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Of course, I would be remiss in not thanking all of the lovely and wonderful people who helped us spread the word about our growing magazine and all of the amazing writers and artists who sent us submissions from all over the globe. We continue to be humbled and awed by the overwhelming amount of quality work we receive and love that, as our journal grows, we can continue to showcase and support all of the budding undergraduate talent around the world. It would be absolutely improper of me not to extend a thank you to the English Department and the College of Arts and Sciences at Oakland University for their continual support of the journal, and to my fellow editors, who have found time in between their own coursework to bring forth this culmination of outstanding literary and artistic works. Finally, I’d like to give my upmost gratitude to you, our readers - I hope this work will challenge and enlighten you. I hope it will inspire you and drive you to create something amazing of your own. Most of all, I hope you find some joy within its pages. Warmly and Most Sincerely,

Emily Stamper Managing Editor

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Oakland Arts Review Volume 4  

Oakland Arts Review Volume 4