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Our Daughter’s Turning Point It was almost noon on November 8, 2010; I was online ordering flowers for Gabby’s 18th birthday in two days when my cell phone rang. It was Gabby, calling from Richmond, Virginia, to tell me that three pictures she submitted for her Surface project were on display on the walls of the Virginia Commonwealth University Arts Foundation Building. I could sense the triumph from her voice while I was bursting with pride listening to her accomplishment. That’s Gabby now … a freshman at VCU Fine Arts, who three years ago was a struggling sophomore at a public high school in New Jersey. Gabby, oldest of our two daughters, was particularly shy growing up. Though quiet, she was sociable, bright, and talented. In middle school, she was recognized for her creative writing skills. She received an award for her outstanding competency in Spanish. She excelled in history and current events. She had a deep appreciation for music and arts. Her passion and profound fascination with fashion gave her the aspiration to be a fashion designer. When she entered high school, she opted for fashion and design for her elective. After consistently getting “C’s” on her projects and continuous downbeat remarks from her teacher that her style was too unconventional, she was discouraged. Convinced that she was not good enough, she gave up her dream of becoming a fashion designer. When she lost the motivation to go to college, she stopped doing homework and ceased to study for tests. Her GPA, which was below 2.0, reflected the lack of effort on her part. Although, I had high hopes for Gabby, it was apparent that her chance of going to a decent college was very slim, if not impossible. After numerous round table discussions with the school administration and several attempts to reach The Arrow is published by the Development Office of Oak Hill Academy and is distributed to alumni and friends of the Academy.

Oak Hill Academy 2635 Oak Hill Rd Mouth of Wilson, VA 24363 276-579-2619

President Dr. Michael D. Groves Board of Trustees Rev. Robert Bailey Mr. Kenny Bowen – ‘78 Mrs. Bonnie Burke – P’07 Mr. Larry Conner Mrs. Lisa Dockery Mrs. Sidney Rose Fant Mr. Marshall Frank – P’08 Mr. Todd Fuller

out to her teachers for help, I concluded that Gabby was officially one of those kids that fell through the cracks of a public school system. Without hesitation, my husband and I decided to pull her out of public high school … a decision that was easier said than done. The question of what school to send “our” Gabby to consumed my husband and me for weeks. We knew that Gabby had the potential to do well academically at the right school setting, but considering that she was unmotivated and underachieving for two years encouraged us to consider a boarding school setting that would provide a structure and form of behavior modification to improve her academic performance. Our search went on until we visited Oak Hill Academy; located in a remote town that none of my relatives and friends had heard of. Although it was 500 miles away from home, we were encouraged that it was the best school option for our daughter. Mouth of Wilson, more than OHA itself, was a big culture shock for Gabby, who had never been to sleep away camps nor gone camping. But our teen city slicker, who crazed the trendy city lifestyle and the hustle and bustle of New York City, quickly adapted as she found her place in her new community. Gabby described her new living arrangement as fun … it’s like living in a house with a bunch of friends and loads of parents. Gabby thrived academically and made the “A” Honor Roll right from the beginning, which we attributed to the small class sizes and quality of faculty, mostly with advanced degrees in education or another specialty. Gabby was promoted to take a few honors classes that provided challenging academics and pushed her to tackle difficult school work as she increased her GPA to 3.26. There was plenty of support from faculty, advisors, and Mr. Dennis Gambill Mrs. Susie Garner Mr. Don Gibson Mr. Joseph Giles Mr. Rex Halsey – ‘55 Mr. Rodney Halsey Dr. Thomas Harvey Mr. Donald Hasler – ‘66 Mrs. Sally Kimble – P’00 Dr. Wayne Landsman – P’06 Mr. M. A. Lunsford -P’85 Mr. Marty Parks

Mr. George Pelton – ‘67 Mr. William Plummer – ‘55 Mr. Carl Rosberg Mr. Paul Saunders Mr. Jim Tapp Dr. Dennis Throckmorton Mr. Taylor Vaughan Mr. Harold Wingate P - Parent of OHA Alumnus

administrators who were regularly available in multiple settings (classroom, dorm, extracurricular groups, and even the dining hall) basically 24/7. Gabby’s relationship with Mrs. Crede, Mrs. Groves, and Mr. Hill flourished as she leveraged mentorship opportunities that she did not have in the public school setting. As she improved her scholastic standing, she tutored her peers and eventually chaired the peer mentorship program. As the structure at OHA provided her the opportunity to blossom academically, it also facilitated her personal and emotional growth. We noticed the increase in her maturity as she took responsibility for her own actions to a much greater degree than when she was living at home. While there was definitely structure to follow, she was encouraged to make choices around how she spent her time, what activities and opportunities to take, and how to create a reasonable balance between school and play. Her participation at youth group and connection with Mrs. Groves provided her the ability to make choices that positively impacted her spiritual growth. When she came home for winter break during her junior year, she implied a renewed passion for arts and fashion that we attributed to Mr. Hill, Gabby’s art teacher and mentor. Mr. Hill enthusiastically nurtured Gabby’s raw skills on photography, drawing, and illustration. Towards the end of her junior year, Gabby had decided

that she would apply to art schools to pursue a career in fine arts. When Gabby returned to OHA for her senior year, she was able to leverage the broad and diverse course offerings that the school provides. Mrs. Groves designed Gabby’s schedule where she was afforded three periods of independent arts study to prepare her for college. Mr. Hill worked with Gabby to put together a portfolio for art school applications that secured her acceptances to six reputable schools, including VCU where she is currently enrolled. Gabby is one of many OHA success stories. The boarding school “in the sticks” was Gabby’s turning point, where education takes on a broad meaning of not only educating students in the classroom, but to also help them become better-rounded individuals. Once again, we would like to express our most sincere appreciation to the Oak Hill Academy faculty and administration for helping us to steer Gabby in the right direction. The support and friendships that you extended to us will be remembered for life. Also, for the many OHA benefactors, we are deeply grateful for your generous support that lends a hand to Oak Hill Academy to continue to provide a turning point to promising young men and women like Gabby. Tes and Brian Namm

2010 Year-End Gift Ideas Year-end giving is as easy as (1) making a charitable gift, and (2) saving taxes. We’d like to make it even easier with this primer on some of the best ways to save—and give. The tax laws intentionally encourage charitable giving. Because of the income tax charitable deduction, individuals who make their gifts by December 31 and itemize can significantly reduce their income taxes for 2010. Example: If you make a charitable gift of $10,000 in 2010, you can save $3,300 in taxes if you are in the 33% tax bracket. And the higher your tax bracket, the more money you save with a charitable gift. Giving is, of course, much more than tax brackets and charitable deductions. Philanthropy provides the meaningful difference in what we can do. This brochure is only a brief introduction to some of the best tax–advantaged methods of giving. We would be pleased to provide you with further information. Also, we urge you to discuss your 2010 year-end tax planning with your accountant or other professional advisor. Gifts of Cash There is no easier way to garner a charitable deduction

for 2010— and support us at the same time — than by simply writing a check! Make sure your envelope is postmarked by December 31; if it is, your gift will qualify as a 2010 gift even if it is not received by us until the first week of 2011. If you itemize, your outright gifts of cash are fully deductible for federal income tax purposes up to 50% of your adjusted gross income. If your total gifts should exceed this limitation, the excess may be carried forward for tax purposes for up to five additional years. Gifts of Stock Year -end 2010 may be an excellent time to consider a gift of stock. Giving long-term appreciated stock offers you a twofold tax saving. First, you avoid paying any capital gains tax on the increase in value of your stock. In addition, you receive a tax deduction for the full fair market value of the stock on the date of the gift. For income tax purposes the value of such gifts may be deducted up to 30% of adjusted gross income, with an additional fiveyear carry forward.

Example: If you purchased stock many years ago for $1,000, and it is now worth $10,000, an outright gift of that stock to us would result in a charitable deduction of $10,000. In addition, you permanently avoid paying capital gains tax on the $9,000 of appreciation. Gifts of Real Estate If you have owned your home, a vacation home, acreage, or a farm for many years, a charitable gift of that real estate can be especially tax–advantageous. The property may have so appreciated in value over the years that its sale would result in a sizeable capital gains tax. If given to us instead, you avoid the tax and, at the same time, realize a charitable deduction for the full fair market value of the real estate. You may also wish to consider a gift of your personal residence or farm, reserving the right to continue to live in the house or farm the property for life (and, if applicable, the lifetime of your surviving spouse). Through such an arrangement, you will be entitled to a current income tax deduction for a portion of the fair market value of the property. Gifts of Life Insurance If you own a life insurance policy that is no longer needed, consider it as the perfect vehicle for a 2010 yearend charitable gift! To receive a charitable deduction, name us as both the owner and beneficiary of the policy. If the policy has a cash value, you can take a charitable deduction approximately equal to the cash value at the time of the gift. In addition, if annual premiums are still to be made and you continue to pay them, those premiums will become tax deductible each year. (It’s easy to contribute a life insurance policy to us. Just check with your life insurance agent for details on which forms to complete.) Life Income Gifts If you are considering a major gift, your gift of cash or stock in the form of a “life income gift” can significantly increase your income! A life income gift allows you to transfer assets now, and yet continue to receive income from the cash, stock, or other property contributed. A life income gift can allow you to: (1) increase your income for life; (2) receive a generous charitable contribution deduction in 2010; and (3) if you contribute stock, avoid any capital gains tax on the appreciation! A life income gift is often made through a trust arrangement called a “unitrust” or an “annuity trust.”

With a unitrust, you and/or your spouse (or another beneficiary) receive annually a fixed percentage of the fair market value of the assets in the trust. The income received will vary from year to year, based upon how the trust’s investments perform. With an annuity trust, you and/or your spouse (or another beneficiary) receive a fixed amount from the trust each year. This amount is agreed upon when you create the trust; it stays constant, no matter what happens with the stock market or interest rates. If you have already considered a provision for us in your will, please note that a life income gift can often be preferable. Such a gift allows you to accomplish your goals during your lifetime—and in a tax-advantaged way. Please call or write for the details. Bequests While you’re considering your 2010 income tax savings, this may also be a good time to consider long-term tax savings. The federal estate tax can still take approximately 50% of one’s estate at the time of death. That’s a higher tax bite than the income tax! It definitely pays to do some advance planning with your attorney and other professional advisors. We hope you will consider a charitable bequest in your will — to benefit us while you save estate tax dollars at the same time. For Further Information No one publication can tell you everything you need to know about 2010 year-end gift opportunities and which method would be the most advantageous for your particular situation. Be sure to check with your accountant, tax attorney, or other tax advisor for additional information on how these general rules apply to your situation. We would be pleased to provide you with additional information on any gifts you may be considering. Thank you for your support at year-end — and throughout the year! 2010 Year-End Tax-Saving Tip: If you’re at least 70½, the tax law for 2010 allows you to give us (and/or other qualified charities) up to $100,000 directly from your IRA without triggering federal income taxes. We’ll be glad to provide you with the tax-saving details.

Copyright 2010 by Calder P. Sinclair

Donor Appreciation Dinner On Friday, November 5, Dr. and Mrs. Michael Groves hosted the fifth annual donor appreciation dinner. The evening began in Fletcher Chapel with a social time and musical numbers performed by the Academy Choir under the direction of Mrs. Jeanette Black. Guests then made their way to the new Ussery Archives Room for the dinner hour. A delicious meal was prepared by the staff of Meriwether-Godsey. The evening concluded with everyone enjoying a home gold team game in Turner Gymnasium. This special event was created to honor the donors of the academy who are members of the “Oak Club” and “Founders Club.” For more information on becoming a member of these giving circles or any of Oak Hill Academy’s other giving circles, please contact Mr. Tim Henry in the Development Office.

Students Enjoy the Harvest Festival

“Meet the Team” Event The sixth annual “Meet the Team” fundraising event will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, February 26, 2011, in Turner Gymnasium on the Oak Hill Academy campus. This year’s event will be held in conjunction with the home basketball game featuring Oak Hill’s nationally ranked Gold Team against Milestone Prep. For a $100 donation participants will receive a reserved seat at the game, an autographed Oak Hill basketball media guide, an Oak Hill Academy t-shirt, and the opportunity to meet the team and coaches at a reception following the game at the Halsey House!

During the reception there will be photo opportunities with the players and a drawing for an autographed game ball. Make your plans now to attend this year’s “Meet the Team” event and support the mission of Oak Hill Academy. Please contact Tim Henry in the Development Office for more information or to reserve your ticket – 276-579-2619 or This is a great gift idea for any basketball fan!!!

SHOP FOR OHA MERCHANDISE ON-LINE! With a chill in the mountain air and basketball season underway, Oak Hill Academy students, parents, alumni, friends, and fans are looking for Oak Hill spirit clothing to wrap up in! Cozy sweaters, comfy sweatpants, warm fleeces, hooded sweatshirts, and knit caps are among the favorites. Our line of sports apparel is a great choice when you are making your list and checking it twice this holiday season. Shop on-line at

The Oak Hill Academy choir was recently invited to perform the Star-Spangled Banner during the Virginia Association of Independent Schoools Annual Meeting in Richmond. The choir is under the direction of Mr. John and Mrs. Jeanette Black.

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Musics Stands (5 needed – 5 have been purchased!) $40 each DVD Players - all have been purchased! $50 each Digital SLR Cameras for Yearbook Staff (5 needed) $200 each LCD Monitors (25 needed) $200 each 27� Television for Library - Purchased! $300 DVD Recorder/VCR Combo for Library $300 Photoshop $400 Televisions (5 needed) $400 each Anatomical Models (8 needed) $200 - $600 each Digital Camera for Publications Class $700 Digital Microscope $1,700 Rosetta Stone Sponsorship for ESL Class $2,800 Equestrian Center Barn Remodel $40,000 Halsey House Remodel and Upgrades $50,000

Other Giving Opportunities (partial list) Alumni Campus Store Tile Memorial Oak Tree Named Display Case for Ussery Archives Room Named Scholarship Fund Faculty Professional Development Fund Fund to Increase Faculty Salaries

$500 $1,000 $5,000 $10,000 $50,000 $100,000

Gifts in Kind* Boat for Fishing Club Musical Instruments *Potential gifts are evaluated by the school for condition and suitability prior to acceptance.

For more information or to make a gift to Oak Hill Academy, please contact Tim Henry, Director of Development, at 276-579-2619 or

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