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132nd School Year

The Arrow

The Arrow The Arrow is published by the Development Office of Oak Hill Academy and is distributed to alumni and friends of the Academy. Oak Hill Academy 2635 Oak Hill Road Mouth of Wilson, VA 24363 276-579-2619

President Dr. Michael D. Groves Board of Trustees Rev. Robert Bailey Mr. Kenny Bowen – ‘78 Mrs. Bonnie Burke – P’07 Mr. Larry Conner Mrs. Lisa Dockery Mrs. Sidney Rose Fant Mr. Marshall Frank – P’08 Mr. Dennis Gambill Mrs. Susie Garner Mr. Don Gibson Mr. Joseph Giles Mr. Rex Halsey – ‘55 Mr. Rodney Halsey Dr. Thomas Harvey Mr. Donald Hasler – ‘66 Mrs. Sally Kimble – P’00 Dr. Wayne Landsman – P’06 Mr. M. A. Lunsford – P’85 Mr. Marty Parks Mr. George Pelton – ‘67 Mr. William Plummer – ‘55 Mr. Carl Rosberg Mr. Paul Saunders Mr. Jim Tapp Dr. Dennis Throckmorton Mr. Taylor Vaughan Mr. Harold Wingate P - Parent of OHA Alumnus

Senior Tom Tabares stands beside the new OHA entrance sign.

2010-2011 Student Leader Appointments Patrick Calabrese Jenny Chung Kyle Claud Caroline Curran David Grams Savannah Holzworth Keith Hornsby Han Nah Jeong Mallory Jones

David Laney Peter Von Lunen Lucca Modelli Charlie Morgan Clevy Nelson-Royster Caleb Porter Lizz Spicknall Dante Taylor Haley Weaver

About the Cover OHA students gather in the center of campus during the opening of school.

President’s Message Convocation Address, August 30th, 2010

Dr. Michael D. Groves, President Following is the text of Dr. Groves’ Convocation Address to the school community.

Good morning and welcome to Oak Hill Academy. This gathering represents our initial assembly, which for an academic institution means today is Convocation Day, the official beginning of the school year. 2010 represents Oak Hill Academy’s 132nd year. Think about that number for a moment. In that length of time, twenty–eight presidents have served in the U.S. When Oak Hill Academy was founded 132 years ago we were still 36 years away from the mass production of the Model T automobile. When our school began in 1878 we were actually closer to the Civil War than we are today to the Gulf War. Oak Hill Academy has stood right here, on this ground, in Mouth of Wilson, Virginia for a very long time … 132 years. Say the number again in your mind … one hundred and thirty-two years. No person can dare dream to live as long as this school has been in existence. Generations of students have passed through these doors, and today you—all 140 of you—are beginning your journey on “the Hill.” Oak Hill Academy has indeed become a very special place, yet not just because of its age. The faculty and staff who live and work here, along with so many of our alumni and supporters, would even say that our school is sacred. To say “sacred” is to use a strong term to describe an earthly institution … it suggests that a place is actually holy. Lately in this country we have heard a lot of talk about sacred ground/sacred places. What makes a place so special that it could earn the status of being called “sacred?” It cannot be just the location—as beautiful as it is here in our mountain setting; it cannot be the buildings—though many have stood for years and years; and it’s not just the people, as committed as our faculty and staff may be to the OHA mission. A place becomes sacred because of what it represents. As filmmaker Ken Burns says, “What ultimately makes a place sacred is the overlay of experiences.” At Oak Hill Academy, we possess and you will

experience tradition, values, faith, love, community, mission orientation, and a student-centered environment. Notice that all of these qualities, in one way or another, depend upon the passing of time—none of these values happen quickly. The school, for example, cannot simply go to a store and purchase tradition, any more than you can snap your fingers and decide to achieve all of your goals for this upcoming year in one day. It involves hard work, discipline, dedication, and time. So, our journey together will not be quick and it will not always be easy. It will take a year. And I promise that throughout this year, you will be challenged, pushed, and encouraged always to do your best; you will hear a lot of instruction from this podium about making the right decisions, maintaining focus, being resilient. So we begin our school year, from today until Graduation Day 2011. It is my hope that your experience of Oak Hill Academy will gradually overlay with ours and with the experiences of the alumni who have walked these grounds before you. I pray that your presence here will ultimately take you to new places, full of promise and expectation—so that you may also come to see and feel our school and your time here as special, a turning point, perhaps even sacred. In just a moment we shall ring the academy bell to signal the formal beginning to our year together. We know from our predecessors that this very same bell chimed daily on this campus for generations, and today it chimes for you, for all of us, the entirety of the Oak Hill Academy community. The Academy Bell shall not sound again until May 20, 2011, on graduation eve, when we ring the bell once for each of our graduating seniors. The Chiming of the Academy Bell Welcome. May God bless you and may God bless Oak Hill Academy. Year 132 has begun.

132nd School

ak rt of O a t s l a i the ffic d the o al ringing of ng e l a n g i roves s the tradition with returni e G . r D , r with o days prior, ugust 28. W ust 30 a g e u y A l , o y f A scho nda -two o rrive tw n Saturday, y a t n o t On Mo emy’s 132nd e e. v n ct e ad first tim es, the Distri ts bega w students o this year. S c n e A e h l t d l i u r t H ne nt rs ill” ts fo stat differe ell. Ou gust 27, and en to “the h ith 25 studen b m l w l l o i r e y f t p H i s a u t k ll n m ch iday, A studen e, for Oak Hi nd wo ampus as Oa erse commu r a e F r n e n e h o m c ts to esir t,” w y div studen d 140 young ing onto the ting po e common d lty and staff tremel l x e e e m n p “ a m p d. A king th on r facu re ste to be welco are loo e resente ies gather wi g it is for ou nts we ” continues p e e e d r W u t g . s ily bein cess ssin striv bilit these A “fam 2 countries at a ble y toward suc f success and est. emic a H d h a O c W e a h . 1 T life nd and ”o al b urne mbia, a ationalities, oint” in their student’s jo ll get a “taste their person u l o C f n o ur wi s, for gp eligion are in o udents turnin races, r y to be the “ ience and sh when our st r r Academ t in this expe ul year, a yea f r s a p ucces play a other s n a o t d forwar

l Year Begins! Oak Hill Academy Welcomes 140 Students to Campus !

“Follow My Leader” In the fall 2009 edition of Independent School Magazine, NAIS president Patrick Bassett submitted an article entitled “Demonstrations of Learning for the 21st Century Schools.” In this article president Bassett identified six skills and values that all independent schools should be promoting. It is refreshing and validating to see that we are active in developing all of the areas Mr. Bassett states are critical for 21st Century success. These areas are the following:

1. character (self-discipline, empathy, integrity, resilience, and courage); 2. creativity and entrepreneurial spirit; 3. real-world problem-solving (filtering, analysis, and synthesis); 4. public speaking/ communications; 5. teaming; and 6. leadership.

The academic and residence life programs at OHA develop these areas in each student on a daily basis. Classroom activities, assignments, and academic expectations steer each student toward real world problem solving. Social programs exist to build community relations and grow empathetic citizens for tomorrow. One such program incorporates character education, team building, communication, and old-fashioned fun. During the 2008-2009 school year we launched an all school project for summer reading. The concept is to have all students and all school employees read the same novel and create activities and discussions around the theme in the novel. The novel chosen for this year was “Follow My Leader” by James Garfield. The theme we have chosen

to explore this year is Resilience. The main character in “Follow My Leader,” Jimmy, is blinded by a firecracker during a summer baseball game. Jimmy learns to overcome his new handicap, comes to forgive the boy who accidentally hurt him, and eventually resumes normal activities like returning to his Boy Scout Troop, running his newspaper business, and

“Follow My Leader” getting around with his seeing eye dog, Leader. Although this book is a bit elementary, it is an excellent example of overcoming adversity and displaying resilience. This year we added some new features to the project to both enhance the experience and to further cultivate the characteristics of success promoted by

Mr. Bassett. We opened our first full day together with an afternoon of themed activities. Students competed by advisory groups with the prize of a Saturday School sleep in at stake. The contests included a number of blindfolded tasks like counting money, guessing smells of various items, and assembling a tent. All groups completed a quilt panel and wrote some journal responses to scenes in the book. We had fun, met fellow students, and reinforced aspects of the book. In addition, all students were issued a second novel at the end of the day. Juniors and seniors read “Black Ice” by Lorene Carey and 8th, 9th, and 10th graders read “Snow in August” by Pete Hamill. Each of these books has a resilience story that complements our summer reading. Classroom and advisory discussions that followed revolved

around comparing and analyzing common points in each story. The final part of this project includes a motivational

speaker who will address the student body about overcoming adversity and resilience stories shared by the faculty. We are excited to bring creative programming such as this to the Oak Hill student body. The students all have a deeper sense of belonging and being resilient and each adult member of the community took part. Our students will be best prepared for the 21st century workplace if we develop a foundation built upon skills.

Brad Large

OHA Welcomes

Brad Large, born in Georgia and raised for eight years in Saudi Arabia, received his B.B.A. in marketing from Kennesaw University. Prior to coming to Oak Hill Academy, Brad was the Assistant Director of Admissions for Brown Mackie College in Atlanta. Brad is serving in residence life at OHA and is currently the rotating resident manager on the boy’s side of campus. This position is a great fit for Brad as he attended and graduated from boarding school. He loves being active and enjoys a variety of hobbies including rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, watching movies, and playing and watching baseball.

Mikki Haas Mikki Haas, a native of Allentown, Pennsylvania, comes to Oak Hill from Sullins Academy in Tennessee. She earned her B.S. from Temple University and her M.Ed. and Instructional Technology Certification from Kutztown University in Pennsylvania. Mikki’s son, Shawn, is enrolled at Oak Hill Academy as a freshman. They have three dogs and enjoy sports—especially baseball.

Beth Ritter-Guth Beth Ritter-Guth is the newest member of the English department. Originally from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Beth has a B.A. Degree in English and Communication from DeSales University and an M.A. Degree in English from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. Named as one of the National Association of Independent School’s Teachers of the Future, Beth’s work with technology in the teaching of collegiate courses in English has been featured by media sources like “The Chronicle of Higher of Higher Education,” “USA Today,” and America Online. Beth taught college English for 15 years, received tenure, and felt called to make a difference in the lives of high school students. For two years, she served as the Educational Communication and Technology Facilitator at The Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, Connecticut, where she coached diving, volleyball, and assisted with girls’ water polo. Beth’s desire to return to the teaching classroom inspired her decision to move to Oak Hill in July. She was inspired by the Oak Hill Mission and the commitment of each person she met when visiting. In her spare time, Beth enjoys hiking, geocaching, reading, swimming, and traveling. She and her husband, Dave, live on campus with their children, David (8) and Julian (7), and their many pets.

New Faculty Members Bill Grant

Bill began his career as a biology and chemistry instructor at Riverside Military Academy in Gainesville, Georgia, where he also served as Admissions Counselor and Director of Student Activities. As an academic administrator who loves spending time in the classroom, Bill’s career has taken him to Darlington School, Mercersburg Academy, Storm King School, Brandon Hall School, and Squaw Valley Academy. Before joining the faculty of Oak Hill, Bill oversaw the day to day operations of Auldun Academy where he served as Assistant Head of School. According to Bill he felt connected to OHA as soon as he came up the main drive to campus and immediately recognized the school’s family atmosphere. During his free time Bill enjoys reading mystery novels, working in the yard, and exploring local shopping opportunities.

David Valdini David Valdini, a native of Boston, Massachusetts, earned his B.A. degree in Art History from Bard College in New York. He received his Masters degree from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. David has taught at independent schools in Boston and New York City. David was drawn to Oak Hill by its reputation and mission. He will be teaching art and will serve as the assistant girl’s basketball coach. David states that he has been impressed with his students work in the first few weeks of school, both in the classroom and on the court.

In his free time, David enjoys running and making art, especially printmaking and watercolor.

Steve Hebold Steve Hebold was born in Chicago but grew up in Royal Oak, Michigan. He earned his M.S. degree from the University of Michigan where he was an assistant basketball coach for the Lady Wolverines. Following college Steve played basketball in both South America and Europe. Steve has extensive coaching experience having served as the assistant men’s basketball coach and head cross country coach at Oakland University for five seasons and the head coach for the Danish National Team and the National Team of Luxembourg.

Steve’s wife, Liisa, is a native of Finland and they have a cat, Scruffy.

OHA Welcomes New Faculty Members Tiffany Bronson Tiffany was born in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, and eventually moved with her family to the Winchester area of Virginia. She earned her A.A.S. degree in liberal arts from Lord Fairfax Community College, her B.A. in government and international politics from George Mason University, and her Masters Degree in library and information studies from the University of Alabama. Tiffany was active in the Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity, Campus Networks, and the Resident Life Association. She also served as an Orientation Leader and interned at the White House in the Office on National AIDS Policy. Before coming to Oak Hill to serve as a resident manager in Hough Dormitory, Tiffany was a dorm counselor and middle school librarian at Randolph Macon Academy. She is an avid reader, loves to cook and bake, and enjoys college football, basketball and spending time with family and friends.

Patricia Warta Born in Quakerstown, Pennsylvania, Patricia, the 8th youngest out of 13 children, earned her A.S. degree in accounting and business management from Bowling Green Technical School in Kentucky. Before coming to Oak Hill Academy, Patricia worked in the accounting field and in the automotive industry in prototype building. Patricia became the rotating resident manager in Hough Dormitory last January. In her spare time, she enjoys crossword puzzles, needlework, old classic movies, and mystery novels.

Hilary Hayes Hilary comes to Oak Hill Academy from her home in Bozeman, Montana. She is joined by her husband, Michael Benevento, and precious infant daughter, Saoirse. Hilary is serving as the resident manager in Fields Dormitory. She enjoys skiing, hiking, rock climbing, and whitewater rafting. Hilary is a certified river guide, a licensed ski instructor, educator, former commercial banker, and all-around outdoor enthusiast.

Edie Ingram Passes Away Edith Harvey Ingram, a former member of the Oak Hill Board of Trustees, passed away in June at the age of 98. Edie faithfully served on the Academy’s Board over 12 years before retiring in 2003. A long time supporter of Oak Hill Academy, Edie was instrumental in the construction of the Raymond E. Ingram Boys Dormitory in memory of her late husband. She also established the Edith H. Ingram Endowed Scholarship Fund to benefit Oak Hill Academy students. Edie’s warm smile, charm, and witty personality will be greatly missed by all of those lives she touched. But her legacy will carry on because of her love for Oak Hill Academy and her generous, caring spirit.

Annette Lowder Named Philanthropist of the Year Annette Lowder, of Bristol, Virginia, has been selected as Oak Hill Academy’s 2010 Philanthropist of the Year. Over the past seven years Mrs. Lowder has generously and consistently supported the OHA mission. A life-long Baptist, Mrs. Lowder has always demonstrated a kind willingness to help others. Dr. Groves presented the award in person to Mrs. Lowder this past September. Thank you Mrs. Lowder for your gracious investment in our school and our students!

State of the Academy 2009-2010 DONATIONS

June 1, 2009 — May 31, 2010 The The The The The THE OAK CLUB Alma Dillon Trust Lenore Family Trust Annette Lowder Paul & Tatum Saunders E. W. & Nancy Stone Titmus Foundation Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation Williams-Berry Charitable Foundation Harold & Millie Wingate THE FOUNDERS CLUB John & Angie Choi A. J. Fletcher Foundation Carl & Cheryl Rosberg THE PRESIDENT’S CLUB Tom Barnard Robert & Yeardley Blackwell Kenny & Patty Bowen William Bruce Richard & Bonnie Burke Billy Ray & Jeannette Cameron Inez Cox Hal & Marge Eaton Palmer & Sidney Rose Fant Dennis & Wendy Gambill The Gatorade Co. Don & Jayne Gibson Grayson National Bank Max & Jane Grisham Mike Grisham Michael & Joy Groves Doug & Janice Hawks Edith H. Ingram (deceased) Bill & Nancy (Brown) Jackson Ron & Lynn Kerr David & Sally Kimble Wayne & Dena Landsman Chuel Weon Lee & Yu Mi Hong Rex & Gina Liu Edward & Pam McDevitt Richard & Joanne Mueller Karl & Becky Muenzenmayer NTELOS Foundation George & Leslie (Sims) Pelton Harry & Sarah (Ussery) Sink Desmond & Maggie Smith Henry & Larraine Stephens Ted Ussery Virginia Baptist Foundation


Oak Club............................................$10,000+ Founders Club..........................$5,000 - $9,999 President’s Club........................$1,000 - $4,999 Red and Gold Club..........................$500 - $999 Friends Club.....................................up to $499 Virginia Baptist Mission Board Jerry & Jackie Wells Young’s Chapel Baptist Church THE RED AND GOLD CLUB Janida Bonham Christie Boyd Blaine Butterworth & Phyllis Ponder Marshall & Peggy Frank Todd & Lori Fuller John & Susie (Dixon) Garner Lester Halsey Rex & Wendell Halsey Thomas & Nancy Harvey Bill & Linda Huber Jerry & Barbara Johnson Arnold & Rebecca Lakey Darryl & Kathleen Lundgren M. A. Lunsford Peggy Melville Scott Monett Marty & Cathy Parks Ed & Carolyn Patton Jim & Pam Tapp Ken & Patricia Thomas Mary Thomas Taylor Vaughan Dan & Geneva Walters THE FRIENDS CLUB Al & Kathy Anderson Rex Anderson Merle Watts Angle Neil & Carrie Bailey Robert & Dolores Bailey Balfour Pat Weaver Barni Sandra Haines Bell Al & Sharon (Rumpf) Bellamy Jefferson & Ann Boyle Steve & Rhonda Bowen Liz Burke Charles & Precious Cassell Rand & Anne Childs Carl Collins Larry & Ida Jane Conner Priscilla Cox John & Peggy Crowder Alison Greenwood Dattoma June Davies Jaclyn Dickens James Doffin

Carl & Barbara Drenkard Terry Dyroff & Patricia Darsie Ruth Hash Etter Marion H. Eugeno April Vassiliou Fields Nicholas & Gwen Frangias Sondra Hagen Rodney & Stacy (Eller) Halsey Tommy & Hazel Halsey Scott & Clara Hart Thomas Hash Aurelie Henry Elizabeth Hill David & Andrea Hilliard Josh Honaker Robert & Sarah Hunter Walter & Elizabeth (Douglass) Hunting Linda Isner John & Joy Jones Frederick & June Kilpatrick Barrie Ann Brown Knox Jean-Philippe & Benedicte Krukowicz Patrick & Sue Laughran Randy & Joyce Ledbetter Morton & Margaret Lester Marcia Lockamy Lewis Kemper Holt Lillard Sarah Lofton Carin Lovell Mike & Linda Maynard John & Kathy McLeod Rita Melancon Michael & Jackie Mickiewicz Bill Minson Randy & Laura Moorhead Lila Noonkester Ralph & Naomi Noonkester Janie Parsons Leland & Louise Paulson Winnie Payne Ruth Hash Phipps Fred & Rita Pirkey Joe Porter Dale Presnell John & Loretta Ragland Thomas & Karen Reed – Northwest Lawn Care Mary Lou Richardson Patti Rickman Mark & Linda Ross Marilyn Rowe Mack & Ailease Short

Dan & Kim Slemp Reginald & Liee Smith Stuart & Susan Smith Winston & Lynn Smith Dwight & Jimmie Ruth Speeks Iva Daniel Staton Leona Porter Rowland Sturgill Craig Summerland Fred & Shirley Thomas Mark & Stephenie Thomas Dennis & Missy Throckmorton Stella Todd Doug & Ruth Turnmire Alton & Susan (Worsham) Vick Joe & Joy Walker Jimmy Warren Jo Ann Watkins Tom & Diane Wheeler Jimmy & Martha White Lula Williams Robert Gale Wilson GIFTS IN KIND 20/20 Vision Ministries Chris Athanasuleas Ken Boettcher Janida Bonham Joe & Ruth Bunn Richard & Bonnie Burke Gary & Katherine Crede Henry & Lisa Crede Sherry Frankel Deal Dale & LeAnn Donahue Nicholas & Gwen Frangias Thomas Galbreath Virginia Grunewald Guynn Furniture Marie Gwinn Joan Hamilton – Kalarama Farm Susan Harris Uva Havens Betty Lou Herter Hillcroft Farms Edwina Hutto Harry Knight Mike & Julie Long Annette Lowder Gerald McKinney Jane McLaurin Susan Orton George & Leslie (Sims) Pelton Richard Pence – RR Meadows Horse Farm Phil Peterson Neal & Wilma Price Carl & Cheryl Rosberg John Singleton John Sturm Barby Thornton Zandy Land Farm VOLUNTEER WORK Ronnie Anderson Sandra Haines Bell Helene Czech Mary Reamy Otis Reamy Sarah Ussery Sink

Ted Ussery Jo Ann Watkins GIFTS GIVEN IN MEMORY OF: In Memory of Elizabeth Leech Bailey Neil & Carrie Bailey Darryl & Kathleen Lundgren In Memory of Paul Britt Robert & Dolores Bailey In Memory of Adam Bell Sandra Haines Bell In Memory of William Bell Sandra Haines Bell In Memory of Michael Paul Dolinger Janida Bonham In Memory of Heather Victoria Eller Marilyn Rowe In Memory of Curtiss and Louise English Morton & Margaret Lester In Memory of Louise English Ed & Carolyn Patton In Memory of Anne-Christy Haden – Class of 1963 Jerry & Jackie Wells In Memory of Victor Halsey – Class of 1928 – and Mrs. Eudora Halsey Charles & Precious Cassell In Memory of Constance E. Hart – Class of 1946 Lula Williams In Memory of C. W. Hawks – Class of 1940 – and Mrs. Gladys Hawks Doug & Janice Hawks Rita Melancon Winnie Payne In Memory of Polly Halsey Hudson – Class of 1961 Tom Barnard Mary Lou Richardson Mack & Ailease Short Ted Ussery

In Memory of Rev. John Mann – Class of 1960 Ted Ussery In Memory of Rachel Muenzenmayer – Class of 1986 Karl & Becky Muenzenmayer In Memory of Manly Murphy Carl & Barbara Drenkard In Memory of Jewell Ford Patton Max & Jane Grisham Mike Grisham Ed & Carolyn Patton In Memory of Geoffrey Reed Pelton (non-graduate) George & Leslie (Sims) Pelton In Memory of Rev. Julius & Mrs. Dessie Watts Spears Merle Watts Angle In Memory of Austin Grant Summerland Craig Summerland In Memory of L. D. Ussery Joseph Porter In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. Larry Ussery Robert Gale Wilson In Memory of Ted Ussery, Sr. and Edna Ussery – Class of 1959 Harry & Sarah (Ussery) Sink Ted Ussery In Memory of W.S. Wells Robert & Dolores Bailey GIFTS GIVEN IN HONOR OF: In Honor of Dennis and Lisa Dockery Mark & Linda Ross In Honor of Erik Melville – Class of 1992 Peggy Melville In Honor of Oak Hill Academy Faculty and Staff Mark & Stephenie Thomas

In Memory of Robert Isner Patrick & Sue Laughran

In Honor of Ed & Carolyn Patton Max & Jane Grisham Mike Grisham

In Memory of Timothy Knox Ted Ussery

In Honor of Alex Smith – Class of 2005 Desmond & Maggie Smith

In Memory of Gerard Lambert – NonGraduate Janie Parsons In Memory of James S. Lofton – Class of 1961 Sarah Lofton

FACULTY & STAFF GIVING Neil & Carrie Bailey (former staff) Ken Boettcher (former staff) Janida Bonham Steve & Rhonda Bowen John & Angie Choi Gary & Katherine Crede

Henry & Lisa (former staff) Crede Jaclyn Dickens (former staff) Hal Eaton (former staff) Michael & Joy Groves Lester Halsey (former staff) Elizabeth Hill (former staff) Linda Isner (former staff) Sue Laughran (former staff) Linda Maynard (former staff) Ed & Carolyn Patton (former staff) Mary Thomas (former staff) Doug Turnmire TRUSTEE GIVING Robert Bailey Kenny Bowen Bonnie Burke Carl Collins (former trustee) Larry Conner Sidney Rose Fant Marshall Frank Dennis Gambill Susie Dixon Garner Don Gibson Lester Halsey (former trustee) Rex Halsey Rodney Halsey Thomas Harvey Edie Ingram (former trustee) John Jones (former trustee) Sally Kimble Wayne Landsman Margaret Lester (former trustee) Marcia Lockamy Lewis (former trustee) M. A. Lunsford Marty Parks George Pelton Carl Rosberg Paul Saunders E. W. Stone (former trustee) Jim Tapp Dennis Throckmorton Taylor Vaughan Harold Wingate BUSINESS DONORS Balfour First Team Hyundai The Gatorade Co. Grayson National Bank Guynn Furniture Co. Northwest Lawn Care CHURCH DONORS Virginia Baptist Mission Board Young’s Chapel Baptist Church FOUNDATION GIVING A. J. Fletcher Foundation NTELOS Foundation Titmus Foundation Virginia Baptist Foundation Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation Williams-Berry Charitable Foundation

PARENT GIVING (current and former parents and grandparents) Al & Kathy Anderson Jefferson & Ann Boyle Richard & Bonnie Burke Rand & Anne Childs Carl Collins Katherine Crede June Davies Dale & Lee Ann Donahue Terry Dyroff & Patricia Darsie Marion H. Eugeno Marshall & Peggy Frank Lester Halsey Elizabeth Hill David & Andrea Hilliard Linda Isner Jerry & Barbara Johnson David & Sally Kimble Jean-Philippe & Benedicte Krukowicz Wayne & Dena Landsman Randy & Joyce Ledbetter Chuel Weon Lee & Yu Mi Hong Carin Lovell M. A. Lunsford Edward & Pam McDevitt John & Kathy McLeod Peggy Melville Michael & Jackie Mickiewicz Randy & Laura Moorhead Richard & Joanne Mueller Karl & Becky Muenzenmayer Ed & Carolyn Patton Leland & Louise Paulson Patti Rickman Dan & Kim Slemp Desmond & Maggie Smith Reginald & Liee Smith Henry & Larraine Stephens Fred & Shirley Thomas Ken & Patricia Thomas Mark & Stephenie Thomas Joe & Joy Walker Jimmy & Martha White

PRESIDENT’S PARENT CLUB (Current or former parents and grandparents may become a member of the President’s Parents Club by donating $500 or more.) PARENT MEMBER


Richard & Bonnie Burke Liz 2007 Marshall & Peggy Frank Meredith 2008 Lester Halsey Howard 1966 Jerry & Barbara Johnson Crissy Non-graduate David & Sally Kimble Matt 2000 Wayne & Dena Landsman Alexa 2006 Chuel Weon Lee & Yu Mi Hong Se Jun Current student M. A. Lunsford Andy Non-graduate Ed & Pam McDevitt Gwen 2002 Peggy Melville Erik 1992 Richard & JoAnne Mueller Stephanie 2002 Karl & Becky Muenzenmayer Rachel (deceased) 1986 Ed & Carolyn Patton Mark 1984 Dan 1987 George & Leslie Pelton Geoff (deceased) Non-graduate Desmond & Maggie Smith Alex 2005 Henry & Larraine Stephens Rob 2000 Ken & Patricia Thomas Courtney 2006 ALUMNI GIVING (by classes) 1930-39 Lester Halsey Ruth Hash Phipps Leona Porter Rowland Sturgill 1940-49 Pat Weaver Barni Ruth Hash Etter Ralph Noonkester Joe Porter 1950-59 Rex Anderson Merle Watts Angle Rex Halsey Thomas Hash Nancy Brown Jackson Barrie Ann Brown Knox Rex Liu Dwight Speeks Iva Daniel Staton Robert Gale Wilson 1960-69 Ronnie Anderson Tom Barnard Sandra Haines Bell Robert Blackwell William Bruce Billy Ray Cameron Bill Minson George Pelton Leslie Sims Pelton Fred Pirkey Neal Price

Otis Reamy Mack Short Harry Sink Sarah Ussery Sink Ted Ussery Alton Vick Susan Worsham Vick Jo Ann Watkins Jerry Wells

1970-79 Kenny Bowen Steve Bowen Elizabeth Douglass Hunting Marcia Lockamy Lewis Kemper Holt Lillard Marilyn Rowe Craig Summerland Tom Wheeler 1980-89 Sharon Rumpf Bellamy Helene Czech Scott Monett 1990-99 Alison Greenwood Dattoma April Vassiliou Fields Stacy Eller Halsey Janie Parsons Jimmy Warren 2000-2009 Liz Burke OAK HILL ACADEMY LEGACY ASSOCIATES A future gift in the form of a bequest has been provided to the Academy by the following:

Mr. Tom Barnard Mr. R. A. Carpenter Dr. Carl Collins Mrs. Betty Harmon Edwards Mrs. G. C. Eller (Jeffrey Jefferson) Mr. Mike Grisham Mr. Donald L. Hasler Mrs. Mary Holbrook Mrs. Edie Ingram Dr. John Jones Lt. Gen. Claudia Kennedy Mrs. Frieda Anders Willey

OAK HILL ACADEMY ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP AND FELLOWSHIPS: 1. Elizabeth Leech Bailey Endowed Scholarship 2. Mattie Duncan Cox Endowed Scholarship 3. Ann Elizabeth Dickson Endowed Memorial Fund 4. Ruth Echols Endowed Scholarship 5. Ann Elizabeth Cox Hampton Endowed Scholarship 6. Rev. C. W. Hawks Endowed Scholarship Fund

7. Edith H. Ingram Endowed Scholarship 8. Marie LeBouf Endowed Scholarship 9. Rachel Muenzenmayer Endowed Scholarship 10. Jewell Ford Patton Endowed Memorial Fund 11. Geoffrey Reed Pelton Endowed Memorial Fund 12. Jim J. Todd Endowed Memorial Scholarship 13. Harry & Patsy Williams Endowed Scholarship Total Endowment May 31, 2010 $1,784,278.00 Total Endowment May 31, 2009 - $1,529,127.00

Oak Hill Academy Cumulative Giving Founders Society $1,000,000+ Laureates Society $500,000 - $999,999 Benefactors Society $100,000 - $499,999 Oak Hill Society $50,000 - $99,999 Guardians Society $25,000 – $49,999 Founders Society

Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation W. C. English Foundation Curtiss and Louise English Williams-Berry Charitable Foundation

One of the most important needs for Oak Hill Academy is in the area of endowment. The future of our mission to girls and boys can be assured only if endowment exists. Would you consider creating an endowment to provide ongoing support for the Academy? A gift of ten thousand dollars or more will establish a named endowment by the donor. The endowment could be used in whatever area the donor chooses. If you wish to establish an endowment at Oak Hill Academy, please contact the President’s Office or Mr. Henry, our Director of Development, at 276-579-2619.

Laureates Society

The President’s Office of Oak Hill Academy has made every effort to list all individuals, corporations, churches, and other organizations that were Oak Hill supporters from June 1, 2009 to May 31, 2010. If your name has been omitted or listed incorrectly, please contact our office so that we may correct our records. Thank you for your support!

Edith H. Ingram (deceased 6/22/10)

Benefactors Society

A. J. Fletcher Foundation Alma Dillon Trust Hal & Marge Eaton Grayson National Bank Carl & Cheryl Rosberg Virginia Baptist Foundation

Oak Hill Society C. E. Richardson Foundation C. W. Bolling Charles & Mary Helen Dickson Annette Lowder Mary Morton Parsons Foundation Paul & Tatum Saunders E. W. & Nancy Stone John Vaughan The Titmus Foundation Harold & Millie Wingate

Guardians Society Bill Gatton Mike Grisham Annual Fund $ 12,430.00 Michael & Joy Groves Archives Project $ 8,255.00 Lenore Family Trust Endowed Funds $ 13,825.00 Morgan Foundation Equestrian Program $ 30,500.00 Karl & Becky Muenzenmayer Scholarship $126,383.70 Ed & Carolyn Patton Other $149,397.91 Jerry & Nina Patton Virginia Baptist Mission Board Jacqueline Peer $ 71,968.31 George & Leslie Pelton Josh Smith TOTAL OF ALL CASH GIFTS Vannoy Construction $412,759.92 Taylor Vaughan TOTALS



was the theme for this year’s Alumni Weekend and a celebration it was! A record number of alumni, former faculty members and their family members came from 18 states and Canada to join us for this memorable weekend. Back on campus for the first time since attending Oak Hill were 30 alums and former students! The “Welcome Home” reception on the deck of the Alumni Campus Store kicked off the festivities Friday evening. On Saturday morning everyone gathered for the annual alumni meeting conducted by Oak Hill Academy president Dr. Michael Groves. Class pictures and campus tours led by current Oak Hill students and lunch for all in Vaughan Dining Hall followed this meeting. At 2:00 p.m. everyone gathered on the deck of the campus store to pay tribute to alumni who had passed throughout the year. A brief memorial service, the tolling of the campus bell, and the singing of the Alma Mater marked this memorable moment. Tours of the almost complete Ussery Archives Conference Room were also conducted. The afternoon festivities wrapped up with an ice cream social for all alumni, current students, and staff. On Saturday evening dinner, dancing, and a silent auction took place at the Mississippi Pavilion in Noonkester Park. The events of the weekend wound down on Sunday with the Alumni Breakfast at Hough Picnic Shelter and worship service at Young’s Chapel Baptist Church. The annual Alumni Weekend is always held the third weekend of July, and all alumni, former students and their families are invited to attend. Please make your plans now to attend next year’s event July 15-17, 2011. Rooms are blocked at the Grayson Inn and Suites in Independence. New for the 2011 Alumni Weekend will be a river outing at Shady Shack Campground on Friday the 15th hosted by the “Over the Hill Gang.” Everyone will enjoy tubing down the New River followed by a weenie roast. Please spread the word, get in touch with your classmates and make plans now to join us in July! All ideas and suggestions are welcome, contact Tim Henry in the Development Office for more information.


The luau in full


For these and more photos check out

“Over the Hill Alumni” Gang The “Over the Hill Alumni Gang” works again!! It is hard to believe that another year has passed and the gang was on “the hill” again. Those in attendance were Otis and Mary Reamy, Sarah Usssery Sink, Ted Ussery, Ronnie Anderson, Stuart Talley, Don Krauss, Jo Ann Watkins, and Sandra Haines Bell. The projects this year included planting and weeding the flowerbeds, washing windows in the new Ussery Archives Room, staining and waterproofing the porch and deck at the Alumni Campus Store, and Stuart shoveling and hauling gravel for the addition being added to the store. Besides work, there was playtime! Otis was given a belated surprise 60th birthday party on Monday. Tuesday evening Otis and Mary, who were married in April, “re-enacted” their wedding in Fletcher Chapel. The students and staff were invited to the wedding and reception—a first at Oak Hill Academy. Friday afternoon included tubing down the river with the gang being joined by Tommie Sargent, Ruth Turnmire, and Katrina Casey. The weekend brought more alumni arriving on campus with many stories and memories to share! We hope to see you next year! -Submitted by Sandra Haines Bell

Become Part of the “Over the Hill Alumni” Gang A Great Way to Give Back to Your School!

Attention alumni and former students – Are you willing to get a little dirty, sleep in a dorm room, eat in Vaughan Dining Hall, laugh a lot, and sweat little? If so, give Dr. Groves or Tim Henry a call about becoming part of the “Over the Hill Alumni” Gang. The 2011 work week will be July 11-15!

Alumni News Larry Owens – ‘60 1113 Nottingham Drive Glen Burnie, MD 21061 Michael Moritz – ‘81 310 Third Avenue, NW Conover, NC 28613 Michael is retired from the Conover Fire Department. He and his wife have been married for 15 year and have two children – Kyle (12) and Erin (7).

DEATHS Neal Suzza Warren – ‘66 Randy Jones – ‘88

Dr. Groves Appointed to VAIS Board OHA’s President, Dr. Michael D. Groves, has been selected to serve as a member of the Board of Directors for the Virginia Association of Independent Schools. VAIS represents Oak Hill Academy’s primary agency for school accreditation and is a member of the Virginia Council for Private Education. VAIS has a membership of 88 schools and OHA is proud to be a member in good standing with such a quality group of private schools. Congratulations Dr. Groves!

The Alumni Campus Store is Expanding! The Oak Hill Academy Alumni Campus Store is expanding to keep up with the demand for more OHA clothing and school related items! The new expansion with enable us to better house and display our clothing line and other items found in the campus store. There are lots of great looking sweats, hoodies, jackets, tees, and hats in all sizes and styles available for purchase in the store or on-line at ! Our line of sports apparel is a great choice for a birthday or holiday gift!

Upcoming Events Trustee Meeting......................... October 29, 2010 Donor Appreciation Dinner.... November 5, 2010 Thanksgiving Break.......... November 19-29, 2010 Christmas Break Begins.......... December 17, 2010 Second Semester Begins.............January 10, 2011

Spring Break..............................March 4-21, 2011 Parents’ Days............................. April 21-22, 2011 Graduation...................................... May 21, 2011 Alumni Weekend........................July 15-16, 2011

Donor Appreciation Dinner On Friday, November 5, 2010, Dr. and Mrs. Michael Groves will be hosting the annual Donor Appreciation Dinner in the Ussery Archives Conference Room of Fletcher Chapel at 5:30 p.m. This event will begin with a performance by the Oak Hill Academy Choir and end in Turner Gymnasium watching the Warriors Gold Team play against Summit Christian Academy. This event was created to honor the donors of the Academy who are members of the Oak Club, the Founders Club, and the Oak Hill Academy Legacy Associates. For more information on becoming a member of these giving circles or any other giving opportunities please contact Tim Henry in the Development Office – 276-579-2619 or thenry@oak-hill. net.


’ t s n e d i s e r

Picn i


Ussery Archives Conference Room Long anticipated, the Ussery Archives Conference Room is nearing completion. The final touches are being finished and the room is almost ready for the archives to be permanently housed for all to enjoy. Former Oak Hill Academy librarian, Laura Bryant, has graciously volunteered to help us organize, catalogue, preserve, and display the 132 year history of the school. She has a great deal of experience in this field and will help to ensure that the history of Oak Hill lives on. With Laura’s help and expertise, not only will you be able to visit campus and view the materials, but you will be able to see most of them with a link to our new web site. The process will take some time but the end result will be more than worth the wait! We will be seeking additional volunteers to assist with this project. Alumni were invited to walk through the room and see the progress made during the recent Alumni Weekend even though it wasn’t quite complete. The Ussery Archives Conference Room will be officially dedicated on Saturday, July 16, 2011 during Alumni Weekend. Mark your calendars now and plan to attend and celebrate with us the grand opening of this tribute to L. D. and Willie Mae Ussery.

Oak Hill Academy’s Parent’s Association Oak Hill Academy is pleased to announce that Shannon Lawrence has agreed to chair the Parent’s Association this year. Shannon is the mother of OHA senior Jasmine and comes to us from Brooklyn, New York. She has a degree in film, sound, and video production and has worked as a professional ballet dancer and on many tours as a PA, lighting technician, and stage and production manager. Shannon currently works as a background actress and spends her free time enjoying her beautiful daughter and volunteering at the Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition. The Oak Hill Academy Parent’s Association began five years ago so that our student’s parents can have a more active role in some of the events happening on campus. These include giving a helping hand with the annual Parents’ Days silent auction, greeting parents and families at the opening of the fall and spring semesters, and also being a resource to other parents whose children attend Oak Hill. We are still looking for parents, grandparents, or guardians of our OHA students that would be willing to help us out by becoming an active member of the group. We believe if we can get a small core group that is willing to help this association will grow without being too taxing on any one individual. Please think it over and if you have questions about becoming part of the Oak Hill Academy Parent’s Association contact Tim Henry in the Development Office (276-579-2619 or

Gold Team News - 2010-11 Season Outlook This year’s team looks to build on the storied tradition of the Oak Hill basketball legacy. Senior Keith Hornsby is the lone returning player from last years 29-4 team that ended the season ranked 7th nationally. This year’s Warrior squad consists of five seniors, five juniors, and one sophomore. That balance should provide for some exciting basketball this season and into the future. Highly rated senior guards Quinn Cook and Ben McLemore will lead the team along with Keith. Senior big men Daniel Gomis and Sidiki Johnson will be relied upon to control the block and the Warrior’s inside game along with junior big man A.J. Hammons. Junior guards Jordan Adams, Damien Wilson, Jourdan Stickler and Brandon Ward will be huge contributors to the success of this year’s team and will provide the

team with depth and scoring. Sophomore R.J. Curington will provide sharp shooting at the off guard spot. The Warriors will play teams from twelve different states and travel as always to play the best high school teams in the country. It should be another banner year for Oak Hill Academy basketball. MONTH DATE DAY OPPONENT October 12 Tuesday St. Ignatius Prep, SC (scrimmage) 21 Thursday Hargrave Military, VA (scrimmage) (played at William Fleming HS) 26 Tuesday Italian Jr. National Team (exhibition) 29 Friday Princeton Day Academy, NC November 5 Friday Summit Christian Academy, MI 6 Saturday Southern Carolina Academy, NC 12 Friday Body of Christ Christian, NC 13 Saturday Southern Carolina Academy, NC 15 Monday Flora McDonald Academy, NC 18 Thursday Adelphi Christian, SC December 3 Friday Memphis Melrose, TN (Tennessee State University) 4 Saturday Quality Education Academy, NC (Marshall County KY Hoopfest) 7 Tuesday Forsyth Country Day, NC 10 Friday Ridgeview HS, SC 11 Saturday Sumter HS, SC 16-21 Thu-Tue Iolani Prep Classic (games played at The Iolani School) January 12 Wednesday Christian Faith Academy, NC 15 Saturday Milton HS, GA (Hall of Fame Classic) 17 Monday MLK Classic (Greensboro Coliseum) 20 Thursday Leadership Prep Academy 22 Saturday Preston County HS, WV (WVU Coliseum) 27 Thursday Bearden HS, TN 28 Friday Imani Christian, PA 29 Saturday Roanoke Catholic,VA (played at Franklin Co. HS) February 4 Friday Siegal HS, TN (played at Virginia HS) 5 Saturday The Miller School, VA (Salem Civic Center) 7 Monday North Hill Christian, NC 9 Wednesday Oak Ridge Military Academy, NC 11 Friday Christ School, NC 12 Saturday TBA 17 Friday South Florida Prep, FL 19 Saturday TBA 25 Friday Clarkview Academy, TN 26 Saturday Milestone Prep, NC April TBA Fri-Sun National HS Basketball Invitational (3 Games/ESPN Networks)

SITE Mouth of Wilson, VA Roanoke, VA

TIME 5:45pm 7:00pm

Mouth of Wilson, VA Mouth of Wilson, VA Mouth of Wilson, VA Charlotte, NC Mouth of Wilson, VA Mouth of Wilson, VA Mouth of Wilson, VA Mouth of Wilson, VA Nashville, TN

7:00pm 7:00pm 7:30pm 6:00pm 7:00pm 6:00pm 7:00pm 7:00pm 8:00pm

Benton, KY


Mouth of Wilson, VA Columbia, SC Columbia, SC Honolulu, Hawaii

7:00pm 8:00pm 7:30pm TBA

Mouth of Wilson, VA Springfield, MA

7:00pm 6:00pm

Greensboro, NC


Mouth of Wilson, VA Morgantown, WV

7:00pm 9:00pm

Knoxville, TN Mouth of Wilson, VA Rocky Mount, VA

7:00pm 7:00pm 4:00pm

Bristol, VA


Salem, VA


Mouth of Wilson, VA Oak Ridge, NC TBA TBA Mouth of Wilson, VA Washington, DC. Mouth of Wilson, VA Mouth of Wilson, VA TBA

7:00pm 7:30pm TBA TBA 7:00pm TBA 7:00pm 7:00pm TBA

Make sure you check out for updates and more information on the Oak Hill Academy Gold Team. *games subject to change

Are You Interested in Filling a Specific Need at Oak Hill Academy? Current Giving Opportunities Music Stands (6 needed - 4 have been purchased) $40 each Digital SLR Cameras for Yearbook Staff (5 needed) $200 each LCD Monitors (25 needed) $200 each DVD Recorder/VCR Combo for Library $300 Photoshop $400 Televisions (5 needed) $400 each Anatomical Models (8 needed) $200-$600 each Digital Camera for Publications Class $700 Digital Microscope $1,700 AED (Automated External Defibrillator) $2,000 Rosetta Stone Sponsorship for ESL Class $2,800 New Roof for Turner Gymnasium $17,000 Equestrian Center Barn Remodel $40,000 Halsey House Remodel and Upgrades $50,000

Other Giving Opportunities (partial list) Alumni Campus Store Tile Memorial Oak Tree Named Display Case for Ussery Archives Room Named Scholarship Fund Faculty Professional Development Fund Fund to Increase Faculty Salaries

Address Service Requested

$500 $1,000 $5,000 $10,000 $50,000 $100,000

Gifts in Kind* Boat for Fishing Club Musical Instruments Backhoe or backhoe attachment for tractor *Potential gifts are evaluated by the school for condition and suitability prior to acceptance.

For more information or to make a gift to Oak Hill Academy, please contact Tim Henry, Director of Development, at 276-579-2619 or

Oak Hill Academy 2635 Oak Hill Road Mouth of Wilson, VA 24363

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