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Cabinetmaker Forum Date: 2008-04-08

Cutting waste on radius work

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Cutting waste on radius work Custom Millwork & Display, located in South Bend, Ind., recently did a cherry project with several profiles of radius trim. To cut down on waste the shop used finger jointed, segmented glue-ups, which it then trimmed to the finished radius on the CNC. To make the glue-ups go quickly, they cut small saw kerfs an inch in from the joint and used spring clamps with the protective ends removed to hold the joint while the glue was drying. Placing a 5 x 8 sheet of melamine over the workbench increased the layout area and kept the glue from sticking to the table. One person was able to remove clamps from a prior glue-up, and complete a new glue-up in 3 minutes. The trim joints are strong and almost invisible when the trim is finished.

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See All Videos > When doing radius trim joining together straight pieces of wood with fingerjoints and glue and then cutting the final radius reduces waste. A single piece of wood can be used to make a lot of trim with this method.

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Quick tip: Old meets new to tackle the curves Working with curved mouldings has created a marriage of old and new technology for the folks at Gary A. Watkins Construction in Manassas Park, Va. Shop foreman Bob Hovmiller says they’ve found the best approach is to use their CNC machine to cut curved templates so they can cut moulding to any radius on their Williams & Hussey moulder. The folks at Williams & Hussey say this is becoming an increasingly popular strategy as more shops adopt CNC technology.

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