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Jiri Ruzek

Nude Art Photography

“His photographic production leverages the simplicity and modesty for rich images. The common denominator in his contrasting black and white pictures, is the solitude and seclusion of portrayed women. He has chosen a situation of isolation and feminine confinement, beautiful naked women who seem bewildered, as if waiting for something that will cause them pain. Or maybe it’s something that’s already happened, something painful, and that left them so lonely, desolate and sore. They do not have a mask of indifference or disgust, but an internal condition that neutralizes or denies the vitality of their naked bodies. It is not known whether they have chosen to be alone or abandoned. In any case they are not seen happy, or serene. They are single women, waiting with some anxiety. His way of use light and shadow emphasizes this dramatic atmosphere.” Amilcar Moretti, Argentina