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DEC 2009 VIOLATOR 22 Exclusive interview with Soraya Vaher By Bliss Wndlow SLOWLY BURY 40 EOS meets with the new MISS UZURI 2010 By Agatha Klees DISCOVERY


Our reporter takes you on a discovery trip to Ohrikawa village. FEMME MODERNE


This month’s style card by Bliss Wndlow ft. the Vienna Calling outt by INXX


SPECIAL M UVogue mo Sweetregin


BEHAVIOUR BODY The story behind the creator of animations for Baiastice, Antosperandeo Allen


SEX AND RELATIONSHIPS Alone even in virtual world. Is that a possibility?


By Tyra Islay MEN’S STYLE


Devon Chaffe tip on how to avoid hair trauma INSIDE YOUR HOME


A new dimension to luxury living. Your must haves!


MENTION: A special thank you to the odel that participated in this photoshoot, na Decuir.

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Another year gone...


Brace yourselves (and i don’t

mean blankets only), these winter is going to be seriously cold. Welcome to Essence of Style’s winter edition. I’ll have to apologise for the late publication of this long awaited issue of EOS. But i have a good excuse; i’ve been working hard to satisfy you ne readers. I must admit this year had a lot of surprises in store for me, good and bad ones, but in both worlds, i tried my best to be present when needed. I got a lot of support from many of you during those hard moments, and with your help we are ready to continue our quests. Thank you.

SEASONS GREETINGS We could never thank you enough for your support. INXX - ESSENCE OF STYLE wishes you a wonderful holiday! See you in 2010!

This month’s issue comes sizzling hot with brand nu names, new structure, new style, and a new team! From the long awaited interview with Soraya Vaher of VIOLATOR, Behaviour Body’s revelation of the year, Tyra Islay’s thoughts on SL romance, to Men’s style tips and more. So x yourself a glass of cognac, lay back down in that cosy lounger you just got from JADOR or the LOFT, and start ipping through. Happy holidays everyone! Ohren Beck Editor in Chief/Publisher


Diva aka.



what for? All in the name of wanting to play diva?

A few days ago, while running around my business quietly as usual, i got a very unpleasant surprise. One of my store models was having issues, issues she easily related to the modeling pose stands. Issues she did not think wise to share with me, but went to my PA instead, ranting all hell and brimstones. Now for one, this model in question (i’ll call Miss X, aka Sw.M) spent her evening crashing obviously. According to her she already reported this to my PA, but then Miss X was reassured her crash issues had nothing to do with the pose stands, and vise versa. To my surprise, Miss X IMed me in a manner i consider «unholy», still ranting and raving about how her time was precious and all. (remind me where Miss X started from in the rst place..). Eventually it all turns out Miss X was having serious problems with her PC, and there was no incident. I tried to console my PA who was rather agitated and terribly upset by Miss X comments, not to mention the fact i got my dose of insults too. Bottom line is,

As we all know, Modeling is a vast industry. Many men and women, RL & SL dream of becoming successful top models, but just like being an actor/actress or singer, the competition for model places is erce and the risk of disappointments are many. the divas you see today all started off from scratch. They had to work thier ngers to the bones to establish themselves.In other words, want to be a diva? Start by being a hustler; cause that is what this whole thing is all about. Let’s take a trip into my mind shall we. Regardless of the rude competition, there are opportunities for each of you ne people to actually be what you always desired to be in SL without burning stages. The modelling job covers a variety of elds: glamour, fashion and character. Most establishments (magazine, Tv commercials, media related companies) require models based on their own precise needs. For this reason, becoming a successful model requires a professional attitude, determination, hard work, commitment and a good working relationship with your modelling agency. Modellling is not just based on your looks or the outts in your inventory! You might all be asking yourselves: “How is a model supposed to behave”? or “What does it take to be a successful model”? Question easily answered. Let’s start with the most important details:

Being versatile: In the world of fashion, demand for model’s looks changes rapidly, as the season’s fashions. You must have that indenable extra quality which seperates you from the multitude of models knocking on agency doors everyday. You must be able to change with the times, and not be afraid to. Being on the runway implies being ever ready, and the only way to accomplish this task is by making sure every single clothing item is prepared before hand. Take care of your looks: Becoming a model and staying successful once established is no piece of cake. Your looks plays a major role in your carrier as a model. It is important to maintain a good looking avatar, for this will make you feel happier and more condent, given the fact modeling can be stressful and at times requires a great deal of concentration. Physical requirements may vary depending on the model agencies. Some agencies prefer slim and tall models, while others prefer athletic and average height models. I believe each model has to have at least 2 different shapes in their inventory, and i mean, home made shapes. Make it a duty trying out new looks once you nd the occasion to. Showing up at an agency’s door steps with a starter av equals a “No Response” attitude from the agency. As my favorite saying goes, “Looking good, is good business” J. Be Condent: To succeed as a model on long terms requires true grit and determination. Having the

right attitude and condence in your strides says it all and inspires condence in those you work with. Cause once you’re on the runway, you are on your own! Most models lose thier self condence at that moment, due to the facts they feel their avs are not correctly rezzed, or by fear of falling off the runway due to lags. Even in those situations, you have to keep your strides on beat and be condent. All eyes and cameras are on you, you are the star of the moment, so act that role with perfection. Having an air

of condence without being arrogant and having a sparkling personality helps, especially in front of the camera, just as well as working with stylists, designers, model agency staff and others behind the scenes. Be professional: The key to being a successful model is being professional. You must be prepared for assignments by planning in advance and gathering any clothes and accessories required in advance. It is always highly adviced to have a special folder created in your inven-


d iva is not ju st a name.


tories for upcoming shows of photo sessions. Punctuality is an essential tool, as far as modelling assignments are concerned. Given the fact you’ll be working with a team (photographer, make up artist, stylist and others), you’ll be on tight schedules and deadlines that must be respected.

Egotripping: Being a fashion model leaves you always in the limelight, and this can easily lead to extra huge egos, lots of partying and losing grip on the reality that surrounds your job. Even if being a model is fun, it is highly important to stay detached from its excesses and stay focused.

Clients/photographers will think twice about using you on an assignment if you are always late. Delay costs money and time, so don’t play the diva, act professional and you’ll walk the runway of fame!

This can easily be achieved by balancing your career with other jobs, hobbies, commitments, and most of all, staying in touch with old friends. Don’t get carried away, otherwise you’ll nd yourself being cut off from what matters the most.

In other words, keep the ego tripping low. Be a celebrity, not a snob! When you love your job you are commited to it. You do not pretend to love it. And most of all, you do NOT play diva when you did not work for the credit.

Article by Ohren Beck Photography by Carl Crabe


APOCA Interview with



Soraya Vaher By Bliss wndllow

My introduction to the woman and her talent began with a read of her proď€ le and previous interviews she has given. I was intrigued from the beginning. I found her comments and observations about fashion, life, and people ,to be insightful and interesting. She is honest, open, and strong. She is all woman, and yet all business. She is a strikingly beautiful woman whose very presence commands your attention and respect and yet her attention to customers and individuals is not about ego and self. DEC 2009 - ESSENCE OF STYLE | 23

FEATURES The store itself is also unique. The design is complex, yet simple and no matter how many times I returned during the process of this interview, I was always discovering another facet, another nook that I had missed previously. Soraya commented that she has never been asked about the concept of the store itself. She explained that all stores have something of their own and are «atmospherical.» She takes pride in the fact her main store is different to the usual Haute Couture we expect to see. There is an, «atmosperical minimalism that combines technical requirements to keep it lag free.» I certainly found that to be amazingly so. We took over a 120 pictures on the one evening and never crashed once. I was impressed. Soraya pointed out the vendors are generous and visible and are placed in unique and interesting arrangements. You are engaged in the place the moment you land. There is a combination of, «order and explorable adventure impressions, functional but touching.» The Fashion Path is not just a growing path but creates different scenes in a minimalistic way. Vendors are set to phantom, customers can unpack their items …. these are just examples of the attention to function. On the other hand, there are planets in the sky which you can visit, hidden locations of rocks and water, birds, a whale …so many interesting aspects. Soraya appears to have a very dark side that comes though in her creations and yet there is always an expression of hope and light in unex24 | ESSENCE OF STYLE | DEC 2009



pected ways. I wondered if her creations were a metaphor for her , the person. She indicated they were, but the metaphor is not hers alone. She is highly inspired to represent and give life to different aspects of human nature and of course she represents best those she understands. Her moods affect her work, if she feels anger or pain, or if she is touched by a movie, a book or even SL, she will channel that into her creations. She tries to turn negative emotion into productive efforts, as evidenced by her dress «F*ck the Bastard,» which came about with a situation where she was «really upset with a guy.» There is an honesty with Soraya that is captivating. Instead of trying to eliminate her contradictions, she embraces them. «I see some common patterns in all these contradictions, an extreme line where...if you bring all to the nal extremism, you get the same result. The light would not exist without the dark, the concept of order not without 26 | ESSENCE OF STYLE | DEC 2009


FEATURES the chaos. The true ancestral being feminine has something deeply masculine inside, and visa-versa the masculine. For my point of view, with a sterile black/white vision, the singularity of the object cannot be reached denitively, neither completely... a monochromatic extremism leave a sediment based on a limit, and a reductive view. Not accepting the contradiction means to be really a slave.. you can fool others but not yourself for sure. But if you accept the contradiction and you get manage to leash it and use it to increase your knowledge or simply to get pleasure from it.. at that point you dominate. Freedom is awareness, nally.» actually existed? In the end, don’t Her designs show that same accep- we all have to make a choice for one tance of duality. or the other? «I tend to represent a sort of «lyric» and individualistic procedure that hits some more universal topics with a certain syncretism and a certain focus: representing always hard ambivalences keeping a natural outstanding elegance in all what I create. Playing with the extremes of each different suggestion: baroque, hentai, classic mythology, minimalism.» She explains her art is not just metaphorical but rather a balance between aesthetical representation and form and inner content. «Conceptual and denitive. For all this reasons I do not reply or mimic a RL style, is not my goal.» I wanted to understand more about the yearning that she talks of, that fuels her passion. I asked her if she felt that perfect knife’s edge, between sensory pleasure and pain, 28 | ESSENCE OF STYLE | DEC 2009

«I guess the twilight zone between pain and pleasure is clear and neat, and paradoxically confused and uncalculatable. « She feels they can coexist even if unbalanced. She describes it as being both the eternal desire and the inability to reach the limit. «It is the sense of limitless, I guess, that generates the Pain and the Pleasure... when you catch the uncatchable, and yet you feel not completely satised.. there is something more to seek. You enjoy the pain of the unreached and the pleasure of what you reached.» I asked her about her creations and which of them, if any, did she feel best represented her. Certainly all her creations are born of her mood, her soul, but she talked about a couple of them.




«Death of the Black Swan» represent a pure dominance and extremism... maybe the paradigm of the sense of limitless that bring to the nal proud death. The woman that wear this kind of dress is proud, free to will... she look straight in the eyes of her executor with no fear, ready to die, but not to be broken in her ideas or freedom or desires. She is power, denitively. «Creatura,» on the other side shows a sort of dominance and wildness that tends to switch on the desire to lie in submission... to let the senses go.. the tentacles of the gowns are like whipping weapons.. a sort of sensual armour ready to catch or to defend... the mask cover the look and the nal intents...hiding shyness and fragility. The ambivalence in this gown is clear and balanced. «The Castigation of Venus» is the paradigm of the punishment and enslavement. When the desires to lie in submission comes true, the pain comes true, the proudness to be a slave comes true. She is the woman that becomes slave following her own imagination. She is forced because she wants to be and she enjoys it. Horns and spikes run on a half naked body with a dance of owers corolles... the result is a dress that shows and hides at the same time..outrageous (considering where the horns are located....) and elegant at the same time. She is the wild and the bound




If there is a denition of pure erotism, for me, this is the one.» The coming year will see Soraya continuing her designs, particularly her men’s line, and perhaps even exploring furniture. She would like to see some improvement in the hands and feet of the avatars and more attachment points for clothing. She also points out the benets of being able to share permissions from a business point of view and thinks this is something Linden Labs should be considering. This is a woman who admits to struggling in the beginning … to nd a way to unleash her creative force within Second Life, but now that she has, she sees this as her greatest contribution. She has broken unfamiliar territory. She has broken rules, creating a strong hybridism in form and content, blending futuristic ideas with haute couture, capturing all the contradictions within a woman, and embracing gender as a whole and not as polarized differences. «The individualism is the core of Violator, the free choice and the free right to experience in an enlightened way. The process of creation to me is the story of the soul of life. It is the




essence of what it means to be alive. I am amazed at where the creation comes from in each of us and enlightened when someone shares that journey. To be allowed such a deep and intimate glimpse into someone’s thinking is a rare gift and I was honoured to do this interview. The end product is a treat for your senses. Pictures cannot do Soraya’s designs justice … you have to see them on to appreciate the movement, the details, the colours … She manages to capture the essence of life!!!




Slowly Bury Meeting with the new MISS UZURI

Interview by Agatha Klees MISS UZURI 2010 WINNER Slowly Bury did what all model aspirant want in her life: win a big contest, and she did in a great way without a long background in fashion industry so this was a big achievement for her. After a hard process of evaluating, voting and a live performance in front of six super judges of fashion world, she was crowned like Miss Uzuri the last November 27th.




I had the pleasure to meet her before she was crowned Miss Uzuri; the rst thing I got impressed was about her exotic beauty. She doesn’t have a smiling face but denitely she has a beauty that makes her interesting and mysterious. She is classic in how she looks, never looks messy, always thinking in the whole package… Glam girl. She has the ability to be informal but impeccable with details well chosen. After asked about how she describes herself, she told me “rst of as a very humorous person. I love to laugh and nd the humor in many things… In addition to my jovial ways, I would say I am smart, down to earth, witty, caring and artistic” says Slowly. Her goal is learn and keep developing her model career. She has an interesting goal; represent avatars of color to show diversity in fashion industry, and she looks determinate in follow it. She has her objective very clear and you can feel in her no doubts about it. “My involvement in Miss Uzuri was a complete uke! I had happened to be in a group chat in a fashion group and someone was looking for an ethnic skin, and Uzuri came up in conversation. So I went and checked it out. It just so happened they were running the contest so I just decided to go for it and see what happened. I never imagined all this!” -comment Slowly with great enthusiasm- “As someone who is just an aspiring model with limited experiences I have to say this has been the most dynamite thing that has happened for my within second life”. She worked hard to create an outt that represents her and Uzuri in a dynamic DEC 2009 - ESSENCE OF STYLE | 43

DETAILS INSIDE MODEL ICON way. She decided be regal so she combined everything to look in that way, knowing Uzuri is urban and unique brand; she decided rather that indulging in the obvious bring a sense of regal elegance. This was a something that impressed to the judges, “I thought her style was classy and sexy in the purple/black number she had. Kind of stood out front the other models” says Ohren Beck, one of the judges of the contest, after I asked about the reason she was chosen. And I must say when I was photoshooting her, I was captivated with the outt. During the nal, the nerves eaten her because she saw herself so different to the other contestants. She knew she was great and unique, but she just realized it after she took a snapshot with all the ladies in the stage and she felt secure about her performance. The catwalk phase was the harder part for her, but she did a perfect walk, choosing the correct poses and taking her time at stage; she said “I have trained with a most excellent instructor however I was still a ball of nerves when it came down to the walks … The worst was the walk and poses even though I took much time working on them they still do need some ne tuning”. I must say I was her trainer, so you can imagine how proud I feel. But I think she is too exigent about herself and wasn’t the same opinion from the judges. This quality make her not feels herself like she don’t need nothing more to learn and keep her with feet on ground, a perfect match to be a success in fashion industry. I count nished the interview without asking her for advises for the aspirant to model, “I would advise someone to work hard strive for what you want. But, most importantly is do not under estimate yourself. I had the moments where I seriously 44 | ESSENCE OF STYLE | DEC 2009

doubted myself. You will be amazed what can happen if you set your mind to it. Also never forget to have fun, laugh at yourself a little break the tension from within with a little of humor of you faux paux and be unique and creative�. That advises honored her name, because she makes steps in the direction she wants but hard and secure. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Slowly Bury, Miss Uzuri 2009. My reverences and applauses for her.




Journey into an Asian Oa

Insight into the realms of this quiet asian themed sim Photos by LBD Photography




DETAILS INSIDE Discovery «Why stay indoors when you might as well spend some time outside....»

The ambiance of this island Sim is tranquil and civilised, even though it is designated Adult and Combat/ Damage enabled. Over the weekend that I was invited to look over the place, I dropped in several times and only once found anyone at home. That couple were Portuguese, so unfortunately I wasn’t able to nd out from the horse’s mouth their opinions on their cottage and the island, that not being in my catalo-

gue of languages. My rst impression of the place when I teleported in was that it was in camouage, the primary colours (if that isn’t a contradiction) being olive and brown, the ground cover being more mossy than grassy and the majo-





rity of the vegetation being grown up versions of classic bonsai trees.On further investigation, however, there were ashes of pink cherry blossom, fresh green weeping willows and deep red maple, as well as sparkling azure threading through the Sim from the two waterfalls, plummeting from the cliffs that surround the island on three sides. In fact, my second impression was that I would not want to hike around the island on foot, such were the gradients of the paths that wound up and down to the twelve Japanese style cottages perched on the hills and edges of precipices overlooking the sea. I selected one that wasn’t occupied from the advertising board at the landing point and took the fast route by teleporting to it. The cottages vary in size, prims available and weekly rental, but blend in well with the Japanese look of the Sim, with large open plan




spaces downstairs and a more private space for a bedroom upstairs in most cases, although further exploration suggested that there were more complex properties available, all with impressive outside views, including a sweet rainbow - but I couldn’t work out where the pot of gold was buried, dammit! The twin inlets fed by the waterfalls provide water recreation, the ubiquitous Seven Seas shing being available at a couple of points, with the ability to buy the necessary tackle, and there are boats to mess around in. Close to the main shing jetty, across another more substantial bridge clothed in Japanese paper lanterns, there is a horse tethered, and although I could not persuade her to let me mount up, there seemed to be a rough horse trail to follow up into the mountains. Although I am not usually one for the great outdoors, I started hiking the trail, but as it climbed higher I passed out with oxygen sickness (having had several possible delusions of odd pose balls scattered in seemingly random locations) and, tumbling down, found myself at the foot DEC 2009 - ESSENCE OF STYLE | 55


of a high ravine back near the island centre. Luckily, there was a bathing pond in front of me as I staggered to my feet, and a dip in the bracing chill waters helped me recover. I noticed a few more romantic locations hidden to the side of the waterlily-strewn bathing place, and mentally landmarked them for future reference when the occasion might demand it. Feeling relieved, I made my way to the community centre for the island, which is an open building across a picturesque bridge from the landing point. It is home to a meditation circle and a tai chi garden, and once I achieved a sufď€ ciently zen-like state of relaxation, my ki renewed, I popped upstairs to the sushi bar to assuage my hunger. I enjoyed my visit to the island sanctuary; the week before had been stressful and the calm nature of the landscape and the environment 56 | ESSENCE OF STYLE | DEC 2009

contributed to my achieving a particularly welcome state of relaxation. I would recommend Ohrikawa as a quiet place to get away from the crowds, although you could always invite a few friends around for a party. Did I mention that the free saki at the sushi bar was pretty good?! Written by Pserendipity Daniels




Antosperandeo Allen is the creative mind behind BehaviorBody, animations created for Baiastice . A humble, quiet, man, with great integrity and loyalty, he seemed reluctant to speak of himself, preferring instead to speak of the talents of others. I liked him immediately and found him to be very genuine.




I asked him if he could tell me a little bit about his AO’s . What aspects was he most proud of, and why would someone want to purchase them? His focus has been on the movements of the Avatar and keeping them uid. You can see that in his efforts, there are no jerky pauses or changes, just seamless transitions. He kept

in mind some of the problems he had seen with other AO’s such as difculties with system skirts and standing animations where the avatar is rooted to the oor. Addressing those, he has gone for subtle shifts in movement, keeping with his overall theme of elegance. He has just completed his rst male AO using motion capture animations which he previewed for me and hopes to release soon. It too, is slightly more sophisticated than DEC 2009 - ESSENCE OF STYLE | 61


what seems to be currently availa- feel for his own personal likes. I ble. was impressed with how many of his choices had direct focus on the Antosperandeo pulls from his human form, movement, and partiown personal background in his cularly the hands. I found this inteunderstanding and creation of resting because one of the things poses, relying on study of real that caught my eye with the Behalife fashion and photography, but viorBody AO’s was the subtle, deliis quick to point out he uses no cate hand movements, in particular photo sources for inspiration and there is one that is the slightest works only with the mannequin hand utter... very feminine and on his monitor. That attention shows. One always has the sense that he is constantly balancing the beauty of the lines on the avatars body with the understanding of working with clothes. Often what works well on the naked model does not translate when that model puts on a ball gown or holds a purse. I took the time to look at the pictures that Antosperandeo had marked as his favourites on ickr, wanting to get a 62 | ESSENCE OF STYLE | DEC 2009


FEATURES pretty. Anto conrmed this focus, he said the hands were very important to him and he was always conscious that they give the right expression, like emphasizing a particular aspect of a dress. He looks at the overall presentation and always has harmony in mind. Anto points to classical paintings as being some of his greatest artistic inuences. He particularly likes Raffaello Sanzio, but admires the way in which all Renaissance painters show the bodies of their models. He balan-

animations. Indeed he is a man who embraces people and learning …. he looks to anything they are willing to share. He embraces the growth of SL and the changes that come with that. New ideas, new methods, and products …. it is all exciting to him. There is no sense of arrogance with Anto, just a real connection on a personal level. He does not seem overly concerned with the problems going on in SL right now and is condent that they can be addressed. He appears to have a profound respect for the talent and knowledge held by others. He did comment on the issue of sculpt prim limits and the dynamic aspect that can have and hopes it can be improved. His advice for someone starting out in business in SL? «I think it’s enough to want to do the things we like to do :)» I have been using 4 of his AO’s this past week and am indeed impressed with the uidity of

ces that with more modern interpretations of the human form from some of the great fashion photographers like Newton and Bresson but is quick to credit Sissy Pessoa, of Baiastice with tips and advice about style. It is clear they have a very strong, connected working relationship. The coming year should see Antosperandeo continuing to learn and to improve his animations, particularly his approach to motion capture. He feels strongly this is the best way, at the moment, to create realistic 64 | ESSENCE OF STYLE | DEC 2009


FEATURES the movements. I nd them very sensible in that there is nothing in the movement that is annoying or inappropriate for certain settings. I also like the attention Anto has paid to the little things - the hands draw you into the outt and do compliment what is being worn. Some of the movements are very delicate, subtle … and completely fascinating. Pricing is reasonable - some AO’s start around $1000L and they go up from there. He has created AO’s for modelling, and these are updateable. There are other poses and some props around the store and he also offers some freebies. I would classify the product as useful, well made, and both practical and sophisticated. It is perfect for women in the fashion world who are looking to be taken seriously. It is also great for women who are not into the cuter versions of dancing on the spot, role specic, or the overtly sexual AO’s that exist. Antosperandeo is a complete delight, a compliment to the fashion community, and a talent to be taken seriously. Can’t wait to see what comes next. Interview by Bliss Windlow






Sex and Relationship in Second Life

Many a time i have watched people meet and break up weeks or months afterw prepared and ready to confront any situation as far as sex and relationships are to why many relationships do not see the end in here. This does not mean acqu equiped with the basic informations to make your SL relationship fun, stable an



wards. Not that i was saved from the same sort. Every SL resident needs to be e concerned. I decided to address this issue the way i analysed the reasons uiring every single idea known by man; It simply means making sure you’re nd exciting.




say: it’s most denately boring. Diving in head rst and scare men off!

I’m unlucky in love.... Dreaming of Mr. right is easy, but, between us, do you believe there is anything like «Mr. Right»? This is where i get to say «prepare yourself in advance». Here are some girly rules for not getting hurt:

Excessive overeagerness can put men off big time. Give it a thought for a minute, if you make a new friend you don’t obsess about them pursuing them relentlessly - teleporting to them twice a day and suggesting moving in together after just a few weeks - so treat love relationships in the same way. If it leaves you feeling you’ve been overeager, compensate by not returning his IMs, or standing back slightly. Don’t IM him everyday or always be available! Pace yourself.

? Don’t fall in too deep too soon - somehow, you’re bound to get hurt if you always have sex with a guy after only a date or two, or trying to get to intimate before you even know him. Not unless thats the target - one night stands. ? Assume nothing - He might be sleeping with you, but it does not easily mean he is ready or wants to be your boyfriend. He might be playing the eld. ? Be picky - Not every guy you meet inworld is «the one», so save yourself the stress otherwise you’re open to disappointment.

Take your time to know him... rst

? It is important not to start banging on about commitment after the rst couple of months. Needless to DEC 2009 - ESSENCE OF STYLE | 73


OMG! Escape scenarios How to blow up a crap date: A quick visit to the shop located just outside the club or restaurant you’re at IM your best friend if she’s online and ll her in with the situation and get her to IM back with an «emergency». If it is really bad like he is worrying weird and not just boring you to death - get your 74 | ESSENCE OF STYLE | DEC 2009

buddy to drop by «’accidentally’ where yo is to act like she was seriously pissed and the need to be escorted home by you, alo doubts you get to save the rest of your ev

We’ve just hit the 6-month mark - ho

We could go on for ages about libido, but have sex even when you’re knackered. If you were rst going out, you’d never have sessions, would you?

Here are some handy tips to keep the am

ou are and join the two of you. Her job d sad and confess a recent upset and one, for a girlie consolation moment. No vening while having fun.

ow do we keep the ame burning?

the simple rule is that you have to you said no when you were tired when e had those brilliantly acrobatic, all-night

me burning:

- Keep on doing it outside the bedroom - Take the lead, don’t make him do it all the time. - Avoid the once-a-week shag routine. - Try new sex beds and toys, don’t just stick to the trusty favorurites. - Make an effort to have romantic weekends when you don’t get to think of working in SL, à deux so you get to spend time together doing fun things or clubbing. ‘Aaagh - I’ve just been dumped’ Being dumped is probably one of the hardest things to digest in both worlds. It took me a couple of breakups to understand why i had to move on. It is possible to emerge smiling from a traumatic dumping... honestly! - Scream. Get it out of your system! Don’t wallow in a pit of self-pity. Think positive! - Better not lock yourself away and bury your head in the sand. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop! Keeping busy helps the healing process. Instead og logging inworld and feeling bored, go clubbing, catch up with people you haven’t seen because you’ve been too busy with HIM. make plans for future events. Keeping the broader picture in mind will stop you from feeling so panicked. - Spend L$L$L$ on your appearance to look better and sexier than you have in ages. It’ll make you feel a whole lot more condent. - Do all the stuff you stopped doing because he didn’t like doing it. Sweat it all out down in your sex DEC 2009 - ESSENCE OF STYLE | 75

FEATURES beds or pamper yourself with shopping sessions. -Wear those N-Core high heels that made you tower over his avatar or that ultra revealing dress that drove him crazy because other blokes were sending you IMs and hitting on you. - Have mega fun and remember all those good things about being single in SL. Go out with single friends and allow yourself to ogle men unashamedly and wink whenever you dare. - Dive into something new whether job, hobby, going out with the new group of friends or colleagues.

I think i’ve come to the conclusion there will always be something new to discover as far as sex and relationships are concerned. You can follow this article by joining us at and share your thoughts and experiences too. In the next issue of EOS Magazine i’ll be sharing my thoughts on «How to seduce him». Until then, keep on paceing yourselves!


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Hair trauma Hair styling tips by Devon Chaffe

Sharing a little secret - How to t male hairs or to adjust your head only once? It doesn’t matter your shape size, 65 is a kind of magic number, and it ts to almost all avatars. First you need to check if your shape is modiable, because if it isn’t this tip is useless. Go into Appearance mode, shape tab, and click Head button. Head Size is the rst adjust slider. Type 65 and then move the slider to ne tune. Just remember to don’t go further 70. If you are tired of resizing all the hairs you buy. If you agree that resizing script lag cost is higher than the benet to t your hair. Here is a tip I learned from Maddox Dupont (owner and designer of KMADD). Resize your head! Almost all SL hair designers use a head base size between 65 and 70 to create their hairs. Since I changed my head size to 70 I had never had to t any hair anymore. Ok, maybe just a little. But I can assure it’s no more than a ne tuning. Uncle Web, MADesign, Aitui, Truth, Argrace … they all t perfectly. So it’s your choice now: Do you prefer to adjust every hair 80 | ESSENCE OF STYLE | DEC 2009

Next hair you buy I’m sure you will thank me. But I really don’t deserve the credit, as I told you another person gave me the tip. That is what I like about SL, there is always someone more experimented than you that will be glad to help you! Happy Thanksgiving,




INXX introduces Turner Dark, another strong prole for the self-assured woman. This sexy, sensual skin hides just a glimpse of playfulness, and what man would not want to kiss those beautiful full lips? This striking beauty plays up those assets , choosing hair from Another Level. Celebrating and embracing her ethnicity, she will not be controlled or dened by tradition. Soft feathered owers and leaves frame the eye with FlugeIn Brise Lashes. Wearing the INXX Vienna Calling Set in Black Wool, she makes a strong statement in a traditionally masculine silhouette which suggests strong lines and edges in structure, but surrenders to embracing the female form with it’s knit low-rise, single button, dress pants. The open belted jacket with its cuffs and upturned collar provide the whole outt with a further dose of attitude. I chose to remove the contrasting white sleeveless turtleneck from the outt and up the drama by replacing it



Skin: [INXX] Skins: Turner (Dark) Classic Hair: Another Level - (AL) Aprho - Black Lashes: Flugeln Brise.::Eyelash05_Planty Top: INXX 1999 Disco Tops - (Belt) Black Jacket & Pants: Vienna Calling Set - Black Wool Jewelry: Alienbear Design (2009 NX Dark gift set) Purse: Creamshop - Madrid Boots: Pink Petticoat Barn - Cute Boot 84 | ESSENCE OF STYLE | DEC 2009

with one of the new INXX 1999 Disco Tops. This barely-there, draped, eye-catcher has some great belted detailing on the very top edge which is optional. I added some great boots with a silver chain from The Petticoat Barn, and grabbed my favourite large tote bag from the Creamshop. Jewellery from Alienbear, rich, chunky and heavy added just a touch of dark bling for an outď€ t and a woman that probably owns every room she walks into. Ready to go, I headed out into the day prepared to take on whatever comes my way. DEC 2009 - ESSENCE OF STYLE | 85



Inside your home

Ebony & Ivory Lamp

Ushua Zen Candle

Candles and table lamps are getting more and more performant in SL. What else to expect of these? The elegance of the Ebony & Ivory lamp maybe? Scripted with Intensity, color and reset option. Only for 250L$. The Ushua Zen Candle comes with the very essence of the zen attitude. Inbuilt radio system including the smoothest internet radio stations. Must be deeded to group. Current price: 120L$ 86 | ESSENCE OF STYLE | DEC 2009

Modern Times dinning set Absolutely Fabulous Set

Luxury does not know crises. Spoil yourself to some savy moments. The Modern Times sushi dinning set offers different sushi platters. 1,500L$. For 3,500L$ INXX delivers the Absolutely Fabulous erotic bedroom set.

...must haves of the month...

Notorious Fancy Lamp

Oceanwaves planter With just 5 prims, go Zen with this primitive but modern styled decoration vase. exists in different formats also. Permissions: Mod/Tran Scripted: No Price: 100L$ INXX DESIGNS

Fella’s be ready to impress your ladies with your style. Women love a tastefully decorated place, no need to settle for less: Notorious standing lamp is scripted to please. Only at 250$. INXX Zen Garden Price: 100L$ DEC 2009 - ESSENCE OF STYLE | 87

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Essence of Style Magazine Issue 6 - Dec 2009  

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Essence of Style Magazine Issue 6 - Dec 2009  

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