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The ROPE Course™ has launched!

The ROPE Course: A Rights-Based Approach to Development

From 4 – 6 December a small mission from the Boston Headquarters carried out the first ever ROPE Course™ training in El Fasher, Sudan. Thirty-five staff and partners working in the areas of livelihoods, water & sanitation, public health, security and gender programming attended the course, which introduced them to the concepts and practices of a rights-based approach (RBA) to development. The 3-day workshop, designed by Bridget Leigh Snell (Organizational Learning and Knowledge Manager) and co-taught by Tigist Gizaw (Program Policy Advisor), covered the theoretical basis of a rightsbased approach, 7 elements to put RBA in to practice, basic concepts and skills in

power analysis and program theory of change. The foundation for teaching the core practices of rights-based programming is ROPE, Oxfam America’s standard for Rights-based, Impact oriented Program Design and Evaluation. The workshop combined theory, practical skills building and critical reflection and learning based on real program and project cases from the Sudan program, Oxfam America and other NGOs operating in the Sudan context. For more information on the ROPE Course please see Padare. For further information on the Sudan ROPE Course Training, please contact El Fateh Osman or Bridget Leigh Snell. In the coming months, Bridget will be working closely with the RPD and Human Resources to make The ROPE Course widely available to staff through OA University and more face-to-face workshops.

Testimonials from ROPE Participants in El Fasher, Sudan Photo Gallery and Certificate Recipients

ROPE Course has launched  

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