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ne of my readers, Doris, approached me as I was getting into my car last week and asked when I was going to write about feng shui in regard to relationships. She shared that she and her friends could certainly use some insight in this arena. What about you? Are you lacking a significant other and desire one? Do you feel as though your current relationship is draining you or has lost the lus-


ter of its early years? If so, you may want to try some of these feng shui suggestions and set a new intent for your relationships.

The Bagua In feng shui, every area of life and everything that happens in life can be placed into nine categories that are spatially represented by areas in your home. These nine categories make up an energetic map of your home called the bagua (pronounced bahgwah). The “relationship area” is in one of these nine categories. By knowing where it is, and what you can do, you are empowered with knowledge that can support what you desire. The bagua is one of the most fundamental tools of feng shui and an excellent way to apply feng shui concepts to your environment.

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Where is my relationship area? improve the energy of any space When standing at the front door facing in, the relationship area is in the back-right corner. Your relationship area may be the garage, an unused room in the house, such as a storage room or even the bathroom. Don’t jump to any inaccurate conclusions and judge the location as “bad.” You can

in your home no matter where it is. If your layout is unique and you are uncertain if you have located the “right” area, simply apply this information to your bedroom, regardless of where it is in the bagua. In feng shui, the bedroom also symbolically represents relationships. SEE PAGE 16

ucts 2011 New Proled Availab All In-stock Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinetry, Hard-Wood Doors w/ Plywood Boxes, Multi Colors to Choose. Reasonable Prices! (Airport - across Lagoon Drive) 2959 Koapaka St. • Honolulu, HI 96819 Ph: 836-8181 • Fax: 836-8166




What Binds Us At Home

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All Types - Asphalt Shingles • Roll & Metal Roofing • Termite Damage • Dry Rot • Leak Repair



ne of my readers, Doris, approached me as I was getting into my car last week and asked when I was going to write about feng shui in regard to relationships. She shared that she and her friends could certainly use some insight in this arena. What about you? Are you lacking a significant other and desire one? Do you feel as though your current relationship is draining you or has lost the lus-

ter of its early years? If so, you may want to try some of these feng shui suggestions and set a new intent for your relationships.

The Bagua In feng shui, every area of life and everything that happens in life can be placed into nine categories that are spatially represented by areas in your home. These nine categories make up an energetic map of your home called the bagua (pronounced bahgwah). The “relationship area” is in one of these nine categories. By knowing where it is, and what you can do, you are empowered with knowledge that can support what you desire. The bagua is one of the most fundamental tools of feng shui and an excellent way to apply feng shui concepts to your environment.

FREE GUTTERS with complete reroof

Homeowners user friendly Mini Excavators, Dingos & Bobcats available.

Exp: October 23, 2011


FREE ESTIMATES 348-8270 • Licensed • Bonded • Insured


Lic. #C24921

Where is my relationship area? improve the energy of any space When standing at the front door facing in, the relationship area is in the back-right corner. Your relationship area may be the garage, an unused room in the house, such as a storage room or even the bathroom. Don’t jump to any inaccurate conclusions and judge the location as “bad.” You can

in your home no matter where it is. If your layout is unique and you are uncertain if you have located the “right” area, simply apply this information to your bedroom, regardless of where it is in the bagua. In feng shui, the bedroom also symbolically represents relationships.

ucts 2011 New Proled Availab All In-stock Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinetry, Hard-Wood Doors w/ Plywood Boxes, Multi Colors to Choose. Reasonable Prices! (Airport - across Lagoon Drive) 2959 Koapaka St. • Honolulu, HI 96819 Ph: 836-8181 • Fax: 836-8166



ooking for an electrician, but don’t know who to call? As you open the Yellow Pages, there are about 50 different electrical contractors to choose from. But who do you call? Some contractors may only service certain parts of the island, while others only do industrial work. Well, look no further. Alternative Electric is an experienced residential, commercial electrical contractor that services the entire island of Oahu. With more than 20 years of combined experience, Alternative Electric offers


Answerto your


electric needs


CONTACT: 630-6741 • 285-3663

quality work at reasonable prices. As an owner-operated company, the middle man is eliminated and savings are passed down to the customer. Communication and job coordination are the company’s top priorities. Alternative Electric prides itself on communicating directly with the customer before the job begins, while the job is going on, and even after it is completed. As a result, there are no surprises and no hidden fees when the job is done. Sometimes with larger companies, messages get lost

in translation as they go from owner to foreman to worker. To satisfy its customers, Alternative Electric stands by its customers through all phases of the job. Customers can always expect a free estimate and a detailed explanation of what Alternative Electric suggests should be done. The company always takes the time to explain every situation to the customer, with no strings attached. Some of the services Alternative Electric offers include: solar photovoltaic installation, re-

wires, new construction, maintenance, trouble calls, renovations, meter/panel upgrades, code violation corrections, A/C hook up, light fixture replacement, security motion light installation, or simply replacing an outlet. So for your next electrical project, big or small, give Alternative Electric a call at 2853663 or 630-6741. SEPT. 25, 2011 | HAWAII RENOVATION | 3


GARAGE DOORS HAWAII ADDRESS: 2839 KILIHAU ST. CONTACT: 836-0029 • www.MartinGarageDoorsHawaii.com

Claude Thompson, president of Martin Garage Doors Hawaii


• Finger shield ™ and a safety spring system standard on residential door models.

Martin Door Story


artin Door Manufacturing has risen from humble beginnings in Santa Ana, Calif. to be an industry leader in garage door manufacturing. In fact, it is a matter of pride for company chairman Dave Martin that the sun never completely sets on a Martin Garage Door since Martin doors are sold in 93 countries and are found in the northern-most parts of Norway and the southernmost parts of Argentina. The company was started in 1936 by Martin’s

older brother, Leno. At the time, a complete one-car garage door sold for $16 installed, while a two-car garage door sold for $29 installed. Martin’s onepiece door soon became a hit and Dave remembers installing new door for movies stars Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney, Dorothy Lamour and Bob Hope. From one-piece doors, Martin has grown to be an innovator within the industry. Dave Martin is one of the industry’s pioneers and his record backs

that up — especially in ing to the face of the steel door for beauty. key areas of safety. • Controlled descent Some of the Martin device, which stops a door from a free fall. Door “firsts” include: • Hot-dipped galvanized steel and two coats of factory baked-on enamel for better rust protection. • Hemmed steel edges on the garage door tracks, for added safety. • Hot-dipped galvanized torsion springs for rust resistance and long life. • Wood-grained textur-

It was this dedication to safety and quality that impressed Claude Thompson, president of Martin Garage Doors Hawaii, when he was

researching a garage door line to sell in Hawaii. “I looked for a door that I would put on my house,” remembered Thompson. “I wanted certain features plus quality, all of which you find in a Martin Door and more.” Thompson founded Martin Garage Doors Hawaii in 1995 and has been selling garage doors to satisfied customers ever since. Martin Garage Doors Hawaii has become a valued member of the extensive dealer network for the manufacturer. “Martin Garage Doors Hawaii is a long-standing dealer for Martin Door Manufacturing,” Martin said. “We are very pleased with their dedicated service to the people of the Hawaiian Islands. I have personally visited some of their garage door installations, which were always found to be professionally done and the customers more than satisfied. “We now consider Martin Garage Doors Hawaii to be one of our top dealerships in the world.”

A special addition to our early King’s Collection (Oak) and Queen’s Collection (Birch) cabinet products. “Kamalani” features beautiful genuine Walnut Hardwood, Face Frames and Doors.

s Solid Walnut Hardwood Face Frames and Doors s Prefinished Hardwood Plywood interiors s 3/4” Plywood shelving s Durable furniture finish Featuring our “slow close” full extension drawer hardware, standard.

with “Quality Touch”

Ph: 356-1889 or 356-1893 www.honsador.com

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New homes benefit more than just buyers, builders BY KAREN NAKAMURA


he only people who benefit when a home is built are the family members who get to live there, and the builder who constructed and sold the home, right? Wrong. The positive impact of new residential construction is far-reaching, bringing benefits to families, businesses and services throughout a community immediately, as well as for years to come. According to economists at the National Association of Home Builders, the one-year estimated local impact of building 100 single-family homes in a typical metro

area include $21.1 million in local income, $2.2 million in taxes and other local government revenue, and 324 local jobs. But what does that economic impact mean in the day-to-day lives of community residents? Just think about it: When a family moves to a community and buys a new house, they will likely shop at local stores to buy furniture and accessories to decorate the home. They will fill their car’s gas tank at local gas stations so they can get to the stores, have local mechanics work on the car when it breaks down or needs the oil changed, or buy a new car at a local dealer when it’s

time to replace the old one. The family may need to hire local companies for regular services to maintain their home, such as landscapers, house cleaners, pet sitters or pool maintenance workers. The children will enter local schools. This increases enrollment, meaning more teachers, janitors, cafeteria workers and other school support staff will have to be hired. Those kids also will join sports leagues and other activities, buy equipment and pay registration fees that provide stipends for referees and coaches. All of this economic activity puts income into the pockets of local busi-


ness owners and their families, who can then afford to go out and spend money themselves, which means even more money is poured into the community’s economy. The new family also pays local and state taxes. These tax revenues help pay for a wide range of government services, including school teachers, police departments, refuse collection, parks maintenance and road repairs. Over the long term, as the families who move into

new homes become part of the community, their positive impact continues. NAHB estimates that those 100 new homes also provide the community with an additional and annually recurring impact of $3.1 million in local income, $743,000 in taxes and other revenue for local governments, and 53 local jobs. Families who buy a newly built home enjoy benefits including safety, amenities, energy efficiency and floor plans to fit a modern lifestyle. But the

advantages of new homes extend far beyond the buyers and the builders — residential construction has a positive, direct impact on the local community for years. Visit the 55th annual BIA Parade of Homes and find a new sustainable home for a sustainable lifestyle Oct. 89, 15-16. Learn more at www.biahawaii.org Karen Nakamura is executive vice president / CEO of the Building Industry Association of Hawaii.

“Building to your lifestyle”

New Home, Multi-Family, Additions & Renovations We are also licensed and experienced in excavation, grading, cutting slopes, and driveway alterations

HK Construction, Corp Appointments For free estimates on projects, contact us.

Main Office 808-841-1800 www.hkchawaii.com Over 35 Years of Experience


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Homeowners see remodeling as

sound investment


nhancing the value of a home through remodeling or upgrading is the investment choice of many homeowners today, given the fluctuations in the financial markets. “If you own a home in a desirable neighborhood, whether low- or high-end, and have some extra cash, it’s hard to go wrong by putting it into a room addition or a kitchen upgrade,” said Homeworks Construction president Marshall Hickox, who also serves as president of the Hawaii Remodelers Council. Homeworks projects, ranging from multi-generational homes in Kaimuki and Kalihi to luxury homes in upscale neighborhoods, have earned the company the Building Industry Association’s “Remodeler of the Year” award. This year, Homeworks was ranked as one of the nation’s “Top 500” residential remodelers by Qualified Remodeler magazine. “We have always had a strong presence in multigenerational remodeling in Oahu’s older neighborhoods,” Hickox said. “But we are also seeing activity in single family home upgrading in neighborhoods such as Kahala, Manoa, Hawaii Loa Ridge and Portlock. Vintage home remodeling has been a consistent source of Homeworks business.” Hickox noted that homeowners and buyers are willing to make significant investments in remodeling and additions in the higher-end neighborhoods because 6 | HAWAII RENOVATION | SEPT. 25, 2011


ADDRESS: 2111 S. BERETANIA ST. CONTACT: 955-2777 properties there have consistently appreciated in value over time. “Many homeowners will wait until they are ready to sell a property to upgrade it, but why not do it now and enjoy the improvements,” he added. “Home equity lines of credit can be an untapped source of financing. Other clients we are working with have recently sold property and are reinvesting in a home

they are modernizing or expanding or both.” Upgrades generally include major kitchen and bath remodeling and opening up the home “to bring the outdoors in,” which generally results in better natural illumination and ventilation. “Many of the structural improvements can save money in the long run because they

increase energy efficiency. For example, the addition of insulation and ‘cool roofing’ can lessen the need for air conditioning. Now most major remodeling jobs will involve the addition of a solar water heating system and more recently photovoltaic panels. New appli-

ances will necessarily be Energy Star-rated and make a significant difference in the electric bills. “These types of improvements very definitely enhance the saleability of a home, SEE PAGE 19




Take your home from summer to fall

ringing your home from summer to fall is simpler than you think. It all begins with taking inventory of your home to determine which nonessential items you can eliminate or switch and

where you can add. “Start with anything fabric,” says Maria AguerriGomez, Academic Dean of The Art Institute of Michigan-Troy, a branch campus of The Art Institute of Michigan. “You can

change your couch covers, pillows and your throw blankets, add a duvet to your bed, change your window treatment or bathroom towels; or simply add a table runner to bring fall into your home without

breaking your budget.” Take couch covers from creamy and off-white tones to fall tones and colors. Choose earth tones such as reds and browns to bring depth and warmth. Navy blue also can be a great color to add. Not completely committed to bringing that much color into your living room? Change your pillows or throw blankets to develop an accented atmospheric change. Take a look at your window treatments and consider a heavier fabric with possible prints. “Paisley is coming back this fall,” Aguerri-Gomez says. “Use paisley prints on curtains or pillows, or venture out and buy a paisley

arm chair that can nestle nicely into an unused corner in your bedroom or living room.” Elizabeth Polish, an Interior Design Instructor at The Art Institute of New York City and owner of Elizabeth Polish Design, says bird prints are making their way into homes via lampshades and carpets this fall. Aguerri-Gomez predicts that mustard will be a key color this fall. Add a mustard table runner and change up your dinnerware and placemats to bring your table from light and airy to warm and welcoming. Don’t want to part with the lemons and limes nestled inside your glass vase as


table decor? Try compromising and replace the citrus with artichokes and pomegranates for a fall final touch. For those that like to have feng shui elements in their home, you’ll be happy to know that gold is making a comeback. Try mercury or gold canisters, vases and accents. In the past, gold and mercury were reserved for the holidays or special celebrations, but now you can bring them out earlier to bring that shiny pop the room will need. The last touch to bringing your home from summer to fall is mood lighting. Polish recommends utilizing energy-efficient LED lights and bulbs.











hether you’re looking to replace, upgrade or add a new garage door, fence or gate to your home, choose Raynor Overhead Doors. From modern styles to classic facades, Raynor StyleView aluminum or BuildMark steel pan and insulated garage doors are the choice for achieving a contemporary look or accentuating the design of an older residence. Our gates and fences are not only stylish, they come equipped with heavy-duty commercial-grade hardware, offering the perfect combination of beauty and reliability. Visit our new showroom:


2841 Pukoloa Street in Mapunapuna

94-480 Akoki Street #4 • Waipahu, HI 96797

Showroom Hrs: M-F 10am-6pm; SAT by Appointment

671-0808 • 383-7233 • www.windows-hawaii.com LIC # C-30910







It’s a great time to buy a

photovoltaic system system may not have a better time to do so than now, but there is some caution to be taken.


Pacific Islands Construction believes that now is a great time to purchase your system, but the manufacturer you Companies have started to product cut back on quality by choose also is very important. using cheaper components such The company believes that other as glass, plastic backer material, companies such as Kyocera, thinner metal frames, and lower- which has been producing solar modules for more than 35 years, quality construction practices. has strong financials, and proUsing lower-quality cells duces what is the finest solar in the industry. to place in module. Due to module the high cost to manufacture Independent testing performed at cells, lower-quality cells are the Dessert Knowledge Australia being used rather than rejected. Solar Centre shows Kyocera as Thus, bottom line cost has the leading producer of energy replaced quality as the main among many of the leading solar module manufacturers. You can objective. check out the website, www.dka Companies going out of solarcentre.com.au for more business or consolidating SEE PAGE 19

The reasons for caution are:

CONTACT: 841-7756 being investigated by the FBI? The company has fallen victim to the collapse in prices for solar modules due to discontinued financial support or subsidies in Europe, the largest market for PV up to this point. There is an oversupply that has caused the marhere has never been a the system. The average payback ket to lower prices on modules better time to purchase a period after tax credits and sav- causing manufacturers to have photovoltaic system ings on your utility bill, is no profits and go into the red. (PV) than the present moment between four to five years when The stock market prices for solar and those reasons include the purchasing one of these systems. companies have plummeted and Perhaps you have recently many companies probably will lowest module price in the history of such systems, high elec- seen the articles regarding the not survive. Consumers who tricity rates, and tax credits that default of a large loan made to an have had reservations regarding are still available to help pay for American solar company that is the purchase of a photovoltaic


License No. C-25776

due to poor market conditions and weak financial conditions.




• New Gutters • Reroofing • New Roofs • Repairs


Pacific Isle Contractors Ltd. “We are so pleased with the results of the renovations we had done on our home in Manoa.” – Doctor Jill

OVER 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE Certified 5 star master shingle installer We install all roofing types

Call for a free in home consultation


Solar Fan with reroof or new roof


• Licensed • Insured

www.unitedroofinghi.com • email: abaunitedroofing@ymail.com



KAIMUKI 1st & Waialae • 735-3005 KANEOHE 45-620 Kamehameha Hwy. (Behind 7-11) • 262-0900 SAND ISLAND 330 Sand Island Access Rd. • 841-6183

Lic.# BC-19251

New Construction • Additions Kitchen/Bathroom • Remodeling • House Painting

All Weather Surfaces Hawaii is

Celebrating 20 Years at their Halawa location


Family Owned 1 C-21 Lic#12015 • C-7 C-5

Ph. 306-0843

Homeowners: If you are not sure as to which coating system is best suited for your roof, have our Fluid Applied Roofing Specialist look at your roof at FREE OF CHARGE. He will recommend the right coating system and can refer you to an approved applicator. Or if you want to do it yourself he can give you step by step instructions, tailored to your roof.


99-890 Iwaena St., Halawa Valley Industrial Park

808-487-3043 www.allweathersurfaces.com



lthough there’s still plenty of time to prepare your home for the holidays, wouldn’t it be nice if you could find that one business that could build the home or business of your dreams — and do it quick? Hawaii’s Interior Design Center can do just that. The topper is the company is also offering interest-free financing for 12 months, so you won’t have to pay a cent of interest out of your



perfect gift for the


pocket during the upcom- products around,” Brenna said. ing holiday season. All of the products and Hawaii’s Interior Design Center exemplifies the services at Hawaii’s spirit and practices of a Interior Design Center are successful business. eligible for the one-year President and CEO Chris interest-free financing — Brenna — through deter- including products such as mination, drive and love of wood flooring, tile, cabithe industry — has estab- nets, sinks, lighting, counlished a tradition of quality, tertops, and so much more. innovation and service in The company is a one-stop this industry. shop for all of your design “We strive to bring you build, remodeling or the best quality, pricing and upgrade needs. It also carvariety of services and ries supplies for do-it-your-

selfers and can answer any questions you might have. With so many products, services and experience under one roof, the company can transform your space with quality results and no delay.

Call Hawaii’s Interior Design Center today at (808) 842-9404 or visit its new showroom, located at 306 Kalihi St. Make sure you inquire about the interest-free financing for one year. Also, check out the

gallery of work or learn more about the broad range of services offered at www.hawaiisinteriorde signcenter.com. The showroom is open seven days a week from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


On select colors, While supplies last

When you buy a set of Kitchen Cabinets

Granite starting at $99 and up 8’ and 9’ x 26” with the back splash Eased edge & Bullnose 30 Colors to choose from

60% OFF 3/4” Cherrywood cabinets raised panel and flat/slab door Blum Hardware w/Free soft closing upgrade Lic# C-30215

Email: sales@ohanabuildingsupply.com


Exp. 9/30/11 2815 Kaihikapu Street Honolulu, HI 96819 Ph: 808.833.8338 Fax: 808.833.8339

12 MONTHS INTEREST FREE FINANCING! See stores for details. Subject to credit approval. Kitchen & Bath Remodels Countertops - Supply & Installs • Plumbing and Electrical Services

Cabinet Installations Painting Services • All Flooring Types

306 Kalihi Street | Honolulu, HI 96819 | 808.842.9404 www.hawaiisinteriordesigncenter.com | Lic #ABC29826 ®

Lic# CP236510

Wood Flooring Inspection Services




The way to beautiful cabinets, countertops I

f your kitchen was built within the last 40 years, you’re probably dealing with two of the most common kitchen ailments — “dustifying” particleboard cabinetry and peeling plastic countertops. When diagnosing your cabinet health at home, you may have discovered the portions of your kitchen where water settled long ago. This condition is called “dustifying,” and often leaves homeowners with a case of the particleboard blues. There is hope, however, and it comes in the form of hardwood. Yes, it turns out that nature had it right all along! If you’re fortunate enough to have dodged the bullet of the first telltale symptom of a terminally ill kitchen, you’re still likely to be contending with its closely relat-

ed and most unwelcome cousin — ugly countertops. Unless you were one of the lucky few who bought Apple stock in 1986, the luxury of having a countertop made from the earth itself has, until now, largely been reserved for the elite few. That likely leaves you with one of two sad excuses for a culinary workspace: plastic that looks like plastic, or plas-

tic that tries its very best to look like stone — both of which only end in daily disappointment. Peeling back, discoloration, and permanent burn and knife marks are among the most common side effects of this global epidemic — but again, there is much hope. It turns out that solid granite, when prescribed in wide availability and affordability, is a perma-

nent cure for acute “plasticcountertopitis!” This, combined with a healthy dose of equally affordable hardwood cabinetry, and your oncehopeless kitchen is well on the road to recovery. While man may have harvested and shaped hardwood cabinets and natural stone countertops in many ways, these are by far the superior creations of Mother Nature

and are indeed the key reclaim your kitchen. After ingredients to regaining a all, isn’t it time that you long-lasting and enjoyable return home? culinary workspace. Man, in his audacious attempts to usurp nature, has again INTERIOR DESIGN fallen short, and if you recognize the absolute perfection and superiority ADDRESS: 2012 Mother Nature has indeed HOUGHTAILING ST. provided us all along, well, it’s time to do some- CONTACT: 842-4812 • thing about it. Oahudreamkitchen@gmail.com Call EJ Interior Design today at 842-4812 and


Save up to 65% on your Solar Energy System!

Currentup incentives make solar energy Save to 65% onmore your

affordable than ever! Solar Energy System! )HGHUDO ,QYHVWPHQW 7D[ &UHGLW Current incentives make solar energy more 6WDWH 7D[ &UHGLW

affordable than ever!

the Hawaiian Islands Since 2003 Serving Providing Installation with FREE Granite




Hot Crack Filler

• • • • •

• 3405 • CrackMaster Supreme • PL

Cold Crack Filler

FREE ESTIMATE Call today for your FREE site analysis!

(808) 783-0357

Lighthousesolar | www.lighthousesolar.com | (808) 783-0357 10 | HAWAII RENOVATION | SEPT. 25, 2011

Call: 842-4812

Grazer Router Blower Hot Air Lance CrackPro

• Trowel Grade • Gator Pave • Acrylic Crack Filler

Servicing All Islands Phone: (808) 839-2782 Toll Free: (800) 395-7325

EJ Interior Design LLC 2012 H O U G H TA I L I N G S T. • H O N O L U L U 96817


www.sealmasterhawaii.com www.walker-moody.com

LIC. #ABC-19



Here’s to exceptional showers F

or some of us, the shower is a personal sanctuary — the only place and time of the day to unwind and not be bothered by anything from the outside world. So why not make an exceptional shower the centerpiece of your next bathroom remodel? Utilize the latest in style — and even technology — to create the ultimate retreat.

Spa-tacular shower

Instead of one hand shower or rainshower, many of us long for shower fixtures that offer a fullbody experience. A great way to transform yours into a sanctuary is by creating a vertical spa that includes the latest in style, functionality and technology. Technology continues to touch more and more of

our everyday lives, including the shower. Moen has created a digital shower system that offers the ability to set water temperature and flow with electric precision. The ioDIGITAL vertical spa features an innovative interface that lets you avoid guessing if the shower is at the right temperature; four programmable pre-sets create the perfect

shower every time. There’s even a remote control that allows you to turn on the system while still in bed.

Take a seat Now that you have more room in your new vertical spa, add a place to relax with a new built-in seat. It not only provides the luxury of increased comfort, but it’s also an eye-catching

upgrade to any shower. The from a very solid material. height of most shower seats It’s typically attached to the is adjustable, which is con- base of the shower unit and venient if more than one can be polished with a tile person plans to comfort- or any other solid surface ably use it. Depending on material. the size of your shower, • Fiberglass and acrylic there are different options for you to choose from. built into bases. This showSome to consider include: er system is the highestquality construction, but • Fold-down teak. Best can be limiting as it’s only for smaller bathrooms as offered in a few sizes. they take up the least When you’re ready to amount of space and fold conveniently against the transform your modest bathroom into an elegant wall when not in use. haven of bathing, incorpo• Pre-fabricated expand- rate a few luxurious addied polystyrene. If you’re tions to design a space — looking for a corner or and shower — that’s all your bench seat, this is the best own. For more information, choice since it’s created visit www.moen.com.

Quality Work, Competitive Prices LET’S TALK FLOORING

with Shirley Pai Hilton, Pres. & CEO, PII A lot of people ask me what is hot in flooring and right now, it seems that so many folks are into dark floors. Ipe, Lapacho, Walnut and even black stained floors are very popular. The good news is that while it may be a bit trendy, most of these choices are also timeless in their beauty. In the end, you have to get what turns you on. Whether it’s red, white, green or black, they can all be wonderful and it is, after all, your house! Aloha Shirley

Call Today 739-2000

• Residential • Apartment • New Construction • Interior/Exterior


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WOOD AND STONE FLOORING 101 Saturday, October 22, 2011 10AM

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Email: dawingtrading@gmail.com • www.dawingtrading.com Open Mon-Sat 8 am - 5pm

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Hawaii’s Best Flooring! 926 KOHOU STREET ✦ HONOLULU ✦ 847-7711

Custom Homes • Additions 737-7766 Remodeling • Kitchen • Bath townandcountrybuildersllc.com BC-11768 • Bonded • Insured

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‘Essential’for a


bathroom, kitchen I

t’s time to give that kitchen a new look since it is the most visited room in the house. Since you are spending so much time there, don’t you deserve a room that is efficient, modern and pleasant? Undoubtedly you want to make improvements that make sense and fall within your budget. You also want quality within a price you can afford. Most of all, you need an experienced, licensed contractor who has proven time and again capable of completing the job at an affordable price. Essential Cabinet Refacing Inc. is in its 22nd year of business. For owners Ringo and Michele Pauly, the first advice they got as young entrepreneurs came from Lex Brodie, who encouraged them to run their business with integrity. To them, this meant listening to their customers, sharing their remodeling expertise with clients to ensure the job performed was the right match to the customer, and doing the job at a competitive, yet fair price. Since then, their mission has been to have satisfied customers at the end of every project. Over the years, materials and remodeling methods have changed a great deal. ECR has kept current in the industry and offers up-to-date styles, designs and materials. ECR has offered refacing as an eco-


ADDRESS: 212 MOHONUA PL. CONTACT: 847-7835 • essentialcabinetrefacing.com

nomical option for upgrading cabinets since the beginning in 1989. Refacing is the method of giving cabinets a “facelift” without going through the


increase their budget and add features such as new countertops, appliances or special features like rolling pull-out drawers. As the needs of their custime and expense of rip- brand new and gives a tomers changed, ECR has ping out existing cabinets modernized look. The continued to expand on its and installing new ones. interior remains the same scope of work to include Since the doors and draw- and a lot of money is new custom-built cabinets ers are replaced, the exte- saved. This gives cus- and countertops. Custom rior of the cabinets is tomers the freedom to cabinets are locally built in

We will beat any competitor’s price by 10% with same products & specs. Call for a

ECR’s shop. Owners have their choice of materials in the cabinet structure, hardware and exterior finish. Countertops come in almost any material customers desire. ECR’s office and shop are located at 212 Mohonua Place. Showroom hours are from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

Fall Sale Instock Hardwood Cabinets up to 35% OFF New Finish Cabinets Coming Soon!


Servco appliances, GE products & more Dealer prices by Essential Cabinets

Up to 22% OFF Retail Prices on appliances, faucets and sinks!

22 YEARS IN BUSINESS Save $$ by Refacing your existing cabinets or we can build you custom ones!

New Arrival of Granite Available NOW!!

Replace Doors, Drawers, Countertops, Hi-Macs, Raised Panel Hardwood Doors, Corian & Granite

Monday - Saturday 8:00am - 4:30pm 212 Mohonua Place, C-3 847-7835 Lic # C-24208


Ph: 853-2088 • Fax: 853-2058 500 Alakawa St.#106, Hon., HI 96817 / Mon-Sat 8am - 5:30pm • Sun. Closed (Downtown - behind Costco Gas Station)

Website: cccabinetsgranite.com



More for your

bath O

ver the past few years, scientists and entrepreneurs have created money-saving solutions for many costly renovation projects. If utilized, these cost-conscious solutions will save you downtime, are less invasive to your home, and are a great help to the environment, saving huge amounts of waste Hawaii residents produce on a daily basis. Some of these solutions are:

• Bathtub, wall-surround resurfacing — Resurface your worn or stained bathtub to look like new. • Illusionite Simulated Stone — Transforms your countertops from laminate or tile to look like granite or marble. • Walk-through conversion — Convert your tub

License No. C-26041


CONTACT: 358-7780 • www.allislandbath.com into a walkthrough shower, making life easier for the elderly or disabled. • Bathtub, wall-surround liners — Fits a new tub over your old stained or rusted tub or wall surround in one day.


Introducing the all new



18 Years of Quality Service to Hawaii

economy that we are in today, more and more people are using these types of remodeling choices, which could save you thousands. In the 20 years that AllIsland Bath has been in business, the company has had many satisfied cusIn the cost-conscious tomers who have remod-

eled their bathrooms multiple times to keep up with changing styles and needs — and done so at a fraction of the cost of others. This has been a great asset to property managers and hotel managers, who are always looking to update the look of their bathrooms.

! " # $ % & % !# '( ) ' * + ' , .$



All Island Bath Call for a Free Estimate

/ . $

• Tubs, Showers, Counters, Vanities, any type of Wall Surrounds • Rust, Fiberglass, Tile Crack Repair and Refinishing • The thickest tub liners available on the market • Specialist in Cost Effective Alternatives for property managers, realtors, hotels, homeowners & senior citizens • Walk through tub cut for Seniors or disabled • Complete remodeling consultation

Call now for a FREE household energy & solar consultation


Over 20 Years Experience Locally owned & operated.


358-7780 • www.allislandbath.com

www.AlternateEnergyHawaii.com This fall, dress your windows in style, warmth and savings with DuetteÂŽ ArchitellaÂŽ Honeycomb Shades. Their exclusive, insulating design can reduce energy loss through windows and help lower your heating and cooling bills. For select shades purchased and installed by December 1, you may qualify for a federal tax credit of up to $500.†Plus, act before December 12, and you’ll receive a $25 rebate per unit.* Celebrate the season with Hunter Douglas, where good taste and great energy savings are always in fashion. *Manufacturer’s rebate offer valid for purchases made 9/13/11 - 12/12/11. Rebate offers may not be combined; there is a limit of one rebate per qualifying unit. For each qualifying unit purchased, the higher applicable rebate amount will apply. Other limitations and restrictions apply. All rebates will be issued in U.S. dollars, in the form of an American ExpressÂŽ Prepaid Reward Card. †For tax credit details and restrictions and a list of qualifying products, ask a salesperson or visit hunterdouglas.com/taxcredit. Hunter Douglas and its dealers are not tax advisors. The tax credit for 2011 is subject to a limitation based in part on the amount of Section 25C credits taken in prior years. It is recommended that you consult your tax advisor regarding your individual tax situation and your ability to claim this tax credit. Š2011 Hunter Douglas. ÂŽ and TM are trademarks of Hunter Douglas.

homeownersdesign.hdspd.com C# 17021

1030 Kohou St Ste 201 Honolulu, HI 808-847-0216 M-F 8:00-4:30 • Sat 9:00-2:00

Alternate Energy Inc., 1111 Dillingham Blvd.,Ste. H3, Box 112, Honolulu, HI 96817

Š2011 Hunter Douglas. Ž and TM are trademarks of Hunter Douglas.



Buyingwithout a home bank financing H

awaii-PrivateLoans.com is part of a rapidly growing community of real estate investors and Realtors, located all across North America, who specialize in buying and selling homes with owner financing. By completing a simple buyer profile at HawaiiPrivate-Loans.com — an analysis that indicates what sort of home you would like, where you want to live and what you can afford — you will be part of the company’s network of members who will immediately start working to find homes that match your requirements. Whenever a member

finds a home that matches your needs, you will receive an automatic email, giving you the address, pictures and details of the home. Remember, however, that the company can only send you homes that match your criteria. In general, buyers are often able to move into their home within 10-16 days after seeing it for the first time.

We May Have Already Found the Home for You Why not fill out a free buyer profile and find out if we can quickly locate your dream house? The profile can be found online at www.Hawaii-Private-

Loans.com. Additionally, you can get a free copy of Home Buyer’s Guide at the aforementioned website. The guide helps readers discover how to escape the rental trap as well as purchase their dream home without the need for banks and credit checks. The guide also will shed light on:

• The Shocking Truth About Renting: Is It Setting You Back Financially? •The Single Most Powerful Strategy To Own A Home Without The Banks • The 5 Things You Must Know To Protect Yourself In Any Creative Finance Transaction • The Cold Hard Facts Of

What It Costs To Rent A Home And Why You Can’t Afford To Keep Paying Your Landlord’s Mortgage


Want to Sell Fast and for Full Price?


Owner financing may be your hidden solution too! Visit www.QuickSell.info or contact Pacific Investment at 988-2000.


CONTACT: 988-2000

For questions related to your Honolulu Star-Advertiser subscription


538-NEWS(6397) Request a vacation stop • Make a payment Billing or delivery questions • Start a new subscription

The pulse of paradise. | www.staradvertiser.com

Lic# BC-29228


E. huaxia.hawaii@gmail.com W. www.huaxiaconstructor.com 14 | HAWAII RENOVATION | SEPT. 25, 2011

CALL: 808-636-1888

Buy a Home or Condo with No Bank Loan!

Free Seminar

• How and Where to Start • Find a Reputable Builder • Financing Options • Design for Comfort & Savings • Accessible & Multigeneration Living

Hawaii-Private-Loans.com www.AlreadyApproved.info or call (808) 988.2000

Wed., Oct. 19

Call: 593-2808

6-8 P.M. Honolulu Country Club

or register online at: www.grahambuilders.com




How to keep stone surfaces new with stain removers A

lmost every homeowner who has natural stone installed has had some sort of stain incident, whether it is spilling a cup of coffee on untreated granite, or mold and mildew creeping up in the marble shower. Natural stone is porous — some more than others — and should be sealed about once per year to help prevent stains and discolorations. New stone installations are most vulnerable, as the stone from the quarry has not been treated, unless done by the installer. First applications will typically

require more sealer as the stone pores are open, and reapplication will help protect the stone more with time. Grout is just as porous as the stone itself, if not more, and needs to be sealed to help prevent discoloration and staining. If a stain does happen to appear on a stone surface, it can usually be removed. Because natural stone has pores, what goes in can usually come back out, although with a little bit of work and the right product. Tenax makes a stain removal product called “Brio

Action.” It comes in three different formulas to treat mold, grout or general stains. A biodegradable cleaner, it can simply be washed down the drain and will not kill grass when used outdoors. Tenax Brio Action Mold

Remover works on natural stone and concrete. This thick liquid compound also works on organicbased stains such as coffee, tea, food stains and algae. Brio Action Mold Remover works well on outdoor flagstone to remove stains and mold growth, but can also be used as a kitchen and bath cleaner for more heavy duty stain cleaning. Brio Action Professional Stain Remover is a sanitizing cleaner for natural stone, terracotta, ceramic, porcelain and concrete floors and facades. It is ideal for restoration and heavy duty cleansing of large areas open to the public or exposed to atmospheric agents. Brio Action Grout Cleaner is highly effective for cleaning floors

and joints with stubborn dirt that resists ordinary cleaners. Island Stone Center has these stain removers available in stock, along with a variety of natural stone cleaners and sealers to keep your stone surfaces looking new.


STONE CENTER ADDRESS: 1111 DILLINGHAM BLVD., #E1B (in the Kokea Shopping Center near Subway) CONTACT: 848-0989 • www.islandstonecenter.com

Corroded windows need replacement? Solution: Easy Fit/RetroFit Aluminum or Vinyl Windows • Fits into existing window opening • No need to tear out the existing window frame • Sliders, single hung, fixed and louver jalousies • FAST TURNAROUND

Better Prices For All Your Fabrication Supplies And Maintenance Products!!! Now offering

CUSTOM ENGRAVING on marble products such as address signs, backsplashes, gifts and cremation urns.

www.islandstonectr.com • 848-0989 • M-F 8-4:30 SAT 9-2 1111 Dillingham Blvd. #E1-B Honolulu (by Subway/next to Yohei Restaurant)

N EW 24/7 Security, Hurricane Protection & Energy Savings by Hinged & Sliding Doors, Fixed Window & Patio Lanai Enclosures

Locally owned & operated since 1961

Mirrored Aluminum Closet Doors Custom sizes up to 8’ in height, 12’ in width. Available in White, Brown Painted and Satin

For participating window dealers call: 486-8894


99-134 Waiua Way • Aiea, HI 96701 SEPT. 25, 2011 | HAWAII RENOVATION | 15


Romancing the colors of love FROM PAGE 2

Use the color and feel of love The colors of the relationship area are “romantic” colors, such as pink, red, mauve, coral, burgundy, etc., and the feel you want to go for is soft, sensual, smooth, satiny and fresh. Anything that reminds you of romance and love is ideal. If these colors are not your style, use an accent piece or place one thing in this area that links you to what you want to manifest in a relationship.

Use symbols of romance and pairs of items Use mirrors, figurines, candles, fresh flowers and anything that reminds you of love to boost the energy of this area. Put a lot of focus on pairs, and remove anything that looks lonely. Pairs can come in the form of sculptures, paintings and other images, matching nightstands, two candles, two lamps, matching pillows, salt-and-pepper shakers and so forth.

What to avoid Keep photos of in-laws and children and anyone not related to the primary relationship out of this area and keep the focus on the primary relationship. (If you are not looking for a partner, however, then it is all right to keep photos of you and your friends here to strengthen existing relationships.)

Avoid anything that is strongly related to past relationships so that you can “let go of the old and bring in the new.” While it is not always feasible to get rid of your bed when a relationship ends, do what you can to make it look fresh and new. Purchase new sheets and pillows, use new accent pieces, and so on. Do not store anything under the bed that holds energy of the past, such as photos or mementos or clothes from past relationships. These are best moved out of your home. If you must keep some What can I expect? things under the bed, place neutral By setting your intention and Feng shui expert and life guide Alice items there, such as extra bedding and pillows — things that are geared enhancing the relationship areas of Inoue — whose bi-weekly articles your home, you may experience an appear in Hawaii Renovation — offers toward rest. enhanced primary relationship, gain a books, DVDs, workshops and private Avoid fountains in the marriage area better understanding with everyone consultations. Join Alice on 11/11/11 for or the bedroom because they tend to you have a relationship with, find Mr. her “Get Inspired About Your Life!” or Ms. Right or a see new level of commove emotions excessively. event. Visit www.aliceinspired.com. If you really must have one here, mitment in your existing make sure to place ample plants relationship. Isn’t that around it so that the water energetical- enough incentive to give it ly “feeds” the plants to create stability. a try? Provide Comfort and Watertight reliability now, with a New Roof installed by



SURFACE SHIELD ROOFING CO.! Energy Efficient Roof Coatings


• Lower the temperature of your home or Building up to 40% • Lifetime Material Warranty Available


We Specialize in:

*Minimum of 10 windows installed

Residential – Commercial Re-Roofing – Repair – Inspections

A FULL LINE OF ALUMINUM OR VINYL WINDOWS •Custom Designs •200,000+ Custom Contractors, Inc. Sold in Hawaii The Awning Window People

99-840 Iwaiwa St. #2 • Aiea hawaiiwindowcontractors.com Since 1987 LIC# C-14358



483-0100 Lic # C-14358


200 OFF A Roof Coating System CALL TODAY!

Free Estimates (808) 754-3393 or (808) 937-7938

Hawaii Kai 396-9599 • Honolulu 739-9599 Windward 261-6686 • Leeward 487-9599 ®

PCO 924

Free Island Wide Estimates

Lic. #C-28235


Unit #2 Kealakai at Kapolei

Pawa Makalae at Sea Country

Plan B Pulewa at Mehana

Aheahe Trades by Gentry

‘Olu ‘olu Trades by Gentry

Castle & Cooke Homes Hawaii, Inc.

D.R. Horton-Schuler Homes, LLC

D.R. Horton-Schuler Homes, LLC

Gentry Homes Ltd.

Gentry Homes Ltd.

91-1013 Kama‘aha Avenue #303 Kapolei, HI 96707 (808) 674-8422 www.castle-cooke.com

87-1551 Kuaha Street Ma‘ili, HI 96792 (808) 668-9088 www.drhorton.com

478 Kunehi Street, #103 Kapolei, HI 96707 (808) 693-8004 www.drhorton.com

91-1001 Keaunui Drive #309 Ewa Beach, HI 96706 (808) 447-8430 www.gentryhawaii.com

91-1001 Keaunui Drive #303 Ewa Beach, HI 96706 (808) 447-8430 www.gentryhawaii.com

Plan 3 La Hiki at Mehana

Unit #201 Haleakea by Gentry

Hale Ka Lae

Franciscan Vistas Ewa

Unit #201 ‘Ilima at Leihano

D.R. Horton-Schuler Homes, LLC

Gentry Homes Ltd.

Hale Ka Lae, LLC

St. Francis Development Corp.

Kisco Senior Living

430 Ko‘ako‘a Street Kapolei, HI 96707 (808) 674-2660 www.drhorton.com

91-1111 Kuano‘o St. Ewa Beach, HI 96706 (808) 447-8420 www.gentryhawaii.com

6700 Kalanianaole Hwy Ste 122 Honolulu, HI 96825 (808) 395-7712 www.HaleKaLae.com

91-1471 Miula Street Ewa Beach 96706 (866) 360-5484 www.stfrancishawaii.org

891 Kama‘aha Avenue Ste 101 Kapolei, HI 96707 (808) 674-8022 www.ilimaatleihano.com

OCT 8 - 9 &15 -16, 2011 10AM - 5PM See the 2011 NEW MODEL HOMES Visit www. biahawaii. org or www.staradvertiser.com for the LOCATIONS and driving directions to all 11 Model Homes Haku Milo Court at Kehalani Towne Development of Hawai‘i, Inc. 102 Eulu Street Wailuku, HI 96753 (808) 244-9288 www.townehawaii.com

Visit any of our 11 Parade of Home entrants on October 8-9 & 15-16, 2011 to enter. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Some restrictions may apply. Drop off your entry form at any of the 11 Parade of Home entries. For entry form and complete contest rules visit www.biahawaii.org



The 24-hour kitchen facelift: Renovations that don’t have to be a pricey, prolonged pain


s your kitchen looking a little worn? Or maybe you’ve grown tired of your decor? No need to call in the remodeling crew. Instead, turn your Saturday into Satur-DIY, and with a few simple updates you can spruce up your kitchen — and spirits — in no time at all. According to a recent Kitchen and Bath Business survey, 22 percent of U.S. homeowners are planning to remodel, but may be holding off for budgetary reasons. Small changes don’t have to come with a hefty price tag. Here are a few ideas that don’t take much time or money for a 24-hour kitchen facelift.

Fabulous fixtures

As the workhorse of the kitchen, start by upgrading your faucet — especially since an old or broken faucet can age your kitchen by decades. Pulldown

faucets have become one of the most popular choices for their convenience and high-arc styling, and the new Benton pulldown kitchen faucet from Moen is a great example. The Benton faucet offers exquisite styling in today’s most popular finishes — but it’s what’s inside that counts. Featuring Moen’s unique Reflex pulldown system, Benton pulldown faucets offer smooth operation, easy movement and secure docking to keep the spray wand in place. Priced between $199 and $219, you can make a big splash — even with a small price tag — at the kitchen sink.

Walls that say “wow” Are your current kitchen walls blah or boring? Spice them up with a bold new hue that will make your kitchen decor pop. Not sure where to get inspiration? Take a cue from the color experts and designers at Pratt & Lambert paints, who just released their 2012 color trends with a palette titled “Echo” that features classic, bold colors.

Luxurious lighting New lighting can add life to any room — kitchens included. Shed new light on your kitchen by forgoing the fluorescent and replacing with stylish and functional pendant-style fixtures above task areas, such as the kitchen island or countertops. Chandeliers can be an ideal addition above

table areas to create a focus point and dress up the entire room's decor.

Add storage and style with shelves Installing shelves in your kitchen is a great way to add more space, as well as create a new look. Install shelves over your sink or around the perimeter of your kitchen to hold items such as small appliances, knick knacks, cookbooks or framed photos to keep countertops clear and uncluttered.

Customized cabinets No need to splurge on new cabinets when you can very easily customize your own. With just a few materials and hours, you can refinish or reface your kitchen cabinets. The process is quite simple, just remove the old finish by sanding the fronts of the cabinets and then either

Over 30 Years Track Record • Free Estimates on Split Systems • We Sell, Service, Install & Repair A+ Rating We also sell Portable A/C’s, Split Systems, Window & Thru the Wall A/C’s, Flush Mount A/C’s

Interior & Exterior Overlays Stained Concrete

Visit our showroom Mon-Fri 9-5


LEEWARD 676-1455

KAIMUKI 737-1852

#41a0s VETERAN OWNED G LIC# C-19622/31377

MILILANI 625-5666

WINDWARD 262-6163

GranicreteHawaii.com (808) 626-5418

Call for an Appointment 94-529 Ukee St. #105, Waipio Gentry 96797 (Across from The Womens Wellness Center)


less steel spray paint with real flecks of metal to offer an authentic match for an upscale look. Remember to remove handles from the appliance and place masking tape over areas you do not want painted, and the Updatethe appearance of end result is a new look your appliances that tailors to your A stainless steel finish kitchen’s color scheme. can instantly transform and upgrade the look of While it may seem like a your kitchen. If purchasing daunting task at first, these new kitchen appliances easy, one-day kitchen pickisn’t in the budget, a coat of er-uppers can provide a paint may be just what the refreshing expression that you — and your family — doctor ordered. Krylon offers a stain- are sure to love.

Best Price & Great Quality

Before you buy a split system, make sure you’re buying the highest energy savings available. The higher the EER the more you save.

HONOLULU 537-1971

stain or repaint them to achieve your desired look. Or, for another option, replace wood panels with glass inserts for customlooking doors that will show off your favorite dinnerware pieces.

10% Off Curb Appeal Projects in October

Best Prices Guaranteed With Installation of the Same Equipment

Visit us at: www.aireconditionershoppe.com

Bring modern convenience and style to your kitchen with the new Benton pulldown kitchen faucet from Moen.

Up to

50% Off

Free Estimates

Cabinet. Granite. Quartz. Sink Near Lowes & Home Depot on Nimitz Hwy 900 N. Nimitz Hwy, #108 808-585-9998 • 510-908-0919 AN ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT PUBLISHED BY OAHU PUBLICATIONS, INC. | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Reasons to go PV FROM PAGE 8

information. Kyocera has one of the finest reputations for quality, durability and higher energy.

Reasons to purchase a new PV system today are as follows: The existing tax credits that are available will not be here forever, which means now is the time to take advantage of them. The state of Hawaii tax credit of 35 percent of the system cost with a limit of $5,000 per system and the federal tax credit of 30 percent of the total cost are still available but may not be around much longer


A name to trust in construction FROM PAGE 6

The cost of energy that we pay per kilowatt hour has increased from under 26 cents per kilowatt hour at the beginning of the year to more than 32 cents per kilowatt hour. If you have seen an increase in your energy bill from last year to this year, you are well aware of the sizeable increase to your electric bill. It was recently announced that HECO has filed for an additional rate increase


Byxbee, president of the Building Industry whether it enjoys a choice location Association of Hawaii, the show covers all with ocean frontage and views or aspects of building and remodeling and offers the charm of a vintage, ‘old accepts calls from listeners. Free consultaHawaii’ style structure. The older tions are offered at the Homeworks showhomes can often be hard to sell unim- room and conference room in the proved because buyers are not sure of Homeworks Building at 2111 S. Beretania the soundness of the structure. St. For an appointment or for the date of the However, if they have been inspected and remodeled by a reputable builder, next Build New Or ReDo seminar, call 955the Realtor will be able to give buyers 2777. Homeworks projects can be some assurance that they will not reviewed at www.home workshawaii.com. have to worry about a leaking roof or appliances that will break Contract License: #BC-27653 down or floors that will & #BC-14660 sag. In some cases, Realtors have listed homes we are remodeling while construction is Simonton Windows & Doors still in progress." Rated #1 by Homeworks Construction Over 10,000 Satisfied Customers J.D. Powers & Assoc. has won numerous awards in Building Industry Association All Types Replacement Windows Vinyl & Aluminum WINDOWS & DOORS and National Kitchen and Specializing in Bath Association design comSecurity Awning Windows petitions. The Homeworks Build New Or ReDo radio show is broadcast every Saturday morning from 9 to 10 a.m. on KHVH Radio AM830. Hosted by tropicalwholesale@hawaii.rr.com 263-1252 / 456-4892 / 396-0971 Homeworks CEO Jim Serving Hawaii For Over 30 Years Windward Leeward Honolulu

Free Estimates

and if approved, will modules also need to be increase the prices you installed so that during pay for electricity even high winds, the modules stay on the roof as well as further. keep the home waterHECO has set limits proofed. Many systems to the percentage of have over 30 penetrations customers installing PV in into the roof and each one a particular area to 15 per- should be detailed in the cent of the area usage. If proper way to prevent environmental factors future leaks. Contact Pacific Islands were to decrease the amount of alternative Construction by calling energy produced within a 841-7756 for a consultaparticular zone, then tion or visiting the webHECO will need to site at pacificislandsconrespond by producing struction.net. The commore energy at their plants pany’s goal is to provide satisfaction and this might strain their complete capacity to respond within now and into the future by providing customers a short time. The purchase of a pho- with the best constructed tovoltaic system is not and installed solar eneronly a price issue. The gy system.




T1-11 Siding/Architect Fees/Landmark Roofing

$110 per sq foot plus tax *Minimum 2,000 square footage / Restrictions apply.



New Homes • Additions • Renovations • Commercial Residential, Kitchen, Bath & Remodeling Cabinetry & Woodwork • General Millwork For A Free Estimate For All Projects Call Victor: 428- 5191 or 531-3888 Come and visit our showroom at Y3 Construction, Inc./Lic#BC15731

1018 Smith St. • Hon., HI 96817 www.cvconstructionhawaii.com



Keeping Hawaii’s roofs


ith more than 20 years of experience in Hawaii’s roofing and solar industry, Shon Gregory of Surface Shield Roofing has seen the business change as materials and technologies continue to adapt to the needs and priorities of property owners. “Our clients are becoming increasingly concerned with rising energy costs,” said Gregory. “Traditional technologies and materials are still in use, but we’re finding that more and more people are looking to advancements in roofing to help defray their costs.” Because of our state’s dependence on imported oil, energy costs in Hawaii are the highest in the U.S., and the need to reduce the price of cooling a home or busi20 | HAWAII RENOVATION | SEPT. 25, 2011

protected SURFACE

SHIELD ROOFING CONTACT: 396-9599 • surfaceshield@hawaii.rr.com • www.surfaceshield roofing.com

ness has led to innovations. “The market demands that we work with the latest materials and technologies,” said Gregory, “because our clients want to save on their energy costs over the long term." In addition to traditional roofing materials such as shake, tile and shingles, Surface Shield works with coating technologies such as GacoSil, a solvent-free application that comes with a Class A fire rating and retains its ultraviolet reflective quality over the life of the coating. “Cool roofing” is an approach that has a variety of cost and environmental benefits, and the number of home and business owners adopting that approach is growing rapidly. Because such coatings are applied to existing roofing sub-

strate, demolition that sends waste to a landfill is unnecessary. Buildings using cool roof materials and technologies can save up to 25 percent on energy costs. “Large commercial properties were the first to embrace cool-roofing technologies because of the size of their buildings,” said Gregory. “But in the past few years, we’ve seen a major spike in the number of residential property owners opting to go with technologies previously used mostly by the commercial sector.” Surface Shield also is experienced in the installation of the Solaris cool roofing system. The asphalt shingle technology is solar reflective, and capable of reducing roof temperatures up to 20 percent during summer months in Hawaii.

The Solaris system meets LEED standards, as well as Energy Star requirements for solar reflectivity and thermal emissivity. More durable than traditional roofing materials, the asphalt shingles reduce “thermal shock,” or the expansion of external building materials due to heat. “Reducing thermal shock through systems like Solaris can help prolong the life of traditional building materials like wood and concrete,” said Gregory, “and the life of the structure.” With a keen understanding of the dynamic nature of the building industry in Hawaii, Surface Shield is helping home and business owners utilize advancements in technologies and materials to control rising energy costs.