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OCT. 23, 2011

Living in ‘Style’ Pacific Style Construction is the one to turn to for all your home renovation needs. See page 3 HOW TO MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR FIXER-UPPER AN ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT PUBLISHED BY OAHU PUBLICATIONS, INC.



Energizing your

home-based business D

o you bring office work home or do you work at a home-based business? These days, because of technology and the Internet, more people are working from home for the convenience it provides. If you have a home office, it is important to arrange your furniture and address your environment in a manner that provides as much support as possible to maximize productivity and increase success. If not set up well, your space could be working against you.

Eleanor’s Home Office Eleanor had a homebased gift basket business she started as a hobby many years ago that turned into a part-time business. She had regular corporate clients, who kept her semibusy, but she had no client growth for several years. When her financial needs increased, Eleanor decided to put more energy into growing her business and called me to assess her home office.

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We Specialize in: Before Feng Shui When I stepped into her office, I noticed that no “care” was put into the environment. Although the room contained all the business elements she needed — desk, computer, phone, file cabinets and basket inventory, etc. — nothing was available to support her or the growth of the business. Her desk was in a position that made it appear as if she were a “secretary,” not the owner of her own company. The business had no identifying sig-

MURAKAMI’S ROOFING Full Service Residential Roofing Contractor

nage, and computer and electrical cords were visible everywhere. Although it was neat, the space was neither aesthetically pleasing nor energetically supportive. So here’s the feng shui advice I offered to her:


Move the desk. I

explained to Eleanor that we first had to move her desk to a more empowering position away from the wall to invite increased opportunity. I explained it in terms of “bank president

Residential – Commercial Re-Roofing – Repair – Inspections $

positioning” versus “secretary positioning.” Bank presidents position their desks so that they can see who walks in without having to turn their head.


Get a new chair. Her

chair did not match her position as a business owner in that it was an old squeaky and rusty castoff that was missing an arm. I advised her to get a new



*Minimum of 10 windows installed

Exp: November 20, 2011


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Hardware 50% OFF Blum 1 Set of of se ha with Purc Cabinets Kitchen All In-stock Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinetry, Hard-Wood Doors w/ Plywood Boxes, Multi Colors to Choose. Reasonable Prices! (Airport - across Lagoon Drive) 2959 Koapaka St. • Honolulu, HI 96819 Ph: 836-8181 • Fax: 836-8166





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Design-build contractor who

gets the picture P

acific Style Construction has renovated and rebuilt more than 75 homes in Hawaii in the last eight years. The company is a full-service design-build contractor who uses three-dimensional computer modeling to show clients pictures of what they will get at their budget level. Here are a couple of frequently asked questions from homeowners contemplating major renovations:

What needs to be fixed?

Most families will answer, “Just the kitchens, baths and some new flooring” because they don’t know the condition of the structure underneath. The answer is that removing kitchen cabinets, shower stalls and bathtubs will open a can of worms. The old plumbing made of galvanized steel pipes is rust-

ed and brittle, and vibrations caused by demolition will crack them. If they aren’t replaced with copper pipes, they will fail soon after construction and flood the house, destroying the new cabinets, fixtures and flooring. The wiring will not meet the new requirements of the electrical code and would be downright dangerous if left untouched. Once the walls are opened, the true condition of the structure is revealed, and it’s never a pretty picture. There is usually termite damage, dry rot, poor workmanship revealed in areas where there was home improvement, and the movement of the old foundation is revealed. In simple terms the old single wall houses of Hawaii usually start to fall apart if you attempt a major renovation.

How much will it cost? To compare costs of contractors, you will want to know their average cost per square foot, their definition of a square foot and what’s included in their square foot cost. What a Realtor would describe as a lovely 2,500square-foot four-bedroom, twoand-a-half bath, two-story Mediterranean-style home with indoor laundry and plenty of storage, we would describe as a 3,200-square-foot two-story residential structure. Most contractors don’t include design, drafting, engineering, permitting or demolition of existing structures in their square foot price. They omit appliances, driveways and walkways, gutters and downspouts or utility connections. These hidden costs can add 15 percent or more to what the

owner will actually pay to move in. The square foot cost of construction quoted by contractors on Oahu starts at around $135 per square foot and goes up to near $700 per square foot. The reality of this huge difference in price is what they are going to give you. At $125 per square foot, you can expect the cheesiest construction materials installed by harried and stressed workers. The contractor at this price has such a low margin that any decisions he makes regarding your house will inevitably be biased toward cost savings, leaving you with the cheapest structure possible and the lowest cost finishes, installed as fast as possible, with very little quality control. A reputable architect will quote from $250 to $350 per

square foot for the total project designed and overseen by him. Then there are the wealthy who want their house in fine homebuilding magazines and their goal is to out-do the neighbors in their posh neighborhood. They’ll spend anywhere from $500 to $700 per square foot for their mansion designed by the best architect, built by the most reputable builder, with no expense spared and only the finest imported finishes. Pacific Style Construction will give you full custom design using state-of-the-art threedimensional computer modeling in full color, quality construction with long-lasting materials and designer finishes at under $200 per square foot of structure. Visit the website, www.pacificstyle.info, for more information. OCT. 23, 2011 | HAWAII RENOVATION | 3



Perfect Gift for the




ow about a new kitchen for the holidays? A visit to the C&C Cabinets Granite showroom, with its extensive selection of quality hardwood cabinets and granite countertops, could provide you with inspiration and incentive to get started with a kitchen ren-

ovation or upgrade — just in time for holiday entertaining. C&C Cabinets Granite’s “Pre Holiday Sale” is an opportunity to save (as much as 35 percent off on in-stock cabinets) on a wide selection of finely crafted cherry and maple hardwood cabinets.


Another special offering from C&C is a discount on cabinets and granite for kitchens 10 feet by 10 feet or less. New shipments of granite in a variety of colors and patterns arrive at C&C every two months, and all of them perfectly complement the rich finishes of the hardwood cabinets, drawers and shelves. Just introduced at C&C are the new Espresso cherry hardwood cabinets with a rich, mediumbrown finish and elegant

crown molding, a great choice to complement stainless steel appliances and sinks. If your renovation or kitchen upgrade includes both cabinets and countertops, it might also be a good time to replace sinks, which are a regularly stocked item at C&C. All cabinet and drawer hardware — including pulls, hinges and runners — are of high quality and precision-engineered. The pulls and handles are available in three different styles: stainless steel, brushed nickel and chrome. All cabinets are solid hardwood; no particle board or other synthetic materials are used in the fabrication of the cabinet

doors, shelves and drawers. Customers who wish to display their glassware or dinnerware can order cabinet doors with glass insets. Call ahead or stop in at the showroom, where sales associates are available to work out a preliminary three-dimensional design for the cabinet and counter layout on the computer. If the customer approves of the quoted price, the sales associate will meet with the homeowner at the job site and work out a

detailed plan there. C&C Cabinets Granite handles delivery and installation of the items purchased. They also provide quotes on remodeling, including carpentry, painting, windows and doors, if the customer does not already have a builder. The company showroom, located at 500 Alakawa St., is open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and closed on Sunday. Call 8532088.

10 x 10 Special Only $1999 +tax

Just bring in: Driveway Size (in square feet)

and Pictures

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Serving the Hawaiian Islands Since 2003

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Ph: 853-2088 • Fax: 853-2058

Servicing All Islands

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Phone: 839-2782 Toll Free: 395-7325 | 2927 Mokumoa St., Honolulu, HI 96819

Website: cccabinetsgranite.com


(Downtown - behind Costco Gas Station)



Howyour to create

perfect shower


rom an invigorating spray that kick-starts the morning to an enveloping waterfall that washes away a long day, today’s showers offer luxurious experiences to meet every desire. With a little planning and the right products, you can create a personal oasis. Even small choices, like showerheads and accessories, can instantly upgrade any bathroom. “Showerheads have become increasingly sophisticated,” says Rob Larson, director of business development for Danze, a manufacturer of decorative plumbing products, fixtures and bath furniture. “Whether it’s water conservation, functionality or a spa-like experience that is your priority, you can easily customize the experience by mixing and matching different accessories and sprays.”

A green stream For homeowners looking to conserve water, new showerhead technology is offering a variety of efficient water flows without sacrificing performance. Creating a luxurious

spray no longer translates into wasted water. “We’ve worked tirelessly to design showerheads that push water out with greater force, maximizing water flow regardless of water pressure,” Larson says. “It’s now possible to save water and energy without sacrificing your shower experience, but you do need to do your homework. Not all efficient showerheads have the technology needed to deliver on performance.” Larson recommends pressure-equalizing showerheads and novel spray patterns, each of which can provide optimal performance at flow rates up to 40 percent lower than the 2.5 gallon-per-minute federal mandate.

not only have the ability to pair a wide variety of handheld showerheads with them, but they also cater to diverse heights and accommodate physical limitations. Often paired with a wall- or ceiling-mounted showerhead, handheld showers are particularly useful when washing your hair, rinsing off legs, bathing children or even cleaning the shower.” Slide bars come in a variety of styles, finishes

and sizes to accommodate every shower enclosure. Danze, for instance, offers 24- and 30-inch systems with multi-function showerheads to ensure the perfect custom combination.

The H2Oasis If you’re hoping to create a spa-like experience, today’s custom shower systems often combine wall-mounted body sprays, handheld sprayers and high-performance showerheads to transform

the shower into a relaxing getaway. “For those days when you want to escape and truly wash it all away, custom systems are the ideal shower solution,” Larson said. “Adjustable, wallmounted body sprays added to a shower allow you to direct the water flow in your preferred position to complement the other elements of your shower.” Many custom systems offer a variety of styles and finishes that also

coordinate with bathroom faucets and accessories to create a cohesive decor. The sleek, sculptural Sirius Collection from Danze, for instance, includes a shower system, faucets, and accessories like towel bars and shelves to carry your unique style beyond the shower walls.

For more information on the variety of new shower systems, accessories and technology, visit danze.com.

More flexible flow When functionality is top of mind, handheld showerheads with slide bar mounting systems on the wall offer a great solution as they cater to a variety of needs. “Slide bar shower systems are a versatile option for any homeowner because the spray direction is so easy to manipulate,” Larson said. “You OCT. 23, 2011 | HAWAII RENOVATION | 5


The Beautiful Bathroom O

ver the past few years, scientists and entrepreneurs BATH have created money-saving solutions for many CONTACT: 358-7780 • costly renovation projects. allislandbath.com If utilized, these cost-conscious solutions will save Some of these solutions you downtime, are less invasive to your home, are: • Bathtub, wall-surand are a great help to the environment, saving huge round resurfacing — amounts of waste Hawaii Resurface your worn or residents produce on a stained bathtub to look like new. daily basis.


• Illusionite Simulated Stone — Transforms your countertops from laminate or tile to look like granite or marble. • Walk-through conversion — Convert your tub into a walkthrough shower, making life easier for the elderly or disabled. • Bathtub, wall-sur-

round liners — Fits a new tub over your old stained or rusted tub or wall surround in one day. In the cost-conscious economy that we are in today, more and more people are using these types of remodeling choices, which could save you

thousands. In the 20 years that AllIsland Bath has been in business, the company has had many satisfied customers who have remodeled their bathrooms multiple times to keep up with

changing styles and needs — and done so at a fraction of the cost of others. This has been a great asset to property managers and hotel managers, who are always looking to update the look of their bathrooms.

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BUILDER’S OPEN HOUSE Interior & Exterior Overlays Stained Concrete

Visit our showroom 94-1388 Moaniani St. #302 Mon-Fri 9-5

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Designed for Multigeneration Living

Sunday, Oct. 30, 12noon-4pm 1536 AHUAWA LOOP WAIALAE-KAHALA


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senior managers of Hawaii’s top contractors and suppliers. The Big Show will offer homeowners free consultations and special event seminars to provide additional resources for remodeling and new home construction projects. Conveniently located under one roof, consumers also will discover the latest technological advances in building materials, appliances, construction innovations, architectural and interior design. The deadline for exhibitor entrants for Hawaii’s premier building industry event in 2012 is Nov. 11, and all interested exhibitors may contact Clarice Watanabe at 629-7503 or email ckw@bia hawaii.org for additional information.

he Building Industry Association of Hawaii (BIA-Hawaii) is very committed to our mission to “Enhance the Quality of Life for the People of Hawaii.” Our members are dedicated professionals representing developers, general contractors, specialty contractors, suppliers and associates. The 18th annual BIA Home Building & Remodeling Show, otherwise known as “The Big Show,” will be held Jan. 27-29, 2012 at Neal Blaisdell Exhibition Hall. This annual showcase of building industry experts and companies will offer consumers thousands of new products, services, building trends and remodeling techniques. It also is a very unique opportunity Karen Nakamura is executive vice presto ask questions, gather information and ident / CEO of the Building Industry establish connections with the owners and Association of Hawaii.



Privacy with Curb Appeal Are you looking to replace, upgrade or add a new fence or gate to your home? Servco Raynor Overhead Doors can help. Our fence designs are aesthetically appealing, easy to install, environmentally sustainable and are more durable and stronger than traditional wood fences. Plus our gates and fences are equipped with heavy-duty commercial-grade hardware, offering the perfect combination of beauty and reliability. GATE DOOR

Visit our new showroom:

94-480 Akoki Street #4 • Waipahu, HI 96797

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Showroom Hours: Mon-Fri: 10am-6pm; Sat: by Appointment

676-DOOR (676-3667) ServcoRaynor.com



Fusing Custom Cabinetry and



itchen Cabinets by Tenibac was conceived with the idea that custom cabinets can be affordable and at the same time offer “door styles unlike any others.� Yes, the company has door styles that accurately reflect the Hawaiian lifestyle. The kitchen design professionals at Tenibac have the design expertise necessary to help you create what will turn an empty kitchen or an existing space into your dream kitchen that has both beauty and functionality. Outstanding kitchens begin with creativity and a practical design that fits your needs. All that’s required are careful planning and attention to detail. Each customer and project are unique and presents their own set of challenges. Listening carefully to customers allows


ADDRESS: 746 ILANIWAI ST., #100 CONTACT: 593-7870 staffers to discover what truly reflects a client’s personality and lifestyle. Kitchen Cabinets offers Aristocratic cabinets for that true custom-built kitchen, as well as the affordable Tradewind cabinet line — built locally with custom sizes to fit your kitchen needs at no additional charge. Mapleveneer, plywood-quality construction with full extension soft-close drawer guides come standard with the latest options to make your kitchen efficient. The company offers you a variety of additional

services while guaranteeing professionalism at all times. With a 2,000-squarefoot showroom and more than 200 door styles on display, Kitchen Cabinets by Tenibac is literally the “Biggest Little Showroom in Town.� The company will install what it designs for you so that it meets your expectations, as well

as manage the entire job from start to finish. By choosing to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, you can increase the value of your home. Stop by Kitchen Cabinets by Tenibac’s showroom and talk to one of its experienced design consultants, and get your customdesigned kitchen started today.

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Over 21 years of industry experience

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25- YEAR PV PANEL WARRANTY • Solar Hot Water Systems $750 Hawaii Energy Efficiency Rebate • Solar Attic Fans Hot Water Systems Only C# 17021 • Photovoltaic Systems 30% Federal tax credit • Solar PV Pool Pumps & 35% State tax credit Pool Heating Systems LIC # C-28425 & LIC # C-30385 • Solar Repair & Service




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• Solar Thermal Hot Water System • Photovoltaic System • Solar PV Pool Pump • Solar Pool Heating System Coupons cannot be combined with any other offer. Must present coupon at time of sale. Expires 12/31/11

Preventative Maintenance Service • Replace sacrificial anode & tempering valves • 12 point check-up service



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Any Repair

With complete kitchen...

Kitchen Cabinets by Tenibac

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746 ILANIWAI ST Custom made cabinets or pre-made cabinets to best fit your budget.





âž Appliance package or âž‚ $1,500 call for details

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Buying a fixer-upper?

Empowering Communities

How to make the most of your remodel


ith home prices and interest rates still low and inventories high, it’s a great time to be in the market for a fixer-upper. By buying a house that needs some work, you can achieve your dream home for less than you would probably pay for a move-in-ready abode. To ensure you’re making the most of your investment, however, it pays to take a look at your credit before you buy and begin your remodel. You’ll not only need credit to cover the purchase price of the house, but you’ll need it for renovation expenses as well. The first step you should take in your bid to buy a fixer-upper is to check your credit report and score. Websites like www.creditreport.com can help you understand your credit. Understanding your credit will help you know whether or not you can afford to buy a house that needs work and if you’ll be able to pay for the needed renovations. You should also care-

fully research what your options are for financing your remodel. Learn what your options are, from traditional fixed mortgages to home equity lines of credit, and decide before you buy which type of financing will be best for you. Getting a handle on your financing before you buy can help ensure you stay on budget when you're in the middle of renovations. When you’ve got a clear picture of your credit status and financing options, you can start looking at fixer-uppers. When you find a good prospect, have your remodeling contractor walk through the house with you so he can give you a rough estimate of what needs to be done and how much the work will cost. If you’re buying a house that’s in basically good condition but just looks dated, you’ll have to make some decisions about where to invest your money. Focus on improvements that will not only look good, but will also enhance the value of your home.

Surfrider Foundation Beach Cleanup

Solar PV System for Habitat for Humanity

2011 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure -– Team RevoluSun

As a part of our local community, we believe it’s our responsibility to give back to our ohana. We’re proud to support these organizations as well as many more in building a cleaner, smarter Hawaii.

JOIN THE Join the RevoluSun in raising awareness for Breast Cancer

808.748.8888 | RevoluSun.com 1600 Kapiolani Blvd, Suite 1700 | Honolulu, HI 96814 | LIC. # ABC 30244 OCT. 23, 2011 | HAWAII RENOVATION | 9


Designing with

true professionals



eautiful things can happen in small spaces for a reasonable price when working with CS Design Builders. Many homeowners with small apartments or studios often feel that not much can be done or that it’s not worth it to renovate their homes. The truth is, having a small apartment or studio is a very good thing for homeowners when it comes to renovation. Because of the small footprint of the kitchens and bathrooms, the cost of renovating is significantly less than it would be when renovating larger spaces. This allows homeowners to

ADDRESS: 220 PUUHALE ROAD CONTACT: 847-8711 • info@csdesignbuilders.com • www.csdesignbuilders.com select exactly what they want and often not have to make significant compromises in getting what they desire in their dream renovations. In addition, homeowners who have recently purchased older apartments often find that by simply planning and budgeting for the cost of a small renovation, they can move into an

apartment they really love. A simple change of cabinets and countertops, replacing old appliances with new ones or changing the old carpet to beautiful wood floors can be very affordable. This also is true of homeowners who are trying to sell their older apartments. Many sellers find that by making these simple changes and adding value to their homes, they can dramatically increase their selling price and speed of sale. CS Design Builders renovated a small downtown studio, replacing the existing kitchen with one that was not only beau-

tiful, but more ergonomic and functional than the old one. Workers reduced the visual weight and footprint of the kitchen, allowing for more natural light, and removed bulky pieces that blocked the walking path from the door to the living room, all at a reasonable price. In addition, CS Design Builders replaced the existing floor with its exclusive line of gorgeous, affordable custom-made wood

flooring, throughout the studio, completing the look beautifully. CS Design Builders is a onestop renovation shop that takes you from your first ideas through the entire build process, with one point of accountability so homeowners do not have to worry about coordinating with multiple contractors, vendors and designers. Call CS Design Builders today for a free estimate.

Best Prices Guaranteed With Installation of the Same Equipment Over 30 Years Track Record • Free Estimates on Split Systems • We Sell, Service, Install & Repair A+ Rating We also sell Portable A/C’s, Split Systems, Window & Thru the Wall A/C’s, Flush Mount A/C’s Before you buy a split system, make sure you’re buying the highest energy savings available. The higher the EER the more you save.



Visit us at: www.aireconditionershoppe.com

HONOLULU 537-1971

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#41a0s VETERAN OWNED G LIC# C-19622/31377

MILILANI 625-5666

WINDWARD 262-6163

Call for an Appointment 94-529 Ukee St. #105, Waipio Gentry 96797 (Across from The Womens Wellness Center)

10 | HAWAII RENOVATION | OCT. 23, 2011

Family Owned 1 C-21 Lic#12015 • C-7 C-5

KAIMUKI 1st & Waialae • 735-3005 KANEOHE 45-620 Kamehameha Hwy. (Behind 7-11) • 262-0900 SAND ISLAND 330 Sand Island Access Rd. • 841-6183




Photovoltaic Systems Installation and Maintenance Service


he installation of a photovoltaic system requires attention to many details. Building inspectors have noted that many systems are being installed with poor installation practices. Concern in the industry over what changes need to be made in the building code are now being considered because of the absence of design criteria in the code that addresses the shortcoming in the existing code. Pacific Islands Construction believes that these shortcomings once addressed will provide the consumer a better installation. The following issues are in need of attention and should be examined prior to your purchase of a photovoltaic system:


ISLANDS CONSTRUCTION CONTACT: 841-7756 • Pacificislandsconstruction.net

tions for the racking systems have waterproofing issues requiring proper roof flashings to insure the roof will not leak. Caulking or special mastic materials do not work over the long haul. Only industry standard roof flashings that isolate the roof penetration by design and will not void your roof warranty should be installed.

• There is the issue of the wind uplift or modules being torn off the roof during high winds. If the rack• Solar panels or mod- ing system consists of field ules are generally installed fabricated channel metal on roofs. The roof penetra- and/or is just bolted to

The purchase of a photovoltaic system is not only a price issue. The quality of the module, the installation/flashings used on the roof, manufacturers’ track records, and contractors’ attention to details should all be considered. The servicing of the equipment is also an important element, and we have programs in place to provide our customers peace of mind. Pacific Islands Construction believes that an As the industry evolves, informed consumer will standards for PV installations are essential to ensure the public that the right thing is being done to protect the consumer from poor installation details. Anyone can quickly install a poor installation and charge a lower price, but in the end, the customer deals with the consequences.

hold it in place, it has a high probability of failing during high winds. These installations do not have tested assemblies to meet wind uplift ratings. Building inspectors have noticed that many installations are relying on skinny lag bolts setting up off the roof to keep the modules in place. Common sense tells you that they will snap during high winds, and this type of installation has to change.

make the best decisions, and the company strives to provide customers with the best information available. The company also provides third-party reports, shows the differences in the module construction, and provides details on all phases of installation or construc-

Leaky Roof?

tion. Contact Pacific Islands Construction by calling 841-7756 for a consultation or visit the website atpacificislandsconstruction.net. The company’s goal is to provide complete satisfaction now and into the future by providing cus-

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A special addition to our early King’s Collection (Oak) and Queen’s Collection (Birch) cabinet products. “Kamalani” features beautiful genuine Walnut Hardwood, Face Frames and Doors.

22 YEARS IN BUSINESS Save $$ by Refacing your existing cabinets or we can build you custom ones!

s Solid Walnut Hardwood Face Frames and Doors s Prefinished Hardwood Plywood interiors s 3/4” Plywood shelving s Durable furniture finish Featuring our “slow close” full extension drawer hardware, standard.

Replace Doors, Drawers, Countertops, Hi-Macs, Raised Panel Hardwood Doors, Corian & Granite

Monday - Saturday 8:00am - 4:30pm 212 Mohonua Place, C-3 847-7835

with “Quality Touch”

Ph: 356-1889 or 356-1893 www.honsador.com

Lic # C-24208

www.essentialcabinetrefacing.com OCT. 23, 2011 | HAWAII RENOVATION | 11


The smart method to finding, selling a home H

awaii-PrivateLoans.com is part of a rapidly growing community of real estate investors and Realtors, located all across North America, who specialize in buying and selling homes with owner financing. By completing a simple buyer profile at HawaiiPrivate-Loans.com — an analysis that indicates what sort of home you would like, where you want to live and what you

your needs, you will receive an automatic email, giving you the address, pictures and details of the home. Remember, however, that the company can only send you homes that match your criteria. In general, buyers are often able to move into their home within 10-16 days after seeing it for the first time.

Why not fill out a free buyer profile and find out if we can quickly locate INVESTMENT your dream house? The ADDRESS: profile can be found 729B EMILY ST. online at www.HawaiiPrivate-Loans.com. CONTACT: 988-2000 Additionally, you can get a free copy of Home can afford — you will be Buyer’s Guide at the part of the company’s netaforementioned website. work of members who will The guide helps readers immediately start working discover how to escape to find homes that match the rental trap as well as your requirements. purchase their dream Whenever a member We May Have Already home without the need finds a home that matches Found the Home for You for banks and credit checks. The guide also will shed light on:


12 | HAWAII RENOVATION | OCT. 23, 2011

• The Shocking Truth About Renting: Is It Setting You Back Financially? •The Single Most Powerful Strategy To Own A Home Without The Banks

Buy a Home or Condo with No Bank Loan!

Hawaii-Private-Loans.com www.AlreadyApproved.info or call (808) 988.2000 License No. C-26041


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18 Years of Quality Service to Hawaii

! " # $ % & % !# '( ) ' * + ' , .$

/ . $

• The Five Things You Must Know To Protect Yourself In Any Creative Finance Transaction • The Cold Hard Facts Of What It Costs To Rent A Home And Why You Can’t Afford To Keep Paying Your Landlord’s Mortgage

Call now for a FREE household energy & solar consultation

842-5853 www.AlternateEnergyHawaii.com

Want to Sell Fast and for Full Price? Owner financing may be your hidden solution too! Visit www.QuickSell .info or contact Pacific Investment at 988-2000.

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mini makeovers for the holidays T

he season for the smartest way to “go because of their natural indoor gatherings new.” elegance, but unfortunateHere are the top ways ly, the huge remodeling has arrived, and everyone is looking for you can mini-makeover commitment and high ways to bring the excite- your kitchen: price for granite results in ment into their homes. buyer hesitation. Now you • Refinish countertops. can paint over your outWith tighter budgets for remodeling, choosing An overwhelming per- dated countertops with paint for your mini- centage of U.S. homeown- granite paint. Giani makeover projects may be ers want granite tops Granite provides counter-

top paint kits that include and plywood flooring are make the floor unique in everything you need to inexpensive options and your home. refinish your counters, can be cut for a tiled or Using mini-makeover reviving your outdated plank look. These low-cost kitchen. flooring alternatives offer paint tips to update and plenty of personalization change the looks of your • Paint stainless. Old options such as painting, home will have your seaand outdated appliances staining, whitewashing, sonal guests oohing and are a large eyesore for stenciling or simply coat- awing over how great it many kitchens, but buying ing with polyurethane to looks. new is often financially difficult. For those stuck in a pinch, try paint. Thomas’ Liquid Stainless Steel is made with 100 percent stainless steel in an automotive grade, clear resin. You no longer need to replace refrigerators, New and Exciting at PII! stoves, dishwashers and We have now added beautiful and cabinet hardware with high quality expensive new stainless steel to have a modern PATIO FURNITURE look. Find stainless steel Beautiful wicker-like designs in cocktail paint options at liquid table sets, sofa ensembles & chaises! stainlesssteel.com. Check out our “Shower of Aloha” today!

• Paint cabinets and trim. New touches to your kitchen can be applied with finishing paint on dingy cabinets, shelving, doors, trim and woodwork. Painting over outdated polyurethane and varnish surfaces is now possible without using a primer. Using a tough yet smooth finishing paint is especially important for these smaller, often overlooked accents that make or break the final look of a kitchen.

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Refresh for the


Holidays A

s you start planning for the upcoming holidays, there is still time to prepare your home before your loved ones come over to celebrate. Hawaii’s Interior Design Center suggests a few ways to quickly update your home without spending too much time or money. It’s called REFRESH (Revitalize, Rejuvenate, Rearrange, Reorganize and Revive). Any or all of these tips will make your space a refreshed place to live, love and laugh during this holiday season.

Revitalize. New lighting can make a world of difference in your space and awaken beautiful angles, artwork or colors throughout your room. New handles and knobs dress up old cabinets, furniture and pantry doors. Backsplashes or


new countertops also lend warmth and artwork, rugs and knick-knacks for a excitement to the upcoming holiday new look. Move furniture around for a season. different configuration that sets up a different energy. Rejuvenate. No matter how much you clean those walls they still feel dull and Reorganize. New cabinets set up for look a little dirty. You will be surprised your specific needs add ease to your life, how much a new coat of paint can helping with organization and functionbrighten and clean up a room. New ality of any room. Hang shelves to disbaseboards assist paint in making the play framed photos, colorful vases and room much brighter and cleaner. special keepsakes. Adding a new door creates a fresh entrance to any room. Pops of color Revive. Specialists at Hawaii’s with an accent wall adds cheer, warmth Interior Design Center help and happiness to any space. On your you determine what the own you can bring the room together best option is for you to with a vibrant bouquet of fresh flowers, revive your floors. a bowl of bright fruit, or bold new throw Beautiful hardwood, engineered or laminate floors pillow. can make a huge impact on Rearrange. Swap lamps, end tables, the overall feeling of your

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at HHF for the month of October • • • • •


space. Sanding and refinishing your existing wood floors will rejuvenate throughout. Replacing old carpet or installing tile flooring is another great idea and will open and revive the rooms in so many ways.

Hardwood Installation Slab Prep & Leveling Carpet Installation Dustless Sand & Finish Laminate Installation Stone & Tile Installation

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How to ‘go out’ while staying right at home W

hen the weekend arrives, going out to a local establishment to meet up with your friends to relax and enjoy your time off is a timehonored tradition. But going out involves a lot of planning and coordination — not to mention the money you’ll inevitably drop on food, bar tabs and transportation. The good news is with the right modifications to your home, you can make a night in seem just like a night on the town. Turning a room or part of your home into a bar or recreational area can make your abode a destination in itself, as you'll have the comforts of the pub within the privacy of home. When trying to make your home an entertaining destination, focus on the things that you and your friends enjoy about your favorite hangouts. Here are a few improvements to consider as you construct your space:

Your bar will provide both a place to distribute food and drinks to your guests, as well as a central place to gather for conversation. Depending on your taste, you could go with a classic horizontal bar, or an L-shaped bar that promotes more face time and conversation. Make a wish list: Is it to be a wet bar plumbed for a sink, and do you have ample power to supply the fridge, blender, stereo and other electronic equipment? Don’t forget the ergonomic layout — is the barware within easy reach and the fridge easily accessible?

• Build to accommodate accessories. It goes without saying that a refrigerator is a must, but areas with limited space might not accommodate a full-size refrigerator. Compact under-counter models are perfect in this situation. Typically 24 inches wide and counter-high, these are available in a variety of styles, including wine fridges, beverage centers or kegerators. Determining • Start with the bar. how you entertain is key,

says Steve Atkinson, senior marketing manager for Danby Products. “Our Silhouette Select Party Center was designed with entertaining in mind. This unique space-saving fridge offers three separate temperature zones for wine, beverage and ice production in one sleek stainless steel-wrapped package. It’s competitively priced, offering extremely good value for the money.” • Distinguish with bar decor. One of the more subtle ways to make your home bar feel more like the real thing is paying special attention to lighting and decor. Adding light fixtures above the bar will draw visitors in. Incorporating a mirror into the back bar will evoke the classic pub look, but the real reason you see mirrors behind bars is because they make the area feel larger than it actually is — a plus when you're working with limited space. Use vintage beer signs or sports memorabilia to inject your own SEE PAGE 16

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Enjoying the night out while staying at home FROM PAGE 15

FROM PAGE 2 especially the business chair that had strong arms owner. and a good supportive Camouflage electrical back. She was in a comcords. Finally, I sugmanding position and the structure of the chair gested that she group some of the electrical cords needed to reflect that. together and camouflage Put up the business them with plants, screens, name. Next I advised or tubing. Electrical cords her to put a sign on her door correlate to our nervous with the name of her busi- system, and unkempt cords ness clearly depicted. Even in plain sight trigger in a home-based business, it unnecessary stress. is important to establish the After Feng Shui office as an important place Eleanor did what I of business. advised, and within three Add plant life. months she was feeling so Eleanor had no plant much more empowered life in the office. Plants while working in her (real or quality silk “new” office. She also conplants) offer energy and fided that she had not only increased are a reminder of growth experienced and abundance. I suggest- business but more physied she get a few large cal vitality as well. plants to put in the corUse Feng Shui for an ners of her office and some smaller plants to extra edge Businesses, no matter place elsewhere around the room to add color and where they are located, create a more comfort- need every edge they can get in a tough economy. able environment. Make sure that your home Hang inspirational office, (even if it is just pictures. The walls where you pay the bills) were bare so I suggested appeals to your senses and she find images that feels vibrant and alive. If it remind her of what she feels depressed and strugwanted to create and gling, then add some feng experience in her busi- shui to uplift the space! ness. For stability, I sugFeng shui expert and life gested that she hang a large picture of a moun- guide Alice Inoue offers tain behind her desk. books, DVDs, workshops Positioning images of and private consultations. mountains behind the Join Alice on 11/11/11 for her desk gives great support “Get Inspired About Your and is positive reinforce- Life!” event. Visit www.ali ment for anyone, most ceinspired.com.




• Entertainment. If you have the space, installing a pool table, dart board or other favorite bar games can greatly add to the fun. If you install a TV, consider adding it in a place where it can be seen from almost anywhere in the room, yet doesn’t dominate the space or get in the way of conversation and interaction. If you’re pressed for space, place card games and board games nearby, as they can make for great ice-breakers. • Set a vibe. The music selection is a key ingredient to the atmosphere in any bar, so you’ll want to give some thought to the sound system you use. One



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16 | HAWAII RENOVATION | OCT. 23, 2011

Constructing a bar might require a little investment up front, but you’ll quickly begin to recoup your expenses as you spend more time at home instead of going out. And when you build your own space, you can combine all the elements of your favorite watering holes. By adding your own personality to your space, you can build something that's sure to become your friends’ new favorite destination.


Giving business a feng shui lift

option is to connect your system to your patio, so you can play tunes inside and out. Otherwise, nothing exudes a warm and inviting sound more than a vintage turntable. If you and your friends are audiophiles, a record player is all you need for a night of conversation and audio delight.

personality into your entertaining area.


This fall, dress your windows in style, warmth and savings with Duette® Architella® Honeycomb Shades. Their exclusive, insulating design can reduce energy loss through windows and help lower your heating and cooling bills. For select shades purchased and installed by December 1, you may qualify for a federal tax credit of up to $500.† Plus, act before December 12, and you’ll receive a $25 rebate per unit.* Celebrate the season with Hunter Douglas, where good taste and great energy savings are always in fashion.

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*Manufacturer’s rebate offer valid for purchases made 9/13/11 - 12/12/11. Rebate offers may not be combined; there is a limit of one rebate per qualifying unit. For each qualifying unit purchased, the higher applicable rebate amount will apply. Other limitations and restrictions apply. All rebates will be issued in U.S. dollars, in the form of an American Express® Prepaid Reward Card. †For tax credit details and restrictions and a list of qualifying products, ask a salesperson or visit hunterdouglas.com/taxcredit. Hunter Douglas and its dealers are not tax advisors. The tax credit for 2011 is subject to a limitation based in part on the amount of Section 25C credits taken in prior years. It is recommended that you consult your tax advisor regarding your individual tax situation and your ability to claim this tax credit. ©2011 Hunter Douglas. ® and TM are trademarks of Hunter Douglas.


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Caring for Mom and Dad: Cost-effective tips to create an accessible bathroom requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), also has an adjustable hot limit safety stop that helps reduce scalding. This simple and inexpensive alteration will make washing up more comfortable for elderly parents and grandparents, and is also a great excuse to perk up the look of your bathroom.


any boomers caring for their aging parents don’t realize that their bathroom is the most important room in the house. Remodeling a bathroom for an elderly parent can make life not only safer, but also more enjoyable, improving comfort and personal dignity. Temporary fixes like plastic bathtub seats and toilet frames with elevated seats can be rickety, but even worse, they

can be depressing and demoralizing. Upgrading to new fixtures built with accessibility in mind can cost less than you might think. Upgrading helps maintain independent living for the elderly, and is a wise investment for any home, given that anyone can experience temporary disabilities, such as surgery or broken bones. Try these helpful ideas to create a bathroom that will look great and work won-

derfully for you and your loved ones well into the future.

• Try a taller toilet. Standard toilets have a bowl height of about 15 inches, but many manufacturers have recently introduced models that are an inch and a half higher. These taller commodes make sitting down and getting back up less stressful on the body. Bring high style and performance as well as comfort to your bathroom by upgrading to a luxury toilet.

• Switch to an ADA-compliant faucet. Some faucet handles require a surprising amount of force to operate, and knobs can be difficult to twist for seniors. Instead, try an ADA-compliant single lever faucet that allows for easy on-and-off operation without the need to • Think about accessible grip. This faucet style, storage. Keep bathing and which complies with the grooming accessories neat-

ly stowed out of the way to reduce trips and falls, and to keep them clear of wheelchairs. Accessibility and functionality are essential when planning for convenient storage options in the bathroom.

over, and too low to sit down into for bathing. American Standard has a unique low-cost solution with its walk-in seated shower that features a wide, contoured, full-sized seating area with recessed front to make standing or • Make it easy on the sitting while showering eyes. High-gloss paints and comfortable and easy. tiles can produce an uncomfortable glare, so • Provide a spa-like walkintroduce matte finishes for in tub. Why shouldn’t Mom better visibility. Choosing have her own home spa? wall and floor colors or pat- The greatest generation is terns that contrast is anoth- also the “bathing generaer great way to increase tion.” Boomers’ parents are visual perception of space more likely to benefit from and help older adults feel replacing an old, undermore confident as they used bathtub with one of move about the room. today’s walk-in tubs. Installing a walk-in bathtub • Replace an unused or shower system with a bathtub with a walk-in built-in seat brings back a shower. Holding on to the measure of independence ability to bathe independ- in self-care. Many walk-in ently is key to aging grace- tubs are designed to fit perfully and with dignity. The fectly in the space of a conubiquitous tub/shower unit ventional tub for easy in so many homes may be installation and are now uncomfortably high for the available with luxurious elderly and disabled to step special features.

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‘Alternative’ way to home safety


ave you ever had any doubts about your home’s electrical system? Is it more than 50 years old, and is it properly grounded? While most people focus on the cosmetics of their property, a home’s electrical system is often taken for granted until an electrical hazard occurs. And that’s a risk no one should be willing to take, according to Chad Matsumoto and Bronson Apana, coowners of Alternative Electric in Honolulu. “With all the house fires that recently have been occurring on Oahu, an increasing number of homeowners are questioning the safety of their home’s electrical system,” says Matsumoto. “If you ever thought about having your system checked out, why wait any longer?” Matsumoto offers a few do-it-yourself checks that can be done before you even call an electrician:

• Do you have loose outlets in your home? Loose outlets may lead to loose connections, thus creating an arcing effect. Arcing may cause sparking and excessive heat, leading to a possible fire.

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proximity to water. These outlets trip off when an imbalance of current is sensed, thus eliminating potential shock hazards. • Does your home have knoband–tube wiring? This type of wiring was generally installed before the 1960s. As time goes by, the insulation around this type of wiring gets brittle and starts to fall off — leaving live exposed wiring. Today, most insurance companies will not open a new policy if the home has knob-and-tube wiring.

• Have you ever had rodent problems? Rodents may chew away the insulation around your wiring, leaving the live portion exposed. • Are there GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets in your kitchen and bathroom? • Do you have problems Today, GFCI outlets are with circuit breakers triprequired in these rooms ping off? Circuit breakers because of their close are a source of protection 18 | HAWAII RENOVATION | OCT. 23, 2011

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for your home’s electrical “We are a full-service electrical contractor offersystem. ing solar photovoltaics, “While most electrical new construction, rewires, contractors shy away from renovations, maintenance, rewiring older homes, trouble calls or just changAlternative Electric wel- ing a light or outlet.” comes all types of electrical Call Alternative Electric work,” says Matsumoto. at 630-6741 or 285-3663. AN ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT PUBLISHED BY OAHU PUBLICATIONS, INC. | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Easy Tips To Upgrade Your Home

help map out what you can first do on your own to ensure the job gets completed the right way. To find an architect in your area, visit: www.archi tectfinder.aia.org. If you can also remember to relax and get a little creative, you may even enjoy the overall process of dreaming up renovations!

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cozy as your favorite cor- that work with your timener coffee shop. line and budget. There are also many small things homeowners Take it Step by Step One of the most difficult can do themselves before things homeowners face bringing in a professional when it comes to renova- to finish the job. For examtions is the desire to do ple, buy raw materials like everything at once. But by tiles or light fixtures and working with an architect, then ask a professional to you can create a plan for install them. Shove-Brown completing renovations says that an architect can


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Wide open spaces can evolve with your needs over time.

m Lala

rooms is key to making fall makes it easy to get improvement projects around if mobility ever manageable,” he adds. becomes limited. “From there, a natural game plan will emerge.” Create a Home Oasis To help get you started, Is your definition of Shove-Brown offers some bliss reading a good book? useful advice. Or maybe getting a spa treatment? Then consider some small changes to key Think Flexible Spaces Whether you’re a newly rooms to create a new married couple hoping to hangout space to unwind start a family or a senior and relax at home. For example, switching citizen looking to age in place, consider creating out your standard showeropen, flexible spaces that head for a more powerful grow or evolve with your one and adding flex lightneeds. For example, con- ing can instantly transnecting the kitchen and form a bathroom into a living room into a single, more relaxing, meditative large live–and-play area environment. Or, install can help a family spend some bookshelves in your time together, even if bedroom and add a cushengaged in separate activi- ioned window nook or ties. For older citizens, comfortable couch to one large living area make the space just as

ipa aS


any Americans are looking to upgrade high-trafficked areas like the living room, bedroom and bathroom these days. But big projects can be daunting, not to mention burdensome on your pocketbook. Fortunately, you don’t have to go big to upgrade this time of the year. “Home renovations don’t have to result in complete overhauls of your living spaces — and they certainly don’t have to create major dents in your bank accounts,” says David Shove-Brown, a member of the American Institute of Architects’ Small Project Practitioners Committee. “Thinking through how you live in those particular



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The best alternative to fumigation

20 | HAWAII RENOVATION | OCT. 23, 2011


PEST SOLUTIONS CONTACT: OAHU: 808-7543393 • MAUI: 808-280-4300 • BIG ISLAND: 808-640-4499 • www.akamaipestsolution.com California recently has changed its laws that require a three-day process for fumigation, which can really be inconvenient. Will this eventually find its way to Hawaii ? Only time will tell. Akamai Pest Solutions continues to grow, educating its customers about termites and the options of treatment, and more and more of them are choosing the safer alternative of orange oil. Most customers have heard of orange oil being used in so many types of products and are excited about the idea of this product being used to kill termites as well. They are already familiar with it. But even those who aren’t are relieved that there is a safer alternative to fumigation. Before deciding to automatically fumigate your residential, commercial or any other structure, call or email Akamai Pest Solutions for a free consultation. And remember to think green and treat orange.

Nathalie Walker photos


omeowners are not the only ones who have to deal with the hassle of tent fumigation to rid their homes of drywood termites. Akamai Pest Solutions has been treating many other types of structures for drywood termites. Tenting always has been the only method available to treat all structures. Now that XT-2000 is on the scene, everyone has a safer, lessintrusive option. Traditionally when a shopping center or a school or a condominium complex had to treat for drywood termites, they had to do the usual preparations such as bagging food, taking out live plants, having to put condo tenants up in a hotel and inconvenience business owners by having them close shop for a few days. This is no longer necessary because Akamai Pest Solutions can come in and treat any type of structure and work around the tenants and businesses and even schools without exposing the customers to toxic gas and so much inconvenience. Akamai has treated shopping centers, strip malls, condominium complexes, military buildings, schools, national park and historical buildings, churches and temples — and done so without inconveniencing the customers or tenants.