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Oak Hammock at the University of Florida

Winter 2012


Oak Hammock at the University of Florida® 5100 S.W. 25th Blvd. Gainesville, Florida 32608 Tel: 352-548-1024 (Toll-Free) 888-311-6483

A Not-For-Profit Community affiliated with the University of Florida

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One of a Kind Oak Hammock’s True Affiliation with UF Offers a Distinct Advantage


early a decade ago – before even a shovel of dirt was turned on the site that is now Oak Hammock at the University of Florida® – the vision of a truly unique retirement experience stirred the imagination. The goal was to create a worldclass community that was fully integrated into one of the nation’s top universities, incorporating best practices from across the country. “We knew then that some really amazing things were going to happen here,” says Dean of Residents Sara Lynn McCrea, who has been with Oak Hammock since day one. “And that’s what happened. Vision became reality.” Today, Oak Hammock stands apart as one of the nation’s premier university-affiliated retirement communities. And that – combined with the Life Fulfilling Community® model – puts it on the cutting edge of the senior living industry...which stirs pride among members and university stakeholders alike.

Oak Hammock’s affiliation with the UF College of Medicine and Shands Hospital appealed to member George Lewis.

Gator Nation Ambassadors



ust ask the Blue Coats, who are among the best-known ambassadors of the Oak Hammock/UF partnership. The group of 25 – which has steadily expanded since starting two years ago – hands out programs, directs visitors and promotes team spirit at football and basketball games, as well as gymnastics meets. Students, alumni and visitors alike embrace the Blue Coats as part of the “Gator Nation,” and group members are equally enthusiastic. “When you’re surrounded by the roar of

the crowd, it’s just breathtaking!” says Ray Goldwire, an Oak Hammock charter member and Blue Coats founder. “Sports events are among the most exciting things on campus – and we have front-row seats. We’re proud to represent the Oak Hammock/UF team!”

‘Very Much at Home’


eorge Lewis has “bled orange and blue” since before he attended UF from 1956 to 1959. He went on to receive an MBA from Loyola College and lead an accomplished career in federal public health management, including more than two years as a congressional fellow for Senator Orrin Hatch. When he retired from the Public Health Service in 1997, following an assignment in Hawaii, he started to check off the travel items on his bucket list – visiting six continents, some several times. But all the while, his affection for Florida remained – and it became a key factor in his decision to move to Oak Hammock after his wife passed away about a year ago. Although he lived in a planned community with good health services and several CCRCs in the immediate area, he noted, “I didn’t want to face health issues alone. Oak Hammock’s proximity to Shands Hospital and the University of Florida’s College of Medicine appealed to me. There is a deep commitment to preventive care here from the university staff in the comprehensive Fitness Center, where I spend five mornings a week. This commitment to healthy living is also reflected in the many menu options offered by Oak Hammock!” George says the transition was easy because he found a ready-made community from day one. Now, he’s satisfying his love of knowledge by delving into the Institute for Learning in Retirement (ILR) courses in jazz, alternative energy sources, Indian art and forensic science. “I’ve made many friends here,” he says. “I feel very much at home.”

Donning their namesake jackets, Oak Hammock’s “Blue Coats” help out at UF sports events. Front, from left: Sheila Forehand, Anne Goldwire, Heather Gilkey; back, from left: Ray Goldwire, Wayne Forehand, Bob Gridley.

where Susan served as an elected official and helped found a public policy consulting firm. Last year, they moved to Oak Hammock, impressed by the affiliation with their alma mater. “We love the emphasis on learning, the close connections with faculty, and the access to cultural and sports opportunities on campus,” Jim explains. “You can’t get that anywhere else!” Both have taken courses through the ILR, including Legal Issues in Film and Alternative Energy Sources. “The classes are just terrific!” Susan says. “We explore relevant, timely issues, and everyone is so engaged in learning.” Jim adds: “We’ve come full circle, and we couldn’t be happier!”

Coming Full Circle


im and Susan Wiltshire met at UF nearly 60 years ago, when she was a freshman pledging the Tri Delta sorority, and he was a senior in Sigma Chi. “I thought, ‘I need to welcome this pretty young lady to campus,’” he recalls. “The rest is history!” Jim’s career as a General Electric executive led them to Massachusetts,

Jim and Susan Wiltshire, who met at UF, enjoy Oak Hammock’s emphasis on learning and its close connections with UF faculty.

Oak Hammock: A Fulfilling Place t

Oak Hammock’s partnership with the University of Florida offers members an u physical well-being. That – plus the guarantee of long-term care – adds up to a Why is Oak Hammock at the University of Florida® such a desirable place to live? For starters, the partnership of learning and sharing with UF energizes all aspects of the community – from promoting positive aging, preventive health care and wellness… to providing on-site clinics and priority access to Shands Hospital… to offering a wide array of intellectually stimulating academic programs and campus privileges similar to those of university faculty. Even the community’s state-of-the-art 22,000-square-foot Fitness Center was designed by the University of Florida’s College of Health and Human Performance and is staffed by students pursuing advanced degrees in exercise science. It’s a symbiotic relationship that truly offers “the best of both worlds.” Just ask Oak Hammock members. Intellectual Enrichment


Charles and June Smith say the Oak Hammock/UF affiliation exposes them to many interesting people and opportunities.

Clinically Speaking... Thanks to UF, Oak Hammock Members (and Their Pets) Have On-Site Access to Preventive Care

harles and June Smith moved to Gainesville 30 years ago when he became president and CEO of Bear Archery. Over the years, both became avid boosters of UF’s football, basketball and golf teams. “We were always hearing how good life was at Oak Hammock,” June recalls. “So when we were ready to make the move, the choice was obvious. It was a very easy adjustment – and the partnership with UF exposes us to so many interesting people and opportunities.” Recently, in a project led by UF staff, June and other members crocheted a threedimensional coral reef that was displayed at the nearby Matheson Museum. Meanwhile, Charles is studying beekeeping in a course through Oak Hammock’s Institute for Learning in Retirement (ILR). Established in conjunction with the UF Institute on Aging and Elderhostel, the ILR provides an array of intellectually stimulating programs presented by University of Florida professors, as well as experts in particular fields


ne of the significant health-related advantages of living at Oak Hammock is the accessibility of preventive care – right on-site. The community features several UF-affiliated clinics, including one for pets.

• For minor ailments and routine checkups, members can walk over to the Outpatient Primary Care Clinic, which is run by the University of Florida College of Medicine and staffed by an advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP). Appointments can also be scheduled with an attending physician from the UF College of Medicine, a board-certified geriatrician.

A UF alumnus, Don Collier has come full circle and is once again taking classes on campus.

of study. Classes are held at Oak Hammock and open to the community at large. Subject areas include science, literature, art and music appreciation, history, creative writing, philosophy and current events. “You could just fill your day with these classes, they’re so fascinating!” says member John Kalbach, who recently finished the Crime and Film course, which featured classic films and lectures by a public defender.

Anne Willits, a founding member of Oak Hammock, says that having the clinic so close literally saved her life. “Dari Smith, the nurse practitioner, recognized that I was having heart palpitations and got me help immediately,” she recalls. “I am so grateful she was there.”

• The Dental Clinic, run by the University of Florida College of Dentistry, enables members to get everything from a checkup or cleaning to full dental care. “I don’t have to worry about driving to and from appointments – I just stroll out my door and over to the clinic,” says Martha Woods, who has lived at Oak Hammock for a little more than a year. “It makes life that much more streamlined and enjoyable.” • Affiliated with UF’s College of Veterinary Medicine and staffed by faculty member Dr. Amy Stone, Oak Hammock’s Vet Clinic offers checkups, vaccinations and other services. “The fact that Oak Hammock welcomes pets was one of the many things that attracted my wife and me here,” says Dr. Michael Levy, a retired UF professor of psychology.

Dari Smith, an ARNP with 27 years of experience, checks Anne Willits’ blood pressure.

Martha Woods gets regular checkups and cleanings from staff dental hygienist Maria Pastore-Henderson.

Adds Dr. Stone: “The clinic is convenient for members because they don’t have to leave home in order to care for their pets.”

to Live...and an Exceptional Value

unparalleled array of opportunities for enhancing their emotional, mental and a very wise life-planning strategy. “I’ve met the most accomplished, interesting people in my classes,” adds fellow member George Lewis, who participates in an array of art, science and history courses. “It’s an excellent blend of academic and personal enrichment.” (For full details on ILR courses, visit

Intergenerational Learning


n addition to ILR classes, Oak Hammock members can immerse themselves in an intergenerational environment by attending classes at UF. Don Collier, for example, is back on campus after earning undergraduate and graduate degrees in electrical engineering at UF earlier in life. “Now I’m having a lot of fun taking classes here that I would like to have taken before but didn’t have the time to,” he says. Don, who led a successful career at General Electric in engineering research and development, brought substantial life experience to his recent Spanish Literature class, having spent three years of his career teaching in Spain. “The teachers appreciate my contributions, and my fellow classmates are unfailingly polite,” he says. He also tutors other students in German, math and Spanish, offering his services free of charge because he believes the best payment is knowing that he’s imparting knowledge to a new generation. And, as a member of Oak Hammock’s chorus and a founder of its barbershop quartet, he’s enjoying the same extracurricular activities he did as a student years ago. “I’m reliving all the best parts of college,” he says, “and it’s been incredibly rewarding!”

Oak Hammock member Dr. Michael Levy is pictured with his standard poodle, “Georgia O’Keeffe,” at the on-site Vet Clinic, along with veterinarian Dr. Amy Stone (right) and vet technician Debbie Spence-Thomas (center).

Pursuing Lifelong Passions


s a political economist who worked in six countries during her two-decade career with the U.S. Agency for International Development, Mary Kilgour considers herself a “global citizen.” And, she’s proving the value of good citizenship as a board member of the UF International Center, where she helps the Center in its efforts to broaden students’ international perspectives. One of her recent accomplishments was bringing the director of the Peace Corps (a personal friend) to campus for a speaking engagement. Mary, who moved to Gainesville 17 years ago to teach in UF’s political science department, is also tapping into her artistic side, having taken pottery classes on campus through Oak Hammock’s art league. She uses the pottery studio at the J. Wayne Reitz Student Union to craft a variety of pieces – a hobby she calls “therapeutic.” She is also a published creative writer.

For John and Mary Kalbach, Oak Hammock was an ideal solution for planning ahead.

Investing in Your Own Future T

A former adjunct professor of political science at UF, Mary Kilgour is discovering her artistic side, crafting pottery at the Reitz Student Union.

Another of Mary’s passions: advocating for others, both as a guardian ad litem volunteer in the court system and a patient advocate liaison at nearby Shands Hospital. “I enjoy the feeling that I’ve helped someone during a difficult time,” she says of both roles. Mary isn’t the only Oak Hammock member taking advantage of the university affiliation. “Most of us are very actively involved with the community and sharing our experience throughout Gainesville,” she says. “The partnership with UF is a natural avenue for continuing our lifelong interests.”

he cost of long-term care is rising far more quickly than the rate of inflation, according to a recent survey by the MetLife Mature Market Institute – meaning that it’s especially critical to invest in your future now. That is, in fact, why people move to Oak Hammock – so that they can enjoy the freedom and peace of mind offered by guaranteed, unlimited long-term health care, which is included in the price of membership. Certainly, it’s one of the benefits that attracted new members John and Mary Kalbach, who moved in this past fall. Having led successful careers in publishing, restaurant ownership and real estate development, the couple recognized a wise investment when they saw it. “We were very familiar with continuing care retirement communities, and we looked aggressively for the right one,” says John. “Being a top-ranked CCRC located in a college town, Oak Hammock really stood out.” Also important to the Kalbachs was the community’s solid fiscal profile. “It has a sound financial condition, it’s well-run and it has a very capable CEO and CFO,” John notes. “Costs are much more controlled here than they are at other communities. And, considering that there will be a limited number of openings over the next couple of years, it makes all the sense in the world to join now. We chose the 50% refund policy because it allowed us to take advantage of everything Oak Hammock has to offer and to put additional funds back into our estate. It’s an ideal solution for us!” Although they’re relative newcomers, the Kalbachs quickly got involved in Oak Hammock life – attending classes, serving on committees, volunteering, swimming and enjoying the fine dining (quite a compliment, considering that the couple owned and operated several restaurants). “We felt at home here from the very first day,” says Mary. “Oak Hammock is like being on a cruise ship – except you live here. To be honest, it’s not what I imagined retirement to be . . . it’s way better!”

Be Our Guest... Reconnect with University Life at Oak Hammock

We Invite You to Try Us Out!


f you want to reconnect with some of the best times of your life, there’s no better place than Oak Hammock – the only retirement community sponsored by the University of Florida! What truly makes Oak Hammock unique is a comprehensive array of features and services that translate directly into value for the dollar. From health care and financial security... to lifelong learning programs that stimulate your intellect ... to extraordinary fitness facilities and programs to help keep you healthier longer ... to our resort-style environment and scintillating neighbors ... what you’ll find here, you won’t find anywhere else!

There’s no better way to understand how Oak Hammock can help you reinvent retirement living than to try us out for yourself. So we invite you to take advantage of this special offer that includes: • A 3-night stay (weekdays only) in one of our newly redecorated Club Homes, for the small charge of $70/night • All meals • Spa and Fitness Package (meet our Fitness Director, use the Fitness Center and get a free massage) • Audit an Institute for Learning in Retirement class, if available • Planned dinner with Oak Hammock members • A tour of the University of Florida campus and Shands Hospital • Reimbursement for airfare if you move to Oak Hammock within 6 months of your visit

Make your reservation today! We have limited availability, so call us now to book your reservation: 352-548-1024 or toll-free: 888-311-6483

Assisted Living Residences at Oak Hammock:

No Entry Fee . . . and No Place Like It!

Non-profit Org. u.s. postage PAID permit 610 jacksonville, FL


hen it comes to assisted living and memory support, The Pavilion at Oak Hammock will change the way you think about long-term care. From our caring staff to our neighborhood settings, you can see and feel the difference. Members in assisted living enjoy exceptional benefits, including: • All-private one-bedroom garden and patio residences • 24-hour nursing staff • Restaurant-style dining • Beauty & barber shop • 22,000-square-foot Fitness Center / pools • Access to walk-in Wellness Clinic with nurse practitioner • Access to on-site Dental Clinic and complete physical therapy services • Pets welcome — UF Vet Clinic on-site Best of all: There are NO Entry Fees or level-of-care fees for a direct admission into assisted living — and we are open to anyone, not just Oak Hammock members, UF alumni or staff. Come and see the Oak Hammock difference for yourself. To arrange a private tour and a complimentary lunch for up to five people, contact us at 352-548-1133. Assisted Living License # AL10493 88174 PRAD WNL 2/2012

TWO MONTHS FREE RENTAL! Call today for details. The University of Florida is not responsible for the financial or contractual obligations of Oak Hammock at the University of Florida, Inc.

Oak Hammock at the University of Florida® 5100 S.W. 25th Blvd. Gainesville, Florida 32608

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Winter 2012 Choices Newsletter

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