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Good News From The Oakham Group September




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"You crown the year with Your goodness and You give us the fruits of the earth in their season: Grant that we may use them for your glory, for the relief of those in need and our own well being"

United Benefice ofOakham with Hambletonand Egleton, praunston with Brook~ and Langhamwith Ashwell. Ministry is carried out by teams of clergy and laity working within, and on behalf of, the Christian communities in each of the Parishes. Team Rector: Canon Lee Francis-Dehqani 722108 Asst. Priest: Rev. Hildred Crowther 767779 Team Vicars: Rev. Audrey Atkinson 723154Rev. Janet Tebby 01664 474096 Curate: Rev. Dominic Coad 770024 Readers: Mr Vyvyan Wainwright. 759157 Mrs Debbie Marsh 821062 Mr David Pattinson 723844 Mr Alan Rudge 755570 Parish Evangelists: Jenni Duffy 720064 Mrs Gait Rudge 755570 Lay Pastoral Minister Madeleine Morris 868418 Parish Nurse Mrs Debbie Marsh 07919385314 Team Administrator: Mrs Janine Weaver 724007 Oakham School: Rev. Alexander Aldous We are delighted to share sacramental ministry with retired Priests who serve our Parishes, the Deanery and the Diocese in many ways. Benefice Magazine Editor: David Dyer, Culm House, 22,Nene Cres Oakham. Tel. 771564 email culmhouse@aol.com Reps. Braunston: Hambleton: Louise Everett Mrs ME Dyer Langham: Mrs S. Holford Brooke: Mrs Anne Grimmer Egleton: MrsA Austen Oakham: MrN Ashton. Material to the Editor please by the 15th of each month except July. There is a pigeonhole for contributions in the Benefice office or you can email to the Editor. Contributors who word process are asked to use Times New Roman and font 16. This will save us preparation time. Thanks for your Co-operation.

Lay Membersofthe Team in each Parish: Oakham All Saints .. . Churchwardens: Mrs M Pattinson Mrs Alison Long DUfton PCC Secretary: pee Treasurer: MrPHill Vergers Brenda Weatherhogg (Team leader) Langham St Peter and St Paul Churchwardens: Mrs Hilary Knight MrsD Sowter PCC Secretary: Mrs Susan Hollord pce Treasurer: Mrs JMorris Ashwell St Mary Churchwardens: PCC Secretary: PCC Treasurer:

Mrs S. Farr MrsJHarvey Louise Keeley Mrs Susan Smith

Braunston All Saints Churchwardens D H Dyer GARudge PCC Secretary: MrsMEDyer Mrs P Anderson PCC Treasurer:

723884 771338 720237 724529 722482

757435 723533 123532 724032 723743 759204 722713 757093 771564 755570 771564 774388

Brooke St Peter



P.CC. Secretary: PCC Treasurer:

Miss M Brooks MrTGreer

Egleton St Edmund. Churchwardens: Mrs S Boulton PCC Secretary: Mrs J Starling Mrs M Parkin PCC Treasurer:

723047 770574 723505 756850

Hambleton St Andrew Churchwardens: Mrs M Hall Mrs G Griffin pce Secretary: MrsMHall Mr 1 Price pce Treasurer: Market Overton Mrs 1. Fisher-Robins Churchwardens: Mrs S. Morris pce Secretary pee Treasurer MrsF.Lamb Teigh Churchwardens:

pce Secretary pce Treasurer Whissendine Churchwardens:

pce Secretary: pce Treasurer

Mrs A. MrsV. Mrs A. Mr A.

Morley Owen Morley Peel

Mr P. Raymond Mr 1. Townsend MrsL. Amold Mr A Peel.

723576 723576

723266 767212 767996

787497 787681 787497 01664 474424

01664 01664 01664 01664

474605 474392 474645 474424

Please would PCC secretaries let the Editor (771564) know as soon as changes in anv part of the above information are necessary.


077 01040 797 A.REIJAllLt &. rrulIl'iUO Sl!KVICII IN

TH.E: C011'll'OJcrOF YOUR O\VN l'JO.!l!U

Rt Revd Donald Allister, Bishop of Peterborough, writes Thinking about rich and poor One of the great problems of a recession or a period of national austerity is that the gap between rich and poor grows wider. In a sense this is inevitable: those who depend on support from the state will always suffer most when government spending is reduced. You can't cut hGusing benefit across the bGard if only poorer people receive it. A benefit cap isn't going to affect those who only receive a free television licence or winter fuel allowance. I am not criticising the general policy of redueing government spending. Governments, like the rest of us, should not live beyond their means. Some degree of borrowing for investment, in the same way as families take out a mortgage to buy a house, may well be appropriate. But borrowing to support everyday spending cannot be a good idea. The government should not be spending what it hasn't got, even on good causes. The proliferation of food banks, payday lenders, credit unions, loan sharks, and so on (some of which I see as unfortunately necessary, some as iniquitous - I trust you can work out which is which) demonstrates that poverty and debt are becoming increasing problems in our still~affluent country. Christians and Churches should do all we can to resist those trends. The answer is not simply to give poor people lots of money. Hard work, taking responsibility, and living within a budget are genuine virtues as well as conducive to a healthy society; and we need to tackle poverty of spirit as well, which is seen in rich and poor alike . But demonising the poor, or referring to those who need support as 路scroungers" is not the answer either. There is very real hardship in our society. General Synod's call to churches last year to ensure that people we employ receive at least the Living Wage rather than the derisory Minimum Wage is a good start. All employers, including local councils and others who employ the least skilled people, have a moral duty to pay at a rate which people can actually live on. Christians setting an example, and helping others, in living simpler lifestyles, living within our means, and resisting the blandishments of consumerism, would also be a real help. Churches need to be at the forefront in the fight against greed, and offering real support to the less advantaged to live healthily for less

AN INVITATION TO SHARE IN THE CELEBRATIONS OF CANON MICHAEL'S 50 ANNIVERSARY OF HIS ORDINATION. AT ST. JAMES THE GREATER CHURCH LITTLE DALBY 10.30AM ON THE 29TH• SEPTEMBER THE FEAST OF ST. MICHAEL AND ALL ANGELS. Dear Friends, The date is very appropriate - don't you think? But it would be lovely to welcome you to a Eucharistic celebration of my 50 years in Holy Orders. I was made deacon in 1963, and ordained priest a year later. Served most of my ministry in the Diocese of Peterborough where I was made a non..residentiary Canon of Peterborough in 1986. I was privileged to serve as Incumbent at Longthorpe, Warmington and Oakham, and it would be lovely to welcome any who would like to share the day with me and my family. This service began as a Benefice service for the South West Framland group of parishes, but has now been extended to include the Benefice of South Framland for which I am responsible for the time being and I hope that there may be a few from St Mary's Melton Mowbray where I spent some 2 Yz years. I shall be inviting my family and personal friends of course. So we expect a full church. The Bishop of Leicester will be the preacher, and I shall celebrate the Holy Eucharist according to Common Worship order 1. My vocation came very early probably in my early teens, not surprisingly, I suppose as I was a member of a very good choir at St. Matthew's Northampton from the age of7, in the first choir to Televise in 1947, and a choral scholar. My main influences were my local Parish Priests, and School Chaplain as well as many good and holy lay people who fostered my calling from an early age. After National Service where I providentially met my lovely wife Helen, (known to some as Jill), who has been my rock for 50 years! It was she who chose our house in Little Dalby. So after nearly 40

years in the Diocese of Peterborough, we came to live in the Diocese of Leicester, and I have been pleased to be able to continue to minister at Launde Abbey twice, my local benefice of the Burrough Hill, Melton Mowbray, and now at South Framland. I still recon being a Parish Priest is the best job in the Church. A general practitioner in prayer, leading of worship. teaching young and old, and living a life which tries to set forward the Love of God in everything in which We are involved. You all know I have fallen short at times and for that I crave your pardon, but Helen and I have so many things to be thankful for, friendships shared, and a long ministry dedicated to the greater glory of God. Finally please stay for a Luncheon which is to be a Bring and Share buffet. We will provide the drink, wine, cordials and mineral water, you bring the food please! All cutlery and plates will be provided, and there is to be a marquee and Gazebos, chairs and tables. Car parking will be in the field next to the Church Car Park. There will be plenty of room. For Sat. Nav. users the Church may be found on LE14 2UQ Service will start at lO.30am and last for about 1 hour and a quarter. Good music, singing and fellowship! God Bless, Canon Michael

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MomERS' UNION NEWS July meetin& I wrote in the last News that we were in for a treat, and so it proved. Helen Bush's talk on "Six of the Best" was typically original and deeply thought~out ~ mind~stretching in fact - and yet delivered with Helen's customary compassion and humour. How can it be that we could ponder on SO much afterwards, yet chuckling at the same time? Many thanks Helen. Au&ust As I write to meet the early September magazine deadline we look forward to 9th August, Mary Sumner Day, and Pamela Woods' talk at the Friends lunch on our Founder's life and legacy. Then, on 21 st August, after Corporate Communion the Bus Trip and lunch outing, still at this stage something of a Mystery Trip, but still, I'm sure, very much to be enjoyed. September meetin& How fortunate we are - another treat! On Thursday 12th September at 2.15pm in the Church Hall we shall be delighted to welcome Canon Michael Covington who will be speaking to us on Life at Launde. Launde Abbey is of course now the Diocesan Retreat and Conference Centre for our own Diocese of Peterborough as well as that for Leicester Diocese, so do come and find out more about this truly delightful place only a few miles up the road from Oakham. October meeting An early reminder that the October meeting will be the Deanery Quiet Morning hosted this year by Ketton on Wednesday 9th October at 10.00 am. Please note different date, time and venue. A list for anyone wishing to go will be available at the September meeting, but otherwise please telephone Meg (771564) or Pamela (755371). Barbara James




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This informal group, for all those going through bereavement now meets at ALL SAINTS CHURCH HALL, CHURCH STREET


on the 1st Thursday of the month from 2.30 - 4.30pm You'll be able to meet with other people who are also going through the bereavement journey or chat with our volunteers ;.

If you feel you need a more in depth conversation, more experienced listeners & clergy are always available. If you would like to join us, please feel free to come You'll be most welcome. ,', ,',


Or, if you know of someone who may like to come, please tell them about us. Better still, bring them along if you can. ;, ,


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",,0,'_=-";;-=-.:=':=': ~...!.' ~.'-::-~:


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Details from Loveday Stephen Tel: 01572 723859

TI-IANKYOU This is just a small note to say "thank. you" to all who have been concerned and prayed for me in my recent disability. Although severe and prolonged, it is now fading away thanks to all involved with the medics and your good selves. Catriona joins me in these thanks. DougasDrye


Much 2 Cfor The FrirndJi and Mother's Union on June 15 2013 Coach outing,

Clocks (The British Horological Institute), Conservation (The

Workhouse), Coronation (Embroidery Exhibition), Cream tea and Choral Evensong. So where was all this seen? The annual outing of The Mother's Union traditionally linked with The Friends of All Saints' Church includes a church or cathedral was this year to Southwell Minster. (Afraid I can't make that begin with a 'e'I) The journey being relatively short meant that other things of interest could be visited but the timing of the date was crucial. In the village of Upton just outside Southwellls The British Horologicallnstitute (The Clock Museum) which is only open for five days each year, one when the docks are put forward, one when the clocks are put back and three days annually in June. Many on the coach had little Idea of what to expect but all were thoroughly engaged with what they saw. The British Horological Institute was established in 1858 to promote horology and its prime purpose is education. In 1972 BHI moved to Upton Hall and therein are rooms and corridors containing different aspect of telling time, with timepieces made from the 1ih century to the present day; two Post Office speaking docks; turret (church) and industrial electrical horology; personal timekeeping - pocket and wrist watches, all with great diversity . Talks, exhibitions, repair workshops were all there for our interest and very interesting it was tool The hour and a half allowed for viewing could well have been extended. Some people got off the coach on the outskirts of Southwell in order to visit the National Trust's atmospheric Workhouse. It is the most complete workhouse in existence with the unique atmosphere evoked by the audio guides. We were able to discover how society dealt with poverty through the centuries. It was not a situation to be envied but again, all very interesting. A twenty minute walk brought us into Southwell with the Minster's twin towers looming ever closer, past The Bramley Apple Inn reminding us of where the first 'Bramley Seedling' pips were planted by Mary Brailsford as a young girl in her garden nearby. No visitor can fail to be in wonder and awe of the beauty and reverence emanated from the stunning Minster's architecture and Christian ambience.

It was the last day (hence the careful synchronising of dates) of The Labour of Love Embroidery's Tribute exhibition to celebrate 60 years In service since the Coronation in 1953. On display were a variety of colourful and precious embroid@ries Ineluding a dress worn by one of the young girls who carried the Queen's Coronation robe in Westminster Abbey. (Which is later to be shown in the Summer Exhibition at Buckingham Palace.) During the afternoon it was the AGM of the Friends of Southwell Minster. Those present at the AGM had tea in the Cathedral while we went for cream tea in the nearby Trebeck Hall. At 4.30pm all of Southwell and Oakham Friends joined in with others for the Festal Evensong. What a glorious occasion I Rousing hymns, b6ulutiful singing of anthems and responses by the choir, touching prayers and readings and the superb sermon by ihe Very Revd. Charles Taylor, Dean of Peterborough left everyone departing with smiles on their faces and warmth in their hearts. It had only been a month prior that The Dean was with us in Oakham celebrating our 20 year anniversary. Interest and beauty made for a very fulfilling day. Thanks go to Gordon and Pamela Woods for their careful planning. Seryl Kirtland Chair of All Saints' Friends


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BROOKENEWS Our patronal festival of St Peter was celebrated at evensong on th Sunday 29 June 2013 when Rev Audrey took the service and Rev Cancm Lee Francis-Deqhani gave the sermon. We were also pleased to welcome a special guest the Rev Dr Dominic Coad who had only been ordained priest at Peterborough Cathedral the previous day. During the well attended service it was commented that this was one of those perfect English summer evenings with the sun shining, the bells ringing and the congregation singing with great joy. A special treasure of Brooke church an ancient and well used prayer book was read from during this service. This leather bound book was presented to Brooke church in 1631 and was most likely printed in the 1620's. Not only does it contain the Book of Common Prayer with psalms but also 'Certain Godly Prayers,' 'The Forme and Manner of the Making and Consecration of Bishops, Priests and Deacons' and also another book of psalms and chants. This perfect English summer evening was rounded off in the garden of Meadowside, the home of Harold and Joan Killingback, where the congregation were served with drinks and strawberries and cream. We were also able to admire the trees recently presented to Harold and Joan. Thanks to all who kindly supplied food and drink.

DRT Conservatories

Danny Thompson

160 Braunston Road Oakham Rutland LEIS 6RU

Mobile: 07958 758980 Office: 01572 757282 E-mail: dannythomo@aol.com


The recent well attended pee meeting was held on Friday 26 July 2013 at Gill and Terry Greer's home in Brooke. Although Harold Killingback is now retired from this committee he attended the meeting to speak on the results of his in depth research into the Chancel Repair Liability ofBrooke. The committee then spent some time evaluating his findings and thanked Harold for all the hard work and hours he had spent on it. All members had read and enjoyed the latest Quinquennial report and were relieved to find that only a few minor repairs to the church were necessary at this time; stonemasons are due in the middle of August to begin repairs on the chest tombs. The treasurer gave his report including an update on the insurance policy and then various dates for the forthcoming months were organised. The Harvest Festival will be at the later date this year of Sunday 6 th October at 6pm with the usual refreshments for all afterwards. Church Cleaning Day Monday 7th October The Christmas Coffee MorninglBazaar is to be on Thursday 5th December and will return to its usual venue of Rose Cottage, Brooke. The Christmas Carol Service is to be on Sunday 15th December at the later time of 7pm with seasonal nibbles and drinks afterwards. Audrey said that although Brooke had as yet no churchwarden she was pleased to report that all the PCC members were filling the necessary rolls very adequately. After a very late finish Terry and Gill thankfully revived us all with coffee and biscuits.

EGLETON NEWS S1. Edmund'$ will be happy to host a wedding on Saturday, September 28 111: the bride will be Fiona Dale, who takes pride in her long line of family associations with Egleton. We shall hope that these cherished links will become all the more precious. ever after Fiona's marriage vows have been exchanged with her highly favoured bridegroom; both of them will be well endowed with our fervent prayers and cordial, good wishes! ~ And then, as Sunday, September 29th dawns, St. Edmunds's will prepare to celebrate again; this time in Harvest Festival fashion. The Harvest Thanksgiving FAMILY SERVICE will begin at 5.00 p.m., the hour for aU parishioners to lift heart and voice in one, resounding grateful chorus; "summer and winter, and springtime and harvest; sun, moon and stars in their courses above, join with all nature in eloquent witness to GOD'S great faithfulness, mercy and love ... 路' Following the Service the Auction, according to long tradition, when the Harve.st gifts will be offered, lot by lot, bid by bidl And after all that, the Harvest Home Supper - at 拢7.50 per head BUT free for all harvesters below the magic age of Sixteen! But the 29111 September has another, ancient claim to honourable mention! It is Michaelmas - the Feast Day of st. Michael who, by hallowed tradition, is heralded as Captain of the Angel Host. Many a church has been dedicated to Michael. One of them I could see from the doorstep of my childhood home, atop its neighbouring moorland parish; an esteemed landmark for a thousand years, in the whole locality. Other prominent landmarks, named after Michael and far more famous, include the picturesque island monastery of Mont St. Michel in Normandy; much like it in appearance there is st. Michael's Mount in Cornwall; not least significant is the m~estic, contemporary, Coventry Cathedral as one more profound example of Michael's top rank - in heaven's hierarchy! St. Michael is raised high, too, by his legendary status in this world as ''the guardian of the sick, the protector of the Christian, the receiver of the soul of the dead", hence that well known entreaty "Michael, row the boat ashore! Allelluia!"

St Edrnund's Church, E leto][ll

ITARVEST FESTIVAL and auction of Harvest gifts

Sunday 29th Sept @ Followed by

5 pm

Supper in the Village Hall

ÂŁ7.50 (no charge for accompanied children) Tickets in advance from Mary Parkin on 756850 or Jackie Starling on 720004



your own -drinks!

&MBLETQN. NEWS A Eucharist of Thanksgiving for celebrating the Golden Anniversary of the Marriage of the Rev'd. Professor John and Dr. Margaret BtJWker'" took place at St. Andrew' $ Chu.rch on .1une 22114, at 11.30 a.m. Resident in Cambridge, and regular visitors to Hambleton Hall, 10hn and Margaret had celebrated their Ruby Anniversary 10 years ~o with their famUy and friends with a service in church followed by a lunch party with rim Hart at the Hotel. This time, a party of 40 familY and friends joined them, some staying at the hotel and all gathering for a lunch party afterwards. Miranda Hall and Julia Naylor had arranged golden flower arrangements, the red carpet was laid down the aisle and the white and gold altar frontal put up for the occasion. Jeremy Onne had co路ordinated the event with the Bowkers and arranged for Araminta's bell ringing team to ring out the bells as the service ended. The service had been planned by Professor Bowker, with the Rt. Rev'd. Martin Shawas celebrant, who anointed John and Margaret with Holy Oil during the service. A glorious choir - Voce (Voices of Cambridge Ensemble) sang the "Pilgrims' Hymn" and "Woven into Fire", both by Stephen Paulus, and "Heilig ist der Her" by Schubert: led by their director Jonathan Sampson and one of its tenors Nicholas Yates - while at Trinity Cambridge they both read theology and came to know John and Margaret. The Rev'd. Professor John Bowker was dean and fellow of Trinity College Cambridge and Gresham Professor of Divinity 1992-1997. He is the author of many books on theology, including "A Brief History of God". Dr. Margaret Bowker is an authority on late medieval and early modem English ecclesiastical history, and she was the first woman to be appointed as secretary to the Faculty of History at Cambridge.

Miranda Hall

All his illustrious pedigree stems from the graphic reference to Michael in Revelation chapter 12 when "war broke out in heaven ~ Michael and his angels fought against the dragon who was thrown down to earth and all his angels with him. Then I heard a loud voice in heaven = 'Now God has shown his power as King; now his Messiah has shown his authority' . Michaelmas lays indisputable claim to be a chief day in our parish Calendar, or any other! Much like our annual Harvest Festival, perchance?

Neville Ashton

Harvest and Heritage at

TEIGH A date for your diary.

Life in Teigb from Domesday to the present day, in words and pictures, at the Church and the old Village Hall, on Saturday & Sunday, 14th & 15th September 2013 , from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Light refreshments will be available on the Saturday. Harvest Evensong, accompanied by a local choir, on the Sunday, at 6.30 p.m., in Church. If you are a "Ride or Strider", you could allow for a little more time in Teigh.

St Peter and St Paul's Church, Langham Church@4

Lost and found Sunday 15th September 4pm Fun Activities Songs and Food!

Everyone welcome!

OAKHAM NEWS MUSlC AT ALL SAINTS' 0 J(HAM Our thanks to all our Recitalists for very enjoyable Summer Recitals, the last of which is:

September 4t1a

Georgina Baker


Then Oakham School Recitals continue as usual:-

11t1a IS



Peter Davis


Martin Cropper Lucy-Rose Graham AnneBolt

Violin ICeUo Piano

Morgan Overton


Megu Marumoto




Lunchtime Recitals are at 1.30 p.m. on Wednesdays. All welcome. Retiring collection for Church Funds. We look forward to seeing you.

BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY ORGAN RECITALS As I write this, the next Recital, on Monday, Utla August, at 11.15 a.m., and last for this year, is by [van Linford, who always "does us proud" by providing an enjoyable hour of varied organ music. Organ Recitals are held every Bank Holiday Monday at 11.15 a.m. Retiring collection for Church Funds. Lunch, at ÂŁ5, in the Church Hall afterwards. Details of all Recitals from:Kevin Slingsby Christine Carlin Tel: 07973 215 444 Tel: 722698 www.oakhamconcerts.info

OPEN HQU~E 2013 Tue.day, 10th September at the home of

Beth & John Deony 32 Cricket Lawns

All welcome

Between 10 a.m. and 12 noon


Elsie May Measures Harry James Mann Sophie Louise H(JWe Noah Henry Davis A{fie Benjamin Stephens LiUy Rose Stephens "We welcome them into the fellowship ofthe Church"

Holy Matrimony 13th June

Gareth Nathan Thomas and Louise Helen Batchen


Marino Tobias Cozetto and Leigh Georgina Eddings


James Willmer and Ann Perrett

19 July 20 July

ttWe wish them every happiness in their lives together" Burial Office in Church 25th July

Geoffrey Norris Parker

30th July

Shella Nicholson Hardy

St. John and St. Anne

Mary (Irene) Smith


"May they rest in peace"

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Memoer oilhe Body Ccmral Pliizte:s Assod:zd.an Member o(The. R.epw- of Exen::i:l~ Professionals

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Property Maintena11ce Diy Jobs Building works Project management Telephone systems Home computers & Networks Flooring & Carpet laying Bathrooms & Tiling Kitchens Anything considered big or small Reasonable rates Ask For Jake Bell Telephone Mobile 07919693532

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Diary Dates September Re!!. Mon. Tues Wed

Date t.t.o



Fri Sent Sun Thur

1st 5th





Sun Tues Thur Fri

8th 10th 12th 13th

10.00am 2.l5pm 7.30pm



2.00pm Pram and Toddler Service All Saints Oakham 1O,OOam Holy Communion All Saints Oakham 12 00 Service of Healing: Trinity Chapel All Saints. (1st Wed. only) 1.30pm Lunchtime Concert. All Saints Oakham. 10.OOam Tiny Tots. An Saints Oakham 12.l5pm eTO Prayer Meetintt TrinityChapel All Saints 10.00am Holy.Communion All Saints Oakham








Sun Fri

15th 20th

4.00pm 7.30pm

Sat Sun

21st 22nd 4.00pm



Trinity 14 Come and Chat Bereavement Group. Church Hall Oakham. Langham Village Show. Langham School. For details and to enter contact: Rob Morris: 724032 Trinity 15 Open House 32 Cricket Lawns Mothers' Union Church Hall: Canon Covington. Three Arts Society Methodist Hall Barry Collett- Schubert Tel: Loveday Stephen:7238~ Ride and Stride: An event for alL Supporting "Rutland Historic Churches" and your own church. Ride/stride or sit in church. Sponsor or J:!:et sponsored-enjoy the day Harvest and Heritage (Details inside) Holv Trinity and Villa2'e Hall Teigh Trinity 16: All Saints Oakham Tea Party All Saints Church Hall. Help needed ring: 720064 "Lost and Found" St Peter & St Paul Langham Organ Recital: Ivan Linford All Saints Braunston Tickets: ÂŁ10. (771564) or from Music and More High St StMatthew Trinity 17 All Saints Braunston Harvest Festival Followed by Harvest Supper VillaJ:!:e Hall Tickets ÂŁ5 Friends Outing to National Memorial Arboretum. See inside this mag. for details.

Fri Sun Sun Oet

i:nUl 29th 29th 6th 9th

Three Arts Society: All Saints Hall Oakham _ Poetess: Hilary Lewis (Tel: 723859) St Mich2el and all Angels 5.00f)m St Edmunds Eldeton Harvest Festival and Su ~per 6.00pm Trinity 19 Brooke St Peter HarvestFestival lO,OOam _Mothers Union Deanery Quiet Morning at Ketton




B enefiIce Servlce P'3.1tterns an dT'IDles Church

Note Week

Oakham 1 Ashwell


1,2,4 3



(HC)! (HC)t



Egleton Hambleton Langham




2&4 3



C4 HC(B) HC{t) HC{!) HC{T) EW HC C4 EP

Market Overton Teigh

4 1 &3 2 4 1&3 2&4





11.00 4.00 6.00


2 3 4 1 &3


9.30 10.30


2&4 3 1 2&3 4 1,3 &4 2

HC(!) FS HC{B) HC(B) Matins

HC FS Notes: HC Holy Communion Contemporary Language HC(B) Holy Communion Book of Common Prayer HqT) Holy Communion Traditional Language FC Family Communion FS Family Service: Not a communion service MW Morning Worship: Sometimes traditional matins. Numerical Notes: Alternate months will be a Family Service with or without 1. Communion. On odd months there may be baptism(s) within service 2. Odd months only 3. At Braunston and Langham these are activities of varying kinds an act of worship and afternoon tea. Also elsewhere from time to time 4. Modem evening worship 5. Even months only Fifth Sundays

These are benefice occasions and a team service is held in one of the churches in the Benefice. See church notices for details of these occasions.

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Good News - September 2013  

Good News from the Oakham Team Ministry

Good News - September 2013  

Good News from the Oakham Team Ministry