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Oaklands Community Association’s 2016 Annual Report

The Oaklands Community Association's vision is to provide a welcoming, engaging, sustainable community where all members can live, learn and thrive.

Letter from the Board President Organizations grow and evolve in many ways very similar to humans. Last year Oaklands Community Association stepped into a new developmental phase as a maturing 21 year old. In 2016, we faced - and will continue to address – many common challenges that come with growth and change. We also had a wildly successful year that I hope you will enjoy reading about in this Annual Report. A community association is only as good as its people – that means staff, volunteers and community members working together. At this opportunity, I want to give my heartfelt thanks to Traci Fontana-Wegelin for her authenticity, leadership and boundless support to OCA and its people. To our seven Coordinators and Admin Support/Receptionist, I can honestly say that I have not encountered such strength of character and energy embodied in a team for a very long time. OCA cannot deliver its services without the help of volunteers; and if those with whom I worked on committees and market events are any indication, Oaklands volunteers are an amazingly enthusiastic and committed bunch. To my fellow Board members, I want to thank each of you for your commitment to serve as OCA leaders. I also want to let the whole neighbourhood know that you fulfilled your responsibilities with integrity; bringing a wealth of skills and life experience to the job. Everyone did a tremendous job last year, working together and supporting each other along the way. As I reflect on the year, I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the wonderful contributions that Alex Harned and Anna Glenny made to OCA as Market and Community Development Coordinators. We wish them well as they move on in their new education and career pursuits. What stands out for me most as I reflect on 2016 was not what we did, but how we did it. We did the very best we could within our abilities to make OCA facilities, services and events welcoming to all. Most importantly, we treated each other with respect and created a safe environment for everyone who walks through our doors. I invite any member to come to a Board meeting, join in the friendly chatter round the table, and give serious consideration to getting involved in your community. It has truly been an honour to represent the Oaklands Community Association and serve as your President. I can’t deny I won’t miss the extra workload but I’m very much looking forward, with great anticipation, to the many fun and fulfilling neighbourhood activities this coming year. See you in the neighbourhood! Kim Walker, Board President

OCA Annual Report 2016


Letter from the Executive Director There have been many occasions in my three years with Oaklands Community Association (OCA) that I have referred to OCA as a learning organization. The year 2016 provided us with ample opportunity to do just that. What follows in this document is a product of that learning. We at OCA wanted a way to reach all of the residents of Oaklands to share what we’ve done and how we support this lovely community. This is our first attempt at a document like this and we really hope you like what it provides. Please take more than a few moments to avail yourself of the contents of this OCA 2016 Annual Report. What’s inside offers a glimpse of the development and engagement of Oaklands programs, events and other gatherings. I continue to be incredibly proud of the volunteers, staff and Board of OCA - prouder still, of the efforts of so many to see Oaklands grow, learn and thrive. For those who weren’t aware, here’s just some of the supports we provided in 2016: • Donated our space to local support groups • Hosted our weekly Oaklands Sunset Market • Supplied free diapers and wipes for newborn babies • Supported local families when they needed it most • Provided free and weekly tennis lessons to children aged 5-13 • Provided a free and weekly floor hockey program for 9-17 yr olds • Hosted a monthly, by donation, community dinner and games night • Supplied a handful of families with a bag of fresh produce bi-weekly for a year • Supplied local seniors with fresh produce and meats through the market season • Provide a, by donation, playgroup for families and caregivers 4 days of the week Warmly, Traci Fontana-Wegelin Executive Director

OCA Annual Report 2016

Sunset Market Ad Hoc Committee Elaina Mack, Co-Chair Phoenix Bain, Co-Chair (Market & Events Coordinator) Kate Lauzon (Board Director) Heather Parker (City Harvest Co-op) Jennifer Ursell (Sunstone Aromatherapy) Chantal O’Brien (Hoyne Brewery) Kim Walker (ex-officio) Anna Rose Wren Heather English Jeremy Loveday

Parks Committee Executive Committee Kim Walker, Chair Laurie Morgan Jeff Lougheed/John O’Brien Elaina Mack

John O’Brien, Chair Katherine Muncaster Elza Yulianty Kim Walker (ex-officio)

Finance Committee

Board of Directors Kim Walker (President) Laurie Morgan (Vice-President) Elaina Mack (Secretary) Jeff Lougheed (Treasurer) John O’Brien (Interim Treasurer) Marielle Tounsi Kate Lauzon David Angus

Jeff Lougheed, Chair John O’Brien, Interim Chair Kim Walker

Human Resources Committee Laurie Morgan, Chair Kim Walker

community association

Board & Committees 2016-17

Communications Committee Marielle Tounsi, Co-Chair Allieren Ward, Co-Chair (Programs & Communications Coordinator) Traci Fontana-Wegelin (Executive Director) Phoenix Bain (Market & Events Coordinator) Hazel Lyder (Community Development Coordinator) Alyssa Polinsky Kim Walker (ex-officio)

Land Use Committee

Market Vendor Selection Committees

Kim Walker, Interim Co-chair Ben Clark, Interim Co-chair David Angus, Co-chair Jeff Lougheed Roberto Melfi

Food Vendor Selection Aaren Topley, Anna Wren Craft/Body Vendor Selection Jennifer Ursell, Elizabeth Poppe Heather English Farm Vendor Selection Heather Parker Non-Profit Selection Elaina Mack

OCA Annual Report 2016

Committee Responsibilities & History The Board of Directors has five Standing Committees: Executive, Finance, Human Resources, Land Use and Parks. Ad Hoc Committees may be established to provide time limited or ongoing operational support. All committees report to the Board of Directors. • Executive – Standing committee chaired by the President and comprised of members of the Executive. The committee meets four times per year to review and make recommendations to the Board on organizational policies and priorities. • Finance – Standing committee chaired by the Treasurer and comprised of only members of the Board of Directors (ex officio member may include the Executive Director), as set out in Policy (2005). The committee ensures statutory requirements for financial records are met; ensures that control of funds, records and reports meet the requirements of requirements of funders and our fiduciary responsibilities; and develops and recommends financial policies and procedures to the Board. • Human Resources – Standing committee chaired by a Board Director who is not the Board Chair (i.e. president) and comprised of only members of the Board of Directors (ex officio members may include the Community Liaison and Executive Director), as set out in Policy (2003). The committee is responsible for positions that report directly to the Board; acts in an advisory capacity in matters pertaining to human resources management; develops and recommends HR policies and procedures to the Board and senior management; and serves as mediator in the event of conflicts at an operational level. • Land Use – Standing committee chaired by a Board Director and may be co-chaired by a second Director or community volunteer, with a minimum of one other committee member. Operating under a Community Association Land Use Committee Terms of Reference with the City of Victoria, the committee facilitates dialogue between land use development proponents and the community to identify issues (both positive and negative) regarding land use applications; and participates in public policy, planning and other related initiatives of concern in the neighbourhood. • Parks – Standing (intermittent) committee liaises with the City of Victoria’s Parks Department and provides strategic direction and leadership toward special projects that improve the use of parks and maintain natural areas within Oaklands. The committee is currently dormant and the community gardens initiative has been picked up as a community development special project. • Communications – Board/Staff committee established in September 2015 and formalized by a motion of the Board in June 2016. The committee plans and provides direction on relevant priorities, policies and practices, in relation to internal and external communication functions and tools. • Sunset Market (Ad Hoc) – Board/Staff ad hoc committee established in January 2015 and formalized by a motion of the Board in May 2015. The committee provides operational support and assistance to the Events Coordinator in relation to vendor applications, market planning and evaluation, and promotions/public education. • Strategic Planning (Ad Hoc) – Ad hoc committee established in early 2013 to engage the community and develop a 5-year strategic plan to guide operational and community development activities based on our mandate, as well as the community’s needs and aspirations. The strategic plan was approved by the Board in February 2015 and the committee was dissolved in May 2016 by a motion of the Board.

OCA Annual Report 2016


If I had to summarize the year in one word, I would say “Bravo”! OCA accomplished so much in the span of the last 12 (short) months thanks to the positive energy, commitment and hard work of our staff and volunteers. - Kim Walker, Board President

President’s Report Governance & Civic Engagement Our Board committees and civic engagement activities made 2016 an extraordinarily busy and productive year, in addition to our regular Board duties. Highlights include the following: • The Human Resources Committee worked extensively on organizational policies. It also assisted in the hiring of the Community Development Coordinator. Although this administrative task may seem minor compared with other Board duties, they have a significant effect in attracting, managing and retaining employees. • The Parks Committee was temporarily re-activated to initiate a community gardens project. In conjunction, a group of University of Victoria students created a detailed and well-designed community gardens permaculture plan for Oswald Park that was very well received. Plans continue to unfold with a growing contingent of community volunteers and the hard work of our Community Development Coordinator. • The Land Use Committee hosted 11 meetings over the last year with Preliminary and Community consultations for 10 properties throughout the neighbourhood. These public meetings provided opportunities to discuss neighbourhood planning, public works projects and citizen concerns. • Early in 2016, the City of Victoria’s Mayor and Council initiated a review of the Community Associations Land Use Committee (CALUC) meeting processes. We were able to participate in five of six review meetings from April to September. • Oaklands participates in bi-monthly meetings of the Victoria Community Associations Network (VCAN). Also through the year, Board members attended meetings on the Victoria parks and open spaces master plan, citywide wayfinding plan, and a BC Council for International Cooperation meeting on implementing the UN Sustainable Development goals. We also sent two letters to Mayor and Council encouraging more thorough and timely consultations on public policies affecting our neighbourhood. I may be biased but I think that OCA has been very fortunate to attract such talented and dedicated people. Last year we adjusted our meeting and reporting processes to keep the Board and community better informed and up to speed. I do believe we have made some positive changes within the Association.

OCA Annual Report 2016

As a Director with the Oaklands Community Association, I've had the privilege to get a "birds eye view" into the many important issues and initiatives affecting our neighbourhood - from childcare and farmers markets to community gardening and transportation planning. I've also had the opportunity to see all of the hard, meaningful "behind the scenes" work that goes into making Oaklands such a welcoming, healthy, and vibrant neighbourhood. It has been an honour to learn and contribute to this innovative community organization. - Elaina Mack, Board Director, OCA

What’s Up Next for 2017? As we move into our next fiscal year, both the OCA Board and Staff members will continue to work on a number of exciting challenges and initiatives. Anticipated priorities for 2017 include: • Giving Oaklands Neighbourhood House backyard and facility a loving face lift • Establishing new locations for some of our Out-of-school Care programs • Engaging the community to better serve the Oaklands neighbourhood • Participating in more fun events – garage sale and street party in May, placemaking, etc. • Building our community gardens • Improving our communication tools to inform and connect with each other • Creating a block-by-block network for future neighbourhood land use planning processes • Raising money for our newly created Community Chest Fund!

OCA Annual Report 2016


Organizational Revenue

Advertising and Other Income: 0.93% Federal Funding: 1.22%

Donations: 0.11%

Rental 1.42% Advertising and OtherFees: Income: 0.93% Federal Funding: 1.22% Market Income: 1.59% Rental Fees: 1.42% Funding for Specific Programs: 1.68% Market Income: 1.59%

Gaming Grants: 3.28%

Funding for Specific Programs: 1.68%

Special Events: 0.63% Donations: 0.11% 0.05% Interest: Special Events: 0.63% Interest: 0.05%

Gaming Summer Camp Fees:Grants: 5.31%3.28%

Licensed Daycare: 29.95%

Summer Camp Fees: 5.31%

Licensed Daycare: 29.95%

Recreation Program Fees: 6.15% Recreation Program Fees: 6.15%

City City of Victoria Grants: of Victoria Grants:6.32% 6.32%

Province of BC Grants: 13.00%

Province of BC Grants: 13.00% OSC Fees: 28.36%

OSC Fees: 28.36%

Licensed Daycare City of Victoria Grants

Licensed Daycare Gaming Grants

City of Victoria Grants Rental Fees


OSC Fees



Recreation Program Fees



Funding for Specific Programs


379,984 80,149

OSC Fees

Recreation Program Fees


Summer Camp Fees


Market Income


359,787 77,996


Federal Funding

Gaming Grants Donations

41,676 1,405

Funding for Specific Programs Special Events 8,031 21,368 Interest

Rental Fees


Federal Funding


Province of BC Grants

Province of BC Grants Summer Camp Fees

Advertising and Other Income

Market Income

11,802 647

15,466 Advertising and Other Income 8 OCA Annual Report 2016

Organizational Expenses

Utilities : 0.44% : 0.44% Business dues and Utilities fees: 0.48% Business dues and fees: 0.48%

Bank charges and interest: 0.67% Bank charges and interest: 0.67% Insurance:0.93% 0.93% Insurance: Accounting and legal : 1.00% Accounting and legal : 1.00% Advertising: 1.16%

Advertising: 1.16% Interest on debt: 1.23%

Interest debt: 1.23% Rent on on facilities: 1.40% Amortization: 1.52%

Rent on facilities: 1.40% Office Supplies: 2.12%

Amortization: 1.52% Repairs and maintenance : 3.93%

Vehicle (Bus) : 0.38%

Vehicle0.36% (Bus) Telephone: Travel: 0.06% Telephone:

: 0.38%


Travel: 0.06%

Office Supplies: 2.12% Repairs and maintenance : 3.93% Program costs: 10.30%

Program costs: 10.30%

Wages and benefits : 74.00%

Wages and benefits : 74.00%

Wages and benefits


Program costs


Repairs and maintenance


Office Supplies




Rent on facilities


Interest on debt




Accounting and legal




Bank charges and interest


Business dues and fees


Vehicle (Bus)








Wages and benefits


Program costs

OCA AnnualRepairs Report and 2016maintenance 9 130,315

OCA People Power # of Full Time Employees = 13

# of Part-time Employees = 51

# of Contractors = 23

# of Volunteer Opportunities = 174

“Working for the Oaklands Community Association has given me the opportunity to support community members and colleagues in building programs, spaces and resources. My positon at Oaklands has been a wonderful experience in meaningful collaboration, creativity and fun�. - Melissa Lane, Admin

OCA Annual Report15 2016


Facilities About the Facilities Department: The Facilities Department is responsible for maintaining, adding to, and renting out the OCA’s spaces and resources. In addition to the Oaklands Community Centre, which is a building owned by the City of Victoria, the OCA owns the Oaklands Neighbourhood House (ONH) and has added a 24 seat bus to our rental portfolio. Number of Staff The Facilities Department has one full-time employee, several after hour part-time centre attendant staff and a part-time maintenance worker. Report of Activities in 2016: • We rented our facilities throughout the year on a regular basis to a choir, a meditation group, a yoga class for people living with Cerebral Palsy, Ukelele lessons, a rug hooking group, a Mom & Baby support group, VEMA, Part-T-perfect birthday parties and a Pet First Aid workshop. • We had approximately 6500 people visit our community centre and neighbourhood house through rentals. • We offered our facilities for free approximately 30 times to Oaklands Elementary, a local oncology support group and Lansdowne Preschool. • We completed some renovations to the back yard of ONH. This included installing back yard drainage, installing a small storage shed, replacing the gravel play areas with wood chips and building a sand box for the children. • We introduced a new extended benefits provider to offer a more comprehensive and cost effective benefits package for our employees. • To address the long term maintenance needs of the OCA property portfolio, a 5 year maintenance plan was created with recommendations for the future. What’s up next for 2017? Our goal for 2017 is to continue strengthening community partnerships by creating a safe, clean and welcoming space for as many groups, organizations and individuals as possible. We’re hoping to upgrade our technological systems at the OCA with the potential integration of a POS/till. We’ve identified that our storage needs continue to grow and solutions will need to be found. We plan to maintain and improve our ONH property with a new fence and a renovated backyard.

“As a non-profit group with programming “It's important for families whose children have in Victoria but an office in Vancouver, the cancer to have regular contact with each other. staff at Oaklands Community Centre has Friends and family try to support us, but there been especially patient, courteous, and are certain things they just can't understand. It communicative. We deal a lot with means so much to be able to talk to other parents community centres and spaces across who have lived similar experiences. Without the the province, and Oaklands stands out space at Oaklands community center, we would as one of the most accommodating not be able to meet regularly to share a meal. and friendly centres we work with.” Without the space, I would not have ready access to a community of support.” – Cerebral Palsy Association of BC - Member of the oncology support group OCA Annual Report 2016


Community Development About the Community Development Department The Community Development Department facilitates opportunities for community members to develop relationships, take collective action, and generate positive change in the Oaklands neighbourhood and beyond. The Community Development Department has one full-time staff and many volunteers. Report of Activities in 2016 • We received the City of Victoria 'My Great Neighbourhood Grant’ for a mobile, multi-functional shed, a.k.a 'community caravan', to serve the needs of the community garden for storing and transporting tools and also to give the OCA a ‘vehicle’ for community outreach. The “community caravan” should be street-ready by summer 2017 and will ‘pop-up’ in areas throughout Oaklands. • To realize the goal of a local Community Garden, a hard-working team of volunteers took to the streets, engaging community members in a conversation about where to develop a garden site and what type of garden it should be. The space at the Oaklands Park between the playground and the ball diamond was identified as the favoured location during a survey conducted during the 2016 market season. The City of Victoria has indicated that the space is potentially suitable. • We continue to be thrilled with the wonderful success of our by-donation Community Dinners which began in September 2015 and already feel as important as the bricks and mortar. Thanks to the funds raised at the sold-out Oktoberfest Dinner, which supports the Community Dinner program, we have been able to modestly increase the budget and provide even more sumptuous meals for our neighbours. What’s up next for 2017? The Oaklands Community Association Strategic Plan 2015-2020 identified a Community Needs Assessment as a priority community engagement goal. In 2017 a team of staff, board and volunteers will plan and implement a range of activities to enable us to take the pulse of the community. Our primary goal is to understand how the Oaklands Community Association can change and grow to best support our community. The Needs Assessment will engage Oaklandians in ‘coffee conversations’, at pop-up comment stations, through an on-line survey, and during two Needs Assessment World Café forums. The community gardeners will host a series of neighbourhood consultations as the garden design is formalized. The expectation is that we will be in a position to submit an Expression of Interest and Garden Proposal to the City of Victoria by the end of May 2017. We hope to receive the initial three year License to Occupy by late in 2017, with construction of Phase One beginning early in 2018.

OCA Annual Report 2016

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Market and Events About the Market and Events Department The Market and Events Department at the Oaklands Community Association (OCA) covers all aspects of OCA annual events and any one-off events as required by the Association. The purpose of every event is to engage the Oaklands community, facilitate a space for neighbours to come together, promote local farmers and businesses, and to fundraise for the Association. Our annual events include Oaklands Sunset Markets, Local Love (an Oaklands Sunset Market fundraiser), Oaklands West Coast Winter Market, Easter Eggstravaganza, Oaklands Street Party, Oktoberfest, Seniors’ Christmas Dinner, and Breakfast with Santa. Number of Staff The Markets and Events Department has one full-time staff member to plan and execute the event calendar, a part-time seasonal employee for summer markets and a team of 20-30 volunteers. Report of Activities in 2016 • We launched the Street Party in 2016 with an estimated attendance of 1000 community members. • We supported 68 vendors in total for the market season and 21 musical groups. • We continued offering the Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program which provided $15 in coupons per week to 10 seniors for fresh produce, dairy, and meat. • All proceeds raised at Oktoberfest went to our community dinners, and proceeds raised at our Local Love fundraiser went to fund programs at the Oaklands Sunset Market. All other revenue from events went back into the Oaklands Community Association. • We saw an increase in local farmers and vendors at both the Sunset Markets and Winter Market. Annual numbers (vendors, grants) • We had an average of 300-500 people attend the Oaklands Sunset Market each week. • We saw an increase in attendance at our Oaklands Sunset Market and Seniors’ Dinner. • We received a Vancity Grant and CRD Ideas Grant for the Sunset Market. • We have received donations from Thrifty Foods, Investors’ Group, and a number of local businesses for our silent auction at Local Love. A giant thank you to the following sponsors of our Events & Markets: Larsen Music, Hoyne Brewing Company, Bell Media, Merridale Cider, Averill Creek Vineyard, DO250, CFUV 101.9 FM, Par-T Perfect, CFAX 1070, 107.3 Kool FM, Atomique Productions, Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition, Metropol Industries, Sea Cider & Farmhouse, The Cottage Picnic & Play, and The Local General Store.

OCA Annual Report 2016



Little Acorn Care Centre About Little Acorn Department Little Acorn Care Centre is a licensed, full day, childcare program located at the Oaklands Neighbourhood House. We offer 40 full-time/part-time spaces for children between the ages of 30 months to 5 years old. Little Acorn is a licensed program that adheres to regulations set by VIHA. Number of Staff Little Acorn employs 7 full-time Early Childhood Educators. We also hosted 4 practicum students from the UVIC Child and Youth Care Program. Report of Activities in 2016 • We hosted 3 special movie night fundraisers. • We collected garage sale donations from Little Acorn families and sold them in the Oaklands annual garage sale. • We fundraised to support a Little Acorn family in need, the Gift of Good Food fundraiser and many more. • Our kids and staff visit a local seniors facility twice a month to read stories, sing songs and visit with each other. • Throughout the year, our program varied between 95% - 100% full capacity. In August we watched 27 (68%) of our children “graduate” and head off to educational kindergarten. As of September, we welcomed 22 new children to our Care Centre.

“My child continuously comes home and tells me about new and interesting things he has learned. My child always talks about funny things that he and the staff talk about or have done. My child asks me frequently if he can stay for five more minutes at the end of the day.” - Little Acorn parent What’s up next for 2017? We are looking forward to some beautification of the Oaklands Neighborhood House. We are fundraising to complete the final stages of the playground renovations. We will also be painting the interior of the facility as well as minor fixes to improve the building. Our program is currently full capacity and our waitlist for the program is extensive. We will be watching 18 of our children “graduate” and will welcome new families to fill those spaces throughout 2017.

OCA Annual Report 2016


Out-of-School Care About the Out-of-school Care Department Oaklands Out-of-school Care (OSC) provides before and after school care to Oaklands Elementary school families, plus full-day camp care for Pro-D Days and Winter/Spring break. OSC is a licensed program that adheres to regulations set by Vancouver Island Health Authority. Report of Activities in 2016 • Our OSC program provided 39 spaces for children in Kindergarten and grade 1 and 60 spaces for children in grade 2 to grade 5. Our care serves approximately 25% of the overall children enrolled at Oaklands Elementary. • We introduced a Travel OSC platform as a recreational unlicensed program. Staffed by two Activity Leaders, the Travelling OSC program had seven children registered out of a possible 15. Children were transported to various parks, beaches, events and attractions within the Greater Victoria area. • Two of our groups visited Parkwood Court Senior Centre twice a month for a Show & Share Ice Cream Social. • Our Spring & Winter Break, Oaklands Summer Camps and Pro-D Day camps were almost always full. • Our OSC staff participated in gender diversity, anti-bullying, and room management training. • This was the first year that OSC did not receive funding from BC Gaming grants. We managed to see a surplus and therefore have become a self-sustaining program. Number of staff in 2016 Staffing included 20 regular part-time staff and 8 substitute staff. We also placed 5 practicum students within the OSC program - 3 from Camosun College in the Community, Family and Child Studies program and 2 from the UVIC Child and Youth Care Program. We have since hired two of those practicum students: one graduate and one current student from the CFCS program at Camosun.

“I value and appreciate the sense of community I feel and have come to experience at Oaklands. This is why I was drawn to the OCA in the first place, and it is emphasized by the staff and board of directors I work with. To have a place where I feel welcome, known and appreciated by staff, volunteers, participants and parents is a place where I am happy to spend my days.“ – Lauren Taylor, OSC leader What’s up next for 2017? As we move into 2017, our OSC program is looking forward to working collaboratively with Oaklands Elementary principal, David Hovis. While we experimented with Travelling OSC in 2016, it was not as popular as we’d hoped and we will not be continuing to offer it in the upcoming school year. We hope to include a travel aspect and more recreation programs into licensed OSC program in the 2017/18 school year.

OCA Annual Report 2016


Programs About the Programs Department The Oaklands Programs Department provides recreation classes, workshops and family-based programming for patrons aged 0-99. We offer a wide range of activities including, but not limited to, Drop-in Playgroup, Zumba, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Music Together, Drop-in Floor Hockey for Youth, DIY Skin Care and different types of Yoga for all ages. Report of Activities in 2016 • 13,609 patrons visited our centre in the year to enjoy any number of our 67 different classes and programs. • We partnered with the Kids at Tennis Society (KATS) to offer free group tennis lessons for kids aged 5-13. • We introduced Nordic Pole Walking which proved to be a popular class with an added benefit of being accessible to all ages. • We increased our Activity Guide mail-out delivery to reach between 8500-9000 households and businesses in a 1.5 km radius surrounding Oaklands Community Centre. • We introduced the drop-in punch card which has been well received especially by our resident yogis. • We introduced non-licenced offsite summer camps including Kayak Camp and Dance Essentials Camp. • With the help of Child Care Resource and Referral and local home-based daycare professionals, we started a new Early Learning Playgroup for home-based daycares. We’ve had two sessions so far that have been filled to the 30-child capacity each time. The program serves as both a playgroup for local children in care and also as a resource for home-based daycare professionals. Number of staff in 2016 The Programs Department had one full time staff, six part-time staff that offer programming, 23 subcontractor instructors, 3 part-time centre attendant staff and we hosted 4 practicum students in collaboration with the OSC Department. What’s up next for 2017? We hope to see 2017 be the year we launch online registration. We would like to expand our daytime programming, specifically hoping to gear it towards the family and senior demographic. We continue to search for free community programs. We are hoping the Community Needs Assessment will help inform our future growth.

“Teaching at the Centre helps me meet my neighbours, deepens my connections to the community in which I live, and cultivates a sense of community and support for everyone who attends my programs. 2016 was a great year for OCA yoga classes and a year in which my programs experienced growth. This growth was possible because of the support and encouragement of the staff at OCA and the commitment community members make to their health and wellness. “ - Tanya Roberts, Yoga instructor OCA Annual Report 2016

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Communications About the Communications Department The Communications Department was officially created in 2016 and is responsible for developing and implementing systems that improve internal communications within our organization and external communications with the public. Number of Staff The Communications Department shares one full-time staff member with the programs department. Report of Activities in 2016 • We’ve worked extensively within our existing website to make it more navigable for all devices, more comprehensive and to update our information frequently. • We changed our logo to better represent our entire organization as Oaklands Community Association. • We increased our social media reach through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. • We continue to move toward a more congruent brand by streamlining all graphic design through the Communications Coordinator. • We developed a Communications Plan with the help of a volunteer consultant. This will focus our direction for the next year or more. • Any marketing and graphic design that was once contracted out to a third party graphic designer is now the in-house role of the Programs and Communications Coordinator. There has been no shortage of work to be done, including the introduction and design of this Annual Report. • Activity Guide ad sales was added to the communications portfolio. This year we made a total of $ 1955 in ad sales and in-kind ad sales. What’s up next for 2017? A primary focus for 2017 will be a new comprehensive and responsive website. We hope to further develop the infastructure that informs our organizational communications, primarily through policies and training. We are extensivley involved in the Community Needs Assessment and look forward to the feedback we receive shaping the range of services we provide.

How does the OCA inform its community? Monthly E-Newsletters

Flyers & Posters

Emails Our Website

The OCA Activity Guide

Conversations & Relationship Social Media (FB, Twitter, Instagram)

During Events & Programs

Annual General Meetings

Phone Calls

OCA Annual Report 2016


Thank You! We are grateful for our volunteers, community partners and sponsors who help make our programs and special events possible.





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OCA Annual Report 2016


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Compiled by: Traci Fontana-Wegelin, Executive Director Edited and designed by: Allieren Ward, Programs & Communications Coordinator

Oaklands Community Association's 2016 Annual Report  

Review what the Oaklands Community Association accomplished in 2016 and what they hope to achieve in 2017.

Oaklands Community Association's 2016 Annual Report  

Review what the Oaklands Community Association accomplished in 2016 and what they hope to achieve in 2017.