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OAKLAND GREEN TEAM Mission The Oakland Green Team seeks to put the oak back in Oakland, improving trail connections and creating attractive open spaces. The team will identify, guide and implement greening activities throughout Oakland.

MINUTES April 18, 2013 In attendance: Mark Oleniacz, Matt Ferrer, Tara Sherry-Torres, Ginny Giles, Pam Sisco, Patricia Richards, Liz Gray, Russell Ottalini, David Zwier -


May 2nd, 7pm: Louisa Steps Project public meeting, Oakland Career Center, for more info contact Next Meeting: Thursday, May 16, 6:00pm meet at Career Center then going to Action Housing’s Green House (East Liberty) for a tour. Tara to organize tour details, Barbara to ask for church van.

Scout and Evaluate (30 minutes) i.

Blvd of the Allies (Liz): Five items worth tackling  Fagnelli’s Plumbing: on OakWatch Top Ten list, owner currently working with Landscaping company  Greening Opportunities (planters, street trees)  Magee Hospital  Sunoco gas station (Matt, Pam, Liz)  Panera Bread/Hotel  Per Dave Panasiuk, corner of Duquesne Light property public park ii. Volunteer Projects iii. ReEnergize Pgh: (Tara)  Belkin meter to share among and educate Oakland homeowners?  Home energy audit: Liz volunteers her home  Green House tour  Data collection during fall B&G Blitz, do people need help with installation, if so return later ReEnergize/Green Team to provide assistance.


Vet and Prioritize (5 minutes) i.

Greenway designation: South Oakland hillside (David)  City Planning:  Supports idea of South Oakland greenway,  Finalizing the OpenSpace Pgh plan >>> May community meetings/online input into plan

 Current action: two privately owned lots will be transferred to city for inclusion in greenway  Contacted James Dunigan, a caretaker for the Shrine of the Blessed Mother. Interested in hillside work, and will submit volunteer request form for site work


Shape and Coordinate (20 minutes) i.

Harris Parklet (David)  Love Your Block Grant: $1,000 awarded  Establish working group for project ii. Public art: Moving the Lives of Kids (MLK) Murals project  Potentially 2 murals  MLK open to alternative options… green wall, planters?   Privately owned property, one story buildings  Extensive public input process with communities and artist  Questions for Edward  Average longevity of murals?  Legality issues surrounding maintenance? iii. Louisa St. Steps Project (David): May 2, 7:00pm


Implement and Mobilize (5 minutes) i.

Bates St Hillside Restoration Project (David)  Dates: May 8th and 9th of May, from 4:00 – 7:00 pm (Wednesday and Thursday) ii. Tree Care day: update (David)

 Ophelia St Trees: who is allowed to maintain?

**Next meeting: May 16, 5:45-7:30 >> PLEASE RSVP Meet at Career Center, we will then go to Action Housing’s Green House (East Liberty) for a tour. Barbara Brewton will bring a 12 person van.