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Rejuvenating Your Entire System at the Oxygen Spa If you are looking towards oxygenating your entire body system, then the best place to go is the oxygen spa! At a good spa you can get calorie burn and detox at very high speeds. Besides calorie burning your entire system gets oxygenated. Services in a wide range right from aromatherapy, spectrum therapy, photon light, infrared sauna, active oxygen steam and more are available.  Enjoy Assimilated Oxygen Oxygen bars for recreation are now available in a new generation at the oxygen spa! Equipment like the oxygen maker is very easy and simple to use. All that you need to do is plug it in and it is ready for use. It not only helps in energizing but also in providing an invigorating and relaxing feeling. Air contains an important vitamin called O2 Plus or Ions. The body requires oxygen and this is best provided by an assimilated oxygen form called Ions. Oxygen makers at the O2 bar provide the body with desired levels of O2 Plus or Ions at safe levels. Oxygen nutrients at optimal levels can be enjoyed by users of the oxygen maker at the spa. Depending upon the needs, O2 Plus or O2 can be used singly or both. For relieving dryness in the nasal area, the oxygen maker also has a humidifier built in it.  Benefits to Reap Equipment used at the spa has very user friendly designs to make any one feel like a pop star instead of being just a patient at a hospital! It is flexible to use, can be used repeatedly and between each and every use it can be sanitized completely also. There is no need to invest in expensive aroma supplies when it is easily possible to get oxygenated at the oxygen spa. Discoveries made by scientists all over the world are indeed stunning. Levels of oxygen seen in the past

centuries measured twice as compared to what it is in today’s times. In the spa industry, there couldn’t be any other more sought after therapy than oxygen therapy. Clients making the best use of the spas make claims that they are able to think clearer, their concentration levels are enhanced, and have better metabolism, performance and their energy levels have increased significantly. Besides this, customers attain skin that looks younger, healthier and well enhanced with absorption of minerals and vitamins. Nowadays oxygen vending machines are also being best used for oxygenating the whole system of the body. These machines are found commonly at airports, gyms, sports facilities, night clubs, etc.  Rejuvenating Massage At the oxygen spa customers can also make the most of commercial massage chair. A setting is preprogrammed first, for customers to enjoy a complete, rejuvenating and relaxed massage. With greatest skill, the machine replicates the skills of a Shiatsu master, and that too without having to fly off to Japan! Customers can attain an ultimate blissful state with a thorough rolling, tapping, kneading and automatic massage on the massage chair. It is simple to use and can be reprogrammed whenever required. One can also have a rejuvenating experience with oxygen facials at the spa.

Rejuvenating your entire system at the oxygen spa  
Rejuvenating your entire system at the oxygen spa  

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