class to find your flexible body, calm your mind and inspire your spirit. Yoga mats and blocks available. Instructor: Nicole D’Agati Oaklands Community Centre 7/$63 or Drop-in $11 54520 Th Sep 14–Oct 26 7:30–8:45 pm 54876 Th Nov 2–Dec 14 7:30–8:45 pm 54877 Th Jan 18–Mar 1 7:30–8:45 pm 54878 Th Mar 8–Apr 19 7:30–8:45 pm

Oaklands Community Centre 8/$72 or Drop-in $11 54874 M Jan 15–Mar 12 12:15–1:30 pm *No Class Sep 18, Oct 9, Nov 13, and Feb 12 Oaklands Community Centre 54493 W Sep 6–Oct 25 54873 W Nov 1–Dec 20 54875 W Jan 17–Mar 7

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Flow yoga Flow Yoga is a Vinyasa practice in which the postures are linked with breath in a flowing sequence, one posture gracefully flowing into the other. Practiced mindfully and with attention to alignment, this practice calms the mind, increases flexibility, strength and balance.

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Oaklands Community Centre 8/$72 or Drop-in $11 54884 Su Sep 24–Nov 26 10–11:15 am 54885 Su Jan 21–Mar 18 10–11:15 am *No Class Oct 8, Nov 12, and Feb 11

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8/$72 or Drop-in $11 9:30–10:45 am 9:30–10:45 am 9:30–10:45 am









9 10

10 classes for $100 $10 off regular drop-in


can’t make all the classes in a session? drop-in at your leisure with a punchcard. enjoy our drop-in classes at a discount. we keep your card at the centre and it never expires.


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