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Welcome to OHA! By Carittah Cai On August 28, students divided into groups and played games throughout campus. The purpose was to make the students feel relaxed and to get to know each other. Students passed a big ball around to see who could get the most hits without letting it touch the ground; made and threw paper airplanes to see which plane flew the furthest; passed buckets using their feet; and teamed up to help guide each other through an obstacle course in the gym while blindfolded. Although it was a really hot day, students had lots of fun with the activities and getting to know each other. On September 3, Dr. Groves invited the students and staff to the annual President’s picnic at Noonkester. The cafeteria provided a great barbecue. After the meal, students gathered in their advisory groups for a competition. The award for the winning group was to skip the following Saturday school. Each advisory group had one student go around asking new students their names and their hometowns. At the same time, each group made a model of Speeks Hall. Ms. Tobin’s group came in fourth place, Ms. Haas’s and Mr. Hebold’s groups tied for second place, and Ms. Bronson’s group won first place. Dr. Groves showed each group a jar of money with (Continued on page 2)

Welcome to OHA! cont.

students guessing how much money was in the jar. Ms. Tobin’s group guessed the closest amount. Each group also chose two students to play corn hole. In this competition, Mr. Massey’s group took fourth place, Ms. Sargent’s and Mr. Bunn’s groups tied for second place, and Mr. Wymer’s group won first place. The advisories also used Play -Doh® to make models of Mr. Wymer. Mr. Knudsen’s group came in fourth place, Mr. Moseley had second place, and Ms. Haas’s and Mr. Wymer’s groups tied for first place. The winner of the Oreo cookie contest was Brady Jenkins. He ate two Oreo® cookies by wiggling them from his forehead to his mouth without the use of his hands in record time. In total, Mr. Moseley’s and Mr. Pease’s groups had 59.5 points coming in fifth place. Mrs. Tobin’s group had 60.5 points finishing in fourth place. Ms. Haas’s group had 62 points in third place. Mr. Hebold’s group had 63 points in second place. Mr.

Wymer’s group won first place with 65 points. When the students went back to the dorms, the sky was dark and everybody was smiling.

S-C-O-R -E! By Alpha Diallo The OHA 2016 Fall Soccer season started quickly with returning players and new players working fast to build a strong team connection. This year’s coaches were Mr. Gagne and Mr. Doan. The team included Alpha Diallo, Bello Razgallah, and Lucas Lee, who were all strikers. Mikun Adewole, Jaiden Lindsey, and Kalab Haimanot played outside defense. Shiryu Kataoka, Pape Faye, and Mohamed Faye were outside midfielders. Bolu Salami, Andrew Evans, and Connor Cummings were center defenders. Mutsukou Hiyoshi played center mid-fielder. Andy Kim played as a defender and alternate goalkeeper. Andrew Hall was a goalkeeper. The team manager was Nahum Belayhun. The season started at a tournament at Grundy Mountain Mission. The Warriors played three games. Oak Hill faced Grundy Mountain Mission in the debut game and lost 4-2. Scoring for OHA were Lucas Lee and Bolu Salami. Next, the Warriors faced Greenville North Carolina High School. OHA won, 2-0. Scorers were Bolu Salami and Mutsukou Hiyoshi . The last

game of the tournament was against the West Virginia Kings. The Warriors won 2-0. Alpha Diallo scored one goal. Mutsukou Hiyoshi scored from a free kick. The Warriors also participated in a tournament at Providence Academy in Tennessee. Oak Hill lost the first two games against Providence Academy 3-0 and Asheville 2-0. The Warriors won the last game against Maryvale High School, 32. Scoring in this game were Alpha Diallo with two goals and Bello Razgallah with one goal. Oak Hill played their home game opener against Providence Academy. The Warriors were defeated 6-2. Scoring Warriors were Alpha Diallo and Bello Razgallah. OHA played in a tournament at Mercer High School. Alpha Diallo had a ‘hat trick’ in the first game, against the tournament host. OHA won 3-0. The second game was against the West Virginia Kings. With a goal from Alpha Diallo, an assist from

Andrew Hall, and another goal from Bolu Salami, the Warriors won 2-1. The Warriors faced Ashe County and lost 5-1. Alpha Diallo scored Oak Hill’s lone goal. The coaches were pleased with the work ethic and the effort of the players. Coach Gagne stated, “They were willing to work hard and had potential.” It was a good season with improvement on the field.

Set Set— —Spike Spike— —Score! By Chase Vincent

Oak Hill Academy’s Volleyball Team had an exciting and successful season. The members of the volleyball team were; Tsehaye Vener, Chase Vincent, Lydia Haimanot, Sophia Miller, Natalie Zhang, Carittah Cai, Alice Wang, Anna Spencer, Lauren Oberman, and Amber Deane. The coaching staff for the season were, Mr. Finklea, head coach, and Ms. Sargent, assistant coach.

The second home game was against Cornerstone Christian Academy. The OHA team improved greatly between games. Carittah Cai was the leading scorer. She constantly stayed in a ready stance and aggressively played each position. The first away game was at Wise Christian Academy. The team improved setting and striking the ball powerfully. Once again, Carittah Cai was the leading scorer. Traveling to Cornerstone Christian Academy, the leading scorer was Anna Spencer who completed her third year with the OHA team. She was a constant force throughout the season. Anna was aggressive at the net and led

The volleyball team began their season with a home game against Tennessee Avenue Christian Academy. The team gave a great effort. The leading scorer was Carittah Cai. Carittah was aggressive and showed consistency in her serves. Many faculty and staff came out to support the team.

the team in assists along with Tsehaye Vener who was also a three-year team member. To end the season, the team traveled to Tennessee for a tournament. With the girls playing aggressively, they won the second game in the tournament, giving them their first win of the season. Overall, the team placed third in the tournament. The stand out players for the season were Tsehaye Vener, Anna Spencer, and Carittah Cai. All of these girls were veterans of the team and served as great leaders. Two new faces for the season, Lauren Oberman and Lydia Haimanot, led the season in kills. All members of the 2016 Volleyball Team played well and continued to improve.

New Faces on ‘the Hill’ By Umberto Brusadin & Graeme Majors One purpose of Oak Hill is to touch and influence lives. New students, teachers, and staff members make their way to ‘the Hill’ for a rewarding year. Mr. Wymer teaches art. He likes to play ice hockey and beach volleyball, and also enjoys wrestling, painting, kayaking, and sketching. He attended Virginia Commonwealth University. The peace and quiet, more time to reflect, and low amount of stress are a few things that Mr. Wymer enjoys about Oak Hill Academy. He wants to watch his students grow throughout the course of the year.

Pictured from left to right are Mr. Massey, Mr. Stanton, and Mr. Wymer.

Mr. Massey teaches English. He graduated with a B.A. in Psychology from Queens University of Charlotte in 2008. During his free time, Mr. Massey enjoys music (playing guitar, harmonica, and singing), watching LOST, and managing his fantasy football teams. He loves the tight-knit community at Oak Hill, and how everyone has been welcoming and kind. Mr. Massey said, “It is nice to live in a community where everyone appreciates and respects one another.”

Pictured from left to right are Mr. Maass, Mr. Knudsen, Mr. Fisher, and Mrs. Fisher.

Mr. Maass teaches science and math. He graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a Minor in Physics from Texas A&M University. Hiking, kayaking, biking, and rock climbing are some things that Mr. Maass enjoys during his free time. “Oak Hill is a pretty chill place in the mountains, and I can’t wait to see my students grow,” stated Mr. Maass. Mr. Fisher teaches social studies. He graduated with a BA from Mercer University and a Masters of Arts from Piedmont College. In his free time, Mr. Fisher likes to ride bikes and play online games, but he enjoys spending quality leisure time with his wife the most. He was initially interested in the area because of the great beauty and climate, but is finding that he enjoys the students, faculty, and staff even more. He is looking forward to seeing positive personal growth in the students and is excited about the possibilities of snow. Mrs. Fisher works in the academic office. She graduated with a Bachelors degree in Journalism. She enjoys hiking,

biking, and gardening. She attended Brevard College and the University of Georgia. She loves the beautiful area and friendly community of Oak Hill. She is looking forward to the fall and seeing snow this winter. Mr. Moseley teaches Spanish. He also attended Wofford College and graduated with an MBA from UNC Chapel Hill. Mr. Moseley likes to Mr. Moseley play golf and with his son, tennis, run, hike, Charlie. travel, and most importantly spend time with his family. He enjoys the Oak Hill community and the opportunity to get to know everyone. He is looking forward to student growth, and leading the Spain trip during spring break. Mr. Doan is the Ingram Dorm second floor resident manager. He graduated with a Bachelors degree in Sports Management from Brock University. During his free time,

Pictured around the table starting from the left are Mr. Burns, Mr. Doan, Mr. Gagne, and Mr. Allen. (Continued on page 6)

New Faces on ’the Hill’ cont. he enjoys playing cards, sports, and listening to music. He likes Oak Hill Academy because it is a nice, small, family community. Mr. Doan said, “I am looking forward to watching a lot of basketball!” Mr. Goode is the rotating resident manager rotator for the guys’ side of campus. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications Studies. He likes to travel, spend time with his girlfriend, workout, listen to music,

and play video games. Mr. Goode likes being able to meet a variety of new people and being a dorm parent on ‘the Hill.’ He said, “Oak Hill is a quiet and remote place, and I enjoy every bit of it.” He is looking forward to having a professional business, as well as being an employee of Oak Hill Academy. Ms. Mabus is the second floor resident manager of Hough Dorm. She likes to read, write,

Mr. Goode

Ms. Mabus

and spend time with people. Ms. Mabus studied overseas at the University of Nations. She enjoys the feeling of the community on ‘the Hill’ and is looking forward to getting to know the girls and seeing what God has in store for her in the future.

Clubs By Alice Wang Oak Hill Academy has many clubs on campus, all of which have a unique purpose. With all these clubs, it’s easy for students to find their purpose. Youth Group’s purpose is to give students a place to pursue their understanding of God. Oak Hill teachers, students, and church members support Youth Group with their great energy. As Mrs. Groves, the sponsor of Youth Group said, “This is a welcoming place for all kinds of people with different backgrounds.” Youth Group members get along well which helps produce a warm and friendly environment where everyone can share his or her feelings. Reverend Turnmire, the pastor of Young’s Chapel Baptist Church and one of the Youth Group leaders, gives short lessons. Then, everyone participates in small group discussions. The big question for this year is, “How do you find your purpose in life?” One way for students to be able to discover their own purpose is

through participation in Youth Group. Lamb’s Table helps to serve meals to people in need. Students travel to Independence to pack meals to be delivered and to serve dinners to people. Mr. Henry Crede, the sponsor of Lamb’s Table, says, “We serve people who deserve a good meal. Serving others is an important trait in a community like Oak Hill Academy. It also encourages students to embrace others around them with a friendly heart.” Lamb’s Table meets on the second Tuesday of every month. Students may sign up to participate by speaking with Anna Spencer. “One of Oak Hill Academy’s greatest traditions is Honor Court,” said Mr. Brian Bunn, the Honor Court adviser. According to Mr. Bunn, “The purpose of the court is to help create a better school environment.” Honor Court is

comprised of students who have demonstrated OHA’s four core values: community, responsibility, moral courage, and transformation. This year’s Honor Court includes Chris Evans, Alex Stenner, Aidan Stenner, Carittah Cai, and Kelly MacLean. “Being an Honor Court member is one of the most important jobs a student can have at Oak Hill. They help to set the right tone for the school and also influence other students with good behavior,” said Mr. Bunn. They meet when necessary to adjudicate cases presented to the court. The Spanish Club, led by Mr. Stanton, raises awareness of Spanish speaking cultures. The purpose is to practice speaking Spanish outside the classroom and learn about Spanish culture. Students in Spanish Club go to Spanish restaurants to experience the exotic food and culture. They prepare Spanish dishes and also enjoy Spanish music. Students meet once a week to discuss and plan activities.

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