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Grandparent Caregivers One in five grandparent caregiver families in Ohio live below the poverty line.

See Table 32, p. 46

1 in 5 grandparent caregiver families in Ohio live below the poverty line


hen Patrick and Cecilia’s* oldest grandson was born, they never expected that someday they would be raising him as they had raised their daughter. However, before he turned five, they were unexpectedly granted full custody of him and his two younger brothers. Retired and on a fixed income, they had no time to prepare for what was ahead of them as grandparent caregivers. Items like diapers and formula for their infant grandson, and school supplies and clothing for the oldest who was about to start kindergarten, were now needed along with groceries and medicine for three additional people. Unsure of where to turn, they were connected to Washington-Morgan Community Action.

grandparent caregivers. This program has allowed them to direct their limited resources towards other basic needs like food, shelter and even transportation costs to and from work. This assistance has allowed families to continue working toward becoming fully self-sufficient in their new household dynamic.

In Morgan County, WMCA’s Kinship Care program served fifty-five households with 107 children last year. While each agency administers programs as unique as the families they serve, Community Action’s collective mission is to help people break down barriers to alleviate poverty and strengthen communities. Ohio’s CAAs have developed programs which have allowed families to maintain a safe environment for their children or grandchildren, Programs like Kinship Care are available at WMCA to help grandparent caregivers, created new opportunities to increase income or expand their education, and like Patrick and Cecilia, purchase taxable lend a helping hand on unique paths to items that they would otherwise be unable to obtain. Necessities like school fees, self-sufficiency. shoes, and even a haircut—things that often are overlooked until they are need- *Names have been changed to protect privacy ed—are now within reach for low-income 7 State of Poverty 2015 7

2015 State of Poverty in Ohio Report  
2015 State of Poverty in Ohio Report