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Volume 46 • Issue 1/2 • Spring 2015

Sports can be much more than just a game! “Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last; but we do it to get a crown that will last forever.” I Cor. 9:25


ADMINISTRATION President Dr. Steve Hostetter Dean of the College Dr. Steven Ware Vice President for Advancement Joan Berntson

Sports can than

Executive Vice President Carol Nelson Dean of Student Life/Youth Ministry Director Randy McKain Camp Oak Hills Director Scott Buchan Center for Indian Ministries Director Zane Williams Director of Church and Ministry Relations Jim Hodgson

DIRECTION MAGAZINE Volume 46 • Issue 1/2 • Spring 2015 Editor Rachel Johnson Director of Marketing & Communications Layout and Design Brent Johnson - Consultant

OAK HILLS FELLOWSHIP INC. 1600 Oak Hills Road SW Bemidji, Minnesota 56601 • 218.751.8670 Oak Hills is located along the shores of Lake Marquette in northern Minnesota. For over eight decades, the staff of Oak Hills have helped people pursue Christian maturity by teaching the truth from God’s Word that changes lives. Today they achieve this through three focused ministries: Oak Hills Christian College focuses on biblical education. Students may choose from ten bachelor degrees, six associate degrees, or a one-year Bible certificate. Camp Oak Hills offers a quality, Christian camp experience for youth, while pursuing a vision for year-round ministry to families and adults. Center for Indian Ministries reaches out to the Native American community to bring them the hope of Jesus Christ. The Mokahum Ministry Center provides culturally relevant Bible training for our Native American brothers and sisters.

The wrestler faced his skilled opponent across the center of the mat. With just five seconds left and down 2 to 1, he was desperate. When the whistle blew, he sprang into action and scored a winning 2-point takedown as time expired. Through the encouragement of my coach, that particular bout was a confidence builder for me while in high school. Although my high school wrestling coach was a fearsome individual (300 lbs. and strong as an ox), both he and the assistant coach taught me many things such as discipline, handling injustice, and the value of self-control. Wrestling played a significant role in the development of my character. Sports are a great opportunity for us to worship God through play as we exercise our bodies and use them in ways God intended. My wife and I find great enjoyment in playing intramural floor hockey with fellow staff members against student teams (even though a win is a rare occurrence!). However, sports can be much more than just a game.

n be much more just a game! During the years that I served as a youth pastor, I consistently utilized sports as a key strategy for ministry. One of the great values of sports is that during the course of play, the real person is revealed. An individual may be able to hide who they really are inside in many contexts, but when it comes to sports, the real person shows up. And when the real person is exposed, it provides the coach and/or leader with the opportunity to speak into that person’s life and help them develop Christ-like qualities. At Oak Hills Christian College, both intercollegiate and intramural sports are a vital strategy for discipling students. One of the pillars upon which all ministry activities rest at OHCC is the transformation of individuals toward Christlikeness and the development of Christian maturity. Sports can provide an exceptional opportunity for coaches and staff to build relationships and come alongside students to support them and help them grow. Aside from being a great means for developing disciples, sports can also serve as a great entry point for evangelism and sharing the gospel. In that light, OHCC will be launching a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sports Management for fall 2015. The program will enable students to utilize sports as a method for building relationships, mentoring others, sharing the gospel, and discipling believers in the region and around the world!

At Oak Hills Sports is much more than just a game!

Dr. Steve Hostetter

President, Oak Hills Christian College

Launching the New Sports Management Degree by Jeremy Anderson When I was offered my position here at Oak Hills Christian College, I was immediately filled with excitement and anticipation for the opportunity. After hanging up the phone, I couldn’t wait to start writing down ideas. I am both honored and challenged by being involved in advancing the Athletics Department and also shaping the new Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management. Now, as I glance out my office window overlooking the gymnasium, I can’t help but notice the successes of our past athletic teams. The row of banners that hang on the east wall remind me that the Wolfpack tradition was established long before I arrived at Oak Hills. Whether it’s the Women’s Basketball MCCAA Conference banner from the 1999-2000 season or the Men’s Basketball 2006 ACCA National Championship banner, being a member of the Wolfpack was synonymous with success. It is with tremendous excitement that we forge onto the next chapter of Wolfpack Athletics. Launching a new athletic logo along with new athletic colors will help shape the Wolfpack brand into the future. Beginning fall of 2015 we will be offering our students two new athletic programs. The re-launching of our Women’s Basketball program after a several year break, along with the startup of a Men’s Soccer team, will allow our coaching staff to recruit on a larger scale. These two new offerings, as well as our two staples, Men’s Basketball and Women’s Volleyball will insure a strong future for Wolfpack Athletics. Not only are things growing within our Athletic Department, but the launch of our new Sports Management degree allows us to blend sports and recreation with ministry and outreach. Whether our students want to manage their own fitness facility or run a nonprofit sports evangelism ministry, they will be given the tools necessary to make their dreams come true! This is truly a great time to be a member of the Wolfpack community. If you know of someone who might benefit from either of our four athletic teams or our Sports Management degree, please don’t hesitate to contact the Oak Hills Christian College Athletic Department!

Zach Ivanoff Sophomore - Basketball Hometown: Unalakleet, AK Major: Business Favorite Bible Verse: Philippians 2:14

After high school Zach knew he wanted to attend college in a Christian environment where he could also play basketball. He is happy God brought him to Oak Hills. Zach says he’s noticed God transforming his outlook on life since coming to OHCC. “I’m learning to be thankful for everything God’s provided for me and to enjoy the many blessings I have in life,” he says. Zach also sees God at work on campus. “He’s making OHCC a better place by providing new facilities for future students. I believe he’s making the school more visible to bring more students here from more places, especially through the athletic programs.” Zach would like to do something business related after graduation.

Katelyn Hodgson Senior - Volleyball (Captain) Hometown: Bemidji, MN Major: Applied Psychology Favorite Bible Verse: Nehemiah 8:10d Katelyn originally came to Oak Hills for a general associate degree while simultaneously pursuing a nursing degree at Bemidji State. While working part time as a CNA, Katelyn quickly realized she enjoyed the psychology aspect of patient care so she switched her major to Applied Psychology at Oak Hills. She tells us she is excited to be graduating this spring but will miss playing volleyball the most. Her passion is working with the elderly as she says “they have so much spunk and life stories you can learn from.” Katelyn plans to pursue geriatric counseling after graduation.

College Life

The Face of Wolfpack Athletics Kierra Townsend Freshman - Basketball Hometown: Dallas, TX Major: Sports Management Favorite Bible Verse: Philippians 4:13 Joining Oak Hills from Texas, Kierra says it has taken some time to adjust to the cold and snow. However she is excited to be part of the startup of both the women’s basketball program and the sports management program. For Kierra’s weekly outreach, she volunteers as a mentor to high school age girls who have been abused. Coming from a family of 14 kids, Kierra says she sees herself as a big sister to these girls and wants to help them draw close to Christ. After graduation she’d like to pursue a career in sports training or management at the collegiate level or higher.

Alex Manning Sophomore - Basketball Hometown: Eagle River, AK Major: General Studies (Associate in Arts) Favorite Bible Verse: 2 Timothy 1:7 Alex came to Oak Hills because he wanted to pursue basketball in a small Christian environment. His younger brother was recruited to play basketball at Oak Hills so it was a great opportunity. Alex says he appreciates playing basketball and attending class in a community where his peers have similar beliefs. “It’s a safe place to question and get answers in your faith, and professors challenge you to think for yourself.” He says he has grown in his spiritual maturity since coming to OHCC and he wants to be a leader in whatever way God will use him. Alex plans to either continue on to pursue his bachelor’s degree or enlist in the Air Force.

“Coach” Jeremy Anderson Athletic Director, Sports Management Program Director, Women’s Basketball Coach

Jeremy obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and Family Counseling from Barclay College in Haviland, KS. He later went on to obtain his Master of Science Degree in Exercise Science and Health Performance from California University in California, PA. Coach Anderson resides in Bemidji with his dog, Paris. He has been on staff at Oak Hills since July 2014.

Camp Life

Camp Ministry is Counter-Cultural

Scott Buchan Camp Oak Hills Director

2015 Camp Ministries Resident Camps Pioneer Day Camp 1 Grades K-4........................................June 15-19 Trailblazer Camp Grades 3-6 ........................................June 21-26 Lumberjack Camp Grades 4-7 ................................June 28 - July 3 Voyageur Camp Grades 6-8 ........................................July 12-17 Navigator Camp Grades 9-12 ......................................July 19-24 Pioneer Day Camp 2 Grades K-4 ........................................July 27-31 Wilderness Trips Mississippi River Canoe 1 Grades 6-8 ........................................June 21-26 Mississippi River Canoe 2 Grades 9-12 ........................................July 5-10 Voyageur National Park Grades 9-12 ......................................July 26-31 Adult & Family Ministries North Shore Backpacking ..............July 16-19 Women’s Fall Craft Retreat ..........Sept. 18-20 Find all the information you need to know to register online for camp programs.

The need for camp ministry is growing as our young people have less understanding of the Bible and Christianity. Barna Group’s “Year in Review: Barna’s Top 10 Findings from 2014” cites two important trends: 39% of millennials (born 1984-2002) never read the Bible and nearly half (48%) of millennials are post-Christian (meaning they lack any Christian identity, belief, or practice). These trends in culture amplify the need for Christian camps as places where youth are able to engage the Bible and learn how to apply God’s truth to their lives. This focus on the relevancy and integrity of Scripture at camp is counter-cultural and life-changing. Dining Hall Project Update Some of the projects left on the Dining Hall Project include installing central air, finishing the new basement, insulating the walls in the rec room, building an enclosure around the coolers, finishing the walls and ceiling in the dining room and installing a new septic mound and pump tank. These projects will continue as funds are available. Financial Report Praise the Lord for His mighty provisions! Costs: $1,009,500 - Total cost to date plus estimated cost to finish the project. • Insurance coverage: $675,974 • Gifting: $185,142 - Donated toward project upgrades • Needed: $148,384 - Remainder needed to finish project upgrades Summer Staff Opportunities If you are 14 years of age or older and demonstrate a consistent walk with Jesus, there is a place for you to serve at Camp Oak Hills. Check out our website for more information and to apply.

CIM Life Center for Indian Ministries

Mokahum students and staff focus on health It is no secret that there is an obesity epidemic in America today—an epidemic that contributes to a host of other prevalent health problems, including diabetes and heart disease. In Native American communities, the situation is especially dire. Almost 33 percent of all Native Americans are obese, and they have the highest rate of diabetes of any ethnic group in the U.S. Even the young are suffering in growing numbers: From 1994-2004, diabetes rates increased by 68 percent in Native youth ages 15-19. (Statistics from the American Diabetes Association and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.) Mokahum Ministry Center’s threefold focus is biblical education, ministry training, and life skills. This year, as part of the life skills focus, students and staff are working together on developing healthy habits. We kicked off a new fitness emphasis in January with a one-month healthy-eating challenge. Everyone who wants to participate is also working out together at a Bemidji health club twice a week, and a prize will be awarded at the end of the semester to the winner of the weight-loss contest.

Zane Williams CIM Director

God has blessed us with new staff members Larry and Pat Vezina, who are serving as volunteer cooks at Mokahum. They prepare lunch for students, staff, and visitors every school day, as well as one breakfast and one dinner per week. We are thankful to be able to share wholesome, home-cooked meals on a regular basis this year. “I’ve personally found that it’s much harder to be actively involved in ministry when I’m unhealthy,” said staff member Paul Straubel. “We’re hoping that as our students learn to make healthy choices they will be freed to serve more effectively and to advance God’s kingdom, without their health being a barrier.”

As part of a fitness challenge, students and staff have been challenging each other and working out together at Anytime Fitness in Bemidji.

Joan Berntson Vice President for Advancement

Lakeshore Property Gift! Oak Hills Ranked in Nation’s Top Bible Colleges

Rejoice with Oak Hills as we celebrate the impact of a generous gift. A generous donor has gifted over four acres with more than 500 feet of lakeshore on Blackduck Lake.

Oak Hills has recently been honored by being included in two national rankings of top Bible colleges. named Oak Hills in its list of “Top 50 Affordable Bible Colleges” in the United States and Canada. ranked Oak Hills at #8 in the nation’s “Top Online Bible Colleges of 2015.”

Oak Hills will sell the property and a majority of the proceeds will be used for The Campaign for Real Transformation. This gift will significantly move the campaign forward and impact the lives of students for eternity.

“This recognition is a significant honor, but no surprise” said Dean of the College, Dr. Steven Ware. “We have great programs, great service and great students. We are pleased to help students grow in knowledge, skill and faith, and help them advance in their careers.”

Parties interested in purchasing a beautiful piece of lakeshore, please call Joan Berntson at 218-766-2738 for more details. NOTE: For many donors, gifts of stock or real estate can be a wise way to make a significant gift to the Lord’s work. Gifting property before selling it could also provide substantial tax savings. Not only would a donor receive the full value of the property as a charitable deduction, but would also be relieved of paying any capital gains tax on the increase in value of the property. We advise you to consult with your tax advisors when making this type of gift.

Special gifts to Oak Hills We are grateful to those who think of this ministry as a vehicle to express their heartfelt respect and honor for important people in their lives, and to invest in the work of the Kingdom of God in this world. In Memory Jean Ballard Marlyce Balton Orlanda Eriksson Fern Hannan Mamie Johnson Jeanette Lindgren

Bob Lorence Paul Lundberg Eileen Rud Lois Hill Starker Kenneth Stevens Andrew Voss


investing in Oak Hills Christian College, Camp Oak Hills, and Center for Indian Ministries

The Campaign for Real Transformation UPDATE

We continue to enjoy God’s presence and favor at Oak Hills. In December a new friend of Oak Hills unexpectedly gave a $20,000 gift to The Campaign for Real Transformation because her financial advisor said “Why don’t you give a gift to Oak Hills? I think they are doing good things out there!” We are encouraged that several foundations are also considering participation in our campaign in the coming months. Our community has been incredibly generous during the initial phases of our campaign. God’s Provision - A gift of lake shore property has been given to use for the campaign. - We experience God’s blessing through the generosity of our lead donor who continues to fulfill his pledge of one million dollars for each of the two phases of our campaign. - Oak Hill’s alumni and friends (including our board of directors and executive team) have pledged and begun to give toward this important project. - We are currently ahead of schedule with gifts and pledges over our anticipated timeline. Our plan is to reach our Phase 1 campaign goal by the spring of 2016. Phase 1 Campaign Goal ........................$2,200,000 Gift and Pledges Received ....................$1,589,000 Remaining ..............................................$ 611,000 Project Summary - There has been a great spirit of cooperation and goodwill as the campus utilizes new offices and classrooms. - The Administration Building is not in use this winter. We anticipate removing it this summer. - We will finalize building plans for the new women’s residence hall in the very near future.


For information regarding charitable gifting to Oak Hills Christian College contact: • Your financial planner, tax professional or • Joan Berntson at 218/888-751-8670 ext. 1249 or cell phone 218-766-2738 for more information.

ALUMNI WEEKEND Save the date: June 26-28, 2015 Plan to bring your family and re-connect with classmates along the beautiful shores of Lake Marquette. WEEKEND HIGHLIGHTS

Valerie Scherling Johnson (’85) with husband Ed and daughters: Mariah Hope and Marissa Grace.

• Keynote Speaker: Valerie Scherling Johnson (’85) Since 1993 Valerie, her husband Ed, and their six children have lived in the rainforest of Papua, Indonesia. Their aim is to plant a church amongst the hunter-gatherer Diuwe people by sharing truth and building relationships through translation, literacy, discipleship and meeting medical needs.

• Friday evening of music with Gunnar Kolstad and Ted Fyder. Gunnar is a current Oak Hills student who is studying Pastoral Ministry and participates in the Student Action Leadership Team. Ted is a former member of the folk duo, “Fyder and Everhart,” and currently serves as Worship Pastor at Lakewood Evangelical Free Church in Baxter, MN. • Sunday morning speaker- Jim Hinson (’74). Jim is the pastor of the First Baptist Church in Detroit Lakes, MN. • Final tour of the Administration Building before it is torn down.

HOUSING • Lodging at Oak Hills . . . is limited this year and will be filled on a first-come, firstserved basis. Call 888-751-8670 ext. 1164 to register.

Alumni Project: 15 Passenger Van Our goal for the 2015 alumni project is to raise $22,000 for one of two 15-passenger vans. The Oak Hills vans are used for athletics, class field trips, ministry and volunteer opportunities, and student activities. They are also used to transport Camp Oak Hills’ campers in the summer. Stay tuned for more information coming in May!

• Local lodging options: Oak Hills has rooms blocked off at the following hotels for Friday and Saturday nights. Be sure to mention you’ll be attending Oak Hills Alumni Weekend! AmericInn (218) 751-3000 Best Western (218) 751-0390

Doubletree (218) 441-4400 Super 8 (218) 751-8481

BEMIDJI ALUMNI! As we have converted our retreat center into offices, on-campus lodging will be limited this year. If you are interested in hosting a family who are traveling for Alumni Weekend 2015, please let us know. Call 888-751-8670 ext. 1164 for more information.

Check the Oak Hills website for further details:

Alumni • Alumni & Friends



• Chris & Jackie (Griffith ’11) McClain welcomed son Zander Steele on January 19th, 2015. Zander joins brother Caden.

• Patrick (’50) & Elfriede Ewert - The Ewerts have been married for 60 wonderful years. They are very active in the Bethel Baptist Church in Prescott Valley, Arizona, where they’ve lived for 32 years. Their 5 children, 15 grandchildren and 21 great grandchildren also live in Prescott Valley, and most attend Bethel Baptist Church. The Ewerts are looking forward to many more years of serving the Lord.

• Chad & Amy (Reintsma ’98) Kinnett welcomed son Matthew David on September 3rd, 2013. Matthew joins brothers William and Caleb.

IN MEMORY Our thoughts and prayers are with their families.

• Bill (’69) & Janice Barington – The Baringtons are enjoying retirement in Hutchinson, Minnesota. Janice worked as an RN and Bill worked in law enforcement for many years. In their free time, they are involved in helping churches prepare for short term missions and the Worldwide Christian Scuba Divers Organization. • Michael & Donna (Lundquist ’80) Wester – The Westers just celebrated their 30th year ministering at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Caro, Michigan.

• Dr. Roger Bergstrom (’64) • Kendall Drake (’64) • Cathy (Erb) Mortenson (’64) • John Sheldon (’51)

Alumni Connection at • Alumni & Friends

• Bill (’09) & Lindsey (Collinge ’06) Brimmer—The Brimmers and their children, Silas and Esther, have accepted a full-time missionary position at Camp JIM in Pillager, Minnesota, and are raising support toward their service in God’s work there. Bill will be the Hospitality Ministry Director and Lindsey will work with food service. They hope to be at full monthly support and begin work as soon as possible.

• Alumni Directory - user name: alumni / password: connected • Personal Updates - Keep us informed with your news and photos! • Or email updates or news to:

Got A Little Oakie? Pick up a complimentary Lil’ Oakie baby onesie* from the welcome center at Oak Hills. To have one mailed to you, visit Email a photo of your Lil' Oakie to and he or she may be included in a future Direction Magazine! *Available sizes: 6 month and 12 month Pictured: Gideon Walker Nelson, 11 mos. Son of Jake (OHCC Student) and Sydney Nelson

Upcoming Events Oak Hills Christian College

April 17 ..............Spring Preview Day May 9 ................Commencement June 17-20 ........Women's Breakaway June 26-28 ........Alumni Weekend August 6-7 ........Global Leadership Summit Keep up to date on News and Events

Sports can be more than just a game!


DIRECTION 1600 Oak Hills Road SW, Bemidji, MN 56601

Oak Hills Christian College

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