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Oakham School is an inspirational place, where

opportunities abound, talent is nurtured and characters are formed

Nurture Body and Mind

Nigel M Lashbrook Headmaster

Establish Values

Welcome to

Oakham School

We are a vibrant, fully co-educational boarding and day school for ages 10 to 18. We offer the choice of A-levels or the IB.

Grow Intellect

Why Oakham? Our outlook is innovative and modern We respect traditional values Oakham is a friendly, inclusive and exciting place to be We provide a world-class education in preparation for a world which makes ever-increasing demands on young people. We prepare children to be articulate, active and effective citizens on a global stage. We balance an in-depth love of learning with exceptional pastoral care and a huge range of opportunities and challenges beyond the classroom. Our boarding and day pupils all fulfil their potential in a vibrant, happy and caring environment.

Become an Oakham Learner We teach children how to learn, to know themselves and give them the courage to question the world around them. By encouraging pupils to ask questions, not merely to be passive consumers of information, we keep their minds alert and create a skill that will equip them well for the future.

Pupils of all ages benefit from a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum Director of Teaching and Learning

Grow Intellect By the time they leave us, Oakhamians are confident, intellectually ambitious thinkers equipped to make a difference in the world Deputy Head (Academic)

Our ambition is to give all pupils the ability to learn effectively and independently at school and beyond, building the knowledge, skills and habits of mind needed to succeed and thrive.

Our teachers stimulate debate and give pupils the skills to think flexibly, logically and creatively. Lessons are exciting and challenging. Intellect is fired and comes alive. Interests are piqued and thinking power is developed.

Oakhamians are taught to challenge and stretch themselves, developing the ability to solve problems Head of Middle School

Gain Experience The pursuit of academic excellence is at the centre of our philosophy, but pupils will also leave school as well-rounded young adults with a range of life skills. Oakhamians learn from experience. They are given opportunities to unlock a plethora of possibilities in their time at school and discover where their talents truly lie. With our support, pupils surprise themselves and achieve more than they ever dreamed possible. They learn to take an active part in life, through UK trips, overseas travel, as part of the Combined Cadet Force, participating in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award or service to others through Voluntary Action.

Opportunities are a given at Oakham; it’s what you choose to excel in that counts Current pupil

Develop Communication Understanding the world and those around us is a vital skill. Oakhamians learn how to make themselves heard and how to listen to others. They understand that listening is not necessarily the same as hearing. Our pupils learn to communicate in every sense. It could be constructing an argument, understanding modern languages and Latin, or mastering the latest computer programming. They learn how to hold a conversation and participate in lively debate. Living in a boarding community, Oakhamians also learn the more subtle forms of communication, developing their emotional intelligence and understanding of other people.

Excellent communication is about more than talking; it’s about having the ability to understand the world and everyone around you Deputy Head (Academic)

We are encouraged to think for ourselves; passivity is not an option Current pupil

Build Independence

Oakhamians are confident, self-motivated and

Learning is not confined by classroom walls.

able to take the initiative to step into leading

It takes place everywhere: in Houses, on a

roles. They are encouraged to be themselves

sports pitch, on a stage, in choir or standing

and stand out from the crowd.

on top of a mountain.

Establish Values Mutual respect and honesty are expected and embedded at Oakham. Traditional values, good manners and a strong moral standing become second nature. We teach pupils to think for themselves and to establish their own moral compass. Oakhamians recognise that success comes in all shapes and sizes. They celebrate each other’s successes whether the achievement is a national award or a personal hurdle overcome. Oakhamians feel secure, they find where their strengths lie and discover their role in the wider world.

Explore Creativity Oakham is an inspiring place where creativity is a way of life. Our Art, Design, Music and Drama departments consistently produce outstanding work, from breathtaking stage productions to impressive art exhibitions. We have state-ofthe-art facilities to enable pupils to fully realise their creative ambitions, and with 600 music lessons taught a week and 80 concerts performed a year, our young musicians develop their talents both as individuals and in ensembles. Opportunities in the arts are boundless, allowing Oakhamians to explore their individual talents and express themselves. This was recognised in our latest ISI Report, which states that the quality of work is “exceptional�.

For Oakhamians, thinking flexibly and creatively is expected, challenging preconceptions is encouraged, taking responsible risks is supported Parent

Everything you do is original to yourself Current pupil

When you are really excited about what you are playing, it’s like a freedom Current pupil

Nurture Body and Mind Oakhamians learn that by looking after their

We instil the benefits of leading an active life

physical health it is possible to experience

so it becomes a lifelong habit.

greater mental and emotional well-being.

Nutrition and a balanced diet fuel young,

Physical activity and sport is an integral part of life

developing minds. Food at Oakham is ‘of an

at Oakham School and we are well known for the

exceptionally high quality’ and ‘choice is

strength of our sport and our sporting heritage.

generous and supports a healthy lifestyle’ Latest ISI Report

Sport is an important element in life for

Oakham has an enviable reputation for excellent

Oakhamians and opportunities abound, whether

coaching and mentoring. We are proud to be a

for fitness and enjoyment, or for the pursuit

well-recognised training ground for national

of excellence.

squads and 20 pupils currently represent the country in seven different sports.

Give 100% in everything you do and you will be amazed by what you

can achieve Current pupil

Pastoral provision is generous in scope and of a high quality Latest ISI Report

We Support and Care Oakhamians leave school as well-balanced, confident people with high self-esteem. Pastoral care at Oakham is outstanding. Every Oakhamian is supported by a team that nurtures and develops them intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. We help pupils navigate the right path and make their own decisions. We look after your child as you would expect; recognising each is a unique, talented and special individual.

Lifelong Friendships Strong bonds are formed between pupils during

Beyond school, we have a wide network of Old

their time at Oakham. Friends, teachers and the

Oakhamians that helps pupils maintain those links

School itself create a lasting impression long after

and enjoy a lifelong connection with the School.

Oakhamians have left.

A place to grow and discover yourself

We are closer than you think Edinburgh

Oakham School is located in the beautiful rural county of Rutland, in the heart of England.


We are within easy reach of the M1 and A1 East Midlands

2 hrs London, Oxford and York 1 hr Nottingham and Cambridge 40 mins Leicester


Oakham Peterborough

Key airport drive times: 3 hrs Gatwick



2.5 hrs Heathrow 1.5 hrs Birmingham, Luton and Stansted



1 hr East Midlands


There are direct trains to London, Birmingham and Stansted. Gatwick Heathrow Luton

Oakham is just such an encouraging school

By the time they leave school, pupils know themselves exceptionally well and demonstrate high levels of self-esteem and integrity ISI Report 2013

This is such a friendly school, everyone is so welcoming

It’s not just about the

There is only one Oakham School


education you get at Oakham, it’s about who you are when you leave Current pupil

Call us and arrange your visit +44 (0)1572 758758

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Welcome to Oakham School. We are a vibrant, fully co-educational boarding and day school for ages 10 to 18. We offer the choice of A-levels...

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