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Enjoy great health and benefits with the finest oxygen bar equipment! If you are in search of world-class Oxygen bar equipment, then experts recommend that people must approach only the reputed service providers of the industry. In the present date, there are dozens of ways of utilizing this equipment in order to produce revenue. The companies specializing in this business have developed a number of strategies that can incorporate the bars in several events. The events are usually those high traffic areas who promptly offer themselves a break for the really refreshing aromatherapy oxygen. Any individual willing to earn an extra income in their events by offering their guest a unique and fun-filled service, then these leading companies happen to be the perfect platform. The Aromatherapy Oxygen Stations of the reputed firms are known to be the best approach for mobile events. The events can range from weddings, birthday parties, concerts and conventions to sporting events and golf tournaments. What a person can do in the events areOffer rentals for a fee Attend high traffic events where he or she can rent a spot and make the profits Does revenue share with certain businesses like a nightclub, fitness or tanning center? Add an oxygen bar unit to your spa, wellness center, hotel, health club or even a retail store. Oxygen bars increase traffic. Sessions sell for $1 a minute. Once you get your equipment it's almost all profit! Where else can you purchase a piece of equipment that 'makes' the product! One oxygen bar Aroma O2 unit can generate $60 an hour in revenues. Add 4 and you can generate up to $240 an hour for an investment of under $6,000 or 10 Aroma O2 oxygen bar units for under $12,000 and earn up to $600 an hour! There’s also a 'vending model' with a token that offers opportunities to 'revenue share' with existing businesses. Where else can you find an opportunity like that?

The Aroma o2 oxygen bar is the lowest cost unit on the market that actually makes the oxygen. Whatever may your approach be, the oxygen bars of the leading companies will always give you an opportunity to earn. In fact, you will be introduced to the idea of earning as well as enjoying from the events and traveling taken place. In talking about the Aromatherapy Oxygen bars the Aroma O2 is, designed especially for mobile events and come with a handle in a box. Weighing 20 lbs, a person can enjoy the utmost ease in moving it from one event to the event. In addition, they are designed to be set up any area you place with a plug near it. These are also suitable for in home use, for those that wish to have their own private oxygen bar and a 2 person unit is available in the home model as well. It's commercial quality with an amazing flow of oxygen. This is recreational oxygen, not medical so you have no worries about needing a prescription or safety issues. The Aroma O2 is safe even for children and studies have shown that students that breathe oxygen before a test score higher! A list of the major oxygen bar equipment available with the leading company are mentioned belowAROMA O2 OXYGEN MAKER™This is the generation’s new recreational Oxygen bar with Oxygen & O2 Plus It works to give the user 'A Natural High'® and the addition of essential plant oils give the user a wonderful addition. Peppermint to invigorate, lavender to relax, grapefruit or orange to detoxify or eucalyptus to clear the sinuses. It's refreshing and invigorating! Is effective for the promotion of metabolism as well as recovery from fatigue. Oxygen benefits the entire body by giving more energy and relaxing it at the same time. We are all oxygen deprived. Made with High pressure nozzle headset technology with an 'exclusive' aroma capsule in the headset. You simply use 1/2 of a cotton swab with a few drops of your favorite organic essential oil on it. Refresh weekly! The headsets can be sterilized between uses by wiping them down with a disinfectant wipe. They don't

go in the nose or mouth; they sit in front of the face. The Flow is much greater than any unit on the market at 3 & 1/2 liters per minute. The units can be set on a bar, by a lounge or massage chair or even taken into a treatment room or tanning bed. The comfortable adjustable headset can even be used face down on a massage table. The Oxygen Water Maker can be used to purify and oxygenate water which comes out of your tap. The Oxygen Water Maker is available in the under sink or over sink models. It's the best way on the market to increase your internal oxygen levels. It can increase the dissolved oxygen level in the drinking water to nearly 600% It automatically maintains a high level of oxygen with the help of oxygen generator inside that saturates water with oxygen. At a very low cost, it offers an endless supply of oxygen-saturated water. The O2 Detox Spa Capsules bring the benefits of oxygen to the spa environment. There is a wet unit and a dry unit. The wet 'pod' has cool oxygen ions blowing on the face, a steam shower, aroma and herbal treatment, spectrum light therapy, accu-point massage therapy, with 58 massage rubber points and y oscillators for back, legs, and feet. The dry 'pod' offers infrared sauna which burns 700 calories in 30 minutes. The dry unit has infrared which burns 700 calories in 30 minutes, cool oxygen ions breeze in the face, additionally it offers 'O3' with an extra molecule of oxygen to zap pollutants and oxygenate them, it is also used to sterilize the spa capsule after use. , and backside heat and cold therapy. The units have a small 'footprint' and are a perfect pampering addition to your spa, health club, or wellness center. A full selection of extremely competitively priced infrared saunas is also available. Infrared is a form of oxygenation from the sun and burns 700 calories per minute. You can gather further details about these as well as other oxygen bars products when you visit the leading online firm’s website.

Enjoy great health and benefits with the finest oxygen bar equipment  
Enjoy great health and benefits with the finest oxygen bar equipment  

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