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Winter 2010


TAKE A BITE OUT OF THIS Oscar Wilde said that the public “has an appetite to know everything that there is to know except what is worth knowing, which is why journalism exists.” We hope that this first issue of The Paw Print for the 2010-2011 school year nourishes the appetite of the curious, informs the ignorant, and leaves our reading public craving for more issues. One thing is certain; the Paw Print will leave some impression.

What kil s faster, lighting up a cigarette or sending a malicious electronic message to thousands of people? This question has become a frequent matter of debate on cable televis ion, newspapers, and in classrooms. Among high school students surveyed at Oak Hil s High School, 60% considered a malicious text message more dangerous than smoking! Isolation, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, were once the greatest threats facing teens. The danger is now as close as a teen’s pocket or purse; it is their cell phone. Parents and school counselors are finding an increasing number of adolescents plagued by cyber bullying. Among recent incidents, Tyler Clementi and Hope Witsell committed suicide on account of cyber or online bullying. Hope, 13, was the victim of cyber bullying when pictures she had sent to her boyfriend went vir al. Tyler, 18, committed suicide after his roommate allegedly broadcast a Web video of him having a sexual encounter. According to, this “constant exposure to technology and the web amplifies opportunities for children to bully each other online.” The statis tics are alarming, one in five youths between ages 10-15 claimed to have been a victim of cyber bullying, according to the Cyber Bullying Research Center. What should you do if you are the victim of this crime? Fir st, realize you do not have to face this alone, tell a parent, school counselor, or an authority figure immediately. Second, there are laws written to protect you. Cyber bullying is a crime, and you have legal rights to end the abuse. Finally, the best way to avoid becoming a victim, is to not engage in sexting, dis tributing embarrassing messages or photographs.

The Paw Print

Winter 2010

Honoring the Honor Students

Words From Your Editors Bulldogs! This past semester has flown by, and it’ll just keep going by faster! The Journalis m class has worked hard to report on the exciting events that the school puts together for entertainment, information and sometimes relaxation. Whether it’s on stage, on the field, or in front of your own classmates, Bulldogs have outshined in every aspect, always coming out on top. I hope you enjoy our fir st is sue for the school year and our Journalis m team looks forward to writing about your future success. By: Amanda Bailey, Vanessa Franco, Rozlyn Ocab, Nicole Olney and Taylor Small

August 9, 2010, Oak Hil s High School held its Second Annual 4.0 Dinner to honor all students who managed to achieve a 4.0 GPA during the 2009-2010 school year. The outstanding students along with their guests met in the Dog PAC for a night fil ed with celebration and entertainment. Students were welcomed into a beautifully decorated dining area where they were embraced by a positive atmosphere fil ed with appreciation for all of their hard work. The night consis ted of a meal catered by Casa Delicias that delighted all of the guests. Attendees not only enjoyed the fine food but als o heard live entertainment from some of the most talented students at Oak Hil s High School. The musical acts ranged from inspir ational songs to high beat rhythmic songs. When

the entertainment ended on this high note everyone cheered and applauded the performers. After the dinner and performances, certificates and a paw pin were awarded according to grade level to each student. Smiles fil ed the room as students were handed a token of appreciation for all of their hard work put into academics. The 4.0 Dinner als o consis ted of a prize raffle, the winner receiving an Oak Hil s sweater. The night came to an end with a motivational speech from Mr. Clark, the activities dir ector, encouraging the students to keep up all the good work. The honorees and guests departed and took with them the memory of a Bulldog lifetime.

Written by: Vanessa Franco On-Site Reporter: Samantha Salazar

Over Achievers’ become Receivers If you work hard, you are often presented with opportunities to play hard. Being a renais sance cardholder means that you have achieved good grades and avoided getting a D or F in any classes for the quarter. With this magical card, you receive a $2 dis count on your next dance ticket, get out of class for a special Renais sance Show for you, and even receive free food from selected places dis played on the back of your card. The higher your grades, the more benefits you receive, so keep up the good work Bulldogs! This year’s Renais sance Holiday Show was a refreshing break from the reviews for finals . With outstanding performances from the Bulldog Brigade, Bulldog Show Choir , ASB and Pageantry, students were entertained, and were brought to their inner Holiday spir it. Written by: Rozlyn Ocab


The Paw Print

Winter 2010

ACTIVITIES Just Food and Games On September 24, the fir st club fair of the 20102011 school year occurred at Oak Hil s High School. Club fair is a school-wide fundrais ing event in which lunch is 70 minutes, and most, if not all, of the clubs on campus sell food or other profitable items. The fun didn’t end with just a few tasty snacks; there were bungee bouncers, rock climbing walls , and all sorts of clever games. Written by: Nicole Olney On-site Reporter: Kimberly Flores

On the nig ht of October 2nd, darkness fell upon Oak Hil s Hig h School. The dark alley side entrance and caged dance floor transformed the Bulldog PAC in to Gotham City. The strobe lig hts created an ideal backdrop for a battleground; for dancers, not vil ain s. Gothic nig ht was ideal for the partic ip ants in the dance off. The comic book world of Batman was further brought to reality as those who were tough enough received spray on tattoos, while others were caric atured. As the nig ht came to an end, many people sought the aid of Offic er Holland and caught the perfect get away ride on his personal bat mobile (gold cart), and drove off in to the dark. Written by: Taylor Small On-site Reporter: Maira Martinez

Dynamic Duo Day: When darkness falls , dynamic duos appeared to save the day

Workout Day: Fashion was not an is sue when everyone showed off his or her workout apparel

Neon Day: Bulldogs shine brighter than the sun as they showed off their neon colors

Hippie Day: Students hipped out the school by wearing tie-dye shir ts and peace signs

Red Day: Bulldogs showed off their school spir it by wearing Red! 3

The Paw Print

⇒ All 4-year college applications should have been submitted November 30th! Hurry to submit your ACT/SAT scores and your transcripts! ⇒ Order your Cap/Gown ASAP, either online, through mail, or in the next Herff Jones vis its. If you do not purchase your cap and gown, there is a possibility you wil end up paying more, or you wil NOT walk! ⇒ You are able to start fil ing out your FAFSA January 1, 2011. ⇒ Starting January, there wil be FAFSA workshops every Wednesday at 5:00 pm, 6:00 pm and 7:00pm, for parents and students. Make your Appointments NOW! ⇒ Do NOT pay for the FAFSA, FAFSA means FREE APPLICATION for Student Aid. ⇒ Graduation wil be located at the San Manuel Amphitheatre; extra tickets

Winter 2010

After four long grueling years, you have finally crossed the academic finis h line with a high school diploma in hand … but now what? Option 1 (Work) “I am so finis hed with school.” Before you rush off into the labor force, i.e. work, you wil need to make a few decis ions. What type of work do you think you would most enjoy? Remember, forty hours or more of sitting, standing, assembling, serving, or lifting, might sound like a nice break from the tedium of note writing and test taking, but unless you choose the job best suited for you, those forty-plus hours a week wil soon make you day-dream of pencils , papers, and high school teachers with endless patience. in advance of your post high school pilgrimage into the work force, make a lis t of the jobs you find most compatible with your interest, experience, and personality. Next, make a resume that is appropriate for the type of work you wil be applying for. What qualifications are needed and how do you uniq uely fil the need that your potential employer is looking for? Education? Experience? Many employers wil als o want to know the days, nights, and hours (include weekends) that you are available to work. Do you have job appropriate references such as teachers and former employers who can provide your potential employer with a recommendation as to your character and abilities? A reference letter or two would add strength to your resume; have a few different types of letters available and ready for the positions that you are applying for. Naturally, do not forget to include your own contact information!


The Paw Print

Winter 2010

Consider the following statis tics: • The Interview Dress professionally. Even if you are applying for a job that does not requir e profession attir e, it is in your best interest to make a good fir st impression, “you can only make a fir st impression once.” Be on time (a few minutes early). When you are asked a question, lis ten carefully, answer specifically, and do not ramble. Promote yourself and your abilities without sounding arrogant, a know-it-all, or too good for the job. Know as much as you can about the job, the company, and the job responsibilities involved so that you can show that you are alr eady a “team player” and wil be an asset to the company. Option 2 (College) “Goodbye Mom and Dad, I’m off to college.” Why choose college? The most important question to consider, especial y in today’s climate with record unemployment is “does a college degree give me a greater chance at finding a job?” The answer is YES. It should be pointed out that a college degree does not guarantee a job but a quick look at recent statis tics given by the US Department of Labor reveals that a college degree does give you an advantage over those who are without a 4 year college degree.

Amanda Bailey: Northern Arizona University Crystal Collins: Cal State Dominguez Hil s Brett Croft: Master’s College Emily Cutil o: Brigham Young University Adolfo Espinoza: Cal State Dominguez Hil s Sarah Lindley: Cal State Fullerton Abel Mejia: Fresno State Lauren Miner: Humboldt State

• • •

Unemployment percentage of those without a high school education: 15% Unemployment percentage of those with a high school education: 9.4%-11.2% Unemployment percentage of those with some college or an Associates Degree: 8%-9%. Unemployment percentage of those who are college graduates: 4.4%-5%

Notice that with each level of advanced education the chances of finding or keeping a job are statis tically higher! If for no other reason than employment, a college education does pay off! Are there other reasons to consider a college degree? Absolutely and it is the primary reason for education, to advance your understanding of yourself, the world you live in, and how to improve yourself and the world around you. Choosing the best college is an investment in you and society, and what is a more lasting and safe investment than one in yourself? For more information on what to do after high school and how to move forward with that decis ion, vis it our school career center and talk to your counselors as soon as you can. It is not too early in 9th grade to begin this process and work towards your goals . Oak Hil s High School has a qualified staff here to assis t you and help you make a success of your life. Written By: Advanced Journalism Students

Presley Norton: Northern Arizona University Rozlyn Ocab: Azusa Pacific University, Menlo College Sarah Ols on: Cal State Fullerton Angelica Perea: Cal State Fullerton Andrea Poole: Northern Arizona University Taylor Small: Northern Arizona University, University of the Pacific Erick West: Master’s College

*These are not all of the Seniors who have applied and been accepted, just those who received Early Admis sion. UC’s do not 5 send out letters until after January. If you have been accepted please let Mrs. Harguess or Diane Rodriguez know!

The Paw Print

Winter 2010

Athletics This year’s fall sports have not only carried the bar over from the 20092010 school year, but also completely raised it over the top! The Bulld ogs Sports program proudly joined the Mojave River League, alo ng with Hesperia High School, Sultana High School, Apple Valley High School and Serrano High School. No Scorpion, Sultan, Sundevil or Diamondback was any match for the Bulld og. Volleyball pla ced first in the Mojave River League, which was quickly follo wed by our Football team pla cing 2 nd and pla ying the first round of pla yoffs against Elsinore High School. Both Tennis and Cross Country both had rough seasons, but pursued through to League Finals!

Fir st Team Offense:

Fir st Team Defense:

Fir st Team Special Teams:

Backs: Jeremiah Armstead Linemen: Anthony Flores; Lorenzo Lao

Linemen: Jason Curtis Linebackers: Antwaun Dawson; Aaron Woodard Backs: Daniel Davis ; Garrett Reece-Scott

Utility: Marshaun Coprich

Second Team Offense: Backs: Marshaun Coprich Receivers: Garrett Reece-Scott Tight End: Chris Lopez

Second Team Special Teams: Kicker: Brett Croft

Second Team Defense: Linemen: Ben Havro; Anthony Walker-Jimenez 6

The Paw Print

Winter 2010

Throw Me A Bone Havin g trouble with public speakin g? There are several methods to get over the fear, become comfortable, and fin d it fun to speak in front of a class or crowd. Accordin g to om/grades/speakin g.htm, tip s to overcome this fear are to: know the subject, support your arguments, realize that the audience isn’t so special, and PRACTICE! When writin g your speech, make sure to gather as much research as you can: about the subject. Be prepared for possible name callin g by other classmates because they wil be jealous of your brain s. Make sure to write out your speech and practic in g deliverin g it. Some ways to practic e your speech are: 1. Practic e in front of people you are comfortable with; 2. Talk to a mirror/wall; 3. Record yourself and listen to it to determin e whether you are gettin g your facts straig ht.

After practic in g these tip s, take your speech with you to your presentation. When you get up in front of class, pic k a spot on the wall. Don’t concentrate on the other people in the classroom, but if you must, do the common thin g and pic ture your audience in their underwear. If you are permitted in dex cards use them! Write down the main poin ts. Do not write your entire speech and try to fit it onto one note card, this elim in ates bein g “comfortable” with the class and eye contact. Keep key words/notes to help you lead to another topic . To overcome the fear of speakin g, make sure you are well prepared, have your sources ready; don’t pay attention to your audience, and practic e, practic e, PRACTICE! Written By: Rozlyn Ocab Research done by: Amber Anthony

Fin d your backpack or folder overflowin g with books and papers? Do you spend more than ten min utes searchin g for that assig nment that you “did” and swear it’s in your backpack…somewhere? What you need are… ORGANISTAS! As the organistas are far too expensive, read these handy tip s and you wil be on your way to an A.

Backpack users: If you have a backpack, a folder, notebooks, and even dividers for your folder, yet your papers are Folder users: just everywhere, you just need to organize! You’ve First of all, you should buy a backpack, or got all the tools; you just need to clean up the somethin g that wil hold your belongin gs. When buyin g your folder make sure that it is not so thin mess with tim e and hard work. If you stil have that you are emptyin g it out daily. Instead choose loose papers, check to see if you really need them; if it is safe to throw them away. If you refuse to one thic k enough to keep all of your papers accessible at all tim es. Make sure to keep dividers throw away any papers out of paranoia that you in your folder, one for each class subject, and even mig ht need it as soon as it hits the wastebasket, an extra one to keep your miscellaneous stuff. If in vest in some manila folders or a filer. If you in vest in a filer, do the same as you would with you are given a paper without holes, hole punch them im mediately and put them where they belong your folder and clearly label each tab for every subject. As for all the other trash that you seem so you don’t end up tearin g the sleeve on your to fin d at the bottom of your backpack, sim ply folder. Last if you are the type to carry your throw it away… NOW! pencils, pens, etc. in your pocket, a pencil holder for folders is recommended. Written By: Vanessa Franco and Rozlyn Ocab


The Paw Print

Winter 2010

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