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Catamaran stability






Crossing the “0” parallel


Environmental & Responsible travel.


On-board services and marine activities


Guides on board the Athala




Introduction: The MC Athala II is the perfect cruise ship to go on in search of adventure. This vessel provides spacious indoor and outdoor social areas and cabin space. It has a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, and the capacity for 16 passengers is just perfect for us to quickly tend all needed requirements.

Stability: The MC Athala is a catamarån that provides a more stable and comfortable navigation, because it does not heel when traveling and doesn´t roll when anchored.



Facilities The MC Athala II has the power to carry 16 passengers in comfort and style. The cabins are beautifully decorated and fully air-conditioned with either queen or twin bed arrangement. There are four cabins on the Upper Deck with a spectacular ocean view and four cabins on the Main Deck with private balconies that enhance the scenic views during the time you spend on board. The Sundeck and outdoor dining areas have a variety of leisure options; these are the perfect places to watch dolphins, whales, and enjoy outdoor dining or simply to relax in the Jacuzzi.



Excursions: The Galapagos Islands are a unique and amazing place because of its unique biodiversity. The islands are reputably famous because most of the species are fearless and allow humans to have close-up encounters. Our itineraries are the best way to see the Galapagos; each provides an in-depth and personal experience. They cover the most spectacular places that include rarely visited sites. Each step of the way in the Galapagos Islands you will leave behind fascinating features only to come across new ones: distinct flora, fauna and geology. To discover is not just an invitation to learn more about nature but to learn about ourselves. It is essential however to follow instructions and set norms given by guides, because we´re in a fragile ecosystem and are responsible to ensure their preservation.



Crossing the “0” Parallel The longest distance of all the parallel lines, is the one that goes through the equators 0° longitude. This imaginary line is significant because it divides the northern and southern hemispheres. Here passengers can experience the ships instrumentation readings on the bridge, and latter celebrate a delicious sushi snack on the fresco dining area.

Environmental & Responsible Travel The MC Athala II is “Smart Voyager” certified since March 2012, complying with rigorous environmental, social and safety parameters that guarantee a reduction of environmental impacts, thus ensuring direct benefits for the local population and the active participation of our passengers in the conservation of natural resources.



Services on board: Housekeeping Your cabin will be serviced 3 times a day. If you decide to stay on the boat, let us know so as not to hassle you with our continuous cleaning.

Food on board All meals are served buffet-style in our indoor dining or outdoor fresco area.



Water activities Snorkeling One of the highlight activities is snorkeling. We have selected spots that enhance the marine adventure. We offer two types of snorkeling: from the beach and from the dingy for deep water experiences. All snorkeling gear is provided and complimentary of the Athala II.

Kayaking Kayaking showcases a particular way of encompassing the Galapagos experience. But like snorkeling the National Park has regulations that only permit these activities at certain sites.



Communication on board / Internet • We have an internal speaker system for all cabins and social areas. • We have internal phones for communication between cabins and the reception area. • If you need to make an emergency call home, the ship has a satellite phone, which has a cost per call depending on where you´re make your call to; this service can be paid on board. • The internet service is not currently available on board ship. The internet service does not have full and the connections are slow, discontinuous







Nevertheless, when we visit Puerto Ayora you can visit the cyber cafes that have good signal.



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