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Oxygen is the basic building block of human system without which it is impossible to function. But we human beings have exploited nature so badly that the production of this vital element has decreased drastically. The deficiency of it is so much that there are countries where it is purchased over the counter. We are all oxygen deprived and our cells are cells always crying out for help. It is the source of life to all human. The oxygen has various benefits like it retards the aging process of human cells, it boosts immune system, lifts ones mood and helps to come out of depression and it also provide extra stamina for physical performance. It is the most important supplement needed by the body and nobody can live without oxygen and maintain their maximum health. More oxygen means more energy in the human system. The body’s ability of metabolism is hugely facilitated by active oxygen.

O2 bar is an establishment or the portion of an establishment that is in the business of selling oxygen for recreational usage. These are becoming extremely

popular especially in the urban centers. They offer customers purified and scented and flavored O2 which can be inhaled through a nasal hose. These bars are found and also have been developed in several other places like salons, spas, restaurants, night clubs, bars, casinos and health clubs. At these bars patrons pay to inhale pure oxygen. It is slowly becoming a social alternative. In these bars the concentration of oxygen is around is something between 90% to 92%.It offers the clients four to five times the normal amount of pure oxygen. These places provide the patrons with a general feeling of well being and goodness.

The health benefit of the oxygen inhaled from the O2 bars are many and those are as followsIt naturally boosts energy levels in human being. The muscles move more easily without any hindrance. Human heart starts functioning more efficiently. It also helps to decrease stress and strains It is vital for healing process and immunity It also assists in the metabolism process of the human body

Increases concentration, attention and memory Provides strength to the heart and reduces the risk of heart attack. Provides a healing touch Can counter aging process Enhances the recovery process of the human body Stabilizes the mind and the nervous system It is a natural remedy for headaches, migraines and hangovers Brings improvement in digestion Provide relief from muscles stiffness Improves sleeping patterns Reduces chronic fatigue syndrome

These bars are slowly becoming a social alternative where individuals regularly go to inhale pure doses of oxygen which not provide recreation but also purify and cleanse their systems internally.

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Reaping the benefits of oxygen  

Oxygen is the basic building block of human system without which it is impossible to function. But we human beings have exploited nature so...

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