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three mouses .

Once upon a time , there was three mouse brothers who not have house . The small mouse , Michael, he was the most inteligent of the three brothers;Fred ,the middle brother ,he was the strongest of three brothers;Jhon , the bigest brother , he was wizard . One day ,Michael , saw some cats in one meeting . The small mouse , scared , he goes to tha bigest brother . The bigets brother go to the cats and he change in ants . The cats running to her houses . The middle mouse boom the meeting of cats and the plan of cats was :. Dead old mouses of the world !

The three brothers , he goes to the city of the cats ;Catland. When the mouses blow to Catland ,the cats run after the three mouses. But the middle brother win the cats in one quarrel , the small brother they prepare one trap and the bigest mouse ,with her magic they vapour the cats in sausages .But one cat help the mouses . The cat , Rufino , he hid in her pocket . The cat help to tear the cables. But the king of the cats find out , they wanted to catch . One day later the mouses he was hungry. At once the king of the

cats he get the mouses and the bigest mouse, with her magic there vapour the king in emmental cheese . The mouses he start to ate and also lived happy in Mouse – town.

Oier Izus kitza

Three mouses in catland  

three mouses go to caTLAND

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