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Evan Manager, Inc.

Suspected over-occupancy

According to Allegheny County Assessment: Zoned as a Rowhouse. Contains 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 1,770 sq. feet of living space. According to, rented as a 5 bedroom. Still in the information-gathering stage.




Evan Manager, Inc.

Suspected over-occupancy

According to Allegheny County Assessment: Zoned for Single-Family Occupancy. Contains 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 1,905 sq. feet of living space. According to, rented as a 5 bedroom. Still in the information-gathering stage.





Illegal dumping

Red and white pickup truck "backfilling" the hillside with chunks of cement.


Oakland Square

Mao Realty 1 LLC

Revoked zoning permit for 2-unit upon community outcry

Construction has continued even without the zoning permit and by default, bulding permit. BBI has issued a stop-work notice, says the only legal work that can be done is painting and tiling inside the house. Owners plan to appeal the revoked permit.

Vasile and George Capetas

Large disruptive party on 1/24/14

Large party (89+ partygoers) resulting in noise complaint by neighbor to police. 4 police officers showed up and dispersed the party over the course of thirty minutes and issued a warning but made no citations. Pitt Police Officer Cetra followed up with a visit to warn the tenants against future disruptions, found out 4 women from Carlow reside. Pitt Police communicated this with Carlow Police. Letter sent from Kraus' office to property owners on 2/5/14.


Surface parking lot (zoning is OPR-D) is noncompliant with current standards is in works for ACHD employees.

BBI reported at Oakwatch meeting they think work may be legal according to 1970 permit.


Semple/Mc Kee/ Bates/ St. James Place

Graffiti increase

McKee Place resident has video footage of tagger. OPDC working with him to get property owner to file a police report. Officer Leshen reported at Oakwatch meeting she will take a look at footage, has since (MAR 2014) met with resident to file reports.


Dawson St

Exploded house debris still on lot and hazardous

(Feb 2014) Owner secured permit to clean up and is half-way finished. (Mar 2014) Cleaned up entirely. Broken sidewalk has been reported to 311.








Parcel ID : Robinson 0028-JStreet 00023-0000parking lot 00


(JAN 2014) Improved front concrete. (FEB 2014) Constable arrested Wasserman when he showed in Vacant, abandoned property. Fined $100,000 court for a hearing on another property he owns that is in disrepair. He posted bail and had a in 2009 by Ricciardi. Property condition now Dunseith Eli Wasserman Payment Determination hearing before Ricciardi, and is to be in touch with Inspector McPherson in worse. Constable will serve warrant for arrest order to begin making repairs. He has not made contact yet. (MAR 2014) OPDC is reaching out to once he tracks down owner. Mr. Wasserman to encourage him to sell this property.






BBI reported at January Oakwatch meeting that owner is having issues with insurance company. Her intention is to rebuild.








Lawn St

Niagara St

Parkview Ave

David M Sell and Sandra A Sell

Joseph M Slomnicki

Vacant lot that appears abandoned, overgrown, collected debris or not properly secured

Appears abandoned, overgrown, collected debris or not properly secured

(November 2013) Inspector Malley tried to serve legal but resident address came back 'undeliverable'. The estate is still in probate and BBI is still pursuing. (JAN 2014) Inspectors still pursuing valid address, more mail returned. Will try reaching lawyer directly. Property still sliding into sidewalk. (FEB 2014) Still no contact, BBI reports. This property would be ideal for the Land Bank if that bill passes. (Mar 2014) Owner has moved. Attorney still unreachable. BBI suspects they have walked away from the house altogether. BBI: Property will make for a good tax sale candidate.

(Jan 2014) Movement at a halt because owner filed for bankruptcy. OPDC is on record as party of interest with attorneys. Councilman Gilman recommends speaking with state representatives about policy/process around cases like this. (Feb 2014) BBI is re-citing and taking back to court. (Mar 2014) BBI has re-cited and Inspector McPherson is processing.

Inside- currently occupied with Electric and Gas service shut off. Major water damage on top floor. Outside- Porch walls falling down, Cars parked (Jan 2014) Neighbor reported improvements to front steps but nothing more. Owner is in 3rd Nickolas Solic in backyard. Side walk littered with large appeal process. Windows are now boarded. (Feb 2014) Still in appeals; briefs have been submitted. chunks of cement, retaining wall falling down, (Mar 2014) Per BBI, still in appeals. front steps crumbling, and hole in roof in the rear of the house.






(8/14/12)Per Julie Reiland report , BBI has offered deceased owner's daughter extension to abate violations since owner recently passed away.(11/29/12) OPDC is in talks with owner's daughter who is working to abate violations. Oakwatch chairs have agreed to remove this property from Top 10 list.(March 2013) Owners no longer responding to OPDC. Request for BBI to re-cite. (April 2013) BBI to reach out to lawyer. (May 2013) Re-cited by ACHD. (June BBI/ 2013) Attorney not responding. Brian Hill: can’t sue since new owners haven’t ACHD probated estate. (July 2013) Inspector Malle is working on a new citation, this time using the name of person who was named executor of will. (September 2013) OPDC in negotiations to purchase property. (October 2013)OPDC still waiting to hear back on offer made. BBI: tried contacting attorney for the estate a few times the week of October 16th to no avail. New plan: sue the estate although owner is deceased.



(Jan-Feb 2012) 5 BBI violations submitted for court complaint. (3/21/12) 30day continuance issued on condition owner reach out to OPDC for solution. (4/3/12) Owner met with OPDC, not interested in selling. (4/17/12)Owner sent OPDC letter requesting volunteers to clean up debris. OPDC responded on 4/27/12 offering to to buy house and/or recommend landscapers/ contractors to do work if they don't wish to sell. (6/7/12) Owner fined $100,000 at magistrate's court. Plans to appeal. (7/12/12): Community Human Services in contact with BBI and wishes to purchase the home/provide services to owner. (10/16/12) Owner appealled before Judge Gallo and received a 60 day extension. Judge threatened fine of $1,000 per day if not abated by then. (12/4/12) OPDC is working with URA to place property in Property Reserve. (1/8/13) Judge Gallo fined Slomnicki $10,000. Slomnicki did not state whether or not he would appeal. (May 2013) Oakwatch researching Act 90 legislation (June 2013) Brief is due, CJ Liss said she submitted hers and didn’t know if Slomnicki has submitted his. (July 2013) Owner filed for bankruptcy. Never submitted brief. Appeal denied, court must begin collecting fines. (August 2013) The owner did not submit an appeal. Gallo must enforce fines against the owner. The owner has filed bankruptcy to put a stay on the fines, and will appear at bankruptcy court. The bankruptcy court could throw the fines out.Warrant has still not been served. (September 2013) Waiting for BBI update. (October 2013) BBI will have Judge Ricciardi serve an arrest warrant



(6/20/12): BBI has submitted this property to appear in housing court soon.(9/6/12) Owner fined $500,000 by Judge Ricciardi; will likely appeal. (9/19/12) Per BBI, no update on notice of appeal. (12/4/12) Owner did not show for appeal hearing. (1/8/13) Judge Gallo fined Solic $13,500. Solic stated that he will appeal. (1/20/13) House continues to be safety hazard; Oakwatch further exploring options with City Solicitor re: possible injunction.(March 2013) Owner has made minor improvements and claims he's retained lawyer for appeal. Appeal process to Superior Court is very lengthy. (May 2013) Oakwatch exploring Act 90 legislation. (June 2013) His brief was not due yet. To follow up on fines, would have to call Judge Gallo’s office or city solicitor. (August 2013) The brief has been submitted. CJ’s brief is due at the end of July. After an appeal, the owner can be cited again. He cannot be cited again during the appeal because federal law gives him protection from double jeopardy (receiving punishment multiple times for the same offense). (October 2013) Judge Gallo reduced fine from $13,500.00 to $8,500.00. The City was able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt the violations for debris, junk vehicles, collapsed retaining wall, and a deteriorated slate roof. Councilman Kraus' and neighbors' testimony said to be effective. Filed In Forma Pauperis for reduction of fines. (November 2013) Repairs are in progress.


292559; 28663

Oct 2011; March 2013


Forbes Ave.

Emeric Criscella and MRL Associates LLC

Owner removed stones on PennDOT owned land. Paved it and is using as a parking lot.

(November 2013) Scheduled for Housing Court in May 2014. (JAN 2014) Inspector Sanders approved site plans for parking, pending landscape requirements.


(3/21/2012) Owners cited. Will go through Zoning Board, and Planning board. (4/18/12) Per Brian Hill report, city attorneys and developer attorneys trying to resolve issue out of court.(6/21/12)Judge Ricciardi issued continuance in Housing Court. Mandated that in interim, owners install parking bumpers. (8/14/12) In Housing Court on August 16th. Community is coordinating BBI/ testimony with city attorney.(8/15/12) Was continued in court; city wants it Plannin handled by Planning Commission. (9/19/12) Per Mayor's Office, planning g commission is still awaiting updated site plans from developer and will try to Commi contact owner or attorney. (10/22/12) Owners did not show up for hearing. ssion Judge Ricciardi fined them $600,000. (1/4/13) Owners filed appeal. New court date February 12th.(2/20/13) Hearing delayed until further notice.(June 2013) Still under appeal. (July 2013) Zoning Board awaiting revised site plan. Will present to planning commission once approved. (August 2013) Zoning department is still reviewing proposed drawings. (10/1/2013) Planning Commision hearing approved site plan.


(12/4/12) ACHD cited for garbage violations. BBI cited for multiple exterior violations (missing steps, broken windows, etc) as well as occupancy violations in efforts to do full inspection of property(9/13/12) Multiple complaints about this house:building/trash violations/ disruptive parties; problem in past years as well. Police have already visited house once this year on Labor Day weekend. Oakwatch submitted this house in our Top 5 Disruptive Property list to Zone 4 and Chief Maurita Bryant. (10/16/12) Larry from ACHD visited property, photographed/documented building issues, and spoke with tenants about disruptive behavior and pending inspection BBI/ date.(12/19/12) ACHD reinspected property and reports that new owners ACHD/ have complied.(2/20/13) BBI submitted for legal action. In Housing Court on Fire Feb 28th. (2/28/13) Judge Ricciardi issued warrant for owner's arrest after noBureau show in housing court. (May 2013) Recited by fire chief. Constable has not made contact with owner. (June 2013) Fire chief sent notice and their issues go to Municipal Court on 1st Street. (July 2013) Judge Ricciardi has not enforced a subpoena on the property owner yet. Need North Oakland residents to make more calls to Ricciardi: (412) 481-0616 (August 2013) ACHD also recommends that residents call in complaints to them as well. The secretaries will log the complaint. After many complaints have been gathered, ACHD will give the property owners a warning. If the property owners fail to comply after that point, their permit can be taken away. Property owner's old warrant has been called back, for he was never properly notified of his court




North Dithridge

Mardan Properties LLC

Large parties; overgrowth; trash

(November 2013) ACHD passed them since fire escape repair is in progress. Fire Chief Jones has also cited them. They will have to appear in Municipal Court two times now. Brian Hill: "They know we mean business." (Jan 2014) BBI monitoring progress on fire escapes, on which they reported vast improvements so far. (Feb 2014) BBI is not happy with final product and is re-citing. (Mar 2014) Owners in process of additional support brackets to the fire escape; BBI reports future satisfaction.


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