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Fall 2011

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The Arrow The Arrow is published by the Development Office of Oak Hill Academy and is distributed to alumni and friends of the Academy.

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President’s Message Convocation Address, August 29th, 2011

Dr. Michael D. Groves, President

Following is the text of Dr. Groves’ Convocation Address to the school community. Welcome to Oak Hill Academy. This is our 133rd year. In just a few moments we will sound The Academy Bell, signaling the official beginning to the academic year. It will not chime again until graduation eve, May 18, 2012. Notice I said, “This is our 133rd year.” Keep a watchful eye on your use of pronouns on this campus. I prefer the pronoun … “our.” (For you grammarians out there, I understand that, technically, “our” is a first person plural pronoun functioning in this case as a possessive adjective.) This is our 133rd year. “Our” is important because “our” includes every person in this room, plus quite a few more. “Our” includes alumni from around the world, friends and supporters, trustees, neighbors, even former employees are thinking about us today. Without question, the number of people who comprise the “our” far exceeds the number of people sitting in chapel this fine morning of August 29, 2011. I hope that you can all find comfort in these details. For students, many have traveled this journey before you and emerged on the other end a stronger person, more positioned for success. For our faculty and staff, so many people are supporting you in your work here. Please know that the OHA mission is alive and effective, and know that numerous people are thinking about you today. Some of these friends and supporters will likely never even step foot on campus this year; still they are supporting you, praying for you, and hoping for the success of our school and its mission. Mission. Oak Hill Academy is a mission-oriented school. I am unabashedly proud that every decision made on this campus is in direct relation to whether or not it will be in accord with our mission. I cannot emphasize it enough: The mission, the mission, the mission. I have elsewhere described The Mission as the funnel through which all things about OHA pass. Rules, standards, expectations, all are in place because we believe it helps us meet our mission. Why do we do something? Why do we not do something? It’s obvious … the mission. I love movies, and often recall favorite scenes or lines in a given situation that arises here on campus. For example, at the very end of the movie “The Firm,” the Tom Cruise character returns a cassette containing a secretly taped conversation between him and a rogue FBI agent. Throughout the film a troublesome irony has slowly evolved: Tom Cruise was being pursued equally by mobsters and law enforcement authorities—and both were acting illegally. Bewildered that he would return a tape that is so valuable, so potentially explosive, the FBI agent asks “why

are you giving this to me?” The Cruise character responds with a line that exposes the thematic key to the entire movie and is obvious to everyone except the FBI agent. Why did he turn over the secret (and illegal) recording? The answer is obvious … “because it’s against the law.” Now, let’s not draw a parallel too directly here. No one at OHA is chasing anyone—and especially not doing so illegally. But there is a lesson here for us and for our school. My answer to the countless questions and inquiries about our school can almost always boil down to the following (very obvious) answer: “It’s all about the mission.” The OHA mission is the life blood of our school. In fact, in my opening address to the faculty and staff last week I stated the following: “We can only begin to meet the needs of our students if we follow the parameters of our mission.” Then, almost immediately, I added, “And we can only abide by our mission if we function as a community.” And so, we embrace enthusiastically a “mission first” philosophy at OHA. And yet always supporting this philosophy must be our community. In fact, the Oak Hill Academy theme for the 2011-2012 academic year is “Community.” You will hear us reference this term often. We will dissect it, discuss it, and toss it around so much it will become part of our daily vernacular; the term will appear in our literature, in our speeches, in my e-mails to parents, it will even appear on our yearbook. The Oak Hill Academy Community: Our Community. Our community extends throughout the United States and the world. Our community spans 133 years. Our community embraces the old-fashioned tenets of hard work, discipline, and focus. Our community emphasizes academic development alongside spiritual nourishment. And, yes, our community supports without question or hesitation the Oak Hill Academy Mission. And this mission is in place to support you, our students. Why are we gathered here today? Why do we do what we do? Why does this community work so hard? The answer is obvious … The Mission. The Chiming of the Academy Bell I welcome you here to this special place. May God Bless you, May God Bless us, and May God Bless our community … our school, Oak Hill Academy. Year 133 has begun.

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On Monday morning, August 29, the original school bell chimed as Oak Hill Academy officially began its 133rd academic year. With this new beginning comes the anticipation of a successful year by students and faculty alike. This year our diverse group of students comes to us from 25 states and 14 foreign countries. All have come together to create our unique community on “the hill” where we will strive to provide a “Turning Point” through our commitment to excellence in providing a quality education for all who come our way. Amid all of the hustle and bustle of unpacking, finding room assignments, getting class schedules, and picking up supplies and uniforms a new sense of independence is discovered; new friendships are created; old friendships are rekindled; and another chapter in the history of the school is written. The entire Oak Hill Academy faculty and staff welcomes our students to campus and looks forward to another successful year.

“We Beat the Street�

tells the inspiring story of three African American boys who grew up in a tough neighborhood in Newark, New Jersey. They dealt with temptations and fears associated with the drugs and crime that permeated their surrounding culture. One day, by happenstance, they learned of a special program that would assist students in going to medical and dental school. Hesitant yet hopeful, the boys made a pact with each other that they would all apply, and would support one another through the entire program. Their journey from that point involved many ups and downs, and moments of realizing how difficult it was to put the more negative aspects of their culture behind them. Yet they persevered and all three are highly successful doctors/dentists today.

The Oak Hill Academy theme for this year is “Community.” We’ll focus on the importance of creating a positive community across our campus, where the traits of trustworthiness, respect, caring, citizenship, fairness, and responsibility are evident. The three doctors in “We Beat the Street” attribute their success in large part to the supportive community they created for themselves in the midst of the broader culture around them. Their story motivates us to develop a similar support system on our campus. While we may not have to deal with the extreme conditions of these three young men, all of us can benefit from having that sense of community in our lives. The challenge for each of us is to become the kind of community member that exemplifies these traits and helps OHA develop a positive environment throughout the year.

Dr. Jill Hopkins

OHA Welcomes

Dr. Jill Hopkins was named as Oak Hill Academy’s principal this summer and comes to us from Mountain State University in Beckley, West Virginia. The highlights of Dr. Hopkins’ resume indicate a person of character, talent, and versatility. She has served as a Head of School for Mountain State Academy, Chief Retention Officer, Associate Vice President, and Provost at Mountain State University; Assistant Principal and Counselor at the junior high and high school level. Dr. Hopkins also has extensive teaching experience and numerous certifications in counseling and school administration. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Concord College, a Master of Arts in Leadership from Marshall University, a Master of Arts in Counseling from West Virginia University, and a Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership from West Virginia University. Dr. Hopkins is energetic, professional, creative, and mission-focused. We are excited to have her joining the Oak Hill Academy administrative team.

Mr. Tim Riedl

Tim Riedl, a native of Dubuque, Iowa, earned his B.A. degree in Social Science Education with a minor in Coaching from the University of Northern Iowa. While at UNI, Tim was active in the Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity and volunteered as a high school track and field coach. Tim has been involved with the Boy Scouts of America for over 15 years and is an Eagle Scout. He enjoys hiking, camping, running, and working out. Tim is most excited about getting involved with campus life and connecting with students. In addition to teaching in the social studies department, Mr. Riedl will serve as Oak Hill’s soccer coach.

Mrs. Peggy Jo Braswell Mrs. Peggy Jo Braswell hails from the Flatlands of Eastern North Carolina. Her undergraduate and graduate degrees were obtained through her studies at East Carolina University. She and her husband have been graced with three wonderful children that have now grown up to be their best friends. Their list of pets through the years is long and includes horses, ponies, dogs, a goat, a rabbit, and an occasional cat. Currently their four-legged companions are Little Bit (an aged but ruling beagle) and Ladybug (half lab/half beagle street waif that “followed” their daughter home). Travel is among their favorite pastimes and they usually head off to visit their son (in the Lancaster area of PA), middle daughter (Orlando) or youngest daughter (a senior at Appalachian State University). In addition to aggravating their offspring, they love camping, hiking, and kayaking with family members. To quote Mrs. Braswell, “In short to me, family is everything, history a passion, and life an adventure!”

New Faculty Members Ms. Brittany Luksic Miss Brittany Luksic earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Art and a minor in P-12 education with an ESOL endorsement from Berry College in Rome, Georgia. She completed her student teaching at Calhoun High School, a Title 1 distinguished school, in North Georgia. Originally from Florida, Miss Luksic has lived in the beautiful state of Georgia for the last nineteen years. She is a member of Pi Delta Kappa, National Education Association, and Omicron Delta Kappa. She also has an extensive background in volunteerism as a Bonner Scholar, and during her college career volunteered ten hours each week as the art director at organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club in Rome, Youth Museum in Marietta, and Girl’s Inc. Brittany spent a month of her summer in 2010 in Italy traveling with her school in a study in diverse cultures. She taught in multi-grade classrooms and hiked both the Stromboli and Etna Volcanoes. She chose teaching at the high school level because she believes that high school students have a great capacity for creativity and imagination when they are given the encouragement they need, and she finds no greater joy in life than seeing that “ah ha” moment when a child figures out that he or she can achieve, even in art.

Mrs. Barbara Davis Mrs. Barbara Davis was born and raised in the small town of North East, Maryland. After completing the pre-pharmacy curriculum at East Tennessee State University, she attended and graduated from the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy. She has worked as a drug research pharmacologist with the Department of the Army; was a sales representative specializing in cancer fighting drugs for the Lederle Drug Company; worked as a clinical hospital pharmacist and a retail pharmacist in many community pharmacies. Mrs. Davis and her husband Leo, who teaches physics at OHA, moved to the area from Boone, North Carolina, in 2005. She has 3 step-children and 3 grandchildren living in Maryland and Delaware. The Davis’ enjoy teaching at Oak Hill Academy and look forward to getting to know the students, faculty, and community.

Mr. Mike Rodgers Mr. Mike Rodgers is a familiar face in a new position after being named OHA’s Director of Admission in July. An Oak Hill Academy alumnus (Class of 1987) and father of two OHA graduates, Mike has served on our faculty as a teacher of Social Studies since 2003. He has also guided our Lady Warriors basketball program to new levels of national recognition and success. Mike knows our school very well and he possesses the ability to convey to prospective parents and students the life changing mission of our school.

Ussery Archives Room Dedication


he long awaited dedication of the Ussery Archives Room took place on Saturday, July 16th during Alumni Weekend. Built to house the 133 years of Oak Hill history and named in honor of Rev. and Mrs. L.D. Ussery, the Ussery Archives room is now open for all to see and enjoy. The official ribbon cutting was done by former Oak Hill President Ed F. Patton, Sarah Ussery Sink - ‘63, Ted Ussery - ‘60, Ernie Surles ‘63, and current student OHA student Chase Jones. Thanks to former OHA librarian Laura Bryant all of the data, photos, and artifacts that represent the history of the academy are being organized, recorded, properly preserved, and artfully displayed in this new multipurpose room. Laura is also working on a program that will eventually make all of the materials housed in the archives available for viewing on-line from any where in world. Laura has graciously volunteered her expertise and time to tackle this huge ongoing project. Any time you are in the area please stop by and spend some time enjoying a nostalgic walk through the past by viewing the displays in the Ussery Archives Room.

*We welcome any items you would like to donate or share that pertain to the history of Oak Hill Academy.

Fields Dormitory Renovation Historic Fields Dormitory, which is home to the 8th and 9th grade boys at Oak Hill Academy, has undergone major renovations this past spring and summer. The bath and shower rooms, TV and game room, and student rooms were all completely refurbished. One of the oldest and most significant buildings on campus, Fields was originally constructed in 1914 as the official “school house” with money donated by the W.C. Fields family from Mouth of Wilson. Classes were taught in this building until the early 1990’s when it was then converted into a boy’s dormitory. Still structurally very sound, this important part of Oak Hill’s history has been remodeled and renewed so that it can continue to serve our needs well into the future.

Congratulations to the Pattons! Oak Hill Academy is pleased to offer congratulations to Ed and Carolyn Patton for their Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary. In honor of this occasion their sons, Mark (Class of 84) and Dan (Class of 87), have generously provided a monetary gift to our school: “In recognition of their love, devotion, and commitment to each other and to Oak Hill Academy.” Any gifts received in honor of Ed and Carolyn Patton will be directed to the Jewell Patton Endowment Fund. Ed and Carolyn … Congratulations and thank you for your being such wonderful ambassadors for Oak Hill Academy! ng

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State of the Academy 2010-2011 DONATIONS

June 1, 2010 — May 31, 2011 The The The The The


Oak Club............................................$10,000+ Founders Club..........................$5,000 - $9,999 President’s Club........................$1,000 - $4,999 Red and Gold Club..........................$500 - $999 Friends Club.....................................up to $499

THE OAK CLUB Alma Dillon Trust Pearl Dixon Estate C. M. Gatton June Kilpatrick Josh Smith Titmus Foundation Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation Williams-Berry Charitable Foundation THE FOUNDERS CLUB Frances Dixon A. J. Fletcher Foundation Michael & Joy Groves Carl & Cheryl Rosberg E. W. & Nancy Stone Vaughan Furniture Foundation Harold & Millie Wingate THE PRESIDENT’S CLUB Tom Barnard Randy & Polly Bradley Bonnie Burke Billy Ray & Jeannette Cameron John & Angie Choi Randy & Patty Conn Inez Cox John Duvall Hal & Marge Eaton Palmer & Sidney Rose Fant Dennis & Wendy Gambill The Gatorade Co. Don & Jayne Gibson Grayson National Bank Doug & Janice Hawks Xianpeng He & Xuhui Nui Bruce & Kathy Hornsby Bill & Nancy (Brown) Jackson Jun Ok Jeong & Me Sook Seo Ron & Lynn Kerr Wayne & Dena Landsman John & Dorothy Lenore Family Trust Morton & Margaret Lester Rex & Gina Liu Edward & Pam McDevitt Michael & Jackie Mickiewicz Richard & Joanne Mueller Karl & Becky Muenzenmayer Jim & Mei Mei Newsome George & Leslie (Sims) Pelton C. E. Richardson Benevolent Foundation Harry & Sarah (Ussery) Sink

Stewart & Tammy Smith Jim & Pam Tapp Dennis & Missy Throckmorton Ted Ussery Virginia Baptist Foundation Jerry & Jackie Wells Young’s Chapel Baptist Church THE RED AND GOLD CLUB Neil & Carrie Bailey Ken Boettcher Janida Bonham Steve & Rhonda Bowen Christie Boyd Brian & Beth Bunn Blaine Butterworth & Phyllis Ponder Marshall & Peggy Frank John & Susie Garner Andrew Gilleland Lester Halsey (deceased) Rex & Wendell Halsey Roger & Cindy Henderson David & Heather Hill David & Andrea Hilliard Jerry & Barbara Johnson Arnold & Rebecca Lakey Marcia Lockamy Lewis Harry & Jean Lindsey Bernie Linkous Darryl & Kathleen Lundgren M. A. & Mary Lunsford Bill Minson Marty & Cathy Parks Joseph Reed Michael Rodgers, Sr. Jackie Rustigian Dan & Kim Slemp Mario Smith Ken & Patricia Thomas Mary Thomas Doug & Ruth Turnmire Dan & Geneva Walters Ho Jin Yang THE FRIENDS CLUB Earl & Dorothy Aalseth Mowaffek & Daleann Al-Hamad Rex Anderson Robert & Dolores Bailey Joel & Carole (Gurley) Bonn Louis & Claude Boyle Barrie Ann Brown

Todd Brown Janet Holliday Buselt Alice Calabrese Charles & Precious Cassell Darlene Clevey Jann Coles Priscilla Cox John & Peggy Crowder Jean Cunningham Robert & Carole Dellinger James Doffin George & Jeffrey (Jefferson) Eller Ruth Hash Etter Marion Eugeno April Vassiliou Fields Keith Flory Lynn & LeeAnn Fogwell Kenneth & Nancy Fontaine Bill & Bonnie Fox George & Virginia (Moore) Fuller Rasha Gad Janice Gray Rick Grigg John Hallagan Tommy & Hazel Halsey Scott & Clara Hart Shirley Halsey Hash Thomas Hash Grady & Sally Helvey Tim Henry Elizabeth Hill Sandra Haines Hooks Bill & Linda Huber Robert & Sarah Hunter Walter & Elizabeth (Douglass) Hunting Bob & Sandra Jackson David & Joanne Jolgren John & Joy Jones Yu Seon Kim Norman & Edith King Jean-Philippe & Benedicte Krukowicz Patrick & Sue Laughran Randy & Joyce Ledbetter Sarah Lofton Cyndy Cahill LoMonaco Mike & Linda Maynard Barry & Emily McCarthy Robert & Janice McGarvey Rita Melancon Peggy Melville Meriwether-Godsey, Inc. Jimmy & Patsy (Plyant) Monhollon Randy & Laura Moorhead

Harry & Jennifer Morgan Edith Paisley Murphy Mary Lee Murphy Gerry Myers Ralph & Naomi Noonkester Lila Noonkester Thomas & Karen Reed Northwest Lawn Care Jim & Mary Lily Nuckolls Janie Parsons Griffith Ed & Carolyn Patton Leland & Louise Paulson Winnie Payne William Peery Shirley Perkins Ruth Hash Phipps (deceased) Joseph Porter Scott & Cleta (Haga) Roberts Ronald & Patricia (Anderson) Sexton Louise Smith Winston & Lynn Smith Dwight & Jimmie Ruth Speeks Ida Mae Speeks Leona Porter Rowland Sturgill Target, Inc. Barry & Amy Tatel Fred & Shirley Thomas Stella Todd Donald Tudor Taylor Vaughan Alton & Susan (Worsham) Vick Joe & Joy Walker Walter’s Drug, Inc. Jimmy Warren Jo Ann Watkins Nila Stevens Wehrenberg Tom Wheeler Jim & Minnie Wilcox Ed & Frieda (Anders) Willey Judy Thacker Williams Lula Williams Ohlen & Martha Wilson Robert Wilson John & Kathy (Angle) Wood GIFTS IN KIND Ronnie & Joan Anderson Stuart & Connie Batton Janida Bonham Joe & Ruth Bunn Peggy Councilman Annette Eaton First Team Hyundai Duane & Margo Fitch Tom Galbreath Mike Gardow Nancy Greenstreet Guynn Furniture Harold Hart Julie Lineberry Horton Edwin Hutto Jeff & Carole Jeffreys Luke Johnson Debra Lamphier John & Dorothy Lenore – Lenore Farms H. V. & Jean Lindsey M & M Consulting Service

Teresa Miller Judy Rutherford Ted Ussery Seth & Patsy Wooten VOLUNTEER WORK Ronnie Anderson Laura Bryant Sandra Haines Hooks Don Krauss Mary Reamy Otis Reamy Sarah Ussery Sink Stuart Talley Ted Ussery Jo Ann Watkins GIFTS GIVEN IN MEMORY OF: In Memory of Ethel Anderson Ted Ussery Jo Ann Watkins In Memory of Elizabeth Leech Bailey Neil & Carrie Bailey Darryl & Kathleen Lundgren In Memory of Michael Campbell – Class of 1963 Tom Barnard Harry & Sarah (Ussery) Sink In Memory of Ross Cofield – Class of 1968 Joel & Carole (Gurley) Bonn Ted Ussery Jo Ann Watkins In Memory of Lamar Cox Inez Cox In Memory of Pearl Dixon Ohlen & Martha Wilson In Memory of Michael Paul Dolinger Janida Bonham In Memory of Curtiss and Louise English Morton & Margaret Lester In Memory of Robert Gray – 1965 NonGraduate Janice Gray In Memory of Anne-Christy Haden – Class of 1963 Tom Barnard Jerry & Jackie Wells In Memory of Ann Russell Halsey – Class of 1938 Lester Halsey (deceased) In Memory of Constance E. Hart – Class of 1946 Lula Williams In Memory of C. W. Hawks – Class of 1940 – and Mrs. Gladys Hawks Doug & Janice Hawks Rita Melancon In Memory of Neal Halsey – Class of 1963 Tom Barnard In Memory of Polly Halsey Hudson – Class of 1961 Tom Barnard Harry & Sarah (Ussery) Sink

In Memory of Ronald Hudson – 1961 Non-Graduate Tom Barnard In Memory of Robert Isner George & Jeffrey Eller Patrick & Sue Laughran In Memory of Robert & Linda Isner Cyndy Cahill LoMonaco In Memory of James S. Lofton – Class of 1961 Sarah Lofton In Memory of Katherine McGowan Harry & Sarah (Ussery) Sink In Memory of Rachel Muenzenmayer – Class of 1986 Karl & Becky Muenzenmayer In Memory of Manly Murphy Billy Ray & Jeannette Cameron In Memory of John & Collina Pair June Kilpatrick In Memory of Jewell Ford Patton Ed & Carolyn Patton In Memory of Geoffrey Reed Pelton (non-graduate) George & Leslie (Sims) Pelton In Memory of Jim Perkins Shirley Perkins In Memory of Ruth Hash Phipps – Class of 1934 Ted Ussery In Memory of Margaret Reamy Harry & Sarah (Ussery) Sink In Memory of L. D. Ussery Joseph Porter In Memory of Ted Ussery, Sr. and Edna Ussery – Class of 1959 Tom Barnard Harry & Sarah (Ussery) Sink Ted Ussery In Memory of T. G. Vaughan, Jr. Taylor Vaughan In Memory of Regina Wessel Mowaffak & Daleann Al-Hamad In Memory of Richard Lee “Bubba” Western – Class of 1963 Tom Barnard In Memory of Sally Woods Thomas Hash GIFTS GIVEN IN HONOR OF: In Honor of Bob & Dolores Bailey Donald Tudor In Honor of Andrew Lunsford – 1985 Non-Graduate M. A. & Mary Lunsford In Honor of Erik Melville – Class of 1992 Peggy Melville In Honor of Ralph – Class of 1940 – and Naomi Noonkester Lila Noonkester In Honor of Ed & Carolyn Patton Elizabeth Hill In Honor of Amanda Slemp Smartt – Class of 2006 Dan & Kim Slemp

FACULTY & STAFF GIVING Neil & Carrie Bailey (former staff) Ken Boettcher (former staff) Janida Bonham Steve & Rhonda Bowen Brian & Beth Bunn John & Angie Choi John Duvall (former staff) Hal Eaton (former staff) Michael & Joy Groves Lester Halsey (former staff - deceased) Tim Henry Elizabeth Hill (former staff) Luke Johnson (former staff) Sue Laughran (former staff) Linda Maynard (former staff) Mary Lee Murphy (former staff) Ed & Carolyn Patton (former staff) Shirley Perkins (former staff) Mary Thomas (former staff) Doug Turnmire TRUSTEE GIVING Robert Bailey Bonnie Burke John Duvall Sidney Rose Fant Marshall Frank Dennis Gambill Susie Garner Don Gibson Lester Halsey (former trustee – deceased) Rex Halsey John Jones (former trustee) Wayne Landsman Margaret Lester (former trustee) Marcia Lockamy Lewis (former trustee) M. A. Lunsford Marty Parks George Pelton Carl Rosberg E. W. Stone (former trustee) Jim Tapp Dennis Throckmorton Taylor Vaughan Harold Wingate BUSINESS DONORS First Team Hyundai Grayson National Bank Guynn Furniture Meriwether-Godsey, Inc. Northwest Lawn Care Target, Inc. The Gatorade Co. Walter’s Drug Inc. CHURCH DONORS Virginia Baptist Mission Board Young’s Chapel Baptist Church FOUNDATION GIVING A. J. Fletcher Foundation C. E. Richardson Benevolent Foundation Titmus Foundation

Vaughan Furniture Foundation Virginia Baptist Foundation Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation Williams-Berry Charitable Foundation PARENT GIVING (current and former parents and grandparents) Mowaffak & Daleann Al-Hamad Louis & Claude Boyle Randy & Polly Bradley Laura Bryant Bonnie Burke Alice Calabrese Jann Coles George & Jeffrey (Jefferson) Eller Marion Eugeno Kenneth & Nancy Fontaine Marshall & Peggy Frank Lester Halsey (deceased) Xianpeng He & Xuhui Nui Grady & Sally Helvey Roger & Cindy Henderson David & Heather Hill Elizabeth Hill David & Andrea Hilliard Bruce & Kathy Hornsby Bob & Sandra Jackson Jun Ok Jeong & Me Sook Seo Jerry & Barbara Johnson David & Joanne Jolgren Yu Seon Kim & Ok Ja Cho Norman & Edith King Jean-Philippe & Benedicte Krukowicz Wayne & Dena Landsman Randy & Joyce Ledbetter M. A. Lunsford Barry & Emily McCarthy Ed & Pam McDevitt Robert & Janice McGarvey Peggy Melville Michael & Jackie Mickiewicz Randy & Laura Moorhead Harry & Jennifer Morgan Richard & Joanne Mueller Karl & Becky Muenzenmayer Mary Lee Murphy Ed & Carolyn Patton Leland & Louise Paulson George & Leslie (Sims) Pelton Joseph Reed Michael Rodgers, Sr. Jackie Rustigian Dan & Kim Slemp Mario Smith Stuart & Tammy Smith Barry & Amy Tatel Fred & Shirley Thomas Ken & Patricia Thomas Joe & Joy Walker Ho Jin Yang

PRESIDENT’S PARENT CLUB (Current or former parents and grandparents may become a member of the President’s Parent Club by donating $500 or more.) Parent Member


Randy & Polly Bradley Chance Non-graduate Bonnie Burke Liz 2007 Marshall & Peggy Frank Meredith 2008 Lester Halsey (deceased) Howard 1966 Xianpeng He & Xuhui Nui Xinyi “Amy” Current student Xinyue “Tracy” Current student Roger & Cindy Henderson Kyle Non-graduate David & Heather Hill Spencer Current student David & Andrea Hilliard Alec 2001 Bruce & Kathy Hornsby Keith 2011 Jun Ok Jeong & Me Sook Seo Han Nah 2011 Jerry & Barbara Johnson Crissy Non-graduate Wayne & Dena Landsman Alexa 2006 M. A. Lunsford Andy Non-graduate Ed & Pam McDevitt Gwen 2002 Michael & Jackie Mickiewicz Doug 2004 Richard & JoAnne Mueller Stephanie 2002 Karl & Becky Muenzenmayer Rachel(deceased) 1986 George & Leslie Pelton Geoff (deceased) Non-graduate Joseph Reed Kyler Current student Michael Rodgers, Sr. Mike 1987 Jackie Rustigian LoriAnn Non-graduate Dan & Kim Slemp Amanda 2006 Mario Smith Igor Current student Stewart & Tammy Smith Mollie 2010 Ken & Patricia Thomas Courtney 2006 Ho Jin Yang Tae Joo Current student ALUMNI GIVING (by classes) 1930-39 1940-49 1950-59

Lester Halsey (deceased) Edith Paisley Murphy Ruth Hash Phipps (deceased) Leona Porter Rowland Sturgill Ruth Hash Etter Shirley Halsey Hash Ralph Noonkester Joe Porter Rex Anderson Rex Halsey Thomas Hash Nancy Brown Jackson Barrie Ann Brown Rex Liu Cleta Haga Roberts Dwight Speeks Ida Mae Speeks

Frieda Anders Willey Robert Wilson 1960-69 Ronnie Anderson Tom Barnard Sandra Haines Hooks Carole Gurley Bonn Billy Ray Cameron Keith Flory Rick Grigg Don Krauss Cyndy Cahill LoMonaco Bill Minson George Pelton Leslie Sims Pelton Otis Reamy Patricia Anderson Sexton Harry Sink Sarah Ussery Sink Ted Ussery Alton Vick Susan Worsham Vick Jo Ann Watkins Nila Stevens Wehrenberg Jerry Wells Judy Thacker Williams 1970-79 Steve Bowen Janet Holliday Buselt Jeffrey Jefferson Eller Virginia Moore Fuller Mike Gardow Julie Lineberry Horton Elizabeth Douglass Hunting Marcia Lockamy Lewis Tom Wheeler 1980-89 Andrew Gilleland Kathy Angle Wood 1990-99 April Vassiliou Fields Rasha Gad Janie Parsons Griffith Jimmy Warren 2000-2009 Josh Smith OAK HILL ACADEMY LEGACY ASSOCIATES A future gift in the form of a bequest has been provided to the Academy by the following: Mr. Tom Barnard Mr. R. A. Carpenter (deceased) Dr. Carl Collins (deceased) Mrs. Betty Harmon Edwards Mrs. G. C. Eller (Jeffrey Jefferson) Mr. Mike Grisham Mr. Donald L. Hasler Mrs. Mary Holbrook Mrs. Edie Ingram (deceased) Dr. John Jones Lt. Gen. Claudia Kennedy Mr. Tommy Searles Mrs. Frieda Anders Willey

OAK HILL ACADEMY ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP AND FELLOWSHIPS: 1. Elizabeth Leech Bailey Endowed Scholarship 2. Mattie Duncan Cox Endowed Scholarship 3. Ann Elizabeth Dickson Endowed Memorial Fund 4. Ruth Echols Endowed Scholarship 5. Ann Elizabeth Cox Hampton Endowed Scholarship 6. Rev. C. W. Hawks and Gladys Hawks Endowed Scholarship Fund 7. Edith H. Ingram Endowed Scholarship 8. Marie LeBouf Endowed Scholarship 9. Rachel Muenzenmayer Endowed Scholarship 10. John M. and Collina Caldwell Pair Endowed Scholarship Fund 11. Jewell Ford Patton Endowed Memorial Fund 12. Geoffrey Reed Pelton Endowed Memorial Fund 13. Jim J. Todd Endowed Memorial Scholarship 14. Harry & Patsy Williams Endowed Scholarship Total Endowment May 31, 2011 - $1,855,667 Total Endowment May 31, 2010 - $1,784,278 One of the most important needs for Oak Hill Academy is in the area of endowment. The future of our mission to girls and boys can be assured only if endowment exists. Would you consider creating an endowment to provide ongoing support for the Academy? A gift of ten thousand dollars or more will establish a named endowment by the donor. The endowment could be used in whatever area the donor chooses. If you wish to establish an endowment at Oak Hill Academy, please contact the President’s Office or Mr. Henry, our Director of Development, at 276-579-2619. The President’s Office of Oak Hill Academy has made every effort to list all individuals, corporations, churches, and other organizations that were Oak Hill supporters from June 1, 2010 to May 31, 2011. If your name has been omitted or listed incorrectly, please contact our office so that we may correct our records. Thank you for your support! TOTALS Annual Fund $130,161.63 Endowed Funds $ 25,175.00 Equestrian Program $ 98,162.00 Scholarship $142,330.16 Capital Improvement Projects $ 63,699.64 Virginia Baptist Mission Board $ 69,117.00 TOTAL OF ALL CASH GIFTS $528,645.43

Oak Hill Academy Cumulative Giving Founders Society $1,000,000+ Laureates Society $500,000 - $999,999 Benefactors Society $100,000 - $499,999 Oak Hill Society $50,000 - $99,999 Guardians Society $25,000 – $49,999 Founders Society

Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation W. C. English Foundation Curtiss and Louise English Williams-Berry Charitable Foundation

Laureates Society

Edith H. Ingram (deceased 6/22/10)

Benefactors Society

A. J. Fletcher Foundation Alma Dillon Trust Hal & Marge Eaton Grayson National Bank Carl & Cheryl Rosberg The Titmus Foundtion Virginia Baptist Foundation

Oak Hill Society

C. E. Richardson Foundation C. W. Bolling Charles & Mary Helen Dickson Michael & Joy Groves Annette Lowder Mary Morton Parsons Foundation Paul & Tatum Saunders E. W. & Nancy Stone George Vaughan John Vaughan Harold & Millie Wingate

Guardians Society Bill Gatton Mike Grisham Lenore Family Trust Morgan Foundation Ed & Carolyn Patton Jerry & Nina Patton Jacqueline Peer George & Leslie Pelton Josh Smith Vannoy Construction Taylor Vaughan


Heavy rain did not dam fun of this year’s annua held July 15-17. This an third weekend in July is to all alumni and forme families who wish to att

The Welcome Home Alumni Campus Store kicked off the weekend. began with the annua led by OHA president D Class pictures, campus t students, and lunch in V followed. The afternoon memorial service to pa who had passed during tolling of the campus the Alma Mater mark Everyone then gathe awaited dedication of t Room in Fletcher Cha the weekend, followed social. The day’s even with dinner, dancing, a at the Mississippi Pavi Park. The weekend wra morning with the Alum Hough Dormitory Pi worship service at Youn Church.

Our goal is to make thi it can possibly be for a former students and th have never attended or years since you have b Weekend, please join y come celebrate with us


mpen the spirit and al Alumni Weekend nnual event held the s open free of charge er students and their tend.

reception at the on Friday evening . Saturday morning al alumni meeting Dr. Michael Groves. tours led by current Vaughan Dining Hall n began with a brief ay tribute to alumni g the past year. The bell and singing of ked this occasion. ered for the long the Ussery Archives apel, a highlight of d by an ice cream nts were capped off and a silent auction ilion in Noonkester apped up on Sunday mni Brunch at the icnic Shelter and ng’s Chapel Baptist

is weekend the best all OHA alumni and heir families. If you r if its been several been to an Alumni your classmates and July 13-15, 2012!

Alumni News Linda Hultz Weaver – ‘67 3166 Dulwich Drive Richmond, VA 23234

Suzanne Hoag – ‘87 18202 Heritage Lane Nassau Bay, TX 77058

Miriam Valdes Garcia – ‘69 7250 14th Court, NE St. Petersburg, FL 33702

Jennifer Eybers – ‘92 16505 Foothill Drive Tampa, FL 33624

Susan Wudijono (Wu) Setiawan – ‘69 Jl. Setiabudi 130-134 Setiabudi Service Apt. #1715 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, 40141

Amber Hunt Nanes – ‘92 1420 Marsala Avenue Santa Maria, CA 93458

Ramon Amador – ‘72 8800 Moore Road, #3 Columbus, GA 31904

Amber continues to serve in the US Air Force and is now stationed at Vandenberg Air Force Base. She is currently deployed to Afghanistan but should be back early next year— hopefully just in time to make it to Alumni Weekend.

Jeff Jones – ‘72 4908 Goldsboro Drive Newport News, VA 23605

Celeste Crowson Boyd – ‘02 339 Monticello Road Statesville, NC 28625

Pat Mitchell Lyttle – ‘73 P. O. Box 614 Bowling Green, VA 22427

Celeste and her husband have a son (age 6) and daughter (age 2). She is preparing to get her cosmetology certificate after six year of being an at-home mom. She would love to get in touch with some much missed friends.

Kanok Wutiwat – ‘71 103/3 Tungmungkorn Road Chimplee, Talingchan District Bangkok, Thailand, 10170

Judilee Pruett Pelletier – ‘74 2648 Buckingham Spring Road Dillwyn, VA 23936 Kim Dunn Jones – ‘77 102 S. Ivey Avenue Highland Springs, VA 23075 Susan Starling Tallman – ‘78 100 Mingee Street Poquoson, VA 23662 James Dupree – ‘82 1714 South Clarkson Street Denver, CO 80210 Katherine Riddel – ‘83 720 S. Orange Blossom Trail, #415 Orlando, FL 32805

Rebecca Rodgers – ‘02 575 Oakleaf Plantation Pkwy., Unit #310 Orange Park, FL 32065

Deaths Lester Halsey – ‘38 Paxey “Pat” Hash Thomas – ‘42 Edna Bonham Parks – ‘50 William “Bill” Plummer – ‘55 David Neal – ‘68 Richard Knox Thornton – ‘74 David Chandra – ‘78 Funderburke Miller – ‘63

Sue Amundsen – ‘87 5512 Golden Drive Killeen, TX 76542 Matt Weed, Class 2010, sends his best from Fort Richardson in Alaska.

“Over the Hill Alumni” Gang The 2011 alumni work week finished with fun for all. Everyone stayed in Ingram Dormitory and we even had a travel trailer parked behind the dorm this year. We did our usual gardening tasks and also worked on cleaning the white fence along the main drive. The school did a great job of choosing the work project this year. They knew with our advanced age we would be experienced at cleaning so they could expect a superior result. I don’t think we let them down because I saw a lot of the staff put their sunglasses on when they drove by the newly cleaned fence! The school let us use the power washer hooked up to a 300 gallon portable water tank. We did need to manually scrub the dirt off to get the fence shiny white. It took all of our expertise and old antiquated knowledge of physics to figure out how to get the gravity fed water to provide enough pressure into the power washer. We had Otis assigned as designated driver so he had to haul the work crew and the 300 gallon water tank to and from the work site. When Otis wasn’t carting us around he was catching up on the school happenings by riding around with the maintenance staff. It brought back fond memories of Otto Seidel and Dave Pittman driving all over campus. We lost a second member of the OHA Alumni gang this year. Ross Cofield is now with Dave Pittman watching us from above. A special thanks to all of the workers, Ken Boettcher, Joan and Ron Anderson, Ann Brown, Don Krauss, Harry and Sarah (Ussery) Sink, Ted Ussery, JoAnn Watkins, and Mary and Otis Reamy. We have the back half of the pasture fence to do next year so if this sounds like fun we would love to have new volunteers. Submitted by the “Over the Hill” Gang

Become Part of the “Over the Hill Alumni” Gang A Great Way to Give Back to Your School! Attention alumni and former students – Are you willing to get a little dirty, sleep in a dorm room, eat in Vaughan Dining Hall, laugh a lot, and sweat little? If so, give Dr. Groves or Tim Henry a call about becoming part of the “Over the Hill Alumni” Gang. The 2012 work week will be July 9-13!

$1 Per Year Campaign Update

In order to get as many alumni and former students as possible involved in the mission of OHA and listed on our Alumni “Honor Roll” the “$1 Per Year Campaign” was launched this summer. The “$1 Per Year Campaign” asks alumni and former students to give back to their Alma Mater by donating at least $1 for every year since they graduated from or attended Oak Hill Academy. Our goal is to have as many folks as we possibly can listed in the Alumni Giving section of the State of the Academy Report and on our new website. This is a great and affordable way to show your support for OHA and its mission! Thank you to the following alumni and former students who have made a contribution to OHA since June 1, 2011:

1930-1939 Hazel Bonham Ball Edith Paisley Murphy Leona Porter Rowland Sturgill 1940-1949 Margaret Anderson Morris Ruth Hash Etter Gwyn Halsey 1950-1959 Rex Anderson Merle Watts Angle Barrie Ann Brown Geri Golliher Hancock Thomas Hash Maxie Price Hopkins Nancy Brown Jackson Randall Lane Glenna Halsey Morton Cleta Haga Roberts Ida Mae Speeks

1960-1969 Ronnie Anderson Tom Barnard Robert Blackwell Billy Ray Cameron Jim Conway Jean Morris Cross Wilson Cross Arnold Hatley Don Krauss Bill Minson Russell Montgomery Robert Murphy George Pelton Leslie Sims Pelton Otis Reamy Tommy Searles Harry Sink Sarah Ussery Sink Ted Ussery Alton Vick Susan Worsham Vick Jo Ann Watkins Jerry Wells Judy Thacker Williams

1970-1979 Marc Brenner Diann Cramer Butler Kathy Carroll Jeffrey Jefferson Eller Amber Brown Hayes Marilyn Rowe 1980-1989 Sharon Rumpf Bellamy Helene Czech Missi Ferry Dobbins David Gunter Russell Miller Dan Patton Mark Patton David St. Clair Michelle Morlan St. Clair 1990-1991 April Vassiliou Fields Jessica Player Kline Kelley Orvik Mark Shumaker

Pre si

c i n P ic s ’ t n e d The President’s Welcome to OHA Picnic was held Saturday, September 3rd at the pavilion in Noonkester Park. At this annual event, Oak Hill Academy President Dr. Michael Groves and his wife Joy welcomed all OHA students and faculty for the start of a great year.

Donor Appreciation Dinner On Friday, November 11, 2011, Dr. and Mrs. Michael Groves will be hosting the annual Donor Appreciation Dinner in the Ussery Archives Conference Room of Fletcher Chapel at 5:30 p.m. This event will begin with a performance by the Oak Hill Academy Choir and end in Turner Gymnasium watching the Warriors Gold Team play against Atlantic Shores Christian. This special event was created to honor the donors of the academy who are members of the “Oak Club” and “Founders Club.” For more information on becoming a member of these giving circles or any of Oak Hill Academy’s other giving circles, please contact Mr. Tim Henry in the Development Office – 276-579-2619 or

UPCOMING EVENTS Trustee Meeting................................. November 4, 2011 Donor Appreciation Dinner............ November 11, 2011 Thanksgiving Break...................November 18-28, 2011 Christmas Break Begins.................. December 16, 2011 Second Semester Begins........................ January 9, 2012 Spring Break....................................... March 2-10, 2012 Parents’ Days...........................................April 5-6, 2012 Graduation................................................May 19, 2012 Alumni Weekend.................................. July 13-15, 2012

Gold Team News - 2011-12 Season Outlook

This year’s gold team has high expectations with four of the top eight players on last year’s roster returning. Senior returnees include:  Jordan Adams (UCLA), AJ Hammons, and Damien Wilson (Memphis).  Senior transfers, Darion Clark, Montarius Hall, Tyler Lewis, D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera, and Jordan Tebbutt, provide the Warriors with the depth needed to tackle one of the toughest schedules in Oak Hill basketball history.  RJ Curington, a junior, returns for his second season with the Gold Team, and he will be joined by underclassmen Victor Ieronymides and Ike Iroegbu.  The Warriors will play teams from sixteen different states and participate in holiday tournaments at the Chick-fil-A Classic in Columbia, South Carolina, and the Les Schwab Invitational in Portland, Oregon.  It should be another banner year for the Oak Hill Academy Gold Team.

2011-2012 oak hill Gold Team Basketball schedule MONTH October


8 21 25 November 1 Winston-Salem, NC TBA 4 5 Saturday 8 11 12 14 15 17 30 December 2-3 5 10 12 15 17 19-22 26-29 January 12 14 16 18 20-21 27 28 31 February 3 4 8 11-12 13 16 18 19 24 25 28


Saturday Friday Tuesday Tuesday


Fork Union Military Acad., VA (scrim) Covenant Christian, GA Hargrave Military, VA (scrimmage) (played at William Fleming HS) Quality Education, NC


Mouth of Wilson, VA Mouth of Wilson, VA Roanoke, VA


Noon 7:00pm 7:00pm

Friday Next Level Prep, Canada Mouth of Wilson, VA Stoneridge Prep, CA Mouth of Wilson, VA Tuesday Aim High Prep, MI Mouth of Wilson, VA Friday Atlantic Shores Christian, VA Mouth of Wilson, VA Saturday Cesar Chavez HS, DC Mouth of Wilson, VA Monday CrossRoads School, NC Mouth of Wilson, VA Tuesday Flora McDonald Academy, NC Mouth of Wilson, VA Thursday Harrison County HS, GA Mouth of Wilson, VA Wednesday Thomasville Prep, NC Mouth of Wilson, VA Fri-Sat Marshall County HoopFest Benton, KY Fri-Hales Franciscan HS, IL-7:30pm / Sat - La Lumiere HS, IN-8:00pm Monday Ridge View HS, SC Mouth of Wilson, VA Saturday Grace Prep Academy, TX Washington, DC (played at DeMatha Catholic HS) Monday Science Hill HS, TN Johnson City, TN Thursday Miller Grove HS, GA Atlanta, GA (espn) Saturday Evelyn Mack Academy, NC Charlotte, NC Mon-Thur Chick-fil-A Classic Columbia, SC (3 games) Mon-Thur Les Schwab Invitational Portland, OR (4 games) Thursday Christian Faith Center, NC Mouth of Wilson, VA Saturday Hall of Fame Classic Springfield, MA vs Prestonwood Christian HS, TX (Blake Arena, Springfield College) Monday MLK Classic Greensboro, NC (Greensboro Coliseum) Wednesday IMG Academy, FL Mouth of Wilson, VA Fri-Sat Penny Hardaway Classic Memphis, TN Fri-Memphis Craigmont, TN-7:30pm/Sat-Memphis Melrose HS, TN-6:30pm (games played at White Station HS) Friday Franklin County ShootOut Rocky Mount, VA vs BlueRidge Military Academy, VA Saturday Imani Christian, PA Mouth of Wilson, VA Tuesday Mountain State Coal Classic Beckley, WV Friday Virginia High Classic Bristol, VA (West Oak Academy, FL) Saturday Salem Civic Center Classic Salem, VA Wed. Westwind Academy, AZ Mouth of Wilson, VA Sat-Sun PrimeTime ShootOut Union, NJ Sat-Colts Neck HS, NJ-6:00pm/Sun-Gill St. Bernard’s HS, NJ-3:00pm (games played at Kean University) Monday Quality Education, NC Mouth of Wilson, VA Thursday Ignatios Prep, SC Mouth of Wilson, VA Saturday Flora McDonald Academy, NC Red Springs, NC Sunday Port City Academy, SC Mouth of Wilson, VA Friday New Birth Christian, GA Mouth of Wilson, VA Saturday Oak Ridge Military, NC Mouth of Wilson, VA Tuesday Body of Christ Academy, NC Mouth of Wilson, VA

Make sure you check out for updates and more information on the Oak Hill Academy Gold Team. *games subject to change

7:00pm 7:00pm 7:00pm 7:00pm 3:00pm 7:00pm 7:00pm 7:00pm 7:00pm 6:00pm TBA 7:00pm 8:00pm 7:00pm TBA TBA 7:00pm 6:00pm TBA 7:00pm 7:30pm 7:00pm TBA 8:00pm TBA 7:00pm 7:00pm 7:00pm 5:00pm 7:00pm 7:00pm 7:00pm 7:00pm

Current Giving Opportunities

Other Giving Opportunities (partial list)

Music Stands (5 needed - 5 have been purchased) $40 each Alumni Campus Store Tile $500 Digital SLR Cameras for Yearbook Staff (5 needed) $200 each Memorial Oak Tree $1,000 LCD Monitors (25 needed) $200 each Named Display Case for Ussery Archives Room $5,000 DVD Recorder/VCR Combo for Library $300 Named Scholarship Fund $10,000 Photoshop $400 Faculty Professional Development Fund $50,000 Televisions (5 needed) $400 each Fund to Increase Faculty Salaries $100,000 Anatomical Models (8 needed) $200-$600 each Digital Camera for Publications Class $700 Gifts in Kind* Are You Interested in Filling a Specific Need at Oak Hill Academy? Digital Microscope (purchased) $1,700 Boat for Fishing Club AED (Automated External Defibrillator) $2,000 Musical Instruments Rosetta Stone Sponsorship for ESL Class $2,800 Backhoe or backhoe attachment for tractor Equestrian Center Barn Remodel $40,000 Halsey House Remodel and Upgrades $50,000 *Potential gifts are evaluated by the school for condition and suitability prior to acceptance.

Wish List

For more information or to make a gift to Oak Hill Academy, please contact Tim Henry, Director of Development, at 276-579-2619 or

Oak Hill Academy 2635 Oak Hill Road Mouth of Wilson, VA 24363 Address Service Requested

First Class Mail U.S. Postage PAID Permit #2 Mouth of Wilson, VA

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