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One day in Eroski in Zarautz, a man went in with a very large backpack and the security man told him that when he left Eroski they were going to look at the backpack just in case. The man took a shopping cart and left the backpack there. He was dangling around Eroski to see what was the most flammable and the only thing he saw with the risk of fire were the electrical appliances. He went to the electrical appliance section and put a flammable substance inside the electrical appliances so that it could catch more fire. When everything was ready, the backpack was already empty and the security guard said nothing. The only thing he had to do was walk away 100 meters and hit a little button. In five minutes he hit the button and all Eroski went up in flames. Jon Agirre



Assassination ​

One day of quarantine people went to Eroski to buy toilet paper, food, face masks,... The killer was in the line to pay and was waiting to arrive the moment to kill one person , all the people were quiet and ready to pay. In that moment the person who was behind the assassin saw the gun, and he took the phone to call the police, he called but the killer realized that he had called the police,then he took the person that he had called to the police and he ​was the hostage. The killer told the safeguard to close all the doors of Eroski and he closed all the doors except one. The killer didn't realize that one door was opened. 2 minutes later the police came and the killer saw the police and then he shot the hostage and he killed the hostage. The people ran in Eroski like Usain Bolt to escape. Finally the police captured the assassin and he is spending 10 years in jail now he is still 6 years more.

Aitor Aizpurua



Last month a teenager was relaxing in her bedroom, watching a movie, while everyone else was sleeping. As she said “I have changed all my day because of the quarantine,and I sleep less”. That night it was like any other. She wasn’t tired but it was really late. She heard a weird noise, but She thought that, as always, were her neighbours, so she kept watching the movie. Her neighbours have two dogs and they live with five people in their house so it wasn’t strange for her. But she heard something that made her think that it was someone at home. So she ran to her parent’s room to wake them up. She woke her parents up. So her parents went to watch if there was someone, while she was going to find her big brother. As fast as they saw her, they called the police and got in the room. The police arrived right away and arrested the burglar. He couldn’t steal anything, but the family stayed awake all night. Izar Arizti



Police began investigations when they reported that two women were forging coins to sell on the black market. The modus operandi of these women consisted of making plaster molds in the shape of the coin and then pouring the material, but it was not very effective since these coins reached the hands of citizens and they realized that they were false. The police managed to arrest the two women and they were sentenced to 10 years in prison and to pay all the money they generated from the forgeries, $ 130,000. Pau Cabanillas



Hooliganism ​

One Friday afternoon on the beach of Zarautz there was a violent 16-year-old boy who had a knife on his right hand and a cigar on his left hand, he was skipping the rules of confinement and threatening everyone who passed next to him. He threatened a person with slashing him and as that person was very brave, he replied - What are you going to cut me? if you're a shit. and the hooligan responded. - I'm not a shit; do you want to taste the knife in your heart? The other boy who was going to do the shopping with his 8-year-old daughter said. - Well, sorry, do not be a fool, I am with my 8-year-old daughter, but the hooligan began to insult him ... As he was shouting a lot, the people who were passing next passed left quickly because they were fearful. Then, the boy who was with her daughter got very angry and punched the hooligan, then the hooligan, who was bleeding from the nose, stuck the knife in the boy's back, and his daughter started running away. A person who was walking there called the police, but when the police arrived the hooligan was already gone. But thanks to a person who was recording everything from his house, the police found the hooligan and a judge sentenced him to jail for 10 years, and the man recovered from the wound in the back. Ibai DĂ­az



One day, it was a man walking in the street in Zarautz. It was a sunny day and one friend had to take him in his car to go to the beach. The car arrived and stopped next to the man. Another man went out of the car and he started speaking with the man. They stayed speaking and smoking like 30 minutes when suddenly a man with a black jacket appeared in the street. They were normal, speaking and laughing but the man with the black jacket was walking to the car. In 10 seconds the man with the black jacket entered the car and he started the engine to run away. The other two men started running to the car but the car was faster.

The hijacker didn’t know that the car owner was very modern and in his mobile phone had an app to see where the car was. Finally they arrested the hijacker and the car owner had his car with him. María Díaz



27 of March of 2020 Two days ago, there was a kidnapping in Zarautz. Before the kidnapping, everyone was home, but some went to the market to buy. There were quite a few people in the market, and everyone was wearing a mask to protect themselves from the Coronavirus. When the police were going to change shifts ...

Suddenly, some people with their faces covered entered and began shooting everywhere. People ran out minus one. The robbers were shouting the name of a certain Emilio. After the robbery, some people called the police because their son Emilio did not return. Minutes later the robbers called Emilio's house, and asked them for a million euros in exchange for Emilio. The family called the police again, and when the kidnappers called, they located the call. The rescue was dangerous because they were armed, but they managed to rescue Emilio. Now the kidnappers are in jail for the crime committed. Tomorrow they are going to court and they will tell them how many years they have been sentenced.

Asier EgaĂąa



A man mugged a girl to buy protection masks There was a girl who went for a walk in one street.The girl was tall and she had blond black hair.In the street there was only the girl and some people who wore masks like her. When she was near a supermarket , she heard a noise coming from a man that was behind she.The girl turned around, the first thing that she saw was the clock .It was eight past half, and the other thing that she saw was a man who was behind her. The man stole her mask and the man ran away. Finally, in the end of the street for good luck there was a police who caught the mugger.The police gave back the protection mask to the girl and she thanked him for catching the man.



COMMITTING AN OFFENCE One day there very serious. seriously, he o'clock. When bank.

was But was the

a person that had criminal records but not on 21st may 2003 he did her offence more next to one back, the bank opened at 8:00 bank opened the people started to enter the

When the bank was full the criminal set fire to the building with all the people inside to the building, the police tried to arrest him but the criminal escaped to Brazil, and the police lost track of the criminal. But one policeman went to some countries disguised as a tourist, in Brazil the police saw the criminal and he passed to a friend to the criminal and when I had proof to arrested the criminal, and so he committing an offence Manex Ibarbia



Pickpocketing in Zarautz Last week when all the people were in their houses getting very bored, an intelligent man decided to go out. Why? Because he wants to. Everyone had to be at home, but this intelligent man went out. His name is Patxi. He went out at 20:30 like this outside it was dark and no one could see him. But apart from him, other people also went out. His name is Maite, this woman is the best pickpocket in all the Basque Country. Patxi was walking in the pier when suddenly, he saw something moving behind him. He ignored it because he knew that no one could be on the street. Then he felt something approaching him and felt something touch him. After some minutes he went home. When he arrived he realized that his wallet had disappeared. Someone had robbed him! After two days the police found Maite and arrested her because she had robbed a lot of people, including Patxi. In addition, the police fined Patxi because it was illegal to go out those days.





A ​Jedi h ​ as visited Zarautz

In this quarantine, what all the people say is that we have done it very well: most of us have stayed at home all the time, following the rules and the recommendations of sanitaries. But what has happened with those that have broken the rules? Why have they broken the rules? What have they done? Surely, they haven’t gone to a bar to have a drink. But what if they have gone to a bar to do something different as… a burglary? Shoplifting? Kidnapping? “The police are very busy controlling all the residents to make sure that we aren’t hanging out with friends, etc., we don’t have time to catch and arrest all the criminals” said one of the policemen. “The criminals are using the quarantine for their benefit, and when our economy is falling, they are making money”. So as you have imagined, there are a lot of different crimes happening, but, in this article, we are going to centre in one of all these crimes, which is a very strange robbery. In Spain, the day when stage 0 started it was May 4th, the Star Wars Day. Here in Zarautz, it was a beautiful and sunny day, and the only thing we could see behind the windows was the happiness. Or that was what Clara had thought before the robbery happened. “I was walking down the street, going to the supermarket when suddenly a man appeared with a laser sword”, Clara told us in the videoconference we made to interview her. “I was freaking out with that ​Jedi who I had thought was amusing until he told me to give him everything I had. Firstly, I denied it, I was earning nothing and I couldn’t afford to lose more money” followed the victim. “But then, the Jedi ​started threatening me and saying that he had weapons and that he could make a big pain. I was terrified, and I had started taking my wallet and every valuable thing I had in my bag when he pushed me, took my bag, hit me and escaped. Fortunately, he hit me only once, and not in the face, so I don’t have a very big bruise, but he used those horrible seconds for escape”.



So finally, Clara went home, where she treated her injury, and phoned the police. They could do nothing, because they don’t have any evidence, and Clara hadn’t recognized the criminals face, so the woman lost her bag and, what is more important, her wallet with everything. Now, she is trying to find out something and to get her money back, but what is the most important these days, she is at home and healthy. Eli Isusi



THE CLUMSY SHOPLIFTER I was looking for the perfect painting for my new room in Zarautz when I suddenly heard a noise. At first I thought it was a valuable painting that fell over, but when I looked around and saw that the boy with black trousers had felt I immediately helped him. I was sitting on the floor next to him, he had done a big injury and I was the only one who was willing to stay with him until someone came and took him to the hospital. While I was trying to stop the blood falling I saw something familiar in his hoodie. It took me a while noticing it was a painting, the most valuable painting in the shop. I thought he had bought it, but then I knew it wasn’t due to the scream of the shop assistant. That was the moment when I called the police, the shoplifter couldn't do anything. At the end, the police came and arrested the man but firstly they took him to the hospital. Afterwards a friend told me I was an internet superhero. MAITANE ITURAIN



We were in Russian military base in Engels. We were spies. We were 10 people. They were sleeping, but in the entry, there was a soldier. We had to eliminate the soldier to pass the entry. People say there are aliens in the Russian military base. My workmates had a precision rifle and I had a silenced gun. My workmate was shot in the head. We went slowly to the entry but inside the base there were two more soldiers. Another partner had a blinding grenade, he had thrown the blinding grenade and I gave them a shot in the head to kill them. We arrived at the secret laboratory and we couldn't see anything. Any soldier who saw an entry died. This soldier called all the soldiers and we escaped fast. Suddenly, a soldier was shot in the leg. I couldn't believe it! My workmates fell in combat, but we came out alive‌ Hodei Luis



AN UNFORGETTABLE ACT OF TERRORISM IN ZARAUTZ While almost everybody was at home in Zarautz due to the quarantine, some people (we still don’t know who they were) were around the bank where it is ubicated in Bizkaia kalea. They wore dark clothes and their faces were covered. Some minutes later, people who live around the bank heard some noises. The noises were from bombs which the terrorists threw. Firstly, those who were at home went to the balcony to see what was happening. As they saw what was going on, they knew that that was an act of terrorism. Unfortunately, the terrorists immediately took their guns and started shooting nowhere to make people feel even more frightened, as that way people would go inside. Suddenly, one neighbour called the police. When the terrorists noticed that the policemen were coming, they went as fast as they could to their van and went away. At the end, nobody was hurt but everybody was in shock and very afraid. Eventually, no one knows if they are going to return, but just in case, there are some policemen watching the streets. Also there are private investigators trying to get their identities out. Inge Peinador



THEFT IN ZARAUTZ Last week, a woman of about 70 years old was walking down Nafarroa Street. She was on her way to do the grocery shopping, when she suddenly saw a suspicious man. He was wearing dark clothes and he was also wearing a lot of jewelry, especially around his neck. He was quite tall and he was about 30 years old. The woman didn’t really care about him, so she continued her way. A few seconds later, the man ran after the woman and he took her bag. The woman tried to chase the man, but she wasn’t fast enough to reach him, so she called the police. After a few hours the police finally caught the man, and they also found the bag that the man had stolen from the woman. Lastly, the man was arrested, not only because he had stolen the woman’s bag, also because he was a thief and he had stolen a lot of different things.

Nahia Sanz



It was a calm and hot day in the town of Zarautz. The sky was slightly cloudy and there was no one in town. All the citizens were in their houses, some enjoying the sun rays on the terrace and others simply watching TV or whatever they were doing. Then, around 19 p.m. a group of young people appeared on the streets of zarautz. They made noise, used violence and broke everything that was in the street, such as shop windows, rubbish ... Their faces were covered by balaclavas. Frightened people went out on the balconies to see what was happening, and many people began to record with the phones what was happening while others called the police. After a short time, around 3 police patrols arrived where they had vandalized and began to stop them. The boys were not allowed and in the end the police used violence and they were able to catch them. Some of the vandals ran away and the police did not catch them, but most of the group members were arrested by the police. Finally the people who were on the balconies began to applaud for the work that the police had done. Nora Sanz, 3D



One day in the morning, a woman was waiting for a man. It was a dark and rainy day. There was no one around the street completely empty, there was just her, waiting for a man to give her the drug she asked for. The man fully trusted her, but he was completely confused; an hour before they met, the woman had called the police, saying that a man was passing drugs, and that they had stayed at a certain time. The man did not know anything, he could not imagine that something like this could happen.

At 9.00 a.m., when he was about to give the drug to the woman, the police arrived. The woman had betrayed the man!! So, as soon as he saw the police, he started running and left the police and the woman behind. He disappeared immediately, but it didn't take long for them to find him. The woman had his phone number, and like that, they localiced his phone and they could find him and arrest him. Aroa Sarasua



This crime was committed in Zarautz on Thursday of 21.It was one person working at night named Antonio. Antonio was a very relaxed person and he was 20 years old.This person was alone at this moment because it was 00:00 a.m of the night and he was doing the water bottles. When he was in his time of reat at 2:00 a.m the industrial spies came to the industry and they did many things: they stole a bottle of the water and they hacked the computer too.But Antonio was in his time of reat and he didn't realize that the industrial spies had come. At this moment the industrial spies were hacking the computer but they had to leave unless Antonio came.But,in this moment the alarm was starting to ring and then Antonio went to see what was happening at this moment and he discovered that two industrial spies were hacking the internet of the industry. At the end,they came to the policemen and they said to Antonio congratulations because they had been looking for these industrial spies for years.

Mikel Zulaika



The perfect kidnapping It was a normal day for all the people of the town, except for Txomin Oihanguren. Txomin Oihanguren was a businessman and he was very rich. He lived in a caste in front of the beautiful beach, and he had a huge garden with all types of flowers. He had his own gardener and a lot of people that worked for him. He was married to Rosario Loreak and they had a son, Txomintxo Oihanguren Loreak.

It was a sunny morning in Zarautz. Like every Saturday, Txomin took his surfboard and he went surfing. He stayed an hour surfing and then he went to the sand to sunbathe, when suddenly somebody put a sack on his head. When he woke up he was in an abandoned factory of AbendaĂąo.

The kidnappers told his wife that if she didn’t give them two million euros he would die. Rosario wanted to rescue his husband and she opened the safe that had a lot of money inside. Then, she gave the money to the kidnappers and they let Txomin escape.

Ander Zulaika


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3D Crimes during quarantine  

3D Crimes during quarantine  


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