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Holding On Verse

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Rhyme Asylum


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Rhyme Asylum - Holding On

Tears appear as I’m alone in the dark Haunted by suicidal thoughts and all of the ghosts from the past Heart broken in half, I’m internally bleeding Searching for reasons why my angel turned to a demon Soul mates is a myth, there’s more chance For a blizzard of identical snowflakes to exist Hold base to my wrist, separate soul from my flesh Sick of trying to cope with the stress and showing regrets So called friends posing a threat Cut the cancer out of your circle before you’re pushed over the edge I take steps close to death Had a head on collision with depression and was left an emotional wreck Try and step in my shoes, walking through a wilderness, a Venice winter Weather reflecting my mood, these are just confessions of truth Expected to lose so I watch the world with a negative view I’m a dead man walking, spirit dragging my carcass Wish I shared the same fate as Natasha and Margret I don’t pray cuz god isn’t listening, my father forgets his sorrows Swallowing bottled oblivion, no model civilians in these turbulent times Not afraid of death I’m afraid of the journey of life and my words to the wise Stand strong and as long as fire burns in my eyes I’m determined to fight

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Chorus Most of the time it seems like life’s going wrong, we feel like outcasts and we don’t belong We need to vent that’s why we wrote this song, I hope I’m strong enough to keep holding (repeat) Verse I guess it’s all relative, my thoughts negative, I challenge the raw messages just to form sentences, life’s my sworn nemesis I even admit sometimes I wish the beef on my wrist would cease to exist, hold issues close to my broken heart, am I walking the chosen path, I can’t embrace fate with open arms, emotions charged, breaking the curse since the pain of the earth, but I can’t explain it in words, I’m battling demons inside searching for unachievable reasons to the meaning of life, clueless as to when I’ll meet my demise, feelings behind my insecurities stop me seizing my time, I cant sleep through the night, my dreams are denied as the tears begin to seep from deep in my eyes, slowly ing strength in my grip, fingers slipping from the edge of the cliff, falling into the endless abyss.

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Holding On - A Level Media  

This the digi pack for my A Level Media coursework