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Volume 47 • Issue 2/2 • Fall 2015

“ ...the instruction I received really invited me to a richer and more relevant understanding of Biblical truth which of course resulted in a deeper relationship with God than I had ever imagined. Believing God’s Word to be true anchored my emerging adult life and really influenced my decisions and the trajectory of my lifestyle.” - Donette Lair



President Dr. Steve Hostetter

Dean of the College Dr. Steven Ware

Vice President for Advancement Joan Berntson

Vice President for Enrollment Mike Rasch

Executive Vice President Carol Nelson

Dean of Student Life Brad DeJager

Camp Oak Hills Director Scott Buchan

Center for Indian Ministries Director Paul Straubel

Director of Church and Ministry Relations Jim Hodgson


Volume 47 • Issue 2/2 • Fall 2015

Editor Rachel Johnson Director of Marketing & Communications

Layout and Design Brent Johnson - Consultant


1600 Oak Hills Road SW Bemidji, Minnesota 56601 • 218.751.8670

Oak Hills is located along the shores of Lake Marquette in northern Minnesota. For over eight decades, the staff of Oak Hills have helped people pursue Christian maturity by teaching the truth from God’s Word that changes lives. Today they achieve this through three focused ministries:

Oak Hills Christian College focuses on biblical higher education. Students may choose from eleven bachelor degrees, six associate degrees, or a one-year Bible certificate.

Camp Oak Hills offers a quality, Christian camp experience for youth, while pursuing a vision for year-round ministry to families and adults.

Center for Indian Ministries reaches out to the Native American community to bring them the hope of Jesus Christ. The Mokahum Ministry Center provides culturally relevant Bible training for our Native American brothers and sisters.

What in

Biblical Hig Guest Writer

Ralph Enlow President of ABHE, Association for Biblical Higher Education

(Oak Hills Christian College provides undergraduate level education interpreted through the lens of the principles of Scripture. Several degrees require an extensive education in Bible included as a double major on several key BA or BS degrees. We are affiliated with ABHE as the accrediting agencies for our degree programs.)

Unfortunately, for many people, the term Bible college evokes a dismissive response: inferior, irrelevant, even injurious, according to critics like Donald Miller and others. Our collective understanding of this paradigm has become crystallized in terms of the following four concepts: biblical, transformational, experiential, and missional.

Biblical Higher Education To describe education as biblical might strike you as rather smug and condescending, as if I am asserting that the education offered by other Christian and secular institutions must therefore be un-biblical. While I’m sure there are, in fact, institutions and educational philosophies that are, wittingly or unwittingly, un-biblical, or even anti-biblical, I am not assuming that Bible colleges and their kin are necessarily more biblical than other sorts of institutions or even that there are discrete categories relative to biblical commitment.

the World is

gher Education Anyway?

So, what do we mean when we describe education as biblical? We mean that we engage intentionally and pervasively in education that involves extensive and serious study of the text of God’s eternal Word, not in a posture of detachment and skepticism, but in a posture of discipleship and submission, seeking to understand the will of God so that we may conform to it, and the plan of God so that we may join Him in bringing about its fulfillment.

Core Biblical Principles Allow me to explain further. I believe what we mean when we say that we are committed to biblical higher education involves at least the following things: First, the Bible is infallible. It achieves without fail the purposes for which it was breathed out by God. Its transmission through human authors does not compromise, obfuscate, or nullify its message. And its teachings are as enduring and relevant today as when they were written. Second, the Bible is essential to an authentically Christian way of understanding and engaging life. Education that bypasses, compartmentalizes or minimizes the Bible is simply incomplete. Third, when the Bible speaks about a matter, it speaks authoritatively, if not necessarily exhaustively. The findings of human reason and scientific research will ultimately be proven to be absolutely consistent with what Scripture actually affirms. Such conflicts are either the result of misinterpretation of Scripture or error in scientific assumptions, methodology or interpretation, or both. Fourth, Scripture can through reverent, careful, and comprehensive collective study be understood. Theologians refer to this as the Bible’s perspicuity. God’s purpose was not to obfuscate truth but to reveal it though, admittedly, He often does choose to reveal it on His terms.

Authenticity & Authority I fear that many Christian individuals and educational institutions do not act as if they believe the Bible is infallible, essential, authoritative, and understandable. Although they may parrot orthodox confessions and creeds, their personal habits and educational priorities contradict such affirmations. They act and think as if the Bible is a supplemental or even optional source of knowledge, rather than a foundational and fundamental one. Such dispositions and conduct are inconsistent with the Bible’s own testimony about itself and the posture and practices employed by Jesus and others relative to the Bible. They relegate the Bible to the realm of personal piety rather than allowing the Bible to occupy its rightful place and fulfill its redemptive purposes. So, biblical higher education is, for one thing, biblical. It is also transformational, experiential, and missional. A reprint of an article by Ralph Enlow | Aug 6, 2015 | 4ThoughtLeaders, Biblical Higher Ed (edited for this presentation)

God’s Call Applies Equally To All Believers by Jeff Vogel - Oak Hills Board Member

The motto at Oak Hills when I was a student was, "Personalized Bible training for effective Christian living and service." To me that motto symbolized the important reformation truth, often apparently lost, overlooked or forgotten by many Christians and Christian institutions today, that God's call applies equally to all believers, whether or not in professional Christian ministry. Learning to accurately handle the word of truth is not something to be left to the experts and professionals; rather, each believer is charged with knowing, understanding and applying God's Word. Today the words have changed a little - the board and staff regularly revisit the school objectives to make sure they communicate effectively the mission in today's changing culture. But the core commitment to the Scriptures and to discipleship for every believer is as true today as ever.

Meanwhile, the challenges facing the school have changed as well, as more than ever a college education is viewed by many as primarily training for a job or a career. College costs and associated school loan debt have risen dramatically as the earnings of those with a college education, on average, far outpace what a person with only a high school education is likely to make. So the pressure is on for the school to ensure that our graduates will make the kind of money it takes to justify the investment (and pay back those loans). In the face of these challenges, Oak Hills continues to focus on training in the Scriptures and on making disciples. Academic and vocational objectives complement rather than compete with this core mission, as we understand the importance of serving God with excellence in whatever career one pursues. I am proud to serve on the Fellowship's Board of Directors as we work with the president and staff to see God's work continue at Oak Hills.

Jeff Vogel is a Senior Principal Development Engineer at Medtronic, an international manufacturer of medical devices. He received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota, and his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer (RPI). Following six years as an Assistant Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Minnesota, he has spent 20 years in medical device product development engineering at Boston Scientific, ev3, Covidien, and now Medtronic. He has published over 20 scientific articles in the study of materials and material processing and has been awarded numerous patents, primarily in the field of medical device design. He is also the President and Chief Executive Officer of ANPOP Corporation, a company founded in 2002 to develop the oil palm business in the areas of Fiditi and Awe in Oyo State, Nigeria. He also serves on the boards of The Good Samaritan Society of America, a mission organized to serve the people of Nigeria, and of Bethel American International School, a post-secondary private school located in Fiditi, Nigeria.

Donette (Wermedal) Lair

Counselor: Lakes Country Counseling, Baxter, MN

• 2 year Bible degree ’85 Oak Hills Christian College • BS Applied Psych. & Biblical Studies ’13 Oak Hills Christian College • MS Marriage and Family Therapy ’15 Saint Cloud State University

Donette and her husband Carl were married in 1985. They have two married daughters, and two sons. Her extended interests include experience with Royal Servants as team leader with her husband, MOPS, AWANA, Sunday School teacher and Sunday School superintendent, missions board, Operation Christmas Child, and other various roles.

I first came to Oak Hills in 1983 after high school graduation, which is such a critical time in the developmental process. The instruction I received really invited me to a richer and more relevant understanding of Biblical truth (way beyond the basics needed to win Bible Trivia!), which of course resulted in a deeper relationship with God than I had ever imagined. Believing God’s Word to be true anchored my emerging adult life and really influenced my decisions and the trajectory of my lifestyle.

I returned in 2010 to complete an accredited degree in Applied Psychology and Biblical Studies. Psychology instructor Derrick Houle has profoundly influenced my ability to minister to my clients. He would frequently emphasize the need to respect people. As a therapist I interact with people who have either sin riddled lives or indescribable heartaches or hardships. Derrick would state that we need to see both the depravity of man and the dignity of God in each person we worked with. Keeping this thought in balance prevents me from getting either a calloused, cynical heart or providing toxic charity. Also, in the mental health field it is required to diagnose clients. Derrick repeatedly reminded us not to label people, to see that their diagnosis is the least interesting thing about them, not their identity. This has equipped me to really “see” people, to be curious about their story and to touch their lives with the refreshing love and hope of Jesus.

Frequently as a therapist I hear people recount how tangled their life has gotten as they deal with pregnancies out of wedlock, abortions, divorces, affairs, co-habitating, addictions, abuse or criminal activity. I often see the raw and ugly effects of sin and how it disfigures lives. I see people repeatedly enticed and deceived by the ways of the world. I’m so thankful that at Oak Hills I learned that God’s way isn’t to be a killjoy or lists of do’s and don’ts, but that His way leads to life and life abundant. When people turn to Him, to His truths, they are set free! In my profession it’s amazing to have a “front row seat” to watch God redeem anything offered to Him.

College Life

Lives transformed by the truth of God’s Word are now agents of transformation Justin Domogalla

Pastor - Eastside Christian Church, Park Rapids, MN • BA Intercultural Studies ’03 Oak Hills Christian College

Justin and his wife Renee have four young children. Prior to his present position, Justin served at White Oak Bible Chapel, Akeley MN as Youth Pastor - Redby Community Church, Redby MN as Youth Pastor, and Staples Church of Christ, Staples MN as Associate Pastor.

During my time at Oak Hills, two transformational principles have been life altering. First Physical Transformation. Unfortunately many of us who call ourselves Evangelicals hold to a kind of false dualism. Though we know the nurture of our spirit through prayer, Scripture study, and meditation are essential, we often neglect our bodies. When I started at Oak Hills, I was around 240 lbs. It was at this point I realized that though there are many things in life we cannot control, I can control what I put in my body and how I use it. That has been so liberating. Thank You OHCC .

Secondly, Oak Hills grew in me a curiosity and love of learning that has served me so well. I remember sitting in Hebrews class with Dr. David Matthewson and I realized how much I loved learning the intricacies of God's Word and being in Cross Cultural Communications class where I learned how much I loved people and understanding culture. I have made probably hundreds of connections with people I may have never known because of this curiosity and enjoyment of people gained here.

With the great love and curiosity of people and desire to learn, there has been birthed a receptivity to new opportunities and trying new things. Oak Hills prepared me to not live life in fear of the "what ifs" but cultivated an attitude of excitement for the "what could be" if we aren't afraid to step out.

Working with young people and students has carried over this similar kind of attitude of a love for learning and hopefully a willingness to not be afraid of new people or new ideas. Notably has been my time spent working with both young men and teenagers going through drug/alcohol recovery. I have had a long standing mentorship with Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge as well as frequent time spent with a local half way house for juvenile boys going through treatment. Those have been some of the most fruitful times of ministry in the last 8 years. Instead of being afraid of what people have done in the past, I see them through the eyes of Christ, befriending them, and sharing what God has done in my life with them. Again OHCC helped cultivate this attitude of curiosity and love of people.

Continued on following spread

Steve Hostetter

President Oak Hills Christian College

When we demolished the administration building this summer, we discovered the foundation walls were cracked and crumbling. The demolition crew said, “It was time. The building needed to come down.” If our lives fail to be built upon a firm foundation, the Solid Rock who is Jesus Christ, the stresses of life will cause the foundation to crack and crumble.

From its very inception nearly 70 years ago, our passion at Oak Hills has been to build lives that rest on the Solid Rock. Through an educational experience that is biblicallycentered, transformational, and focused on experiential and missional service, it is clearly evident that our alumni have fashioned lives built upon these pillars and have faithfully and thankfully loved and served God in a wide variety of ways. From pastors and missionaries to homemakers and business leaders, Oak Hills’ alumni have made a profound impact in the world demonstrating and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the glory of God.

At Oak Hills our heartbeat is to continue to equip students to live godly lives in Christ Jesus and to wholeheartedly love and serve Him throughout their lifespan. Through the power and work of the Holy Spirit in an environment that is biblically-centered, transformational, and focused on service, we fervently desire to build “oaks of righteousness” who will be firmly rooted in the Solid Rock that is Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. As these godly graduates engage life and culture and encounter the storms and stresses of life, the foundation will be secure. It will not crack and crumble. Their faith will stand.

Church Ministries

On August 6-7, Oak Hills hosted The Global Leadership Summit conference for the 4th consecutive year

Jim Hodgson

Director of Church and Ministry Relations, Ministry Leader since 1989

90 local leaders were in attendance for this year’s conference. Oak Hills is one of over 300 U.S. live simulcast GLS sites (11 sites in MN, 4 in ND, 2 in SD, & 11 in WI) with over 98,000 leaders in attendance. The GLS speakers included Pastor Bill Hybels, Jim Collins, Ed Catmull, Adam Grant, Brené Brown, Sallie Krawcheck, Pastor Albert Tate, Horst Schulze, Sheila Heen, Pastor Brian Houston, Pastor Sam Adeymei, Liz Wiseman, & Pastor Craig Groeschel. Now, more than ever, God-honoring, integrity-based leadership is in demand. The GLS is helping meet that demand by identifying integrity-filled leaders and equipping them with the biblically–based skills and confidence to lead their churches, businesses, communities, and homes in the 21st century. More information can be found at the GLS website (, and next year’s conference dates are set for August 11-12, 2016. For local information on the GLS, contact Jim Hodgson at

College Life Continued Matthew Dehnert

Station Representative “Your QFM” Radio - Grand Forks, ND

• BA Pastoral Ministry and Biblical Studies - ’05 Oak Hills Christian College • MA in Christian Ministries Assemblies of God Theological Seminar

My education at Oak Hills started in the fall of 2001. Oak Hills was not my first choice, but within my first semester I knew I was at the right place. My time at Oak Hills created a hunger in my life to study God’s Word, it prepared me for seminary, and helped me define my goals for ministry. Oak Hills has high academic standards, but it does not stop there. The professors and staff encouraged me to go past the academics and apply God’s truth to my life.

During my third year at Oak Hills I started working at Wells Fargo as a teller. I never dreamed that this would be the start of an “accidental” career in banking and finance. My degrees are in Biblical Studies and Pastoral Ministry with a Master of Arts in Christian Ministries. These do not scream, “Hire me” at a bank or investment company. In fact, in an interview for a branch manager job, I was asked to explain how my education would prepare me for this job.

I explained how these degrees are not just about being able to write a sermon, study the Bible, or coming up with a better way to ask for money. It’s about being able to lead and challenge people to be better than they are right now. The secular work force is looking for ethical leaders who will challenge and equip their staff. As Christians we have a calling to lead people wherever we are at. Oak Hills helped equip me for this challenge.

Oak Hills Remembers

Wendell Fast

Wendell Peter Fast, 68 of Bemidji, MN died Saturday, April 4, 2015 at his home, surrounded by his family. Throughout his lifetime of ministry, Wendell wore a variety of hats with the ministries of Oak Hills Fellowship and worked tirelessly for Youth For Christ, spreading the gospel to area youth and their families.

He attended what was then Oak Hills Bible Institute from 1964-67, majoring in Bible. During his time as a student, Wendell was involved in several activities including a men’s vocal quartet and was class president in 1967. He developed a firm commitment to missions through his biblical education at Oak Hills.

Wendell graduated from Oak Hills in April 1967 and in September he returned as staff in the Mission Department, teaching Personal Evangelism and Discipleship classes. He was extremely involved in the community, running various AWANA clubs throughout the area.

He married Shelly Willams on August 17, 1968 in Bemidji.

Soon after, Wendell joined Camp Oak Hills staff as the Boys’ Camp Director and became Director of the whole camp in 1970. He once said camping ministry was the highlight of his time at Oak Hills. In 1974 Wendell was named Chairman of the Division of Outreach at OHBI, where he was in charge of all Christian service, the camping program, ministry teams, and other forms of outreach.

Wendell’s passion was for youth ministry, particularly Native American youth. In 1981, he left Oak Hills to join the staff of Youth For Christ through their Youth Guidance Ministry, which serves “at risk” youth in the area. Through YFC, Wendell created relationships with youth and families that spanned three generations in the Bemidji area and Red Lake Nation. He also had a passion for dairy farming and loved spending time on his tractor working the land. Most of all, he loved every moment he spent with his family, including his involvement with the grandchildren showing their animals for 4-H at the county fair.

Wendell is survived by his wife Shelly Fast of Wayzata, MN; his 2 sons- Barton Fast of Bemidji and Trenton (Catriece) Fast of Owatonna, MN; his daughter, Lindsay (Gabriel) Moen of Minnetonka, MN; 11 grandchildren and a great grandchild; and his sister- Vernelle Fast of Fayette, ME.

Camp Life Camp Oak Hills

Campers and Staff Transformed

Scott Buchan

Camp Oak Hills Director

Dining Hall Project Update

A new septic mound and pump tank was installed to serve the kitchen in May. This new system brings the kitchen back into septic compliance and will be usable year-round! Some of the projects left on the Dining Hall include installing central air, finishing the new basement, insulating the walls in the rec room, building an enclosure for the coolers, finishing the walls and ceiling in the dining room. These projects will continue as funds are available.

Financial Report

Praise the Lord for His mighty provisions!

Costs ....................................$993,000 Total cost to date plus estimated cost to finish the project.

Insurance coverage ............$676,490 Gifting to Date ......................$183,938 Donated toward project upgrades

Needed ................................$132,572 Remainder needed to finish the project

“I don’t want to be on the devil’s team anymore,” a camper told his counselor. The counselor had shared with him how to have a relationship with God and this camper responded by trusting in Jesus! Once again, this summer God used the ministry of camp to speak to the hearts of youth through the Bible and the camp staff. Campers made first time decisions to trust Jesus, rededicated their lives to him, and made commitments to allow the Holy Spirit to change their attitudes and behaviors. Some campers discovered the joy of reading God’s word for the first time while others were reintroduced to its power and truth. The summer staff also were influenced by learning about trusting God for strength, wisdom, and love for others. During the 2015 summer season, more than 700 campers and guests were served at Camp Oak Hills through the Youth Camps, Wilderness Trips, Native American Adventure Camps, Guest Groups, and Adult Retreats.

Camper Letter

“I made some new friends, had the best time of my life, and created memories that I will never forget. I learned that nobody can be a mistake and God loves you no matter what. It changed my life because sometimes I screw up and I feel like nobody will trust or love me anymore, but God always does. I learned that it’s also never too late to ask for forgiveness and you’re never, ever alone.

And I am not kidding when I say I had the best time of my life at Camp Oak Hills, and I will never forget the friends I made, the counselors, and the really, really good memories I have now.” – 2015 camper

CIM Life Center for Indian Ministries

Transforming Native American Communities

The focus of CIM is to come alongside Native American people and communities with the focus on discipleship and building the church. On two northern Minnesota reservations, Leech Lake and Red Lake, and in urban Minneapolis, our missionaries seek to fulfill this purpose through children’s programs, church ministry, community outreach, and the discipleship training at Mokahum Ministry Center. Our Center for Indian Ministries staff is a unique group of individuals who seek to glorify God by reaching out to Native Americans. We do this through different avenues. Staff members are encouraged to serve actively in their churches, through discipleship, at Mokahum Ministry Center, and by building relationships within the community. Meet our missionary staff:

CENTER FOR INDIAN MINISTRIES STAFF - Paul and Michele Straubel - CIM Director and Redby Comm. Church, Red Lake Nation - Greg and Kathy Ferrin - Business Administrator for CIM and Mokahum Ministry Center • Twin Cities - Minnapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota - Dan and Erin Pack - Pastor at Akina Community Church

• Cass Lake, Minnesota - Corey & Ellie St. Peter - Assist. Pastor CMA Church & children’s ministries

• Mokahum Ministry Center - Cass Lake, Minnesota - Zane and Roberta Williams - MMC Director and works with CMA Native American pastors - Dan and Gwenn Hovestol - Fund raising, student recruitment & public relations - Samuel and Sarah Dragomir - Student Ministries, and Leech Lake Reservation - Tim and Amy Kastenbauer - Maintenance, and Cass Lake CMA Church - Larry and Pat Vezina - Cooks, and Cass Lake CMA Church - Bill and Susan Carr - Director of Education, Study Skills and Mentoring

Paul Straubel

CIM Director

Paul Straubel spent six years of his childhood on the Red Lake reservation when his dad pastored a mission church there. Years later, as a student at Moody Bible Institute, he sensed the Lord calling him to Native American missions.

After graduating from Moody in 2003 with a degree in Bible/theology, he moved with his family to northern Minnesota. First as a tentmaker and later as a CIM missionary, he began serving at Redby Community Church and reaching out to the Red Lake community. His work with young men gave him a vision for a place where Native American believers could come to be discipled and grow in their faith. Through prayer with likeminded missionaries and Native believers, this burden grew and eventually led to the opening of Mokahum Ministry Center. Paul has served at Mokahum since 2008, and he continues to minister as an elder at Redby Community Church. He lives in Bemidji with his wife, Michele, and their four children: Evan, Olivia, Isabelle, and Emma.

Advancement investing in Oak Hills Christian College, Camp Oak Hills, and Center for Indian Ministries

Joan Berntson

Vice President for Advancement

Do you remember the best gift you ever received?

Do you remember the best gift you ever received? Many years ago, My husband, Ron, bought me a portable dishwasher for our little rented kitchen. You may groan at the thought of an appliance as a gift for a wife, but at the time we had small children and I was a day care provider. I was washing mounds of dishes by hand every day. He saw my need and surprised me with a gift that left me feeling cherished and loved.

Gifts of all sizes are allowing us to provide quality biblical education, training, and camp ministry that will help create the next generation of godly leaders for our homes, churches, and communities. We are blessed by the generosity of friends who see the impact our ministries have on students, campers, and Native Americans.

All gifts to the Student Grant Fund are eligible for a matching grant from several generous donors including board members. Gifts given to the Student Grant Fund from October 1, 2015 through December 31, 2015 will be matched (up to $40,000).

Special gifts to Oak Hills

We are grateful to those who think of Oak Hills as a vehicle to express their heartfelt respect and honor for important people in their lives, and to invest in the work of the Kingdom of God in this world. In Memory Jean Ballard Kendall Drake Wendell Fast Kenneth Felt

Doris Fultz Robert Page Leonard Sutton

Capital Campaign Update Fall 2015

A Campaign for Real Transformation, which includes transitioning out of the Administration Building and building a residence hall for students, has seen substantial progress over the past year and a half. This project has two financial phases. The total needed for both phases is $4.3 million of which nearly $3 million has been given and pledged.

Phase 1 fundraising culminates this January with a celebratory benefit gala (more information to come soon) to raise the last few hundred thousand dollars. Construction begins spring 2016.

Phase 2 fundraising has received financial commitments of $1.1 million with an additional $100,000 gift which came in early October.

As part of the campus transformation, the beloved Administration Building was removed in July in preparation to begin building our new residence hall.

Alumni • Alumni & Friends


• Tim & Heidi (Carpenter ’02) Hopkins Welcomed son, Steven Mark on May 8, 2015. Baby Stevie was born still and laid to rest at the Oak Hills Cemetery. We look forward to the day we will be reunited in glory. Siblings are Freddie, Valerie and Jimmie (pictured). • Simon & Kristie (Larson ’10) Kangas Welcomed son Liam Daniel on Feb. 23, 2015. Liam weighed 5 lbs 6oz. and was 21” long.

• Jesse & Anna (Smith ’09) Navara Welcomed daughter Elizabeth Anna Navara Mar. 16, 2015 weighing 6 lbs 14 oz, 20” long.


Kathy (Kallstrom) St. Peter-Jenkins (’65) Kathy recently completed forty years of ministry at Miracle Hill, a Christian children's home in Pickens, SC. During her time there she taught English, Spanish, speech, and worked in the office and dorm, primarily with younger children. Kathy currently takes care of her granddaughter full time, helps in her local church, and does correspondence with prisoners through Source of Life. She says she is praising God for the many types of service she has been able to do, and that Oak Hills prepared her well for ministry. David Osburnsen (’11) David and his family are in the process of moving into a new house in Thief River Falls, MN, and are praying everything goes smoothly in the process. His wife, Leetha, has taken a leadership role as the worship leader at First Baptist Church, and David is leading an adult scripture investigation group there. David says he is learning to rely on God to transform his life to be a better husband and father to their children, Bentleigh (3) and Hayden (1). He is also praying about going back to school to obtain a Master's degree and furthering his knowledge of scripture for application to his life.


Joan (Greuling) Wallace (’82) Joan and her husband Dave have been married for 31 years and love their home in Bloomington, MN (outside Minneapolis/St. Paul), where they've resided since 1987. They have a son, Sam (19) who is in college. Dave is an accountant and owns a DJ business called Neon-Express Entertainment. Joan works as a teacher's assistant at an area high school. Joan is originally from Silver Bay, MN. Before they moved to Bloomington, Joan and Dave were Campus Life/Youth for Christ directors for about 4 years for the Mesabi Range Chapter in Minnesota, running clubs in Hibbing, Chisholm, Nashwauk/Keewatin and Virginia. They were also youth leaders at the Hibbing Presbyterian Church and taught Sunday School at CMA in Hibbing. In the Minneapolis/St. Paul area they have attended Berean Baptist of Burnsville, Richfield Lutheran, Church of the Open Door, and Transfiguration Lutheran Church in Bloomington where their son was confirmed.


Our thoughts and prayers are with their families. Wendell Fast (’67)

Doris (Widmark) Fultz (’56) Charles (Chuck) Linn (’66) Lois (Beetler) Mayer (’64)

Alumni Connection at • Alumni & Friends • Alumni Directory - user name: alumni / password: connected • Personal Updates - Keep us informed with your news and photos! • Or email updates or news to:

Upcoming Events

Oak Hills Christian College


April 15..............Spring Preview Day May 7 ................Commencement

June 15-18 ........Women's Breakaway June 24-26 ........Alumni Weekend

August 11-12 ....Global Leadership Summit Keep up to date on News and Events

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