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Peralta Services Corporation: Cleaner, safer, better

The Wine Noire elevating wine makers, businesses

Gordon Leung, Peralta Services Corporation

The Wine Noire

Peralta Service Corporation (PSC), founded in Oakland in 1975, is a subsidiary of The Unity Council and nonprofit social enterprise that generates revenue with a social mission to help committed job-seekers to remove multiple employment barriers including history of incarceration, homelessness, mental health illness/disability, and language barriers. As a subsidiary and social enterprise of The Unity Council, our organization’s values are aligned with the principals of community, empowerment, equity, integrity, self-esteem, passion, as well as cultural awareness and sensitivity. Since PSC believes everyone deserves a second chance, our goal is to help program participants to obtain all job readiness skills so that they can ultimately transition to a better career. All participants have an opportunity to work closely with the Employment and Training Program Manager who per-forms intake and assessment. While we assess employee’s performance on a regular basis, we also assure employees to have access to supportive services including financial coaching, computer literacy, transportation assistance, and housing. After being employed with PSC for 12 months, employees will be eligible of salary adjustments and benefits. PSC Peralta Services Corporation team also believes the importance of our program which creates job opportunities and makes positive impact to local communities. 95% of our employees grow up or live in Fruitvale District in Oakland and they are proud of being a member in the local community. Currently, PSC is providing street cleaning service, graffiti abatement, power washing, landscaping for several Business Improvement Districts in Oakland. We use environmentally friendly materials and approaches to complete works. Our team also keeps festival and event clean and safe by placing traffic signage as well as managing trash, compost, and recycle. Additionally, the Safety and Neighborhoods Ambassador Program (SNAP) is a key component of PSC team which has the goal of transforming a cleaner, safer, and better communities of Oakland. We serve as “eyes and ears” and connect stakeholders in community. Our team is solution oriented and trained to consistently focus on building and promoting relationship with merchants, police, and people in the public. Each ambassador is passionate about his or her community and eager to make a positive influence every day. They are also outgoing, respectful problem solvers with great attitudes and work ethics. To enhance efficiency and deliver the highest satisfaction to our customers, PSC utilizes a cloud-based software for our daily activity and incident report so that our clients can collect instant data to manage emergencies and issues timely. If you are interested in learning more about our social enterprise and services, please visit our website at Peralta Services Corporation: Building a cleaner, safer, better community together!◼

The Wine Noire founder and CEO Alicia Maria is a dedicated social impact and conscious entrepreneur with three years of diverse wine industry experience. Her journey into the world of wine follows a successful career in the Healthcare sector. “With 20 years corporate experience in training and development in Healthcare, I always had amazing hobbies outside of my professional work,” Alicia reflected. “One of those hobbies was wine. I’m an avid lover of wine, and it evolved from being a hobby, to being a student, to working in the industry as a Wine Sales Associate, and then graduating to owning a wine business,” she said. Throughout the different phases of her wine journey she increasingly noticed the lack of diversity and inclusion of people of color in the industry. “Even though there are women and minority wine producers, their representation is still very small,” said Alicia. “Women and people of color have even smaller numbers up and down the supply chain, and in ownership and operation of wine distribution importing, wholesale, and export businesses.” After working as a wine ambassador for a major winery in St. Helena California, Alicia decided to fill the void in the traditionally male-dominated wine industry by creating The Wine Noire in Berkeley. The Wine Noire is a Social Impact and Cooperative company using an integrated approach to offer equitable resources and diversity and inclusion solutions to the Alicia Maria, The Wine Noire wine industry. Alicia’s vision for her endeavor is summed up in her new venture’s company tag line, “The Wine Noire provides business solutions that allow women and people of color winemakers to get from bottle to the local and global marketplace.” “I chose to own and operate a company focusing on the business side of the wine industry – a business side that is both holistic and cooperative. There is enormous growth potential and opportunity to help women winemakers, people of color winemakers, and small producers get their wines directly to the consumer and business clients through equitable and sustainable supply chain and logistics services,” she said. The Wine Noire offers comprehensive, integrated wine solutions with a sustainable and equitable approach for women winemakers and minority winemakers. “Our wine solutions include wine distribution, importing, wholesaling, consulting, and event management,” stated Alicia. “Once women and people of color winemakers partner with our company, we take their wine brand to the next level by offering our growing California direct to consumer clients and B2B clients. Our social mission is that we work with underrepresented wine brands and provide them A+ business solution services so they can focus on producing amazing wines. “Wine is a shared experience,” said Alicia, “Our most important element of the supply chain is in enabling the experience for people, getting wine into the hands and heart of as many people as possible.” In addition to having an exceptional professional background, Alicia has an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from California State University East Bay. She has completed wine courses at the San Francisco Wine School and plans to complete additional wine education business courses. “One of the many amazing perks of my business are I get to travel to different wine producing regions to sample wines from women and people of color wine producers. The future of the Wine Noire is great with our growing wine portfolio, growing partnerships with B2B and B2C customer base, and being social change agents in the hospitality wine industry,” she concluded. For information, visit◼

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