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Oak Hill College


The best possible gift by coming to one of our regular open

his church. Your work, over the course

mornings. You’ll be able to meet staff and

of your ministry, will be ‘to equip God’s

students, sample a selection of lectures,

people for works of service, so that the

ask the questions important to you and

body of Christ may be built up.’ You are

get a genuine feel for what we are like as a

there to protect God’s people from ‘every


wind of false teaching’.

Why is theological education necessary?

Thanks for your interest in Oak Hill College. This prospectus will give you a

Here at Oak Hill, we want you to be

It’s a very good question to ask, especially

the best possible gift for Christ to give to

if you’re planning to spend so much of

his church. We believe that involves you

your time and resources in study and

growing to become more and more like

training. Whether you are considering

Jesus, as well as getting to know your

full-time or part-time study, this is a big

faith in depth and detail. We want you to

personal investment, and you deserve a

dedicate yourself to this time of training

big reason to make it.

so that you can continue to feed God’s

In one of the most inspiring passages

people in 10, 20 and 30 years time.

good introduction to our courses of study

of the book of Ephesians, we are told

and the many different choices they offer.

that when Christ ascended, he gave

to helping make that happen as we

gifts to his people. But what are these

serve you, and as together we serve the

for the word of God, our life together

gifts? Surprisingly, they are people. First

kingdom of God.

as a vibrant learning community, and

and foremost they are the apostles

our desire to help you love Jesus more

and prophets, but they are also ‘the

Mike Ovey

and receive the training you need for a

evangelists, the pastors and teachers’.

Principal, Oak Hill College

I hope it also communicates our passion

lifetime of gospel ministry. No prospectus can capture the whole picture, so I also hope you’ll follow up 2

If you are called to ministry, then you are in this list in Ephesians chapter 4. You are a gift which Christ is making to

And for our part, we are committed

4 To love God is to love his word

18 Theological and Pastoral Studies

29 The faculty

20 A mission module for all students

6 Pathways of study

34 Postgraduate study

22 Theology for

Crossing Cultures

12 An integrated

36 Studying part-time


26 Theology and Praxis

for Children’s and Youth Ministry

14 Living and learning in community

28 Radically faithful, radically adaptable

38 Anglicans and


42 Next steps 3

To love God is to love his word Above everything else, Oak Hill wants you to love Jesus more. To love Jesus is to love to hear him speak, and therefore to love his word. That’s why Oak Hill provides time to help you focus on the Bible. Whether you’re studying the ethical dilemmas of today, the growth of church movements in history or best practice in counselling young people, the Bible and its teaching is at the centre of it all, integrating everything you learn. We do this because we want to see Christian leaders whose whole lives and ministries are worked out hearing and obeying the God who speaks through his word. We want you to be informed and shaped by the Old and New Testaments, so that you can go on to teach them faithfully and creatively to the people God entrusts to your care. The focus of our courses on learning to think biblically is a big attraction for many students.


Greek and Hebrew

Oak Hill’s approach is ideally suited to anyone who loves the Bible and wants to understand it in depth. In the first two

While you’re at Oak Hill, you have the

years, you complete a survey of the Old

opportunity to study the Bible in its

and New Testaments, combined with in-

original languages of Hebrew and Greek.

depth studies of four key biblical books.

Doing that is invaluable not only for

Sam Ashton, a former student who

understanding the text of scripture, but

studied as an Anglican ordinand, said:

it will also enable you to bring out its

‘I came to Oak Hill to maximise my

amazing riches for others throughout

usefulness for Christ. While it seemed a

your ministry.

more natural fit to stay in a university

Greek is compulsory for the TPS and

town and do student ministry, I felt I needed to learn how to think for myself; how to think deeply and broadly about God’s word and God’s world, in order to teach faithfully, simply and relevantly; to know not just what others think, but why, and not just from books, but also from the joy of living in community with those from different traditions and backgrounds. I pray my training will increase my deployability beyond the educated white middle classes, making me more useful for Christ and his church in the long run.’

TCC streams, and many students elect to ‘I don’t know what the world is going to look like in 30 years’ time. But I do know the Bible is still going to be true, and the better I know the scriptures, and the better trained I have been up front, then the better equipped I will be to handle everything that comes my way.’ Ben Goldenberg, Independent student

study Hebrew as well. Duncan Forbes, a former Oak Hill student who leads a church on the Alton Estate in South London, says, ‘I’m a busy pastor. I have limited time and I would rather spend it meditating on the original words God breathed out than reading commentaries. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against commentaries, but when it’s the 11th hour, I’d sooner go to the Greek. In my experience, Greek and Hebrew are very useful in sermon prep.’


Pathways of study Foundation Degree Arts in Theology

Our programmes In the programmes shown on the right, full-time course durations are shown red and part-time in white white in red, All years quoted are academic years of 10 months, except for the MA, which

The Foundation Degree Arts (FdA) in Certificate of Higher Education (CertHE) in Theology 11 year year 2 years Foundation Degree Arts (FdA) in Theology 2 years 4 years

Theology is a two-year programme designed to help you understand the Bible and how it applies in contemporary culture. Like all foundation degrees, it focuses on work-based learning, which makes it ideal for integrating the three

Bachelor of Arts – BA (Hons) – in Theology 3 years 6 years

strands of academic study, personal

Master in Theology (MTheol) in

emphasis on unity. In the opening and

Theology, with specialisms in

closing terms there are modules which

Theological and Pastoral Studies

draw all the aspects of theology into an

specialise in one of three streams:

and Theology for Crossing Cultures 4 years 6 years (years 3

integrated and applied whole.

Theological and Pastoral Studies

and 4 are full-time only)

term, for instance, features different

has a duration of 12 months. Three streams Within the CertHE/FdA/BA (Hons) in Theology programmes, students

(TPS) page 18 Theology for Crossing Cultures

and Youth Ministry (TCY) page 26

Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) in Theology 1 year 2 years Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) in Theology 1 year 2 years


The degree starts and ends with a strong

The Word of God module in the first faculty members showing how the Bible

Master of Arts (MA) in Theology1 1 year 2 years year

(TCC) page 22 Theology and Praxis for Children’s

formation and practical training.

informs their individual disciplines, including ethics, apologetics and biblical studies. A module on today’s culture gives you an understanding of current world-views in society today, which in turn helps you understand how to do ministry in the real world. These modules are accompanied

$ 7

by an introduction to youth and children’s

Women’s ministry

ministry, taken by all students, because we are convinced that effective work among young people is essential to the

Women have been training at Oak Hill for many years, and recently we

The middle terms of the FdA embody

have seen significant numbers of

diversity. Here you look at different yet

women committing themselves to

connected topics of study which illuminate

full-time theological education. We

in detail all the aspects of theology. You

have ramped up our commitment to

focus on biblical, historical, doctrinal,

women accordingly. New modules,

cultural and practice-based modules.

seminars and training sessions have

‘Oak Hill trained me to think well, to

health of the church as a whole.

One of Oak Hill’s distinctives is the

been designed to provide rigorous

continuing importance and relevance

training for women in a variety of

of learning the biblical languages.

roles in the local and global church.

Greek is compulsory for TPS and TCC

Miriam Simmons (pictured left)

streams and many students elect to

with views that differ slightly – or

says: ‘I arrived at Oak Hill with the

learn Hebrew as well. You also study

maybe not so slightly, or maybe quite a

conviction that the church needs

apologetics and preaching, and you

lot – from what I think, and to be able

theologically trained women as well

can choose from subjects as diverse as

to do that with biblical convictions and

as men to serve in a whole host of

women’s ministry, philosophy, and the


ministries. That conviction has been

pastoral epistles.

Miriam Simmons, former

affirmed and strengthened by the

Independent student

faculty here and by my brothers and

view, taking in ethics, pastoral theology

sisters studying alongside me. I’m

and care, and cross-cultural mission. The

excited about how my time at Oak

FdA takes you to the end of two years,

Hill will help me disciple and train

which helps you lay the foundations for a

other women in the years to come.’

well-rounded church ministry.

think deeply. It enabled me to interact


In the final term, you step up for a wider

Robin and Zoe Ham. Robin, who studied at Oak Hill, is a Pioneer Curate in the South Barrow Team, including St George’s, Barrow-in-Furness.

My training at Oak Hill enables me to work out what it looks like to minister the good news of Jesus Christ here in Barrow. 9

Church placements All Oak Hill students on the FdA programme take part in a placement scheme. This enables you to develop your gifts in a practical setting, apply what you are learning in the classroom and reflect on how God is working in your life and ministry. Placements work differently according to the specialist stream you are following:

Fellowship groups Every full-time student at Oak Hill is assigned a personal tutor. Your tutor will help you grow and develop and will be available if you need help and advice. The tutorial system is one of the strengths of coming to Oak Hill. Tutors provide both academic and

Theological and Pastoral Studies – you

pastoral support which encourages

are placed in a suitable Anglican or

you to grow in your studies, and

Independent church or chaplaincy, which

also in your character and ministry

might be in an urban or rural setting.


Theology for Crossing Cultures – you are placed in a church in a different cultural setting from your own, and you complete a placement (normally overseas) during the summer vacation between your first and second years.

Communication workshop All undergraduates follow an intensive three-day workshop

Theology and Praxis for Children’s and

with a communication expert. The

Youth Ministry – your placement will be

workshop provides an introduction

in a church with an existing youth and/or

in how to communicate the gospel in

children’s ministry.

a contemporary context.


BA (Hons) in Theology

For a lifetime of ministry, you will want to anchor your thinking and practice in

Following the FdA, we encourage you

Christ through God’s word, and that is

to move on into the third year for the

what the BA (Hons) degree gives you.

BA (Hons) in Theology. In this year, you draw on all you have learned in years one

Master in Theology

and two to become established in much greater depth. Our conviction is that to

Building on your third year, you can

communicate the gospel simply, you have

take your learning into a fourth year

to understand it deeply, and that’s our aim

with the Master in Theology (MTheol) in

in this third year of study.

Theology, with specialisms in Theological

Oak Hill has uniquely developed two key

and Pastoral Studies and Theology for

modules for the third year which focus

Crossing Cultures. You specialise in

on just two biblical books: Isaiah and

depth within an area of your choice, and

‘Youth and Children’s Ministry for

the Gospel of John. We start by doing an

have the option of writing a 15,000 word

Everyone is a fantastic module.

exegetical survey of the two books, and

dissertation, or the combination of a short

We are glad it is compulsory!

then we bring all our other areas of study

dissertation and short project.

Those preparing for future church

to sit under the word of God as revealed

leadership have found it invaluable.

in Isaiah and John. Dan Strange, our

undergratuate masters programme, has

It is deep and rigorous, yet also

Academic Vice Principal, explains these

your ministry in mind. You go deeper in

intensely practical, helping us form

key modules on pages 12-13.

order to explain things more simply and

biblical principles for ministry. It

The third year also includes a vocational

The MTheol, an integrated

clearly. You are not left at the end with a

also opens up many other areas to

module, with choices that cover pastoral

brilliant theology that won’t make sense

do with education and relating to

counselling, women’s ministry, Christian

to anybody in the pew. That’s why many

families in gospel ministry.’

leadership and other options. You can also

of the modules help you to communicate

Rich Tearle, Independent student, TPS

choose to produce a short dissertation or

your insights so they can be understood

project as one of your elective subjects.

outside the world of theology. 11

An integrated curriculum Don Carson, president and co-founder of

has called for. Our newly revalidated

The Gospel Coalition, was recently asked,

CertHE, FdA, BA (Hons) and postgraduate

‘What is one thing you would change

curriculum attempts to break down the

about seminary?’ He said he would like

barriers between theological disciplines,

to see an integrated curriculum, ‘where

while preserving their distinctive

Bible and theology are genuinely at the

contributions to the training and

center’, together with a faculty who are

formation of men and women for gospel

passionate about teaching it.


Here at Oak Hill we are developing precisely the integration Don Carson

Dan Strange, Academic Vice Principal of Oak Hill, writes about how the College curriculum breaks down the barriers between the different theological disciplines.


The climax of the undergraduate curriculum is in two compulsory, year-

long ‘Word of God’ modules in the BA

John. We want you to develop your skills

(Hons) third year. They focus on the Book

in all the different areas of theological

of Isaiah and the Gospel of John.

study, because they are going to be

These are not simply biblical studies

invaluable in your future ministry. And

modules, but have been designed by

we want to give you a model for how you

the whole faculty of Oak Hill. All our

can work with the whole of scripture

faculty members have contributed by

in your preaching, pastoral work and

bringing Isaiah and John to bear on their

outreach. The assessments will make sure

particular ‘biblical’ disciplines, including

you cross more than one discipline. This

biblical theology, doctrine, ethics,

will enable you to apply this integrative

preaching, spirituality, women’s ministry,

model to other biblical books later on in

apologetics and mission.

your ministry.

We ask, for example, how does John

It’s been quite a job putting these

shape the way we do mission? How do we

modules together and we recognise the

apply Isaiah in our attitude toward other

ambitious nature of the project. As a

religions? What do our ethics, preaching,

faculty, we spent a great deal of time

doctrine and apologetics look like in the

designing the modules and shaping the

light of these two great books? These are

overall structure. The process culminated

modules in which all our faculty members

in two awaydays where we shared our

take part, integrating their individual

teaching outlines with each other and

disciplines so that the word of God is

received comments and feedback.

applied across the whole horizon of biblical ministry. One of the gifts Oak Hill wants to give you is a whole year of living in Isaiah and

‘In the third year, everything is taught out of John and Isaiah. We are going to be living in a text, and learning how to unify all the separate disciplines through the text. This seems like an incredibly good way of training someone to be a Bible teacher long term.’ Nick Ashton, Anglican ordinand

While it can be daunting to go outside the comfort zone of your own discipline, the development of a well-rounded theological faculty depends on it. 13

Living and learning in community Is Oak Hill a university, a church, or

academic excellence with a pastoral heart,

something else entirely? Oak Hill can

not only in class, but out of class. Our

certainly look like a university, because

community life gives you quality time

our academic programme is validated by

with personal and module tutors, with

Middlesex University and is subject to its

many opportunities to interact in class or

standards and regulations. Oak Hill can

in formal tutorials, over coffee or lunch,

also look very much like a church, with

and in fellowship groups.

weekly fellowship groups, daily times of

Finally, our residential study focuses

worship, and a strong focus on following

on learning together with others, within

Jesus. Although we are not actually a

a cohort where lifelong relationships

church, we exist for the church and our

are formed and continue into church

commitment is to serve the church.

ministry. There are so many opportunities

We believe there is something unique

at college to do the ‘one anothering’ we

and invaluable about residential

often talk about. By serving one another

theological education, whether you

in and out of class, we help each other to

15-minute walk from the tube, which puts

experience it full-time or part-time. There

become formed into the likeness of Christ.

central London within easy reach, and the

are several dimensions to this. Residential

Everything at Oak Hill happens within

countryside of Hertfordshire and Essex is

training gives you dedicated time to read,

the context of prayer, praise and the

study, reflect, rehearse, discuss, debate,

preached word. As Jim Packer famously

close by. In this beautiful setting the Oak Hill

and listen humbly, which is one of the

said at the beginning of his lectures, ‘The

community flourishes, with time for

hallmarks of ministry. Studying at Oak

goal of theology, friends, is doxology.’

prayer and worship, sport and relaxation, coffee breaks, talking over lunch and

Hill is not time out of ministry. Rather, it is a redirection of your ministry for a

The campus

everything else that enriches our life together. If you’re studying full-time,

time, as you live, learn and share with Oak Hill is set in 60 acres of 18th century

you’ll be part of a fellowship group of

Oak Hill not only offers dedicated time,

parkland, with an abundance of trees,

around 12 students. The group meets

but also dedicated tutors. They combine

open green spaces and walks. We are a

once a week and helps you take time out

others in the college community.


of the academic programme for support, prayer and encouragement. This is one of the ways we make a big college feel small. Daily chapel services alternate between Anglican and Independent forms of worship. Our sports facilities include a good football pitch, two all-weather tennis courts and a basketball court. Indoors, we have areas for relaxation, as well as a student common room, with television, video and music facilities. There are also tables for snooker and table tennis. 15

Because we are an Academic Partner of Middlesex University, students are eligible to use the university sports facilities, although there may be a fee for some activities. Accommodation Because of our spacious campus, we can offer a wide range of housing units, enabling about half of our married students to live on site. Where it’s not possible to accommodate students on the college campus, we can provide some help with finding places to live locally. 16

Our accommodation includes well-

The main foyer provides a bright and

appointed study bedrooms for single

spacious area where students meet every

students, with an option of house-shares

day to talk over coffee.

or shared flats for those who are looking

The centre is also home to Oak Hill’s

Virtual learning environment

for 52-week accommodation. In addition,

library, which has plenty of space for

there is a large house within easy walking

quiet study, fully computerised search

The Virtual Learning Environment

distance of the campus which provides

facilities, lockable storage and a self-

(VLE) at Oak Hill runs entirely within

accommodation for single male students.

service issue and return system. It also

Google Apps for Education. It gives

has over 56,000 items in stock, including

us an integrated system for sharing

the college campus, a short walk from

multimedia items such as DVDs and CD-

information and developing dialogue

the teaching facilities. There’s a nearby

ROMs. On average, 200 items are added to

with and between students, whether

children’s play area, and our acres of

the library’s stock each month, including

they are full-time or part-time.

natural parkland make this a beautiful,

newly published theological books from a

spacious and safe environment for

wide range of traditions.

We have several family houses on

bringing up children. There are good

The library is linked via the Internet to

The VLE has also enabled us to develop ways of teaching and learning that are more time-efficient.

schools within walking distance, and all

thousands of libraries worldwide. It was

For example, learning the Greek

the benefits that London has to offer are a

recently tested when an MTheol student

alphabet, which previously took up

short tube ride away.

based his dissertation on Japanese

an hour of precious time in class, is

writings, but it succeeded and is able to

now covered in a web video. You can

rise to any challenge. The library also has

learn this kind of basic information

Academic Centre

a full-text-online journals database, which

at your own pace and return to it at

Oak Hill’s academic centre, which was

supplements its subscription to over 200

any point.

opened in 2000, includes a state of the

hard copy journals.

art lecture theatre, which has full audiovisual facilities. The centre also has a smaller lecture room and seminar rooms, which are ideal for group discussion work. 17

Theological and Pastoral Studies


Many Oak Hill students take the

‘Many of the people we work with are

Theological and Pastoral Studies pathway

involved in gospel partnerships around

as part of the Foundation, BA (Hons)

the UK, where Anglican and Independent

and MTheol degrees. If you follow this

Churches are working together on local

stream, you’ll be among students who are

evangelism and other initiatives. So our

following it for a wide variety of reasons.

thinking is that it’s a great preparation

Some are travelling towards ordained

for gospel partnership to be studying,

ministry in the Church of England.

debating and sharing together from the

Others are training to become pastors

word go.’

in Independent churches, while yet

Dan Adams, a former FdA student who

others are already working in specialist

specialised in Theological and Pastoral


Studies, said: ‘This time at Oak Hill is

Theological and Pastoral Studies is

invaluable for my ministry now and

flexible in the way students take it into

in the future. I have a much clearer

their future ministries. It can be studied

theological framework, I’ve got to know

as an approved pathway to ministry

my Bible much better and I’m being

in the Church of England; or it can be

given the tools to enable me to keep on

followed as a preparation for Independent

studying the Bible. Developing my biblical

church ministry.

language skills has set me up to engage

Mike Ovey, Oak Hill’s Principal, believes

Ministry modules Alongside the core modules which all Foundation students take, there are ministry modules in both years specifically for the TPS students. These modules focus on the principles and practicalities of church leadership with separate streams for Anglican and Independent students. As part of these ministry modules, there’s a commitment to theological reflection and the importance of critical self-engagement regarding what we do in ministry and our motivations behind it.

with scripture for myself so that I can

that studying alongside people who are

communicate it to whoever I come across

heading for both similar and different

from whatever background.’

forms of ministry to you is an enriching experience.

$ 19

A mission module for all students Recently, one of the mission modules

employed us to establish multicultural

became compulsory for all students.

outreach, which was fully integrated into

This is where our Theology for Crossing

the life of the church.

Cultures students get to hone their skills

needs to become aware of their own

cultural mission!

culture and the cultures of others, how

As a mission student, it may surprise

to proclaim the gospel faithfully in new

you to discover that not all Oak Hill

contexts and how to serve shoulder to

students are as interested as you are in

shoulder with Christians from other

other cultures or exotic parts of the world.


They are as committed to the gospel as

That is what our compulsory mission

you, but see their future ministry context

module for all students is intended to

more in the line of a meat and two veg

achieve. Students taking it will explore

than a chicken tikka masala.

immigration, the Great Commission

It’s at this point that you are more than

(home and away), reverse mission and

welcome to chime in with the missions

globalisation. We seek to expand our

tutors that the times they are a-changin’.

horizons to meet a shrinking world.

I’ve seen this change for myself. When my wife Maura and I returned to Britain Dave Baldwin, Director of Theology for

after 11 years of ministry in Ethiopia,

Crossing Cultures, introduces a module

we settled in Reading to work in a town

taken by all students which explores

centre Baptist church. Reading is one of

cross-cultural mission.

the most cosmopolitan urban centres in Britain, with over 150 languages spoken in the primary schools. The church


At Oak Hill we believe every student

as an intra-college evangelist for cross-

Gabrielle Samuel, who studied at Oak Hill, is now Youth and Women’s Worker at Brixton Local Church in south London.

Spending time with women, we often end up addressing issues about identity. Who they feel they are, who they have been made to think they are, and who they can be in Christ. 21

Theology for Crossing Cultures


It would be hard to think of a ministry context today where cross-cultural skills aren’t vital. Students hoping to serve overseas already understand their need to learn about living in another culture. But as 10% of the current UK population was born overseas, it is evident that every UK ministry setting either already is or shortly will be cross-cultural. If you have been called to work cross-culturally, Oak Hill’s Theology for Crossing Cultures stream has been tailor-made to meet your needs. Alongside

The tutors Dave Baldwin is Director of Theology for Crossing Cultures. He has worked in Ethiopia and the UK with Serving in Mission (SIM). Alongside his Oak Hill responsibilities, he and his wife Maura run a SIM project called 2:19, which is designed to help UK churches reach out to their local multi-cultural communities through English lessons.

your core theology modules you will be studying: the world church, with its dramatic recent developments; what cultures are, how they work and how to get better at moving between them; an introduction to and Christian theology of other religions and how best to engage their followers with the gospel; recent trends in missionary thinking; practical aspects of missionary service; how the

Ray Porter, who designed the crosscultural modules and launched the Theology for Crossing Cultures stream, previously served in East Asia and the UK with Overseas Missionary Fellowship. He worked in Indonesia for 14 years pioneering and establishing churches. Ray now teaches one of the course modules.

gospel can be communicated faithfully from one culture to another without distorting the message (if this is possible: please discuss). 23

The smaller classes in the Theology

For example, when we look at the topic

for Crossing Cultures stream allow for

of a missionary’s relationship to his

a lot of useful discussion around these

or her sending church, a deep mutual

subjects. We consider real scenarios and

listening usually ensues. The future

draw on the experience of those who

pastors better understand the needs of

have gone before. Your tutors’ own long

the missionaries they send to the far

experience in mission will often come

corners of the earth, while the future

out and the fact they served on different

missionaries better appreciate the role of

continents during different decades and

the sending churches – and how annoying

with different sending agencies provides a

missionaries can sometimes be!

good degree of breadth. Oak Hill graduates who specialised in

Actually, Theology for Crossing Cultures students can hardly get away from the

Theology for Crossing Cultures have gone

students following other streams. The

on to serve in places as diverse as Serbia,

core modules, which all students study

‘I chose Oak Hill because the course

Uganda, China, Japan, Bolivia, Senegal and

together, are there for a reason: We don’t

leads towards mission work, but you

the Canary Islands. More are hoping to go

believe in sending missionaries out with a

do proper, well-grounded theology at

to places such as India, Taiwan, Siberia and

fantastic grasp of culture but a flimsy grip

the same time. The mission side isn’t


on the gospel. We believe missionaries

at the expense of theology, or vice

One of the real delights of the classes

need the same depth of theological

versa. I’m excited about that, and I’m

is that you will often be studying your

confident that I’ll leave here with a

specialist subjects alongside students who

really solid foundation to work with.’

are following the other streams and have

New Testament in Greek, then so do

Jenni Dyer, Independent student, TCC

opted for the mission modules. Their take

missionaries. If ministers need to know

on the issues can be very illuminating.

their place in church history, then so do

training as UK church workers. If pastors need to be able to read the

$ 24

missionaries. If church leaders need to pay attention to their life and doctrine, then so do missionaries. What would we be saying if we didn’t insist on that? That

Teaching and learning in rural Africa

people on the mission field don’t matter as much, or that people from other cultures

When I’m in my classroom, it’s so easy

to behold. I watch as they lead person

can’t stomach such rich gospel ministry?

to be the big man. I’m at the front

after person to Christ, kneeling together

During their studies, students

and am far better trained than my

in prayer in a dusty yard surrounded

seek to integrate their cross-cultural

students theologically-speaking. I have

by kids in rags, chickens and sometimes

understanding and their participation

the laptop, the books on my shelf, and

even traditional spirit-worship shrines.

in the core subjects with other students.

the red pen to mark their attempts at

They have all the skills, languages,

One student was asked to think about

theological expression.

confidence, communication and

marriage preparation materials for

And then I leave Namugongo and

cultural ability they need to preach the

families who had become Christians from

travel for five hours into rural Africa.

gospel in these backwater parishes of

a Muslim background. There was nothing

I don’t speak the language. I have no

East Africa.

to lift off the shelf to provide this. So the

idea what the villagers are saying to

student went back to the pagan cultural

me, why they’re laughing at me – why

have the ability and training to

background of 1 Corinthians chapter 7,

they’re doing anything, actually. I’m

help them understand and use the

considered the marriage culture of the

self-conscious and nervous and entirely

scriptures rightly when they’re out

local Muslims and then reapplied Paul’s

dependent on my students.

there. Together, it works. I’ve estimated

arguments into that context. Whether you are thinking of working in

They take me by the hand and lead

And we staff at Namugongo seminary

that our current student body will

me round explaining what’s going on.

preach to over a million people between

another culture, or in the multicultures

And as I sit there in people’s homes

them in the coming years.

of the UK, Theology for Crossing Cultures

watching my students use their own

will help you do the study, discussion and

language in their own culture and

Chris Howles is a former student at

thinking needed, as well as giving you

explain the gospel clearly, confidently

Oak Hill

essential skills for your ministry.

and contextually, it’s an absolute sight 25

Theology and Praxis for Children’s and Youth Ministry Young people are under pressure today as

of children’s or youth work, we believe

never before. Competing world views tell

you need the same level of training as any

them that there is no God – or if there is,

other ministry in the church.

that he is uninterested in their lives. Mel Lacy, the Director of the youth

The reason behind that is this: statistics consistently show that significant

and children’s ministry stream at Oak

numbers of people become Christians

Hill, says that ‘many children and young

before the end of their teens. But they

people brought up in today’s culture find

also show that the biggest group who lose

it difficult to believe in the relational

their faith are young people who leave

God of the Bible. They are astounded to

home for university. Since this time of life

discover that people live according to

is so critical for young people, those who

God’s word and for his glory.’

work with them need the best theological

If you’re reading this page, you probably

and practical training available. If you

already know there is an urgent need for

have a desire to serve among children and

‘We are thoroughly persuaded

children’s and youth workers who can

young people in God’s church, we think

that biblical children’s and youth

connect a truly biblical faith with modern

you will thrive by studying at Oak Hill.

ministry is critical to the health of

youth culture. The church needs people

the evangelical church in the UK.

who can handle the tough pastoral issues

theology, specialising in children’s and

We have therefore introduced a

and who can also handle the word of God,

youth ministry, that is intended to

new foundational module which

because they understand it in depth and

thoroughly equip students for a lifetime

all students at Oak Hill take. It’s

can teach it with confidence.

of full-time ministry. It is designed

proving to be greatly appreciated

Getting to that point requires

Says Mel Lacy: ‘We offer a degree in

to complement and build on the core

by our students, many of whom

theological study, understanding the

modules of the Foundation Degree,

say: “Why did no one tell me this

Bible in depth, training in practical skills,

offering integrative and dynamic learning


spiritual growth and the fellowship of


Mel Lacy, Director of Youth and

others who are similarly preparing for

Children’s Ministry

ministry. To be equipped for the ministry


Alongside academic study, we train you in the hands-on skills you need

for ministry. You might have all the

church doctrine can inform schools work,

theological knowhow in the world, but

and how children can be nurtured better

when 100 kids are about to arrive for

spiritually by integrating the work of

holiday club on a Monday morning,

parents with volunteer church leaders.

you also need skills of organisation and leadership to see you through. Those skills are partly developed

Mel Lacy has been a youth worker for many years and remains hands-on involved in youth ministry at her local

through your local church placement,

church. ‘Youth culture shifts so fast,’

of course. But we also supplement your

she says, ‘that very quickly you could be

placement with practical work in college,

out of date in terms of what is catching

focusing on specific subjects such as

young people’s attention and occupying

working with the under 3s, planning

their thoughts, if you’re not immersed in

RE classes and assemblies, and working

working with young people.’

among children with special needs. ‘I came to Oak Hill to know who

You’ll also learn about and debate

our God is and to be fully equipped

the ethical issues which shape young

in how we interpret the Bible and

people’s lives. Our aim is to train you

how we understand what God says.

professionally as well as practically.

I think that is really important for

In the third year of the degree we

every Christian, even if you’re not

give students following the youth

going into ministry.’

and children’s ministry stream the

Sophia Chichester, Independent

opportunity to complete an in-depth

student, TCY

study in youth work. Two recent examples include research into how

$ 27

Radically faithful, radically adaptable Then there are subcultures based on

Mike Ovey, Principal of Oak Hill, writes about one of the core aims the College has in training students for ministry. Looking at British and world culture today, it’s not hard to see that it is fractured into many different cultures and subcultures. The fractures open up over what language people speak, what race they belong to, which religion they follow, what region, generation or social class they come from.


opened up in the past couple of decades.

lifestyle choices such as sports, music,

And many of the ones that are important

fashion and media: surfers, cyclers and

right now will deepen, narrow, vanish or

bikers, goths and clubbers, geeks, tweeters

be replaced by new fractures over the

and hackers – subcultures change so fast

next 30 years. In fact, that process will

that this list will probably be out of date

probably happen several times over the

before the ink has dried on the page.

course of your ministry.

Some of these fractures in culture

That means part of our job is not only to

are very deep, with hostility on either

help deepen your faith, but also to give you

side, while others are narrower, but still

the tools to communicate it in a world of

produce real incomprehension between

shifting cultures. We aim to nurture your

different groups.

ability to analyse when something that

An important aspect in communicating the gospel is knowing when there is a

once worked simply doesn’t any longer. We want to build up your skills in

fracture, what kind of fracture it is and

examining what you see around you in

how it can be crossed without losing the

the light of the Bible. That way, you’ll

essential point of what you want to say.

be able to judge the truth and value of

It’s like learning a foreign language, and

fresh cultural changes and recognise the

there’s no point in doing that if you’ve

opportunities they bring for the gospel.

forgotten or lost what you wanted to say in the first place. But it’s not just that we live in a culture

Above all, we want to help you be radically faithful to Jesus and radically adaptable in proclaiming him. That’s a big

that is fractured. Like an earthquake, the

challenge, both for you and for us! But

fractures are constantly shifting. Some

it’s vital as we help you prepare for your

of today’s biggest fractures have only


A servant-hearted faculty The way we teach at Oak Hill is guided

have a faculty which is experienced in

by these words from the apostle Paul:

ministry, and also practises teaching as

‘Think of us in this way, as servants of

a craft. We’re here not just to download

Christ and stewards of God’s mysteries’

information, but to engage with our

(1 Corinthians 4:1). Students come to Oak

students. After all, we’re working with

Hill to be entrusted with the gospel and to

students who are not only highly

become faithful servants of Jesus Christ.

motivated, but often highly prepared,

To achieve that, the faculty are

with a good range of ministry experience.

wholeheartedly committed to being

In that sense, the teacher often becomes

stewards of God themselves. That works

the taught, making Oak Hill a genuine

itself out in two ways. Faculty members

community of teaching and learning.’

are passionate about the content of

Part of our commitment to teaching

what they teach, that their theology

excellence is peer-to-peer review, where

and application is biblically true and

faculty members sit in on each other’s

trustworthy. And they are also committed

lectures and offer critical feedback.

to being excellent teachers, so they can

Dan Strange, Oak Hill’s Academic

show students how to excel as teachers of

Vice Principal, says: ‘We’ve worked hard

God’s people themselves.

to strike the best balance of gifts and

Brad Bitner, Oak Hill’s Director of

experience in our faculty. What we have

Learning, Teaching and Assessment,

now is a team of people who are not only

For the full list of our faculty members,

works to support the enhancement of

gifted in their expertise and knowledge,

please visit the web link on the left. And

teaching at Oak Hill. He says: ‘We believe

but who are also servant-hearted. They

please see the next pages to meet four

there is a unique value in face to face

are fully behind the fact that we’re

of our most recently appointed teaching

residential training, especially when you

training people for vocational ministry.’

staff, who talk about their subjects.

$ 29

Eric Ortlund

Brad Bitner

Eric came to Oak Hill from Briercrest

Brad was English pastor at the Greek

College and Seminary in Caronport,

Evangelical Church of Boston before

Saskatchewan, Canada. He received his

coming to Oak Hill. He gained his PhD

PhD at Edinburgh University, and teaches

from Macquarie University, Sydney. Brad

Old Testament and Hebrew.

teaches New Testament, Greek and biblical theology.

There is a lovely moment in one of the Narnia books – The Magician’s Nephew

When people hear ‘biblical theology’,

– where Aslan is walking and creating

they often think it’s about Bible overview.

Narnia. He is singing, and as he sings,

Although overviewing the Old and New

plants and animals come into being.

Testaments is part of what we do, biblical

There is something about language

theology is much more than that.

which makes it far more than the way we

music playing in another room, which

communicate factual information. There

you can kind of hear. You are not hearing

about scripture as the word of God. We

is also a kind of music going on inside

it inaccurately, but when you go into the

think about how that affects our reading

language. It is part of the goodness of

room where Beethoven’s 9th Symphony is

of this one divine story, which wraps us

creation, and it is there in Hebrew too.

playing, you hear the cellos and the choir

in as characters and rewrites our own

and everything that music is.

scripts. We ask: How can we preach and

The music of Hebrew is much more guttural and much less abstract than

People in ministry need more than a

We build on what students are taught

teach from each section of scripture in an

English. When you talk about the land

passing acquaintance with God’s word.

in Hebrew, you can almost feel the soil in

If the people who are shepherding the

For me, the value of learning New

souls of God’s people are not intimately

Testament Greek is that it slows you

knowledgeable of God’s word, then who

down to see and hear the text in a fresh

else will be?

way. If you’re a careful reader of the

your fingers. If you are serious about God’s word, you have to hear the original. It’s like 30

authentic and faithful way?

Tim Ward Before coming to Oak Hill, Tim taught on the Cornhill Training Course with the Proclamation Trust, and prior to that, served in pastoral ministry for 14 years. He received his PhD at Edinburgh University, and teaches homiletics. Oak Hill trains people who are going to be involved in many different Bible ministries, but we have a particular focus on the training of preachers. As contemporary preachers, we stand in a English text, can you teach and preach

biblical line which can be traced back

studying the Old Testament; how does it

well? Yes, you can. Will you teach and

through the apostles, and the Lord Jesus,

help you see all the more incisively the

preach a lot better if you read the text

to the Old Testament prophets. They

message of this passage of scripture? You

in Greek, and you’re slowed down to

came from the Lord to deliver his word.

are being taught systematic theology;

consider what it’s really saying? Yes, you

Or to use that great New Testament word,

how does that wider framework give you

will. Maybe some of your assumptions

they came as the herald of the king.

a helpful grid for understanding what

will be challenged when you come to

The homiletics module is one point in

God is doing in this episode of scripture?

this passage that you thought you knew

the curriculum when everything students

so well. The Greek slows us down to do

are learning in the other areas comes

students will sense how everything

what we all want to do, which is to attend

together. You are learning Greek; how will

they are being taught elsewhere can be

faithfully to what is there, so we can best

that help you discern the meaning of the

brought to bear on this essential task of

understand God’s word.

passage you are preaching on? You are

preaching scripture in today’s world.

My aim in teaching homiletics is that


Matthew Barrett

the doctrine of sin, and so on, I don’t want students to learn those doctrines merely

Matthew is the author of several books,

for head knowledge, as important as that

including Salvation by Grace, and he

is. I want them to be able to connect the

is the founder and editor of the online

dots between those doctrines and the

theological magazine, Credo. He gained

Christian life.

his MDiv and PhD from Southern Baptist

biblical understanding of the trinity

was senior pastor at a Baptist church in

shape the way we worship God and pray

California. He teaches systematic theology

to God? It drastically changes how we

and church history at Oak Hill.

relate to God as Father, Son and Holy

One of the things that drew me to Oak ‘I am not preaching in class, but there are times when I get passionate and excited, because the light-bulb goes on and you realise, wow, this seemed at first like a really academic discussion, but it’s enormously practical. So there are times when I do get a little preachy, even if I am not preaching the whole time!’ Matthew Barrett

Hill was that students don’t just study

Spirit. How does our understanding of the

different subjects, as if they’re in a science

cross of Christ as an atonement impact

lab, but instead are asking: How does

our assurance that we are Christians? It

what I’m studying make a difference for

does in a significant way. Whether or not

us as Christians? How do we live out

Christ actually paid the price for our sin

these theological benefits?

has everything to do with whether or not

My hope is that every student will either be a pastor-theologian, or if they are not technically a pastor, then whatever their

we can be confident that we truly are one of God’s children. So in my modules, we really spend time

ministry may be, they will approach it in a

not only fleshing out the theology, but

theological way. So what does that mean?

showing how it relates to godliness, the

In the classes I teach at Oak Hill, where

Christian life, the church and practical

we are covering the trinity, the atonement, 32

So, for example, how does an orthodox,

Theological Seminary in Kentucky, and


Oak Hill was where I first started to get interested and excited about church planting, and how it might be brought to Scotland.

Athole Rennie, who studied at Oak Hill, is now a church planter and the pastor of Grace Church in Leith.


Postgraduate study Oak Hill’s postgraduate courses take to

All incoming postgraduate students

might be better equipped to minister to

the next level the characteristics of our

take our module on hermeneutics,

undergraduate programmes, which we

epistemology and the knowledge of God.

believe are central to training men and

It explores the key challenges to our

push you forward to love more truly, more

women for gospel ministry in the 21st

knowledge of God, including scepticism,

wholly, and more deeply the God who has


rationalism, romanticism, nihilism and

come to us in the gospel of his Son, Jesus

The MA, PGDip and PGCert will enable

postmodernism, among others. The aim

Christ. If you have already completed

you to engage at a high level with today’s

of the module is to help students rightly

an undergraduate theology degree, the

significant theological and pastoral

handle the word of truth (hermeneutics)

College has a number of postgraduate

questions. You take time to reflect and

and more deeply understand the

programmes, as set out on the opposite

consider in a deeper way the meaning and

competing claims to knowledge so they


application of scripture in our fractured, quickly-changing world. Our postgraduate courses are intentionally integrative: what you learn from interpreting the Bible, systematic theology, church history and ethics is tied together. In that way, the classroom is just like the pulpit, or the Friday night youth group, or the challenging questions in a Christianity Explored course. What do we learn about the doctrine of grace from scripture, systematic theology, church history and the other relevant fields? Oak Hill’s postgraduate modules model the unity and diversity that are proper to Christian theology. 34

others in our ever-changing world. Ultimately, our postgraduate courses

Master of Arts (MA) in Theology

Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) in Theology

Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) in Theology

The MA enables you to study theology at

The PGDip makes our training for gospel

The PGCert is a short (60-credit) course,

a more advanced level. You can take an

ministry available more widely at a

primarily aimed at theology graduates

even more specialised approach to the

postgraduate level. What distinguishes

serving in ministry who are considering

different disciplines than is possible in

the PGDip from the MA and MTheol

further study or are looking for an

the BA (Hons) programme.

is that it does not require a research

element of continuing professional

component, although you can do a short


You choose four taught modules and also do a 15,000 word dissertation, or the combination of a short dissertation and short project.

research project if you choose. You take four taught modules to earn

PGCert students take two modules: a compulsory module on hermeneutics

the PGDip. This fits well for many people

and epistemology, which is common to all

who want to study and prepare for

our postgraduate programmes, and one

two years part-time, but can be completed

ministry at a postgraduate level, but for

elective, which can be a taught module, an

in 12 months of full-time study.

whom independent research is not the

independent research project, or a guided

right fit.

reading module.

The programme is frequently taken over

The programme can be taken over one year full-time or two years part-time.

There are two pathway options for students, either to take both modules in one year, or one module in each of two years.

$ 35

Studying part-time The majority of Oak Hill’s courses are open for part-time as well as full-time study. If you are a CertHE or FdA part-time student, you will probably come to the college on Mondays and Tuesdays. You follow exactly the same academic programme as fulltime students, but have twice the length of time to complete it. So the Foundation degree is completed over four years instead of two, for example. There are some big advantages to studying part-time. You don’t have to uproot yourself or your family. You can continue to work in the local community where you feel at home. You can be flexible in how you organise your life between work and training. And you can fund your course by continuing to work. For Ali Campbell-Smith, youth worker

having the academic study alongside it. I

the New Testament while we were doing

at Eden Baptist Church, Cambridge,

felt much better equipped for the work I

Greek, and the Old Testament while we

studying part-time at Oak Hill gave her

was doing, because I’d been able to put it

were doing Hebrew. Having that extra

the chance to integrate what she was

into practice as I went along.’

practice on the languages was essential.

learning into her ministry week by week.

Matt Kottman, pastor of Calvary Chapel,

Learning this way is immensely practical

‘I really valued being able to continue

Leatherhead, agrees. ‘During my first year

because I can see how it immediately

doing youth work at my church while

of Greek and Hebrew, I was preaching in

benefits us as a congregation.’


So if you’re looking to do some serious theological training but want to continue living and working where you are, part-

the particular issues which arise from studying part-time.’ Part-time study is very attractive for

time study offers a great way forward.

churches which want to send their people

You come into college for classroom

for training, but also want to make use of

learning, seminars, discussions and

their gifts for the rest of the week. Oak

private study, using Oak Hill’s modern

Hill forms a partnership with churches

and highly resourced campus. You grow

for your training, to make sure you

in your understanding of the gospel,

receive the academic and pastoral care

and you also gain a significant academic

and support you need while you’re doing

qualification at the end of your course.

both work and study.

The experience of community works

Dan Strange, Oak Hill’s Academic Vice

differently for part-time students than

Principal, says, ‘If you live in London or

it does for full-time students, says Matt

you’re reasonably close to the college, and

Kottman: ‘There’s also a community

have the flexibility to be here on Mondays

among other part-timers, where we’re

and Tuesdays, then this is a great

balancing ministry and the academic life.

opportunity to do an Oak Hill course.

We know what it’s like to write papers,

The college timetable has been shaped to

prepare for exams and get ready for the

integrate part-timers, and to help you get

busy Christmas season at church – all at

the best from the course.’

the same time. We get together at lunch, we pray together, we keep in touch by email, and we support each other over

‘I think studying part-time is a good experience, because you are always seeing the relevance of what you are being taught. What I have just heard in the youth ministry module, how does that apply to the youth work I am running on Friday? That’s exciting.’ Zim Okoli, part-time youth worker at The Bridge, Battersea, and part-time student, TCC

$ 37

Anglicans and Independents Graham Beynon, our Director of

church. But when I went off to university,

Anglicans and Independents: biblical

Independent Ministry Training, and

I went to whichever church I thought

studies, languages, doctrine and church

Mark Pickles, Director of Anglican

was good, without caring about what

history. Alongside that, TPS specialists are

Ministry Training, talk about how Oak

brand it was. I went where the Bible was

going to choose either the Anglican or the

Hill brings students together from

being taught, and where I was loved and

Independent Church training track.

very different church backgrounds for

cared for. As it happens, they tended to

theological training – and why they

be independent churches, but they could

Anglican ordinands today is that we

passionately believe it matters.

easily have been Anglican.

equip people properly for ministry in

Later on, as I began to consider

Mark: Yes. One of my concerns about

the Anglican church as evangelicals. We

Mark Pickles: I was converted as

Christian ministry, I was pushed to think

need to know our theology well. We need

a teenager at an Anglican church

about issues such as baptism and church

to know the historic foundations of the

in Birkenhead, and when I went to

government, and then, as you said, I

Church of England. We need to know

Edinburgh University, I attended a

became an Independent by intent. The

why we’re Anglicans. It’s not enough to

Church of Scotland church, which I

conclusions I came to on those sorts of

be an Anglican by accident. I think that

loved. I started to think through whether

questions landed me in independency.

studying side by side with Independent

ordination was the right thing for me, and if so, then which denomination? The reason I chose to be an Anglican

Mark: I think both of us are saying

students is very creative and helps

the same thing: our primary concern is

everyone to work out, ‘Why am I this and

commitment to the scriptures and to the

not that?’

was because first and foremost I’m

gospel. But when you’re thinking about

Graham: I’m looking forward to what

evangelical. I found nothing in the 39

entering church leadership, you have to

we do together. Take church leadership.

Articles of the Church of England that

think more specifically about issues such

We’re going to look at a biblical theology

caused me concern – or, putting it more

as ecclesiology, baptism, sacraments –

of church leadership, including our own

positively, I found lots there which

those sort of things.

spirituality as leaders. But then we will

resonated with me. So I’m not Anglican by accident, but by intent. Graham Beynon: For me it’s a little bit different. I was converted in an Anglican 38

Graham: I think that’s absolutely right.

separate and I will talk about elderships,

Now, what’s happening at Oak Hill is the core courses are common to everyone

and you’ll talk about PCCs and the other Dan Strange and things I don’t understand about the

training for pastoral ministry, both

Nick church. Tucker. Anglican

In other words, we’ll have this shared

know their God will stand firm and take

churches, maybe during university. I want

foundation, and then divide for some of

action. We need to know our God, we

those guys to really think through what

the more specialist areas. We’ll also have

need to know our theology, we need to

it means to be Independent. To glean

the chance to bat things back and forth,

know the gospel. Those are all things we

the best from the other side, but to be

and argue our corners. How do you think

share. But then we’ve got to act on that.

absolutely convinced biblically why their

people feel, coming to a college with these

For Anglicans, that means asking what

ecclesiology, leadership and practice is

two streams? Nervous, positive, or what?

are the opportunities for the gospel in

what it is.

Mark: I guess probably the whole

the Anglican church today? I think doing

Some people, I guess, might be a bit

gamut! What I want to say to folk who

that alongside Independents will be

suspicious of coming to Oak Hill. Might I

are thinking about it is that it’s incredibly


get infected by these Anglicans?

positive and exciting. We need to be

Graham: I think a good number of

grounded in the big things. A key verse

Independents know a lot of Anglicans

for me is Daniel 11:32: The people who

and have already been in Anglican

Mark: Yes. Well, hopefully! Graham: I say, don’t worry, there’s nothing to be infected by. I hope our 39

students come to appreciate that they are brothers and sisters in Christ labouring for the same end in the gospel. Mark: Paradoxically, I think training together equips you better. If you have students separated into an Independent college and an Anglican college, they will never have to engage in the questions each is asking of the other. There will be lots of things you never have to think through – until you’re out in ministry. This approach gives you the opportunity of thinking through the issues together. Graham: Absolutely. Training together means better training. I think it also sets you up well for working in gospel partnerships and other local initiatives. Mark: In the end, training together is not about blurring, but sharpening our distinctives. What we both want is conviction in our ministers.


Oak Hill and FIEC David Shaw (pictured right) serves as a joint appointment of Oak Hill and the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC), working three days a week for Oak Hill as Tutor in New Testament Studies, and two days a week as Theological Adviser for FIEC and editor of Primer. David says, ‘I am thrilled to be able to support Oak Hill and FIEC in their shared desire to see churches led by well-trained ‘I really like the fact that Oak Hill is Anglican and Independent. People here have different views on baptism, spiritual gifts and church practice, but there’s no sense that we’re not able to talk about those differences. Instead we talk about them in a very gracious way.’ Alice Anderson, Independent student, TCY

and servant-hearted ministers of the gospel. More and more the partnership

recognition of the importance of faithful,

between Oak Hill and FIEC is bearing

Bible-centred theology to equip churches

fruit and I count it a real privilege to

and their leaders to face the challenges of

be involved in the training of pastors

contemporary ministry. We are delighted

at college and to be equipping them for

that David Shaw is taking this work

ongoing ministry all over the UK.

forward as our Theological Adviser,

John Stevens, FIEC National Director,

and excited that he is based at Oak Hill

says: ‘One of the great encouragements

College, where many of our future pastors

in FIEC at the moment is a growing

are being trained for ministry.’

$ 41

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for ministry in the Church of England

College. It has contributed spiritually,

and other spheres of Christian service.

financially and practically to its

Its validated programmes have been

development. The Trust has delegated

Photography: Eleanor Bentall,

developed, and are delivered and assessed

responsibility for Oak Hill to the

Richard Hanson, Ralph Hodgson

by the college. They are awarded and

College Council and the Principal.

quality assured by Middlesex University. Š The Kingham Hill Trust Contacting us

A company limited by guarantee

Writing and design: Simon Jenkins

Print: Yeomans Press Edition: 2017

Registered in England No. 365812 Oak Hill College

Registered Office:

Chase Side

Kingham Hill School



London N14 4PS

Oxon OX7 6TH

Tel: 020 8449 0467 Fax: 020 8441 5996

A Registered Charity Charity Number 1076618

Website: Twitter: @oakhilllondon Facebook:


Over my forty years of pastoral ministry, I’ve come to the conclusion that ministers need more comprehensive and exacting theological education today than when I came into the work. I’ve been an admirer and a beneficiary of the ministry of Oak Hill for years, and often cite it as a model for effective and faithful theological education. Tim Keller, Redeemer Presbyterian Church New York City

l l @oakhilllondon f oakhilllondon www


Oak Hill College

Oak Hill Prospectus 2017  

Oak Hill Theological College serves the church of Jesus Christ by preparing men and women for a lifetime of ministry and mission leadership...

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